Freemasons Work For The British Empire

Deep End 008 The Trivium and Empire w/ Kevin Cole and Brent Veinotte

On Halloween 2017, the Freemasons celebrated 300 years of Royal influence in London. The Masons sang "God save the Queen, let her reign over us." in unison. Prince Edward - Duke of Kent, the grandson of King George V and Queen Mary, is their Grand Master, who said he spoke with 136 other Grand Masters.

Freemasonry is at the foundation of the global corporate business and governmental world of today.

Secret Societies and University level fraternal organizations are primary and obvious examples of the way Empire is managed. The so-called occult and the governmental alphabet secret agencies have their origins with freemasonry. University educated, poet, Aleister Crowley and his Order of the Golden Dawn allies, were just British Freemasons. 

The world does not work like we think and independent Nation States are not as independent as we have been led to believe. The world is really run like one business enterprise and has been for centuries, wars and history are more fake than you might realize.

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High level journalists and politicians all come from the same elite caste who attend the same elite schools and join the same elite fraternities. Skull and Bones is just a reference to the Jolly Roger Pirate flag, or rather a reference to the Royal Navy. In other words these people all work as managers of global enterprise and empire. Secret Services, and SS references, even Nazi ones, refer us back to the Skull and Bones of the officially sanctioned British Royal Pirates.

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"The Jolly Roger is a symbol that has been used by submarines, primarily those of the Royal Navy Submarine Service and its predecessors. The practice came about during World War I: remembering comments by First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Arthur Wilson, who complained that submarines were "underhanded, unfair, and damned un-English" and that personnel should be hanged as pirates, Lieutenant Commander Max Horton began flying the flag after returning from successful patrols. Initially, Horton's submarine HMS E9 flew an additional flag after each successful patrol, but when there was no room for more, the practice was changed to a single large flag, onto which symbols indicating the submarine's achievements were sewn."

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