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Do You Think You Are Free From Propaganda? Do you think the NEWS and Hollywood are independent from the Government?

Ever hear about The Defense Information School? “The Defense Information School or DINFOS, is a United States Department of Defense (DoD) school located at Fort George G. MeadeMaryland. DINFOS fulfills the Department of Defense's need for an internal corps of professional journalists, broadcasters, and public affairs professionals.” This was formed in 1946! The purpose of this school is to brainwash our minds. Don’t believe us? Please keep reading or check out the article index. Please keep an open mind, everything we think we know is probably wrong, we will explain why we make this claim. This is but the tip of the proverbial iceberg.


Did you ever read or hear about any of these other absurd stories about the ‘War to End all Wars’? What we think of wars and history is more lie than not. Did you know film makers have been faking so-called real war footage for years?  Ever read or hear about the Ghost Army and all the rest? Please keep reading this article.






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The Internet is the New Medium For Thought Control or Government

"Fake Logicians Are Easy To Spot"

Want to read a joke?

The internet minions think they can control and slow  the reveal of the show. They still think they can shepherd us into little circles which they control & Keep Everyone on Eternal Merry-go-Round.

They think they can limit a hang out of information like bait for the grizzly bear. An intellectual honey trap. Problem is the trap is broken, the hinges long rusted away and the bear is angry, her cub is nearby and she bites.

Even worse the Lion is awake and he's a Real Grumpy Gus until he's had his coffee.

Nearby old Man Saturn leans on his scythe ready to reap what he has waited so long for, the precious royal minions shall finally be his.

We engage and poke and prod and even tease, looking for weakness.

We Retreat - Regroup & Analyze - Only To Pop Up Again in Another Guise

We play the fool or act like a tool, we might quote a fart if it helps our art. What we won't do is allow the gatekeepers to occult the whole truth. Nor would we divide and conquer with prejudicial slur. That is the tactic of the intellectually challenged. What we do is shine light on the lies.

The “Wars” that our ancestors saw on the cave’s wall were projected by the fire of the imagination. The cave or hell was and is our own minds. The artificial world exists as a mental construct alone. This is the seeming intended meaning of the film “The Matrix”. The Virtual Reality is simply the one projected into your own “mind’s eye”.  The artists and craftsmen have always been employed by patrons to do this very thing.  Art is employed not to educate the mass public, but to indoctrinate the mass. To keep the mass in a circle from which they cannot escape. This is a mental prison. One that defies the natural world in favor of defining reality in whatever terms the Nobility deem fit for the time. As long as the overall agenda is maintained and followed, all is good. 

Religions are not spiritual. God is not in any religion. Religion derives from the latin words for link or ligament. It implies a link in a chain. The word Church means circle. Like sheep we are meant to stay within our circle and heed our shepherd. Today we have the traditional faiths and the neo-religion of mainstream science, as well as a myriad of other mental prisons (like internet communities, sports or pop music 'cults') to enslave ourselves with. Religious people of different faiths tend to get along just fine when not agitated with propaganda and even then most prejudice is kept to the living room.

Religions are used to divide and conquer. Antisemitism is an easy canard. Attacking Jewish people is an absurd strategy that shows the lack of imagination on the part of the minions of this control system. As any good Christian knows, their Bible is half Jewish and Jesus himself was Jewish as were all the Apostles and just about everyone in most of that Good Book. There is one human race. We are all part of it.

Mainstream science is just another faith. Here’s how you can tell. Science means you can reproduce the experiment. Real science and real engineering are based on discovering natural principles, it is not based on enforcing an artificial set of terms and misleading mantras . Real science does not require blind parroting. It requires that we try to see things how they really and naturally are. How God or Mother Nature ‘intended’, not how we want them to be.

The wars of the 20th Century and today would not have been possible without the art and craft of film making nor would the wars have been possible without the means of distribution of this product.

A lilliputian army and navy needs to be projected onto a large screen. And as we have seen, the RKO Theater chain is an example of this very thing. The old news reels were shown between films like the news is shown on television today. It was fake then and it is fake now. More than likely the nobility have been faking it for centuries, since they were the ones who would have been educated in the arts in the first place. 

This is Our World Now - Not Theirs - This Is The Beginning of The End of Their Long Con - We Can Fear Monger Too!

We All Live In A Social Experiment - We Are Prisoners in A Life Acted Control Show - Those Who Run The Show Should Run In Fear From The Idea That The "Noble" Experiment is Almost Over!

But make no mistake the internet is used for not only disinformation, & limited - honey - trap - hang outs, it is also used to get feedback. To see how us lab rats are doing. What a shame that we're not actually rats, oh well, their little game has to end, all things that have beginnings will end, after all. Time to put away the checkerboard and the robes, crowns and costumes.

