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February 2017 updated preface:

The elite aristocratic class has long been fascinated with crass ideas. These royal lords liked to marry pubescent teen age girls off to old men, or so the history goes. Ancient Greek myths have long sold homosexual heroic soldiers and pederasty as something to think about. The elite University and prior religious Monastery systems were filled with men who lived together and who were very interested in their Ancient Greek myths and culture so we can see where all of this originates. Human sexuality has long been used as a tool for social control. Sex and death and the lust for wealth and power are the very basic means by which many of us are kept in servitude to an inhuman system of commerce.

University Fraternal & Sorority Hazing Rituals

The elite have long used various kinds of bizarre rites of initiation that would seem to long have include sexual acts. There is a clear pattern of submission to dominate power. The ancient greek mythological homosexuality reads a lot like how the media presents prison life. This isn't about sex as much as it is about using sex to dominate and control someone else. This is about the imposition of one's will onto another with that other being a willing participant. 

Could Such Rituals Be used To Keep The Elite Managerial Class In Line?

There is smoke behind this multimedia fire that may allude to real crimes. The problem this article is designed to address is primarily the claims made against specific media figures who seem to us to be actors who go from gig to go like chess pieces on a theatrical chess board. Politicians and other sorts of idols are more public relations fictions than real people. We know what the noise machine wants us to know about these people, for the most part. The lies and fictions need to be maintained and if someone like a Bill Clinton blabbed and could demonstrate what he was claiming, that could stand a chance of changing things, couldn't it? Perhaps there are more controls than just fame, power and wealth. Perhaps there is compromising information that does work to keep the game going. This is speculation, of course. But one based on what the narrative and history shows and on college hazing rituals. 

Pederasty in ancient Greece - Wikipedia


Trailer for the film "The Aristocrats"

Nothing Like a Hollywood/Leisure Class Prank

"There's also a kind of easter egg in this roast, material that was cut from the final broadcast but was highlighted by 2005 documentary The Aristocrats, that pushes it to legendary status. The roast itself was filmed in late September 2001, and Gilbert Gottfried made jokes about the World Trade Center attacks that were too close to home. Rather than give up, Gottfried redoubled his efforts in telling the well-known dirty joke known as "The Aristocrats," and won only the audience's love with a wild torrent of filth. In one fell swoop, the diminutive comic led the room through some of the most cathartic, you-have-permission-to-laugh-again howling you've ever heard. It's one for the ages."

Hugh Hefner | Every Comedy Central Roast, From Worst to Best ...

The Aristocrats Did it!

"The Aristocrats" (also called "The Debonaires" or "The Sophisticates" in some tellings) is a taboo-defying off-color joke that has been told by numerous stand-up comedians since the vaudeville era.

The joke was the subject of a 2005 documentary film of the same name. It received publicity when it was used by Gilbert Gottfried during the Friars' Club roast of Hugh Hefner in September 2001."

"This joke almost always has these elements—alternative versions may change this form.

  1. Setup: A family act going in to see a talent agent; either the whole family or just one family member (usually the father).
    • The agent asks what they do.
    • If the whole family is present, the act is performed for the agent; otherwise it is described.
  2. Act: It is described in as much detail as the teller prefers.
  3. Punch line: The shocked (or intrigued) agent asks what the act is called, and the proud answer (sometimes delivered with a flourish) is: "The Aristocrats!"   "

The Aristocrats - Wikipedia

see also: House of Borgia - Wikipedia

What Wars Are For: Welcome To The Post World War Two World, You've Been Here The Whole Time

The same distorted filter media noise machine that parrots nonsense like the official 9/11 narrative is the same Boy Who Cried Wolf/ Chicken Little News Media that has also been responsible for promoting the various media characters that would come to populate the imaginations of too many of us in the public. The online so-called alternative and even more (seemingly) amateurish efforts are part of the Mainstream Media Propaganda Noise Machine, (whether one knows it or not) Perhaps you might think we are doing damage control and trying to mitigate the fall out to this story. What we ask is  what are the sources of the evidence for these (Pizzagate) claims? Hearsay alone, in one form or another? Wikileaks, an obvious cartoon con job? Even if these highly sensationalized and clearly mainstream media sourced stories are to be believed, there is little to nothing any of us can do about it, other than defunding the Governmental beasts we wage slaves feed. Shouldn't we agree we need to kill the proverbial pair of 666 Beasts? The Satanic Enterprise only grows in power. It is digital and interactive and online and has been for a long time.

We wish to be clear, we do not dispute that there could be very real pedophile rings of one kind or another. Nor do we dispute other forms of such slavery. We are simply examining these specific and very well known claims. The media acts as a screen and is designed  to filter reality. 

"Pedos" are Teaching Our Children, Oh My!

pedagogue (n.) 

late 14c., "schoolmaster, teacher," from Old French pedagoge "teacher of children" (14c.), from Latin paedagogus, from Greek paidagogos "slave who escorts boys to school and generally supervises them," later "a teacher," from pais (genitive paidos) "child" (see pedo-) + agogos "leader," from agein "to lead" (see act (n.)). Hostile implications in the word are at least from the time of Pepys (1650s). Related: Pedagogal.

pedagogue (n.)

Through The Moving Screen: Alice in Oz's Wonderland

There are a continuous stream of these sensationalized pizza-gate type news stories and this particular media rabbit hole seems nearly endless. We consider this a clue that the story is false. Means, motive and opportunity are important. The logistics involved would need to all be accounted for. Every important detail would need to be known and every logical question about  this subject would need to be answered before anyone could logically come to any occlusion as to the validity of the claims offered. There should be a near endless stream of very angry and outraged parents and victims looking for revenge. We wouldn't have just a few media hyped ones. These people would no longer logically have any reason to believe in the so-called justice system, if we accept the implications of these narratives. We need to put these stories in the context of the over all clear and obvious social manipulation agenda many of us have become very aware of. 

Pong - Wikipedia

Every Ping Pong match needs Two sides. The fake political shadow play of Left/Right kinds of social divides need the same thing.

On video screens everywhere, nearly all the time, we see the Great War of The Cultural Divide.

Pizza Gate Is Brought To You By The U.S. Military Dis-Info Network™

Our theory is that the source of these Sensationalized & Sexual narratives is the Military itself by way of the DINFO School training or similar program. Entertainment and Journalism have long been of interest to the U.S. Military. What most might not know is that the Military trains people in the various skills one needs to be able to perform on air and off as a broadcaster, actor, comedian, musician, or journalist.  This operation must be online and interactive, as well. The Military Complex in one form or another, is the source of all the communication systems we take for granted. These institutions have long controlled both the medium and the content of that medium (for the most part).

Defense Information School - Wikipedia

Special Services (entertainment) - Wikipedia

For some background, please read:

 Fake News Grows Up To Become Fake History: How Mythology is Made

Pizza Gate is Fake News. This one is being promoted online and the Mainstream Media must be grateful for this fact. The thing is the story is nothing but shadow play and smoke and mirror. Please keep an open mind and read on, it is important to read the entire article. 

The Pan Am Post World War Two Coca Cola Global Culture Revealed:

World War Two was about configuring the world into the one we take for granted. The world that they were building towards is the Global world of easy air travel we know today. Hotels and restaurants play an important role in this global commercial enterprise. The Culinary Institute of America was not the only CIA founded after World War Two. Celebrity Chefs and now Celebrity Hotel Spokesmen Presidents appear on screen ready to shepherd the masses into new vacation resorts world wide...

Never Forget Washington DC is a Tourist Destination Too!

Tourism means commercial activity and this is the reason why governments exist. Governments exist to facilitate business, banking and various forms of commerce. The defense they do is to defend this system, not any of us or our lives or property. The Defense Department and related agencies and the military exist to serve the State. The United States is the Boss and these institutions serve that corporate entity. The United States is not America. America is an idea more so than even a geographic location. North America is the specific geographical location and the United States is a corporate entity that exists to keep us all as wage slaves in this system of social control. The United States is an idea and a bad one enforced by many kinds of tyranny. America is an idea that means Freedom.

Comet Ping Pong As An Example of The CIA - Culinary Cultural Content Creation

It's a Military Industrial Culinary Sports & Gambling Entertainment Complex™ that is the system that runs the cartoon "News" show. The owners of the now internet-ally famous Comet Ping Pong Pizza Place are "in on it". They are part of the Military Industrial Culinary Sports & Gambling Entertainment Complex™. We will show you why we make this claim with this article. Many News events sold as fact are none other than scripted fiction. Another drill gone live. Pizza--gate is just another scripted bit of propaganda designed to salvage the News Media's  terrible reputation for being the true source of Fake News in the first place and this story is another example of exactly that fact.

Left vs Right: 24 Hours 7 Days a Week - The Multimedia Propaganda Noise Machine is Obscene

"The left–right paradigm is a concept from political sciences and anthropology which proposes that societies have a tendency to divide themselves into ideological opposites. Important contributions to the theory of the paradigm were made by British social anthropologist Rodney Needham, who saw it as a basic human classifying device. It shares affinity with the cultural "romantic-classic" paradigm."

"The term is used to analyze political discourse since the 19th century. It has, however, been suggested that in the 21st century the paradigm will become less useful as a tool of social and political analysis; some of the major current issues (such as global overpopulationindividual liberties and biological warfare) cannot be said to allow for either a left- or right-wing perspective."

False left–right paradigm - Wikipedia

Plato's Absurd Shadow Puppet Theater

***Please take notice that the second quoted paragraph is the stuff of pure propaganda and intellectual dishonesty. The circular reasoning of government itself. In other words, not only is the left right political paradigm false, so is the idea of global overpopulation, the idea we need freedom granted by way of so-called governmental sanctioned liberties, and the idea that biological warfare, as sold by the mainstream media noise machine, is really a threat. The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse are nothing but the stuff of pulp fiction yellow journal fantasy. There always has to be some childish "bad guy" to fight. The whole thing sounds like a fairy tale joke, which it is.

