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Yellow Journalism & Cartoon Characters The Super Duper Party Pooper Scooper: Did Superman Dupe us?

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Christopher Reeve's injury would seem to be based on myth and legend.

Pseudoscience Warning! "They Had To Put My Head Back On My Body"

Christopher Reeve on Letterman describes his gruesome injury. He calls it a "hangman's injury".


A Real Stockholm Syndrome Indeed!

A Real Stockholm Syndrome indeed!

Want to bet this contract is standard practice?

The images of the celebrities and all news personas and even the supposed real people who are the focus of the so-called news stories are very controlled and highly manipulated. When we see something on a screen or read it in the newspaper or hear it on the radio or by word of mouth, we must remember that we are not able to actually examine the evidence and are relying on hearsay.

A lot of the time the hearsay is highly contradictory.

There are layers of illusion woven with some small doses of  truth and this creates the biography and persona of the so-called film, television, news, pop, music or other sort of celebrity "Star" and this includes those who are presented to us as 'regular' folk.

We are supposed to look up to those people as successful examples of human beings. We are supposed to emulate their behavior. We must avoid this sort of idolatry. We must learn to ignore the messenger and learn to appreciate reading the message.

We think we know who the famous people really are, but we only know what we are shown and told. We know nothing about these people and their real lives. We only know the propaganda or public relations noise.

We can not be sure we know who is who.

"Real World" Contracts

“When signing the contract, cast members also agree that producers can humiliate them, portray them “in a false light,” and even hire “actors who may or may not resemble” them to achieve whatever ends they’d like. So, even if you’re a saint, they can make you look like the devil. MTV also gets blanket rights to all contestants’ experiences “which occur, will occur, or have occurred at any time… (my ‘Life Story’).” That means if you tell the producers a story that happened in your past, they can work it in any way they want. It sounds like something straight out of an Orwellian novel.

— http://www.looper.com/15293/untold-truth-mtvs-real-world/?utm_campaign=clip

Did Superman Dupe Us?

Head Turning Duping Delight?

Christopher Reeve and Tom Welling for the Christopher Reeve Foundation. Please watch this clip.

The Seated Smiling Sheriff of Smallville

Please watch the clip above and the clip below. Please notice how Christopher Reeve is able to breathe just fine on his own in the above clip. He is not supposed to be able to breathe on his own, he should be gulping* like we see in this earlier video below and in later videos. That's why there is a tube sticking out of his throat. We should also expect to hear the sound of the machine. I guess we are to think they sweetened the sound in the edit.  Please notice we can hear the sound of the breathing machine in the clip from the Letterman show. We can also see how talk shows are used to promote illusion over reality as part of this system of social control. 

Obviously spinal chord injuries are serious and something that would seem to need more research into. It would be great if there was a way to heal these sorts of injuries. Understanding how to do so would mean someone did some very real science,

Christopher Reeve should not be able to turn his head, or so we would think, based on the description of his injury.  This one particular bit of advertising for the foundation seems to reveal that we were witnessing more shadow and light projected on the proverbial Platonic cave wall.

* The gulping is inconsistent and not as apparent in the Letterman interview as it is in other later ones. This would indicate Reeve adjusted his performance.

Great Caesar’s Ghost - Superman’s Head Popped Off Like John The Baptist or the Mythic Holy Grail!

Pseudoscience Warning! "They Had To Put My Head Back On My Body"

Christopher Reeve on Letterman describes his gruesome injury. He calls it a "hangman's injury". Compare this description to the clip above, please consider the injury and consider then how it could be possible that Christopher Reeve could turn his head to look at Tom Welling. 

Reeve claims he had to have his head reattached to his body. In fact, the injury should have killed him. It is as simple as that.

The surgery is described as being a pioneering event. It was the first time such an operation had been performed. Notice how little he gulps when he was on The Late Show. talking to David Letterman. He seems to breathe on his own just fine. He seems to be acting. We are not trying to insult anyone here. We like Christopher Reeve's work, not just Superman. We think he is an excellent actor and we cannot simply ignore that he could easily dupe us all, especially when aided and abetted by the multimedia social control beast.

We think that Mr. Reeve either had a more minor injury and was less paralyzed than reported or the entire thing was scripted fiction.  In any case, this is pseudoscience.

Crazy as it sounds, it is possible that Mr. Reeve lost weight and that the arms we see motionlessly resting on the armrests are they themselves some kind of Hollywood prosthetic His real arms kept hidden, wrapped, around his torso beneath his shirt. Just an idea.

During his later appearances, he looks like he might even be in Hollywood prosthetic make up as well.

"Dr. John A. Jane performed surgery to repair Reeve's neck vertebrae. He put wires underneath both laminae and used bone from Reeve's hip to fit between the C1 and C2 vertebrae. He inserted a titanium pin and fused the wires with the vertebrae, then drilled holes in Reeve's skull and fitted the wires through to secure the skull to the spinal column."


A Sorcerous Surgery

“They had to make it up. They never did anything like this before”

- Christopher Reeve - Letterman interview.

There's A First Time For Everything

"John A. Jane, Sr. (September 21, 1931 – September 18, 2015) was an American neurosurgeon, and Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Virginia.[1] He was Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Virginia from 1969-2006.[2] Dr. Jane was the program director for the hospital's residency training program in Neurosurgery. He is the former editor-in-chief of the Journal of Neurosurgery, a position he had held from 1992 to 2013.[3] During his tenure as the Journal of Neurosurgery's editor, he also founded the Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine, the Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics, and Neurosurgical Focus, the first peer-reviewed, online neurosurgery journal. Dr. Jane treated actor Christopher Reeve after the horse riding accident that left Reeve a quadriplegic.[4][1]

In 2004, Dr. Jane was named a Cushing Medalist, the highest award given by the American Association of Neurological Surgeons"


A Head Turn & Possible Duping Delight?

An Impossible Injury - He'd Be Dead

"Dr. John A. Jane performed surgery to repair Reeve's neck vertebrae. He put wires underneath both laminae and used bone from Reeve's hip to fit between the C1 and C2 vertebrae. He inserted a titanium pin and fused the wires with the vertebrae, then drilled holes in Reeve's skull and fitted the wires through to secure the skull to the spinal column."

"By giving greater stability to Mr. Reeve's neck, the doctors hope to prevent jagged bone fragments from cutting nerves and further damaging the spinal cord. The vertebrae, known as C-1 and C-2, were shattered in the horse accident. Dr. Jane said the spinal cord "definitely has not been totally severed at C-1" as he had initially feared."

C1 and C2 Vertebrae

"The seven vertebrae in the cervical region all work toward the same cause - moving the neck and holding the skull in place."

"C1 is attached directly to the skull which allows for any nodding lateral motions. C2 is the axis which C1 pivots around and lets us move our skulls from side to side in a horizontal motion. C1 and C2 are uniquely shaped and have vertebral foramen (spaces within the bone) which allow the vertebral arteries to reach through to the brain and supply it with blood."


Yellow Journalism Technique: Pseudo-Sceince - Don't Follow Fake Leaders

This is a cartoon injury. We are supposed to believe the ridiculous because the talking head says so. This is absurd. This is childish. This is pseudoscience, a yellow journalism tactic meant to dumb us down.

We are considered 'Hoi Polloi' or plebeians and we are supposed to repeat what the yellow 'satanic'  multimedia hydra says we repeat. We are supposed to stay Shackled to this 'Simon's' sayings. There are all types of screens. of course, and there are layers of lies that protect the truth, which is that the Royalty Run The Show™

The literal paper work of contracts and treaties leads to the Queen of England and the House of Windsor. The banking caste works for them. Hollywood and the military work for them. The idea is to keep us fractured and stupefied. We are to not become aware of our very real enslavement to a system that does not serve humanity. The internet is the new medium for this social control experiment we call home.

Hollywood and the multimedia hydra encourage us to stay as children. Juvenile behavior is heavily promoted by this hungry yellow beast. The simon saying minions are shackled to their royal master.

The royalty that run the show, and their minions are not very smart and need to make sure we are kept dumb. They are like 3rd graders looking their down noses at the 1st  graders. Well, some of us are not children, we are adults and we are tired of all the games of dress up and Queen of the Hill. Royalty is as real as Superman, after all. It's just a centuries long mafia con.

The Government works hand in hand with the multimedia beast. At the highest levels they are one. Hollywood is the military in this sense. The NEWS is controlled and state run at the top.

The internet is part of the experiment and many so called alternative media websites, and "conspiracy" websites are nothing more than the internet versions of tabloid television. All yellow journalism. When we emulate the news media and its obvious tabloid practices, we end up acting like unwitting minions for the social control system. We end up becoming the handlers of ourselves and each other.

Too many websites that purport to examine and reveal media fakery do nothing more than damage control. Whether intentional or not,  intellectual dishonesty is often used to hide the truth. It is easy to Fake being a 'Fakeologist'. In fact the word "Fakeology" literally means Pseudoscience! The 666 Yellow Journal Hydra Beast is online and interactive. The minions of the Royal Mafia Ring think we are dumb and easily led 'hoi polloi' who will happily spend our days playing childish games like Simon Says.



Government The Mind Control Criminal Racket

The Government is the crime and is the real racket. The Federal and State Governments and even more local ones, are more than just corrupt, these institution do not work for us. We are wage slaves who must not realize we do not need to pay our taxes and that Social Security is a Scam!. The fact is, we've been had. We had more freedom in America before the so-called Revolutionary War.

