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Fake News Grows Up To Become Fake History: How Mythology is Made

Please Listen To This Excellent Lecture It Explains A Lot About Our World

Alan Watts: Those Who Are In Power- From the lecture titled, 'Whose Is The Kingdom'.

The Mainstream & Related News Media is The Source of Fake News. It is called Propaganda.

A Fake News Casting Call

"Real World" Contracts

“When signing the contract, cast members also agree that producers can humiliate them, portray them “in a false light,” and even hire “actors who may or may not resemble” them to achieve whatever ends they’d like. So, even if you’re a saint, they can make you look like the devil. MTV also gets blanket rights to all contestants’ experiences “which occur, will occur, or have occurred at any time… (my ‘Life Story’).” That means if you tell the producers a story that happened in your past, they can work it in any way they want. It sounds like something straight out of an Orwellian novel.

— http://www.looper.com/15293/untold-truth-mtvs-real-world/?utm_campaign=clip

Welcome To The Machined Matrix:

Documentaries Are Not as Real As Advertised

Of Course Pizza Gate is Fake

Most mainstream News stories are highly filtered and edited and present very unrealistic views of existence. Even alternative News narratives like pedophile stories and the latest version of the same old narrative, called "Pizzagate" are more fake and artificial than not. We doubt very much that the Royal Family and other high profile politicians are part of some kind of pedophile ring. The source of those stories and rumors is part of the same noise machine that lies to us on a daily basis and these stories all follow the same pattern of deception.

Whatever the truth is, the media noise machine will drown it out. That machine is online and interactive.

Sammy Devil Jr. - VICE

Same Old Scandalous Satanic Abuses

Geraldo and Oprah and other examples of daytime propaganda television programming from the 1980s and into the 1990's were the video versions of the 'rags'. Sensationalized allegations and rumor was promoted hard by the likes of the daytime television host, surrounded by the adoring crowd of course. The audience is all important to television production, we have to have our cues after all. We need to know when to clap and laugh and so on.

The Song Remains The Same & The Show Goes On & On & On....Now Online...


Sammy Davis: SS Soldier

Sammy Davis Jr the famous entertainer was not only a Satanist of sorts, he served in the U.S. Military Special Services branch, like actors Leonard Nimoy and Clint Eastwood, among numerous others.

"During service in World War II, the Army assigned Davis to an integrated entertainment Special Services unit and he found that the spotlight lessened the prejudice. Even prejudiced white men admired and respected his performances. "My talent was the weapon, the power, the way for me to fight. It was the one way I might hope to affect a man's thinking," he said."

Sammy Davis Jr. - Wikipedia

"Special Services was the entertainment branch of the American military. The unit was created on 22 July 1940 by the War Department as part of the Army Service Forces. Special Services would not only use their own specially trained and talented troops but would often engage local performers. 

Special Services were one of the few U.S. Army units to be integrated during World War II. Special Services opened their first Recreational Officer school at Fort Meade Maryland on 1 April 1942."

Special Services (entertainment) - Wikipedia


Have A Merry Mind War!

The U.S. Military Not only Tolerates, But Promotes Satanism: The U.S. Military As The Creator Of Modern Satanism

Our theory is that the source of these Sensationalized & Sexual  narratives is the Military itself by way of the DINFO School training or similar program.

Entertainment and Journalism have long been of interest to the U.S. Military. What most might not know is that the Military trains people in the various skills one needs to be able to perform on air and off as a broadcaster, actor, comedian, musician, or journalist. 

We also think it possible that the military does engage in human trafficking, but we think it has more to do with the do-called illegal immigrant 'problem' than not.

Our view on immigration is (basically) that Nations and States are artifices and people are free to live wherever someone else isn't. This is another subject of course. Another theory or idea, we have is that the U.S. Military has the means and opportunity to engage in the moving of massive amounts of people over time. They have the air bases and infrastructure to pull it off and this might explain things like the FEMA camps. The infrastructure that is in place would allow for the transportation of all sorts of "Black Market" items.