"The United States Tortures" in Two Parts of Course

Remember GITMO and Abu Ghraib? We will not post the photos that are reportedly of United States Military personal posing with naked prisoners, who are all men. We believe this is another example of the scripted nonsense sold as fact. We are not going to get into this particular narrative at this point, but considering the source and the obvious way these News stories are managed, this like many, many of these high profile News stories, is little more than scripted fable sold as fact. Part of the psychological operation of cultural manipulation and cultural divide and conquer.

Same Noise Machine memes of sexuality of one kind or another, paid for with our tax dollars, of course and brought to us by the Military and its multimedia minions.

Guantanamo Bay detention camp - Wikipedia

Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse - Wikipedia

The Military and the press have long promoted the same sexually charged yellow journalistic memes.

Don't Forget This Guy

Jeff Gannon - Wikipedia

See The Scripted Pattern Yet?


Have A Merry Mind War!

Here we think we have a great example of the power of the echo chamber nature of human behavior itself. The same Military Media Noise machine has always been online and always been playing the limited hang out of information and damage control game. We do not need to point any fingers. We think the funny joke is that even Alex Jones, an obvious example of the mainstream media hydra, has provided the public with some good information, provided one can pan the gold from that sand. Alex Jones seems to purposely come across like a cartoon character at times, in an overtly over the top way that makes the mainstream media journalist seem more rationale and sane. Or at least we think that is the idea behind his schtick and act. 

We can pick out the mythic Alex Jones elements. Bohemian Grove, which seems to be just another event for artists and the elite, which is probably why we believe Alex Jones was invited to "sneak in" in the first place. Yes we are suggesting that Alex Jones and the Bohemian Grove guys are all friends and the entire Alex Jones video was deigned to lend Alex some "street cred".

The mythic Mind War online. One of its tools is the evil devilish imp we call spell check. Please excuse any typo you may find.

Defense Information School - Wikipedia

Here we have the mythical setting of Bohemian Grove and we are supposed to connect homosexual behavior with Satanism. This is a great way to fight the old cultural war. Divide and conquer and promoting the idea of gay conservatives seems to be a psychological operation itself. (What consenting adults do is their business of course.) This is about divide and conquer. The public has to be kept in distinct and easily managed communities, after all. This community building is very evident online, with Youtube and Facebook being prime examples. It all seems very contrived in a broad social experiment kind of way.

Catcher in The Rye Spy Guys Unite: Gatekeeping Online in These Digital Times

The problem with the fear based MK Ultra online effort is that the artifacts of the effort give the game away. It does not matter if the information is meant to be a diversion. It doesn't matter if the fear based trauma narratives are pushed to deceive us into being afraid of the man behind the curtain. All the fear based propaganda in the world cannot hide the fact that it is just that - propaganda. It reveals itself as obvious when you understand how these mental "magic tricks" work. 9/11, Bohemian Grove, illegal drugs, tales of sex, kidnappings and rock n roll assassins are the stuff of pulp fiction Hollywood Laurel Canyon California Nightmare Noise Machine.

We get a lot of sensational detail, but all of it is nothing but rumor and hearsay mixed more often than not, with speculation.

Tabloid News has gone digital and is online in new forms. There are many clearly tabloid inspired blogs out there. The mainstream News has always been nearly as "tabloid" as the "rags", but it since the rise of 24 hour cable news its been tabloid overdrive all the time.

Tabloid journalism - Wikipedia

National Enquirer - Wikipedia

Online Examples - A guide to spreading modern mythology

"As it turns out, he was wearing far, far less than "his underwear" in these photos posted on his XXX prostitution websites. The mainstream media need to hire better Internet researchers.

The same Internet investigators who had established their credibility and competence by scooping this story in the first place (no thanks whatsoever to any mainstream element) were now suggesting they had information about Jeff Gannon’s sexual patrons inside the White House and in Republican power circles. Reports began to circulate that the President himself was ultimately involved.

We have to consider this unpleasant possibility. Keep in mind-- 1) the sickening precedents which were set with the Franklin scandal...2) the strange "closeted homosexuality" phenomenon among many of the elites of Bohemian Grove...and 3) the "like father-like son" dynamic reported from FBI agent Darlene Novinger, with regard to illicit drugs and "prostitutes".

It must also be pointed out this has not been the first report about W.’s alleged homosexual conduct. There are plenty of anecdotes going as far back as his college years. There had been college acquaintances who have given interviews for obscure media outlets over the years regarding this. LINK

Now...if the reader wishes to postpone any 'conclusions' regarding George Bush and alleged connections to male prostitutes, by all means, follow your conscience. I am only suggesting that...when we as concerned American citizens hear these facts about false press credentials, the Secret Service allowing aliases, and White House logs showing Gannon wandering the halls of the White House at all hours...

...given the context, with the evidence of 9/11, the evidence regarding Bohemian Grove, the evidence from the Franklin scandal, the perversities of Skull and Bones, the repeated display of occult signals and symbols...shouldn't concerned Americans and concerned Christians begin surmising that we are in some danger, and that our nation may be in the hands of evil people?


The Art of Illusion Explained: Just Like 9/11 It Was An Inside Job - Internet Investigators Were In On It

As we can read for ourselves, the online investigators made their literal bones with this "story". Here's what we think, they were all part of the same theater "troop". They read from the same script and did not magically discover anything about this character we know as "Jeff Gannon".  These people have all signed on the dotted line in one way or another. They are not who they seem to be. They have security clearances and have signed non-disclosure agreements. They are in the military or otherwise employed by the government.

Yellow Journal Nightmare Hacks

Even former President George W. Bush is just another name and persona on a screen. He is just another character in this Scripted Saturday Morning Cartoon Nightmare we call home. Of course he was "hacked" too. And just in time to promote an art show of course!

George W. Bush's Art Exhibition at Presidential Center - The New York ...

Sure Seems Surreal Doesn't? 

Audacious Hack Exposes Bush Family Pix, E-Mail | The Smoking Gun

George W. Bush To Release An Art Book, Because 2016 Is A Surreal ...

George W. Bush Honors Soldiers on Veterans Day By Painting Their ...

Portraits Painted by George W. Bush | US News

Bush supposedly painted most if not all of the portraits from photographs. We wonder if he really paints at all. We kind of like the bath tub one. And there is a certain charm to the "Emperor Has No Clothes" theme. Though in the context of the mainstream noise machine narrative, there seems to be a double entendre here.

Portraits of Courage - George W. Bush Presidential Center

The Village People: Examples of Marketing Images & Plastic Personas Instead of Real People

Each of the Village People band members is stereotypically garbed in a New York City kind of way. They are wearing theatrical costumes. The media amplifies individual behavior into what seems to be some kind of public trend. The monkey see monkey do like tendencies of human nature can turn these trends into some kind of reality. This band was a commercial product like all of the highly promoted musical groups are.

This band, like most, has a highly manipulated and contrived media image. These men are wearing costumes and adopting persons of one kind or another. They may or may to be gay. We only know them from their media personas and the media noise machine. We only know shadows on a wall.

This song has obvious references to the alternative lifestyles the news and mainstream media was promoting. Please note that this may or may not have anything at all to do with how real people actually behave. This was part of the selling of the night club dance culture to the mass public. Numerous so-called demographics would be targeted. This would seem to be product meant for the media labeled "gay community" of the seventies. 

Tinker, Tailor - Wikipedia

Original 1978 Village People YMCA music video featuring iconic lead singer and cop, Victor Willis.

"The Portland vice scandal (sometimes called the vice clique scandal, the vice crusade in contemporary reports, or inaccurately the YMCA scandal) refers to the discovery in November 1912 of a gay male subculture in the U.S. city of PortlandOregon, following the arrest and interrogation of nineteen-year-old Benjamin Trout for shoplifting. Trout told his interrogators that "he had been 'corrupted' by a number of men in town."[1] This revelation prompted police investigations and led to the arrest of "dozens of men and youths for crimes ranging from so-called indecent acts to sodomy."[2] The press used the term "vice clique" to refer to these men collectively.[1]

Some members of the vice clique were prominent public figures, including some lawyers and physicians. Some lived at the local YMCA, which had the ninth largest membership of all YMCAs in North America,[3] and which was supported by members of Portland's upper class. This prompted attacks against the YMCA, its sponsors, and the city's upper class, especially by the working-class newspaper The Portland News and its editor Dana Sleeth.

Walter Lafferty, Portland's U.S. Representative, vowed to bring the scandal to Washington's attention, though his efforts were short-lived.[4]

The Oregon state legislature responded to the scandal by clarifying and strengthening the state's sodomy law, and by making sodomy punishable by sterilization. The sterilization measure was subjected to a referendum, and Oregon voters repealed the law by a vote of 56 percent.

The Oregon Supreme Court reversed the convictions of some vice clique members on legal technicalities."


Gannon, Jeff Gannon: Another "Agent" Or Actor in This Scripted Theater Sold As Reality - This is The Augmented (Matrix) Reality


"Wrong Man, Wrong Place"

"It smelled like conspiracy: a former male escort who was going by a fake name and had somehow obtained White House press passes on a regular basis was covering briefings for an obscure right-wing news outfit, and had even gotten to question the president. Suddenly, the blogosphere latched onto “Gannongate,” exposing the sordid details of the 48-year-old zealot’s life. Gannon’s motive was simple—to become a player—and his fate now hangs in the ever narrowing gap between disgrace and a big book contract."

Jeff Gannon: Wrong Man, Wrong Place | Vanity Fair

Do you see a Yellow Journalistic Scripted Pattern Yet?

