Occult Science 7.0 - Blavatsky & Heliocentrism

A False Dichotomy Designed To Get Us To Overlook The Natural World We Can Actually Experience

It appears that both the heliocentric model and the flat earth models have long been of interest to occult secret society free mason types. We do not experience a flat world. We do not experience a world that is in motion in any way. When we pay attention to Natural reality we notice the world is best described as a motionless globe.

Heliocentric Theory is A Superstitious Belief System With No Actual Basis In Reality

Heliocentric theory is not based on what we Naturally can experience of the real world. Heliocentric ideas have no real experimental support. The world as we actually experience it is best described as motionless and spherical shaped. NASA and the international space programs of the world which would have been the real experiments that show the heliocentric theory correct, are just the results of Hollywood stage magic and nothing more. Fallacious thought experiments and peer reviewed illogically applied mathematical equation are no substitute for demonstrable reality which is opposed to heliocentric ideas.

The Earth is not best described as flat. The Earth is not best described as orbiting or rotating or moving in any manner at all. Please notice how Madame Blavatsky (see video below) fallaciously offers the false choice of the heliocentric model and the flat earth model, ignoring demonstrable reality in the process. Heliocentric ideas are simply the result of religious based Sun worshipping thinking. Heliocentric ideas are fantastic and are not based in reality anymore so than a flat earth model is. Please notice how heliocentric theory is clearly the work of secret society, free masonic minds. The world is best modeled and described as ball shaped and motionless. Anything else is nonsense. Flat Earth has always been used to add a whole lot of illogical noise to what would otherwise be an obvious statement of fact along the lines of claiming the sky blue and grass green. There is no rationale reason to believe the Earth is in motion at all and this fact is drowned out by all sorts of mainstream media and university noise. The mainstream faith of atheism is no less a religion than any other artificially crafted belief system. Heliocentric and flat earth "theories" require we ignore the Natural reality we can and do experience. Despite all hype to the contrary there is no logical reason to believe the Earth is flat or that the Earth moves in any manner at all.

Occult Science 7.0 - Blavatsky & Heliocentrism  source: schism206

The Trillium and Quadrivium Out of Order is Chaos: The Allegory of The Film The MATRIX

Occult Authors Help Craft Virtual Reality

Down can be defined as up and an artificial reality of pure fantasy can replace the Natural world we actually experience. Welcome to the brave new post modern world of newspeak nonsense. Secret society occulted masonic minds might truly believe in heliocentric absurdities impossible to ever prove. The fact that NASA and the international space programs of the world are nothing more than Hollywood stage magic effects work is a huge clue. The demonstrable reality of the world we actually experience is in direct contradiction to the state religion of nuclear annihilation promoted by international space program fakery. The atomic era space programs are the medium for nuclear war, without the fantastic space race there'd been no impetus to duck and cover and to continue to foot the tax bill for research and development of things like color television and the internet. NASA is indeed a free masonic based organization, NASA clearly has its origins in the work of occultists and the superstitious minded. Outer space is the ultimate Platonic Cave that has captured the imaginations of too many minds who will violently oppose being told about the real world beyond moving picture screen, NASA and international space programs are simply examples of governmental funded (our tax money) augmented reality projects and not much more. The huge rockets that are meant to inspire are also the medium for delivering nuclear death and mythical global destruction. It's been nearly 50 years since the television screen showed men walking on a film set that was claimed to be the lunar surface, yet we still can't even wait on a line for a NASA vomit comet ride, let alone a rocket ride to any kind of hotel in the sky. 2001 came and went and none of us get to travel anywhere near close to that imaginary place they call outer space.

Occult Science 4.0 - Heliocentric vs. Geocentric Astrology  source: schism206

Ptolemy Was Right

Ships disappear at sea as advertised. Cities photographed from across bodies of water also look as they would on a globe. Sir Isaac Newton could do no experiment to prove his ideas. Fallaciously reasoned thought experiments and illogically applied math is no substitute for demonstrable reality. Fallling apples are not like the orbiting Moon. There is no reason to ignore common  sense and our sense and to believe the world flat or in motion. These are false choices. The demonstrable model seems to get overlooked as occult masonic inspired minds seem to enjoy dwelling on either flat earth or sun centered lies.