Drugs, guns and prostitution based trafficking is the more believable story, These are the very criminal enterprises the Mafia is supposedly known for. The real Mafia is the government of course. We tend to think that there must be some kind of long standing racket going on here that clearly involves the U.S Military infrastructure. 

The Source of Mainstream News & Online Dis Info?

The possible source for not only Mainstream News and operations like Alex Jones, but perhaps too, some of the folks we think of as more amateurish online personas in the so-called 'research community'. Who knows? We can speculate. What we know is that even the controlled Mainstream Media sometimes presents good information. And we know too that the most honest person can be honestly wrong. We believe in taking a critical looks at the message and in not attacking the messenger. Ideas not personality, is what matters to us. We think shills can present some really good information (in terms of a limited hangout) and we think honest bloggers can make mistakes and can simply be wrong about things. We all make mistakes. Pointing the finger at individuals is somewhat pointless endeavor. Taking apart ideas makes more sense and can enable one to actually learn something.

"The Defense Information School, or DINFOS, is a United States Department of Defense (DoD) school located at Fort George G. MeadeMaryland. DINFOS fulfills the Department of Defense's need for an internal corps of professional journalists, broadcasters, and public affairs professionals."

Members from all branches of the U.S. military, DoD civilians and international military personnel attend DINFOS for training in public affairs, print journalismphotojournalismphotographytelevision and radio broadcasting, lithography, equipment maintenance and various forms of multimedia. The American Council on Education recommends college credit for most DINFOS courses"

Defense Information School - Wikipedia

A Possible Clue: There Would Be Things These People Cannot Mention

Reader and online (and off) content consumer beware! Always think for yourselves. The thing is if there are 'shills' online and in the mainstream media, we might be able to detect their activity based upon a critical look at the ideas they promote. They might be unable to mention certain subjects or certain details about a particular subject. They might be prevented from mentioning even the existence of things like DINFO Schools. Again, we can only speculate. This might explain some of the behavior of various online personas. Again people can be simply wrong as well and people also have a tendency to overreact to things. Context and perspective and trying to think logically and to not react emotionally to what someone says or writes are important things to remember.

We do think there are such agents online and in the media. The article index is the place to go to read about why we make that statement.

A Yellow Journal California Nightmare

This is a sequel or re-imaging of the old Franklin coverup scandal. It's the same old song and dance. This is the stuff of daytime TV Yellow Journal crapola. This is the stuff of the 'rags'. We can't trust what the media tells us, even the so-called alternative media cannot be trusted. Use your own thinking not the thinking of others. We don't think this story is very true but we've been wrong before, so we do not think anyone crazy for looking into this so-called scandal nor would we be surprised if there was something to it. The point we make is that we cannot personally examine the evidence or interview witnesses or conduct anything like a real investigation into this subject. It is not like the claims of the scientific 'community', where we can apply common sense, context and demonstrable principle. Whatever the truth is or isn't, these stories are the noise that filters and screens that truth from being revealed. Of course the Catholic Church and the Vatican have had a long history of dealing with this subject, at least according to the mainstream media. We think there is something to these allegations, we just think that the truth is the scope of it all is much more local and smaller. We think that what we are presented with is a highly scripted version of the reality and that the people involved are not the real criminals but are simply cast as such.

The Media Is a Filter & Screen

We doubt the Clintons are pedophiles. We also doubt the claims about Bill Cosby. We do think that these people and their biographies are or can be, highly manipulated and are not as real as we have been led to believe. In other words we do not know who Bill Cosby really is, nor do we really know any of these figures. All we know is the Platonic shadow on the wall.

Your Papers Please

All our identities are artificial and a result of this very contrived culture in the first place. The name on our birth certificate is not who we are. It is a label. It is an artifice. It is not real in the sense that it is not natural. The name is an idea. The governmental bodies have control over the issuing of the documents that create these (artificial) identities. These entities have the means, motive and opportunity to not only create 'people' out of thin air, they can also 'kill' off these personas and identities and create new ones. They can also drag these names through the mud. The celebrities and other political figures get paid for it all. This would be part of the job description, if they sign on the dotted line.