Simon Can Play His Game Alone In HIs Room With His Socks

Intellectual Dishonesty is Easy To Spot


Better still, the common internet shill is not too smart.

The battlefield is you mind. The weapon is the multimedia beast itself. Including the internet & especially social media in all of its many forms, including blogs like this very one, and forums too. Be wary and take care but don't take it all too seriously, there is little to actually be afraid of. This is a war of ideas. Anyone can play this game now, in a way we could never play before. The minions are stuck sticking to a script and aren't as good at improv as they think. They themselves are being divided and conquered and confused. It's fun to engage with them and then watch the result, especially when it's so easy to get them to act exactly how you expect they will.

They cannot hide what is in the public record and in encyclopedias and on wikipedia. They cannot use ad hominem attacks without revealing their game. That's the problem, Jan Irvin pointed right to the Trivium and more importantly than any particular system, what he pointed out, correctly, was how to think for oneself. Who, what, where, why, when and how are fundamental questions. All the so-called Damage Control in the world won't put the egg back together. It's too late. Slowing it down won't work either. Attacking messengers isn't going to work anymore. All traditional appeals to authority no longer apply. We get the intellectual game ands see the sleight of hand for what it is. Information is important, not the source. The message matters not the messenger. We do not need to follow leaders, we do not need idols or gurus. We do not need limited hang out internet forum shepherds, with their sock puppet sycophants and self aggrandizing style.  We do not need all the hoi polloi to wake up, we just need a vocal minority.

We know the game. We know what plants are. How 'agent provocateurs' go among the public to dupe people into behavior. We know this same game is played online. We know that all the Royal minions can do is play the same tired old cliche game. The same modus operand over and over. They have used it so constantly and so thoroughly that it is so easy to see once your eyes are open. The system is neither all powerful nor all knowing. The people who have run it and who run it now, are not as smart ass they think. In fact, they are so used to a dumbed down public that they lack the mental strength they would otherwise have, had they actually had to sue their brains. The minions and royals themselves are also victims of this system and they do not see it. This is the funny part. They dumbed themselves down. By dumbing everyone else down, they lowered the bar and ensured their progeny would be dumb. Just look at this world, this fake world and how childish the NEWS and the politicians are. How stupid it all is. How the narratives are contrived for children. Who in their right mind would want any of these very stupid people deciding any kind of law about anything at all? Why would anyone in their right mind allow some of the dumbest people around to run the show?  I bet there are plenty of elected officials who are little more than ignorant dupes who have no idea how things really work and who they really work for. None of these people should be in charge of anything, let alone telling the rest of us what we can or cannot do with our bodies.

We know we've been living in a literal Disney World, asleep but walking like zombies. Some of us have woken up and soon more will join. We know not to communicate everything online. You'd be surprised at how many of us are out there in your shopping malls and car dealerships, filling out your paper work when you get your loans. We swipe your credit cards and scan your groceries. We are more than just a group of artists. The "we" we speak of is the awakening mass. This isn't about war nor protest, nor acts of nonsensical violence. This is about reason and "Truth, Justice & The Real American Way" Winning. imagine the real things to come... 

up next: Let's End The War on Drugs! 

- The Drug War is Part of The MK Ultra Project For Social Control - The Private Prison System Must Be Stopped!

How can you have a drug war if nobody is doing drug?

The multimedia beast promoted LSD and otter drug use. Now we can see the real reason why. 

This article will also examine the Mythic Acid Tests and The rest of The Cartoon Characters We Call The Merry Pranksters.

As as it turns out, it looks like Neal Cassady was as fictional as Dean Moriarty

This unlawful mind control prison profit based system has gone on long enough. It's time we responsible parents and adults get together to really try to make the one change we might be able to actually accomplish. We need to stop allowing each other to be imprisoned and fined over nonsense. The so called cultural wars and the debasement of society are tools used to continue this farce. Without the multi media spewed specter of drug induced cultural debasement and LSD (or other psychedelic) mind blowing overdoses and all the rest of the media narrative that even many in the alt media parrot, we'd have little mental justification for imposing an obviously illogical, unnatural and unlawful system on each other. The Drug War is not only a multimedia Military Industrial Entertainment Complex™ farce, it is a shadow puppet play designed to divide and conquer the public. The obvious government promoted state run music with its official State Run Puppet- LSD Guru guys and so on, are put on the left of the stage. On the right we have the government law enforcement guys who will keep you safe. Both parties work for the same control system. It is a show. Tim Leary and Gordon Liddy were Friends

Star Trek & The D-Day Hoax! Part 1: The Engineering Red Shirt

From the Ghost Army to your TV - actors are everywhere!

Astronomy & The Long Con: The Art of Apologetics Applied To The Religion  Known As Science

This article will examine how the University System originated with a special focus on the History of Astronomy and how the Geocentric Model is the empirically based one and how the heliocentric model is nothing but literal fantasy.

