Intro to Solar Orientation

Intro to Solar Orientation [Solar Schoolhouse]

short video tutorial on Solar Orientation. Includes: Reasons for the Seasons, Seasonal Sun Paths, Measuring solar position, sun path charts, the 2 North Poles, and other resources.

The Solstices Reveal The Flaws of Kepler and Company

The Solar System Model Is Very Flawed: Kepler Used Math in an Illogical Manner

The Sun's Analemma reveals one of many flaws that can be found with the mainstream model of the Solar System. This is another example that shows us that mainstream Astronomy is a religion as these flaws are obvious if we look for them. The solstices are problematic. The Sun reaches the same height in the sky (noon) for days at a time as you can see in the illustration below. We are supposed to be able to witness this for ourselves. The analemma used to be drawn on maps and globes. It's not like this is some rumor I am repeating. The analemma is observable phenomena. 

This would be impossible if the Sun was the center of the imagined Earth orbit. The Sun would never come back to the same height in the sky for day after day after day. The tilt of the axis of the Earth and the Earth's orbit around the Sun is supposed to mean that such a feat would be impossible. This is but one of many problems that I will be demonstrating.

Look at the image of the locations of the Sun and then read the apologetical spin below.

"In astronomy, an analemma is a diagram showing the deviation of the Sun from its mean motion in the sky, as viewed from a fixed location on the Earth. Due to the Earth's axial tilt and orbital eccentricity, the Sun will not be in the same position in the sky at the same time every day. The north–south component of the analemma is the Sun's declination, and the east–west component is the equation of time. This diagram has the form of a slender figure-eight, and can often be found on globes of the Earth."

"Analemmas (as they are known today) have been used in conjunction with sundials since the 18th century to convert between apparent and mean solar time. Prior to this, the term referred to any tool or method used in the construction of sundials."

"It is possible to photograph the analemma by keeping a camera at a fixed location and orientation and taking multiple exposures throughout the year, always at the same clock-time (and accounting for daylight saving time, when and where applicable)."

" Viewed from an object with a perfectly circular orbit and no axial tilt, the Sun would always appear at the same point in the sky at the same time of day throughout the year and the analemma would be a dot. For an object with a circular orbit but significant axial tilt, the analemma would be a figure of eight with northern and southern lobes equal in size. For an object with an eccentric orbit but no axial tilt, the analemma would be a straight east–west line along the celestial equator."

Analemma - Wikipedia

So Many Problems with the Mainstream Model

If the Earth with its axial tilt was orbiting the Sun in a near circular orbit as it is imagined, there would not be some 3-5 days that the Sun came back to the same Noon position. This would be impossible. There is no evidence the Earth moves at all. Future articles will continue to demonstrate how all the supposed evidence is nothing but propaganda.

Jesus as allegory of the Sun was laid to rest for three days. This obviously is derived from observation of the actual Sun. (or even the Moon which stands still too) Please notice that the quote below uses the term "monetarily", and notice the propaganda. The spin. The lies. How scientific is the term "moment"? How long is a moment?  "Monetarily", the problem is that the Moon is supposed to continue moving around the Earth, it does not stop. Just like the Earth is supposed to keep turning and orbiting.

"Neither the sun nor the moon stands still, obviously; what stops, momentarily, is the change in declination."

Lunar standstill - Wikipedia

The Moon travels from North in the Sky to South while it seems to orbit the Earth. The Sun is seen to do the same thing, but the explanation for the solar phenomena is different from the Lunar one. Funny that. The Earth's imagined tilt and imagined orbit are the explanation for Solstices, but not the explanation of the Lunar Standstills.

The Sun's Analemma 

The Earth is not supposed to stop in its orbit is it? It would have to. That is absurd of course. This is nonsense. The reason why is that the Sun is returning to the same Noon spot for days and this is impossible if the Earth had the supposed near perfect circular orbit it is thought to have. Future articles will dismantle Kepler's nonsense as well. Sidereal time is different from Solar time. Sidereal time is very consistent and solar time varies. The Sun's motion around the Earth varies (as we know) but the Fixed Stars remain consistent. This difference is why the stars appear to move position from night to night. If the Sun disappeared and we only had the Fixed Stars to look to, the various constellations would dawn and set 23 hours and 56 minutes later every day, consistently. 

"The Axis of The Earth is an Imaginary line..."

Mechanism of The Seasons The seasons result from the Earth's axis being tilted to its orbital plane; it deviates by an angle of approximately 23.5 degrees. Thus, at any given time during summer or winter, one part of the planet is more directly exposed to the rays of the Sun.

The Sidereal Day vs The Solar Day