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SS: Secret Services & Fake News Creation

How do we create a pay for private prison scheme if nobody is committing crimes?


Answer: Show the public highly edited and scripted moving pictures with audio and convince them there is a much greater criminal problem with society than there is. Then get them to foot the bill for the whole thing by way of the mafia tax protections racket

We have to believe we need all the layers of protective government we do not need and we have to believe we need to pay for it all. 

Hollywood & Murderous Stars

20 famous California prisoners - KCRA.com

SS: The Military Industrial Entertainment Complex™ Presents: CRIME!

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We found another SS to go along with all the Secret Societies and Secret Services that surely seem to be derived from the British Naval Submarine Services. These so-called services sure seem to love the SS initials don't they?

If you haven't you might wish to read this first:

The Royal SS Nazi House of Cards Revealed: Want to Know a Secret? We All Live in A Yellow Journal Submarine that Works For The Royal Queen!

California is the home of Hollywood of course but what most do not know is this makes this state a capital of Propaganda production.

Whatever crimes are real, be rest assured the News Media will make sure to filter out as much reality in their reporting for you as they can. You wouldn't want to actually learn something about how things really work, do you? How many of the News and Hollywood media promoted criminal News narratives are even real? How many are simply scripted events loosely based on real ones? How many  of these so-called real life stories are purely the stuff of the imagination with no connection to the real world at all? This same nonsense is online. 

We know from the Real World TV Show contracts that the hired talent signs away their life stories and 'souls' in favor of their legendary so-called fifteen minutes of multimedia fame. As you can read for yourselves below, the Real World is highly filtered, edited and fictionalized and not so "real" at all. The Real World contract shows us how the media filters, manipulates and screens reality to fit its agenda.

Yes Virginia the Real World is fake and MTV is part of the Military Industrial Entertainment Complex™ like the rest of the multimedia beast.

So Many Naughty Celebs & Bad Actors!

Screens Filter Reality

How much of the News is similarly concocted and filtered and edited? Are some of the high profile News stories sold as fact based on real events, with the names changed and the details altered? This would seem to be possible. This would also seem to make sense. It's not that all the News stories need to be based on real events, it's that some of them might be. But these events would be so altered, and the names changed, and actors cast to play the roles, that we would be unable to really get a good picture of the reality. Instead we end up with the usual propaganda that leads the mass public to believe things that are demonstrably untrue.

"Real World" Contracts

“When signing the contract, cast members also agree that producers can humiliate them, portray them “in a false light,” and even hire “actors who may or may not resemble” them to achieve whatever ends they’d like. So, even if you’re a saint, they can make you look like the devil. MTV also gets blanket rights to all contestants’ experiences “which occur, will occur, or have occurred at any time… (my ‘Life Story’).” That means if you tell the producers a story that happened in your past, they can work it in any way they want. It sounds like something straight out of an Orwellian novel.

— http://www.looper.com/15293/untold-truth-mtvs-real-world/?utm_campaign=clip

Below the Blueprint for staged News Events and Fake News Stories Like PizzaGate

The News Media is designed to filter and screen reality and to also divide and conquer the public into easily managed communities. Do we really know who the people we see on the screens are? Who is really who and did they really do what is claimed? Dozens of talking heads online and off seek to shape public opinion. PIzzagate is as fake as the rest of the noise machine driven nonsense.

Fear of homosexuality, for example, is a great way to divide and conquer an awakening public.

Fear mongering, intentional or not, tends to lead to emotional responses rather than thoughtful ones. This leads to division. We cannot continue to let ourselves be shepherd into easily managed 'communities'.

Confusing crimes with adult behavior is an easy way to cause division. The News Media presents all of us in the wrong light. The News  Media is not the place to go to actually learn about anything real and the News Media does not promote tolerance, it promotes division. This same noise machine is now online and interactive. The same old techniques and scripts are still used today, on eternal repeat. The media presents distorted images that serve its own purposes. This isn't really about spreading real understanding and tolerance. 

MTV's Not So Real World Revealed As Filtered & Edited & Highly Manipulated Reality

