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This website exists to serve as public resource for reverse imagineering world-wide culture, one that takes a critical look at the numerous artifacts and other types of relics that represent our shared collective international heritage. This blog is dedicated to examining social engineering and the use of tax funded governmental propaganda, and the mainstream media, as international human resource management tools.

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Learning To Be Self Aware

George Carlin "The American Dream"


Tripping While Overlooking The Obvious

Below is is an excellent video about mass psychology. Our neural physiology is used against us by the likes of advertisers, governments,  military organizations, and mass media operations. This video begins to explain how our brains work. Ideas are as important to us human beings as food and water and shelter are. This video is posted here because the first chapter of this video does a great job of explaining mass human psychology.

The second chapter is about Quantum Science and Einstein's mythical reasonings. Einstein's work is flawed and is the subject of a future article we are working on now. Quantum just means measure. And Quantum Physics is little more than brain teaser shadow play nonsense. Quantum equation proves nothing but the fact that math can be used to express ideas that are wrong as easily as the spoken or written or typed word can. There is no light/wave duality. Light is a wave. The Devil is always in the details of these claims. The details here are the actual experiments that purport to prove the mythical duality. These experiments show nothing but the activity  of waves and wave interference patterns and can all be easily explained without resort to science fantasy reasoning.

Mathematical equation can be as meaningless as any other human gibberish or babble can. Too much of modern physics focuses on the models and not on demonstrable principle. This is a real problem with the mainstream thinking. The higher level physics is as much propaganda as the News is. We cannot simply trust what we are told without thought and demonstration. We must learn these subjects for ourselves and not rely on unquestioned external authority.

Antimatter is another fiction and isn't real. It is an artifact of a model, like other so-called theories of which the absurd Big Bang 'Theory' is but another example of. Much of the mainstream promoted mythology, sold to us in the public as 'fact',  is in actuality, the "augmented reality" or the so-called "Matrix", so many seem to be fascinated with.

Below we can watch this very interesting webinar and we can see how human psychology is used and manipulated in attempts to get us to change our belief systems and subsequent resulting behavior. This is the real so-called MK Ultra program of Mind Control.

Mario Hytten, Chief Executive Officer, Planetaire AB, Captimax Sports Media, Sweden presented at the Webinar on Mind, Thinking & Creativity on March 9, 2016 .

Below an insightful interview that is well worth listening to.

Chris Kendall of Hoax Busters Call returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss Pizzagate and the possible psychological warfare angle to the scandal. We also talk about the history of fake news and how the mainstream media are really nothing more than propaganda organs for the corporate state.

The Two Headed Beast of Media & Government:

The Neo Feudal System Binds Us All, "Noble" Elitist & Taxed Wage Slave Alike

The News and related media (including even some online personas) are propaganda outfits that are owned by (basically) the same Global Banking Interests that have controlled the world as we know it for centuries.

The international banking interests have long controlled the means of communication of course. The News Media is designed to be an emotionally charged Noise Machine, meant to drown out any real critical thinking and any real communication of this criticism to the public. We are supposed to follow one kind of shepherd or another and we take this socially reinforced behavior for granted.

We are meant to bow and kneel to various kinds of external authority figures both real and imagined.

Nothing is as it seems. The News and related media are designed to screen reality not reveal it. The Matrix is real, it is just like a Saturday Morning Cartoon and isn't very "cool" at all. In fact it is absurd and childish. The so-called "Augmented Reality" has been seen by millions for years on TV screens - labeled as "News" and "History".

Freedom is our natural state and Constitutions can never define that. Constitutions are meant to define the rights or 'powers' of government not the people. "Bills of Rights" limit Freedom, they do not grant it. 

Liberty is something that is granted. Freedom is.

Despite recent social change, America is not the home of the free or of the brave, is it? Just read the current News, with all the nonsense and look to the joke that is the judicial system, is any of this really justice? Are laws against things like growing non toxic plants really a sign of freedom? Does that make sense?

We tax payers foot the bill for this entire scheme and we pay the for profit prison system for the luxury. We also for the bill for the alphabet agencies we do not need but who use the media to sell shadow threats to the public to justify ever increasing expenditure at various governmental levels. We pay hard earned $$$ to jail our own children and each other over personal behavior choices.

Is imposing unfair and illogical taxes and other so-called systems of "laws" really a sign of freedom? For example, are we free when we need official permission to marry by way of some kind of legal certificate? Is this what freedom means? We adults are treated like children. We do not need the "Nanny State" to tell us what to believe or think and behave and this is what the News media is designed to do. This is what all the countless and needless laws are about. We need a whole lot less of this horrible idea called government. It is a mind virus that has caused some real long standing mental damage to too may of us, including those on top of the pyramid scheme. We need limited bureaucracies that actually work for the mass of humanity and not the few.

