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"Then a mighty strange thing happened
Guess you could call it fate
You see, a gust of wind blew the picture
frame down
And it landed on the muckidy muck's head
And the mice they all went crazy
For the first time they saw the lie
It was all a hoax on just simple folks
And the muckidy muck must die
And die he did
The members of his staff they just fled
They were scared
Just not prepared."


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A Proper Gander At All The Historical Propaganda: Igniting Your Own Cognition

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Welcome To The 21st Century Version of The Long Standing Global Cartoon Cargo Cult Culture

Bobby Darin's The Proper Gander Song, Below: Are We Mice or Human Beings?

Everything You Believe Might Just Be Wrong

History & What You Think of As Religion & Science is Mostly Made of Lies.

Do you think you know how the world really works? Do you believe "Man" walked on the Moon? Do you fear Nuclear War? Are you still waiting for your ticket for a ride to the International Space Station? Do you believe in the myth of the independent media?

Are you still waiting for Al Gore's ice cap melts? Do you think the Earth moves and revolves around the Sun? Do you think the Aether is  an antiquated and unreal idea? Do you know what electricity even is?

Are you afraid of the power of the United States Government and its so-called Military might? Would it surprise you to learn that the military might of the world is mostly Hollywood special effect crafted Myth? Do you really believe in independent Nation States? Does Government really mean "mind control"?

Are you still waiting for Jesus to fly out of the clouds with Santa Claus, Einstein and Superman to save you? Do you think the creator does not exist? Do you think the creator is a male or female? Do you think the creator is a man or woman? Or is the creator beyond all human comprehension and explanation? Do you think you can define "God"? Do you know God is just a word? Ever consider that so-called (mainstream) science and so-called religion are both nonsense? Do you like being a mind slave?

Are you ready to really challenge your own beliefs?

Did You Know?

Hollywood and the Military are pretty much one and the same and have always been. Most people do not know how interested the British and United States Governments have always been in the arts, especially Pop Music, Radio, Film, Television and now the Internet. Please try to keep an open mind as you read on if the ideas presented here are new to you. As it turns out, most of what many of us think is true is not. The world does not work like the media tells us. The world is in fact run as one big European Corporate Enterprise and has been for centuries. There is a clear paper work trail of constitutions, treaties and contracts that proves this to be true. Believe it or not, The Holy Roman Empire never fell, It has simply hidden itself away behind numerous and still growing layers of bureaucracy and numerous re-imaginings and re-brandings. The long standing Feudal racket still exists. The Royals still run the show. Nations states and other such boundaries are artificial constructs designed to imprison the human mind and define the boundaries of reason. 

We Are All Wage Slaves In A Very Real Inhuman Neo-Feudal Global Pyramid System

This blog explains why this is the truth and how this long standing historical con job really works. Governments are corporate entities that do not work for you. Belief in Government is simply another form of religion. Religions are meant to restrict spiritual experience and are not designed to really allow the individual a real relationship with their creator. External religious authority, like government and modern "science" rely on the appeal to authority rather than reason and logic as foundation. This is obviously illogical and irrational and this insanity is the basis and foundation of much that too many of us take for granted.

Welcome To The Land of The Never Free & The Home of The Eternally Afraid

We face more fees, fines and jail time than ever before. Despite the social change we are still all wage slaves who are bound to a tyrannical system of laws that do not serve humanity. Personal behavior choices or "sins" are now legislated into laws we all are supposed to follow, We must observe laws that protect us from ourselves. Is this what freedom looks like? Should we face fees, fines and jail time for adult behavior that only effects ourselves? 

All The Laws In The World Have Never Really Altered Human Behavior

The War on Drugs is an obvious scam. It is a logical failure but serves the purpose of getting us to pay for jailing each other over things like growing a medicinal herb or other such personal behavior choices. What adults do with their own bodies and with other adults is on them. No laws have ever really stopped anyone from engaging in activities that involve willing adult participants. As anyone with half a working brain knows, black market items have long been relatively easily obtained. All the laws do is ensure that the criminal organizations benefit and that the costs remain high.

There is A Difference Between Sins and Laws

What you do is between you and your creator, What that means is also up to you. That is the whole point of it all. The purpose of human life is not to be a mindless parroting zombie but to become a fully realized and actualized self reliant human being.

Logic and rational common sense is in short supply. The basic concept of the Golden Rule is something that seems to be lost on most.

Explaining why a behavior is not a good choice is a much more logical and effective way to go. There is no need to further punish anyone over something they do to themselves or other willing adults. This is illogical and leads us down the road of the very real and very intrusive "Nanny State". 

Criminal vs Civil Law

The Criminal Law System should be restricted to things like killing and theft. We need some heavy doses of common sense to be passed around for the public to consume. We have been long taught and conditioned to accept shepherding of one kind or another. The Civil System can take care of the rest, Paying a fine to the county, city or town for egging your neighbor's car doesn't help your neighbor get a new paint job. Paying fines and serving jail time profits the system and those who promote it. Fines, fees and jail time do not reimburse or otherwise compensate the victims of crime, do they?

Does it really make sense to have to follow the "letter of the law" when the laws are illogical and absurd? We really need to be able to logically differentiate between laws that make sense and those that can best be described as examples of needless tyranny.

There is no need to otherwise monetize punishment for personal behavior choices. All the laws do is require us to pay for and maintain an ever growing impersonal legal system that restricts personal freedom in favor of for profit prisons and the like. We pay more in taxes now than ever before. The mythic American Revolution supposedly began over far less than what we have become used to and take for granted today. We pay more in taxes than the colonists ever paid for tea.

Government is The Real Crime

Government is tyranny. Governments do not work for you. The word government literally means : 

"act of governing or ruling;" 1550s, "system by which a thing is governed" (especially a state), from Old French governement"control, direction, administration" (Modern French gouvernement), from governer "to govern" (see govern). Meaning "governing power" in a given place is from 1702. Compare governance."  

Governance Means You Are Being Ruled by a Ruler or Administrator

"late 14c., "act or manner of governing," from Old French governance "government, rule, administration; (rule of) conduct" (Modern French gouvernance), from governer "to govern, rule, command" (see govern). Fowler writes that the word "has now the dignity of incipient archaism," but it might continue useful in its original sense as government comes to mean primarily "the governing power in a state.""

