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Navy Seals Seem To Be Publicity Stuntmen


Let's have some fun with apocalyptic pun.

Revelations of governmental method.

Seven seals - Wikipedia

Social Shepherds & Crowd Control

"Our invisible governors are, in many cases, unaware of the identity of their fellow members in the inner cabinet.They govern us by their qualities of natural leadership, their ability to supply needed ideas and by their key position in the social structure. Whatever attitude one chooses to take toward this condition, it remains a fact that in almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons—a trifling fraction of our hundred and twenty million—who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind, who harness old social forces and contrive new ways to bind and guide the world."

source: Propaganda (1928) by Edward Bernays

Trained Seals Seem To Be Social Shepherds

A Look At Some Very Famous Governmentally Trained Seals

"This list contains information about famous Navy SEALS, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Many famous U.S. Navy SEALs became well-known through combat operations, while many others have also gone on to successful careers in politics, entertainment, and even space exploration. Among the most respected and feared warriors on the planet, Navy SEALs are trained for the Sea, Air, and Land. Just to become Navy SEALs, these soldiers must complete what is widely considered the toughest training in any military worldwide. Who is the most famous Navy SEAL? Jesse Ventura tops our list. Following his service on the Underwater Demolition Team, Ventura was a pro westler and Governor of Minnesota."

"Two SEALs on the list have gone on to become NASA astronauts."

source; Famous Navy SEALs | List of Notable Navy SEALs - Ranker

Chris Kyle: Publicity Stunt Simulated Victim?

A Neo-Mythical Anti-Gun Memed Military Style Martyr

"After the killings, Routh went to his sister's house in Midlothian and told her what he had done. His sister, Laura Blevins, called 9-1-1 and told the emergency operator: "They went out to a shooting range ... Like, he's all crazy. He's ... psychotic."

"On February 2, 2013, Kyle and his friend, Chad Littlefield, 35, were shot and killed by Eddie Ray Routh at the Rough Creek Ranch-Lodge-Resort shooting range in Erath County, Texas.[ Both Kyle and Littlefield were armed with .45-caliber 1911-style pistols when they were killed, but neither gun had been unholstered or fired, and the safety catches were still on. Kyle was killed with a .45-caliber pistol, while Littlefield was shot with a 9mm SIG Sauer pistol. Both guns belonged to Kyle.

Routh was a 25-year-old U.S. Marine Corps veteran from Lancaster, Texas. Kyle and Littlefield had reportedly taken Routh to the gun range in an effort to help him with his post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Routh had been in and out of mental hospitals for at least two years and had been diagnosed with schizophrenia.[9] His family also said he suffered from PTSD from his time in the military. On the way to the shooting range, Kyle texted Littlefield, "This dude is straight up nuts." Littlefield responded, "Watch my six", military slang meaning "watch my back". Four months later, while he was in his jail cell, Routh shared with former Erath County Sheriff's Deputy Gene Cole: "I was just riding in the back seat of the truck, and nobody would talk to me. They were just taking me to the range, so I shot them. I feel bad about it, but they wouldn't talk to me. I’m sure they've forgiven me." 

After the killings, Routh went to his sister's house in Midlothian and told her what he had done. His sister, Laura Blevins, called 9-1-1 and told the emergency operator: "They went out to a shooting range ... Like, he's all crazy. He's ... psychotic." Local police captured Routh after a short freeway chase, which ended when Routh, who fled the scene in Kyle's Ford F-350 truck, crashed into a police cruiser in Lancaster. Routh was arraigned February 2, 2013, on two counts of capital murder, and was taken to the Erath County Jail for holding under a $3 million bond. His trial was set to begin May 5, 2014 but was delayed to allow more time to comply with DNA testing requirements. The trial began on February 11, 2015.

A memorial service was held for Kyle at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, on February 11, 2013. He was buried on February 12, 2013, at the Texas State Cemetery in Austin, after the funeral cortege journeyed from Midlothian to Austin, more than 200 miles (320 km). Hundreds of people lined Interstate 35 to view the procession and pay their final respects to Kyle. On February 24, 2015, Routh was found guilty of killing Kyle and Littlefield. The jury returned the verdict after less than three hours of deliberations. Since prosecutors decided beforehand not to seek the death penalty, the trial judge, Jason Cashon, immediately sentenced Routh to life in prison with no possibility of parole. Routh is imprisoned at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Powledge Unit near Palestine, Texas."

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Kyle#Death


image source: Two Chris Kyle Stories You Won't See in 'American Sniper ...

Chris Kyle: A Really Cool Sharpshooting Kind of Guy

"Chris Kyle, the deadliest sniper in U.S. military history, achieved a new level of posthumous fame when his book American Sniper was adapted into 2014's biggest movie. Marcus Luttrell detailed his combat experience in his book Lone Survivor, which was also adapted into a popular film. Explore this list of the most famous United States Navy SEALs and just try not to feel bad about yourself in comparison. Do you think you could have what it takes to be a Navy SEAL? Let us know in the comments section!"

source; Famous Navy SEALs | List of Notable Navy SEALs - Ranker

Chris Kyle's Punisher Logo For His Craft International - Live Action Roleplaying - Theatrical Military Troop

Boston Marathon.jpg

image source: The Punisher (TV series) - Wikipedia  •  An old sailor symbol: Skull and crossbones - Wikipedia

Disney Owned Marvel: PR Nightmare

'The Punisher' NY Comic Con panel cancelled in wake of Las Vegas ...  •   Marvel Ends Partnership With Defense Contractor After Backlash ...