"James Dale Guckert (born May 22, 1957)[1] is an American conservative columnist better known by the pseudonym Jeff Gannon. Between 2003 and 2005, he was given credentials as a White House reporter. He was eventually employed by the conservative website Talon News during the latter part of this period. Gannon first gained national attention during a presidential press conference on January 26, 2005, when he asked United States President George W. Bush a question that some in the press corps considered "so friendly it might have been planted"[2][3] ("How are you going to work with [Senate Democratic leaders] who seem to have divorced themselves from reality?").

Gannon routinely obtained daily passes to White House briefings, attending four Bush press conferences and appearing regularly at White House press briefings. Although he did not qualify for a Congressional press pass, Gannon was given daily passes to White House press briefings "after supplying his real name, date of birth and Social Security number."[4] Gannon came under public scrutiny for his lack of a journalistic background prior to his work with Talon[5][6] and his involvement with various gay escort service websites using the professional name "Bulldog."

Gannon resigned from Talon News on February 8, 2005. Continuing to use the name Gannon, he has since created his own official homepage and worked for a time as a columnist for the Washington Blade newspaper, where he confirmed he was gay after he was outed.[7] Most recently, Gannon operated JeffGannon.com, a blog where he criticized those who exposed him, the "Old Media" and the "Angry Gay Left", accusing them of promoting a double standard.[8] The site has since been taken offline and the domain expired. He published a book titled The Great Media War in 2007."

Controlled Opposition Theatre Presents:

CIA Plame & Yellow Cake - News That is All Scripted & Fake

The Valerie Plame 'affair' and all the rest of the supposed CIA concocted fantasy is really not worth getting into. These people are all life actors, all part of this scripted fairy tale sold as government. These people put on the Left/Right shadow puppet show, to keep us all stupefied. We can see how this all works. These people are moved around the shadow play chessboard like role playing chess pieces, going from narrative to narrative. Sex and various kinds of prostitution rings are common story themes. There are numerous examples of many political and celebrity prostitution (and other kinds of) scandals of one kind or another. The media noise machine provides too many details to the public about these so-called cases to be taken seriously. No fair trial could take place for any high profile case.

These would all need to be contractually obligated to keep quiet and to go along with the scripted fiction. These people would have to sign Non-disclosure agreements and would have to apply for various kinds of Miltary and Governmental clearances. They would be obligated to stay 'mum'. In fact they'd face legal and  even military justice repercussion for any "oath" violation. The world is bound with paperwork chains that have gone globally digital.

"Gannon was questioned by the Justice Department in relation to the department's criminal investigation into the Valerie Plame affair, in which Plame's identity as an employee of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was leaked to a journalist by an administration official.[18] On October 28, 2003, Talon News published an interview in three parts that Gannon had conducted with Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson Plame's husband, whom the CIA had sent to Niger in 2003 to investigate claims that Iraq was attempting to procure yellowcake uranium. In the interview, Gannon asked Wilson about an "internal government memo prepared by U.S. intelligence personnel" that said Plame had suggested Wilson for the job. In a February 2005 interview, Gannon told CNN's Wolf Blitzer that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had spoken to him in an effort to learn who had leaked the classified memo and to whom, but that he had not been asked to appear before the grand jury investigating the case."

Yellow journalism - Wikipedia

List of federal political sex scandals in the United States - Wikipedia

The Tip of The Yellow Journal Iceberg:





Penn State child sex abuse scandal - Wikipedia


The Script Remains The Same - Reimagine Repeating The Repeats Forever

Donald Rumsfeld - IMDb

The cast of characters for this scripted media narrative involve the head of Media Matters, David Brock, a famous right wing, who became left wing, author of nonsensical propaganda, as well as Donald "Rummy" Rumsfeld, the former Defense Secretary and Military Industrial  life actor, CEO, spokesperson dude. We will show you that the owners of the Comet Ping Pong Pizza Place are connected to the DC media noise machine. There should be little doubt that there is good reason to suspect this story is a multilayered hoax. One of the founders of this now famous pizza place is known for throwing Donald Rumsfeld out of her restaurant. (See below for more) These seems like public relations for the restaurant sold as "News".

Below, Rummy Almost Gets Kicked Out of Buck's Fish & Camping (owned by the same owners who own Comet Ping Pong)

The Gamble: General Petraeus and the American Military Adventure in Iraq

A Simple Sympathy Play

This looks like another example of layers of lies and propaganda. We think this narrative is all part of the scripted show. We doubt much of the high level highly promoted News is anything but scripted fiction, especially when the news is sensationalized and involves high ranking political and military figures or celebrities.  Here the author wants us to feel some sense of sympathy for Rummy. The thing to remember is that these people are employed to be scapegoats that have to fall on their swords if asked. They serve at the pleasure of the President or so we are told.

A Limited Hang Out & Layers of Scary Lies To Protect The Truth

We know full well that what we term a layer of the lies involves the idea that these DC insider elite types are in some kind of pedophile ring together. This is the same old story we've heard in the lying noise machine media for years and decades now. The same script on endless repeat and recycle. Sure we are supposed to think these bad guys are untouchable, and they probably are, but the thing is their crimes are not the cartoonish ones promoted by the various heads of the multimedia hydra - even and especially online.

This modern internet promoted myth will lead us down a rabbit hole that brings us to the magical and fantastically unrealistic Hollywood land of nonsense. Here our minds will be "blown" by Soap Opera inspired dramatic narratives that are the stuff of daytime television and pulp fiction romance novels. We will start with Ancient Greek history and myth as the source of this particular narrative. We will then show you the cast of characters that reveal this to be another Fake News Event.

What seems clear to us is the modus operandi at work involves media 'agents' or 'actor' who can be used and manipulated like chess pieces on a game board or more correctly like characters in some kind of live action role playing game. These largely fictionalized personas then become the people paraded to us as real people by the various forms of the media. These life actors would have to sign non disclosure agreements and contracts of course. This is one way such 'conspiracies' are kept quiet. People get paid. This might explain the giddy nature and all the smiling in the Sandy Hook interviews. Hollywood film production requires similar secrecy, especially for the big franchise films like Star Wars. 

"I have something coming out where there’s an amount of money that if it leaks, because of me, I don’t get that payment... I’m good about keeping secrets, I’m proud of the fact that I knew a year and a half before anybody else that he was actually dad Vader... Now it’s happening all over again. I’m not even authorized to tell you I’m in Episode VII, it’s all secret." Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill Discusses Keeping Star Wars Secrets (Updated!) | The ...

Just a disclaimer of sorts, we take no issue with any consenting adult behavior. We take no issue with anyone's adult personal behavior choices and also have no problem nor concern with other people's "life styles".

We are happy we all are Naturally Free to be who we individually want to be, we hope you are happy too.

We Take Issue with the Media Promoted Narratives That Portray Real Human Beings As Cartoons

Reaching Across The Great Cultural Divide Requires Real Effort & Patience

We believe that these media promoted narratives are designed for numerous reasons. We think chief among these reasons is the divide and conquer concept. The Cultural Divide is an easy target for political manipulation. Emotional responses are easy to generate when you question someone's identity or belief system. Everyone is apt to get upset. The News Media does nothing to really promote tolerance of different behavior or tolerance of different reactions and ideas about that behavior. The media promotes the great cultural divide as if it has nothing to do with its existence in the first place. The false left right cultural divide is something the media thrives on, in all of its forms, more often than not.

The Mainstream News Media: The Primary Source of Fake News

A Twin Tower of Layered Lies: Basically The Same Script Twice

Ping Pong Needs Two Sides To Play: The Media Tends To Polarize The Public

The Media presents us with distorted versions of real people, These media shadows then become the subject of our attention, not the real people at all. We only know the highly filtered media version, and we know now we cannot trust the public relations, propaganda noise machine we call the mainstream media. We end up hating or loving or not caring about people who do not really even exist. We end up hating or admiring the lifestyles of illusions more so than real people. These imagined characters then become the targets of emotional responses, negative or positive alike.

Celebrity chefs doing television shows with the President is considered normal by most of us. We think we should all take this for the reality it is, the truth is the President is little more than a speaking gig, Sure, the signature signs real bills into real laws that the tyranny of the system will enforce one way or another, but for the most part the President's job is Public Relations (propaganda) figure, The role is that of political and National shepherd of course. Just another appeal to external and empty authority.

Julia Child Was A Spy!

The culinary world is part of culture and cultural manufacture is of interest to the U.S. Military. As crazy as it may sound, even celebrity chefs can be part of the show. All types of celebrities are sold to the public in the same exact way as movie stars, political figures and even the Royals are. As we can see celebrities and politicians mix freely in our Media saturated civilization and most of us take this silliness for granted. People like Mario Batali travel the world and work with bankers of one kind or another in oder to open up restaurants around the globe. Cuisine is part of the overall tourism trade. Commerce is what this is all about. There is a lot of money to me made in the Hotel and related industries as the New Selected Prez the Trump Card, can attest.

Julia Child - Wikipedia

Anthony Bourdain - Wikipedia

Mario Batali (Yes, in His Orange Crocs) to Prepare Obamas' Last ...

Ping Pong Needs Two Sides To Play:

Cooking And Life Style Choices Brought To You By The Mainstream Military Media

Nothing like a little Public Relations and some revisionist history, or should we say more properly, revisionist mythology. Here is an example of that from the Mainstream Media itself:

"Can Meryl Streep Make Homophobic Julia Child Into a Gay Icon?"


"To judge from all the men I've seen at the annual West Hollywood Halloween carnival dressed as The Devil Wears Prada's Miranda Priestly, Meryl Streep has the ability to transform just about any character into a gay icon. On the face of it, then, her role as Julia Child in Julie & Julia should be an easy layup for that demographic, as the strapping Child was a gender pioneer in the kitchen, a campy presence on TV, and an acclaimed chef who loved to call gay men "homovipers." Wait, what?"