Government - Online Etymology Dictionary

War is Wrong & Evil But Also Faker Than You Might Think:

Language has long been the medium of deception, intentional or not. Lying to others and to oneself is a human trait we all share.

War Has Long Been Used As A Tool To Manage Us as a Human Resource

There is a long and easily GOOGLE searched history of Hollywood style, special effects war footage fakery and such trickery goes back to the earliest days of word of mouth lying around the campfire. Oil paintings and then the photograph were the prior tools for creating fake images of war intended to trick the public into taxation schemes and other sorts of behavioral control mechanisms. See  the article index if you have any questions as to the validity of this statement.

One Normal  (Unisex) Bathroom To Rule Them All

Some people think they need external authority to define which public restroom they may or may not use. The whole issue is a joke of course. How one dresses and acts and which potty they use is up to them. The real issue is whether or not we should continue to allow ourselves to be forced to be herded into public restrooms like animals rather than each of us being allowed to have a moment of privacy to do or business even in a public space. Some public spaces have normal singular bathrooms like homes do. Isn't this the more sane choice? Do any of us really like doing our business in public, next to family or friends, let alone strangers?

Fear Mongering At Its Best: Be Afraid of The Man in The Dress Hiding Behind The Toilet!

Perhaps we should fear being assaulted by a man dressed as a woman who had just plopped plopped and fizzed fizzed... Of course a public restroom is the best place for an assault of one kind or another. The logic of it all is flawed.

The Mainstream Media Noise Machine blows mole hills into mountains and governments wait to pounce on the opportunity to pass more needless and restrictive law. It is already obviously and logically illegal to attack or otherwise force one's will onto another person. This is the sin and very real crime of government.

It is already a crime to beat some one up over how they dress or act (or over  nothing at all). Assault is the crime. The motive is secondary but we are conditioned to accept that as an additional source for more law defining further layers of crime. Self defense on the other hand is logical and is lawful and no crime. So yea that dude dressed like a lady might just kick your arse in if you assault him. That woman dressed sort of like a man might do the same. They have every so-called "right" to do so. In other words freedom is a responsibility. It is not a right that needs to be granted by external authority or rule. You are free to defend yourself and your family and property, of course. But the punishment should fit the crime. Killing another human being is a sin and needs to be a last resort. This has nothing to do with institutionalized religion and everything to do with common sense. Death penalties are immoral and wrong. You do not kill someone for trespassing or theft. You kill only as a last resort to save or otherwise protect life. Common sense matters and is in short supply. The system relies on the blind adherence to its binding unreason. In this manner the inhuman system is perpetuated by human servants. The legal system is clearly not designed to serve humanity as a whole, it is designed to manage us like cattle for the few.


The News Media Exists To Get Us To Ask Government For More Restrictions On Our Own Behavior: They Want Us To Demand It!

Rape and assault are logical crimes. There are already laws to deal with these obvious crimes. What should the penalty be for using the wrong toilet? This is all a juvenile joke. How many women have used the men's room at crowded bars? How many parents have brought their children into the restroom of the opposite sex? Mothers bring young sons into the ladies room all the time. Should they be jailed and fined? Should the police really have to waste time with this? Is this subject really one of "National" Importance?

The Mainstream Media Does Not Really Promote True Tolerance: There's No Money In It!

The media clearly spends a lot of time leading the public on a merry go round of what can best be described as cartoon nonsense. How many cases of restroom based assaults could their possibly be and why aren't existing laws good enough to deal with what is obvious crime? The mainstream media cares not for logic and real fairness in society and has always embraced tabloid yellow journalism over reason and common sense.

Yellow Journal Cartoon Headlines Lead To Needless Laws & Restriction of Adult Human Behavior:

Is This What Freedom Really Looks Like?

We have been conditioned from youth to believe in the lie of the need for all the layers of needless government. The news and other media exist to make sure we really believe we need the lie that is government. We simply need a whole lot less of it all. We really do not need to be paying anywhere near what we do for it all, We do not need all the layers of external governance. We need more local and logical control over our collective lives.

Governments Shall Not Kill Nor Go To War

The State must never be allowed to take a human life. War is a crime and sin. The governments are guilty of this as well. Not any of us. Yet we the people always seem to get scapegoated for things like World Wars when the truth is far different and a lot more contrived and  scripted.

Yellow journalism - Wikipedia

The world is a lot safer than governments want you to know.

Got A Problem? My Have We A Law For You!

We are very real wage slaves in this very real inhuman system. Some of us have chains of paper that have gone digital and some have chains of gold. Some wear crowns and some sleep in the cold. All are victims of this long standing charade and con job.

I used to love these... :) Enjoy. I'm just a bill... hahaha

News headlines that are heavily promoted by the various heads of the news media beast are often designed to lead us all down a predetermined road of bills getting signed into laws. We are so used to all the taxes, social security, fees, fines and jail time we do not see the bars of this very real and very needless prison.

"We The People" is just a marketing slogan and the Republic and Democracy Are Lies.

Political Divides are socially reinforced lies. So-called National Divides are just as nonsensical. Nations, states, counties and other artificial boundaries are taken to be real by too many of us. We do not need immigration laws and all the rest of the wall talk nonsense. Such ideas are designed to imprison and not to protect us. Governmental boundaries and public census takings and all the rest of the enumeration of human beings as a public resource is the work of the proverbial Devil. People are free to move about this planet as they will. The powers that be have long controlled and manipulated the means of mass travel and communication and do so to this day.

This website is dedicated to demonstrating how most of what we think is real is not.

JFK LIVED!: The Zapruder Film is Just a (Photographic) Hollywood Cartoon

Walt Disney would be proud of the success of this bit of animated art work we know as a piece of historical evidence of the supposed and mythical slaying of a President. See article index for more, but this event was nothing but a psychological operation with the target being the human mind for generations to come. The entire event was a staged and scripted hoax. JFK, like all other Presidents, was nothing but a cheerleading mascot who serves the higher authorities of the world. Presidents sign bills into law that for the most part serve the agenda of their masters and those masters are not "We The People". 

see 1963: Endings and Beginnings, November 22 & 23.aamorris.net for more

Presidents swear oaths to defend the Constitutions of the Governments, not you. "We The People" is just a marketing slogan and the Republic and Democracy are lies. Constitutions can only logically define the powers and rights of the Governments. Constitutions can not logically define a human being's individual and Natural Freedom, Constitutions can only restrict Freedom.

please read: Shilling For The Controlled Opposition: The Overlooked Theateraamorris.net for more

Bobby Darin - Simple Song Of Freedom (Live and with a Tux) A mega star in his own right, taken way to soon from this world. He was crossing over from the nightclub circuit into the arena of folk music, where his pacifist views were clearly developing.

