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The History of Mental Enslavement: Why We Are So Dumb & Getting Dumber, Where's Robin Hood When You Need Him?

The trailer of Robin Hood with Patrick Bergin, Uma Thurman and Jürgen Prochnow (1991) - One of my favourite films, even better than Costner's version.
A Piece taken from the film My Dinner with Andre

The 21st Century: An Age of Digitally Reinforced Mental Darkness

Despite all the impressive progress, both technologically and socially, the 20th century and this early 21st Century is what a Dark Age of thinking looks like.

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Friends: A Photo Can Really Say More Than Words Can

Putin and Hillary are about the same height, and look like friends.

A Rubber Doll Version of Hillary Clinton Collapses - Does this look like anything but some kind of life sized doll being held up to you? Does this thin figure look anything like Hillary's grandmotherly shape?

An Augmented Artificial World For Artificial Minds

We live in a world that is more artificial than most realize. Most of us accept the authority of the system without question. This authority comes in many forms. like, Queens, Popes, Bishops, Priests, Rabbis, Presidents & Prime Ministers & Kings, Governors, Mayors, Doctors, Scientists and Talking Heads on Screens. Words from these "special" mouths were the old medium for authority. These people dressed in costume up on stages, acting and performing theater were and still are supposed to be obeyed. Their decrees read by servants, proclaimed and still proclaim their laws that all must follow. Today things are not so different despite the claims of mythic Democracies and Republics of the Western World. The many are still ruled by the few and the Bill of Rights we are sold as Liberty is not Natural Freedom but a commercial enterprise backed Feudal Wage Slave System. The Governmental systems work just fine, they just do not work for most of us.

Cold Wars are literal and actual theater more so than not. The same Global Old World Banking Powers run the world as we know it.

 "The American Dream" George Carlin.

The USA is A Corporation: The President is Pretty Much Just Another Spokes-Person Gig

Good Times

From parties and events, to weddings and funerals, speaking gigs and all sorts of book signings and other types of tour dates, the life of the paid for spokes person is mostly one of food, fun and travel.

People like the Trumps, Obamas, Clintons and Putins are more cartoonish shadow puppets than not.

Short Friendly Figureheads Unite!

They are pretty much literal actors on the World Stage. It's one big United Nations ongoing Soap Opera Daytime Drama!

Or maybe it's all just another NBC™ production.

The Shadow Show Cult of Personality is Offered to The Public Instead of Logical and Reasonable Explanations

We are to follow one kind of leader or another and are not really to think for ourselves. True tolerance is not really promoted by the Mainstream News Media which tends to promote various and obvious kinds of social division. The News Media is neither liberal nor conservative, it is a filter designed to screen reality and to present us in the public with a distorted view of the world.

The News Media promotes the incorrect notion that the mass public is in control when the fact is exactly the opposite. We in the mass public are mentally massaged and manipulated more often than not. We are shepherded by various paid for Pied Pipers.

We believe we know our history. All we know is what we've been told. We believe we know how our Universe works, but a whole lot of what we've been told is demonstrably wrong. In many ways, much if not everything we think we know is wrong. Cosmology and Metaphysics and Medicine are less certain sciences than most think. There is much that is right with modern science and much that is wrong.

A Comic Cartoon Sideshow Election Season

John Adams of the Afternoon Commute returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss 2016 US presidential election and the theater that is electoral politics. We talk about the significance of Donald Trump's upset victory and why elements of the Deep State may have turned against Hillary Clinton.

Who Really Fixed or "Hacked" The Election?

"CNN says it is "completely uncomfortable" with hacked emails showing that former contributor and interim Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile shared questions with the Clinton campaign before a debate and a town hall during the Democratic primary"

CNN severs ties with Donna Brazile - POLITICO

We thought the FBI and Congress leaked the damning info before the selection in November. The FBI and other government agencies claiming the Russians did it is called cicrcular reasoning and proves nothing.

These agencies all work together - especially post 9/11! Obama parroting this talking point is also not evidence of anything at all. These are claims made by the government that we in the public can never verify. The news press is not into the truth and prefers a good mystery, so they will never do any real invesitgations and will only provide us all with more scripted nonsense sold as reality.

Wikileaks claims credit for the email leaks. The News media reports this.

Then the News media reports that GOP sympthizers at the FBI leaked damning info about the Clinton Campaign. The media goden go to hacker Snowden even chimed in.

Then we also have the media reporting unnamed sources in the government were quoted as claiming the Russians magically hacked the election.

So does Wikileaks work for Russia? Maybe Julian Assuange is actually a rapist? Maybe he is a Russian hacker magic spy guy like JamesBond...

Do the FBI work for Russia?

Does Hillary herself? She ran a terrible campaign but did manage to win the popular vote, at least according to the offical reports. So how did the Russians or any of the other suspects manage to perform this Electoral College feat?

We need to defund the FBI, CIA and the rest of this waste of our tax dollars.

The government is a scam and criminal racket.

A Digital Con Job Shadow Puppet Show Cold War is Born:

So who really "hacked" or stole the election? Nobody of course. It was scripted. Or it was a race to see who could lose. What we do know from the narrative is this: Hillary "Stole" The primary from Bernie Sanders. Then either the FBI or The Russians or Wiki-leaks stole the election from Hillary. Are we supposed to feel sympathy for Bernie and now Hilary too? We think this is all scripted to keep the Democratic voters who wanted Bernie Sanders as their candidate from seeing the truth that the official Democratic Party does not care about what they think anymore so than the GOP does. This Platonic shadow play is designed to reinforce the idea that we need the government in the first place.

Fellow Tax Payers We Must Watch Our Wallets

This is All Really About $$$!!!

Who "Hacked" The 2016 Presidential Election?

The Media Has Many Stories. Pick One.

All The Sensationalized Yellow Journal Noise Brought To Us All By The Mainstream News Media

"Frank Luther Mott defines yellow journalism in terms of five characteristics:[4]

  1. scare headlines in huge print, often of minor news

  2. lavish use of pictures, or imaginary drawings

  3. use of faked interviews, misleading headlines, pseudoscience, and a parade of false learning from so-called experts

  4. emphasis on full-color Sunday supplements, usually with comic strips

  5. dramatic sympathy with the "underdog" against the system."




A Two Party Scripted Side Show Designed To Fool Us All Into Believing We Need The Many Layers of Governmental Protection

We have to keep paying our taxes, fees and fines after all.

Your votes Do Not Matter and even if they did, the Primary System and the two party political paradigm make clear that it does not matter who we vote for. What we need to do is reduce the governments to small bureaucracies that actually work for the benefit of the public good. The Governmental system we are sold is a criminal racket and scam more than it is meant and designed to benefit the individual person. The scam basically benefits the elite.

Fake “Hacker” Warning!

This Man is a News Media Creation & An Example of Controlled Opposition. 

He is Part of The Scripted Governmental & News Media Show. The purpose here is to give us all a very distorted and misleading view of reality.

We are supposed to be conditioned to accept cartoonish reasoning and science fiction thinking as believable reality.

Alleged Rapist & Award Winning Journalist - Does This Really Make Sense?