Celebrities (even the alt media online ones) exist to get us to follow their lead. They act like agents of the United Global Mafia Families we know as the Royals. Whether their blood is blue too, matters not. These 'stars' are designed to get us to emulate their behavior. These 'stars' are out there to define the boundaries of our imaginations and to help reinforce the mythologies of our culture that are also designed to trap our minds in prisons of our own making. We are encouraged to spend too much time worrying about what other people are doing. We are conditioned to act like gatekeepers to each other and to ourselves. Whether intentional or not, intellectual dishonesty only helps keep us unaware of our very real wage slave situation.

Courts Are Theater

We jail and fine each other over nonsense. This must stop. The entire idea is based on us 'policing' and thought controlling ourselves and each other. We must stop worrying about what other people do or do not do with their bodies, property, houses, cars etc. We really need to get rid of the racket called government and embrace the idea of very limited bureaucracies. The Drug War and pay for private prison system scheme must end. Drugs were promoted by one head of the beast so another head could profit by jailing us.

We lie to ourselves as easily as we can lie to others. When we do so, whether we mean to or not, we do the work of the Yellow Journal Minions of the Royalty.

We are conditioned to think an activity is natural and logical if everyone else is doing it. We know this is a fallacy.

The Royals & their minion 'grooms of the stool' are children forever playing Halloween. Let's round them up and let them live out their lives on a pretty estate somewhere, where they cannot bother us anymore. We can try to treat their mental disorders without imprisoning them. Banishment to a nice tropical island sounds like a good way to go.

 In other words, there is no need to engage in any of the tactics we think we would need to. Nobody should get hurt. There's no reason for that. We are peaceful beings. We are not truly as warlike as we've been conditioned to think. There's no reason why the so-called elite can't just join us in the natural world and simply end this childish game. We can move on to better things, all together. We need not divide ourselves from ourselves, royal minions and royalty included. We do not believe in the divide and conquer strategy. We believe we are all children of this world. We do not think we need to emulate the childish cartoon behavior of these immature controllers of this artificial social experimental control system.

We do not need to emulate the ridiculous prison and punitive system. In fact we need to end the modern prison system as we know it.  The modern prison system is nothing but another social manipulation experiment we foot the bill for. We should only limit the freedom of those who kill or continue to steal or otherwise pose a logical threat to the rest of us and we should simply limit their mobility rather than confining them to the cartoonish prison life we are so accustomed to seeing on screens. We should try to actually rehabilitate our fellow human beings rather than punish. What we've been conditioned to accept as a justice system is an orange jumpsuit joke.

An Impossible Head Turn

"Most people who suffer spinal cord injuries of the type Mr. Reeve experienced die before they get to a hospital, and the death rate is high even for those who do receive medical care."

"Mr. Reeve will probably undergo surgery on Monday to fuse the top two vertebrae in his neck. 

By giving greater stability to Mr. Reeve's neck, the doctors hope to prevent jagged bone fragments from cutting nerves and further damaging the spinal cord. The vertebrae, known as C-1 and C-2, were shattered in the horse accident. Dr. Jane said the spinal cord "definitely has not been totally severed at C-1" as he had initially feared."

"The spinal cord carries nerve impulses between the brain and the rest of the body. The nerves control various sensations and the ability to make muscles contract. In Mr. Reeve's case there has been no return of motor function. 

There may have been ongoing improvement in Mr. Reeve's feeling since Wednesday night. There are hints that "sensation is spreading down his upper arm as well, and that is my reason for saying that I know the cord is not severed," said Dr. Jane. 

The operation, which takes two to five hours, carries the risk of worsening Mr. Reeve's condition and has a 1 to 3 percent risk of death, mainly from stress and effects on the cardiovascular system, Dr. Jane said. 

The ligaments that usually help hold bone in place are so heavily damaged that Dr. Jane said he doubted the vertebrae will fuse naturally. 

The main damage to Mr. Reeve's spinal cord is at a level between the first and second cervical vertebrae. The sensory changes are "definitely below that level, so he has got to have some fibers going through," he said."

"Mr. Reeve can breathe only with the aid of a respirator and communicates with his doctors, nurses and family by mouthing words. 

"He cannot control his expiration, so what he has to do is to say words in an exaggerated fashion and use local breaths to make a sound, and it doesn't work badly," said Dr. Jane "It's not good enough for back and forth rapid conversation, but it's good enough to communicate."


Actors make use of theater techniques so we can never be sure what we are seeing, especially when seen on a screen. Make up and other techniques allow the wizards in LA LA land to craft pretty much whatever illusion they want. Actors gain and lose weight for parts, wear wigs, use false noses, fake ears, etc. Never take this fact for granted.


Shaven Head or Really Good Hollywood Makeup? The Man is an Actor.

Hollywood is Home To The Crafting of All Sorts of Illusions

We can see how Youtube is used to perpetuate the mythology of this manufactured culture.

Dateline NBC segment that originally aired in June 1995 about the condition of actor Christopher Reeve. On May 27, 1995, Reeve was thrown from his horse, which caused an injury resulting in paralysis.

A King on A Throne Telling A Joke About Leaving New York Last September.

We now know the reason Hollywood loves itself so much. These cultural content creators enjoy giving each other awards making sure we all share in their festivities. The lavish Hollywood award shows are obvious advertisements for the products they are promoting under the guise of the all important silly and childish 'gold star'. Here we have Christopher Reeve engaging in the mythical magical mystery theater that is a fine example of the relationship between Hollywood and the system of social behavioral control. This man was an actor. Hollywood is the land of make believe. This is the real project MK Ultra. This the screen with its moving images and sound, is the best way to entrance us all into believing that this artificial world of social behavioral control is somehow the natural state of the world. It is not. This artificial system is growing more restrictive as time goes on. This is built into the scam. We are encouraged to mentally imprison ourselves and each other.

The truth is people here in the New World enjoyed more freedom before the so-called American Revolution. It's been downhill ever since. For a brief time America was the land of the free and the home of the brave. That's long gone. The United States is not America.

The U.S. is a corporate entity that does not serve humanity, it serves the Royals. The politicians work for this system not us.

Truth Justice and The American Way makes for a great slogan and one that get's confused and associated with the flag and the U.S.

Truth Justice and The Real American Way is what we've been deprived of. This has nothing to do with nationality and everything to do with the word America meaning Freedom. We are naturally free. Freedom is not a right to be granted. It is our natural state of being. Nobody can give you freedom, they can only try to limit it with things like the Bill of Rights.

The imaginations of the mass public must be kept on short leash and Hollywood is the best way to  do exactly that. Do not believe anything you see on the screens without a whole lot of critical thought.


Please pay attention to all the reactions shots of the celebrity stars we are meant to monkey and emulate. This highly edited, scripted and contrived event was designed to manipulate us. If something is true, if something is false, it does not matter as long as it fits the paradigm of keeping us enslaved to a system of thought control and behavior modification all in the service of a long standing United Mafia Crime Ring!

"Superman" Promotes The Cartoon Childish Propaganda

Please notice how healthy Christopher Reeve looks here. His hair looks real and not a wig. Compare his hairline here to the hairline from the film he made right before his so-called accident. Please notice too how the hairline from the film looks a lot like the hairline he has a few years later. This looks like either some kind of horrible haircut or a bald cap and wig make-up effect. 

Christopher Reeve introducing a film montage recognizing how Hollywood has tackled social issues. 68th Annual Academy Awards®in 1996.

Is that a smirk we see? Duping Delight perhaps? He does not seem like he really needs help breathing, it looks like an act and his head does not seem like it had ever been detached. This very idea is itself the stuff of a comic strip and clearly an example of yellow journalism. Mr. Reeve would have died had he sustained the type of injury he himself claimed he did.The man is an actor on stage in front of an audience of actors. He is acting.

This production would more than likely use a live to tape multi camera recording set up. From the control room, the director would call up the different reaction shots. In this manner they edit and control what we see.

His head appears to move just fine. This suggests either a less severe injury or complete deception.

Please notice how his gulping is not consistent, again indicating that he does not need help breathing.

BELOW: A scene from the 1995 film, Above Suspicion, on our left. How Christopher Reeve looked a few years after his Oscar speech, on our right. The resemblance is telling.


Yellow Journalism Warning!

Frank Luther Mott defines yellow journalism in terms of five characteristics:[4]

  1. scare headlines in huge print, often of minor news
  2. lavish use of pictures, or imaginary drawings
  3. use of faked interviews, misleading headlines, pseudoscience, and a parade of false learning from so-called experts
  4. emphasis on full-color Sunday supplements, usually with comic strips
  5. dramatic sympathy with the "underdog" against the system.


Actors Are Used To Convince the Public The Government is Out To Help.

Political Theater

English/Nat Actor Christopher Reeve appeared before a United States Senate committee on Wednesday to promote a cause that's near and dear to his heart - medical research. Five years ago Reeve was paralysed after falling off a horse and landing on his neck.

All The World's A Stage

The UN is not for us. It's another level of the pyramid structure. This is simply about managing all of us as a  human resource. We are treated like animals.. The so-called elite need us to be dumber than they are. They are like 3rd graders who look down their noses and 1st graders. Problem is some of us adults are aware of this childish game and we are growing in number. 

Are we seeing a fully shaven head and make up? People on camera usually wear makeup, after all.

Christopher Reeve urging the UN to support stem cell research in October 2004 at the "Patients Press Conference for the United Nations." This video was shown at UN Headquarters, New York at the conference, co-sponsored by Genetics Policy Institute (GPI) and the Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research (CAMR).

"Above Suspicion is a 1995 American made-for-television thriller film starring Christopher ReeveJoe Mantegna and Kim Cattrall. It was written by William H. Macy, who also has a small role in the film, and premiered on HBO on May 21, 1995."

