Dynasty: The Holy Roman Empire

Holy Roman Empire

Freemasonry = Holy Roman Enterprise

The Holy Roman Empire never really fell. It simply rebrands itself. The Current world is still the same old enterprise. The names have  changed, but the commercial global banking game remains the same. We are all wage slaves of this system. Some have chains of paper that have gone digital and some have chains of gold. From wage slave peasant, to the Queen of Empire, we are all subjects of an inhuman system that was started apparently by a bunch of  European men some one thousand years ago or so.

Ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt are legends. More than likely ancient history is nothing but propaganda mythology that was created to reinforce the legitimacy of the Holy Roman Empire.  What we know of these "ancient" times is derived from Renaissance translations of other texts from foreign sources. It's not like there was a real solid continuity of information from thousands of years ago, despite media and educational impression.

Napoleon himself was a Freemason kind of guy. Once you realize that wars are fake and the artifacts of cultural manipulation more so than not, you begin to see the pattern of deception that we know of as "history".

Nation states are fake and the truth is the world has long been run as one global banking enterprise. Enemy states exist to reinforce existential threat and the belief in the need for government.

The British and Spanish empires still exist, the names have changed, These two kingdoms split up the New World and still dominate it to this day. The Vatican and its Bank are still around. Numerous royal lords and nobles still exist and still rule. Feudalism never went anywhere. The veneer of Republic sold as Democracy is the Domed Dominance of the rule of the elite and the mercantile class.

"We the People" is empty marketing slogan with no legal power.

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A video series about the Double Headed Eagle of Freemasonry. It is used and has been used by many states as an emblem. The Masons use it as a symbol of their Scottish Rite. In this series I reveal how the Double Headed Eagle is used to show that the power of the Masons is mixed with power of states.

Saturn the Roman God of Time, Commerce and Government is the allegorical god of the artificial world of fake national divides and commercial empire. Capital Domes and phallic Egyptian obelisks are symbols not of Ancient Rome, but of the Holy Roaming Enterprise.™

War is the biggest racket in history and the truth is Banking, The Navy and unverifiable Governmental (Military) claims are what makes the world go round and has for centuries. The Royals are all supposed to be related, they and their minions are the real criminal racket and mafia. Government does not work or exist of the benefit of humanity, we exist for it. We need smaller more locally controlled bureaucracies that actually work for humanity. One of the tricks that Government has used has been to get us to worry about things we have no control over. They want us to worry about things we cannot verify, so we further need to believe and trust in Government. We are not supposed to know that Government, the News media and Hollywood are one at the highest levels. We are not supposed to know that the international bankers work for the same old Holy Roman Empire, in one form or another, they always have.


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When you see obelisks and Capitol Domes You Know You Are In a Capital City of one of the numerous Colonies of The "Holy Roam"


Census: The Tool Of Saturn & The Legion of Doom:

Why do we need to be counted like sheep?

Granted liberties and constitutions are signs we are not free. Constitutions should only apply to Government and should be the recipe and list of rights for that construct. O focuses logic is turned on its head with pen and ink and paper. 

Human beings Naturally possess Freedom which Government restricts. Government commits this real crime and sin. Common sense and logic matter. We are free as adult human beings to do with our own bodies as we desire. We are also free to engage in whatever relationships we want with other consenting adults. We are free to raise our children as we see fit, and we are free to do a great number of things Government would have us believe we need permission for. What we may not do is go around enforcing our will other adults and needlessly onto other adult's children. This is exactly what Government does.

Legislating criminal punishment for personal behavior choices is a crime against humanity. That is what a real war crime looks like. Human slavery and human trafficking are also crimes against all of humanity, Nobody will ever have to stand trial for this long and obvious history of global dominance and wage based slavery.  The powers that be are above the law, either by way of literal diplomatic immunities or by other means. 



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