The bolded characteristics are the ones we see at work with these satanic pedophile stories:

Frank Luther Mott defines yellow journalism in terms of five characteristics:[4]

  1. scare headlines in huge print, often of minor news
  2. lavish use of pictures, or imaginary drawings
  3. use of faked interviews, misleading headlines, pseudoscience, and a parade of false learning from so-called experts
  4. emphasis on full-color Sunday supplements, usually with comic strips
  5. dramatic sympathy with the "underdog" against the system.

Yellow journalism - Wikipedia

The Yellow Journal Beast Is Dying

Traditional News is dying a slow death and more and more of us trust it less and less by the day. The people who work in the News business know this. They also know their demographics and their ratings. They know too that they will be out of jobs if they don't manage to salvage their readership and viewership numbers. Pizza gate makes for an easy way to attempt to discredit the growing online presence of accurate and sourced News and related media criticism.

Pizza Gate seems too much like a mainstream media contrivance. It seems like an easy target for the Mainstream to point to in its last gasp at trying to stay relevant in the age of hand held social media.

News stories about children being harmed are bound to get parents into an emotional state. This tends to get people to act less logical. It's not that pedophiles do not exist, it is that the News Noise Machine turns the whole thing into a joke. These stories prey on the public's fears and do little else. In fact these stories never end. Nobody ever goes to jail. Or one guy does.

Those of us online should try to be a little more logical with this story. It is designed to create maximum emotional response. The mainstream media tends to sexualize children and the same media then promotes these outrageous stories and claims which usually end up with no one getting into any trouble. 

The problem is we cannot examine these narratives for ourselves and have to rely on rumor and talking heads.

Pedophilia is another form of forcing one's will onto others. This is clearly a sin and crime. These sensationalized and nonsensical fear mongering stories do little to actually change anything.  The mainstream media promotes sexual behavior, by way of all the suggestive (subtle and not so subtle) imagery. The mainstream media pushes children to grow up faster, as well. The mainstream and related media mixes everything up into a salad of nonsensical noise.

We think the media tends to portray all human behavior in a very trivialized and commercialized manner. We think this is causes less understanding and tolerance. We think the media is designed to maximize the so-called cultural divides that politicians love to make use of.

If you really believe the governments engage in this kind of behavior, then call to end it by ending the funding of it all. We should stop paying our taxes and end the beast. If those stories are fake, like we think they are, we should still end this joke we call government. It does us no good.

Modern News = A Pulp Fiction Inspired Matrix of Cartoon Reasoning Comic Book Characters

Sex sells. Murders sell too. The old newsstands were filled with colorful pup fiction magazine covers that were sure to attract the eye of many a young man and boy.  This is the origin of the fascination the media  seems to have with comic book films and the rest of the Walt Disney-esque cartoonish culture. Pulp fiction with its sexual themes is clearly the source of the MLK Ultra inspired mythology sold on the daytime talk show circuit as reality. More snake oils sales re-imagined for the modern media. These same old stories are now sold online as something new.

MK ULTRA Nonsense : SS Mind Controlled Assassin Sex Slaves Are Fake Too!

Television is the medium of government. Government does indicate mind control. You are the intended MK Ultra mind control subject and slave. Ours is a feudal based global banking wage slave system. Contracts and treaties and all sorts of paperwork bind the world as we know it. Taxes, fees and fines are all important to this artificial world we call home. We have to believe the lie that we need all the protective layers of government and that we have to foot the bill for it all.

As we know what is presented to us is highly filtered and edited and usually not real. The personas we see are also subject to the same filtering. The very biographies and all we know about the politicians and other figures is completely reliant on the same noise machine that lies about things like 9/11.

The U.S.A. is the real Banana Republic.