Please take note of where he lives. Does this make any sense as anything but some kind of Governmental long standing mass media psychological operation?

His residence is listed above.

This man and Edward Snowden are Media 'darlings' and obvious governmental plants of some kind.

If they are not, we live in a cartoon world and the Government agencies that are meant to protect the Governments themselves are useless.

Ours is an age of digitally reinforced scripted fictions sold to us as fact.

"Julian Paul Assange (/əˈsɒnʒ/;  born 3 July 1971) is an Australian computer programmer, publisher and journalist. He is editor-in-chief of the organisation WikiLeaks, which he founded in 2006. He has won numerous accolades for journalism, including the Sam Adams Award and Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism.

Julian Assange

TED TALKS: Aiding & Abetting The Enemy! Does This Really Make Sense?

It's All Show Biz Folks!

Above at a Hollywood style event, one of many these elite attend, paid HBO Propagandist Bill Maher with Game Show Reality TV Star, Pizza advertising spokesman, Hotel Public Relations Persona, NBC and MGM employee, President-Elect Donald Trump.

The selection of Ronald Reagan as President should have been a huge November Clue!

Comedians, Actors & Social Commentators Have Long Been Part of The Shepherding Show

Every "Body" has two hands. Here we see the left and right political commentator hands teaming up to take on the showy threat of another cartoon character, the Shadow Puppet - Game Show Host- sideshow spokesman President-Elect Trump. These propagandists reinforce the various News and Governmental memes so many of us in the public take for granted. This is about keeping the mass public believing in the show that is modern News & Global Politics. We are not to realize the truth that all these 'actors' work for the same long standing and long globally controlled Old World Order banking interests. The New World Order is an Old World Lie in many ways. The New World order is a marketing slogan.

Basically, one long standing Global banking crime syndicate runs the world and has for centuries. Consider them the Royalty as many of them literally are.

Governments are not really of and by and for the people. Never were and never will be. We need limited bureaucracies that actually serve the needs of the people. The late night and other sorts of editorialists will tend to avoid this truth. Less Government and less fess and fines and jail time is the prescription our sick world needs to fill.

image source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/samantha-bee-glenn-beck-donald-trump_us_5858d7eae4b03904470a7d1d

Samantha Bee is a comedic actress.

"After graduating from high school, Bee attended McGill University, where she studied humanities. Dissatisfied with a range of issues at the school, she transferred to the University of Ottawa after her first year. At the University of Ottawa, Bee signed up for a theatre class thinking it would be easy. The class led to Bee discovering her love of performing.[4] Bee later enrolled in the George Brown Theatre School in Toronto."

"Bee started auditioning for acting roles in Toronto while working as a waitress.[4] At age 26 Bee toured with a stage production of Sailor Moon where she played the title role.[4][6] Bee performed in Sailor Moon's "A" cast and future husband Jason Jones was a member of the "B" cast.[4]

Bee was one of the four founding members of Toronto-based sketch comedy troupe The Atomic Fireballs.[7]

Bee then became a correspondent for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on July 10, 2003.[8] On that program, Bee demonstrated an ability to coax people into caricaturing themselves—particularly in segments like "Kill Drill", on hunters and fossil fuel executives claiming to be environmentalists;[9] "They So Horny?",[10] on the dearth of Asian men in U.S. pornography; "Tropical Repression", on Ed Heeney, a Floridapolitician running his campaign based on opposition to gay rights;[11] "The Undecided", an over-the-top look at the infamous undecided voters leading up to the 2004 U.S. presidential elections; the "Samantha Bee's So You Want To Bee A..." report series, which humorously caricatured the way in which one can easily obtain a certain job, like becoming a 527 group; and a segment entitled "NILFs" ("News I'd Like to F#@k"), discussing the sexiness of news anchors: "CNN has the wholesome girl-next-door NILFs, the kind you can bring home to meet your mother. MSNBC has the dirty-over-30 NILFs. Fox has the filthy NILFs who will report anything. They're the Hustler of NILFs."[12]

She had her first starring role in a feature film in 2004 with the Canadian independent film Ham & Cheese, alongside veteran Canadian comics Scott Thompson and Dave Foley."


Mass Media Controlled Late Night Talk Shows Shape Public Opinion & Perception

There Would Be No Mass Media Communication System Without The Federal Government & Other Such Administering Bodies


The Mainstream News Media Has Many Layers and Is Online In Many Forms

Glenn Beck - A Modern Orson Welles Indeed!

Layers of online lies protect the truth that the Multimedia Beast is a Hydra with Many Heads.

The beast is online and interactive.

"Beck spawned Mercury Radio Arts in 2002, naming it after Orson Welles' seminal Mercury Theatre, which produced live theatrical broadcasts during the 1930s. The company produces all of Beck's productions, including his eponymous radio show, books, and live stage shows, and his official website.[2][3]

On August 31, 2010, three days after his Restoring Honor rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D. C., Beck launched TheBlaze website, describing it as an alternative to "mainstream media outlets", which he said are "distorting facts to fit rigid agendas," he said TheBlaze will feature "breaking news, original reporting, insightful opinions and engaging videos about the stories that matter most" and that "we will examine our culture, deal with matters of faith and family, and we won’t be afraid of a history lesson."[4] The site was reportedly modeled after The Huffington Post, and has been compared accordingly by Matt DeLong of the Washington Postand Steve Krakauer of Mediaite."


All Really Are Friends "Behind The Scenes"

These elite classed have no real reason to disagree with each other in any serious kind of way. These real people play figurehead parts that are designed to act like social shepherds for the various political groups. Ours is a very managed society and most do not see how fake and how much of a distraction most of what we know as the political process really is. It is more theater than we tend to wan to think.

These controlled leaders act to slower otherwise impede any real social change. They drag their political feet and tend to come up with excuses as to why they cannot fulfill their various campaign promises. They also all exist to reinforce the need for the many layers of government in the first place.

The News & Government Are As One!

The Funny Roast: The Yearly Whitehouse Correspondence Dinner

"The WHCA's annual dinner, begun in 1920, has become a Washington, D.C. tradition and is usually attended by the president and vice president.[1] Fifteen presidents have attended at least one WHCA dinner, beginning with Calvin Coolidge in 1924.[1] The dinner is traditionally held on the evening of the last Saturday in April at the Washington Hilton.

Until 1962, the dinner was open only to men, even though WHCA's membership included women. At the urging of Helen Thomas, President John F. Kennedy refused to attend the dinner unless the ban on women was dropped.[4]

Prior to World War II, the annual dinner featured singing between courses, a homemade movie and an hour-long, post-dinner show with big-name performers.[1] "

Bill Clinton Bids Farewell at the 2000 White House Correspondents' Dinner

"Since 1983, however, the featured speaker has usually been a comedian, with the dinner taking on the form of a roast of the president and his administration."

White House Correspondents' Dinner

Smirking in the face of 700,000+ dead for $$$ Bush showing his true colours @ 5:05

Stand Up Comics Get RAW!