"On the eve of the film's release, blogger Joe My God recalls that Child was well-known for her homophobia, and was even sued when she blocked a gay chef from an executive position with the American Institute for Wine and Food. Two years ago, Boston magazine excerpted a work by Laura Shapiro which comprehensively detailed Child's prejudices:

Homophobia was a socially acceptable form of bigotry in midcentury America, and Julia and [her husband] Paul participated without shame for many years. She often used the term pedal or pedalo -- French slang for a homosexual -- draping it with condescension, pity, and disapproval. "I had my hair permanented at E. Arden's, using the same pedalo I had before (I wish all the men in OUR profession in the USA were not pedals!)," she wrote to Simca. Fashion designers were "that little bunch of Pansies," a cooking school was "a nest of homovipers," a Boston dinner party was "peopled by 3 fags in an expensive house.... We felt hopelessly square and left when decently possible," and San Francisco was beautiful but full of pedals--"It appears that SF is their favorite city! I'm tired of them, talented though they are."

The opposite of homosexual, in her terminology, was "normal" or "well muscled" or "very masculine!" Or, as she often put it, "real male men." Lesbianism was less of an affront to her, though she felt sorry for women so sexually benumbed that they were not attracted to men. ("Can't be much fun.") 

Eventually, the article asserts, the AIDS crisis tempered Child's demeanor somewhat. Why, look how well Child eventually got along with this trannie, with whom she made pita bread!" (This end part is a joke - AA Morris Staff)

Can Meryl Streep Make Homophobic Julia Child Into a Gay Icon ...

SS: It Takes A Village & a Secret Submarine

Who seeks to get a bunch of human beings of the same sex into barracks together?

The Catholic Church and The Military does.

These institutions have traditionally promoted the idea that a bunch of men should live together for extended periods of time. Yea, this always seems like a bad idea to those of us who like women. Now if we liked men, we'd understand... again we believe there's nothing wrong with that, it just isn't our thing. 

In the Navy. The original 1979 music video featuring iconic cop and lead singer Victor Willis.

The Mythic Ancient Greek Soldiers Were Gay

What seems clear is a Military style deception media campaign is at work. These people are all DC insider and power broker types, at least according to their media biographies. These characters are just like the various heroes from Greek mythology and we take this cast of cartoon characters for granted. The News Media spends years both polishing and tarnishing the various personas they promote. There is a reason for all of this 

Here we can see the inspiration for this narrative with a trip to a library. Ancient Greek mythology and so-called history are filled with tales of various kinds of sexual escapades from the adventures of Zeus to the legend of Achilles and even the work of Plato, these ideas have Classical origin and are an old song that is played over and over.

We don't know who really wrote what is attributed to ancient authors. We suspect more layers of manipulated fiction sold as history, but we can't be sure can we? What is clear is that there is some kind of record of homosexual behavior, or at least tales of such behavior, that date back at least to the renaissance, if not further back. We're not posting this as some kind of criticism of anyone's lifestyle and are not trying to get anyone to respond emotionally here. We are simply trying to look at the history of this subject in the media. Ancient Greek Mythology is an older medium and one that is largely a blueprint for modern theater, which includes the News. These mythological themes are the source of many science fiction and comic book narratives, for example, and are so common that they tend to be taken for granted. In other words the basic and essential source for this scripted culture, many do not understand, is the classical Greco-Roman, & Ancient Egyptian Mythology. 

WW2 Marines in the Making:

Please watch this bit of theatrical propaganda from World War Two and ponder what it really was designed to do.

This was shown in film theaters across the "Nation" back then. This was the mass public's only form of audio visual communication and was very controlled as we now know. This is what state run media looks and sounds like. This was shown during the war. We'd say this is an example of phallic fallacy sold as fact.

Phallus - Wikipedia

Marines in the Making (1942) A Pete Smith Specialty, not as entertaining as most of his short films, but it is good. It focuses on Marines in training, particularly on hand to hand combat techniques. Of course Pete intersperces moments of levity, and it is always welcome. Directed by Herbert Polesie.

Pete Townsend Rough Boys

Uploaded by Ryder276 on 2009-06-26.

Cher - If I Could Turn Back Time (Video)

The Mainstream and clearly Military propaganda product, MTV promoted many different over sexualized life style images to the mass public, especially the young. These earlier generations of video watchers take for granted how sexually charged the content was and is still is. This isn't about one particular preference this is about selling sex to as many different kinds of people as possible. This helped promoted the cultural divide of the 1980's political theater that was scripted at the time. The 1980's and early 90's was the Reagan/Bush era. Sex has been used as a control mechanism of various kinds, for centuries. 

"Main article: Homosexuality in the militaries of ancient Greece"

"The Sacred Band of Thebes, a separate military unit reserved only for men and their beloved, is usually considered the prime example of how the ancient Greeks used love between soldiers in a troop to boost their fighting spirit. The Thebans attributed to the Sacred Band the power of Thebes for the generation before its fall to Philip II of Macedon, who was so impressed with their bravery during battle, he erected a monument that still stands today on their gravesite. He also gave a harsh criticism of the Spartan views of the band:"

Please listen to this one anecdote Orson Welles recounts about a script he had to read on air that was filled with phallic double entendres.

source: http://questioningourreality.blogspot.com

1976 Orson Welles Good interview with Orson Welles about the early history of radio.

Ancient Greek Mythology The Source of Theater

"Perish miserably they who think that these men did or suffered aught disgraceful." 

Pammenes' opinion, according to Plutarch, was that

"Homer's Nestor was not well skilled in ordering an army when he advised the Greeks to rank tribe and tribe... he should have joined lovers and their beloved. For men of the same tribe little value one another when dangers press; but a band cemented by friendship grounded upon love is never to be broken."

These bonds, reflected in episodes from Greek mythology, such as the heroic relationship between Achilles and Patroclus in the Iliad, were thought to boost morale as well as bravery due to the want to impress and protect their lover. Such relationships were documented by many Greek historians and in philosophical discourses, as well as in offhand remarks such as Philip II of Macedon's recorded by Plutarch demonstrates:

During the Lelantine War between the Eretrians and the Chalcidians, before a decisive battle the Chalcidians called for the aid of a warrior named Cleomachus (glorious warrior). He answered their request, bringing his lover to watch. Leading the charge against the Eretrians he brought the Chalcidians to victory at the cost of his own life. The Chalcidians erected a tomb for him in the marketplace in gratitude. It is said that one of the most noble things is to give one's own life to save their lover. Although this did not occur during the Lelantine War example it was still a heroic act for Cleomachus and even a perfect time to show his lover his selfless ways."

"In classical antiquity, writers such as Herodotus,  Plato,  Xenophon,  Athenaeus,  and many others explored aspects of homosexuality in ancient Greece. The most widespread and socially significant form of same-sex sexual relations in ancient Greece was between adult men and pubescent or adolescent boys, known as pederasty (marriages in Ancient Greece between men and women were also age structured, with men in their thirties commonly taking wives in their early teens).[5] Though sexual relationships between adult men did exist, at least one member of each of these relationships flouted social conventions by assuming a passive sexual role. It is unclear how such relations between women were regarded in the general society, but examples do exist as far back as the time of Sappho."

"The ancient Greeks did not conceive of sexual orientation as a social identifier as modern Western societies have done. Greek society did not distinguish sexual desire or behavior by the gender of the participants, but rather by the role that each participant played in the sex act, that of active penetrator or passive penetrated." 

"This active/passive polarization corresponded with dominant and submissive social roles: the active (penetrative) role was associated with masculinity, higher social status, and adulthood, while the passive role was associated with femininity, lower social status, and youth."

Homosexuality in ancient Greece - Wikipedia

"In classical Athens, the idea of homosexual women is briefly mentioned in the Speech of Aristophanes in Plato's Symposium. Later references to female homosexuality in Greek literature include an epigram by Asclepiades, which describes two women who reject Aphrodite's "rules" but instead do "other things which are not seemly". Dover comments on the "striking" hostility shown in the epigram to female homosexuality, contrasting it with Asklepiades' willingness to discuss his own homosexual desire in other works, suggesting that this apparent male anxiety about female homosexuality in ancient Greece is the reason for our paucity of sources discussing it."

History of lesbianism - Wikipedia

Wanted: Dominant Submissive Types For Delivery Job

As we can read for ourselves above, the mythical Ancient Greeks were supposed to have been into some really oddly aggressive behavior. The Ancient Greeks must have been very insecure men, no? These two quotes (reproduced below) say it all. This isn't about two people of the same sex falling n love, or even just having a good time together. This is about dominance and control. We can see that this is about enforcing or reinforcing some kind of social control system. It would seem (also) to be about controlling the youth.

These ideas clearly embody the stereotypical western male dominance over women and the young.

As we can read for ourselves, these ideas are reflected in what the media tells us about prison life and what the numerous articles and films and television news stories reinforce. We see here an early expression of a brutal and barbaric ideal. Man has to assert his dominance in absurd ways. Of course being dominant is important after all, someone has to be King of the Mud Hill, right?

Here we seem to have the so-called & mythical Ancient Greek elite designing a mentality for their culture. Men are to be naturally dominate over each other and over children and women. The basic guiding principle for the global culture we call home is revealed as being something we knew all along. The Bully must be King, right?

"The ancient Greeks did not conceive of sexual orientation as a social identifier as modern Western societies have done. Greek society did not distinguish sexual desire or behavior by the gender of the participants, but rather by the role that each participant played in the sex act, that of active penetrator or passive penetrated." 

"This active/passive polarization corresponded with dominant and submissive social roles: the active (penetrative) role was associated with masculinity, higher social status, and adulthood, while the passive role was associated with femininity, lower social status, and youth."

It's Child's Play - Of Course!

Pizza-Gate Babel-Gate Water-Gate Isn't That  Great?

The owners of Comet Ping Pong Pizza are not some Mom and Pop types.

These are Washington DC insiders!