"Christopher Reeve stars as a paralyzed police officer who plots to murder his unfaithful wife (Kim Cattrall) and her lover (Edward Kerr), who is also his brother and a police officer."

In this film, Christopher Reeve plays a paralyzed man. Six days after this film’s theatrical release, Christopher Reeve broke his neck in a horse-riding accident, leaving him paralyzed for the rest of his life.
— http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0109034/trivia?ref_=tt_trv_trv
Dempsey, now bound to a wheelchair, finds life unbearable as “half a man” and falls into a deep, alcohol-fueled depression. Any attempt at suicide would deprive his family of financial stability, but if he were murdered in, say, a robbery gone wrong, that’d be a $2 million insurance payday. Dempsey enlists his brother and wife’s assistance in engineering this elaborate scheme, assigning them the weighty task of pulling the trigger and delivering the fatal shots. Needless to say for a movie like this, things don’t quite go according to the established plan. The tables are turned, and Dempsey appears to have committed the perfect murder. He’s so well-respected that no one suspects that anything nefarious could possibly be bubbling beneath the surface. Well, no one but Rhinehart, that is. Against the wishes of seemingly everyone around him, Rhinehart launches an investigation of his own, convinced there’s more at play than a casual glance would suggest. Still, with as masterfully as Dempsey has manipulation those around him, Rhinehart has his work more than cut out for him.
— http://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/5933/above-suspicion-1995/

Art of Apologetics - Layers of Lies Protect The Truth

The week after Reeve’s accident, supermarket tabloid covers were splashed with photos lifted from Above Suspicion. Those who wonder to what depths photographers can sink might envision them pouring over tapes of this film in order to get pictures of Reeve in a wheelchair or hospital bed. An enterprising fellow even retouched one of the Reeve-in-a-wheelchair shots to add a cervical collar. Undoubtedly most people who saw this stuff believed they were looking at photos of the newly-injured Reeve at the University of Virginia Hospital. However disgusting the actions of the tabloids were, it got worse several months later when photographers wearing camoflage clothing climbed trees at Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation and used telephoto lenses to capture the first actual photos of Reeve when he was wheeled outside for a few minutes fresh air in the afternoon.
— http://www.chrisreevehomepage.com/m-abovesus.html


"Now -- watch it here, because there be spoilers ahead, important ones.

"Kerr and Cattrall are not what they seem. Kerr is a shallow guy, a total failure at everything he's tried, despite his brother's help -- self absorbed and naive, and he's been boffing Reeve's wife for some time. Cattrall is the meaner of the two, self pitying, horny, and greedy enough to agree without reservations to Reeve's suicide-by-burglar scheme."

"The thing is, Reeves KNOWS all this and has set them up. The guns they've been instructed to use are unloaded, whereas Reeves' pistol is ready to go. "

"Furthermore -- look, mein Fuhrer, he can WALK. Clumsy but ambulatory. So instead of their shooting him, he kills them and claims self defense."

" And makeup has given him an unfashionable haircut, the kind a cop might have rather than a movie star."

"Of course it's painful to see Reeves playing a paraplegic. His Superman movies were funny, but only because they were jokes. He was able to put in a good dramatic turn from time to time, as in this movie or in "Street Smarts." And makeup has given him an unfashionable haircut, the kind a cop might have rather than a movie star."


"Everyone believes him except another cop, Joe Montegna, who can't quite shake the suspicion that Reeves has done exactly what he has in fact done. He comes in for a lot of dish from the rest of the force because they all hold Reeves in esteem. Montegna sticks on the case even though his superiors order him not to. His final attempt to prove Reeves is lying fails and he winds up in the slams and then dismissed from the force.

Reeves and his son end up playing baseball together and living happily ever after. Reeves presumably will later learn to walk again in public. And there is that pretty next-door neighbor."..."


Superman is Capable of Astronomical Feats & So Was Christopher Reeve

What are the odds of this all happening as we've been told? Christopher Reeve makes a film about the very condition he would then have, with the one exception that Mr. Reeve's injury was far worse. In fact his injury is described in such a manner as to be impossible. He would have died. There's no coming back from the hangman's noose.  When we consider the entire story and how Mr. Reeve was clearly used to promote various political memes, we have to conclude this was a role of a lifetime. An excellent performance. BRAVO! (this is not meant as sarcasm) The idea that these celebrities might still be alive is a pleasant one. After all we don't want anyone to really get hurt or die. We don't even know if Reeve was this man's last name. George Reeves played Superman in the 1950's on Television. What are the odds of that? When we consider actors use stage names or alias', Is it such a crazy idea that Chris Reeve was just a fake persona presented to the public, just another layer of a lie, another mask on an actor?

Unless something else happened to him, which is a possibility, he could have slipped on a banana peel and broke his neck for real,  this man is alive right now. While we can pick out mistakes and obvious lies in the media narrative, we can never be sure the people are still alive. If the way these people end up dying  doesn't fit with the current memes, the public relation people might make up a more interesting and topical death scenario. We must not forget that the images and recordings of these people are literally immortalized on an eternal commerce generating loop. Hollywood owns their 'ghosts' These ghosts will serve our slave system forever, unless we somehow slay the Royal Mafia's Global 666 Yellow Journal Multimedia Hydra Beast. 

This movie of course is also popular due to the little twist it gives as well as that phenomenal ending which sees Reeve get the better of his counterpart, Joe Mantegna. Reeve plays a former police officer, injured in the line of duty which paralyses him from the waist down. After discovering that his brother has been sleeping with his wife, he sets up an elaborate plan to get back at them, one with a real finality to it and Mantegna is a police officer who cannot help but think something is definitely wrong with the case and that Reeve’s character Dempsey Cain had something to do with it.
— https://thetelltalemind.com/2015/04/12/not-completely-above-suspicion-1995/



"The USO's fundraising efforts were not without controversy. An MGM film, Mr. Gardenia Jones, created to assist the USO in its fundraising campaign, was nearly withdrawn from theaters due to objections by the War Department. The objections were centered on scenes showing soldiers jumping with joy at the opportunity to shower in canteens and rest in overstuffed and comfortable USO chairs. The Army, noted the New York Times, "feels this is not good for morale as it implies that there are no showers or other comforts for soldiers in military camps." The film starred Ronald Reagan, who was then a captain in the Army"


Can Men Really Fly or Is It Easier To Lie?

American Stage Magic and film got started on the East coast. New Jersey and New York was and still is as "Hollywood" as California.  These articles linked below, examine how a (not so) Secret Society of Magicians go West and enter the film industry as special effects wizards. These articles examine the history of the art of making men appear to fly on screens and on stage.

As it turns out, much of the footage, both historical and modern, easily found on YOUTUBE show clears signs of Hollywood special effect work. The fact is the military industrial complex and the entertainment industry are one in the same at the higher levels. The aerospace industry developed along with special effects for films and we've been seeing things on screens for years that were nothing but fantasy sold to us as reality with official seals of approval. These same people developed computer animation and modeling technology. The Military is an integral part of our culture and we are supposed to be ignorant of this fact. Now we know why places like Lookout Mountain Studio, a military base near Hollywood, existed. We now know that the military is the source for all the UFO nonsense. They started this cult like behavior and are responsible for promoting the phenomena.

Comic Strip Characters - The Stuff of Yellow Journalism Come To Life


Does it really make sense to have theatrical tours to entertain the troops overseas or even at home during a time of war? Let's stop and think for a second. Let's put aside what we've been conditioned to accept as reality and look at this with logical minds. This is absurd. This is another example of cartoon reasoning that was sold to a duped public. Sweet Mother Nature! If wars are really fought like this one of us could take this world over with a spoon. This historical narrative is proof we live in a cartoon world. This is a joke. We've been conditioned to accept this stand up comic fantasy as real. Is it obvious yet that the narratives for the Wars make no sense?

The controllers need us to think we need them. Get it? They fake the news and war all to this end. Actors and theater people and all sorts of artists and scientists are part of this military theatrical troop. Hollywood is the military, and whether a person has a security clearance or not, they are part of that beast if they work in that industry. So when we watch the Oscars and other awards shows, we are seeing is probably a mix of stars who are really military agents and other celebrities who are not in on the whole charade.

We see how celebrity deaths can be easily faked and manipulated. We can see that the screens and radio and all media is theirs to use to keep us asleep and unaware of our very real economic servitude.

"The USO also brought Hollywood celebrities and volunteer entertainers to perform for the troops. According to movie historian Steven Cohan, "most of all ... in taking home on the road, it equated the nation with showbiz. USO camp shows were designed in their export to remind soldiers of home." They did this, he noted, by "nurturing in troops a sense of patriotic identification with America through popular entertainment."[8] An article in Look magazine at the time, stated, "For the little time the show lasts, the men are taken straight to the familiar Main Street that is the goal of every fighting American far away from home." Maxene Andrews wrote, "The entertainment brought home to the boys. Their home." Actor George Raft stated at the beginning of the war, "Now it's going to be up to us to send to the men here and abroad real, living entertainment, the songs, the dances, and the laughs they had back home."

USO promotional literature stated its goals:

"The story of USO camp shows belongs to the American people, for it was their contribution that made it possible. It is an important part in the life of your sons, your brothers, your husbands, and your sweethearts.""

"After being formed in 1941, in response to World War II, "centers were established quickly... in churches, barns, railroad cars, museums, castles, beach clubs, and log cabins." Most centers offered recreational activities, such as holding dances and showing movies. And there were the well-known free coffee and doughnuts. Some USO bases provided a haven for spending a quiet moment alone or writing a letter home, while others offered spiritual guidance and made childcare available for military wives.