Screen Shot 2016-12-26 at 1.20.15 PM.png

Above and Below: Donald Trump & Tom Arnold at a Celebrity Event of Some Kind

All Forms of Mass Communication are The Medium for the Many Excessive Layers of Government We Do Not Need


List of assets owned by Viacom - Wikipedia

Mythic Traitors To The U.S. Are Given Celebrity Treatment By The U.S. State Run Media

Big Budget Hollywood Films With Major Talent AreMade About These So-Called (Digital) "Traitors"

How can we take any of this seriously?

If any of this is true, the government and its alphabet of agencies are a complete waste of our tax money. If this is the theatrical production it seems, the government and the alphabet agencies are a huge waste of our hard earned money. In either case it is well past time to end this farce.

Of course there’s the absurdity of the numerous media interviews the News Media did with The U.S. Most Wanted Terror Guy Osama Bin Laden.

Interviews of Osama bin Laden - Wikipedia

This mythical evil doer must have had a great agent as he did more interviews than Woody Allen. Reporters like John Miller could find this guy and sit down for a chat when the U.S. Government could not.

Like the mythical ISIS of today, Osama Bin Laden was himself, a media creation and another actor in this scripted cartoon yellow journalistic farce. Again if any of this is true the government is a joke and if it is the theater it seems, government is still a joke.

Do We Live In a Saturday Morning Cartoon World?

Media Pundits of All Types & Political Stripes Are Clearly Employed By The Corporate Owned & State Regulated Media Machine

These Pundits Are Late & Daytime Night Talk Show Hosts, Radio DJ's, Online Personas, both Amateurish & Not,  & All The Rest Of The Cast of Talking Heads Paraded On Screens World Wide!

These Pundits Are Now Online & Interactive

They Exist To Define the Boundaries of Reason & The Imagination

Online Personas Are All Part of The Official Show Folks!

In Many Ways The Mainstream Media Runs The Show

Comedic Propaganda Warning - An Image of Comedian and Actor Al Franken with then Conservative author, Arianna Huffington, from a Presidential election episode from Bill Maher's Old ABC Late Night Talk Show Below:

"Huffington was the co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post, which is now owned by AOL. "

"She was a popular conservative commentator in the mid-1990s, after which, in the 1990s, she offered liberal points of view in public, while remaining involved in business endeavors"

Arianna Huffington - Wikipedia

"President and Editor-In-Chief of The Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington talks about her segment with Al Franken on Bill Maher's "Politically Incorrect" and the new audience that it garnered."

In Bed on Bill Maher - Arianna Huffington MAKERS Moment

A Fake Political Shadow Puppet Play - The Left VS Right Debate is Staged!

These celebrity shepherds come in many forms and guises but tend to have one thing in common, they do not rally care about the very divisive politics they peddle to the mass audience. To them it's all about profit over the public good, despite claims to the contrary. United States Senator, Al Franken is one Celebrity example of many who blur the lines between scripted fiction and reality.

Whether you find his work funny or not, the Senator is clearly part of the show and has been for a while.

Who "Hacked" The 2016 Election: Did The Russians Script The DNC Convention?

Senator Al Franken Sarah Silverman DNC Stand Up - Uploaded by Democratic National Convention on 2016-07-26.

A Scripted Reality Show Con Job:

Both Parties Love Hollywood - They All Work For The Same Long Standing International Banking Interests

More: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/ Actor, producer and director Clint Eastwood was revealed as the Republican National Convention's "Mystery Speaker" Thursday night, talking to the crowd about the need for change and supporting presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

All Will Be Revealed:

"Donald Trump, Sr. (born June 14, 1946) is an American business magnate, television personality and author who is the chairman and president of The Trump Organization and the founder of Trump Entertainment Resorts. He is also well-known for being the host of the NBC reality series The Apprentice. He hosted Saturday Night Liveon April 3, 2004 and November 7, 2015."

Donald Trump | Saturday Night Live Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia

Music video by Sting performing If I Ever Lose My Faith In You. (C) 1993 A&M Records

A Twittering Prez! For The Plastic  Social Media Digital Age of Stupidity

Above, Trump at the NBC upfront from a few years back. An Upfront is where TV show stars rub shoulders with advertisers and promote the new Fall Season of shows. Advertising executives are winded and dined and hang out with the stars. Network sales teams seek to sell the Fall Schedule of Shows to the advertising industry.

"Right now, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and some of the major cable channels, are holding their "upfront" buying events in Midtown New York. They do this every year: The networks put on crazy shows, featuring their big stars, trying to build as much buzz as possible.

The shows are for ad-buyers, not the public. Last year, Jimmy Kimmel did a set for ABC in which he mocked the NBC show "Animal Practice," which featured a monkey. "This is the first time that NBC has had a star that throws its own feces since Gary Busey on 'Celebrity Apprentice,'" he said. Then he added, "We know that you have 9 billion to spend this week, so don't get all cheap-o, Secret Service on us" (a reference to the scandal in which a presidential security officer short-changed a prostitute).

Once the shows are over, the buyers and the networks literally enter a secret room, or at least a room that no one else is allowed into, and do their deals. About $10 billion will get spent this month."


We believe we think for ourselves but do we really?

If we actually consider the ramifications of the history we do know about, and look at the society we live in, we can begin to see why we are uneducated and why we believe the childish things we do. The masters of our world are not so smart and they need us to be dumber than they are.

Social Studies

We never originated any of those so-called social systems. They were all created by the European elite educated men and some women, who were hired by a group of people that can be best described as royalty. The work they were hired to produce was never meant to truly educate the minds of the mass public.

The Lie of The Fourth of July

Any real social revolution was watered down and kept in check and still is. Controlled leadership manages the expectations of the public and also slows down and otherwise mitigates the damage from any real social change.

If we imagine going back in time we'd find ourselves living on estates as feudal serfs. The Lords live in the castles and we live outside in shacks. This is the image we've been given. Let's assume for a second this image is correct. If we look at more modern slavery we can see that there might be good reason to assume this part of our history is indeed correct. The Evil slave trade and planation system had to come from somewhere. Plantations were the new world version of the old world Royal land estates.

If we were actual medieval peasants and serfs, we would find ourselves at the mercy of our masters. These self proclaimed Lords and Ladies and so-called Kings and Queens dressed in fancy robes were surrounded by pomp and ceremony as means to intimidate the mass of humanity that had been converted into a machine. Our ancestors had previously lived in tribal communities centered on family,  if we are to believe what we've been told about our collective global history. This more logical existence had to be replaced with one that reinforced a ever continuing need for external authority of one kind or another.

All of this education we talk about originates with the elite or the Royalty. All history and science and medicine and technology are theirs to control. Historically speaking this is so. We think we know what we do and a lot of it is wrong and this is the result of the controlled system of information which originated in many ways with what we call the modern University System.

Why would the U.S. Government Tell You Russia Hacked the U.S. Presidential Election?

A Digital Cold War is Born!

Does it make any sense other than for pure propaganda purposes to have President Obama, the CIA and FBI claim that Russia magically hacked the election? Why would they want the Russians to know they succeeded so well? Why would they want the public to know how inept the U.S. Government really is? Is this supposed to make us feel like our tax money is well spent? It seems we've been ripped off! It is very easy for the various Federal Governmental bodies to make and back up whatever claims they like. They are on the same team. No matter how many other agencies chime in, it is still an example of intellectual dishonesty as this is obvious circular reasoning and is an example of logical fallacy.