For many 9/11/2001 was the wake up call. But that call didn't quite get through until some years later and with things like Youtube video clips and blogs dedicated to showing off the very real fact that the video footage from that day, broadcast by the Mainstream News Media, was faked. This one event shows us the modus operandi. As we know now, most mainstream and related News is not what it seems. It is highly flittered, scripted and edited. The News was never meant to be factual and was always designed with propaganda purposes in mind. Yellow Journalism is the Blueprint for culture. Fantastic cartoon physics becomes the order of the day in our comic book culture we take for granted.

Alan Watts History & Insects - From the lecture titled 'The Value of Psychotic Experience'.

Ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt

What do we really know of the ancient world? Most of the history we are told comes across as more mythology than reality. Ancient Rome and the rest seem more like the stuff of the imagination than the stuff of the real world. What do we really know of Julius Caesar and the rest of the cast? We know what we do thanks to the work of many busy monks back in the day...

Christian monasticism - Wikipedia

Latin translations of the 12th century - Wikipedia

Histories (Herodotus) - Wikipedia

"In the West, knowledge of the classical Greek language and literature was restored at the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries. The Byzantine Manuel Chrysoloras (1315–1415), along with his disciples, were of merit in this regard, in the environment of the Italian humanists. Not only did Chrysoloras’ followers in Italy teach Greek, but they often travelled to Byzantium and actively searched for Greek authors, whom they commonly only knew by their names in Roman literature.

Two more factors played a role in the further propagation of Herodotus: (1) translations, which allowed people who did not speak Greek to read Herodotus; this included the vast majority of scholars in the middle of the 15th century, and (2) the introduction of the printing press. Thanks to dissemination by print, a much larger number of readers had access to Herodotus. Previously, only the extremely rich, or those who counted themselves among the top humanists, could obtain Herodotus’ work, as there were only a few dozen manuscripts. Indeed, today we only have about sixty handwritten copies of them6. In short, only a small number of people had the chance to reach Herodotus. Letterpress changed this situation, making Herodotus’ work available to a whole new spectrum of readers. "


Got it Wrong or Just Making it All Up?

Hearsay As History

"Called the Father of History by Cicero, the Greek historian Herodotus (born in 484 B.C.) wrote The Histories, the Western world’s very first work of history. Gathering research from his travels around Egypt, Africa, and Asia, Herodotus recorded his observations and interviews with locals in a thorough, consistent way. Because he exaggerated and fabricated some parts of The Histories, though, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction and truth from bias. His stated goal was to record what people told him, even if he didn’t necessarily believe what he heard. Here are 10 things that Herodotus (also called the Father of Lies by historians who doubt his credibility) most likely got wrong in The Histories."

10 Historical Facts That Herodotus Got Hilariously Wrong - Listverse

Toledo School of Translators

The Holy Origins of Cultural Manipulation & Human Imagination Control

"Renaissance humanists such as Poggio Bracciolini sought out in Europe's monastic libraries the Latin literary, historical, and oratorical texts of Antiquity, while the Fall of Constantinople (1453) generated a wave of émigré Greek scholars bringing precious manuscripts in ancient Greek, many of which had fallen into obscurity in the West. It is in their new focus on literary and historical texts that Renaissance scholars differed so markedly from the medieval scholars of the Renaissance of the 12th century, who had focused on studying Greek and Arabic works of natural sciences, philosophy and mathematics, rather than on such cultural texts."


What we do know is that there is plenty of paperwork to support the existence of the Global Mafia Con we call the Holy Roman Empire and its descendant, the modern Global Artifice we call home.

Holy Roman Empire - Wikipedia

History: Scripted Mythological Fiction

Back in the day the News as we understand it, did not exist and the only religious control systems were the Feudal System of Military Control and the Church. Both systems were where the self proclaimed Royals could mingle with the slave or serf caste. We must keep in mind that our Global culture and civilization is one founded by white European men. This is why we have the image of God as a white male Emperor or King. These Royals are no more than the real mafia and the real gangsters of course. These specific white men, (or mostly white men) were responsible for the very real slavery, which cares not for the color of anyone's skin. Somehow all white men get blamed for what the few criminals did. Funny how that propaganda works so well, isn't it? Divide and Conquer is an old game.