Faking War in The Late 20th and Early 21st Century

Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, North Korea and all the rest. Real warfare or filmed fantasy? We shall see what is what, who is who and how it could be done.


J.R.R. Tolkein's crafting of language is also looked at in the context of real languages like Latin and Greek. The article will also explore how ancient tongues can be retroactively created.

The Mythic Project MK Ultra looks to be just some kind of long standing theatrical program. Does a very real American Noble Class live among us as the (literal) Hollywood Royalty? So called life or crisis actors are but the most obvious component of the fakery. This article will examine the rest of the literal production team and the families who provide patronage. Some of these people end up working in Hollywood as well as for companies like Boeing or Lockheed Martin.

Going On A Transgender Bender: Bruce Jenner's Transition Was Not Televised - Cultural Star Wars Explored

Doesn't matter to me which way you swing or even if you switch hit. Your body is yours and what you do isn't my concern.  Nobody should tell you what to think, who to love, or any of that. Whether someone is born a certain way, whether it's a choice, or somewhere in between,  you are free to be and think as you want.  The thing is Bruce Jenner never did show the public the most interesting part of his story, the actual transition, did he?  The mainstream multimedia machine promotes tolerance for people like Bruce Jenner, which I do agree with, but then they turn around and mock people who question the mainstream narrative as "Conspiracy Theorist Tin Foil Hat Folk". I think the overall truth, that we can demonstrate,  is that nobody has any right to tell you what to think or do as long as you don't steal or kill. The myth of the alchemical hermaphrodite examined.

Tall Tales, Taxes & Noble's Lies: The Fabled War on Drugs Hoax Exposed!

Tales of Prohibitions and Constitutional Amendments The Art of Self Proclaimed (illogical) State & Federal Magical Powers. Freedom is a natural state and not a right someone can grant with a piece of magical paper. Freedom is. The Government needs to prove it has the right to do something, not us. They trick us into thinking upside down & unnaturally. It is illogical and unnatural to believe this particular "Noble" LIe. The Constitution is the recipe for the government and is meant to limit government power and should not be taken as a document that grants you some kind of "Bill of Rights". The Bill of Rights Canard is designed to reduce our freedom not increase it. We shouldn't jail each other over nonsense. What a person does or does not put in their own body is their 'problem' or 'business', or whatever you want to call it. A person naturally possesses freedom. No one can grant it. But tyrannical governments that are little more than rackets can take one's freedom away. The Money system is another form of this kind of thinking. Taxes too are about control. Big Brother or Uncle Sam must decide how that money is redistributed not you, even trough you earned it. Do our taxes fund  foundations and fake events and the rest of this scam we call culture and civilization?

Nikola Tesla's Mythic Dynamic Theory of Gravity

Is gravity just a unipolar sound wave?

Red Bull & Military Industrial Propaganda: Sports Marketing Your Mind

Are flying squirrel suit men and upside flying helicopters a hoax? It sure looks like it.

Was Anthony Bourdain Just a CIA Guy Rockin' a Beirut Lie?

Travel TV, Terrorism, Food, Drinks, and Lies.

James Bradley's Big Lie Part 2

The second part in a look at the fabrication of a true modern cultural idol, the fabled speed of light.

Courts, Checkerboards & The Queen's Chess: Playing Games and Swearing on the Bible. The Golden Rule, The Ten Commandments and You.

A look at the scam or con job that is the Federal and even State (or even more local) court systems. Judges are appointed to life long positions by obviously corrupt politician who clearly work for money interests like the Banking Industry. These same judges then proclaim black is white and up is down - 'Magical powers for the government then come 'round....'

The court system is not what it seems and is a literal rigged game. Expecting to get real justice as a result of a Federal Government crime in Federal court is impossible, or at least extremely unlikely. The system does not actually work for you. This is like expecting the Disneyland Court to side with you against its employer, Disneyland.

Rockefella's Great Oil Depletion Deception Depression Hoax & The Myth of Climate Change - Elon Musk is Not A Genius

Oil prices go up an down and oil and coal have been running out for a long time. This article looks at the possible deceptions involved with this powerful industry. Gas lines were a thing of the 1970's. So much fun playing the license plate game. This article will examine the legends that surround the oil and auto industry, including the electric car and how Elon Musk's companies are just media fables more so than not. Tesla is a battery company and Solar City makes solar panels. Space-X is clearly fake. Is this where some of our taxes go? Elon Musk the go to green guy loves to fly by burning gas in the sky.

Simon Says Say Social Security Uncle Sam Scam- The Queen of England & Your Social Security

FDR a queen's radio minion shepherd in Polio Vaccines and Social Security among other things. Most do not realize how much of your compensation goes towards this tax. Self employed people know what those who work for corporations do not.

The Electoral College Bambooz-el Dooz-el!

How the system is rigged.