The Government coming out and backing up the unnamed press sources is as meaningless as those original reports. Of course we can guess this will mean Congress budgeting more money for Cyber Defense. Maybe they can borrow it from the International Banks.

United States Cyber Command - Wikipedia

Information is Supposed to Be Compartmentalized

The media promoted "whistleblowers" end up being no more than controlled opposition figures and part of the Military Industrial Entertainment Complex Side Show Fiasco™! Why would it be logical or wise to allow a whole bunch of seemingly embarrassing and supposedly important intelligence end up in the hands of low level operators of one kind or another? 

What happened to being on a need to know basis? How does the info dump from low level individuals make any sense? Whose side are these cartoonish characters supposed to be on? Why does the media go to them like any other go to talking head pundit? Why Does Edward Snowden come across like someone trained to give Ted™ Talks?

What's the deal with Wikileaks? Are we really to believe that the United States Government with its Cyber Command cannot defend itself from so-called Russian hackers? Didn't the Government and the University system, along with the Military Industrial Complex develop the internet and related computer technology and software in the first place? How can we take the Federal Government seriously and as anything but a comical long standing racket and con job?


May The Farce Be With You: And Also with You and you and you and you...

The Content of the So-called "Hacking' would seem to be nothing more than the usual gossipy press nonsense. Is this really what espionage looks like? This is high school level, juvenile like behavior on the part of the supposed political leadership of the World.

You Are The Enemy & DIS-INFO is the Weapon of Choice

All of these figures are probably part of the Military or other related intelligence agencies, whether from the United States or other governmental bodies, they all play for the same Global Banking Team. Illogic and childish James Bond like reasoning is offered as "news" and reality to the public. Very little of any of these kinds of stories actually make much sense at all when when one looks at these narratives objectively and logically. Sensationalized headlines that scream emotionally charged proclamations are designed to stir the emotions of the mass public and to control thought and behavior. You are supposed to relate in some way with many of the characters presented by the news. The underdog act is an easy go to sympathy ploy.

Layers of Lies Protect The Truth: The Government is a Protections Racket & Long Standing Con Job -

It's About $$$

& Social Control

Who Watches The Watchmen? We all do.

The real cyber 'defense' that we foot the bill for would seem to be the obvious online activity of the Military Industrial Complex. They think the old side show snake oil sales tactics can still work in the age of the ultimate library. Whether online or off, the old school manipulative media tactics are still in use today. Media comes in many forms of course, we can lie with word of mouth, oil paintings, architecture and costumes. We can lie in print or on a video screen or over a radio speaker. We can lie with mathematical equation as easily as we can lie with a verbal sentence. Libraries like the internet, contain works of fiction and works meant to explain fact. The internet is basically the best library in history. The library itself is just a tool, the discerning mind is needed as well.


The Enemy of The World Governments is You!

FCJ-004 The Military-Entertainment Complex: A New Facet of Information Warfare

"But the recent war in Iraq extended the information war concept into new territory. It was different to previous wars in one major way: this war was waged as entertainment. It is not that the sight of a pathetically armed and disorganised rabble being blasted to oblivion by a massively armed military machine is in itself entertaining, though the ratings were not bad. Rather the US war machine has learnt much from the entertainment industry and is now pursuing battle plans that treat the “enemy” as the audience. This is what shock and awe is all about – give them a big production number and their hearts and minds will follow.

The entertainment paradigm is used not only to wage war against the Iraqis but also to manage the home front. The words of one senior White House official sums up the approach: ‘Boom, boom, we’re going in hard and fast,’ the official said. ‘By this time next week, sit by your TV and get ready to watch the fireworks’ (Coorey and Schlink, 2003). War as entertainment even played a role in focusing the efforts of US troops. As Vice-Admiral Timothy Keating told a massed meeting of US personnel just before the war: ‘Make no mistake, when the president says go, look out, it’s hammer time’ (Roberts, 2003). This a direct reference to the stylings of rap musician, MC Hammer. But the enemy is not always in on the act. The US has forgotten the power of the active audience so that Lt. General William S. Wallace was left to complain: ‘The enemy we’re fighting is a bit different to the one we war-gamed against…’. [1]

Former US President Eisenhower warned in 1961 of the power of the Military Industrial Complex shortly before that confection of influence peddling, political opportunism and inter-locking commercial interests led the US into Vietnam. Now there is a new force in the land, the military-entertainment complex evident in the close co-operation – and sharing – of ideas and resources: between computer games producers and the military, particularly on pre-training prospective candidates for the US armed forces; between Hollywood producers and the US government on language and concepts post September 11, 2001; and between the military’s propaganda machine and the entertainment industry’s thirst for manufactured and timely “reality” that precludes the possibility of the critical representation of the real.

The flexibility of the military-entertainment complex is evident in the interchange of personnel between both wings, from military to entertainment (Coffee, 1995 : 30; Pollack, 1997: 1) or a virtual-reality expert from Disney’s Imagineering group joining the National Security Agency (Peter Huck, 2003). In the carefully plotted production of the second Gulf War, it seems that the military has turned to the entertainment industry to respond to Baudrilliard’s critique of the first Gulf War:

…the war, along with the fake and presumptive warriors, generals, experts and television presenters… watches itself in a mirror: am I pretty enough, am I operational enough, am I spectacular enough, am I sophisticated enough to make an entry onto the historical stage? … this uncertainty invades our screens like a real oil slick, in the image of that blind sea bird stranded on a beach in the Gulf, which will remain the symbol-image of what we all are in front of our screens, in front of that sticky and unintelligible event. (Baudrilliard, 1995: 31)

From the attention-grabbing intro of fireworks over Baghdad, through the chase scenes of tanks racing across the desert, with the sub-plot of Saving Private Jessica to the toppling of Saddam’s statue, this time the story was seamless. Each moment designed for prime time, each plot point subtly inter-woven into one unstoppable meta-narrative. Resistance is futile, you can’t stop the music. At least until the President declares the war is over and the real war begins between an occupying army and a fanatical guerrilla opposition indistinguishable from the population. It took about six months to move the full circle. The simulations that began as theories about reality for planning and training purposes took on the form of reality in the heat of battle only to be revealed to be inaccurate as either reality or simulation in the harsh light of peace. Private Jessica’s own disavowal of the military’s mythology is a case in point: the military continues to claim she was raped while Jessica denies it."

source article: http://one.fibreculturejournal.org/fcj-004-the-military-entertainment-complex-a-new-facet-of-information-warfare

Of Course Traitors Belong on Mainstream Corporately Owned United States Media: This Makes No Sense & HBO Would BE Aiding & Abetting An Enemy of The USA!

The Dumbing Down of The World

We the people need to be kept dumbed down for good reason. We need to be in a constant state of "amazement". We must remain "stunned" or actually stupefied. We are supposed accept obvious cartoonish reasoning as fact.

