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"Propaganda in the United States is spread by both government and media entities. Propaganda is information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to influence opinions. It's used in advertising, radio, newspaper, posters, books, television, and other media."  -  Propaganda in the United States - Wikipedia

"A man without a government is like a fish without a bicycle.” Alvaro Koplovich

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Presents the Power of 21st Century Gossip

The Same Old News Reimagined on Politically Programmed Spin & Endless Repeat Cycle

image source: Disney's 1943 Chicken Little

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This An Emergency Message!

Washington's Doomsday Clock clicked an infinitesimal step towards midnight, oh what a fright!

Ever notice how the world is always ending? It's always 1999 party time, in the world of never ending News spin and repeat cycle.

This editorial takes a look at one of the most powerful mind altering and addictive mediums of all, gossip.

Verbal and even visual claims are not proof of anything but perhaps a propaganda campaign.

Modern government and News media make liberal use of the power of electronic media. Gossip is the medium of government.

Modern social media, radio, print and television are powerful mind altering drugs most of us are addicted to.

Many of us are addicted to the gossip the various media brings to our consciousness. We all get addicted to various habits. Life is addicting. As human beings we can't help ourselves. Most are not addicted to some kind of self educating process, like some of us clearly are. Most are not addicted to self improvement like those who work out or create art. Seventy year old rock stars would seem to be addicted to stage and the tour, for example. I know my addictions, some are healthier than others. Shopping seems to be an encouraged addiction, does it not? As does all the sports and other forms of bread and circus addiction, officially sponsored by the likes of U.S. government and Coca Cola.

In any case, the subject of this article is addiction to empty and mind altering poison. Gossip is the medium of government. Hearsay, speculative myth, tales of sainted martyrs and all the rest, date back well into the mists of unknown historical past. Civilization, at least how we understand it, seems to rely on the use of very specific techniques. These include the use of shepherding icons with dramatically important narratives to sell, who demonstrate why we should be wary of idolatry.

There is no logical reason to trust Chicken Little Government and Boy Who Cries Wolf News Media.
These sources have means, motive and opportunity to lie and a long history of doing so. I know we all have grown up in the electronic media environment and most of us just assume the News all as real as advertised. The reality, which is discoverable with a little online Google search box, elbow grease, is that the real weapon of mass destruction of governmental might is the electronic screen and radio media. The News and Government are run from the top down with Hollywood as one big propaganda weapon and always has been. This too is easily confirmed. There is no logical reason to ever think stories presented on screens are anything but allegations and claims. Logically all these edited products can ever be are claims, not evidence. The media and government rely on blurring that important distinction. This is why all we can do is use News media accounts as evidence of fakery. We can point out obvious problems with mainstream narratives that the News media and government clearly ignore. But even were we to have, a believable shooting presented to us, for example, complete with real tears and running noses, we'd be most unwise to buy into the reality presented by screen and official government and News media account. Even the most believable News story is not evidence and even the most believable victim interview is not proof of anything but  a propaganda campaign. Media promoted allegations are not evidence of anything no matter how realistically presented.

A Warning of Sorts:

As more people become aware of the obvious problems we can use to demonstrate that a News story is fake, we should be aware that the Military minds behind such operations could easily design a scenario that comes across as completely believable in every imagined way. These people run the show and control the major institutions. The way the United States is structured post-911 (especially) seems to indicate that even hospitals and coroners and yes even funeral homes can be all part of the show. We know that there are really believable crisis actors who are used for real EMT training sessions and we do know their are actors and actresses out there who can really cry for the cameras. We know that there are live action stuntmen and women who risk life and limb for their careers and we know that there are plenty of actors and actresses who have signed on the dotted line to do the same with their images.

If Charlottesville and Vegas are any indication, there is some evidence to suggest that an effort is being made to present more believable stories to the public. This includes even interactive funeral experiences and vigils, country music concerts and so much more. Things like coroner reports and death records and what the hospital claims or does not claim can all be controlled and that information can all be manipulated by those with the authority to do so. The JFK assassination hoax would be an example of that level of fakery.