But the organization became mostly known for its live performances called Camp Shows, through which the entertainment industry helped boost the morale of its servicemen and women. Camp Shows began in October 1941, and by that fall and winter 186 military theaters existed in the United States. Overseas shows began in November 1941 with a tour of the Caribbean. Within five months 36 overseas units had been sent within the Americas, the United Kingdom, and Australia, and during 1942 1,000 performed as part of 70 units. Average performers were paid $100 a week; top stars were paid $10 a day because their wealth let them contribute more of their talents.

These overseas shows were produced by the American Theatre Wing, which also provided food and entertainment for the armed services in their Stage Door Canteens. Funds from the sale of film rights for a story about the New York Canteen went toward providing USO tours of shows for overseas troops."

"Camp Shows began in Normandy in July 1944, one month after Operation Overlord. Until fall 1944 overseas units contained five performers or fewer; The Barretts of Wimpole Street, using local theaters in France and Italy, was the first to use an entire theater company, including scenery.[10] At its high point in 1944, the USO had more than 3,000 clubs, and curtains were rising on USO shows 700 times a day. From 1941 to 1947, the USO presented more than 400,000 performances, featuring entertainers such as Abbott and CostelloLarry AdlerBrian AherneLouise AllbrittonMorey AmsterdamMarian AndersonThe Andrews SistersArmidaJean ArthurFred AstaireGene AutryLauren BacallFay BainterLucille BallTallulah BankheadLynn BariCount BasiePeg Leg BatesConstance BennettJack BennyEdgar BergenIngrid BergmanMilton BerleEubie BlakeBen BlueRay BolgerHumphrey BogartMary BrianPhyllis BrooksJoe E. BrownWillie BryantGeorge Burns and Gracie AllenCharles ButterworthJames CagneyCab CallowayJudy CanovaEddie CantorJune ClydeJerry ColonnaGary CooperKatharine CornellBing CrosbyBebe DanielsLinda DarnellBette DavisJoan DavisDennis DayOlivia De HavillandJoe DeRitaMarlene DietrichDoraine and EllisMorton DowneyEllen DrewIrene DunneDeanna DurbinJimmy DuranteAnn DvorakNelson EddyDuke EllingtonSkinnay EnnisMaurice EvansJinx FalkenburgGlenda FarrellJoey FayeLeslie FentonGracie FieldsShep FieldsW.C. FieldsKay FrancisJane FromanReginald GardinerEd GardnerJudy GarlandBilly GilbertBetty GrableCary GrantJohn GarfieldWilliam GarganGreer GarsonPaulette GoddardBenny GoodmanJack HaleyMoss HartSusan HaywardRita HayworthJascha HeifetzHildegardeCeleste HolmBob HopeLena HorneMarsha HuntAlberta HunterBetty HuttonAllen JenkinsGeorge JesselAl JolsonBoris KarloffDanny KayeGene KellyGuy KibbeeAndre KostelanetzGene KrupaKay KyserVeronica LakeHedy LamarrDorothy LamourCarole LandisFrances LangfordLaurel and HardyGertrude LawrenceAnna LeeGypsy Rose LeeVivien LeighJoan LeslieJoe E. LewisBeatrice LillieCarole LombardEdmund LowePaul LukasAlfred Lunt and Lynne FontanneIda LupinoJeanette MacDonaldTex McCraryJoel McCreaHattie McDanielDorothy McGuireFrank McHughFrederic MarchMitzi MayfairMike MazurkiThe Marx BrothersAdolphe MenjouUna MerkelRay MillandGlenn MillerGarry MooreTim MooreChester MorrisZero MostelGeorge MurphyMildred NatwickAdelaide Hall,[12] The Four Evans,[13] Merle OberonPat O'BrienMinerva PiousLily PonsGeorge RaftLuise RainerMartha RayeOssy RenardyPaul RobesonEdward G. RobinsonThe RockettesGinger RogersMickey RooneyRosalind RussellAnn RutherfordAnn SavageRandolph ScottArtie ShawAnn SheridanDinah ShorePhil SilversFrank SinatraNoble SissleAnn SothernJo StaffordBarbara StanwyckBill SternJames StewartEd SullivanDanny ThomasThree Bon BunniesGene TierneyMartha TiltonArthur TracySpencer TracyArthur TreacherSophie TuckerLana TurnerVera VagueJohn Wayne,[14] Mae WestChill WillsAnna May Wong and Keenan Wynn."


World War Two Stage Magic & The Theatre of War

So many Canadian actors like Star Trek's James Doohan, have a biography that claims they served in World War Two. It's funny how fake all the old war footage looks. World War Two, like all wars, is not what we think. We only see what the Military wants us to see. Deception is their true art. At the higher levels Hollywood and The Military are one and the same. Screens filter reality. And not all art need be on screens.

The images of war we've been conditioned to accept as real cannot be. The narratives we've been told must be very distorted. There is no logical reason why the military would want the public and any potential enemy to know how to actually conduct war. There's also the reality of trying to shoot actual film footage under combat conditions back when cameras were large and bulky, like during World War Two. There is good reason why we say the footage is fake. There are many clear signs this is so.

Ghosts in The Field

Other forms of deception can hide the truth as easily as a screen can. The Ghost Army is the original Kraft Services and shows us the origins of the outdoor show. Not all of the illusions need be on screens. Consider more recent events like the Boston Bombings, SandyHook, or even the sacred cow of the clues community, 9/11. Please consider the very real possibility that there was an outdoor live component to the show. Here is the historical basis for that claim, the Ghost Army, a troop of artists of all types who were emulating a tactic the British had used earlier in the war. The British love theater after all. Here we can see the meaning of Shakespeare's quote about the world stage.

This is the official trailer for the documentary film THE GHOST ARMY. It is now available on Netflix and Amazon Prime. To purchase a DVD, click here: http://www.shoppbs.org/product/index.jsp?productId=20299476&CAWELAID=1894282862&pla=pla_15539630&gclid=CN_Fls25sbcCFYyi4Aod8EMAfA&KPID=15539630

General Acting

Former Presidential candidate and apparent life actor, Wesley Clarke makes an appearance in the video below. Nice to see this actor still gets gigs. Don't trust any of the personas we see on screens especially when the ran for President. We must always try to address the information given to us in as critical a manner as we can. Incomplete information cannot be logically considered. We must consider what we are being told and why. The art of damage control and the limited hang out of information cover for many sins. Here we are to not realize the truth that the real enemy the Ghost Army was fighting was the public mind. These artists existed to create the illusion of war for the benefit of the public not the enemy. Inflatable tanks and the like would be revealed for the illusion they are once the firing started. The logic here makes little sense other than as means to fool the European public into believing what they read in the newspapers and heard on the radio and saw on the silver screen was real. These men even went into local pubs and cafes and engaged in the oldest form of yellow journal manipulation, the art of hearsay. We easily lie to ourselves and others and this easy type of deception aids the social control system.

The Ghost Army English Movie New Action Movies 2015 full English Full HD ✘✘ Sniper Ghost Warrior After glorious victories, old soldier Thomas Beckett returns to life with commonly leisurely .

"There's an angel on my shoulder."

"In my hand a sword of gold."

"Let me take you to the movies, can I take you to the show..."

"Does it hurt to hear them lying?"

"Was This The Only World You Had?"

Robert Plant and the Band Of Joy play 'Houses Of The Holy' Live on Friday 29th October 2010. Buddy Miller (Guitar), Patty Griffin (Vocals), Byron House (Bass), Darrell Scott (Slide Guitar), Marco Giovino (Drums). HD.

War - What is it Good For?


The Military is the Place to Go To Learn How to Sing & Dance

The United States Army Field Band


"The United States Army Field Band of Washington, D.C. is a touring musical organization of the United States Army. Each year, the Army Field Band performs more than 400 concerts and makes thousands of appearances before audiences of all ages. From America's largest cities to her smallest heartland communities, "The Musical Ambassadors of the Army" tell the story of the Army.

The soldier-musicians of the Field Band have appeared live, on the radio, and on television in all 50 states, and have performed in 25 foreign countries on four continents. They are the most traveled musical organization of the United States military. Stationed at Ft. Meade, MD, the Army Field Band consists of four performing components: The Concert Band, The Soldiers' Chorus, the Jazz Ambassadors, and The Volunteers. The Army Field Band's operations component works in garrison at Ft. Meade and organizes all tours."

United States Army Field Band - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Artists In The Military Today

Defense Information School - Online Wolves in Sheep Clothing?

The Defense Information School might be the origin of some of the podcasters and other social media personalities we encounter online. The new media is treated as the old and is just as controlled. The job of the military is primarily communications, believe it or not.

This Defensive Information School is defending the racket that is government. This makes all parts of the government part of the criminal activity. The military exists to protect the United States Corporation not America. America is an idea. The US is a control mechanism that will fight to survive. Luckily for us the long history of the royal military cartoon con job  indicates they are many more showmen in the military than actual marines. It's more show than actual battle. Most war is literal theater.

We can now see why 9/11 can happen in NYC where one head of the yellow journalism television and radio multimedia beast resides.

More than likely there are more military on air personalities on television and on the radio than we might guess. These same kind of military information officers could also work behind the scene as writers and producers and camera men and all the rest. The military trains these men and women to be multimedia broadcasters and actors and comedians.

This explains the staffing for the fake wars, the fake battle footage and fake news. This  shows hows the production of the fakery can be covered up - by way of Military operational security clearances.

Artists and actors and comedians come out of this military program. We bet some of these people know how to do celebrity impressions and also know how to do the broadcast style voice. This could explain why so many online personas come across like trained DJs.

