Occult Science 8.0 - Copernicus & the Church

The motionless sphere best describes the Natural world we actually experience.

The global culture most of us all share is one based on Solar cult thinking. The men who pushed heliocentric theory were superstitious Sun worshipping feudal minded fanatics. These men were not scientists despite their fallacious and imaginative use of mathematics. Mathematicians with mystical leanings are not empirically inlcined by any stretch of the imagination. These men would create the ultimate Platonic cave by claiming the Earth was just a planet that spun on imagined axis and orbited the almighty glorious, kingly, godlike Sun.  Alchemical mathematical metaphysics is not science. The world we experience is one that is motionless and spherical in nature. These men would begin a long tradition of so-called science where one ignores reality in favor of official peer reviewed model. This is obviously a religion.

Occult Science 8.0 - Copernicus & the Church  source: schism206

A Revised History?

We can easily ignore the fact that the ideas of men like Copernicus and Newton were not adopted and accepted overnight. It took centuries before the University and Church systems would embrace heliocentric based theory. Despite all hype to the contrary, the Catholic Church has long had an interest in astronomy and in supporting the heliocentric model. There were and are logical reasons why heliocentric theory is wrong, not (just) religious ones. I am guessing, but I'd wager the record got erased and we do not have all the criticism of heliocentric theory we would otherwise have access to. There are obvious flaws with the ideas of Kepler, Copernicus, Newton.

Demonstrable Gravitational Effect Cannot Be Used To Explain Celestial Orbits

If Copernicus had it right, Kepler and Newton would not be famous. If they had it right, we would have never heard of Einstein. These men would have us all believe that a fixed velocity can magically be balanced with an accelerated velocity, Falling apples are not like the Moon despite all the mythology to the contrary. These men could never do any real experiment to illustrate their ideas. These men were not scientists, these men rejected the Natural world in favor of the world of speculative fantasy, these men were zealots. These religious minded men had to, (and to this day the adherents to this faith, have to), ignore demonstrable ballistic physics in favor of pure imaginative fantasy, NASA and the atomic age space programs of the world are meant to be the experiments that prove this garbage correct. The fact that the international space programs of the world are nothing more than Hollywood stage magic is a huge clue. Atomic age space program fakery exists to be the medium for nuclear annihilation, which is also fantasy.

Solar Based Metaphysics Supports Royal Crowned Heads & Feudal Systems

King and Queen wear crowns of gold that mimic halo and the Sun itself. These people are imagined to have Divine Right to rule all of humanity and the world itself. These were the people who traditionally were supposed to have hired astrologers and alchemists and all sorts of artistic masons, traveling banking merchants, and all the rest, in the first place. The Sun based mythology of this global cult would seem to be designed to reinforce the reign of the Royalty. This is not science as these men were not really observing the Natural world in proper context. They looked up at the sky, imagined the Earth moving around the Sun, and they then went hog wild from there. They had to stop looking to demonstrable Natural principle in favor of speculating about how the rising and setting lights in the Heavens worked. This is how and why model replaces reality. Heliocentric based theory would evolve into a patchwork multiversal hydra of fantastic concepts that really should be ignored altogether. Modern cosmology is based on nothing but fallacious mathematics and peer reviewed group think. The Flat Earth canard has always existed to cover for the weaknesses in mainstream heliocentric theory. Flat Earth adds a whole lot of needless noise to what should be an obvious "revelation" of sorts. In this case the "revelation" is that the sky is blue and grass is green.

We all should really know that we experience a motionless existence on a world best described as globe shaped, perfect, imperfect or somewhere in between.

Ships disappear over the horizon as advertised and cities photographed across lakes also look as they would on a globe.

The heavenly bodies rise and arc to noon height and then set back down in a manner that is best modeled with a globe. There is simply no reason to believe in a Flat Earth reality. The Flat Earth model cannot replicate reality and is pretty much as fantastic as the mainstream mess of unreasonable nonsense. One has the lack of motion correct and one model has the shape of the Earth correct, yet neither Flat Earth nor the heliocentric based models can actually replicate our experience of Natural reality.

Despite insisting otherwise, the flat earth youtube channel content providers have no working map nor a working model of observable celestial phenomena. The motions of the heavenly bodies are easily modeled with motionless globe based theory, which also happens to be what we witness in the real world. Celestial lights do not look like they spin merry go round style over our heads as a flat world would indicate. There are obvious implications to the flat earth model that render it flawed as it is not based on our experience of the Natural world anymore so than Heliocentric theory is.

Occult Science 8.1 - The Copernican Question  source: schism206