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Active Shooter Drills Are The New Cool


"The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation."

Henry David Thoreau, Walden


Stay in school and learn to genuflect and grovel.

Learn to think you need someone else to save you from News promoted unlikely threats as you lie prostrate praying for help. Human beings need to be conditioned to be obedient citizens. Nothing like endlessly fear conditioning the public. Locked down castle walls always needed to be justified with bogeyman threat. Today castle walls have faded away, only to be replaced with things like amazing hand held video screens.

Duck & Cover 21st Century Style: Shooting Sitting Ducks Pun

How is this a good idea? Wouldn't ducking and covering under a desk be a bad idea when faced with a classroom shooter?


The Power of The Medium of Government: Everyone Exposed To Multimedia Blitz is Supposed To Be Mentally Ducking & Covering

Washington D.C.= Duck & Cowering, Fear Mongering

Our Tax Dollars At Work Conditioning Our Children To Be Subservient & Obedient Citizens

National Defense Systems Target The Human Mind

Government as we understand it today, would not exist without the amplified power of modern electronic communications media.

The ancient word of mouth hearsay medium of government has only been powerfully amplified by continuos technological development.

The modern mainstream media noise machine, its power amplified by social media, is the real weapon of mass destruction and the trusted, governmentally backed News journalist is the real terrorist. Terrorism is the tool of government and is a necessary "weapon" governments have always used to keep the citizenry believing they need governmental protection. Government needs to justify its continued existence and cancerous growth. Humanity serves this inhuman system like all Natural resources do.

terrorism | Origin and history of terrorism by Online Etymology Dictionary

Same Old Governmentally Imposed Conditioning: 20th Centruy Atomic Age Duck and Cover

Somehow hiding under a school desk could protect children from atomic level threat.

This is what a mass program of governmentally imposed social (obedience) conditioning looks like.


Government needs us to believe we need it.

"In Age of School Shootings, Lockdown Is the New Fire Drill ... Some parents wonder whether the trend has laid a backdrop of fear and paranoia ..."

"Operant conditioning (also called "instrumental conditioning") is a type of learning in which the strength of a behavior is modified by the behavior's consequences, such as reward or punishment. Although operant and classical conditioning both involve behaviors controlled by environmental stimuli, they differ in nature. In operant conditioning, stimuli present when a behavior is rewarded or punished come to control that behavior. For example, a child may learn to open a box to get the candy inside, or learn to avoid touching a hot stove; the box and the stove are discriminative stimuli. However, in classical conditioning, stimuli that signal significant events produce reflexive behavior. For example, the sound of a door slam comes to signal an angry parent, causing a child to tremble. The study of animal learning in the 20th century was dominated by the analysis of these two sorts of learning, and they are still at the core of behavior analysis."

"Culture of fear (or climate of fear) is the concept that people may incite fear in the general public to achieve political or workplace goals through emotional bias."

sources: The NY Times: In Age of School Shootings, Lockdown Is the New Fire Drill - The New ...   •   Operant conditioning - Wikipedia   •   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Culture_of_fear   see also:   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operant_conditioning#Culture_of_fear_in_the_workplace

The Terror Card: Fear is the Key to Obedience: The Terrorism Industrial Complex (TIC)

By Rev. Richard Skaff, Global Research, January 31, 2010

"The media has been spreading terror for years in the hearts of the American public..."

"Americans have been living in fear since 9-11. However, the reality behind our fears has been set out by our own corporate media who has been the main culprit in spreading it like a disease. Our media has terrorized our hearts and minds for years through their subliminal violent programming, and sensational coverage of their own version of the distorted truth.  Sensationalism and misinformation are the essence of the modern media! Angry talk shows are the dish of the day, where the host abuses, yells, belittles, terrorizes his guests to ensure that their opinions are not heard, and only the host’s scripted ideas emerge as the winners, so his or her master’s agenda is served.  The media has been spreading terror for years in the hearts of the American public, in order to force them to watch their trivial programming. Just as in Orwell’s Oceania ,  the airwaves are bombarded with 24 hours news channels that would resort to any twisted strategy to keep their distorted coverage going. “If it bleeds it leads. The airwaves are also inundated with shows and stories that promote fear, exaggeration of situations, twisting of the truth, psychological propaganda, bloody and gory stories, and buzz words (i.e. flesh eating bacteria, shark attacks on our shores, weapons of mass destruction, SARS, West Nile virus, carjacking, hijacking, war of the sexes, violence, epidemics, pandemics, child abductions, gay marriages, bird flu, H1N1, and so forth and so on). All designed to frighten, brainwash, manipulate, create conflict, confuse, liberalize, and mesmerize their audiences into watching their programs where anything is acceptable. “Instill fear in them and they shall watch and follow”. This is a policy of terror not of democracy."