We'd wager that higher profile online personalities might indeed belong to this or a similar program, especially the ones who show off the most obvious intellectual dishonesty and minion merry go round tactics.

This is speculation of course, but we must consider the very real possibility that there are military entertainment/broadcast personal among us. We are the real target of this information war. We the people are the enemy.

"The Defense Information School, or DINFOS, is a United States Department of Defense (DoD) school located at Fort George G. MeadeMaryland. DINFOS fulfills the Department of Defense's need for an internal corps of professional journalists, broadcasters, and public affairs professionals.[1]Members from all branches of the U.S. military, DoD civilians and international military personnel attend DINFOS for training in public affairs, print journalismphotojournalismphotographytelevision and radio broadcastinglithography, equipment maintenance and various forms of multimedia. The American Council on Education recommends college credit for most DINFOS courses."

"The Army Information School was founded in 1946 at Carlisle Barracks in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Other branches of the military merged with the Army Information School in 1948 to form the Armed Forces Information School at Fort SlocumNew York. The joint service venture disbanded due to poor enrollment until 1964, when Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs Arthur Sylvester chartered DINFOS. DINFOS moved to Fort Benjamin Harrison, just outside IndianapolisIndiana, in 1965 where it remained until its 1995 move to Fort George G. MeadeMaryland."


"The Public Affairs Leadership Department is one of four departments in DINFOS.

The Public Affairs Leadership Department offers the Qualification Course (PAQC), the Joint Expeditionary Course (JEPAC), the Joint Intermediate Course (JIPAC), and the Joint Senior Course (JSPAC). Courses are offered to military officers, senior enlisted personnel, Department of Defense civilians, and members of coalition partners from around the world who are preparing for or already in billets of public affairs leadership.

The Public Affairs Qualification Course (PAQC) provides those who are new to the public affairs field the fundamentals of public affairs to include military-media relations, the different mediums used to facilitate the flow of accurate and timely information, and how to conduct public affairs operations in support of the command's mission. In addition, the students are taught the fundamentals of news, journalism, and how to write and copy-edit in accordance with the Associated Press (AP) Styleguide.

The Public Affairs Expeditionary Course is a ten-day, intensive follow-on course to PAQC. Students are expected to have a basic working knowledge and experience in PA as the course is focused more on the application of PA skills in a field environment.

Journalism courses

Journalism classes feature basic writing skills and include a headline style known at the school as "headline-ese", a total style for writing and developing headlines. Students are taught a variety of writing styles and formats such as news, sports and feature writing.

Photojournalism courses focus on composition, exposure, and general camera operation skills. Flash photography is introduced in the basic photography course. Students learn advanced photo-editing, composition and other techniques not taught in basic photojournalism classes.

For military print journalists, DINFOS offers the 12-week Basic Public Affairs Specialist Course (BPASC), a 26-week online BPASC and three-week Editors' Course. U.S. Army students are awarded the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) designator of 46Q, and U.S. Marine Corps students are awarded the MOS 4341 Combat Correspondent.

For military Broadcast journalists, DINFOS offers the Broadcast Communication Specialist Course. Broadcasters begin by attending several weeks of BWAS - Basic Writing and Announcing Skills. If the class requirements are met, students may continue into Radio and Television broadcasting classes. U.S. Army students are awarded the MOS designator of 46R.

Students in all courses hail from all branches of the U.S. military and reserve as well as International military students."


Notable alumni




US Army Public Affairs Staff Sgt. Joshua Salmons, who coordinates internet-based capabilities training at the Defense Information School (DINFOS) on getting the United States Army public affairs staff up to speed on social media, speaking truth to power and advocating decentralized communications in the command and control world.

On the Record…Online returns as the Official PR Podcast of the 2009 PRSA International Conference. We’ll be talking to a good number of military public affairs officers who handle public relations for the US Armed Forces at the upcoming event. Subscribe via email, RSS or Twitter to get all the 2009 PRSA International Conference podcasts. Or register to the conference attend the event here.

3:01 – Integrating social media training into the curriculum at the Defense Information School (DINFOS).

4:28 – How the US Army’s senior leadership uses public affairs and information operations in battle to manage public perceptions, and the fundamental policy that every service member is a spokesperson for the US Armed Forces.

6:53 – How US Military senior leadership is responding in principal to the risks and opportunities of new media engagement, and how middle leadership is applying social media on a tactical basis.

8:52 – The seriousness with which Major General Bergner and General Casey, as well as the US Air Force, US Navy and US Coast Guard’s senior leadership are acting to make sure that the US Armed Forces get social media right.

9:34 – Specifically what the US Armed Forces are doing at this point in time with social media.
— http://ontherecordpodcast.com/us-army-public-affairs-social-media-strategy-and-tips-on-speaking-truth-to-power

Art & War

"A camoufleur is a person who designed and implemented military camouflage in one of the world wars of the twentieth century. The term was originally a person serving in a First World War French military camouflage unit.[1] In the Second World War, the British camouflage officers of the Middle East Command Camouflage Directorate, led by Geoffrey Barkas in the Western Desert, called themselves camoufleurs, and edited a humorous newsletter called The Fortnightly Fluer.[2][3] Such men were often professional artists. The term is used by extension for all First and Second World War camouflage specialists. Some of these pioneered camouflage techniques. This list is restricted to such notable pioneers of military camouflage."


Project Psych Out

There are different kinds of military camouflage. The obvious and the not so obvious. The art of apologetics is a handy tool for damage control and to limit the hang out of information. War is more theater than we thought. Best to get the enemy to give up before even trying. The enemy is us. We've been 'psyched out'.

The Theater of The Absurd - Generations Addicted to Coke

Coca Cola means its marketing. Coke is a symbol that represent the Global Mafia Cult that runs the world. It is not a symbol of America. It might not taste bad, but Coca Cola, and other such manufactured product, have helped spread the mental virus of the social control monetary system around the globe.

"I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony)" is a pop song which originated as an advertising jingle, produced by Billy Davis and sung by the Hillside Singers, for Coca-Cola, and was featured in 1971 as a TV commercial. The Hillside Singers' version was released as a successful single the same year.


The artifacts of cultural imprisonment. Weaponized culture comes in many forms. This is what the wars are for. Not what we've been told or shown.

Do any of us really believe that with all the security clearances and the so-called "need to know basis" and the supposed clandestine nature of the 'biz', that anyone in their right mind would allow real pictures of military tactics to be shown to the public and the world? This would be highly illogical and stupid.

This is the promised Revelation. This is the Apocalypse. These mass produced goodies aren't as innocent as we think. They can be if freed from this 'Satanic" or "Saturnian" System of Cartoon Inspired Social Control. We still might want to realize that we can grow our own food and raise our own livestock, and that living off the land is not as difficult as we've been led to believe. We can also make our system of food production more humane. We can focus effort on things like that. We can focus our energy on things that really make sense. Climate change is as fake as the rest of this social control cargo cult. We have been duped for a very long time.

This scene from the film Monsignor, takes place in Rome. Please notice the cultural artifacts that were of American origin that would become icons of the global cultural monetary empire social control system. Christopher Reeve's character worked for the Vatican as well as working for the corporate beast known as the United States. Religion is an older form of the same childish theatrical need to play dress up and make believe we take for granted. The costumes and architecture and art are designed to intimidate us. We can notice how the same theatrical pattern repeats itself over and over in all these different social forms. The plot of this film has to do with Reeve, a Vatican Priest,  who secretly works with the Mafia moving U.S. product into Europe to make money for the Church.


FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil Song HD (THE WORLD IS OURS COCA COLA)

As Soon as The North Africa Campaign is over, Eisenhower decides the boys need a Coca Cola Bottling plant. What about Europe and the supposed Nazi invasions? The narrative has Italy as the next theater, so why build bottling plants in North Africa?

Wouldn't defeating the Nazi's and freeing Europe be more important than worrying about Coca Cola? Does this really make sense as anything but a bad joke?

This is about cultural creation and manipulation. Something the royals have historically always done.

What we've seen on screen has filtered what really happened. Please keep in mind there is a long history of film makers crafting false images of war. Many famous Hollywood directors have been outed and we know that anything the 'chicken little boy who cried wolf' press puts on a screen or prints, is more than likely false. The more global and important the news. the more likely it is fake. Wars are no different. 9/11 shows us the modus operandi as does World War Two.

Coca Cola is a global cultural artifact, the post war Europe had many young American men based in Europe bringing with them the so-called American culture. These young men would intermingle with the Europeans for years to come in another social control experiment. Wars are more about cultural change than not.

Please check out the article index for more on this subject.

Or read this:

Methods of Social Control: War as a Racket

Newspapers, newsreels, radio broadcasts, &  hearsay, have always been and still are used to spread lies among the public.

RED SHIRT ORIGINS: The Disposable Crew

Star Trek probably inspired many people to enter the field of Astronomy or Rockets. At least James Doohan's character inspired people to do something useful.

We are supposed to emulate the stars we see on our screens, especially the ones we hold dearest, those who came into our living room on a weekly or daily basis. Trusted journalists, trusted talk shows hosts, trusted fictional personas of one kind or another.

James Doohan's biography reads like it has been embellished. For example, there's this bit that makes little sense:

"Although he was never actually a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force, Doohan was once labeled the "craziest pilot in the Canadian Air Force". In the late spring of 1945, on Salisbury Plain north of RAF Andover, he slalomed a plane between telegraph poles "to prove it could be done"—earning himself a serious reprimand. (Various accounts cite the plane as a Hurricane or a jet trainer; however, it was a Mark IV Auster."