The entire document, which can be read in full on Village Voice, warrants close examination, but find a few of the highlights listed below.
• You may die, lose limbs, and suffer nervous breakdowns. (Stipulation 1)
You may be humiliated and explicitly portrayed "in a false light." (12)
• Producers are under no obligation to conduct background checks on your fellow cast members. (7)
• Interacting with other cast members carries the risk of "non-consensual physical contact" and should you contract AIDS, etc. during such an interaction, MTV is not responsible. (7)
• You don't have STDs, but accept that other people on the show might. (18)
• You're not pregnant and you won't become pregnant before the show's done filming. If you do become pregnant, you'll tell the Producer immediately--and pregnancy is grounds for dismissal. (38)
• If you get kicked off the show, it will be filmed. (14)
• You can't change your physical appearance during filming, without the Producer's express permission. (26)
You grant the Producer blanket rights to your life story. (49)
The Producer can do pretty much anything they want with your life story, including misrepresent it. (49)
• Your email may be monitored during participation. (20b)
• You promise not to hide from MTV cameras in establishments where they can't film. (20a)
• You authorize the Producer to have total access to your school records, government forms, your credit history. (19)
• The production crew can show up at your personal house at any time to film and/or to take anything they want, as long as they return the objects once production has ended. (20a)
• Under ordinary circumstances, all of this would be considered a "serious" invasion of privacy. (11)
• For one year after the show's final episode airs, cast members are required to participate in all producer-determined press and forbidden from engaging in any media (radio, television, chat rooms, blogs) without the Producer's written permission. (9)
• The Producer holds the authorship and copyright to every photograph, email, website, sound or video recording, documented performance created in relation to the program, on every medium imaginable. (8)
• You're obligated to participate in a Reunion Special for up to five years after the show ends, you'll be paid $2500 for your involvement, and the Producer only has to give you 14 days notice. (50c)
• You're required to participate in book or home video projects for two years after the show ends, and you'll be paid $750.00 for each one. (50f)
• While you're on the show, you're responsible for all long-distance phone charges. (16a)

We Have Obtained a Copy of MTV's Standard Real World Cast ...

MTV's 'Real World' Contract: You May Die, Be Humiliated And Suffer ...

Do High Profile Media Trials Really Make Sense?

It's not just the cameras in the courtroom. It's really about the punditry discussing the cases and how the cases end up getting tried in  the media. How could anyone get a fair trial under these absurd circumstances? What about any possible future appeals to the possible guilty verdict? How could any lawyer desire this kind of high profile Barnum and Bailey courage for their client?

Radio DJs, daytime and late night talk show comedians and the printed news paper columns (and now online 'voices') all end up discussing the details of the high profile trials while the trials are underway and before any appeals process could ever take place. Are these the conditions for a fair system of justice?

Talking head pundits clearly shape public perception and clearly would effect the beliefs of any possible future juror, should there be a mistrial or an appeal.

Highly sensationalized Yellow Journalistic headlines and cartoonish reasoned narratives are sold to the public as reality. It is sad. It's not the educational system that is really responsible for dumbing down America, it is the News and related talk show style media that promotes stupefied thinking and childish cartoonish reasoning as intelligent discourse and logical reality.

Trial and aftermath

The News: So Fake

The list of high profile murder cases involving various kinds of actors and celebrities seems endless. Marlon Brando's son and the Robert Blake case quickly come to mind, as well as the numerous mysterious celebrity murderers and deaths that are continuously promoted to the public in a religious and mythical manner. OJ Simpson's case and its sequel, the civil trial, are the tip of the proverbial iceberg of Hollywood and Governmental produced propaganda. These specific techniques go back to the early days of films and the origins of Hollywood special effects, film making in general, and the News Reels of course.

Some of the same names pop up time and again. Of course we are to think that it is because these guys are great legal minds. The reality would seem to be it is because they are all part of the show.

There's a good reason why the Kardashians have a huge multimedia presence. And why Bruce Jenner is a phony. They are all part of the Hollywood Military produced Propaganda Cartoon Land Show!




"The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) is responsible for the operation of the California state prison and parole systems. Its headquarters are in Sacramento."

The SS Agent:

" As a confidential employee, they are able to keep a low profile and small footprint while carrying out very high-profile cases."

"Special Service Unit

In addition to correctional officers, CDCR employs approximately 30 special agents (criminal investigators) who are assigned to offices throughout the state. These agents conduct criminal investigations involving parolees and inmates, monitor prison gangs, gather intelligence and conduct narcotics enforcement. These investigators are part of an elite unit known as the Special Service Unit or simply SSU. Special agents work closely with other law enforcement agencies, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, California Department of Justice and local police and sheriff departments. SSU special agents hold the state equivalency of a CDCR captain. As a confidential employee, they are able to keep a low profile and small footprint while carrying out very high-profile cases."


"The Special Service Unit of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) was formed in 1963, at the request of then California Governor Edmund Brown. Sadly, the formation of the unit is said to have evolved after the March 9, 1963 kidnapping of two Los Angeles police officers. The kidnapping and subsequent murder of one of the officers was committed by two state parolees, Gregory Powell and Jimmy Lee Smith (a.k.a., Jimmy Youngblood). LAPD officers Ian Campbell and Karl Hettinger conducted a routine traffic stop on Powell and Smith in the Hollywood area. As the two officers approached the car, they were kidnapped at gunpoint by the two parolees and forced into Powell's car. They were driven north from Los Angeles to an onion field near Bakersfield, where Officer Campbell was fatally shot. Officer Hettinger was able to escape.

In the police investigation that ensured after the incident, the ability for LAPD detectives to get timely and necessary information from the Department of Corrections was severely hampered, ostensibly by the size and bureaucracy of the department. Detectives needed a way to obtain information quickly and have the assistance of the CDCR resources. Because of this tragic incident and the legislative conferences afterward, a decision was made to form the Special Service Unit.