We need to rid ourselves of jail time and fines for things that aren't crimes. Adult personal behavioral choices that do not effect others are nobody else's business. The News and related media promotes a 'mind the other person's business' mentality. The News Media does not really promote tolerance. It tends to promote division of one kind or another. Fear of homosexuals and racial tensions make for great yellow journal sensational headlines after all. The media and governments have to keep the nonsensical left right shadow play going. The media is more noise machine than not. The noise is meant to drown out real issues and real concerns.

We should end the War on Drugs and the unlawful and sinful pay for profit prison system and so-called justice racket. Jailing and fining people for behavior choices is wrong. Imposing your will onto other adults is the crime. Is America the land of the free? It sure doesn't look like it. 

Adults are free to do with their own bodies and with other consenting adults as they like. What one may not do is the crime of government and this is forcing one's will onto others. This is the real sin and crime. You may not steal or kill or rape or enslave or otherwise force your will onto others. This is exactly what the international banking crime syndicate owned governments do.

We do not need laws and fees and fines in order to get us to behave in certain ways. Legislating morality is a mistake and that itself is a crime and sin. This is imposing your will onto others. Tolerance means you don't have to like it. Pedophilia, for example, is a crime as a child is not a willing adult. A child does not have the mental faculty to decide such things and should not be put into that position in the first place. What consenting adults do or do not do is their business. The News media confuses these issues on purpose. The news media does not promote anything but division of one kind or another. The mainstream media sexualizes children. The news media is not the place to go to for any kind of real science or psychology or anything meaningful. It is a noise machine and little more.

The News and the rest of the Media and the Government are one and the same at the highest levels - they all work for the same long standing International Banking Mafia Con Job Racket. Paper chains that have gone digital contractually bind this commercial world we call home.

The news and related media confuses the natural biological definition of gender in exchange for the artificial one. The media seems to think a woman is not defined as a human being who can both bring life into the world and sustain it. A woman is just hairstyle and makeup and clothing and sexual choices. To these zombies, gender is a commercially available choice and not a natural state. This has nothing to do with homosexuality and everything to do with confusing terms and creating division. The media sells artifice as natural. How you want to dress and act is up to you. This is not the same thing as claiming 1+1 is 3.

The media does nothing or very little to really promote tolerance. The media is a collective vampire that feeds on division. For example, they want people who are uncomfortable with homosexuals to remain so. It's how they both profit and organize the public into more easily managed "communities".

Alan Watts How To Be In Total Harmony With Everything

Medea Eats Her Children!

There's a good reason why the News Media (whether mainstream or alternative and whether online or off) makes liberal use of screaming yellow journal headlines proclaiming the deaths or other sorts of abuse of children. These headlines are apt to prey upon parent's greatest fears and in doing so causes many of us in the public to act emotionally rather than intellectually. Here again, human psychology is used against us. It's not that children aren't abused, it's that the News and even alternative and seemingly amateurish online media promote yellow journalistic sensationalized headlines over actual and specific (and more local) examples of such abuse.

One of the best ways to keep the public in line is to keep us afraid and in highly charged emotional states. We then react emotionally rather than logically and in doing so we end up as pawns in this system of social control.

The Wizard of OZ Defense

We are supposed to be afraid of the 'man behind the curtain', aren't we? We are supposed to be afraid of the all powerful world governments with their crazy and insane leadership. We are supposed to think the people who run the show are both psychotic and have the technological power to squash us like bugs. The reality is that we are supposed to be afraid of Newsreel inspired filmic (now digital) augmented reality, fictions. The truth is we can change things if we want. We can free ourselves from the tyranny of government. Those who run the show are not all powerful and are not all knowing. They follow the same tired script that many of us have begun to see though, this long historical con job needs to end.

The trick is to get us to worry about non local events we have no control over.

This is how the News Media & The World Government(s) work together.

This is why Wars and Talk of War and National & International Politics is Pushed So Hard.

We can have greater collective impact locally.

Nations are the means of imprisoning human minds. Nationalism is another mind virus that needs to be eradicated. It is unnatural and artificial and it is used to keep us as wage slave prisoners.

Nations and states are just more forms of social controls we do not need.

We can effect better forms of change on local levels. We can also verify reported News Events more easily when they are local. Our voices can be better heard, combined, at the more local levels of this insane feudally originated society.

21st Century Wage Slaves Are Welcome

We are supposed to believe we need all the alphabet agencies and protective layers of government and we are supposed to believe we need to keep paying taxes for it all.

Modern Society is One Big Social Experiment in Many Demonstrable Ways: You Are The Prisoner & The Prison Guard In One!

A very rare interview from Canadian Television circa 1977. Warner Troyer interviews Patrick McGoohan about the making and meaning of the 1960's T.V. series "The Prisoner". This interview took place in Toronto in 1977 in front of, and with the participation of, a studio audience.