Las Vegas Hoax Exposed: Union Collusion


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The Las Vegas shooting was an obvious staged sand scripted event. There is no evidence anyone actually was killed. There is clear evidence this was nothing but a drill that magically morphed into a News story.

The SPFA: An International Union

"The SPFPA represents Thousands of Security Police Professionals working for such companies as Wackenhut, Securitas, Akal, Loomis Fargo & Co. Wells Fargo, Boeing, NASA Space Center, Disney, The White House and MGM Casino just to name a few."

"The SPFPA (International Union, Security, Police and Fire Professionals of America) is the oldest, largest and fastest growing Security, Police union in the United States Today. The SPFPA represents over 27,000 security police professionals across the U.S. and Canada. SPFPA members provide security services for the Department of Defense/NASA, Aerospace, U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Federal Courts, Nuclear Facilities, Prisons, Detention Centers, Correctional Facilities, Armored Car, Casinos. Arts and entertainment, Federal, State and County Buildings, Military Instillations, Universities, Hospitals, Public Utilities, Automotive, Airports, Seaports, Homeland Security Facilities and Industry. 

The International Headquarters is located in Roseville, Michigan; SPFPA also has an east coast and west coast office, as well as 200 Local Unions located throughout the United States. The SPFPA staff consists of over 1000 Local Union Officer Representatives, Full-time Regional Vice Presidents, International representatives and specialized department Directors, who are on hand to negotiate contracts, settle grievances, enforce contracts, organizing the unorganized and assist in answering your questions. The professional and technical staff is available to help members with wage and benefit issues, safety and health issues, and legal issues.

The SPFPA represents Thousands of Security Police Professionals working for such companies as Wackenhut, Securitas, Akal, Loomis Fargo & Co. Wells Fargo, Boeing, NASA Space Center, Disney, The White House and MGM Casino just to name a few."



"Welcome Mandalay Bay Las Vegas On December 9, 2016, the Mandalay Bay Casino Security Professionals voted 2 to 1 to join the SPFPA Family. This historic..."

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Google Cached Truth:

The Union Honers Jesus Campos for the Vegas Event

This union would seem to be involved with faking News events. The Vegas security guards had just voted to switch over to this union.

SPFPA 2.jpg
SPFPA 3.jpg

"The union that recently successfully organized security workers at the Mandalay Bay says it plans to file petitions to organize more casinos within months.

“Oh yes,” said Dwayne Philips, director of the International Union, Security, Police, and Fire Professionals of America (SPFPA). “I’m very confident there will be more petitions filed within the next three to six months.”

Of the more than 260 security workers that will be represented, 163 voted for unionization and 79 against it, according to the SPFPA website. Philips said the unionization effort at the resort, an MGM Resorts International property, started about four to five months ago with a card campaign.

He said the election, which was held on Dec. 9, was only certified just a few days ago. Las Vegas representatives with the National Labor Relations Board, the governmental body responsible for monitoring and certifying union elections, were unavailable for comment.MGM representatives wouldn’t comment on future union plans and only released a short statement about the election. “We respect the choice of our employees, and are prepared to bargain in good faith with the union,” said Mary Hynes, a spokeswoman for MGM Resorts.

The company also would not comment on Philips’ assertion that after the vote, MGM Resorts held meetings with employees and labor consultants to respond to the threat of further unionization. “What I understand is that (MGM management) — and, of course, I cannot prove this but I heard it from people that called me after the fact — is that once the Mandalay Bay union effort was successful they held meetings at other MGM properties at Las Vegas,” Philips said. “And they started (using) their labor consultants, who we call union busters. They started having meetings pretty much starting the propaganda in the hopes to stem this and keep it from leading to to other casinos organizing.” "

source: Union that organized Mandalay security workers to ... - Las Vegas Sun

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Tricks Are for Kids, Or Are They?

Want to bet this isn't a true story either? Hickey is still Presidnet of the Union, at least as of October 20th 2017 or so.