Television Is A Participatory Experience: Today, Social Media Is Even More Immersive

This short section of this late 1960's News broadcast is worth watching. You might want to watch this. It is very revealing. Televisions has always sold an augmented reality to its endless audience newly minted brand new human minds who, like myself, were born into this world of electronic screens. I always thought the television screen some kind of teaching device, little diid I suspect, for decades of my existence, that it was, demonstrably, an indoctrination device.

By the way, whether he knew it or not, this man was lying to the home viewing audience. Consider how people tend to put their mental defenses down, and are in a more suggestible state, when they are home, relaxing after work, watching the aptly termed 'idiot box'. Television News has hypnotized generations of human minds.

Television News Presents "An Ongoing Experience"

'War' is a Hoax !....Just Like 'Space-Travel' ! .....  source: hristos mandylor

Edited imagery with authoritative voice over is just another form of gossip.

Gossip is Governmental Poison

Hollywood, Government, the Military, and the News Media are demonstrably unreliable sources of information.

This should be obvious to any working adult or even child mind, My children can see how through some of this stuff.

The sound of parrot song begins to drive AA Morris crazy.

I can't listen to many of the podcasts I used to. I can't help but notice all the unquestioned bullshit they sling. One assumption after another is vocalized without any thought as to whether or not the assumption is correct in the first place. They come across as if they really think they are right, when it is obvious they are very wrong. I can't listen to the arrogant chuckles of those who think themselves wiser, more educated and more intelligent than they obviously are. These minds present themselves as serious "researchers" and knowledgable folk when in fact all they demonstrate is a willingness to be witting or unwitting agents of mind twisting propaganda. I can't listen to another podcaster pontificate about Hollywood's detrimental effect on culture and how evil pornography is. For people who claim to think pornography evil, these minds sure spend a lot of time dwelling and obsessing over it. In the same way these same voices verbalize how Hollywood celebrity culture is poison and yet all they do is spend their time focused on talking about and passing on celebrity gossip and hearsay as if it was fact.  This seems like just another way to push just a another form of needless celebrity based fascination. These folk never take the conversation past a certain point and in this manner they promote ignorance. These people love to pass on Hollywood and governmental, and military myth as gospel fact, without qualification and without any reference to even the possibility that the events discussed could be just hoaxes and theatrical propaganda. It makes me wonder if these researchers are for real or just performing some kind of obvious and clichéd act. Let's take Corey Feldman as one example of many of the celebrities some of these minds seem to relish discussing the lives of. This dude runs to the media to make his claims. He does not run to the proper authorities. There is absolutely no evidence to support his accounts. There is no reason at all to think he has offered any proof of any criminal activity at all. All we have are his allegations and the claims of whatever other actors are playing along with what seems to be an obvious con job. The media is not the proper forum for any of this. We have simply been conditioned by the same media to accept streams of illogical witness and victim interviews as normal. Consider too that anyone who makes public claims against specific individuals would seem to be opening themselves up for libel lawsuits. There are also other logical problems with mass media press trials and "investigations" that any working mind should not fail to see and consider. The News media is simply not the investigative body its advertising claims. It does not deserve the reputation that its own advertising and marketing material sell and this too is as obvious as me claiming grass green and the sky blue.

The News media is not the proper forum for allegations of real crime, I know we have been long conditioned to truly believe otherwise, this is a mistake.

The News media is not some official authority in that context. The News media has no obligation to tell us anything. The News media is little more than weather, sports scores, some local news that may or may not be filtered and may or may not be as true as advertised, and huge helpings of National News propaganda product, which includes huge helpings of Hollywood celebrity gossip and other forms of shallow media promoted social shepherding. The sad thing is that even local city News is bound to be fake as cities have big governmental needs, which can be met with obvious means, motive and opportunity. The pre 9/11 News world was fake enough. Today's post 9/11 News world is not really any less real as much as these stories seem to have multiplied in number, there seems to be more post 9/11 fake News military style, operations than before 9/1`1. The obvious answer would seem to have to do with all the Patriot Act and related Homeland Security FEMA drilling nonsense. This is the modern equivalent of the old Cold War era duck and cover nonsense of course. Nothing like operant conditioning is there? How does it feel to realize that you are an artificial intelligence product of a long standing con job, internationally managed, royal banking enterprise? All of these fake News stories create the false environmental perception that we need to keep toiling away, paying taxes, fees, fines and perhaps even having to face some jail time, all in support for it all. After all, we must truly have faith that we need all the layers of needless governmental intervention in our lives that we clearly and demonstrably do to need.

