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This website exists to serve as public resource for reverse imagineering world-wide culture, one that takes a critical look at the numerous artifacts and other types of relics that represent our shared collective international heritage. This blog is dedicated to examining social engineering and the use of tax funded governmental propaganda, and the mainstream media, as international human resource management tools.

About The AA Morris Proper Gander At Propaganda Podcast: Coming to you from one of the suburban metropolitan melting pots of international culture, outside of one of the multimedia capitals of the world, New York City, the Proper Gander at Propaganda podcast is meant to be a filter free look at our shared international cultural heritage, our shared social media infused and obsessed present, and what our children and their children could be looking forward to. This link will bring you to the podcast page of this website, with embedded squarespace audio: link: http://www.aamorris.net/podcast/

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Total Entertainment Forever


entertainment (n.)

"1530s, "provision for support of a retainer; manner of social behavior," now obsolete, along with other 16c. senses; from entertain + -ment. Meaning "the amusement of someone" is from 1610s; sense of "that which entertains" is from 1650s; that of "public performance or display meant to amuse" is from 1727."

source: entertainment - Online Etymology Dictionary


Modern Society: Modern Mythology

"In modern society, myth is often regarded as a collection of stories. Scholars in the field of cultural studies research how myth has worked itself into modern discourses. Mythological discourse can reach greater audiences than ever before via digital media."

"Various mythic elements appear in television, cinema and video games."

"Although myth was traditionally transmitted through the oral tradition on a small scale, the film industry has enabled filmmakers to transmit myths to large audiences via film. In Jungian psychology myths are the expression of a culture or society’s goals, fears, ambitions and dreams.[89] Film is an expression of the society in which it was produced and reflects the culture of its era and location.

The basis of modern visual storytelling is rooted in the mythological tradition. Many contemporary films rely on ancient myths to construct narratives. Disney Corporation is well-known among cultural study scholars for "reinventing" traditional childhood myths. While many films are not as obvious as Disney fairy tales, the plots of many films are based on the rough structure of myths. Mythological archetypes, such as the cautionary tale regarding the abuse of technology, battles between gods and creation stories, are often the subject of major film productions. These films are often created under the guise of cyberpunk action films, fantasy, dramas and apocalyptic tales."

sources: Modern mythology

Cultural Studies

"Cultural studies is a field of theoretically, politically, and empirically engaged cultural analysis that concentrates upon the political dynamics of contemporary culture, its historical foundations, defining traits, conflicts, and contingencies. Cultural studies researchers generally investigate how cultural practices relate to wider systems of power associated with or operating through social phenomena, such as ideology, class structures, national formations, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, and generation. Cultural studies views cultures not as fixed, bounded, stable, and discrete entities, but rather as constantly interacting and changing sets of practices and processes. The field of cultural studies encompasses a range of theoretical and methodological perspectives and practices. Although distinct from the disciplines of cultural anthropology and ethnic studies, cultural studies draws upon and has contributed to each of these disciplines.

Cultural studies was initially developed by British academics in the late 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, and has been subsequently taken up and transformed by scholars from many different disciplines around the world. Cultural studies is avowedly and even radically interdisciplinary and can sometimes be seen as antidisciplinary. A key concern for cultural studies practitioners is the examination of the forces within and through which socially organized people conduct and participate in the construction of their everyday lives.

Cultural studies combines a variety of politically engaged critical approaches drawn including semiotics, Marxism, feminist theory, ethnography, critical race theory, Post-structuralism, Postcolonialism, social theory, political theory, history, philosophy, literary theory, media theory, film/video studies, communication studies, political economy, translation studies, museum studies and art history/criticism to study cultural phenomena in various societies and historical periods. Cultural studies seeks to understand how meaning is generated, disseminated, contested, bound up with systems of power and control, and produced from the social, political and economic spheres within a particular social formation or conjuncture. Important theories of cultural hegemony and agency have both influenced and been developed by the cultural studies movement, as have many recent major communication theories and agendas, such as those that attempt to explain and analyze the cultural forces related to processes of globalization.