DC Stands For Divide & Conquer

Learning to listen to people you do not agree with is a really good idea. You can learn a whole lot this way. We are all stronger when we stand together. We really have to learn to stop getting so offended over (other people's) ideas. We need to learn to listen to those we do not agree with and when we do we might find something new. We all aren't as different as the media tends to make us out to be. People of drastically different and even seemingly oppositional views share more in common than not and will tend to get along more so than not, when we act like true human adults and not the juvenile sheep we have been conditioned to be.

Modern Mainstream Tabloid News Propaganda Below:

The children are an easy target to be used to "pull at our heart strings". The media loves to use the easy and obvious emotional and sympathetic appeal in order to get us to turn off critical thinking. Little girls who tended to play outside with boys used to be simply called "tom boys" and most did not end up switch hitting for the other team, but according to the absurd media today, these girls are "transgender" the whole things is truly the work of the fundamentally stupid. Little boys who played with dolls or like to cook or sew do not necessarily grow up to want to wear gowns or like other guys, some seemingly masculine boys grow up to like other guys, life is not like the multimedia mythological cartoons we have been conditioned to think are real. Please make no mistake, how you feel and who you are attracted to is your business. The whole point is for you to live your own lives based upon your own internal authority, rather than needing and seeking the approval of others.

The multimedia beast exists in part to get us to alter our behavior and to accept new paradigms without thought. The youth are raised in the new environment and do not see the bars of this very real mental prison that has been erected. This process continues as "history" unfolds. Can it ever be stopped? There are more layers of governmental stupidity now than ever before. Despite all the technology and the fact we have the best library at our fingertips, most use the internet for selfies and twittering away...

The Media Uses Our Differences Against Us.

The Media is Not Pro Gay or Pro Trans.

The Media, Overall, is Pro Divide and Conquer.

Mountains Out of Molehills: How Many "Trans" Children Could There Possibly Be? 

From the media version of the so-called "political left" we have the Huffington Post an AOL owned blog founded by a former Republican turned liberal Democrat. Of course such labels are nonsense as the elite well know. The entire transgender narrative is mostly nonsense. Much of it seems to be aimed at getting men to buy into women's fashions so the various  industries will profit.

Some of this is a psychological operation designed to divide and conquer the public into easily managed communities, an old tactic. How many transgender people are there really and does any of this really need all the attention it gets? Are high heels really comfortable and why would men or women really want to have to spend hours putting on make up and doing their hair in the first place? Why do men and women need to care about the next fashion season and what kinds of new clothes they needs to buy? The entire subject is another juvenile joke and shows us how adolescent too many adults actually are.

Clothes & Makeup Do Not Define Gender

We have been conditioned to accept that women wear makeup and dresses and men do not. The entire thing is arbitrary. Kilts are the same as a skirt and men in Scotland wear kilts, so are they "transgender"? Should anyone be surprised if they get funny looks of they are dressed as the ember of the opposite sex in an obvious way? Tolerance does not mean people can't give you a funny look. Bullying is not the same thing as someone felling uncomfortable with your presence. Stop worrying so much about what others think.

This entire subject is not worth even getting into any further, but you can read more here: The Bruce Jenner Gender Bender: A Tomato is a Fruit!aamorris.net

The transgender meme seems predicated on the basic assumption that a woman is nothing but makeup, clothing and hair style. This meme also seems to serve the purpose of further creating more cartoonish stereotypes of people who live alternative lifestyles. The military and the media have long been interested in propagating highly sexually charged behavior. Crack the family in half and divide and conquer the neighborhoods and the public into easily managed pockets of stupidity is the plan and order of the day.


The News & Related Media Sexualizes Children

Beauty pageants are not flattering to women, despite media hype to the contrary. These events are obviously designed with the lowest common denominator in mind. Adults participating in bathing suit and other similar competition is one thing, but children doing the same, with their parents blessing, is another. An adult can choose to do something stupid, this is what freedom is. A child should be allowed to not have to worry about such choices in the first place.

The News and the rest of the media tends to promote the idea that children need to have a gender identity in the first place. The media is also the source of photos and videos of children beauty pageants that clearly show us little girls dressed up as adults in a manner that not only looks absurd and cheesy but is very crass. The News and related talk media is the endless source of various kinds of highly sexualized and sensationalized headlines that include obscene things like pedophilia, a subject the media seems to be constantly fascinated with.

Ariana Huffington & Donald Trump Friend, The Propagandist Bill Maher Promotes Pedohilia


Mainstream Media Pushes Pedophilia

The media elites and propagandists like Bill Maher seem to really believe that children need to be worried and thinking about sex. These people present themselves as being for the obviously criminal behavior of taking advantage of the young and inexperienced.

Children do not need to be worried about sex, despite the media effort to the contrary. These memes have been pushed for a long time and with very little success, or so it seems. It would then seem to be the case that human nature is not naturally inclined to engage in this very unnatural behavior. Children are not adults and again there is a difference that the media seeks to blur and remove. Adult means sexual maturity. It also means some level of intellectual and emotional maturity that say a thirteen year old boy is incapable of. 

Young teenagers are in no position to make life altering decisions like starting a family and should not be put into those situations in the first place.

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 12.21.01 PM.png

image source: Beyonce goes from earth mother to cage dancer in new music videos ...

Beyonce is No Queen She is Just Performing A Burlesque Act

The News media loudly proclaims female stripper acts like Beyonce's usual performances, are symbols of feminism empowerment when they clearly are just burlesque striptease acts. These obviously highly sexually charged artists are offered as idols to the young. The media's messages are obviously contradictory and nonsensical. This is what the world of illusion ruled by the proverbial Satan does indeed look like. This is "Metropolis: come to life. It has long been this way. Urban living is perhaps a very bad idea, at least how we understand it. The country "mouse" seems to have the right idea.

Sex has long been used as a tool of social control and human resource management. Sex, fear of death and the lure of wealth are the basic tools for "mind control". No fancy hypnosis or other James Bond like science fiction ideas needed. Sex, death and the lure of wealth are all the powers that be need to get most of us to do as they want. These highly sexualized images are financed by very large and powerful corporate entities who work hand in hand with the rest of the system to craft a very shallow and artificial world to act as a prison for human minds for a long time to come. The media exists to define the boundary of reason and the imagination. The media exists to reinforce a social form of insanity.