source: The Terror Card: Fear is the Key to Obedience | Global Research ...

see also: The U.S. Government Is Using Fear to Consolidate Power and It's ...  •  When Fear Is A Weapon: How Terror Attacks Influence Mental Health ...  •  Fear: The Foundation of Every Government's Power: Independent ...

Bow, Yield & Kneel Before The Power of Fear!

Lie Prostrate or Genuflect By Taking A Knee To Show The Respect You Have For Your Mental Slavery

"Since love and fear can hardly exist together, if we must choose between them, it is far safer to be feared than loved." —Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince, 1513

"All animals experience fear—human beings, perhaps, most of all. Any animal incapable of fear would have been hard pressed to survive, regardless of its size, speed, or other attributes. Fear alerts us to dangers that threaten our well-being and sometimes our very lives. Sensing fear, we respond by running away, by hiding, or by preparing to ward off the danger. To disregard fear is to place ourselves in possibly mortal jeopardy. Even the man who acts heroically on the battlefield, if he is honest, admits that he is scared. To tell people not to be afraid is to give them advice that they cannot take. Our evolved physiological makeup disposes us to fear all sorts of actual and potential threats, even those that exist only in our imagination. The people who have the effrontery to rule us, who call themselves our government, understand this basic fact of human nature. They exploit it, and they cultivate it. Whether they compose a warfare state or a welfare state, they depend on it to secure popular submission, compliance with official dictates, and, on some occasions, affirmative cooperation with the state’s enterprises and adventures. Without popular fear, no government could endure more than twenty-four hours. David Hume taught that all government rests on public opinion, but that opinion, I maintain, is not the bedrock of government. Public opinion itself rests on something deeper: fear."

source: Fear: The Foundation of Every Government's Power: Independent ...

Active Shooter Scenario - the Guardian Angel

Active Shooter Scenario - the Guardian Angel  source: Justin Osburn

"On 28 February 2016 SOS Systems, in cooperation with the Bates County Sheriffs Department, Butler, Missouri Schools and Vernon County School teachers and students, filmed a short video on an active shooter situation to raise awareness and support for school safety and protecting our students and teachers. The Guardian Angel is a door security device that prevents, slows or thwarts entry by a hostile intruder into a room or classroom. It can be deployed in under 15 seconds, and is fire-code friendly, releasing in less than 3 seconds. Please share and like this video to help continue to raise awareness. For more information on the Guardian Angel, visit us at www.angelonwatch.com"   source: Justin Osburn


"Terror threats and active shooters have become daily news all around the globe.  These events are occurring in schools, college campuses, small businesses, large corporate offices, manufacturing plants, convention centers, hotels and churches.  When a lockdown takes place in a school, what stands between your child or loved one and an aggressive intruder?  SOS Systems has created the most cost-effective industrial product available to stop, slow-down and/or thwart hostile entry called the Guardian Angel.  It is the standard in door barricade in the industry.  It is fire code friendly and can be deployed in less than 15 seconds.  For little more cost than a text book, your students and teachers’ lives can be better protected.  GET PROTECTED, GET THE GUARDIAN!"

source: http://angelonwatch.com

Police Practice Active Shooting Drill at Colorado High School

Police Practice Active Shooting Drill at Colorado High School  source:  ABC News

"Companies increase security, training in wake of shootings"