This is hearsay and the stuff of yellow journalism. Without more information, this story seems quite absurd. We see the clear mark of the yellow journalist with the use of cartoon physics and reasoning.

Then there is this bit of James Bond like luck:

"The bullet to his chest was stopped by a silver cigarette case given to him by his brother."

We must keep in mind that there is a long standing Public Relations apparatus that caters to promoting the images of the so-called stars. Artists of all types, sign contracts, non disclosure agreements and so on. This gives the studios or the talent agencies the rights to do with celebrity image, likeness and names as they like, under the guise of promotion and advertising.

We do not know who these people are. Some are bound to be more real than others. Stage performers make use of 'aliases'. The so-called ‘spies’ are the performers more so than not. 'Spies Like Us', 'Spies Who LoveMe" & 'Private Eyes' Watching Us. Hollywood & the music industry love the inside joke, or so it seems. Agent, actor, author - all these words mean artist.

What we know of the so-called stars is what they are allowed by contract to reveal, and they do so through highly manipulated media. Do not believe any of it. Unless we live next door to one of them, or know them, there’s no way for us to know if any of the narratives we hear and read and see so much about them is true. The bigger the story and the more ridiculous, the more likely it is not true. The multimedia beast is a yellow journal monster. Even if we see these celebrities up close in real life, we must remember they are performers and that  'Fake Hollywood romances', for example, are nothing new.

MTV's Not So Real World

“When signing the contract, cast members also agree that producers can humiliate them, portray them “in a false light,” and even hire “actors who may or may not resemble” them to achieve whatever ends they’d like. So, even if you’re a saint, they can make you look like the devil. MTV also gets blanket rights to all contestants’ experiences “which occur, will occur, or have occurred at any time… (my ‘Life Story’).” That means if you tell the producers a story that happened in your past, they can work it in any way they want. It sounds like something straight out of an Orwellian novel.”


Captain Montgomery "Scotty" Scott

"James Montgomery "Jimmy" Doohan (/ˈduːən/ doo-ən; March 3, 1920 – July 20, 2005) was a Canadian character actor and voice actor best known for his role as Montgomery "Scotty" Scott in the television and film series Star Trek. Doohan's characterization of the Scottish Chief Engineer of the Starship Enterprise was one of the most recognizable elements in the Star Trek franchise, for which he also made several contributions behind the scenes; for example, he contributed to developing the Klingon and Vulcan languages. Many of the characterizations, mannerisms, and expressions that he established for Scotty and other Star Trek characters have become entrenched in popular culture.

Following his success with Star Trek, he supplemented his income and made numerous public appearances. His portrayal of Scotty inspired many fans to pursue careers in engineering and other technical fields.

Doohan was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, the youngest of four children of Sarah Frances (née Montgomery) and William Patrick Doohan, who both emigrated from Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland.[2] His mother was a homemaker. His father, born in Belfast,[3] was a pharmacist, veterinarian, and dentist, and a member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland.[4][5][6] William Doohan owned a chemist shop in Main Street in Bangor, beside Trinity Presbyterian Church. Doohan's father reportedly invented an early form of high-octane gasoline in 1923. Doohan's 1996 autobiography recounted his father's serious alcoholism. Doohan's paternal grandfather, Thomas Doohan, was Head Constable in the Royal Irish Constabulary.[7]

The family moved from Vancouver to Sarnia, Ontario. Doohan attended high school at the Sarnia Collegiate Institute and Technical School (SCITS), where he excelled in mathematics and science. He enrolled in the 102nd Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps in 1938.

At the beginning of the Second World War, Doohan joined the Royal Canadian Artillery and was a member of the 14th (Midland) Field Battery, 2nd Canadian Infantry Division.[9] He was commissioned a lieutenant in the 14th Field Artillery Regiment of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division. He was sent to England in 1940 for training. He first saw combat landing at Juno Beach on D-Day. Shooting two snipers, Doohan led his men to higher ground through a field of anti-tank mines, where they took defensive positions for the night. Crossing between command posts at 11:30 that night, Doohan was hit by six rounds fired from a Bren Gun by a nervous Canadian sentry:[10] four in his leg, one in the chest, and one through his right middle finger. The bullet to his chest was stopped by a silver cigarette case given to him by his brother.[citation needed] His right middle finger had to be amputated, something he would conceal during his career as an actor.[11]

Doohan graduated from Air Observation Pilot Course 40 with eleven other Canadian artillery officers[12] and flew Taylorcraft Auster Mark V aircraft for 666 (AOP) Squadron, RCAF as a Royal Canadian Artillery officer in support of 1st Army Group Royal Artillery. All three Canadian (AOP) RCAF squadrons were manned by artillery officer-pilots and accompanied by non-commissioned RCA and RCAF personnel serving as observers.[13][14]

Although he was never actually a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force, Doohan was once labeled the "craziest pilot in the Canadian Air Force". In the late spring of 1945, on Salisbury Plain north of RAF Andover, he slalomed a plane between telegraph poles "to prove it could be done"—earning himself a serious reprimand. (Various accounts cite the plane as a Hurricane or a jet trainer; however, it was a Mark IV Auster.)

After the war, Doohan moved to London, Ontario for further technical education. After hearing a radio drama that he knew he could do better, he recorded his voice at the local radio station, and learned about a drama school in Toronto. There he won a two-year scholarship to the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City,[17] where his classmates included Leslie Nielsen, Tony Randall, and Richard Boone.

In 1946, he had several roles for CBC radio,[18] starting January 12. For several years, he shuttled between Toronto and New York as work demanded. He estimated he performed in over 4,000 radio programs and 450 television programs during this period,[19] and earned a reputation for versatility.[20]

In the mid-1950s, he appeared as forest ranger Timber Tom (the northern counterpart of Buffalo Bob) in the Canadian version of Howdy Doody. Coincidentally, fellow Star Trek cast member William Shatner appeared simultaneously as Ranger Bill in the American version. Doohan and Shatner both appeared in the 1950s Canadian science fiction series Space Command.[18] Doohan also appeared in several episodes of Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans in 1957-58.

For GM Presents, he played the lead role in the 1956 CBC TV drama Flight into Danger, then in 1960's The Night they Killed Joe Howe.[21] (Arthur Hailey rewrote the former into the novel Runway Zero-Eight, then adapted to Terror in the Sky.)

Doohan's credits included The Twilight Zone, Season 4, Episode 3 "Valley of the Shadow" (17 Jan. 1963), GE True, Hazel, The Outer Limits, The Fugitive, Bewitched, Fantasy Island, Magnum, P.I., The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (1964, 1966) and Bonanza. In the Bonanza episode "Gift of Water" (1962), he co-starred with actress Majel Barrett who would later play Star Trek's Nurse Chapel. He played an assistant to the United States president in two episodes of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. He had an uncredited role in The Satan Bug (1965), appeared in the Daniel Boone episode "A Perilous Passage" (1970), appeared as a state trooper in Roger Vadim's 1971 film Pretty Maids All in a Row (which was produced by Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry), and played opposite Richard Harris in the 1971 movie Man in the Wilderness."


Simple Songs

We understand the history of the multimedia beast. We know it is contrived. Yet we have to be aware of the fact that how music makes us feel is real! If the music makes us feel good, who cares what anyone else thinks or how and why the music was made in the first place? We must learn to interpret art for ourselves alone. We do not mean we should not understand where the music came from, nor why it was produced or any of that. We think history is extremely important. The real history, that is. Understanding how we've been manipulated by art throughout history is extremely important.

Music is highly subjective and as far as we are concerned, we should all learn to sing and dance and play musical instruments, the continuing education in the arts is our real natural heritage. Music can make you feel  things visual art alone cannot do. Music can be used to do a lot more than just hypnotize a crowd. In fact we've been to many concerts including the Grateful Dead and were always in control of our thoughts and minds. Our experiences were not predicated on anything any authority was singing or otherwise narrating to us. We enjoyed dancing and having a good time, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. This is what we are naturally meant to be doing to blow off the proverbial steam.

We agree that we'd all be better off with a real level playing field and less contrived art. But that does not mean we cannot enjoy the very art that was meant to imprison us. We can use the same art to free ourselves.

A Simple Song of Freedom

Bobby Darin - Simple Song Of Freedom (Live and with a Tux)

"Most of What You Read Is Made of Lies"

Some Pop Art Can Reveal The Truth of Our World - We Can Pan The Gold From The River Rock - This is The Real "Protest" Music

It's "Spooky" How He Seems to Know He Is Singing To Us!

Please experience the magic of television. Television was The Dawning of The Age of Aquarius.

Aquarius = Cultural Behavioral Manipulation - The Best Mind Control Device Around.

"Traditionally, Aquarius is associated with electricitycomputers, flight, democracy, freedom, humanitarianismidealismmodernization, astrology, nervous disorders, rebellion, nonconformity, philanthropy, veracity, perseverance, humanity, and irresolution"


The TV BOX -The Best Mind Control Device Around.

Guess what? - The man known as Bobby Darin knew this. He is singing to us. He was singing to the home audiences and telling them on the screen that "most of what you read is made of lies". He said it. He explained the con job. His protest music is more real than the rest of the pop art sold as 'protest music'.  Most if not all of those supposed protest artists were controlled whether they knew it or not.

In the context of the time period, we would not understand what he was really saying. We would think he was referring to stopping real war. But he includes the line "most of what you read is made of lies", which exposes the truth. 

Now that we know what we do, his lyrics are revealing.