Sex, fear of death and the lure of wealth are appeals to the more basal and nature of the human being. Men become the proverbial pigs. Women are used as lures and objects of desire. The female body is offered to the viewer like any other mass produced product sold with highly edited video commercial. Our natural urges are used against us to keep us in animal like states of stupidity.

Are Women Just Objects Designed To Please & Serve Men?

Is this really what feminism empowerment looks like?

Divided We Do Fall & United We Do Stand A Better Chance At Making Things a Bit More Fair For All of Us

The news media and governments have long used things like sexual preference and other aspects of human nature to keep us all divided and conquered. These institutions blow these subjects out of proportion and create needless drama in the process. Religions and simplistic jingoistic politics have long been used to keep us the mass public in our servitude.

The Media Barely Understands What Tolerance of Different Behavior Really Is & Means

The News and related over the top and highly sensationalized media tend to care little for real tolerance and tend to turn homosexuals into caricatures & stereotypes. Not all gay men dig Lady Gaga, for example, but you would not know that from the media. According to the media, "everyone is always doing everything all the time, everywhere" in a breathless and cartoonish fashion. The mainstream media loves to make liberal use of straw-man arguments and fictions and illogical shadow puppet play instead of reality.

The media presents to us a highly distorted and filtered and overly sexualized view of reality; it has always seemingly done so for as long as art has been created.

Do you really need external approval for your own adult choices? You probably have been conditioned to think you do. Our identities and behavior patterns are a lot more artificial and (socially) conditioned than we might think.

Are You A Human Resource Meant To Be Harvested?

Taken from Bobby Darin's 1969 "Commitment" album...

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Take A Proper Gander at Propaganda: Are We Mice in a Maze?

The "M-I-C..." KEY: The World is One Cartoon Mickey Mouse Disneyland

There's a really good reason why Stanley Kubrick included the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Song scene in his film "Full Metal Jacket". See the next blog post for more about Mr. Kubrick's earlier photographic magazine work and his wife's Nazi and anti-Semitic War Criminal, propaganda film making uncle. Walt Disney himself loved to work with ex Nazi rocket scientists. This too is the subject of other articles to be found on this blog. See the article index for more.

The Revelation of The Flaw In Newton's Orbital Mechanics



Artificial satellites and man made orbits are impossible. Communication satellites are unnecessary and illogical. Google the term "skywave" or look it up on wikipedia. What goes up comes down. The falling apple proves Newton's "Cannonball Thought Experiment" wrong. An accelerated velocity like gravity can never be balanced with the fixed velocity of inertia. The Moon is not like an apple.

Rockets cannot work in the immense and imagined vacuum of space. There are many other problems with the mainstream cosmological model and the mainstream rocket science. Rocket science is more fake than most like to think. The entire concept of sending man made objects that are the size of buildings up into the atmosphere is absurd in the first place. Huge rockets are a Hollywood special effects lie. The rocket fuel itself has weight and needs to be lifted up off the ground. Even in the (imagined) vacuum of outer space gravity would always be an issue, the International Space Station is still supposed to be subjected to some 90% of Earth's Gravity, or so we are told. The more fuel a rocket has the more fuel it needs to lift that fuel. 

There are so many obvious logical contradictions with the mainstream science that is used to support the cartoon fictions we know as NASA that we lack the space here to get into it all. Suffice it to say that the aerospace industry grew up along with it's cousin, the Hollywood film making industry. What one has to come to understand is the very real and demonstrable fact that the Military, Government, & Hollywood are one and the same. The Military Industrial Complex has alway included special effects entertainment.

click here for more: The History of Science Fiction: Kepler, Newton, Arthur C. Clarke & Artificial Satellitesaamorris.net

In radio communicationskywave or skip refers to the propagation of radio waves reflected or refracted back toward Earth from the ionosphere, an electrically charged layer of the upper atmosphere. Since it is not limited by the curvature of the Earth, skywave propagation can be used to communicate beyond the horizon, at intercontinental distances. It is mostly used in the shortwave frequencybands.

Skywave - Wikipedia

Here's A Brainteaser For You: Can You Amaze This Amazing Mind?

Einstein Is "Brainteasing" You

See article index for more, but the work of people like Nikola Tesla reveal that the modern relativity and quantum theories are more nonsensical than not. Einstein and company are more propagandists and metaphysicians than physicists and engineers. Einstein was indeed a plagiarist and his General Relativity theory is an ether theory by his own admission.

see Einstein's General Relativity is an Ether Theoryaamorris.net for more

The United States Navy, The Banana Fruit Company, Radio & The Programming of Your MInd

The history of radio is also a revelation. The U.S. Navy took over control of the development of radio and along with Wall Street would go on to create the foundation for the electronic revolution in communications so many of us both rely upon and ignore.

please click here for more about the founding of the first Radio Corporation, RCA: The History of RCAaamorris.net

see also: The "Great Work" in Progress: Scripting The World Wars Part 1 - The Royal Vatican Radiowave Conaamorris.net

The Military Industrial Entertainment Complex™: Faking It For Centuries

Film makers have long worked with the military to create fake images of war. This is an easily Googled fact. Film directors like Frank Capra and John Houston are known for faking World War Two footage, as  but one of many, numerous examples of such fakery throughout history. 

See Online Cognitive Infiltration & Youaamorris.net for more.

The "Super Powers" of the world are as unrealistic and cartoonish as the saturday mornings comic books Super Heroes are. Large rockets are fake. 



Walt Disney & The SS Nazi Rocket Scientist Team Up To Sell Lies To The World

see: Article on Von Braun and Walt Disney - MSFC History Office - NASA

You can click here for more about the World War Two Nazi rocket hoax:

Topic: V1 and V2 rockets – hoax? | Fakeologist.com.

The earlier NAZI V1 & V2 Rocket Programs end up as the foundation for the later NASA and other world wide space agency hoaxes.

Ending of Stanley Kubrick´s Full Metal Jacket

Please Read On To Learn More:

Please See The Article Index or Proceed To The Next Blog Post & Try To Keep An Open Mind if These Ideas Are New To You

Online Cognitive Infiltration & You

History is a lie. Everything you might think you know is wrong. History is more of a long standing hoax than most think. Please click here to learn a whole lot more.