We have been programmed by society, we are the real "Artificial Intelligences".

Media saturated babies are now middle aged adults and some us of see the electronic medium for what it is.

The many would always seem to have been literally programmed by the few going back as far as we can tell. In many ways these new modern mass communication tools are updated and even more powerful Church pulpits. Modern science and Big Pharma backed modern medicine has demonstrably a more powerful hold over human imagination than officially labeled religions currently do. Most of us really do not notice that we are have al been indoctrinated, since birth, in what can only be best described as a huge, world wide, cult.

Those of us born post World War Two have grown up in a electronic communications saturated world that nearly all of us media consuming 'addicts' had taken for granted at least up until 9/11 started to wake some of us up. Thankfully 9/11 was a bad idea. In my opinion the powers that be should not have gone through with their seeming long planned Twin Tower 2001 Coptic New Year's Demolitions Day. In my opinion the Military Industrial Entertainment News Media Masters were and still are, playing from an old and obvious playbook that they should have abandoned as soon as Youtube went online. Funny that the Alphabet company, the parent of Google and Youtube, would seem to be aptly named and a government agency reference. Whatever the deal is, the fact is between wikipedia, Google, Youtube and archive.org, (as examples) we can do a lot of really in depth research, in a very short amount of time, with no research staffing needs, that would have been impossible before this era of a wonderful lightning fast hyperlinked world-wide library we call the internet.

We can never use the News media to prove anything other than they are lying to the public. We can find mistakes and telltale signs of fakery that go a long way to show that a News story is a hoax. We can point out obvious contradictions that invariably arise in those stories. A lot of the time the contradictions and coincidences become ridiculously overwhelming.

Endless Conspiracy Mazes Are Obvious Mousetraps Best Avoided

The gossip obsessed, conspiracy guru will take you on all sorts of celebrity like tours, both literal and actual. Maybe there's a convention, maybe there's a self proclaimed genius dude who does some kind of small soirée for a selected faithful few, like Alan Watts used to hold on his houseboat, during the swinging Sausalito 60's. There's always UFO and secret space program conventions to attend, with promise of eternal revelation around every corner. Maybe even some gurus promise some kind of paradigm altering revolution that will finally take down NASA. The audience for this kind of product, seem to truly love gate kept conspiracy mazes, it's like a mental Disneyland they never leave. For most people, these "mysteries" are entertainment more than education.

Consider all the guys who supposedly examined every frame of the Zapurder film but failed to notice the wrong reflections on the limousine doors. These dudes claimed to be photographic experts. Consider too, two big JFK conspiracy names, Olive Stone and Jim Garrison are both obvious, deceptive, propagandists. Garrison's biography explains he worked for the FBI and was former military. He then went on to become a professional JFK conspiracy gatekeeper who seems to be instrumental in getting that ball rolling along. Consider how much media coverage that dude always got, right from the start and why, and consider too that New Orleans itself is like another governmental, live action role playing, News crafting, Federalized Disneyland. One of many. Just like Los Angeles, New York and all the rest, including, of course Washington D.C. itself. In some ways, these cities are more like huge film sets for News to use to create false reality to sell to the gullible public.

Washington DC.jpg

And now a message from our sponsor:

"New From Nowhere" by Edward Jay Epstein

Ever wonder how cultural sausage is made? Wonder no longer. Want to know the secret of the secret sauce? Here's a hint, it's bullshit.

Get yourself a copy today. Seriously. "News From Nowhere" is an excellent and insightful read. I really do highly recommend it. It explains how and why the News is not as real as advertised, to say the least, from the perspective of the late 1960's and early 1970's, a very foundational era for television News. AA Morris.

News from Nowhere, by Edward Jay Epstein | commentary   •    News From Nowhere - The New York Times  •  News from Nowhere Redux: Television and the News by Edward Jay ...