The Game Show Reality TV President: The Commander in Chief of the Twitter Rage Age

"Donald Trump will continue to hold the title of executive producer for the television show “The Celebrity Apprentice” after taking office, foreshadowing an unorthodox presidency in which the commander in chief has a hand in the world of reality TV.
The show has not aired in two years but will return to NBC with former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as host on Jan. 2. Trump’s title with the show was first reported Thursday by the entertainment publication Variety.
“The Celebrity Apprentice” is a spinoff of “The Apprentice,” the hit show that Trump hosted for 14 seasons, popularized his catchphrase “You’re fired!” and helped catapult his global celebrity. Trump was given a 50 percent ownership stake on the show and paid, at the start, $100,000 per episode for hosting. Trump has claimed that he was paid more than $213 million for the show over the course of its run.
Trump’s arrangement is with entertainment giant MGM, which produces the show. His former partner, Burnett, is head of MGM’s television division. A company spokeswoman did not respond to a request for comment. The show’s representative who confirmed Trump’s title spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss an internal matter."

Television is The Medium of Government: The Mainstream News & Related Media Exist to Provide Us with a Highly Filtered & Distorted View of The World.

At the highest levels, the media and the government are one and the same. It's all one big happy long standing corporate enterprise.

Living Colour's official music video for 'Cult Of Personality'. Click to listen to Living Colour on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/LivColSpotify?IQid=LCCOP As featured on Everything Is Possible - The Very Best of Living Colour.

Cartoon Culture Manufactured Just To Rot Our Minds

image source: Raw Story

Robert Plant and the Band Of Joy play 'Houses Of The Holy' Live on Friday 29th October 2010. Buddy Miller (Guitar), Patty Griffin (Vocals), Byron House (Bass), Darrell Scott (Slide Guitar), Marco Giovino (Drums). HD.

The Military Industrial entertainment complex™ is Real!

Hollywood Promotes Various Military Memes

The director of this bit of obvious propaganda is none other than Clint Eastwood who has of late been making theatrical released remakes of seemingly prior fictional works.

Apparently Eastwood and many other Hollywood types belonged to a Special Services branch of the U.S. Military.

U.S. Military = Show Business!!!

The GOP Actually Loves Hollywood Actors

Two Supposed Conservative former SNL comedians appear on FOX News: It's All Show Biz Folks!


Our Tax Dollars At Work For "Sgt. Pepper's" Marching Band!

"The United States Army Field Band of Washington, D.C. is a touring musical organization of the United States Army. Each year, the Army Field Band performs more than 400 concerts and makes thousands of appearances before audiences of all ages. From America's largest cities to her smallest heartland communities, "The Musical Ambassadors of the Army" tell the story of the Army.

The soldier-musicians of the Field Band have appeared live, on the radio, and on television in all 50 states, and have performed in 25 foreign countries on four continents. They are the most traveled musical organization of the United States military."

"Stationed at Ft. Meade, MD, the Army Field Band consists of four performing components: The Concert Band, The Soldiers' Chorus, the Jazz Ambassadors, and The Volunteers. The Army Field Band's operations component works in garrison at Ft. Meade and organizes all tours.

Every four years, the Army Field Band is charged with the special responsibility of leading the first element of the Presidential Inaugural Parade. The Kennedy Center Honors, three World Series, the Baltimore Orioles' annual home finale, the 1995 Presidential Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of V-J Day, the 40th Anniversary of D-Day in Normandy, the National Memorial Day Concert, the state funerals of Presidents Reagan and Ford, and the 2002 Winter Olympic Games are some examples of high-profile appearances by the Army Field Band. However, the Army Field Band's day-to-day mission is to represent the United States Army by performing concerts across America, from the most prestigious of concert halls to the humblest of schools."

United States Army Field Band - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Clint Eastwood -  A Showman Soldier

The Show Biz SS: The Special Services of The U.S. Military

"Special Services was the entertainment branch of the American military. The unit was created on 22 July 1940 by the War Department as part of the Army Service Forces.[1] Special Services would not only use their own specially trained and talented troops but would often engage local performers.[2]

Special Services were one of the few U.S. Army units to be integrated during World War II. Special Services opened their first Recreational Officer school at Fort Meade Maryland on 1 April 1942."

The Many Faces of Prez Elect Trump

Trump's Name is on The List

"The Ellis Island Medal of Honor is an American award founded by the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations (NECO)[1] which pays homage to the immigrant experience and the contribution made to America by immigrants and their children. The medals are awarded to native-born and naturalized U.S. citizens. 

The medals were established at the time of NECO's founding in 1986; a ceremony is held each May on Ellis Island.[4] All branches of the United States Armed Forces traditionally participate. Both the United States House of Representatives and United States Senate have officially recognized the Ellis Island Medals of Honor, and each year’s recipients are read into the Congressional Record.[5] The Great Hall where immigrants were once processed hosts the gala dinner which follows the ceremony. Approximately 100 medalists are honored each year. Past medalists include six Presidents and a president-elect, as well as Nobel Prize winners and leaders of industry, education, the arts, sports and government."

Ellis Island Medal of Honor - Wikipedia

Donald Trump is Just Another "Kim Kardashian"

He is Just Another Empty  Media Promoted "Celebrity"

Why would a Billionaire not only make a fool of himself, why would he become a paid for hire spokesman for Pizza Hut?

Why would this supposed great business leader read from a script written by others? Why would he become an advertising spokesperson? Why would he need to work for NBC and MGM? Political spin and apologetics aside, this make no sense. Do we really live in a comic book sunday comic strip inspired Universe? We think not.

Our Taxes At Work

"The Kennedy Center Honors is an annual honor given to those in the performing arts for their lifetime of contributions to American culture (though recipients do not need to be U.S. citizens). The Honors have been presented annually since 1978, culminating each December in a star-studded gala celebrating the Honorees in the Kennedy Center Opera House."

Worship The Stars of The United States of The Cult of Personality

1 + 1 = 3!

The United States is The Overlooked Hollywood

"Hotel California"

The Military Industrial Entertainment Sports & Gambling Hotel Complex™ Revealed!

(In Many Ways, Hollywood & The USA Government Are One)

An Overlooked Hotel Manager Presents An Actor With A Freedom Award: Is This Really What Freedom Looks Like?

Actors & Wrestlers & Politicians: It's All A Cartoon Theatrical Show

The selection of Ronald Reagan as President should have been a huge November Clue! Action star Arnold would have been a Presidential contender had the United States a different Constitution. As it stands today, former WWF wrestler Donald Trump has made the leap from reality TV to the Whitehouse and the gig isn't so different , is it?  Luckily enough, the officially sanctioned Mainstream Media conspiracy guy and former Governor and Hollywood actor, former wrestling idol and self proclaimed Navy Seal super spy guy, Jesse Ventura waits in the wings for a shot at the seat behind the desk in the West Wing.

Be Amazed! Be Stupefied! The Show Never Ends!

This is where a lot of our tax dollars go folks. This is the cartoonish reasoning sold by the Military Industrial Entertainment Sports Complex™.

 The Scripted "MATRiX" revealed:

Mr. McMahon and Donald Trump make their Battle of the Billionaires Match official on Raw.