If any of these figures deserve to be called a 'protest musician', it is most definitely 'Bobby Darin' who told the most truth to a very huge and growing audience. This is not over. This is just beginning. The internet makes this clip and many like it live on forever as echoes in the 'aether'. The idea found in the song is what is important, not the song or messenger (singer).

The Idea of Freedom is not some Nostalgic Fantasy - & It Must Not Die & We Must Make Sure We Make Our Voices Heard In Some Way, No Matter How Small.

"Tesla was roaming in the mountains with some chums one winter day after a storm in which the snow fell moist and sticky. A small snowball rolled on the ground quickly gathered more snow to itself and soon became a big one that was not too easy to move. Tiring of making snowmen and snow houses on level stretches of ground, the boys took to throwing snowballs down the sloping ground of the mountain. Most of them were duds-that is, they got stalled in the soft snow before they accumulated additional volume. A few rolled a distance, grew larger and then bogged down and stopped. One, however, found just the right conditions; it rolled until it was a large ball and then spread out, rolling up the snow at the sides as if it were rolling up a giant carpet, and then suddenly it turned into an avalanche. Soon an irresistible mass of snow was moving down the steep slope. It stripped the mountainside clean of snow, trees, soil and everything else it could carry before it and with it. The great mass landed in the valley below with a thud that shook the mountain. The boys were frightened because there was snow above them on the mountain that might have been shaken into a downward slide, carrying them along buried in it.

This event made a profound impression on Tesla and it dominated a great deal of his thinking in later life. He had witnessed a snowball weighing a few ounces starting an irresistible, devastating movement of thousands of tons of inert matter. It convinced him that there are tremendous forces locked up in Nature that can be released in gigantic amounts, for useful as well as destructive purposes, by the employment of small trigger forces. He was always on the lookout for such triggers in his later experiments."


"television (n.) 

1907, as a theoretical system to transmit moving images over telegraph or telephone wires; formed in English or borrowed from French télévision, from tele- + vision.

Television is not impossible in theory. In practice it would be very costly without being capable of serious application. But we do not want that. On that day when it will be possible to accelerate our methods of telephotography by at least ten times, which does not appear to be impossible in the future, we shall arrive at television with a hundred telegraph wires. Then the problem of sight at a distance will without doubt cease to be a chimera. ["Telegraphing Pictures" in "Windsor Magazine," 1907]

Other proposals for the name of a then-hypothetical technology for sending pictures over distance were telephote (1880) and televista(1904). The technology was developed in the 1920s and '30s. Nativized in German as Fernsehen. Shortened form TV is from 1948. Meaning "a television set" is from 1941. Meaning "television as a medium" is from 1927.

Television is the first truly democratic culture -- the first culture available to everyone and entirely governed by what the people want. The most terrifying thing is what people do want. [Clive Barnes, "New York Times," Dec. 30, 1969]"


There is more than enough room on this planet for all of us. We can grow our own food and raise over own livestock. We can live as our ancestors did. There is no reason we need to go to war. We have plenty of renewable resources. We've been given a vey distorted picture of reality. There is nothing to fear at all, not even fear itself. Global warming and climate changes are more lies. We the people never wanted war. We get blamed for war and that is another ‘noble lie’. We’d rather go about our own business and sing and dance, make art, and have a good time. We live in paradise, but we are not allowed to enjoy it. We have the technology to allow all of us to live in a proverbial global utopia and we are criminally deprived of this opportunity. We can make this global culture work for all of us.

We can have artificial technology that embraces instead of denying, nature. Real technology has always been based on natural principle.


A Yellow journal cartoon reveals the truth.

Grant Morrison's DC Final Crisis Has Superman Save The Day With Music

The 'big bad' villain, Darkseid represents the near immortal Control System. The Mother Box is the internet. The Cargo Cult is Our Collective Mass Produced Culture


"Cargo cults are marked by a number of common characteristics, including a "myth-dream" that is a synthesis of indigenous and foreign elements; the expectation of help from the ancestors; charismatic leaders; and lastly, belief in the appearance of an abundance of goods."


Taken from Bobby Darin's 1969 "Commitment" album...


"This very fine house (blow blow down)
Of great renown (blow blow down)
It's cracked and shaking (blow blow down)
And a-tumbling down (blow blow down)
Ah blow down this house of cards
Blow down this house of cards
Blow down this house of cards
Oh blow down this house of cards"

Robert Plant & The Band of Joy perform "House of Cards" at the War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville, TN. DVD and Blu-ray now available at the Artists Den store and other retailers.


The 2001 & One Eye Lie Revealed : HAL = CBS (and not really IBM) The Camera Eye Lies - HAL Lies to Poole and gets Poole to think he is in checkmate when he is not.

This is the traditional military tactic of getting us to give up before we even try.

Mario Hytten, Chief Executive Officer, Planetaire AB, Captimax Sports Media, Sweden presented at the Webinar on Mind, Thinking & Creativity on March 9, 2016 .

"Here HAL says: "I'm sorry Frank, I think you missed it: queen to bishop three, bishop takes queen, knight takes bishop, mate." But HAL's description of the queen move is not technically correct—the move is described in descriptive chess notation as "queen to bishop six". Also, while HAL describes a checkmate in two moves,

Poole could forestall the mate an additional two moves by playing 16.Qc8 Rxc8 17.h3 Nxh3+ 18.Kh2 Ng4#.


Poole resigns without questioning HAL's analysis."


HAL LIES to FRANK - The Appeal To The Authority of The Screen: 2001 Chess

In 1968, Stanley Kubrick (a strong chess player himself) directed 2001: A Space Odyssey. It is probably the most famous man vs. computer chess games in film. The movie features an astronaut, Dr. Frank Poole (played by Gary Lockwood), playing a chess game with the white pieces against the HAL-9000 computer (voice by Douglas Rain). The game in the movie is from an actual game, Roesch vs. Schlage, Hamburg 1910. The initial position in the movie is after Black’s 13th move. The astronaut says, “Umm…anyway, Queen takes pawn. OK?” HAL responds, “Bishop takes Knight’s pawn.” The astronaut says “Hmm, that’s a good move. Er…Rook to King One.” HAL responds, “I’m sorry Frank. I think you missed it. Queen to Bishop Three (this should have been Queen to Bishop Six - the computer was cheating). Bishop takes Queen (this is not forced). Knight takes Bishop. Mate.” It is not a mate in two, but a mate in three. The astronaut responds, “Ah…Yeah, looks like you’re right. I resign.” The moves are said in English descriptive instead of the universal algebraic notation.
— https://www.chess.com/article/view/2001-a-chess-space-odyssey


The 666 Yellow Journal Multimedia Beast: Mars Hotel = War God Hotel = Pentagon = Hotel California = Hollywood = U.S. Blues

U.S. Blues by the Grateful Dead from their 1974 studio album, The Grateful Dead From The Mars Hotel. The first part of the video is a short film I found called "200." It was made to be some sort of trippy propaganda in 1975 and was put out by the US Gov't Information Agency for the bicentennial.

Now we understand and appreciate the sarcasm of the Grateful Dead’s U.S. Blues, with it’s appeal to sympathy for the “U.S.”, a sarcastic order to wave the flag, and clue about being fooled by carnival side showmen. The reference to Uncle Sam now makes sense, now that we understand the 666 yellow multimedia hydra. The U.S. flag is just a corporate flag. Waving and saluting and standing for it are meant as clear behavioral control. This is one of the most clear examples of what we take for granted. Most of us do not see that this is operant conditioning. We are treated like animals. This is a primary artifact of the social experiment we call home.

“Red and white, blue suede shoes, I'm Uncle Sam, how do you do?
Gimme five, I'm still alive, ain't no luck, I learned to duck.
Check my pulse, it don't change. Stay seventy-two come shine or rain.
Wave the flag, pop the bag, rock the boat, skin the goat.
Wave that flag, wave it wide and high.
Summertime done, come and gone, my, oh, my.

I'm Uncle Sam, that's who I am; Been hidin' out in a rock and roll band.
Shake the hand that shook the hand of P.T. Barnum and Charlie Chan.
Shine your shoes, light your fuse. Can you use them ol' U.S. Blues?
I'll drink your health, share your wealth, run your life, steal your wife.
Wave that flag, wave it wide and high.
Summertime done, come and gone, my, oh, my.

Back to back chicken shack. Son of a gun, better change your act.
We're all confused, what's to lose?
You can call this song the United States blues.
Wave that flag, wave it wide and high.
Summertime done, come and gone, my, oh, my.”

Eagles - Hotel California Live At The Capital Centre, 1977 HMA - Heavy Metal Art

Yellow Journalist Soldiers At War In Vietnam

There was a white mouse consultation
Down at the county fair
All the church mice, field mice and not so nice mice
Everybody gathered there
You see the muckidy muck he was
Speakin', tellin' them where it was at
He said hear, hear there ain't nothin' to fear
Except a three eyed Siamese cat
And the crowd was stunned
See, no single mouse had ever seen one
He said don't be scared
We're prepared.

BOBBY DARIN - The Proper Gander

Then he held up a great big picture
So every mouse could see
What a three eyed Siamese cat looked like
The face of the enemy
And the crowd let out such a shudder
As they lined up file and rank
Starin' at a twenty foot picture frame
Surroundin' a twenty foot blank
Just empty space
But every single mouse
Swore he saw a face
He said don't be scared
We're prepared

Then the muckidy much started screamin'
Yellin' till his voice gave out
He said now that you've seen what the
Cat looks like
Gonna tell you what he's all about
He said he don't eat cheese on Friday
And he goes around lickin' his paws
He's awful mean and he loves to keep clean
And believes in changin' laws
And the crowd went wild
And every mouse began to fear for his child
Don't scared
We're prepared.

