Occult Science 13.1 - The Cavendish Question

The Occulted Mythical Origins of Fake Outer Space Programs

The work of NASA and the rest of the international space programs are the result of Hollywood stage illusionist special effect work and nothing more. The work of NASA was supposed to be the real experiments that could demonstrate the insane ideas of men like Newton and the rest. These religious zealots were Sun worshipping royal loyalist types who started an irrational movement that would teach people to ignore the Natural demonstrable world in favor of a MATRIX virtual world based upon peer reviewed nonsense back with fallaciously applied mathematical equation and thought experiment daydream fantasy. Heliocentric theory is absurd but this does not mean the Earth is flat. The world we experience is neither flat nor in motion. Despite all stubborn hype to the contrary, there is no evidence the world spins or orbits or is anything but best described as ball shaped and motionless. 

Occult Science 13.1 - The Cavendish Question  source: schism206