Do you really believe that any restaurant that is not connected could get the kind of reviews from such high end Mainstream Newspapers (and television coverage) as the ones quoted below? What about all the press and media attention?  The pizza shop was on Food Tv on a TV show!  The owners know people. Perhaps they have public relations representation or perhaps they are basically in a club the rest of us do not belong to. In fact we will see that these owners were involved in other media narratives over the years. We will begin to get a better idea about how this kind of media fakery works.

"Comet Ping Pong (often abbreviated as Comet) is a pizzeria restaurant and concert venue located on 5037 Connecticut Avenue NW in Chevy ChaseWashington, D.C., on Connecticut Avenue. Owned by James AlefantisComet has received critical acclaim from The Washington PostThe WashingtonianNew York magazine, the DCist, and Guy Fieri of Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins and DivesComet is also noted for its ping-pong tables in the back rooms, as well as for the bands that sometimes perform there.
It was founded in 2006 by Alefantis and Carole Greenwood, who also co-owned a restaurant on the same block. Alefantis quickly became the sole owner of Comet Ping Pong after Greenwood, a chef at both restaurants, left her position as co-owner and executive chef of Comet. In 2008, the restaurant was involved in a disagreement with the area's Advisory Neighborhood Commission over the fact that Comet broke an agreement with ANC. The violation of the agreement, which stipulated that Comet not open after midnight and have live entertainment, led to a bitter dispute with the ANC, which resulted in Comet narrowly being able to remove its formal arrangement with ANC. In late 2016, the restaurant was the center of the debunked Pizzagate conspiracy theory, which resulted in hundreds of people harassing the restaurant's staff and is thought to have been the cause of a non-fatal shooting at the restaurant."

Comet Ping Pong - Wikipedia

First up: Founder Carole Greenwood

"Chef" Carole Greenwood has a background in Political Science of course. She also went into art, studying sculpture.The she went on to study cooking. After culinary school her new career just takes off! Of course this is normal and not a sign that she is connected to the power structure in some manner.

The Interview With Carole Greenwood (an excerpt):

"I'd like to say welcome to Chef Carole Greenwood, who will be chatting with us starting this Wednesday.

We all know Carole as the chef of Buck's Fishing and Camping, and also from Comet Ping Pong, but how did she get to where she is now?

Carole was born in Manhattan, and lived in suburban New York until she was ten, when she moved to the Washington, DC area. Attending high school at W. T. Woodson, she then went to the University of Richmond where she got her B.A. in Political Science. She bumped around graduate school and law school, working on various statewide and national politcal campaigns, before becoming disenchanted with the whole thing, realizing that art and music were the aesthetics that allowed her to sleep at night.

She had attended Blue Lake and Interlochen music camps in Michigan, and to this day plays the piano and double bass (!). At the University of Richmond, she studied sculpture with Demetrios Mavroudis, subsequently continuing her studies at Corcoran. She was a member of Margaret Boozer's seminar at Red Dirt Studios in Mount Rainier.

And somehow she found the time to become a student of cooking: Carole went to Paris, where she studied at Le Cordon Bleu, Lenotre, and La Varenne - she even won the first Ann Crutcher Fellowship from Les Dames d'Escoffier here in Washington, DC.

After culinary school, she met up with Jonathan Waxman, a fellow La Varenne alumni, in London, who hired her at JAMS. She also worked at the JAMS in New York City for a couple of years, becoming Sous Chef. Carole subsequently became Sous Chef at Mark Miller's Coyote Cafe in Sante Fe, then worked with Norman Van Aken at Mira in Key West, then Wolfgang Puck at Postrio in San Francisco. Who knew?!

Finally ending up back in Washington, DC, she became Chef de Cuisine at Tabard Inn, then at the Pullman Highland Hotel where she got a rave review from Phyllis Richman early on. Carole eventually opened her own restaurant - Greenwood - on K Street, where she was doing fine-dining vegetarian and seafood, before moving it to Cleveland Park, then to Upper NW where she has been for the past eight years.

Four years ago, she teamed up with James Alefantis, changed the restaurant to Buck's Fishing and Camping, then opened Comet Ping Pong, and the rest, as they say, is history."

A Chat With Carole Greenwood - Industry Superstar Chats ...

They Get A Lot of Press Coverage

The Pizza Gate scandal is an example of how this works. This Fake News story makes use of both high level (national) political media figures and lower level (and more local) cultural media figures. All of them are actors on the world stage. Pizza Gate is just hearsay, Wiki-leaks dis-information and another gun drill. The actors involved are all media figures of one kind or another and all involved in public relations of one kind or another. These 'actors' more than likely have security clearances and signed non disclose agreements and similar contracts. They would then be legally obligated to play along with the scripted theater sold as reality.

It's Only Rock N Roll But I lIke IT!

These various News Media stories are propaganda and little more. It's interesting that there is a connection to Punk Music as well. Another result of the restructuring of the post World War Two world is the concert tour. The USO tours were clearly the foundation for the modern pop concert tours that are endlessly promoted to the masses world wide. Rock festivals and now digital age jam sessions and various Burning Man style events are common place. The USO tour is where it all starts.


Celebrity Chefs, Celebrity Musicians & Celebrity Criminals

These crafted and highly artificial personas are then used like chess pieces or maybe a better analogy is that they are like characters in a role playing game, who are moved about a theatrical game board into and out of various positions or roles as needed.

The Comet Ping Pong pizza place supposedly had Punk Rock bands play, at least according to their website. This brings to mind the work done by John Adams from Hoax Busters Call:

HOAX BUSTERS CALL: John Adams on Punk Rock and Mind Control

You Are Supposed To Be The MK Ultra Slave - The Medium For Your Slavery is The TV Screen!

Mk Ultra is not what most think. The mass public is the MK Ultra (wage) slave. We in the public are meant to be the victims of this legendary program. Here we disagree with the research of Mr. McGowan, Jan Irvin and the rest. We believe the various mind control sex-slave assassin stories are just layers of lies designed to limit the damage. The truth is most of it is scripted theater designed to scare us from seeking the truth out further. We are supposed to think we should be afraid of the legendary man behind the curtain and these mythic horror stories of various kinds of sexual predatory behavior and murder are meant to frighten us and to get us into an emotional state so we do not think clearly. We are supposed to think these elite are a bunch of weird sickos who do all sorts of horrible things. This is fear propaganda and little more. These myths promoted as real stories are designed to keep us thinking these people are evil and untouchable and are capable of really evil deeds. These ideas come from things like early Twentieth Century pulp fiction and Ancient Greek writings. Mythic figures like Aleister Crowley are little more than cartoon jokes, that should not be taken seriously.

The CIA is about cultural creation and manipulation and so is the U.S. Military more so than most think.


"Mika Miko was a band formed in 2003 in Los AngelesCalifornia. In 2004 they gained local popularity for their frenetic live performances. Featuring Victor Fandgore (Jennifer Clavin), Jet Blanca (Jenna Thornhill), Michelle Suarez, Jessica Clavin, and Jon Erik Edrosa, the original line up of the band made its first demo CD-R, its first 7" record, and toured the West Coast extensively before replacing their original drummer with Kate Hall and embarking on their first national tour in the Summer of 2005. Also in 2005 they were featured on two compilations released by Los Angeles-based record labels, produced their first two self-released cassettes, and two members of the band appeared on the Hawnay Troof EP Community.

Despite a sizable discography, the band stated they are best appreciated live, Jessica Clavin telling ClashMusic.com: "I think we come off better live than we do recorded. It’s better to have that impact as a live band, isn’t it? If we had to choose to be better live or recorded, we’d go with live."  

In October 2009, they decided to disband, due to band members' wishes to return to school and work on other projects. On December 30 and 31, 2009 and January 1, 2010, the band played their last shows at The Smell in downtown Los Angeles."

Mika Miko - Wikipedia

The Smell For All Ages

"The Smell is an all-ages, alcohol and drug-free, punk rock/noise/experimental venue in Downtown Los AngelesCalifornia.  The Smell, notable for its DIY ethic, is home to many of the area's avant-garde performers and artists. The venue is maintained by Jim Smith, one of the four original organizers of the club, and a number of volunteers.

The Smell continues in the tradition of Los-Angeles-based underground clubs such as The Masque and Jabberjaw. Aside from its primary function as a live music and performance art space, The Smell hosts a library, a vegan snack bar and a gallery space.[3] The venue predates the conception of the Gallery Row district in which it is located. The Smell and the relatively new Gallery Row both border Skid Row."

"The Smell was founded by Ara Shirinyan, Jarrett Silberman, and Jim Smith as one of the few all-ages art/performance spaces in Los Angeles, after the demise of two local venues, Jabberjaw and the Impala Cafe, during the same week in late 1997. The Smell opened just a short time later, on January 8, 1998. It was originally located by the intersection of Magnolia and Lankershim in North Hollywood, but when the cost of rent rose during the NoHo Arts District boom in 1999, the venue relocated to cheaper Downtown Los Angeles. Shirinyan gave up his ownership before the venue's move, so Silberman, Smith, and Mac Mann constructed the new space.

Silberman left in late 2000, leaving only Smith to carry on with its maintenance. The venue continued to thrive, serving as a community hub for punkexperimentalnoise and weirder electronic music fans, underage and otherwise. However, fire-code violations forced the club's closure in February 2003. Instead of shutting down for good, Smith, now its sole owner and its only full-time employee, used his own money and worked with volunteers to renovate the venue. Since reopening in September 2003, benefit shows help keep the space open and up to code.

The building along with Jim Smith, Kyle Mabson, and Imagymnist, were all featured in the video for Connection, a song by Hawnay Troof. The video went on to become the number 2 indie video of 2008 on MTV2number 1 on MTVU,  and was featured on VH1 and IFC."


We can see that the children are a theme to this meme.

The children are our future, right?

Pizza Pong

"Comet Ping Pong (often abbreviated as Comet) is a pizzeria restaurant and concert venue located on 5037 Connecticut Avenue NW in Chevy ChaseWashington, D.C., on Connecticut Avenue. Owned by James Alefantis, Comet has received critical acclaim from The Washington Post, The WashingtonianNew York magazine, the DCist, and Guy Fieri of Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Comet is also noted for its ping-pong tables in the back rooms, as well as for the bands that sometimes perform there.