9/11 Changed Everything. Or Did It?

Welcome to the 21st Century. This is the digital age of mass social media enforced confusion. Do you think you know how the world works? Think you can tell history from myth? Are you ready to open your mind up to new possibilities and new ways to see our world?

Are you ready to learn how the world really works? Are you ready to travel back in time to the middle of the last century to learn something new? Are you ready to ignite your cognition?

JFK lived!

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Animals Make us Human: Observations of Cattle Behavior Applied to the Design of Cattle Handling Facilities & YOU!

"Temple Grandin. Livestock handling designerautism activist ... Get all the talksfrom TED2010 at TED Live ..."

"Mary Temple Grandin (born August 29, 1947) is an American professor of animal science at Colorado State University, world-renowned autism spokesperson and consultant to the livestock industry on animal behavior. She is widely celebrated as one of the first individuals on the autism spectrum to publicly share insights from her personal experience of autism. She is also the inventor of the "hug box", a device to calm those on the autism spectrum. In the 2010 Time 100, an annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world, she was named in the "Heroes" category.[2] She was the subject of the award-winning, semi-biographical film, Temple Grandin."  Temple Grandin - Wikipedia

Take TED talks or leave them, some of them are very shallow and some have some nuggets of gold amid the snoring sand. This TED talk is a good one, if we read between the lines, that is. Autism is a real problem for many, the autism spectrum itself is another thing entirely, we suspect that things like "Aspergers Syndrome" more fiction than fact, and we suspect this person is more a media manufactured (fictional persona) figure than not. But all of this is beside the point. 

We posted this person's TED talk about Cattle, because it is really about us, as well.

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Authoring Authority: Mastering The Magic Spells That Bind Human Minds

How Do You Spell... Slave?

Many of us really enjoy magic.

We like being fooled with stage magic and many of us enjoy myths, fairy tales and fantasy fiction.

Some of us like entertaining the idea that we can become the legendary witches and wizards and deal with demons and cast spells ourselves. Most think this absurd.

The fact is there is something to the magic of "spelling".

The crafting of language ends up defining the bounds of reason for the mass public.

We tend to overlook the origins of the words we use.

Do Not Confuse Symbols With Reality or The Model With The Real Phenomena

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Aleister Crowley's Book Of Lies Decoded: The University Promoted Big "Bang" Exposed

Your Mission Should You Choose To Accept It:

Indoctrinate The Global Mass Human Population Into The Holy Roaming Enterprise Cartoon Cargo Cult!

Aleister Crowley's The Book of Lies is a blueprint of sorts for things like Alphabet Governmental Spy Agencies, Entertainment Stage Names, the Hollywood Crafting of Celebrity Persona and So MUCH MUCH MORE!

This article is about the Art of Learning how to lie and otherwise twist language so that the mass public is kept in a state of confused docility.


Politicians are known as silver tongued liars, or at least they used to be. People used to say that they were worse than criminals. People used to think that the real organized crime was the governments themselves. If we go by the Mainstream Noise Machine, we'd believe that people have largely forgotten this basic bit of common wisdom.

Learning to Lie: Spell Crafting To Enslave Human Minds

1+1=3/Down is Up and Up is Down & Wrong is Right & Right is Wrong

Aleister Crowley was a leisure class poet and author. He was an artist. He was also a charlatan and a practitioner of the fine art of Bull Snot. He was a Secret Society Free Mason, working for the British Empire, kind of guy. Poets craft language and make use of the multiple meanings of words by way of things like double entendres. Language is a form of "Magic" that enables the disciplined author to "magically" become a powerful shaper of human imagination.

Authors craft tales that mold the boundaries of human perception and define what is and what is not considered acceptable and "sane" by the mass public. Language is manipulated and the meanings of words distorted and perverted by the University trained shapers of public opinion with the intent of restricting the behavior of the mass human resource. We usually are only given two choices by the Mainstream Noise Machine, for example. The Presidential Elections are perfect examples of the false voices we are offered. The Two Party Propaganda system is designed with shepherding and managing of public perception in mind. We are only supposed to choose between the so-called "Left" and "Right". We are supposed to root for the one side as opposed to the other. Sports events and all sorts of competitive televised event programming reinforces a contrived notion of competition that leads many of us down irrational and illogical paths.

Most People Follow The Pied Piper Path of External Peer Reviewed Authority

There's a reason why the Mainstream promoted sciences are contradictory and somewhat nonsensical. There's a good reason why modern science is more religion than most realize, The modern University trained mind no longer looks to reality for their wisdom, but instead must filter all ideas and observation trough a strict model. Data and experiment results tend to get massaged and adjusted to fit the assumed paradigm. Circular reasoning has replaced logic. Chaos has replaced Order. The Trivium out of Order is the Order of the Day. The University and related institutions do not really teach us how to think. Instead we are encouraged to cleverly parrot back the information we get indoctrinated with.

Projected Confidence Sells Lies: Dominating The Submissive Public MInd

The old Confidence Trick employed by traveling snake oil salesmen relies on sleight of hand misdirection and a heavy dose of confidence in oneself. A person who believes in themselves projects an air of authority whether they deserve it or not. The Feudalistic foundation of our society means we have all been conditioned to accept external authority without question. It takes some effort to get free of this submissive behavior.

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Programming The Child's Mind: CBS Saturday Morning 1970's Style!

Back before the World Wide Social Media Web of easily accessible content a few generations of us grew up watching post World War Two era Television. Back before the days of cable TV, there were a limited number of Television channels and the Big Three, CBS, NBC, and ABC, all offered Saturday Morning programming designed for children.

Many of us grew up watching these manufactured products and the commercials in between. We would end up going out and buying the various products marketed to our childish minds, or ask our parents (or pray to Santa) to do so for us. Early on our little minds are marketed to and we get initiated in this very real commercial wage slave religion we tend to overlook and take for granted in much the same way fish take the water they swim in and breathe, for granted.

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The United Cargo Cult of America: "America" - What's in a Name Anyway?

North America was Originally Named "Parias" a word that means, " "to make equal [an account]", i.e. pay". 

"PARIAS and AMERICA, corresponding to North and South America, are separated by a strait in the region of the present Panama..."