"It was only a security exercise, and employees at Cambridge Hospital knew it. But even then, it was terrifying when a police officer posing as a gunman burst in and started shooting blanks. An administrative assistant was shaking so badly she could barely dial 911. Workers who had locked themselves inside a ward refused to let police in, even after they slid their business cards under the door to prove who they were. As mass shootings continue to traumatize the country, more employers are putting security measures in place to prevent or minimize bloodshed.  A few, like the Cambridge Health Alliance, which operates three hospitals in the Boston area, have gone to extremes, staging elaborate drills to anticipate how to deal with a gunman. Others, like the Cranston, R.I., manufacturing firm Taco Inc., are putting their employees through classroom training to identify exits, hiding places, and methods of fighting back. Many more companies have moved to make their facilities safer by locking doors, installing cameras, hiring security staff, and developing closer relationships with local police. 

“We’ve absolutely seen an increase” in companies tightening their security protocols, said Matthew Lofaro, director of strategic development at APG Security, a New Jersey-based security firm with an office in Braintree. The firm started providing “active shooter awareness” seminars five years ago, and has held training for more than 75 clients nationwide since then, Lofaro said."

source: Companies increase security, training in wake of ... - The Boston Globe

"Culture of fear (or climate of fear) is the concept that people may incite fear in the general public to achieve political or workplace goals through emotional bias."

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Culture_of_fear   see also:   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operant_conditioning#Culture_of_fear_in_the_workplace

google shooting drill.jpg

Duck & Cover: 20th Century Style


image source: Does 'Duck and Cover' Really Work?

Duck And Cover (1951) Bert The Turtle

The United States: The Home of The Eternally Afraid and The Land of The Never Free

Duck And Cover (1951) Bert The Turtle  source: Nuclear Vault


Coming To America: Crafting The Land of False Flag Freedom

"Battle of Lexington" (1775) -- America's First False Flag?"

"The "Battle of Lexington," 1775, was portrayed as an unprovoked slaughter of colonists by the British. James Perloff believes that, like the sinking of the USS Maine and 9-11, the event was engineered to start a war, the American Revolution. Freemasons have manipulated Americans into fighting wars from the get-go.  America was founded as a Masonic nation, what Francis Bacon called "the new Atlantis" when he supported the original Jamestown colony."

source: "Battle of Lexington" (1775) -- America's First False Flag? - Henry Makow

The Boston Tea Party Charade: A Long History of American Deception

"It is commonly believed that the lodge rooms of a Boston Masonic Lodge served as the dressing room for the so-called Indians who threw the Boston Tea Party.

According to The Builders by Joseph Fort Newton, the Boston Tea Party was planned, and executed by Freemasons disguised as Mohawk Indians – not by the Lodge as such, but by a club formed within the Lodge, calling itself the Caucus Pro Bono Publico. Other sources more directly link it to the Lodge meetings at the Green Dragon Tavern**. Two thousand people stood on Griffin’s Wharf and watched the Boston Tea Party. The crowd was silent as sixty men dumped 342 chests of tea into the salt water. Some of them put lampblack or paint on their faces. Some came wrapped in blankets. They called themselves “Mohawks.” But most of the participants actually were not disguised.

What are some of the names of the famed Masons who were supposedly at that “party” or served as the leaders? Who was there? Paul Revere, who later went on to be Grand Master of Massachusetts, was thought to be one of those Indians. John Hancock, Thomas Crafts, John Warren, all Masons, are names often heard as planners or participants. Another active group of revolutionary Patriots was the famous Sons of Liberty lead by Sam Adams, who are also said to have been involved. (Source)

Almost ironically, but to be expected, Americans have been funneled into a taxation and regulatory nightmare ever since. So much for “new government”. It comes on in increments but the end result is always the same and painfully clear to see. But you still don’t think it was planned?"

source: The Boston Tea Party – Staged Beginning of a Classic Color ...

Sigma I-67 and II-67 war games Top #7 Facts

Sigma I-67 and II-67 war games Top #7 Facts  source:  Rishika Janaki

20th Centruy Governmental Duck & Cover Terrorism Never Ends: History is more of a simulation than most know.

Simulated Reality is as old as government itself. Such artificial mentality has always been the medium of government.

"This was the first of the Sigma war games."