It was founded in 2006 by Alefantis and Carole Greenwood, who also co-owned a restaurant on the same block. Alefantis quickly became the sole owner of Comet Ping Pong after Greenwood, a chef at both restaurants, left her position as co-owner and executive chef of Comet. In 2008, the restaurant was involved in a disagreement with the area's Advisory Neighborhood Commission over the fact that Comet broke an agreement with ANC. The violation of the agreement, which stipulated that Comet not open after midnight and have live entertainment, led to a bitter dispute with the ANC, which resulted in Comet narrowly being able to remove its formal arrangement with ANC. In late 2016, the restaurant was the center of the debunked Pizzagate conspiracy theory, which resulted in hundreds of people harassing the restaurant's staff and is thought to have been the cause of a non-fatal shooting at the restaurant."

Founding and Carole Greenwood

"Comet Ping Pong was originally founded by James Alefantis and Carole Greenwood in 2006. It was placed on the same block as another restaurant that they co-owned together, Buck's Fishing and Camping, so they could easily move back and forth between the locations.[1] The restaurant met with initial success and was able to find a niche in the gourmet pizza market in the D.C. area.[1] Greenwood served as the chef of both restaurants;[2] she left her position as executive chef and co-owner in 2006 citing urgent family matters and other personal interests.[3][4] The Washington City Paper's Tim Carman felt that both Comet and Buck's Fishing & Camping had managed to succeed without Greenwood after her departure."

Marketing 101: Free Public Relations For Ping Pong Pizza!

"In early November 2016, several websites and online forums falsely implicated the restaurant and various Democratic Party figures as part of a supposed child trafficking ring, which was dubbed "Pizzagate" on Internet forums.[11] The rumor was debunked by the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia, and sources such as Snopes.com and The New York Times, among others.[12][13][14] However, the restaurant's owners and staff were harassed, threatened on social media websites, and given negative Yelp reviews.[11][15] After continued threats, Comet Ping Pong increased the security for concerts held inside its premises.[16]

GoFundMe: A Simple Sympathy Ploy

"On December 4, 2016, Edgar Maddison Welch of Salisbury, North Carolina, walked into the restaurant with a semi-automatic rifle, and fired at least one shot inside the building before being arrested; no one was injured.[14][17] In addition to the AR-15 style rifle, police seized a Colt .38 caliber handgun, a shotgun, and a folding knife from Welch's car and person.[14] Welch told police that he planned to "self-investigate" the conspiracy theory,[14] and was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, carrying a pistol without a license, unlawful discharge of a firearm, and carrying a rifle or shotgun outside the home or business.[18]

In response to the shooting, the restaurant set up a GoFundMe campaign to compensate for additional security, lost wages, and property damage.  On Facebook, a local resident set up an event to support the restaurant and nearby businesses affected by the harassment campaign, which thousands of people expressed interest in attending."

The Appeal To Sympathy Ploy:

"The attempt to distract from the truth of the conclusion by the use of pity."

The GoFundMe and similar fund raising after a tragic event is another thing a lot of us might take for granted. This is something "everyone" seems to do "all the time". We think this is a clear clue since this is a high profile restaurant and not some Mom and Pop operation at all. This is a joke. This is about free media advertising in the News. In fact these restaurant owners have always had great press coverage that they did not seem to have to pay for and they still do. More evidence these people are connected to the media machine, in ways the rest of us are not.

Fake shootings that were nothing but police and FBI style drills end up generating sympathy and of course fund raising efforts. Commerce from tragedy and the deaths of loved ones is normal in our shallow and cartoonish, childish world. Nothing like playing the victim card.

Appeal to Pity - Logically Fallacious

Signs of a CIA Scripted Show: The Military - Appeal to Sad Sympathy Play

"Hastert briefly attended North Central College, but later transferred to Wheaton College, a Christian liberal arts college.[25] Jim Parnalee, Hastert's roommate at North Central who transferred with him to Wheaton, was a Marine Corps Reserve member who in 1965 became the school's first student to be killed in Vietnam. Hastert continued to visit Parnalee's family each year in Michigan.[25][27] Because of a wrestling injury, Hastert never served in the military. In 1964, Hastert graduated from Wheaton with a B.A. in economics.[23][25][28] In 1967, he received his M.S. in philosophy of education from Northern Illinois University (NIU).[23][28] In his first year of graduate school, Hastert spent three months in Japan as part of the People to People Student Ambassador Program.[29] One of Hastert's fellow group members was Tony Podesta (then the president of the Young Democrats at University of Illinois at Chicago Circle)."

Dennis Hastert - Wikipedia

Fake Left vs Right DC Political Theatre - We Need Two Sides For Ping Pong

This cast of characters never seems to end. Whatever the deal is we suggest we end this farce as soon as possible.  If we believe these headlines or not, it is clear that we fund a monster in one form or another. We really should stop paying taxes for this obvious con job.

"Anthony T. Podesta, commonly known as Tony Podesta, is an American lobbyist best known for founding the Podesta Group.[1] Podesta has lobbied for a variety of groups, including Bank of AmericaBP,[1] and Egypt[2] in addition to political campaigns such as Ted KennedyGeorge McGovernMichael Dukakis, and Bill Clinton. More recently, he has worked for Pennsylvania Democratic representatives Joe SestakChris Carney, and Patrick Murphy, and chaired former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell's reelection campaign.[3] He is closely connected with the Barack Obama White House[4] and has repeatedly been named one of Washington's most powerful lobbyists and fundraisers."


"Podesta grew up in Chicago with his Greek-American mother Mary, first-generation Italian immigrant father John Sr., and his brother John Jr. He studied political science both in college, at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and in graduate school at MIT."

"John David Podesta (born January 8, 1949) is the former chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.[1] He previously served as chief of staff to President Bill Clinton and Counselor to President Barack Obama.[2]

He is the former president, and now Chair and Counselor, of the Center for American Progress (CAP), a liberal think tank in Washington, D.C., as well as a Visiting Professor of Law at the Georgetown University Law Center. Additionally, he was a co-chairman of the Obama-Biden Transition Project."

"Podesta email leak

Main article: Podesta emails

On October 7, 2016, WikiLeaks started to publish thousands of emails reportedly retrieved from Podesta's private Gmail account, some of which contained controversial material regarding Clinton's positions or campaign strategy.[30] Podesta and the Clinton campaign did not confirm or deny the authenticity of the emails.[31][32] Experts investigating the leak, including a security firm that tracked the hacking tools used, determined that a Russian hacking group had accessed Podesta's account.[33] Podesta said that Russian intelligence officials attempting to influence the presidential election in favor of Donald Trump were behind the leak.[30]

The United States Intelligence Community released a statement directly accusing Russian intelligence of involvement.[34][35][36][37][38] Vice President Joe Biden told NBC News that the United States was "sending a message" to Russian President Vladimir Putin and that a wide-ranging "clandestine" cyber operation would take place in response to the Russians' activities.[39]

The New York Times reported that, when asked, Vladimir Putin replied that Russia was being falsely accused. "The hysteria is merely caused by the fact that somebody needs to divert the attention of the American people from the essence of what was exposed by the hackers."[40]"

Personal life

"John Podesta identifies himself as a Catholic and has worked closely with Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good and Catholics United.[42][43]"

"He and his wife Mary Podesta, a Washington, D.C. attorney, have three children."


WikiLeaks - Wikipedia


SS - Same Scripts: Yea Him Too - Julian Assange Alleged Molester

"Assange visited Sweden in August 2010, where he became the subject of sexual assault allegations from two women with whom he had sex. He was questioned, the case was closed, and he was told he could leave the country. In November 2010, however, the case was re-opened by a special prosecutor who said she wanted to question Assange over two counts of sexual molestation, one count of unlawful coercion and one count of "lesser-degree rape" (mindre grov våldtäkt). Assange denied the allegations and said he was happy to face questions in Britain.[5][148]

In 2010, the prosecutor said Swedish law prevented her from questioning anyone by video link or in the London embassy. In March 2015, after public criticism from other Swedish law practitioners, she changed her mind and agreed to interrogate Mr Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, with interviews finally beginning on 14 November 2016.[149]

On 18 August 2015, the statute of limitations expired on all three of the less serious allegations, as the Swedish prosecutor still had not interviewed Assange. However, he is still wanted for questioning over the allegation of "lesser degree rape", and the statute of limitations for this will not expire until 2020.[150][151][152][153][154]

On 14 November 2016, Police, Swedish Prosecutors, and Ecuadorian officials met with Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London about the sexual assault allegations"


We Believe Pizza Gate is Just Part of the 2016 Election Script

Please notice the usual "unnamed source" that reveals the very real fact that journalism was never meat to educate anyone. It is designed to allow for the propagation of propaganda along with honestly reported interviews with any honest folk that manage to make it through the media filter. Truth gets liberally mixed with fiction in our media promoted California Yellow Journal Cartoon Scripted Nightmare we call home. Notice how there is no logical reason to believe there is any truth to this story. There is no logical grammar to examine. What we have is hearsay and allegation, smoke but no fire.  What we have are the usual suspects of unnamed sources and speculation over supposed code words. This is Seriously Silly. We can see that this Alice in Wonderland/Oz-like rabbit hole is seemingly endless in depth and scope. An endless literal rabbit trail designed to lead ultimately nowhere, or so it seems to us.


