Infinity Unbound

To Infinity & Breaking Bonds: The Universe Unbound


What is the true state of the Universe or Existence?

Some things might just be beyond the ability of human beings to express or even ever truly understand.


To Infinity & Broken Bondage: 

"Hey Gödel, You Dropped Your Metaphysics into My Mathematics, And it's Making HAL MAD!!"



Conttext matters and without Set Theory and logical expression the computers at our fingers would disappear in a puff of the last dregs  of magical powdered wig smoke. Kurt Gödel's logical fallacies point out that math is language and that context matters. We can also use Kurt's work as an example of mathematics being used to model Metaphysical ideas. Art and all other human endeavors do exactly this in one way or another. We are all creators in this creation.

Kurt Gödel logical fallacies clearly show that logic matters. A computer cannot execute a mathematical instruction that is the equivalent of "This sentence is a lie."  Meaningless sentences can be grammatically correct. Computer programming requires logic. One of the themes expressed in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey is HAL's response to the conflicting programing he had received. How allegorical.

The word "Universe" means literally one or perhaps the first "verse" of a song or poem. It seems like a reference to the King's Story or His Story, as "they" say. In any case the Universe as an idea is meant to refer us to the concept of the Set of all Sets.

"Teeth can't bite themselves." as Alan Watts (the other Alan Watt guy) used to say. The Set that contains all sets itself cannot be part of the set. Another way to put it is that the Universe is not part of itself in the same way we are part of it. The Universe is more than that which it "contains" not in a physical sense but in a Metaphysical one. The Universe can not be defined in terms of "Physics".  Physics and other demonstrable science are the best we can do to explain our world. We should never confuse explaining the world we can know by way of our senses with the logically deduced need for a transcendent source for it all.


The Universe, or all of existence as we understand it can't exist anywhere at all. The Universe in this sense exists nowhere. It cannot exist in "space' as "space" is contained within it. In order to demonstrate "space" there has to be more than one thing. The Universe is, by definition, the only thing. It cannot exist in space.



Modern Cosmology is quite a mess. It is chaotic and this is by intent, the speculative ramblings of Neil de Grasse Tyson are more  incoherent than the Flat Earth proponents tend to be, so it's funny when the cartoon Multiverse guy casts stones at the glass house of the Flat Earth canard. In any case we are supposed to think that the Earth is a spinning and orbiting globe and that the Universe is one where everything is orbiting and expanding into an infinite amount of space. In fact "WE" can get an infinite amount of energy from the infinite number of spaces between the lines of the ruler. We aren't supposed to notice that the "Fixed Stars" are aptly named or the absurdity of so-called Staller Parallax, or any other obvious flaw in the patchwork of silliness sold as science.

The Universe as Set of All Sets is not infinite in space. This is illogical and demonstrably so. We have to accept that we can ignore the conservation of energy, which is not a "law" but a Natural principle. Infinite space is not a logical deduction it is an idea with no basis in reality. It is very poor Metaphysics as it is just a "shot in the dark". A wild guess built on a whole bunch of nonsense. The House of Cards that is modern Cosmology is just like the Kurt Gödel's illogical musings. Space is an idea by the way. It's not a thing. Time is also an idea and not real. There's no time, there is just an eternal pendulum swing of sorts. We can count this swing of Sun or Moon for the rest of our lives. As far as we know the Sun will always rise as we witness every morning.

Proportion matters. Relative proportion is important. The comparison of the motions of the Solar, Lunar and Fixed Stars show us that there is relative proportion. Considering the solstices, we can and do measure the relative motion of the Sun and Moon and this is of course why we have months. The motion is not perfect when compared to the motions of the planets and fixed stars, which is why there are constructs like leap years.

The Universe can have no beginning nor can it have an end. The uncreated has no start nor does it have an end. It is. 

The set of all sets cannot contain itself and that which contains all that have beginnings and endings itself is transcendent of such concerns.

Universe in the sense that I mean it includes even one's concept of a God or Deity of some kind. The creative principle that expresses itself by way of the Earth and all observable Nature is beyond our senses and even intellect. Words do not do any justice to the ultimate source of all. It is beyond human comprehension. All we can really do is state that the ultimate ground of all being is transcendent of words, thought and even ultimately individual experience, at least as far as we understand such things.

The Divine Creative Power is beyond all categories of is or is not. It is beyond duality, It is beyond dichotomies of all kinds.

How this sentence is a lie can be thought to be true:

"This sentence is a lie." Has no context does it? In the same way the set of all sets or the Ultimate ground of all being also has no context. We can't understand. So in other words, the words we use to attempt to express the Ultimate source of all, are gibberish incapable of providing the proper context in order to do so.

Any statement we attempt to make about the absolute source of all, the ground of all existence, is the equivalent of stating "This sentence is a lie." in this (specifically) Metaphysical context.




Video Games Provide A Clue



"Wraparound, in video games, is a gameplay variation on the single-screen in which space is finite but unbounded; objects leaving one side of the screen immediately reappear on the opposite side, maintaining speed and trajectory. This is referred to as "wraparound", since the top and bottom of the screen wrap around to meet, as do the left and right sides (in mathematics, this is known as a Euclidean 2-torus). Some games wrap around in some directions but not others, such as games of the Civilization series that wrap around left to right, or east and west but the top and bottom remain edges representing the North and South Pole (in mathematics, this is known as a cylinder).

In some games such as Asteroids there is no boundary and objects can travel over any part of the screen edge and reappear on the other side Others such as Pac-ManWizard of Wor, and some games in the Bomberman series, have a boundary surrounding most of the playing area but have few paths connecting the left side to the right, or the top to the bottom, that characters can travel on."


Imagine a Cartesian Asteroids Game in 3D!

The Universe itself is like a Pac Man or Asteroids game but in all directions. The Earth is at the center of the intense feedback that results from what we might call Aether wave cymatics. This is just an idea but one I think worth expressing. We are waves in a medium we cannot see or otherwise measure. However we try, we are like snakes trying to eat our own tails. We are made of a meta medium we can call the Aether. Perhaps this medium is not a very fine gas at all, like Nikola Tesla put forth, and perhaps it is not like the Aether of Maxwell. Perhaps neither really express what the "Aether" is as it would seem to be beyond such considerations. There is one medium that is unbound but self contained at the same time. This medium is in motion, in terms of wave motion and feedback creates all sorts of waves and some of these waves are like ball lighting or the dolphin blown water 'smoke' rings. We are these Aether vortices, self perpetuating waves in a medium we cannot discern. How we describe and experience existence is not the true Nature of the Universe. We can only experience existence by way of our limited senses. 

From this point of view nothing really moves, movement is an illusion like the motion of the video game sprite. The wave propagates. When we move we are actually just Platonic ideas that are waving through the motionless medium that is the imagination of the unimaginable ground of all being and source of all existence.

We might think of ourselves as thoughts in the dream of God. From God's point of view we are just electrical arcs that flash like lightning bolts for a brief moment. If we could fast forward the world around us like a film strip, the trees would look like electrical arcs, like flashes of green lighting and plasma flames, and we'd look like tiny little brief sparks that twittered about a plasma globe light bulb.


Plasma Ball


space is finite but unbounded


time is an illusion and human artifice  


there is only an eternal "tide"

   Tide - Online Etymology Dictionary