Charles Casey, who was an assistant director with CDCR at the time, learned of a unit within the New York Department of Corrections that seemed to bridge the gap between New York state parole services and local law enforcement. Casey met with Russell H. Oswald, chairman of the New York State Parole Board, who was the founder of the Bureau of Special Services within the New York parole division. Based upon his study and evaluation of the Bureau of Special Services, Casey came back to California and designed a similar unit, calling it the Special Service Unit. After the legislature approved the formation, the unit officially began services in 1964.

The unit serves as the primary investigative unit for CDCR on cases that stem from the prison or state parolees and affect the street. According to its official description, SSU "conducts the major criminal investigations and prosecutions, criminal apprehension efforts of prison escapees and parolees wanted for serious and violent felonies, is the primary departmental gang management unit, conducts complex gang related investigations of inmates and parolees suspected of criminal gang activity; and is the administrative investigative and law enforcement liaison unit." In layman's terms, this means the unit does anything asked of it to keep communities safe."

High profile cases 

"Throughout its fifty-year history the Special Service Unit has been quietly involved in numerous high profile cases. One such example is the Patricia Hearst kidnapping by the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) in 1974. The SLA was a radical left-wing organization formed in Soledad Prison by Donald DeFreeze. In 1973 Defreeze escaped from prison and was leading the SLA on the streets when they kidnapped Hearst. The day after Hearst's kidnapping, special agents from the unit's San Francisco office provided police with photographs of suspects who matched the overall description of one of the abductors. Thanks to photographs supplied by SSU, DeFreeze was positively identified as one of Hearst's abductors. That identification led to a lengthy investigation of SLA and its origination behind prison walls.

Another example is the high profile murders that shook Los Angeles in the late sixties. The murders were committed by members of Charles Manson's cult and came to be known as Helter Skelter. During the course of the investigation into the cult, SSU special agents were requested by Los Angeles Police to interview Bruce Davis, a Manson follower who had been convicted of the 1969 Gary Hinman murder in Los Angeles. Davis was Manson devotee whom police were trying to turn as an informant into many of the open murders linked to the Manson Family. On January 26, 2001, San Francisco resident Diane Whipple was attacked and killed by two large Presa Canario dogs in the hallway of her apartment building. The dogs, named Bane and Hera, were owned by Whipple's neighbors, Marjorie Knoller and Robert Noel. The dogs' actual owner, Paul Schneider, was a high-ranking member of the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang who was serving a life sentence in Pelican Bay State Prison. The Special Service Unit had been investigating the Aryan Brotherhood and its illegal dog breeding business for several months prior to the death of Whipple. SSU was able to assist local law enforcement during the investigation and prosecution of Knoller and Noel.

In August 2009, Phillip Garrido was arrested in Antioch, Calif., for the kidnapping of Jaycee Dugard. He had kidnapped her eighteen years prior and kept her in captivity. The Hayward (Calif.) police department had interest in Garrido as it related to the 1988 kidnapping of nine-year-old Michaela Garecht. Special agents from SSU assisted the detectives from the Hayward Police Department in the ensuing investigation. In 2011, they assisted in conducting interviews with Garrido and his wife, Nancy Garrido, who had both been sentenced to state prison in California. In August 2014, convicted murderer Scott Landers escaped from the back of a CDCR transport van while on the Interstate 5 freeway just north of Atwater, Calif. Landers had been convicted of the stabbing of a 61-year-old man in Riverside, Calif. and was serving twenty-five years to life. Upon his escape, members of the elite Special Service Unit were called in from across the state to lead the investigation. Within twenty-four hours, the escaped murderer was caught and brought back to CDCR custody."

4.1 Special Service Unit

A Hollywood Racket

Please note that the CDCR has a staff photographer in its employ, all paid for with Tax Dollars of course. This is one example of the cartoon feudalistic system we live under

"While most citizens don’t realize the SSU even exists, in actuality its agents have been involved in nearly every major criminal investigation since the unit’s inception. High-profile cases include investigating Manson family threats against law enforcement, the Symbionese Liberation Army’s kidnapping of Patty Hearst and CDCR’s Operation Manhunt, which tracks down cold-case escapes going back to the 1960s.

In addition to gang investigations and fugitive apprehension, the highly trained SSU agents also specialize in high-risk inmate transports and dignitary protection."

They've got your back: Special Service Unit has been protecting ...

What The Propaganda is For:

We Have To Believe We Need To Pay For All The Layers Of Governmental Protection We Do Not Need

We Are Supposed To Believe We Need & Must Obey All The Layers of External Governmental Authority As Well

The NWO is The Old World Order

The media has always been controlled by the same international banking interests that control the wold governments. This long standing mafia criminal protections racket has run civilizations for as long as there has been civilization as we know it. The entire con job is predicated on ever increasing layers of more and more government. "global" government just means more and more taxes, fees and fines and layers of external authority social control. Coca Cola missionaries are the modern version of the old time religion mongers.