The Digital Age of The Military Industrial Entertainment Sports Complex™ Has Dawned!

"The Defense Media Activity (DMA) is a United States Department of Defense (DoD) field activity. It provides a broad range of high-quality multimedia products and services to inform, educate, and entertain Department of Defense audiences around the world.[1] The Defense Media Activity is located on Fort MeadeMaryland. DoD field activities are established as DoD components by law, by the President, or by the Secretary of Defense to provide for the performance, on a DoD-wide basis, of a supply or service activity that is common to more than one Military Department when it is determined to be more effective, economical, or efficient to do so.[2] DMA operates as a separate DoD Component under the authority, direction and control of the Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs."

Artists Employed For Military Deception Paid For By Our Tax Dollars

There Is An Internal/External Propaganda Program - Military Personal Are More Compartmentalized and More Propagandized Than The Public Is.

Military Personal Than End Up Telling Tall Tales To The Public Whether They Know It Or Not.

"Organization and functions

Organization and Functions[8] DMA is composed of a headquarters and seven operating components.

The American Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS) component delivers, via the American Forces Network (AFN), U.S. radio and television news, information, and entertainment programming to active, guard, and reserve military service members, DoD civilians and contract employees, and their families overseas, on board Navy and Coast Guard ships, and to other authorized users. Includes radio and television stations in military communities in Europe, Pacific and the Middle East; and include its central broadcasting hub, the AFN Broadcast Center in Riverside, California.

The Defense Information School provides joint-service training to Defense military and civilian personnel in the career fields of Public Affairs and Visual Information. The school is located at Fort Meade, Maryland.

The Defense Visual Information component manages the Defense Department’s visual information records, provides visual information services to other DoD components and manages the Joint Combat Camera program. It operates the Defense Imagery Management Operations Center (DIMOC)[9] centered at Fort Meade, Maryland, with elements in Riverside, California, and Tobyhanna Army Depot in Pennsylvania.

The Production component produces media and visual information products to the internal DoD family (active, guard, and reserve military service members, dependents, retirees, DoD civilians, and contract employees) and external audiences through all available media, including motion and still imagery; print; radio; television; web and related emerging internet, mobile, and other communication technologies. Also includes communication of messages and themes from senior DoD leaders in order to support and improve quality of life and morale, promote situational awareness, provide timely and immediate force protection information, and sustain readiness. Services include American Forces Press ServicePentagon Channel, the Joint Hometown News Service, and providing internal news and information products for Defense.gov, Army.mil, Navy.mil, Marines.mil, and AF.mil.

The Stars and Stripes produces and delivers a newspaper distributed overseas (and on-line products) for the U.S. military community. Editorially independent of interference from outside its own editorial chain-of-command, it provides commercially available U.S. and world news and objective staff-produced stories relevant to the military community.

The Support Services component provides activity-wide administrative, facility management, transportation and logistics services.

The Technical Services component provides technology services to the other DMA components, hosts hundreds of DoD web sites through the DoD Public Web program[10] and the Television-Audio Support Activity (T-ASA)."


SS = U.S. Military Special Services

WWE Tribute to the Troops - Wikipedia

Your Mind Will Be Stunned By The Amazing Global Show!

You Will Believe the Lies!

Your Mind Will Be Stupefied!

Governments do not exist to bring you freedom. They exist to limit your freedom. The entire soap opera shadow play drama is meant to make you think you need the protection of government in the first place. This is how we end up paying more in fees and fines and taxes and face more jail time than ever, for personal behavior choices, despite recent social change. The system does not work for the average person. The global economic system is based on feudalism and benefits the upper classes or elite of this world. We are wage slaves tied to an inhuman system that serves the few at the expense of the many. The world has long been run by one corporate banking 'Holy Roman Empire' for a very long time. See article index for more, but safe to say the Sun never sets on the British Empire. The British Empire is simply the renamed and rebranded, reconfigured, Holy Roman Empire. With or without Royal & Noble title, the elite run the show to this day.

"If you’re a fan of classic films, then you’re probably a fan of John Huston. He’s the guy behind movies like The Maltese Falcon, and during World War II, he directed several memorable war documentaries. Only as it turns out, a few of Huston’s war docs were actually fakes."


Look Out For The Overlooked Mountain

"Lookout Mountain Air Force Station (LMAFS) is a former defense site which today is a private residence in the Laurel Canyon neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. The USAF military installation produced motion pictures and still photographs for the United States Department of Defense and the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) from 1947-1969.[2]

The 100,000 sq ft (9,300m) facility was built on 2.5 acres in 1941 as a World War II air defense center to coordinate Los Angeles area radar installations.[2] When the studio was established in 1947, its purpose was kept secret. The studio consisted of one large sound stage, a film laboratory, two screening rooms, four editing rooms, an animation and still photo department, sound mixing studio, and numerous climate controlled film vaults. Using the latest equipment, the studio could process both 35mm and 16mm color motion picture film as well as black and white and color still photographs.[3] It was declared Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument number 1098 in 2015"

"In the 1960s, Lookout Mountain, AFS was staffed by more than 250 military and civilian personnel. The studio employed many talented civilians as producers, writers, directors, cameramen, editors and animators. Many of these "old timers" had worked at Warner Bros., Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Universal and RKO Pictures."[10] W. Donn Hayes (1893–1973), who coined the name American Cinema Editors (ACE), was the past president of the Motion Picture Editors Guild and worked at Lookout Mountain as his last career assignment. Hayes had been in the film and television industries since 1916. Among his credits were Tarzan Escapes (1936), Hitchcock's Rebecca (1940), and Li'l Abner (1940). Another Lookout Mountain editor, William "Bill" Holmes (1904–1978) had edited 54 feature films at Warner Bros. Holmes' credits included: Ben Hur (1925), I Was A Fugitive From A Chain Gang (1932), Dark Victory (1939), They Died With Their Boots On (1941) and Sergeant York, for which he won the 1941 Academy Award for Best Editing. Barry Shipman (1912–1994), one of Lookout Mts' writers, had written serials for Universal Pictures including Dick Tracy (1937) and Flash Gordon Conquers The Universe (1940), and had written for such TV series as LassieRamar of the Jungle, Adventures of Wild Bill Hicock and Death Valley Days.[15] Many of the studio's producers and directors were veterans of Frank Capra's WW II film unit, or had been with combat photo teams of the Army, Navy and Marines."

"In an average year, Lookout Mountain produced 150 reels of finished film, a reel being 10 minutes of film, or roughly 35-40 finished films. In addition, Lookout Mountain provided film input for the monthly Air Force Newsreel, shown to Air Force personnel around the world, and briefing films for HQ USAF and unclassified film clips for the Secretary of the Air Force, Office of Information (SAFOI) to distribute to TV media from film received daily from the 600th Photo Squadron documenting Air Force combat operations in Vietnam."