"The Sigma war games were a series of classified high level war games played in the Pentagon during the 1960s to strategize the conduct of the burgeoning Vietnam War. The games were designed to replicate then-current conditions in Indochina, with an aim toward predicting future events in the region. They were staffed with high-ranking officials standing in to represent both domestic and foreign characters; stand-ins were chosen for their expertise concerning those they were called upon to represent. The games were supervised by a Control appointed to oversee both sides. The opposing Blue and Red Teams customary in war games were designated the friendly and enemy forces as was usual; however, several smaller teams were sometimes subsumed under Red and Blue Teams. Over the course of the games, the Red Team at times contained the Yellow Team for the People's Republic of China, the Brown Team for the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, the Black Team for the Viet Cong,[1]and Green for the USSR.

Preparation for these simulations was quite extensive. A game staff of as many as 45 people researched and developed the scenarios. The actual play of the war game involved 30 to 35 participants. There are four or five simulations per year, solicited secretively from the State Department, the Central Intelligence Agency, and major military commands. As with other war planning activities, the games were conducted in a classified environment and the details and results of the games were not publicized outside U.S. national security policy circles."

"In February 1962, some members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the John F. Kennedy administration war gamed the unfolding situation in Southeast Asia. The war game director noted, "it appears that Red wanted to win without a war while Blue wanted not to lose also without a war." The conclusion drawn from Sigma I-62 was that American intervention would be unsuccessful. This was the first of the Sigma war games."

source: Sigma war games - Wikipedia  •  Wargaming - RAND Corporation  •  On "Other War": Lessons from Five Decades of ... - RAND Corporation  •  Simulating the Unthinkable: Gaming Future War in the 1950s and 1960s

The Ghost Army

The Ghost Army  source: Ray Woodcock

"Their story was kept secret for more than 40 years after the war..."

"From a few weeks after D-Day, when they landed in France, until the end of the war, they put on a "traveling road show" utilizing inflatable tanks, sound trucks, fake radio transmissions, scripts and pretence. They staged more than 20 battlefield deceptions, often operating very close to the front lines. "

"The Ghost Army was an Allied Army tactical deception unit during World War II officially known as the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops (Operation Quicksilver). The 1,100-man unit was given a unique mission within the Allied Army: to impersonate other Allied Army units to deceive the enemy. From a few weeks after D-Day, when they landed in France, until the end of the war, they put on a "traveling road show" utilizing inflatable tanks, sound trucks, fake radio transmissions, scripts and pretence. They staged more than 20 battlefield deceptions, often operating very close to the front lines. Their story was kept secret for more than 40 years after the war, and elements of it remain classified. The unit was the subject of a PBS documentary The Ghost Armyin 2013."

source:  Ghost Army - Wikipedia  see also:  United States government operations and exercises on September 11 ...


We are supposed to have faith our hard earned wages really are needed to protect us from all sorts of Phantom Menaces.

We are supposed to really think we need all the unnecessary laws, taxes, fees, fines and threatened jail time we do not need. We are not supposed to say no to governmentally enforced inhuman demands. We are supposed to equate real freedom with shopping and other forms of commercial enterprise. We aren't supposed to notice that all the continuous concocted laws clearly demonstrate we are not free at all. We are supposed to go along with all the obvious immoral and inhuman systems of governance we have allowed ourselves to be fallaciously tied to. The for profit justice and prison system is a prime example of everything that is wrong with civilization as we know it. This system of turning all sins into crimes lies at the root of what is evil and wrong with our collective, artificial world. Systematic thinking leads to an inhuman and cancerous system of ever growing government. We all end up serving this inhuman system, it does not serve us.

Too many of us truly believe that we need an ever expanding list of laws and rules and layers of government. It never occurs to many of our fellow human minds that the obvious problem, reaction, solution, pattern of governmental law crafting never ends and only results in a world that is not any safer, but is in fact simply more burdened with needless law, penalties, fees, fines, taxes and jail time. Government continues to grow fat off of the blood, sweat and tears of the mass human resource it cultivates and takes advantage of, in the same manner that this inhuman system of artificial construct takes advantage of all the Natural world.

Eerie Predictions in Vegas... Cui Bono?  source: Truthstream Media