Origins of the New World Feudal Military Protections Wage Slave Trade and Racket Revealed

North America Is Really "Parias" The Land of The Factionalism Imposed By Force

"The parias were a form of protection money established by treaty. The payee owed the tributary military protection against foes both Islamic and Christian. Usually the original exaction was forced, either by a large razzia or the threat of one, or as the cost of supporting one Islamic party against another.[4] (The word "taifa" means "party [kingdom]" and refers to the prevalence of factionalism in Islamic Spain during the taifas era.)"


"The Waldseemüller mapUniversalis Cosmographia, is a printed wall map of the world by German cartographer Martin Waldseemüller, originally published in April 1507. It is known as the first map to use the name "America". Its main map, and his globe gores of the same date, depict the American continents in two pieces. These depictions differ from the small inset map in the top border, which shows the two American continents joined by an isthmus. The name America is placed on what is now called South America on the main map, this being the first map known to use this name. As explained in Cosmographiae Introductio, the name was bestowed in honor of the Italian Amerigo Vespucci. The map is drafted on a modification of Ptolemy's second projection, expanded to accommodate the Americas and the high latitudes.[1] A single copy of the map survives, presently housed at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. Waldseemüller also created globe gores, printed maps designed to be cut out and pasted onto spheres to form globes of the Earth."

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The E=MC Squared Hoax Prologue: James Clerk Maxwell & The Aether

Please excuse the stray typo.

The Origins of the Modern Augmented Reality Matrix: Mathematical Models Get Substituted For Reality

This video provides some insight into the founding of the modern Religion known as Astronomy and Theoretical Physics and all the rest of the augmented reality based So-called science fantasy sold as fact. This artificial reality was originally crafted with the growing mercantile leisure class in mind, or so it seems.

The Jesuit and Vatican influenced University system would promote the Heliocentric and other fantastic models over common sense and demonstrable natural physics. The minds of the growing leisure class would now be indoctrinated with obvious logical fallacies sold as reason. The logical Trivium gets turned upside down and order becomes disorder. 

This original indoctrination system was designed to manage the rising threat to the original Feudal and Church power.

Truth gets liberally mixed with fiction and honest mistakes can get codified as "Law". There's gold to be panned from the sand.

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Understanding the Power of Myth

The mythtological blueprint for propaganda revealed.

We recommend the work of Joseph Campbell. It's very useful to have some familiarity with the world wide mythological figures and themes that are used to build the artificial World wide culture, many of us take for granted.

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Think the Monarchy Dead? Think Again. Revealing The Power of The Queen!

The Queen of the British Monarchy has a lot more power than most may know. Do not believe what the media has told us all for years. These Royals are not figure heads. They have power and control even if they do not have all the wonderful powers as Heads of The Known World, or as much power The Queen of England would seem to have and wield. Please make no mistake, we are criticizing the system and not the individual human beings involved in it. We are all victims of this long standing criminal racket.

Queen Elizabeth II Owns Every Dolphin In Britain And Doesn't Need A Driving License — Here Are The Incredible Powers You Didn't Know The Monarchy Has. 

"She's also immune from prosecution.

All prosecutions are carried out in the name of the Sovereign, and she is both immune from prosecution and cannot be compelled to give evidence in court.

In theory, the Sovereign "is incapable of thinking or doing wrong," legal scholar John Kirkhope told Business Insider. However, barrister Baroness Helena Kennedy QC told the BBC in 2002 that "nowadays, that immunity is questionable."

That is one example of many.

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Twin Towers Demolition Come Undone: Twins And Gemini, “Oh My” Want to Read The Trump Tower Tarot Card Guide?

Twin Towers Demolition Come Undone: Twins And Gemini, “Oh My” Want to Read The Trump Tower Tarot Card Guide?

This article looks into the idea that the Tarot deck is used as inspiration for the Mythology most take as History and fact.

This article examines the meaning behind the Tarot cards that would seem to be very influential in the scripting of the Mythology most consider to be News and Historical fact. The first in a series, this one looks at the foundations of the "3 and 6 and 9" Masonic Numerological inspired art and other cultural artifacts.

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The "Great Work" in Progress: Scripting The World Wars Part 1 - The Royal Vatican Radiowave Con

The Naming of America

This is the first in a series of articles that will explore the manufacture of the World-Wide Cult we know as Global Commercial Culture. This Holy Roaming Empire runs the whole world. International politics is no different from internal National politics and is more literally scripted theater than most think.

Hollywood and the Military are pretty much one and the same and have always been. Most people do not know how interested the British and United States Governments have always been in the arts, especially Pop Music, Radio, Film, Television and now the internet. Please try to keep an open mind as you read on if the ideas presented here are new to you. As it turns out, most of what many of us think is true is not.

Welcome To The Culturally Reinforced Forever Coming Soon:

Saturday Morning Children's Cartoon

"(God) wants men to be concerned with what they do; our business is to keep them thinking about what will happen to them" C.S. Lewis

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How To Create Fake News Footage 101: 2D vs 3D Compositing

Never Forget 9/11: A How To Create Terror Based Propaganda Footage with a Desktop Computer From 1999!

A desktop computer from the late 20th century was powerful enough to be able to handle the video compositing for the footage of the passenger jet strikes that live on forever online on Youtube. The digital age makes it easy to learn for oneself how this all works. Google and Youtube can be used by the wise to learn many new subjects, all on your own. The greatest library and communications tools are at your fingertips. Use it. This tool is not only a painter's canvas, and a writer's pen, it is the means to distribute the work at the same time. The internet is a powerful tool for self education.

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The Bruce Jenner Gender Bender: A Tomato is a Fruit!


The Media Filter promotes the artificial definition of a woman over the actual and biological one. In other words the Mainstream News Media promotes unreasonable thinking over actual biological science.

The media screens reality and gives you an incorrect view of it. It is not designed to illuminate your mind. Bruce Jenner cannot explain why he wanted to become a woman, as the Media claims he somehow magically did. It does not seem like he had either any kind of hormone treatment nor did he have any operation. He also is on record as digging 'chicks'. His idea of what defines a woman has nothing to do with nature and everything to do with shallow commercial and arbitrary cultural artifacts. This seems more about selling make up and other sorts of fashions to men as well as woman. We know there's more to it than that, but we can't help but think this is another way to wring another cent out of a saturated market. We believe Bruce Jenner does not represent a real story at all and since this is the case, we think he does a disservice to any real understanding of what real people may or may not be going through. He acts as a gatekeeper and shepherd of sorts. He becomes a filter and living mythological figure. He is Fake.