While Nero Fiddles a Fiery Striptease Song The Holy Roman Enterprise™ Grows

Distracting conspiracy media mazes would seem to act like dead end mousetraps. While conspiracy pundits spend lifetimes pontificating, politicians craft real laws.

Have we learned nothing from events like the fake JFK assassination? The mainstream media, including and especially the News media seemingly seeks to spend the rest of eternity selling us all various forms of official, semi official and secretly official conspiracy nonsense in P.T. Barnum fashion that the public sure seems to newer grow tired of consuming like banana republic cargo cult flavored Coca Cola. Sideshow carnival freak salesmen con artists proclaim revelations around every corner, and yet all that is ever revealed is allegorical secret doors that lead to more metaphorical tunnels in an endless Dungeons and Dragons maze of contrived - super spy - childish nonsense.

Isn't it better and perhaps a bit more wise to tell people that the television News broadcasts a whole lot of lies?

The official 9/11 story is obvious Warner Brothers cartoon joke. History is demonstrably more unverifiable fable than actual fact. None of these ideas are new and in fact all are to be found in various forms of official mainstream media. None of this is conspiracy theorizing at all. Yet most people either prefer official accounts as reality or if they find problems with those, they end up caught in a conspiracy maze, never considering the possibility that the mysterious event in question was simply a hoax.

Electronic Broadcasted Mind Altering Punditry Is Nothing New

The mindless televised pundit parroting of empty memes derived form broadcast sources is as least as old as the Vietnam war era when admittedly staged images of war were shown to the home viewing audience with daily vigor. Talking heads pundits would appear on screen, seated round table style, pontificating about geopolitical struggles that seem to occur endlessly to this day. The world is always ready to end and their are always victimized people in need of defending. There's always a call to join one kind of Pied Piper pilgrimage march on Washington D.C. or another, mental or actual. Online pundits play the same propaganda game today. Nothing is new and nothing fundamental really changes. People are always being told the world needs saving, when all that needs saving are the individual misled human minds.

Repeating Unverifiable Claims is Good For Business!

How many podcasts are out there that cover conspiracy topics? How many cover MK Ultra mind control victim manipulation subjects? How many podcasts seem obsessed with talking endlessly about various aspects celebrity culture? How many repeat speculative musings and obvious Hollywood myth and unverifiable claims along as if proven fact? Ever notice how none of it leads anywhere? How long have more high profile people like Alex Jones been out there claiming the world will end in one way or another? How many lesser online 'Alex Jones" wannabes have prophesied that civilization or culture would end? How many of you recall the online promoted nonsense regarding the Aztec calendar and the imagined 2012 end of the world? This online meme was a reimagined version of the mainstream News media promoted Y2K bug that famously ended the world back in 1999, when all computer records were lost due to the predicted programming doom. Oh yea that never happened. In fact nothing did. Computer life went on after the last day of 1999 was over and life went on after 2012 ended, all reality warping internet promoted Mandela nonsensical noise to the contrary. The online media world is just an electrically updated version of the same old tabloid press with the same old tired tabloid style nonsense sold as rational thought.

The Pied Piper Wants You To Pitch In To Save The Poor Souls in Desperate Eternal Need

Here's a clue that you are being deceived: the internet guru will do what governments and newsmen do and try to get you to worry about what happening across the world in places you can't easily travel to, if you can go at all. We are encouraged to join the big "We the People" and march off on all sorts of Pied Piper led pilgrimages to save the world from itself. This is an endless emotional appeal that traditionally leads nowhere. 

Have you heard the one about the Saudi terrorists and the Vegas shooting and how it was real despite all the crisis acting and obvious signs of staging and the usual modus operandi and crisis casting?


The Vegas shooting was an obvious bit of propaganda theater like all the rest of the major News stories out there. It appears that all major dramatic News is fake. There really is nothing more to be said about it. The Military itself is a lot weaker than most people realize and the real battlefield they focus on is in the realm of ideas and they seem to spend a lot of time crafting fake news stories for public consumption.

