Podcast Episode 28



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Synchronicity Show Note

An accidental mythology anecdote.

A fortunate bookmark marking the chapter in Joseph Campbell's "The Masks of God: Occidental Mythology". A scrap of paper marking the chapter on "ethical dualism" or the mentality of the bottom of the proverbial pyramid on the U.S. dollar bill, where there is endless debate over who is wrong and who is right, as one example of many kinds of divisive behavior that is encouraged.

The scrap of paper read" Filmmaker Jonathan Mostow is the creator of Virgin's The Megas. In a dystopian future...

The Megas

"The Megas explores what might have happened had the founding fathers of the United States established another aristocracy rather than a democracy. The eponymous Megas are the elite members of the American Royalty, a somewhat benevolent but dictatorial ruling class. Now, in the 21st Century, the Megas have ruled America for over 200 years. Mostow described the story for Variety:

The story "revolves around Detective Jack Madison and his race-against-the-clock investigation to uncover secrets behind the mysterious sex-fueled suicide of a Prince in The Megas royal family. Meanwhile, the King is on his deathbed at The White Palace (yes, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!), and society is bracing for the inevitable chaos that will surely ensue once he dies." 

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Megas

A Holy Grail Tangent:

"The War Hound and the World's Pain is a 1981 fantasy novel by English writer Michael Moorcock, the first of the "von Bek" series of novels.

The book is set in Europe ravaged by the Thirty Years' War. Its hero Ulrich von Bek is a mercenary and freethinker, who finds himself a damned soul in a castle owned by Lucifer. Much to his surprise, von Bek is charged by Lucifer with doing God's work, by finding the Holy Grail, the "cure for the world's pain," that will also cure Lucifer's pain by reconciling him with God. Only through doing this can von Bek save his soul.

After many adventures, von Bek eventually finds the Holy Grail, and discovers that it will set mankind on the path to self-redemption through rationality, without the help of God or the hindrance of Lucifer."

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_War_Hound_and_the_World%27s_Pain

Bobby Darin - Simple Song Of Freedom (Live and with a Tux) A mega star in his own right, taken way to soon from this world. He was crossing over from the nightclub circuit into the arena of folk music, where his pacifist views were clearly developing.

Most of What You Read is Made of Lies

"Seven hundred million are ya list'nin'?
Most of what you read is made of lies
But, speakin' one to one ain't it everybody's sun
To wake to in the mornin' when we rise?
Come and sing a simple song of freedom"

source: http://www.metrolyrics.com/simple-song-of-freedom-lyrics-bobby-darin.html

Distractions, a song about media and more...

Bobby Darin tune from later in his career called "Rx-Pyro: Prescription: Fire." Not sure where it originated but you can find it on "Songs from Big Sur." Enjoy!
Robert Plant and the Band Of Joy play "12 Gates To The City" by the Reverend Gary Davis, live on Friday 29th October 2010 backed by the London Oriana Choir, Buddy Miller (Guitar), Patty Griffin (Vocals), Byron House (Bass), Darrell Scott (Guitar), Marco Giovino (Drums). HD.