"Many of the Film Reports, Training Films and Special Film Projects featured well known Hollywood actors and voice-over narrators. Among those who have starred in Air Force films shot at "the Hill," as Lookout personnel called the studio, were: Reed HadleyBob HopeJimmy StewartRobert PrestonJames GarnerJuliet ProwseGregory PeckKeenan WynnMarvin MillerLes TremayneKim NovakGlenn Ford and Lee Marvin.[9] While a Brigadier General in the Air Force Reserve, Jimmy Stewart narrated several films and starred in a series of public service announcements for the Civil Air Patrol. Leonid Kinsky, who had played the bartender in "Casablanca" in 1942, starred in a series of training films with titles like "Kinsky's Report on Frostbite"."

"For years, at Christmas, the Air Force provided Bob Hope with air and logistical support for his annual Christmas tours to Vietnam to entertain the troops. As part of this support, Lookout Mountain Air Force Station provide 35mm film equipment and film crews to document Hope's tours. His tours were later broadcast on NBC as Bob Hope Specials.[10]

Lookout Mountain Air Force Station also supported the AEC with documentation of underground nuclear tests at the Nevada Test Site (NTS), Mercury, NV. Beginning in 1951 with Operation Ranger, the first series of atmospheric tests at NTS, photographers from the 1352 Photographic Squadron and the U.S. Army Signal Corps began experimenting with different photographic methods from high-speed to wide-screen. Nuclear tests were filmed in 35mm and 16mm color, in CinemascopeVistaVision, and even 3-D. One of the last underground nuclear tests covered by Lookout Mountain crews was Midi Mist in June, 1967. Between 1946 and 1969, Lookout Mountain studio produced more than 6,500 films for the Atomic Energy Commission and other government agencies. Many of these films remain classified."

Lookout Mountain Air Force Station - Wikipedia

We Have To Believe We Need To Keep Paying Our Taxes!


"The Defense Information School, or DINFOS, is a United States Department of Defense (DoD) school located at Fort George G. MeadeMaryland. DINFOS fulfills the Department of Defense's need for an internal corps of professional journalists, broadcasters, and public affairs professionals.[1] Members from all branches of the U.S. military, DoD civilians and international military personnel attend DINFOS for training in public affairs, print journalismphotojournalismphotographytelevision and radio broadcastinglithography, equipment maintenance and various forms of multimedia. The American Council on Education recommends college credit for most DINFOS courses."

"Journalism courses 

Journalism classes feature basic writing skills and include a headline style known at the school as "headline-ese", a total style for writing and developing headlines. Students are taught a variety of writing styles and formats such as news, sports and feature writing.

Photojournalism courses focus on composition, exposure, and general camera operation skills. Flash photography is introduced in the basic photography course. Students learn advanced photo-editing, composition and other techniques not taught in basic photojournalism classes.

For military print journalists, DINFOS offers the 12-week Basic Public Affairs Specialist Course (BPASC), a 26-week online BPASC and three-week Editors' Course. U.S. Army students are awarded the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) designator of 46Q, and U.S. Marine Corps students are awarded the MOS 4341 Combat Correspondent.

For military Broadcast journalists, DINFOS offers the Broadcast Communication Specialist Course. Broadcasters begin by attending several weeks of BWAS - Basic Writing and Announcing Skills. If the class requirements are met, students may continue into Radio and Television broadcasting classes. U.S. Army students are awarded the MOS designator of 46R.

Students in all courses hail from all branches of the U.S. military and reserve as well as International military students."

Defense Information School - Wikipedia

WW II Era USO Tours: The Origins of The Modern Pop Concert Tour

"After being formed in 1941, in response to World War II, "centers were established quickly... in churches, barns, railroad cars, museums, castles, beach clubs, and log cabins."[9] Most centers offered recreational activities, such as holding dances and showing movies. And there were the well-known free coffee and doughnuts. Some USO bases provided a haven for spending a quiet moment alone or writing a letter home, while others offered spiritual guidance and made childcare available for military wives.

But the organization became mostly known for its live performances called Camp Shows, through which the entertainment industry helped boost the morale of its servicemen and women. Camp Shows began in October 1941, and by that fall and winter 186 military theaters existed in the United States. Overseas shows began in November 1941 with a tour of the Caribbean. Within five months 36 overseas units had been sent within the Americas, the United Kingdom, and Australia, and during 1942 1,000 performed as part of 70 units. Average performers were paid $100 a week; top stars were paid $10 a day because their wealth let them contribute more of their talents.[10]

These overseas shows were produced by the American Theatre Wing, which also provided food and entertainment for the armed services in their Stage Door Canteens. Funds from the sale of film rights for a story about the New York Canteen went toward providing USO tours of shows for overseas troops.[11]

After the Invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944, Edward G. Robinson was first movie star to travel to Normandy to entertain the troops.[12][13] He had already been active back home selling war bonds, and donated $100,000 to the USO. During his show, he said, "This is the most privileged moment of my life, the opportunity to be here with you."[14] The following month, Camp Shows began in Normandy.

Until fall 1944 overseas units contained five performers or fewer; The Barretts of Wimpole Street, using local theaters in France and Italy, was the first to use an entire theater company, including scenery.[10] At its high point in 1944, the USO had more than 3,000 clubs, and curtains were rising on USO shows 700 times a day. The USO's fundraising efforts were not without controversy. An MGM film, Mr. Gardenia Jones, created to assist the USO in its fundraising campaign, was nearly withdrawn from theaters due to objections by the War Department. The objections were centered on scenes showing soldiers jumping with joy at the opportunity to shower in canteens and rest in overstuffed and comfortable USO chairs. The Army, noted the New York Times, "feels this is not good for morale as it implies that there are no showers or other comforts for soldiers in military camps." The film starred Ronald Reagan, who was then a captain in the Army."

Never Forget The Absurdity of The WW iI USO Tours “That Started it All”!