Like the rest of the absurdist fiction sold as fact, the recent Vegas shooting was another cartoon fiasco that quickly revealed itself for what it was. I don't even know what to say as no rationale mind that has any clue about media fakery should take that event seriously. I can understand if one is unfamiliar with media fakery, but what's the excuse when one is familiar with governmental and News hoaxing? The Vegas shooting screams scripted nonsense that seems to be meant for an audience of brain dead people. This seems to be what  most of the media consuming public is. For all the great achievements of civilization, individuals tend to be very dumb and do not want to actually exert the energy needed to really get their brains working.

It is completely illogical and irrational to think you can prove anything with News accounts.

People can quote all the textbook history and News sourced journalism they want. They can also sing "Yankee Doodle Dandy" and recite the "Pledge of Allegiance" while standing on one leg, with they fingers crossed behind their backs. They can act like overgrown children and attempt to salvage their belief in unionized arctic elves, with mind twisting, pretzel logic. Humans lie to themselves and we also lie to each other. We deceive and we conceal. Human beings lie. Nature does not.

I do happen to think that there are obviously deceptive personas online. What I specifically mean is not that these people, just fellow human beings, are paid shills or anything like that, I have no evidence of that, what I do see evidence for is clear lack of reasoning and critical thought and in its place a parrot like willingness to echo back 'prerecorded material', like every good conditioned human resource educated, peer reviewed, and indoctrinated mind should. I think that should be clear to those of you who are (hopefully) my fellow hoax busting fakeologist, clues seeking, brothers and sisters. After spending a lifetime metaphorically swimming in the ubiquitous multimedia machine and after spending the last few years using this impressive tool to research it, to verify other people's research and claims and to eliminate others, I have come to the conclusion that the real weaponry of 20th century military might is the electronic media. This is no great revelation and is very obvious. 9/11, the JFK fake assassination, MLK, RFK, and all the rest, all follow the same pattern of cartoon reasoned reality. I know the public thinks of these events as history and this lends them the credibility they do not deserve. This creates the perception of an undeserved and unwarranted reality.

Targeting the Human Mind Online: You Are Your Own Gatekeeper

The Vegas shooting seemed like it had a social media aspect that was designed to get those of us who realize that pretty much all major national and international News stories are fake, and that a lot of the news is distorted and otherwise filtered to meet commercial based agendas at the very least, to think that one was real. It almost seems as if part of the psychological warfare plan was to target various online podcasters, some of whom came across like they were so sure the event was real, it seemed they'd be willing to even bet their lives on it,  (Vega gambling/shooting pun intended)  I don't blame anyone for being taken in by very public wakes and funerals nor do I expect anyone to believe that such things could be staged, not without some context and thought, that is. Obviously we have to come to the seemingly odd conclusion that the government colludes with aspects of the News media, and other interests to craft live action role playing theater events. In my opinion this idea is far fetched when viewed from the point of view of most people. But my opinion is also that most people are viewing things incorrectly. Metaphorically I'd say that most people view so-called historical events through the wrong end of the telescope. They have their tool turned around so the world looks upside down and is out of proportion, The real problem is that we have all been long conditioned by educational system, governmental influence, radio, television, film and now the internet, to accept a circular reasoned based logic as a valid exercise of individual intelligence. The fact that all the peer reviewed reinforcement is clearly a form of obvious crowd psychology is a fact that a lot of us herded humanity seem to ignore. In fact when we point out some of the absurdities that are obvious for all to see, most people resort to all sorts of ad hoc apologetics to protect their belief in unionized arctic elves. People act as their own deceptive gatekeeping governmental agents.

The way the News media works and how they do not really present actual, real events as claimed, is easily researched with the very tool you are using to read these words. The governmental control of media even in the United States is also easily researched and demonstrated. The fact that the major News anchors are governmental propaganda agents is also easily demonstrated with this very tool. The fact that there are many online hacks who talk the talk and have their acts polished, waiting to lure unsuspecting minds into an endless conspiracy dead end is also easily revealed to those who look.