"Federal agents have raided the home of a Michigan-based labor boss amid allegations that he may have stolen money from union members who guard nuclear power facilities and a NASA space center, according to the Detroit News.  The newspaper reported Friday that David Hickey, international president of the Security, Police, and Fire Professionals of America, is apparently the target of a racketeering and fraud investigation being carried out by the Labor Department. 
In an exclusive report, the News said Hickey’s home in Troy, Mich., was recently raided, along with the union’s headquarters in Roseville. The investigators seized financial records and even cases filled with magic tricks from Hickey’s home, apparently in an effort to establish a money trail that would substantiate allegations of embezzlement."

source: Feds Investigate Security Union Leader -


# VEGAS STRONG: Worry Not About Tourism

Want to bet these kinds of events only cause an increase in tourism?

vegas stron.jpg

October 23, 2017 update:

"In the wake of mass killing, Las Vegas reaches out to tourists with a new ad"

"Ten days after a mass shooting killed dozens and injured hundreds in Las Vegas, the city that thrives on tourists, gambling and good times launched an ad to encourage visitors to return. The new ad, released Wednesday by the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority, features photos and Twitter posts from Vegas fans expressing support and vowing to come back. “No one and nothing will stop me from going to Vegas,” said one Twitter post shown in the ad. “We love Vegas. Always have. Always will,” read another post in the ad, which did not explicitly mention the Oct. 1 shooting."

Hashtag Vegas Strong: Never Forget 9/11 or Route 91

"We were not ready. When news of the terrorist-led events of September 11, 2001 reached Las Vegas, we reacted the best we could: We shut down the airport, organized charitable events and vigils, draped the casinos in the colors of our nation’s flag. In the weeks that followed we went about our ways in anxious isolation, one eye unblinkingly trained on the skies overhead. Many were laid off in the resulting tourism slump. We put on a brave face, but inwardly, many of us felt helpless.

The Route 91 Harvest festival shooting is a different kind of horror than the events of September 11, but the dread feels familiar, even if this time our eyes aren’t fixed on the heavens; instead, we’re forced to consider the dangers concealed in the previously benign corners of our own town—the windows of our casino towers, the open expanses of our festival grounds.

But something else was different this time. In the hours immediately following the massacre, Las Vegas stood up. The Facebook page devoted to the shootings filled with locals offering their help to complete strangers: You can sleep at my house tonight. I’ll drive you wherever you need to go. I have a shower, wifi, shelter …

Within a day, local restaurants began donating meals to victims and volunteers; a day after that, local musicians had organized benefit shows and albums; the day after that, our blood banks were completely flooded with currency. And by the end of the week, an entire remembrance garden had been built and landscaped.

I honestly don’t know if Las Vegas would have responded the same way had this tragedy occurred back in the early 2000s. Putting aside the fact that Facebook didn’t yet exist, what kind of community would have formed ranks back then? The defining characteristic of pre-recession Las Vegas was its transience: casino implosions, bad mortgages, people moving to our city with the sole intent of making enough money to leave it. But we’re a different breed of city dwellers now; we have survived economic ruin and learned to look to our neighbors for compassion and support. This past week didn’t inspire the innate goodness of our community. It revealed it.

There may be harder times still ahead. We don’t yet know what effect this will have on our industry, which is based entirely in tourist whim. We don’t yet know to what degree this terrorist nightmare will make our wide-open city into a warren of security checkpoints and bulletproof glass. But we now know one thing about Las Vegas: There’s help out there. It’s in our institutions, and it’s in our neighbors. No matter what happens next, we’ll be ready for it."

Hashtag Boston Strong:

"BOSTON (CBS) — After the September 11th attacks in New York City, planes were grounded, fear lingered and there was a total collapse of Boston’s tourism business. Pat Moscaritolo, heads the Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau and says it took more than two years before city tourism recovered.

In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, he feared a repeat of the post-September 11, tourism crash. But then, something unprecedented occurred.