Tolerance is Important

Freedom means you as an adult are free to do with yourself as you like. You are free to dress and act how you like and you are free to engage in whatever behavior you want with other like minded adults. What you may not do is force your will onto others. Do unto others as we'd have them do unto us, is the logical rule we should follow. Common sense matters. We need more of it. The mainstream media lacks this real human attribute. What we don't need is endless layers of external authority telling us what to think and how to act.

Tolerance is not effectively promoted and it needs to be. We do not need to agree and more than likely we all never will. We have to give each other room to explore this world we live in, in the ways we individually want. People are free to dress and act and do what they want, for the most part. The news media promotes a busy body mind the other person's business mentality that is really detrimental to the human mind.

Simple stereotypes are pushed by the mainstream media. Bruce Jenner is a prime example of this kind of cartoon reasoned nonsense. Dualistic reasoning and shadow puppet play debates are pushed over logic and reason and common sense.

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Let's Play Paparazzi Pong!

This is a work in progress. It will be updated from time to time until this disclaimer is gone.

What Wars Are For: Welcome To The Post World War Two World, You've Been Here The Whole Time

The same distorted filter media noise machine that parrots nonsense like the official 9/11 narrative is the same Boy Who Cried Wolf/ Chicken Little News Media that has also been responsible for promoting the various media characters that would come to populate the imaginations of too many of us in the public. The online so-called alternative and even more (seemingly) amateurish efforts are part of the Mainstream Media Propaganda Noise Machine, (whether one knows it or not) Perhaps you might think we are doing damage control and trying to mitigate the fall out to this story. What we ask is  what are the sources of the evidence for these (Pizzagate) claims? Hearsay alone, in one form or another? Wikileaks, an obvious cartoon con job? Even if these highly sensationalized and clearly mainstream media sourced stories are to be believed, there is little to nothing any of us can do about it, other than defunding the Governmental beasts we wage slaves feed. Shouldn't we agree we need to kill the proverbial pair of 666 Beasts? The Satanic Enterprise only grows in power. It is digital and interactive and online and has been for a long time.

We wish to be clear, we do not dispute that there could be very real pedophile rings of one kind or another. Nor do we dispute other forms of such slavery. We are simply examining these specific and very well known claims. The media acts as a screen and is designed  to filter reality. 

Through The Moving Screen: Alice in Oz's Wonderland

There are a continuous stream of these sensationalized pizza-gate type news stories and this particular media rabbit hole seems nearly endless. We consider this a clue that the story is false. Means, motive and opportunity are important. The logistics involved would need to all be accounted for. Every important detail would need to be known and every logical question about  this subject would need to be answered before anyone could logically come to any absolute conclusion as to the validity of the claims offered. There should be a near endless stream of very angry and outraged parents and victims looking for revenge. We wouldn't have just a few media hyped ones. These people would no longer logically have any reason to believe in the so-called justice system, if we accept the implications of these narratives. We need to put these stories in the context of the over all clear and obvious social manipulation agenda many of us have become very aware of. 

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Fake News Grows Up To Become Fake History: How Mythology is Made

The Mainstream & Related News Media is The Source of Fake News. It is called Propaganda.

Of Course Pizza Gate is Fake

Most mainstream News stories are highly filtered and edited and present very unrealistic views of existence. Even alternative News narratives like pedophile stories and the latest version of the same old narrative, called "Pizzagate" are more fake and artificial than not. We doubt very much that the Royal Family and other high profile politicians are part of some kind of pedophile ring. The source of those stories and rumors is part of the same noise machine that lies to us on a daily basis and these stories all follow the same pattern of deception.

Whatever the truth is, the media noise machine will drown it out. That machine is online and interactive.

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The Earth Is Our Creator

"In Greek mythologyGaia (/ˈɡeɪ.ə/ or /ˈɡaɪ.ə/ from Ancient Greek Γαῖα, a poetical form of Γῆ , "land" or "earth"[1]) also spelled Gaea, is the personification of the Earth and one of the Greek primordial deities. Gaia is the ancestral mother of all life: the primal Mother Earth goddess. She is the immediate parent of Uranus (the sky), from whose sexual union she bore the Titans (themselves parents of many of the Olympian gods) and the Giants, and of Pontus (the sea), from whose union she bore the primordial sea gods. Her equivalent in the Roman pantheon was Terra."

Gaia (mythology) - Wikipedia

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Learning To Be Self Aware

The Two Headed Beast of Media & Government:

The Neo Feudal System Binds Us All, "Noble" Elitist & Taxed Wage Slave Alike

The News and related media (including even some online personas) are propaganda outfits that are owned by (basically) the same Global Banking Interests that have controlled the world as we know it for centuries.

The international banking interests have long controlled the means of communication of course. The News Media is designed to be an emotionally charged Noise Machine, meant to drown out any real critical thinking and any real communication of this criticism to the public. We are supposed to follow one kind of shepherd or another and we take this socially reinforced behavior for granted.

We are meant to bow and kneel to various kinds of external authority figures both real and imagined.

Nothing is as it seems. The News and related media are designed to screen reality not reveal it. The Matrix is real, it is just like a Saturday Morning Cartoon and isn't very "cool" at all. In fact it is absurd and childish. The so-called "Augmented Reality" has been seen by millions for years on TV screens - labeled as "News" and "History".

Freedom is our natural state and Constitutions can never define that. Constitutions are meant to define the rights or 'powers' of government not the people. "Bills of Rights" limit Freedom, they do not grant it. 

Liberty is something that is granted. Freedom is.

Despite recent social change, America is not the home of the free or of the brave, is it? Just read the current News, with all the nonsense and look to the joke that is the judicial system, is any of this really justice? Are laws against things like growing non toxic plants really a sign of freedom? Does that make sense?

We tax payers foot the bill for this entire scheme and we pay the for profit prison system for the luxury. We also for the bill for the alphabet agencies we do not need but who use the media to sell shadow threats to the public to justify ever increasing expenditure at various governmental levels. We pay hard earned $$$ to jail our own children and each other over personal behavior choices.