Now two times two is forty-five
The muckidy muck explained
And the flat side of the moon is green
And the farmer don't need no rain
And the night is light and might is right
And Supermouse is on our side
And the three eyed Siamese cat's a plague
From which nobody can hide
And the mice all cringed
The whiskers of that cat would soon be singed
Don't be scared
We're prepared.

Then the muckidy muck started singin'
Through his great paternal grin
And the church mice, field mice
All the patriotic mice
Everybody chimed right in
They sang this land is mice land
Mice country tis of thee
Well my father took it from the beaver rat
Nobody's gonna take it from me
And the mice all cheered
The sound that they were makin' sure was weird
Dont' be scared
We're prepared.

Then the muckidy muck said line up here
Everybody give a buck
To fight the three eyed Siamese cat takes money
And a little bit of luck
We've got a million of our best young mice
To go out and volunteer
To give up what they're livin' for
To make the cat disappear
Let's give 'em a hand
We don't want that cat invadin' our land
No way
We're not scared
We're prepared.

Then a mighty strange thing happened
Guess you could call it fate
You see, a gust of wind blew the picture frame down
And it landed on the muckidy muck's head
And the mice they all went crazy
For the first time they saw the lie
It was all a hoax on just simple folks
And the muckidy muck must die
And die he did
The members of his staff they just fled
They were scared
Just not prepared.

The Proper Gander - Bobby Darin

Please Take A Listen to This Very Insightful Podcast

Hoax Busters: The Ultimate Cure Every Disorder and Disease.Hoax Busters: Conspiracy or just Theory? - Live & Recorded Episodes: Call No. 460 "How many lies can you allow yourself to believe before you belong to the lie?" (Mort Sahl-Political Comedian), International Association of...hoaxbusterscall.blogspot.com

Origins of Our Modern Society

Medieval Jobs

We can see the origins of our modern society and we can learn why we have been dumbed down for centuries. Please read the so-called job descriptions below. This is where we get our modern ideas of professions. Even if we actually do elect a 'Reeve' do you think that 'Reeve' can override the Bailiff? Interesting title that one, no? Can we not agree we are trapped in some kind of cartoon Alice in Wonderland - House of Cards Prison? We have been for centuries.

A Shire Reeve is a Sheriff by the way. We can see how all these professions work for the King or Queen. All we have ever known is derived from this feudal system. We do not usually consider that the Universities, the Religions, The Governments, the Music, the Fashion, and the Arts are promoted not for our education nor benefit. These are the chains of our slavery.

Religion was once the only form of education for the masses. Then the Bible was mass produced by printing press and the so-called New World was open for business. The early colonists were free to live off they land as they desired and for a brief moment there was a Land of The Free and Home of The Brave. America was real and did mean Freedom. 

History is the story about how that all came to an end, step by step.

"Interesting history, facts and information about the life of the people
who lived in England during the Medieval times

Medieval Jobs - The names of the Medieval people who worked on the manors
The Lord of the Manor was based in the Manor House and from here he conducted the business of the manor. The names of the Medieval jobs of the people who worked on the manors are described as follows:

  • Vassal - A Vassal or Liege was a free man who held land ( a fief ) from a lord to whom he paid homage and swore fealty. A vassal could be a Lord of the Manor but was also directly subservient to a Noble or the King
  • Bailiff - A Bailiff was a person of some importance who undertook the management of manors
  • Reeve - A Reeve was a manor official appointed by the lord or elected by the peasants
  • Serf - A serf was another name for a peasant or tennant. Medieval Serfs were peasants who worked his lord's land and paid him certain dues in return for the use of land, the possession (not the ownership) of which was heritable. The dues were usually in the form of labor on the lord's land. Medieval Serfs were expected to work for approximately 3 days each week on the lord's land.
  • Peasant or Villein - A peasant or villein was a low status tenant who worked as an agricultural worker or laborer. A peasant or villein usually cultivated 20-40 acres of land
  • Cottager: A low class peasant with a cottage, but with little or no land who generally worked as a simple laborer
  • Servant: Servants were house peasants who worked in the lord's manor house, doing the cooking, cleaning, laundering, and other household chores


Two principal estates of the realm

"The gentry is formed on the bases of the medieval societies' two higher estates of the realm, nobility and clergy, both exempted from tax. Subsequent "gentle" families of long descent who never obtained official rights to bear a coat of arms were also admitted to the rural upper-class society: the gentry.

The three estates

The widespread three estates order was particularly characteristic of France:

  • First estate included the group of all clergy, that is, members of the higher clergy and the lower clergy.
  • Second estate has been encapsulated by the nobility. Here too, it did not matter whether they came from a lower or higher nobility or if they were impoverished members.
  • Third estate included all nominally free citizens; in some places, free peasants.

At the top of the pyramid were the princes and estates of the king or emperor, or with the clergy, the bishops and the pope.

The feudal system was, for the people of the Middle Ages and early modern period, fitted into a God-given order. The nobility and the third estate were born into their class, and change in social position was slow. Wealth had little influence on what estate one belonged to. The exception was the Medieval Church, which was the only institution where competent men (and women) of merit could reach, in one lifetime, the highest positions in society.

The first estate comprised the entire clergy, traditionally divided into "higher" and "lower" clergy. Although there was no formal demarcation between the two categories, the upper clergy were, effectively, clerical nobility, from the families of the second estate or as in the case of Cardinal Wolsey, from more humble backgrounds.

The second estate was the nobility. Being wealthy or influential did not automatically make one a noble, and not all nobles were wealthy and influential (aristocratic families have lost their fortunes in various ways, and the concept of the "poor nobleman" is almost as old as nobility itself). Countries without a feudal tradition did not have a nobility as such."

"The nobility of a person might be either inherited or earned. Nobility in its most general and strict sense is an acknowledged preeminence that is hereditary: legitimate descendants (or all male descendants, in some societies) of nobles are nobles, unless explicitly stripped of the privilege. The terms aristocrat and aristocracy are a less formal means to refer to persons belonging to this social milieu.

Historically in some cultures, members of an upper class often did not have to work for a living, as they were supported by earned or inherited investments (often real estate), although members of the upper class may have had less actual money than merchants. Upper-class status commonly derived from the social position of one's family and not from one's own achievements or wealth. Much of the population that comprised the upper class consisted of aristocrats, ruling families, titled people, and religious hierarchs. These people were usually born into their status, and historically, there was not much movement across class boundaries. This is to say that it was much harder for an individual to move up in class simply because of the structure of society.

In many countries, the term upper class was intimately associated with hereditary land ownership and titles. Political power was often in the hands of the landowners in many pre-industrial societies (which was one of the causes of the French Revolution), despite there being no legal barriers to land ownership for other social classes. Power began to shift from upper-class landed families to the general population in the early modern age, leading to marital alliances between the two groups, providing the foundation for the modern upper classes in the West. Upper-class landowners in Europe were often also members of the titled nobility, though not necessarily: the prevalence of titles of nobility varied widely from country to country. Some upper classes were almost entirely untitled, for example, the Szlachta of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Before the Age of Absolutism, institutions, such as the church, legislatures, or social elites, restrained monarchical power. Absolutism was characterized by the ending of feudal partitioning, consolidation of power with the monarch, rise of state, rise of professional standing armies, professional bureaucracies, the codification of state laws, and the rise of ideologies that justify the absolutist monarchy. Hence, Absolutism was made possible by new innovations and characterized as a phenomenon of Early Modern Europe, rather than that of the Middle Ages, where the clergy and nobility counterbalanced as a result of mutual rivalry."



The self proclaimed "Warrior" Royals Were Nothing of The Kind. They Place Dress Up in Costume That Describes Actors Not Warriors.

The Peasants Needed Reason To Believe They Needed The Protection of The Castle Walls and People In Crowns & Robes

nothing has changed

"As towns emerged, new social classes—such as merchants and artisans—disrupted the established social patterns of medieval society. According to the traditional view, three orders worked together in the rural community: the warrior aristocracy, or people who fight; the peasantry, or people who work; and the clergy, or people who pray. These traditional communities were organized in a hierarchy and bound together like a family, with the noble acting as a father figure over his household and the village inhabitants. Townspeople, who earned their living through crafts or commerce, broke from these rural obligations and familial ties, so they created new social networks through associations called guilds. Merchant guilds protected the town's interests by regulating trade with outsiders and providing benefits for members"


What We Overlook: The Cultural Artifacts of Our Social Control Prison

This global scheme of mindless mass consumerism is the modern Estate.

Defense Information Graduates United & Giving Us Clues For Years To Be Found Scattered Throughout Their Work

We now  can explain why we see so many references to these themes in our pop art. Sgt. Pepper wasn't alone teaching military personal art. This was and is nothing new. The royals have always used artists as military men to scare us into submission.

It is because there must be some kind of open secret these content creators share at some level.

Who do you think designed the thrones and castles and statues and all the art that is meant to do nothing but impress 'royal' power on our minds? Art and architecture and music have always been the slaves of the Mafia Run Global Con and still are.

A quick clip of Superman II and Terence Stamp

Artifacts are created so we bow, yield and kneel to the proverbial "Zod!"

And now we know what that secret is.

We now know why and how so much of the military technology we see is faked.

The wars are all hoaxes and we do not need government at all. In fact government is a crime.

We the people never wanted or want war. It is a lie. We are not war like. We have been lied to.


Many musicians and actors and artist and journalists and even online personas are military agents. Our taxes pay them their salaries. Their job is to keep us ignorant. These are the "Reeves" and "Baillifs" from the feudal pyramid. We are the serfs.