The overwhelming evidence is that the Vegas event was a scripted role playing drill like the rest. Only government would want to try to apply damage control apologetics to what should be obvious to all with working minds. In fact the way the media conducts itself gives away the fake nature of it all and this makes those who claim otherwise seem to me to be either simply unwise, uneducated or perhaps full of it. We can disagree over many things but what does not make sense to me is to ignore even the possibility of the obvious. Some people go further than that and are willing to apply the most cartoon like and ridiculous James Cameron like explanations they can find to avoid just saying that Vegas was completely fake, I guess some feel the need to attempt to salvage some kind of conspiracy maze out of this one. All sorts of byzantine like explanations can be ad hoc offered to patch what is obviously cracks in the facade of a fraudulent event.

Many online podcasting style personas seem awfully intent on selling obvious International political theater as real. Keep in mind these are not just people who claim to be the regular audience members and average consumers of News product. I am referring to people who claim to be serious researchers and who have shown that they are capable of solid research and logical thinking. This is why it is surprising when we come across statements that these minds make that have no relation to reality that we can observe, verify or demonstrate. It seems that there are a lot of us who claim to think logically and yet never seem to actually get around to it. These folk tend to give themselves away as their work never leads anywhere new and quickly becomes stale to those who have active intellects and are not seeking some thought leader to do their thinking for them.

We can is disagree about details, but what should be apparent to anyone who seriously researched the News media and media in general, that it was always a military weapon and that the public mind was always the target audience. Wars are not what we think and history is not anywhere as real as advertised, being comprised of material derived from unreliable sources like Newsreels, for example. Many online 'researchers" ignore very easily demonstrated history. The origins of RCA is no secret, nor is the banana republic like interest the U.S. Navy and United Fruit Company took in it. None of this is secret. This is one example of many.

I know that there is more of an audience for conspiracy fare and I do not blame anyone for orienting their work in that direction in order to put food on the table and to keep a decent roof over head. I do not have any problems with anyone making money from their effort. The thing is I've personally got to the point where I can't even listen to what seems to not ring true. Illogical and baseless statements that people make stand out for what they are. This does not always mean that the opinions expressed by such statements false, although it often does. It might (occasionally) simply means that more information is needed.

About Online Shills: Some Speculation

I think if there are online agents, they are few in number and would be multitasking agents. One person would fill many roles. I doubt very much if anyone cares to budget for any serious online operation that comes anywhere near how mainstream and real alternative media is run. I think many online podcasters might have economic reason to  limit their subject matter to more conspiratorial and less reverse cultural imagineering areas because of the simple reason that there is more of an audience for that material. I do not blame anyone for wanting to increase their audience in order to reach more minds with their ideas, even if I do think some of those ideas, at least somewhat deceptive. I do not believe in some kind of thought police enforced community litmus test. I do not believe in really self identifying as anything but a human being,so I am not into the while 'community' thing, anyway.

Paranoia Is A Two Way Street

I do think there's something to the idea that someone might not be too happy with those of us who explain how the fakery is done. I do think there is damage control and all sorts of noise and games designed to distract and mislead people away from noticing all the seams and imperfections in what are supposed to be real stories. If you ever watched the television show Columbo, you have seen how the guilty will come up with all sorts of ad hoc explanations, some better than others, to justify their claimed 'innocence'. The same reasoning applies when we look at News media stories. We have clear evidence of complete fakery and yet apologists emerge out of the woodwork to claim otherwise. They will even go to absurd and cartoonish extremes. imagining all sorts of espionage they cannot prove. What can they point to? Only more media noise we can't verify.

Recommended Reading: "The Creators" By Daniel Boorstin

This screen is more powerful than any book ever was. At your fingertips is the best library tools ever to be held in human hand. At your disposal right now are all the works referred to in "The Creators". Consider how powerful that makes you. At your disposal is the greatest (public) library humanity has to offer. Should't it be respected and used for more than empty gossip? Keep in mind this editorial is but my opinion and meant as food for thought. You are free to think and speak as you desire and of course, need no permission from me or anyone else. If you disagree with me, keep on talking about all the things I think are bread and circus distractions. Your thoughts and interests are for you to explore anyway you like. You can proclaim your ideas as loud and as often as you want. That is what freedom is supposed to be. News media and government are into programming people. I am into the opposite. Those institutes pay only advertising lip service to the concept that the word "freedom" represents. I do not.

A History of Heroes of the Imagination

"The Creators is a non-fiction work of cultural history by Daniel Boorstin published in 1992 and is the second volume in what has become known as the Knowledge Trilogy. It was preceded by The Discoverers and succeeded by The Seekers."