Is imposing unfair and illogical taxes and other so-called systems of "laws" really a sign of freedom? For example, are we free when we need official permission to marry by way of some kind of legal certificate? Is this what freedom means? We adults are treated like children. We do not need the "Nanny State" to tell us what to believe or think and behave and this is what the News media is designed to do. This is what all the countless and needless laws are about. We need a whole lot less of this horrible idea called government. It is a mind virus that has caused some real long standing mental damage to too may of us, including those on top of the pyramid scheme. We need limited bureaucracies that actually work for the mass of humanity and not the few.

We need to rid ourselves of jail time and fines for things that aren't crimes. Adult personal behavioral choices that do not effect others are nobody else's business. The News and related media promotes a 'mind the other person's business' mentality. The News Media does not really promote tolerance. It tends to promote division of one kind or another. Fear of homosexuals and racial tensions make for great yellow journal sensational headlines after all. The media and governments have to keep the nonsensical left right shadow play going. The media is more noise machine than not. The noise is meant to drown out real issues and real concerns.

We should end the War on Drugs and the unlawful and sinful pay for profit prison system and so-called justice racket. Jailing and fining people for behavior choices is wrong. Imposing your will onto other adults is the crime. Is America the land of the free? It sure doesn't look like it. 

Adults are free to do with their own bodies and with other consenting adults as they like. What one may not do is the crime of government and this is forcing one's will onto others. This is the real sin and crime. You may not steal or kill or rape or enslave or otherwise force your will onto others. This is exactly what the international banking crime syndicate owned governments do.

We do not need laws and fees and fines in order to get us to behave in certain ways. Legislating morality is a mistake and that itself is a crime and sin. This is imposing your will onto others. Tolerance means you don't have to like it. Pedophilia, for example, is a crime as a child is not a willing adult. A child does not have the mental faculty to decide such things and should not be put into that position in the first place. What consenting adults do or do not do is their business. The News media confuses these issues on purpose. The news media does not promote anything but division of one kind or another. The mainstream media sexualizes children. The news media is not the place to go to for any kind of real science or psychology or anything meaningful. It is a noise machine and little more.

The News and the rest of the Media and the Government are one and the same at the highest levels - they all work for the same long standing International Banking Mafia Con Job Racket. Paper chains that have gone digital contractually bind this commercial world we call home.

The news and related media confuses the natural biological definition of gender in exchange for the artificial one. The media seems to think a woman is not defined as a human being who can both bring life into the world and sustain it. A woman is just hairstyle and makeup and clothing and sexual choices. To these zombies, gender is a commercially available choice and not a natural state. This has nothing to do with homosexuality and everything to do with confusing terms and creating division. The media sells artifice as natural. How you want to dress and act is up to you. This is not the same thing as claiming 1+1 is 3.

The media does nothing or very little to really promote tolerance. The media is a collective vampire that feeds on division. For example, they want people who are uncomfortable with homosexuals to remain so. It's how they both profit and organize the public into more easily managed "communities".

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This is an article preview and work in progress. It is in a very rough  form. 

Einstein's work is based on the work of many other people. All of this work tends to be wrong and mistaken, even the work of the legendary Maxwell. There is much in mainstream physics that is wrong.


Does E = MC 2?

Or is it E = 1/2 MV2?

What about the Original Model  E = MV?

Models Get Messy

The use of the square in the equation models an acceleration or rate of change. E = MC 2 makes use of C (the supposed fixed velocity of light). How is this logical? Why square the mythical velocity of light? What is that  meant to model?  Einstein himself, assumes a fixed and constant value for the velocity of light. He does not assume it is an accelerated phenomena like gravity, does he?

What is Squaring Velocity Meant To Model?

If we use V for velocity and we consider a body in motion, this kinetic equation models something we can demonstrate and so it makes sense. We can see how we might want to square the time component of velocity to represent an acceleration, like if we choose to model the effect of the phenomena we term gravity, which has a constant rate of change. We can see how the formula is not a universal statement by any means, but instead is one example of how we can model many kinds of motions that have changes in velocity. If there is no change in Velocity, then there is no reason to square that value.

Squaring The Area of A Square

Why square a value at all? what is it meant to represent and what are we supposed to be modeling? If we have an area that is literally a square, we can measure one side of it and then square that value to find the area. Here we can see the idea that we are using math to model. If we square time, like in the gravity acceleration equations, we can model a constant rate of change. But what are we supposed to be modeling when we square velocity? What does any of this have to do with the supposed velocity of light? Light is thought to propagate with a constant and fixed velocity, so why would anyone square this value? What is this meant to model?  Why bother to represent the measure of velocity in this manner? In other words why is C squared in "E=MC2"?  Is this supposed to be some reference to how radiation works? Why is this not clearly stated and communicated? 

Every cult needs an unsolved mystery after all.

This article will examine these and other questions.

Mythical Geniuses Who Patch The Patchwork

Much is made of the work of Albert Einstein and much of it is simply misrepresented and wrong. We recommend reading the man in his own words as the modern image of him is more myth than not. Charges of plagiarism have merit. And the version we end up hearing about represents the work of many Relativists. Einstein's work, while very flawed, is not what most think it is. In fact there is good reason his work was embraced by the Heliocentric minded academics, there were and are many problems with the accepted  Cosmological model and there has been for centuries. Many of the experiments like the Michelson Morley interferometer ones are misunderstood and usually taken out of context. Lorentz and Poincare and others published "Einstein's ideas" before he did, they just did it in languages other than German. These apologists had to come up with (ad-hoc) explanations to justify belief in the Heliocentric model, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Einstein is presented to the public as an idol that represents the combined work and thinking of all these men.

These absurd and fantastic ad hoc explanations now serve as foundation for much of modern thought in many ways. These pulp science fiction ideas pave the way for such daydreaming Metaphysical speculation as Time Travel and Multiverses and all sorts of other quantifiable nonsense that has been tacked onto the basic (and flawed) Heliocentric model. The current Big Bang Universe is a far cry from Newton's concepts. There was a really good reason why Einstein came up with the concept of "Curved Space" and it has nothing to do with genius and everything to do with patching the patchwork.

Does E really equal MC Squared? What experiment proves this? We shall examine the Brass Ball and Clay experiment and show how this experiment simply shows the effect of gravity and nothing more. The Vis Viva Controversy and the work of Leibniz and others will also be looked into. This article will begin to build a foundation that will lead to an article that will attempt to describe what Gravity  might actually be. We believe the idea "unidirectionally sound".

This article examines one portion of the patchwork quilt of conflicting ideas we know as Modern Cosmology.

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