“There were 38 countries around the globe whose national tourism office adopted a resolution and sent it on to Mayor Tom Menino saying we are going to promote Boston, we want people to come to American, we want people to come to Boston,” Moscaritolo said. And they responded. Hotel occupancy in the city in May was up nearly 2-percent over a year ago, driven by a jump in international visitors."

source: In the wake of mass killing, Las Vegas reaches out to tourists with a ...   •   Vegas Strong isn't just a hashtag. It's proof of what we've become - Las ...   •   Travel industry cautious about bombing aftermath - The Washington Post   •   Boston Sees Surge In Tourism Since Marathon Bombing « CBS Boston   •    Crowd Psychology: What Comes After Boston for Mass Public Events ...


Terrorism & Tourism

Never Forget: Tourists love the macabre.


"Oct 23, 2012 - dahlia bldg Most Morbid Hollywood Tours. Nondescript buidling, but part of the infamous “Black Dahlia” murder case, and a stop on the Dearly ..."

source: Most Morbid Hollywood Tours « CBS Los Angeles


"Of all the tours available in Hollywood, the strangest and most bizarre won't take you to the movie stars' homes. At least they won't take you to the homes of stars ..."

source: Hollywood Murder Tours | USA Today

"Mar 23, 2015 - The 25-mile tour is three hours of bad news, including notorious crimes, the fates of Hollywood icons like Michael Jackson and Whitney ..."

source: 6 Unique Tours In Los Angeles : LAist


"The passage of the Taft-Hartley Act led to the first international, independent guard union, The United Plant Guard Workers of America (UPGWA) which was certified by the NLRB in 1948 and initially included some 1,250 members in twelve local unions across five states. Over the next 52 years, the UPGWA, under the leadership of Presidents McGahey, Szczesny, Applen, and McConville, grew significantly.

The beginning of the 21st Century brought significant and enduring changes to the structure and mission of the International Union.Delegates to the 2000 International Convention operated under the mantra of New Directions for the Union as developed and proclaimed by International President Hickey.

The name of the Union was changed to the International Union, Security, Police and Fire Professionals of America (SPFPA) in recognition of the scope and professionalism of SPFPA members occupations. Divisions were established to better represent the needs of members whose occupations include Nuclear officers, Campus Police, Court officers, Airport Screeners and others.President Hickey and New Directions has continued and is responsible for programs and policies which keep the Union viable to meet new challenges.

A full time organizing staff has been employed to increase union membership; and their efforts have been overwhelmingly successful. Programs instituted by President Hickey and the International Executive Board have resulted in the affiliation of nine other security unions with SPFPA with several others currently being negotiated. These affiliations have increased membership, enhanced SPFPA’s reputation, and added additional qualified representatives to improve member representation.

In response to a critical membership need, the SPFPA developed and maintains a nationwide 401(k) pension plan and ERISSA Health Plan for negotiation and inclusion in collective bargaining agreements. SPFPA and the New Directions team have remained true to it’s heritage.

The International Union continues to protect and advance the interests of security professionals through collective bargaining, legislationand litigation. It continues to be the world’s largest Union devoted exclusively to the representation of security personnel. It is a diverse Union that is prepared to meet the unique challenges of the emerging century."



"The newly selected security officers union at Mandalay Bay has voted to sign an initial three-year contract with the south Strip resort.

Members of International Union, Security, Police and Fire Professionals of America voted 124-13 for the contract Tuesday, union trustee Dave Bello said. There were 170 eligible members and 137 cast votes.

A spokeswoman for MGM Resorts International, which operates Mandalay Bay, said management’s labor team was notified of the results of the vote, which is an internal union process.

The contract gives officers with five or more years of service a $500 signing bonus and those with less than five years’ service, $250, Bello said.

All full-time officers and 10 percent of on-call officers are under the contract. Union officials wanted at least 25 percent of the on-call group included.

In December, security guards at the resort approved representation in a 163-79 vote, becoming part of Local 2121 within the union’s Casino Hotel Industry Police division.

Union leaders began working in Las Vegas in May to negotiate terms of the first contract.Workers at Mandalay Bay have been the only MGM resort security officers to vote for union representation by SPFPA. Votes at Excalibur and Circus Circus rejected the union."