During the rise of neo-liberalism in Britain and the US, cultural studies both became a global movement, and attracted the attention of many conservative opponents both within and beyond universities for a variety of reasons. Some left-wing critics associated particularly with Marxist forms of political economy also attacked cultural studies for allegedly overstating the importance of cultural phenomena. While cultural studies continues to have its detractors, the field has become a kind of a worldwide movement that is to this day associated with a raft of scholarly associations and programs, annual international conferences, publications and students and practitioners from Taiwan to Amsterdam and from Bangalore to Santa Cruz. Somewhat distinct approaches to cultural studies have emerged in different national and regional contexts such as the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Italy."

sources: cultural studies

Total Entertainment Forever

Father John Misty - "Total Entertainment Forever" [Official Music Video]  source: Father John Misty

Crafting Modern Mythology: Introduction To Crisis Acting, Hoaxes

Introduction To Crisis Acting, Hoaxes  source: Phony Fake Show

Casting For Your Next Crisis: Call Us!

"Our media trainer specialisms include social media, high level strategic communications, in-house film-making and online news media.  We include live roleplay from professional actors who undergo psychological training with our own in-house behavioural psychologist, Katy Baboulene. By maintaining an overview of the total training requirement, we are able to maximise the longevity of each delivery through seamlessly blending the learning across live, filmed and facilitated content.

The CrisisCast Simulator brings together scripted, simulated and real-world injects, using all our principal skills in immersive scenario training to create a high-octane digital communication event that rapidly embeds the right protocols for the successful social media outcomes from a complex incident."

source; Crisis Management Roleplay Actors and Film Makers - CrisisCast ...

"Our specially trained professional role-play actors and internationally credited film crews bring realistic, informed, crisis management and disaster incidents to life. as a company we use state of the art uk and Australian film crafts, tricks and skills for live training that requires hyper real battlefield effects, role players, stunts, medical simulations and combat flashpoints. We are able to use specialist film techniques and disciplines to bring the best of theatre and film to our live, immersive simulations.

Crisis Events: We rehearse and deliver highly credible, immersive crisis events which we can film and supply as interactive training tools.

Large Scale Incidents: We can provide up to 400 actors, fully trained and rehearsed along with professional teams that look after make-up, prosthetics, pyrotechnics, wardrobe, special effects, covert and aerial footage.

Classroom: We also provide intimate classroom role play with teams of two or more professional actors to help trainee doctors, therapists, care givers and professional examining bodies."

"Large cast or small, our mission is to deliver high adrenaline events to make sure your people are prepared, trained and ready to save lives, with battlefield civilians, foreign language speakers, tribal elders and all the elements of a conflict zone ready go.

Emergency Services advisor: In charge of advising on emergency services response procedures during crisis management and disaster recovery incidents.

Behavioural Psychologis: Trains each company of actors in specific behavioural responses appropriate to the exercise being planned.

Production Manager: Experienced, thick-skinned production manager who cracks the whip and gets actors, film crew, script writers and special effects boffins to do the right thing in the right place at the right time.

Cohort Wrangler: For the bigger simulations, each acting team of twelve has a ‘wrangler’ who makes sure briefings are understood and rehearsed and who looks after the welfare of the cast during high-adrenaline simulations."


source: http://crisiscast.com/about/

Sarcastic Postscript: So Many of These People Suffer From Chronic Dry Eye

All That Crisis Crying And Not A Tear Nor Drop of Snot In Sight


A Tip From A Professional: Love Your Eye

Jennifer Aniston’s chronic dry eye story | it’s time for eye love™  source: dheldevil88816


Fargo: A Postmodern Illusion

A Look At Media Overloaded Simulated Reality

Fargo: A Postmodern Illusion  source: Storytellers

More About Mythology

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