We must avoid allowing ourselves to be divided over our differences. We really need to see that we are all getting ripped off by this inhuman system. We do not need the external authority of Kings, Queens, imagined Gods, Bishops, or even the Mass Public.

We in the mass public are essentially descended from slaves. We all come from the lower castes. Our last names tend to show us this truth as do the family crests many proudly display. Heraldry is simply early logo design. Those shields are symbols of slavery to the Feudal system and are not something to be proud of, despite the nice art work and design. Feudalism is the ultimate pyramid scheme and the entire racket is predicated on the lower level being indebted in some way to the higher level. Our skin color and ethnic origins do not matter, we in the mass public are all wage slaves. In America, the supposed home of the free and the brave, we never end paying taxes even after so-called retirement. We must always pay some fee or fine or tax. Too many of us pay property taxes. We accept income taxes without thinking. We do not get that the money does not benefit us at all. Government is designed to get us to foot the bill for all sorts of for profit privatized schemes we do not need. We never end contributing our energy to this very real wage slave scheme.

Unwitting Pawns in the Game: It's All About Profit!

Our lives are calculated and figured out and the system will wring every cent out of our very bodies as we age and eventually die in some God Forsaken half assed Hospital. Strict adherence to the rules and laws is the literal scripted order of the day and our institutions reflect this fact. These corporations exist for profit more so than to help you out. It's sad but true. The people who work in the system do not necessarily see what they are doing.  The need to pay bills makes for great incentive to not question the way things work,at least not too much.

Modern cancer treatment seems to do more harm than good and oncologists are slow to prescribe cannabis, for side effects, even in states where medicinal laws exist. These 'Doctors' tend to choose poison over natural remedy despite obvious demonstrable evidence. They follow protocol and procedure over common sense and logic and the system itself enforces this. There's all sorts of concerns like malpractice and losing one's medical licenses and so on. We no longer have the luxury of the country doctor who could make house calls. Everything in our world has to be monetized and strictly controlled by layers of external authority.

We are supposed to blindly trust our lives and the lives of our loved ones and fellow human beings, with a system that cares more about profit than human life. Common sense is ignored in favor of blind adherence to one kind of inhuman code of behavior or another. External authority is always pushed over the individual becoming more educated.

Authority is not used to being questioned in our world and it is fun to watch them squirm when we do question some of the absurdities  of this artifice we call home.

Satanic Scripts or Contracts Bind The World

An early scene from Sammy Davis Jr.'s made-for-TV movie "Poor Devil" (1971), with Jack Klugman as a potential sinner and Christopher Lee as Lucifer.

Scripts Control Everything From Computers To People

"Scriptorium,[nb 1] literally "a place for writing", is commonly used to refer to a room in medieval European monasteries devoted to the writing, copying and illuminating of manuscripts by monastic scribes. Written accounts, surviving buildings, and archaeological excavations all show, however, that contrary to popular belief such rooms rarely existed: most monastic writing was done in cubicle-like recesses in the cloister, or in the monks' own cells (Schwakhofer, Melinda. "Scriptorium." Inspiraculum. 30 July 2012.). References in modern scholarly writings to 'scriptoria' more usually refer to the collective written output of a monastery, rather than to a physical room.

A scriptorium was a necessary adjunct to a library; wherever there was a library it can ordinarily be assumed that there was a scriptorium.[3]:48 Scriptoria in the conventional sense of a room set aside for the purpose probably only existed for limited periods of time, when an institution or individual wanted a large number of texts copied to stock a library; once the library was stocked, there was no further need for a designated room. By the start of the 13th century secular copy-shops developed; professional scribes may have had special rooms set aside for writing, but in most cases they probably simply had a writing-desk next to a window in their own house. By the time movable type printing presses were invented in the 15th century, the concept of a scriptorium was obsolete."