"This conspiracy theory emerged near the end of the 2016 United States presidential election cycle, with BuzzFeed News tracing its origin to a tweet written by a "reputed white supremacist" on October 30, 2016. The tweet claimed that the New York City Police Department, which was combing through emails found on Anthony Weiner's laptop as part of a reopened investigation into his sexting scandals, discovered the existence of a pedophilia ring linked to members of the Democratic Party.[4][5] Internet users reading John Podesta's emailsreleased by Wikileaks in early November 2016 speculated that some words in Podesta's emails were code words for pedophilia and human trafficking.[2][6] The theory also proposed that the ring was a meeting ground for satanic ritual abuse.[7] Other claims that the theory proposed include the use of handkerchief codes (interpreted from a widely-cited email with a "Pizza-related" handkerchief), the alleged use of pedophile symbols in the logos of various organizations, and John Podesta and his brother Tony Podesta's alleged connection to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.[2]"

The Devil's Deception and Hard Selling Shills

"A shill, also called a plant or a stooge, is a person who publicly helps a person or organization without disclosing that they have a close relationship with the person or organization.

Shill typically refers to someone who purposely gives onlookers the impression that they are an enthusiastic independent customer of a seller (or marketer of ideas) for whom they are secretly working. The person or group who hires the shill is using crowd psychology to encourage other onlookers or audience members to purchase the goods or services (or accept the ideas being marketed). Shills are often employed by professional marketing campaigns. "Plant" and "stooge" more commonly refer to any person who is secretly in league with another person or organization while pretending to be neutral or actually a part of the organization he is planted in, such as a magician's audience, a political party, or an intelligence organization (see double agent)."


Here is what we believe to be an example of the mainstream media shilling for its alternative media (online-tabloid) counterparts. The mainstream media points to Reddit and Twitter, of course and  Wikipedia points us to another set of online sources. We will not dwell any further on these connections and leave it for you, the reader to consider further. But it seems that David Icke and Alex Jones and RT are all part of the same Team Trump, in this scripted cartoon shadow play.

"The theory was then posted on the message board Godlike Productions. The following day, Sean Adl-Tabatabai (a former associate of professional conspiracy theorist David Icke) repeated the story on YourNewsWire, citing a 4chan post from earlier that year.[5] Adl-Tabatabai's story was then spread by and elaborated on by other fake news websites, including SubjectPolitics, which falsely claimed the New York Police Department had raided Hillary Clinton's property.[4] The website Conservative Daily Post ran a headline falsely stating that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had "confirmed" this story"

Pizzagate conspiracy theory - Wikipedia



The News Media spends years both polishing and tarnishing the various personas they promote.

From: The Gamble: General Petraeus and the American Military Adventure in Iraq

This is a somewhat high profile Pizza place. Does it really make sense this would be the hub of some kind of elite insider crime ring?

Ping Pong Needs Two Sides To Play

Carole Greenwood, one of the founders of the "Pong Pizza Place", was already a media figure with plenty of headlines.

carole greenwood on Twitter: "I've thrown Rumsfeld out of the ...

In fact she is known for her left wing politics, no?

Carole Greenwood did not actually throw Donald Rumsfeld out her restaurant. Her social media 'tweet' is a fib, unless someone changed the script, there appears to be a discrepancy between her account and the one from the book quoted above. More than likely this exaggeration is for Public Relations purpose.

Plenty of Press Coverage:

A Ping Pong Punk Sing Along

"Comet Ping Pong is both a pizzeria and a live concert venue. The Washington Post's food critic, Tom Sietsema, gave Comet two and a half stars, noting that its pizzas "are as good for their thin and yeasty crusts as for their toppings."[22] The Washingtonian called the restaurant in the "top tier" of Washington pizzerias. New York magazine featured Comet in its "Where to Eat" section of a 'Navigating the Potomac' feature, describing the restaurant as a "hipster-heavy pizza parlor".[24] The DCist featured Comet Ping Pong's 'Time-Out' pizza as one of the ten best in the area. The restaurant also appeared on an episode of Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives with Guy Fieri, where he called the Yalie clam and the Philly calzone pizzas some of the "best he's ever had".

GQ ranked James Alefantis as the 49th most powerful person in Washington partly on the basis of owning Comet Ping Pong and its cultural cachet. Ping pong tables populate the back room which serves as Comet's concert venue, which features a stage at nearly ground level  A number of artists and bands have performed at the restaurant, including The ApesSpeedy Ortiz, and Tussle.  DCist's Mehan Jayasuriya noted of the venue, "It's not often that, on your way into a punk rock show, you have to carefully skirt around the band members, for fear of interrupting their ping-pong match."   "


James Alefantis: An Always In The Public Eye Kind of Spy Guy

Please notice that it would seem Mr. Alefantis is little more than a media figure himself. He never went to culinary school, or at least his background does not empathize that. Read it for yourself and see. He owned a small art gallery in Georgetown, Virginia prior to owning the restaurants. His background would seem to be in art.

"James Alefantis is an American chef and restaurateur. He founded and owns two restaurants in Washington, D.C.: the pizzeria Comet Ping Pong, and American restaurant Buck's Fishing & Camping. He is also the president of the art gallery Transformer in Logan Circle, Washington, D.C.. In 2012, GQ named him one of the 50 most powerful people in Washington, D.C."

"Alefantis was raised in Buffalo, New York and Washington, D.C.[2] Prior to becoming a restaurateur, he owned a small art gallery in Georgetown, Virginia, and served as the general manager of Johnny's Half Shell for two years. He founded Buck's Fishing & Camping in October 2003 along with Carole Greenwood. Originally, the restaurant was called "Greenwood", and she was the restaurant's chef and he was its owner. Alefantis has said that he and Greenwood collaborated on every item on the menu at Buck's.[3] In 2006, he and Greenwood co-founded Comet Ping Pong, and Alefantis has served as the executive chef ever since then."


Poisoning Young Minds: The CIA Recruits From College Campuses

"The trend away from the Ivy League is supported by a recent C.I.A. internal study of what schools have provided the most recruits. Although Yale is still on the list, the top schools, in order, are Georgetown, George Washington University, the University of Maryland and American University. All are in the Washington area. 

Perhaps typical of the Georgetown students who explore the C.I.A. as a career option is Ann Lowell, 21, of St. Louis, a graduating senior in the School of Foreign Service who describes herself as ''basically very conservative.'' She was interviewed on campus last fall by a C.I.A. representative who gave his name as Chris Vorderbruegge. ''He was heavyset, early 30's, and had brown, thinning hair,'' Ann Lowell said. ''He was more the teddy bear image than James Bond. 

''He was not incredibly well dressed like the guy from Morgan Stanley,'' she said, referring to the recruiter from the New York investment banking firm, ''who had an expensive suit and the corporate look.'' 

In her job hunt, Ann Lowell was also interviewed by several banks, insurance companies, Bloomingdale's in New York, Xerox and other firms. She accepted a job in Washington with Amex International Inc., a company that purchases food for countries that receive United States aid. 

Ann Lowell did not have an overwhelming desire to join the C.I.A. ''It just seemed like any opportunity,'' she said. She decided not to pursue it because ''I didn't like the red tape, the bureaucracy, and was afraid I might be pigeonholed. It just didn't seem appealing. And a professor warned me that if I went to another job from the C.I.A., I wouldn't be able to say what I had done.''"


Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 1.56.40 PM.png

James Alefantis: From Scratch - Metro Weekly

"It's not often that, on your way into a punk rock show, you have to carefully skirt around the band members, for fear of interrupting their ping-pong match."  Media Quote About Comet Ping Pong

GQ Names José Andrés, James Alefantis Among Most Powerful ...

We can get an idea how this all works. The NY Times CEO is a clue to it all. This guy shepherds these narratives. He wants people to think there is something to it, every cult needs a mystery and culture is an extended cult. He represents the left hand that denies the claim, while profiting from the claim that the right hand states is true.

"NY Times CEO was Same BBC Exec Who Defended Pedo Jimmy Savile: Currently Belittling Pizza Gate"

November 26, 2016 Cassius Kamarampi

"(Era of WisdomIt turns out Mark Thompson, CEO of the news agency (NY Times) that interviewed James Alefantis and dismissed the Pizza Gate pedophile accusations as “fake news,” was the exact same person who defended notorious pedo Jimmy Savile at the BBC as Director-General.

Further, the NY Times published an article in 2014 titled “Pedophilia: A Disorder, not a Crime.” Last time I checked, crimes had victims. This is the world we live in. Remember: the mainstream belittles allegations of pedophilia time and time again until they are undeniable, scandal after scandal. It happened with Jimmy Savile, and it could be happening now."


Former BBC boss Mark Thompson 'lied' over Savile evidence, Nick ...


James Alefantis made headlines for another reason, he was involved in a soap opera affair with none other than David Brock!

These 'life actors' are moved from scripted narrative to narrative like role playing chess pieces

Ping Pong Needs Two Sides To Play:

Media Matters boss paid former partner $850G 'blackmail' settlement ...

"Brock's bitter legal battle with Grey, who is described in a Sept. 14, 2010, police report obtained by FoxNews.com as his domestic partner of more than 10 years, began after Brock began dating Washington, D.C., restaurant impresario James Alefantis about five years ago. For the next three years, Brock and Grey traded angry accusations, which were documented in the police report and were the foundation of a pitched legal battle replete with charges of blackmail, theft and financial malfeasance."

Blog: David Brock paid gay lover $850 thousand in hush money

Ping Pong Needs Two Sides To Play: Shadow Puppet Theatre: Starring David Brock

Just like we have seen with the propagandist Arianna Huffington, these media pundits are shameless hacks who care about their bottom lines way more than they care about the reality of the information they sell. These political hacks will consider the audience they seek to sell their wares to and will then design their approach to match what they perceive to be the more profitable demographic. David Brock is another example of a try opportunist whose real life story may or may not be what we've been told. This media figure has been involved in his own sensationalized sexually charged scandal after all. He supposedly paid the blackmail settlement and yet the dirt seemed to get out didn't it? Why didn't he make his ex sign a non disclosure agreement before paying? Does it make sense that personal legal agreements would go public like this? This all seems very scripted.