"List of WWII entertainers 

From 1941 to 1947, the USO presented more than 400,000 performances, featuring entertainers such as Abbott and CostelloLarry AdlerBrian AherneLouise AllbrittonMorey AmsterdamMarian AndersonThe Andrews SistersArmidaJean ArthurFred AstaireGene AutryLauren BacallFay BainterLucille BallTallulah BankheadLynn BariCount BasiePeg Leg BatesConstance BennettJack BennyEdgar BergenIngrid BergmanMilton BerleEubie BlakeBen BlueRay BolgerHumphrey BogartMary BrianHillary BrookePhyllis BrooksJoe E. BrownWillie BryantGeorge Burns and Gracie AllenCharles ButterworthJames CagneyCab CallowayJudy CanovaEddie CantorJune ClydeJerry ColonnaGary CooperKatharine CornellBing CrosbyBebe DanielsLinda DarnellBette DavisJoan DavisDennis DayOlivia De HavillandJoe DeRitaMarlene DietrichDoraine and EllisMorton DowneyEllen DrewIrene DunneDeanna DurbinJimmy DuranteAnn DvorakNelson EddyDuke EllingtonSkinnay EnnisMaurice EvansJinx FalkenburgGlenda FarrellJoey FayeLeslie FentonGracie FieldsShep FieldsW.C. FieldsThe Four Evans,[22] Kay FrancisJane FromanReginald GardinerEd GardnerJudy GarlandBilly GilbertBetty GrableCary GrantJohn GarfieldWilliam GarganGreer GarsonPaulette GoddardBenny GoodmanJack HaleyAdelaide Hall,[23] Moss HartSusan HaywardRita HayworthJascha HeifetzHildegardeCeleste HolmBob HopeLena HorneMarsha HuntAlberta HunterBetty HuttonAllen JenkinsGeorge JesselAl JolsonBoris KarloffDanny KayeGene KellyGuy KibbeeAndre KostelanetzGene KrupaKay KyserVeronica LakeHedy LamarrDorothy LamourCarole LandisFrances LangfordLaurel and HardyGertrude LawrenceAnna LeeGypsy Rose LeeVivien LeighJoan LeslieJoe E. LewisBeatrice LillieCarole LombardEdmund LowePaul LukasAlfred Lunt and Lynne FontanneIda LupinoJeanette MacDonaldTex McCraryJoel McCreaHattie McDanielDorothy McGuireFrank McHughFrederic MarchMarion MartinMitzi MayfairMike MazurkiThe Marx BrothersAdolphe MenjouUna MerkelRay MillandGlenn MillerGarry MooreTim MooreChester MorrisZero MostelGeorge MurphyMildred NatwickMerle OberonPat O'BrienMinerva PiousLily PonsGeorge RaftLuise RainerMartha RayeOssy RenardyPaul RobesonEdward G. RobinsonThe RockettesGinger RogersMickey RooneyRosalind RussellAnn RutherfordAnn SavageRandolph ScottJack SharkeyArtie ShawAnn SheridanDinah ShorePhil SilversFrank SinatraNoble SissleAnn SothernJo StaffordBarbara StanwyckBill SternJames StewartGloria StuartEd SullivanDanny ThomasThree Bon BunniesGene TierneyMartha TiltonArthur TracySpencer TracyArthur TreacherSophie TuckerLana TurnerVera VagueJohn Wayne,[24] Mae WestChill WillsAnna May Wong and Keenan Wynn."

United Service Organizations - Wikipedia

Both high profile and lower profile media figures get moved around the scripted landscape like role playing chess pieces.

There's A Long History of Military Deception

The Ghost Army English Movie New Action Movies 2015 full English Full HD ✘✘ Sniper Ghost Warrior After glorious victories, old soldier Thomas Beckett returns to life with commonly leisurely .

"The Ghost Army was a Allied Army tactical deception unit during World War II officially known as the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops.[1] The 1,100-man unit was given a unique mission within the Allied Army: to impersonate other Allied Army units to deceive the enemy. From a few weeks after D-Day, when they landed in France, until the end of the war, they put on a "traveling road show" utilizing inflatable tankssound trucks, fake radio transmissions and pretence. They staged more than 20 battlefield deceptions, often operating very close to the front lines. Their story was kept secret for more than 40 years after the war, and elements of it remain classified.[2] The unit was the subject of a PBS documentary The Ghost Army in 2013."


Video by Fiko Henna © rANKo TINTORetto © tattoo5605 ; From the album "Brain Salad Surgery" (1973) ; http://www.facebook.com/FikoHenna Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends We're so glad you could attend Come inside! Come inside! There behind a glass is a real blade of grass be careful as you pass.

"Don't Be Stupid"

stupid (adj.) 
1540s, "mentally slow, lacking ordinary activity of mind, dull, inane," from Middle French stupide(16c.) and directly from Latin stupidus "amazed, confounded; dull, foolish," literally "struck senseless," from stupere "be stunned, amazed, confounded," from PIE *stupe- "hit," from root *(s)teu- (1) "to push, stick, knock, beat" (see steep (adj.)). Related: Stupidlystupidness

Native words for this idea include negative compounds with words for "wise" (Old English unwisunsnotorungleaw), also dol (see dull (adj.)), and dysig (see dizzy (adj.)). Stupid retained its association with stupor and its overtones of "stunned by surprise, grief, etc." into mid-18c. The difference between stupid and the less opprobrious foolish roughly parallels that of German törichtvs. dumm but does not exist in most European languages.

stupid - Online Etymology Dictionary

Post Script: The United States is The Banana Republic

Communications Media Has Always Been State Run & Controlled

To Learn about how The U.S. Navy controlled radio and how they founded the modern communications system we take for granted today, please read: The History of RCA — A Proper Gander At Propaganda

Or you can browse the article index. The film and other communications industries like even phonographs, have always been run by the elite. Pathe films in Europe and RKO (RCA) in America are examples of this kind of monopolistic media control.

Many of the same people who pioneered the film industry, with things like photographic darkroom (early photoshop) effects, also founded the modern News industry with the introduction of the Newsreel in theaters.

"Pathé News was a producer of newsreels and documentaries from 1910 until 1970 in the United Kingdom. Its founder, Charles Pathé, was a pioneer of moving pictures in the silent era. The Pathé News archive is known today as British Pathé. Its collection of news film and movies is fully digitised and available online."

"Its roots lie in 1896 ParisFrance, when Société Pathé Frères was founded by Charles Pathé and his brothers, who pioneered the development of the moving image. Charles Pathé adopted the national emblem of France, the cockerel, as the trademark for his company. After the company, now called Compagnie Générale des Éstablissements Pathé Frère Pt'honographes & Cinématographes, invented the cinema newsreel with Pathé-Journal. French Pathé began its newsreel in 1908 and opened a newsreel office in Wardour Street, London in 1910.

The newsreels were shown in the cinema and were silent until 1928. At first they ran for about four minutes, and were issued biweekly. Even though during the early days the camera shots were taken from a stationary position, the Pathé newsreels captured events such as Franz Reichelt's fatal parachute jump from the Eiffel Tower, and suffragette Emily Davison's fatal injury by a racehorse at the 1913 Epsom Derby.

"During the First World War, the cinema newsreels were called the Pathé Animated Gazettes, and for the first time this provided newspapers with competition. After 1918, British Pathé started producing a series of cinemazines, in which the newsreels were much longer and more comprehensive. By 1930, British Pathé was covering news, entertainment, sport, culture and women’s issues through programmes including the Pathétone Weekly, the Pathé Pictorial, the Gazette and Eve’s Film Review.

In 1927, the company sold British Pathé (both the feature film and the newsreel divisions) to First National. (French Pathé News continued until 1980, and the library is now part of the Gaumont-Pathé collection.) Pathé changed hands again in 1933, when it was acquired by Associated British Picture Corporation. In 1958, it was sold again to Warner Bros. and became Warner-Pathé. Pathé eventually stopped producing the cinema newsreel in February 1970[1] as they could no longer compete with television. During the newsreels' run, the narrators included Bob Danvers-Walker, Dwight Weist, Dan Donaldson, André Baruch, and Clem McCarthy, among others."

Pathé News - Wikipedia

For more about the long standing and historical multimedia control and how the arts and technology have been used to fool us for centuries, please read some of these articles:

Shilling For The Controlled Opposition: The Overlooked Theater


Methods of Social Control: War as a Racket

End the IRS Farce - Government is a Protection Racket - The Governments Are The Real Mafia

propaganda source: http://www.rawstory.com

"Before It's News" Indeed: Is This Predictive Programming For A Scripted Trump Assassination?

image source: http://rgn.bz/TtLr (2/01/2017)