"The Creators, subtitled A History of Heroes of the Imagination, is the story of mankind's creativity. It highlights great works of art, music and literature but it is more than a recitation or list. It is a book of ideas and the people behind those ideas. It encompasses architecture, music, literature, painting, sculpture, the performing arts, theater, religious expression and philosophy. It can be viewed as a companion to The Discoverers which chronicled the history of invention, exploration and technology. The Creators traces the creative process from pre-history Egypt to modern times and like The Discoverers, follows both a topical and chronological structure. Boorstin writes in "A Personal Note to the Reader", "After The Discoverers... "I was more than ever convinced that the pursuit of knowledge is only one path to human fulfillment. This companion book, also a view from the literate West, is a saga of Heroes of the Imagination. While The Discoverers told of the conquest of illusions - the illusion of knowledge - this will be a story of vision (and illusions) newly created..." If The Discoverers is the story of the inventive human mind then The Creators is the story of the searching soul. The work is in twelve major parts that have been grouped into four books."

"Literature and its development comprises a major portion of the book. This reflects the high regard in which Boorstin held the written word. He has stated that the book is the greatest technological invention of all time. He suggests that literary evolution both changed and reflected new ways of thinking about the self. Indeed, literature was the driving force behind changes in personal perspectives starting (once again) with Greece. In another reference to incrementalism he traces the path from writing to religious poetry, the two being intertwined. Boorstin suggests that poetry in both form and substance was written to remember. Prose, a new form of literature, emerged and with it the theater. The play was transformed from a religious exercise to a creative one that saw the appearance of comedy, drama and tragedy. Because prose was not in a form that made for easy memorization, a greater imagination was required by the author. The theater served those purposes admirably and Greeks both loved and excelled at the performing arts. The spectators who viewed these works began asking the same questions and changing their perspective. The introduction of prose also led to education and the areas of study became the foundation of a Classical education to this day - rhetoric, logic, grammar, astronomy, mathematics and philosophy. The latter existed because of the skeptical nature of some Greek thinkers who dared to ask why; it could only exist because of prose. Boorstin proposes that prose also encouraged the development of democracy by inviting participation from the citizenry. Other literary forms rose. The epic and its tales of gods and heroes and their great deeds continued, although somewhat abated. History as story began with Herodotus (fifth century BC) and The Histories. But it was the novel, what Boorstin calls "re-creating life out of life", that democratized literature. The novel inspired new ways of thinking about ourselves and our world and the forms created were revelations to the Western mind - the essay, the biography, stories of our own feelings and views, adventure tales and streams of consciousness in which time itself is manipulated. The author had finally discovered the self as a resource of art, the internal rather than the external universe serving as the source of inspiration."

source: The Creators - Wikipedia

Do you believe News headlines simply because they exist?

The News media can only present claims. We might be able to find evidence of fakery by examining these claims, which seems easy enough to do; what we cannot do is use these media claims to prove anything other than fakery. Allegations promoted by the News media are not proof. Media hyped and News journalist conducted victim interviews are not evidence of anything but a propaganda campaign. The very public News media is not the arena for real criminal style investigative work. We do not need to know all the details we end up knowing and in the context of a real and logically conducted investigation it makes no sense for there to be all the media attention in the first place. The News media exists to act as ubiquitous social shepherd. Mass media News stories are scripted to act as emotionally charged human behavioral modification moments. These stories are meant to shape our collective lives and minds and limit our imaginations in the process. Modern electronic based media is the new (world wide webbed, 'village') church; it presents only proverbial false prophets to the mass human audience. This creates an illusory world many of us mistake for reality. Too many of us really are best described as mindless sheep who are herded by delusional Little Bo Peep, cargo cult leaders. All of humanity is supposed to be part of this faithful (somewhat insane) flock.

News From Nowhere Leads Nowhere

If you pay attention you notice a lot of this stuff sold goes nowhere at all. The world is always about to end, oil is always about to run out, the climate is always about to change and we are always on the precipice about to step off into our imagined destiny colonizing the stars. The online conspiracy crowd is no different.