Scriptorium - Wikipedia

Monastery - Wikipedia

"It was a savvy move. A few decades before, Geoffrey of Monmouth had popularized the legends of Britain's early king by penning a document called History of the Kings of Britain. Geoffrey claimed he'd translated it from Welsh; it recorded two thousand years of British history, including most famously a chapter called "The Prophesies of Merlin," which introduced the tales of Arthur, Guinevere, the wizard Merlin, and the magical sword Excalibur. At the time, people thought the history was a genuine translation, though modern scholars believe Geoffrey just made it up—perhaps inspired by stories he'd heard as a boy from his father, who was also named Arthur.

With England going crazy for Geoffrey's tales of Arthur, it was a perfect time for the monks to claim a part of that history. Glastonbury was an ancient site—indeed, even Gilchrist confirms that it originated in the fifth century, when Arthur allegedly lived. People bought the idea, and Arthur's grave soon became a lucrative attraction.

As late as the 1950s, archaeologist Ralegh Radford believed that Arthur had been buried there. But Gilchrist told Urbanus that "Radford may have exaggerated his evidence. Reassessment of his excavation records shows that this was merely a pit in a cemetery, dating to sometime between the eleventh and fifteenth centuries.”"

Medieval monks invented King Arthur's grave as an attraction to raise ...

The Savior Will Never Come - Learn To Save Yourselves

The Script Remains The Same: The Same Old Scripted Fear Propaganda At Work

"The Letter of Prester John (1150)

At a time when European rulers felt threatened by the growing power of Muslim nations on their borders, a letter suddenly appeared from Prester John, who described himself as a Christian king of vast wealth and power living in the far east. Hopes were raised that Prester John would come to the aid of Europe's Christian nations, and expeditions were sent to search for him. But Prester John was never found. The letter's true author remains unknown."


"The Travels of Marco Polo (1298)

Marco Polo's Description of the World, written around 1298, described his travels in China. But did Marco Polo actually travel to China? Some historians have expressed doubts. These scholars point to curious omissions in his book, such as the fact that he never mentions the Great Wall of China nor the Chinese use of chopsticks. They suggest that Polo may have simply compiled information about the Far East from Persian and Arabic guidebooks."

Hoaxes of the Middle Ages - The Museum of Hoaxes

For More:

The Early History of Faking War on Film | History | Smithsonian

Hollywood's History of Faking It | The Evolution of Greenscreen ...

Fake stealth plane: Iran's Photoshopped fighter jet spotted in the air ...

Faking $H@T For Years!

British Inspired Live Action Dis-info Theatre

"Their work was worthy of a movie production. Costume designers fashioned fake uniforms. Sound engineers recorded a library of sound effects that mimicked that of an attacking army. Radio operators broadcast misleading traffic from a real armored division. Painters and illustrators designed hundreds of rubber tanks, jeeps, trucks, artillery and aircraft that could be inflated with gasoline-fueled air compressors, yet look authentic enough to deceive Nazi aerial reconnaissance. Actors wearing counterfeit patches on their uniforms sauntered into local taverns near the front lines and talked loudly of phony maneuvers and nonexistent generals, knowing that their misinformation would likely meet the ears of Nazi spies. No detail was too small for the Ghost Army. They even employed bulldozers to create fake tracks around inflatable tanks."

Push Renewed to Award WWII Ghost Army Congressional Gold Medal ...

Alan Watts Reveals Something About How Fear Based Propaganda is Concocted:

Here he reveals something about how the climate change meme got started, This should give us a pretty good idea how these things work, These operations would be on a "need to know basis" and compartmentalized. Consultants from various fields could then be engaged and hired to perform tasks of various kinds without being able to or needing to, see the big picture. Only one person on top of the pyramid need to be in on it all.

Alan Watts - What is wrong with the world

Alan Wilson Watts (6 January 1915 - 16 November 1973) was a British-born philosopher, writer, and speaker, best known as an interpreter and populariser of Eastern philosophy for a Western audience. Born in Chislehurst, England, he moved to the United States in 1938 and began Zen training in New York.