Better still some of these people become part of the show as colorful cartoon characters themselves. Mr. Brock's mythical personal life seems the stuff of Soap Opera fiction more than reality. There is no reason to believe anything the Boy Who Cried Wolf Chicken Little News Media claims, without a whole lot more information and thought. Context matters but not to the journalist.

This man himself is the supposed author of both right wing and left wing mythological tales. We do not know him ourselves so we can only go by what the media tells us. He has a long list of books to his credit, all promoting divisive political mythology of one kind or another. All of his work is very sensational and cartoonish. He promotes emotionally charged narratives that never really lead anywhere, of course. It's the usual modus operandi of the eternal mystery merry go round ride we see so often in both the mainstream and even amateurish media. This guy helped promote the Clinton mythology from both (imagined) sides of the political spectrum. This should give us at least a little insight into how controlled opposition works and how much politics has always been little more than cartoonish soap opera theater.

The Left & Right paradigm is one big Media Promoted and Pushed LIE!

Democrat or Republican: Just Labels For the Same Criminal Con Men

"David Brock (born November 2, 1962) is an American political operative, author, and commentator who founded the liberal media watchdog group Media Matters for AmericaHe has been described by Time magazine as “one of the most influential operatives in the Democratic Party.” 

Brock began his career as a right-wing investigative reporter during the 1990s who wrote the book The Real Anita Hill and the Troopergate story, which led to Paula Jones filing a lawsuit against Bill Clinton. In the late 1990s he switched sides, aligning himself with the Democratic Party, and in particular with Bill and Hillary Clinton."

"In 2004, he founded Media Matters for America, a non-profit organization that describes itself as a "progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media."[4] He has since also founded super PACs called American Bridge 21st Century and Correct the Record, has become a board member of the super PAC Priorities USA Action, and has been elected chairman of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW)."

"The Nation has described Brock as a “conservative journalistic assassin turned progressive empire-builder”..."  

"National Review has called him a “right-wing assassin turned left-wing assassin”; and Politico has profiled him as a “former right-wing journalist-turned-pro-Clinton crusader.”..."

David Brock - Wikipedia

Papa John Pizza Ping Pong - The Narrative “Evolves”

As we all probably already are aware of, John Philips has a military background. Here we have the intersection of the military and pop music, cultural content creation.

"Phillips was born in Parris Island, South Carolina. His father, Claude Andrew Phillips, was a retired United States Marine Corps officer who won an Oklahoma bar from another Marine in a poker game on the way home from France after World War I. His mother, Edna Gertrude (née Gaines),[1] who had English[2] and Cherokee ancestry, met his father in Oklahoma. According to his autobiography, Papa John, Phillips' father was a heavy drinkerwho suffered from poor health.

Phillips grew up in Alexandria, Virginia, where he was inspired by Marlon Brando to be "street tough." From 1942 to 1946, he attended Linton Hall Military School in Bristow, Virginia; according to his autobiography, he "hated the place," citing "inspections," and "beatings," and recalls that "nuns used to watch us take showers."[3][4] He formed a group of teenage boys, who also sang doo-wop songs. He played basketball at George Washington High School, now George Washington Middle School in Alexandria, Virginia, where he graduated in 1953, and gained an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy. However, he resigned during his first (plebe) year. Phillips then attended Hampden–Sydney College, a liberal arts college for men in Hampden Sydney, Virginia, but dropped out in 1959.  "

John Phillips (musician) - Wikipedia

The New Julia Child: And "She's" A Man Baby!

A CIA Agent of Sorts: Bourdain, Anthony Michael Bourdain, Culinary Agent with a License To Sell War Propaganda

"Anthony Michael Bourdain (born June 25, 1956) is an American chef, author, and television personality. He is a 1978 graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and a veteran of numerous professional kitchens, including many years as executive chef at Brasserie Les Halles. Although Bourdain is no longer employed as a chef, he maintains a relationship with Les Halles in New York. He became widely known for his 2000 book Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly. His first food and world-travel television show was A Cook's Tour, which ran for 35 episodes on the Food Network from 2002 through 2003. In 2005 he began hosting the Travel Channel's culinary and cultural adventure programs Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (2005–2012) and The Layover (2011–2013). In 2013, he switched to CNN to host Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown."

"In July 2006, Bourdain was in Beirut filming an episode of No Reservations when the Israel-Lebanon conflict broke out.[29] The unexpected conflict broke out after the crew had filmed only a few hours of footage for the food and travel show. Bourdain's producers compiled behind-the-scenes footage of Bourdain and his production staff, including not only their initial attempts to film the episode, but also their firsthand encounters with Hezbollah supporters, their days of waiting for news with other expatriates in a Beirut hotel, and their eventual escape aided by a fixer (unseen in the footage), whom Bourdain dubbed Mr. Wolf after Harvey Keitel's character in Pulp Fiction. Bourdain and his crew were finally evacuated with other American citizens, on the morning of July 20, by the United States Marine Corps. The Beirut No Reservations episode, which aired on August 21, 2006, was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2007."

Anthony Bourdain - Wikipedia

"The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) is an American private not-for-profit[a] college specializing in culinary and baking and pastry arts education. The CIA's primary campus is located in Hyde Park, New York, with branch campuses in St. Helena and Napa, CaliforniaSan Antonio, Texas, and the Republic of Singapore. The college offers associate and bachelor's degrees, and has the largest staff of American Culinary FederationCertified Master Chefs. The CIA also offers continuing education for professionals in the hospitality industry as well as conferences and consulting services. In addition to professional education, the college also offers recreational classes for non-professionals. The college operates student-run restaurants on their four U.S. campuses. The school colors (green and gold) refer to the school's mission to sustain the environment and to strive for excellence.

The school was founded in 1946 in New HavenConnecticut, as a vocational institute for returning veterans of World War II. With a growing student body, the school purchased a former Jesuit novitiate in Hyde Park in 1970, which remains its central campus. The school began awarding associate degrees in 1971 and bachelor's degrees in 1993. The school opened its St. Helena campus in 1995, its Texas campus in 2008, its Singapore campus in 2010, and its Napa campus in 2016."

Culinary Institute of America

"Hyde Park is a town in Dutchess County, New York, along the Hudson River north of Poughkeepsie. Hyde Park is known as the hometown of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States. His house there, the Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site, is listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places, as are the homes of Eleanor RooseveltIsaac Roosevelt, and Frederick William Vanderbilt, along with Franklin D. Roosevelt High School.

Hyde Park is home to the main campus of the Culinary Institute of America, a four-year college for culinary and baking and pastry arts, and the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum, the first presidential library in the United States."


The Eye of Providence & Two Parrots

A so-called "illuminati" symbol is clearly visible on actress Vivica A. Fox's sweater, from a recent episode of the TV show about food and cuisine and culture, the Chew. Whether she wore this with intentional meaning in mind or not, the symbol is one associated with Freemasonry (and money, or the commerce system, of course) and we now know the Freemasons served the Royal Monarchy and the British Empire. The Freemasons were more relevant back in the pre-radio days. The tradition lives on in the forms of things like intelligence agencies like the CIA and even stage magician lodges and there does seem to be a clear sign that the tradition is alive and well in Hollywood and Washington DC as well as the rest of this global media remote controlled empire. 

Parrots simply reaper what they are told, like anyone who reads from a script does. Like an actor or actress. The One Eyed Pyramid can represent money or commerce. In other words all the sweater may mean is that the woman who wears it is an actress.

Eye of Providence - Wikipedia

source: ABC's The Chew - "Fresh Start" - Vivica A. Fox; Dave Zinczenko. Season 6 Episode 78 (36 min) Aired: 01/04/2017 TV-PG

"Today, the Eye of Providence is often associated with Freemasonry. The Eye first appeared as part of the standard iconography of the Freemasons in 1797, with the publication of Thomas Smith Webb's Freemasons Monitor.[7] Here, it represents the all-seeing eye of God and is a reminder that man's thoughts and deeds are always observed by God (who is referred to in Masonry as the Great Architect of the Universe). Typically, the Masonic Eye of Providence has a semi-circular glory below the eye. Sometimes the Eye is enclosed by a triangle."

Eye of Providence - Wikipedia

The History of Freemasonry Explained Here:

Deep End Trivium & Empire

Article discussed: http://www.unityofthepolis.com/the-ideal-arrangement-of-rhodes-and-the-organic-unity-of-empire-by-kevin-cole/ next article: ...

A lecture about jokers & the game below:

Alan Watts - Don't Take Life Too Seriously

Trailer for the film "The Aristocrats"

"This joke almost always has these elements—alternative versions may change this form.

  1. Setup: A family act going in to see a talent agent; either the whole family or just one family member (usually the father).
    • The agent asks what they do.
    • If the whole family is present, the act is performed for the agent; otherwise it is described.
  2. Act: It is described in as much detail as the teller prefers.
  3. Punch line: The shocked (or intrigued) agent asks what the act is called, and the proud answer (sometimes delivered with a flourish) is: "The Aristocrats!""

The Aristocrats - Wikipedia

Jesting & SEX

Could The Media Noise Be Designed To Protect The Government Officials and Other Power Elites from Scandals Like What The Prostitution Scandal the Video Below Gets Into? The description of sex, illegals gambling and alcohol sounds like something out of the Godfather films or National Lampoon's Animal House, or that Harvard inspired magazine's legendary use of nude models, drugs and sex parties. Who knows if these stories are true or more filtered and scripted noise? What we do know is that sex, drugs and gambling and of course earning easy money, are near irresistible lures for some.

see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Lampoon for more..

PLEASE CLICK 'SHOW MORE' FOR A LIST OF REFERENCES Documentary about the Royal Order of Jesters, an invitation only Order of Shriners. Features hundreds of examples of Jester artwork from dozens of Courts over decades, plus news articles detailing a forgotten but major debacle from 25 years ago, as well as a host of other topics, including a segment on SOBIB.