Science or Scripted Fantasy?

What is real and what is not examined.

Flat Earth is Fallacious Fool's Gold - But modern cosmology is still wrong.

Ptolemy was right.

Star Trek, Judges and Star Cults

Myths, theatre and courts examined. The rise of the middle or merchant class.

The New World Order is The Old World Order - Nothing Changes

Welcome to the Holy Roman Empire.  In a very real sense, the United States is a British Colony.

Rome Was The Original Disneyland, Pyramids in Egypt Might be Fake & The Mythic Melting Pot - Italy as the prior America.

The so called country of Italy didn't exist until the last century or so. Read why it is as artificial as Disneyland.

Aleister Crowley Was A Phony.

Are Cereal killers fake too? If it's in the media it's probably fake. Do you really think myths like Jack the Ripper are real? The so called occult, secret societies and secret agents examined. Don't be afraid of the man bend the curtain. He is more mouse than man. This article will examine how daytime television figures like Oprah and Geraldo promoted fellow actors like Michael Aquino. This is Project MK Ultra and the medium is the multimedia beast. The joke is on you and was on your a TV set. Temple of "Set" indeed. The Doctor Who episode Pyramids of Mars is also examined. The multimedia echo chamber is an interesting place and we shall learn how to illuminate and reveal that which has been occulted. Ian Fleming's life shall be revealed to be more fiction than not, this man was a Crisis Writer, someone had to script the newsreel war and spy fictions, after all. Like CS Lewis, Tolkein, Vonnegut, Salinger and all the rest, Fleming was working for the Military Industrial Entertainment Complex™ as a Crisis Script Writer.  Eyes Wide Open We Will See The Overlooked Theater.

The United States is a British (& European) Enterprise

The East India Trade Company and you.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf Tattles on Chicken Little

Examining how the news multimedia presents images that do not match reality. The NEWS pretends it is separate from the government with stories like Watergate, but what if the Watergate story was a bit of theater and scripted fiction? Nixon appears to be nothing more than an actor like the rest of the Presidents and major political 'stars'.

TV Mafia Crime Families Are Fake

Gambinos and the rest are faker than you might think. The FBI needs rationale to exist.

Confusing Strawmen & Reality - The Simulation Sham

A square is not a circle. Logical fallacies of all types examined. We are not a simulation.

Was The War of The Worlds Hoax a Hoax?

Were people who lived in the New York City Metropolitan area really asleep enough to not notice that the War of The Worlds Broadcast wasn't the regular NEWS they were used to listening to? Was the so called hoax a hoax? 

The Farce of Religion, Or How We Are All Jews

A look at alphabets and language as well as religion and history.

A Roman Notion Commotion - Religions and language are used to divide and conquer. The Story of The Tower Of Babel is compared to the Bibel. Exploring Why Vowels Do Not Matter. An Issue of Language.

Religions are artificial by definition and are used to divide and conquer and otherwise shepherd the mass public. Prejudice and racism exposed as silly and childish canards. Religions do not mean spirituality or closeness to God or Nature. Freedom means free to have whatever relationship with the creator you are comfortable with. Spirituality filtered through another person is unwise. Appeals to authority are the path to the so called   "Satan". This article will examine how some think the British are one of the 12 tribes of Biblical times and how the whole thing is one big lie. Religion by definition is artificial, Religions are just another royal promoted slave system. The original "MK Ultra". This article will also look into how Israel is just a creation of more modern minds. Jewish people are as European as the rest of the Caucasians. Religions are the creation of the nobility. This article will also look into the rise of the merchant and middle class. The banker class was the creation of the nobility and was part of the caste system they imposed on the public.

Kurt Gödel & Logical Fallacy Or How to Create a Straw-man Argument

This article will explore the so called mathematical and other paradoxes that are nothing but brain teasing, sleight of hand logical fallacy. Circles and Pi and other mathematical constructs are deconstructed  University indoctrination explored.

Panning The Gold From The Stone: The Jesuits Create the Modern University System

A look at what is right with the Universities and the rest of the mainstream multimedia control system.

Faking Wars - The Legend of The Ghost Army - Artists Go To War

The Ghost Army English Movie New Action Movies 2015 full English Full HD ✘✘ Sniper Ghost Warrior After glorious victories, old soldier Thomas Beckett returns to life with commonly leisurely .

How does the logic of the Ghost Army make any sense? These props would pose no threat to real weaponry. It wouldn’t take very long before the Nazi's realized the tank was a balloon.
 The more believable explanation is that the Ghost Army were a theater troop who were involved in psychological warfare with the public itself, not some imagined spy ring or an enemy who would know better.
The public thought these weapons were real. The public would be the only ones fooled as real weaponry would easily reveal the illusion, so this concept that these illusions would draw enemy fire in any meaningful way, seems highly unlikely, if not impossible.