"How a Marvel Comic Hero Became the Icon of the Fight Against ISIS"

"The stencils of skulls on the vests of Iraqi fighters entering Tikrit last week may look familiar to many Americans. The long fanged, wincing face is that of the Punisher, a Marvel comic character whose mission is to fight evil employing all means necessary. The Punisher’s journey from the mind of a Californian comic-book writer to the battle for Tikrit has been a long one. He was created 40 years ago as an anti-hero cameo for a Feb. 1974 edition of The Amazing Spider-Man. “The Punisher was originally conceived as a secondary, one-issue, throw-away character,” says Gerry Conway who created the Punisher along with artists John Romita Sr. and Ross Andru. “But readers really responded to him. He was sort of like an anti-villain, as opposed to an anti-hero.” "

"Chris Kyle Loves the Punisher: Why American Sniper Is a Terrifying Superhero Movie"

"A lot has been written about American Sniper, and it seems to have become a kind of proxy for arguing about patriotism and the conflict in Iraq. People criticized it, Sarah Palin criticized the critics, and so on.I just saw the movie. It’s a masterful production, and it was scary. It’s basically a superhero movie, and I love superhero movies. I don’t write film reviews, and I don’t know anything about war, but I do know a thing or two about comic books, so if you permit, let me talk to you about all the Punisher logos in the movie. All you need to know: The Punisher is a Marvel character. His logo is a white skull on a black background. His real name is Frank Castle, a Vietman veteran whose wife and children were gunned down by the mafia. And now he kills criminals. Unlike Daredevil or Batman, he doesn’t have a lot of recurring enemies. American Sniper, and Chris Kyle, loved the Punisher. In the movie, there are a lot of logos to prove it: on Kyle’s body armor; on the machine gun nest on top of his company’s Humvee; on a cap; in one scene, one of his fellow soldiers is reading an issue of the Punisher."

"Superhero stories are modern-day myths; fantasies where good and evil are distinct. All those Punisher logos on Chris Kyle’s gear ? That’s war paint, or a coat-of-arms — the logo was something for American troops to rally behind, a signal to their enemies that Kyle and other soldiers are coming for them. It’s a powerful logo, and a disturbing one for this comic book fan. It’s where fantasy meets reality."

sources: Punisher: How a Comic Hero Became the Icon of the Fight Against ...  •   Chris Kyle Loves the Punisher: why American Sniper is a terrifying ...

"Private military firm Craft International, run by now deceased Chris Kyle, may have been present at the Boston Marathon..."

source: Craft International Private Military Forces at Boston Marathon?  •   Boston Marathon Bombing Conspiracy: Craft International, False Flag ...   •   Craft International LLC   •   Craft International Private Military Forces at Boston Marathon?

Boston Marathon bombing - Wikipedia

Trained Seals Are Hollywood Survivors

"Survivor contestant Rudy Boesch was one of the very first Navy SEALs. He earned a Bronze Star for his actions in the Vietnam War, during which he participated in 45 combat missions, including raids, ambushes, rescues, and intelligence ops."

source; Famous Navy SEALs | List of Notable Navy SEALs - Ranker  •  Survivor (U.S. TV series) - Wikipedia  •   Survivor (TV Series 2000– ) - IMDb

Let's Play Follow The Leader: Bullshit spread by words out of a leader's mouth is the original medium of government.

"In theory, every citizen makes up his mind on public questions and matters of private conduct. In practice, if all men had to study for themselves the abstruse economic, political, and ethical data involved in every question, they would find it impossible to come to a conclusion about anything. We have voluntarily agreed to let an invisible government sift the data and high-spot the outstanding issues so that our field of choice shall be narrowed to practical proportions. From our leaders and the media they use to reach the public, we accept the evidence and the demarcation of issues bearing upon public questions; from some ethical teacher, be it a minister, a favorite essayist, or merely prevailing opinion, we accept a standardized code of social conduct to which we conform most of the time."

source: Propaganda (1928) by Edward Bernays

Navy Seal Court Theater

Navy Seals  =  Life Actors

Jesse Ventura - IMDb


Navy Seal vs Navy Seal

Former Governor, Conspiracy TV Host, Conspiracy Author, Jesse Ventura, U.S. Navy Seal files lawsuit against Chris Kyle, U.S. Navy Seal

"Ventura filed a defamation suit against Kyle in January 2012. Ventura initially considered dropping the lawsuit, but said several retired Navy SEALs (including the owner of McP's) demanded that Ventura continue his lawsuit, which Ventura did after Kyle failed to agree on a settlement in which he would state that the incident never happened. In a motion filed by Kyle's attorney in August 2012 to dismiss two of the suit's three counts, declarations by five former SEALs and the mothers of two others supported Kyle's account. However, in a motion filed by Ventura, Bill DeWitt, a close friend of Ventura and former SEAL who was present with him at the bar, suggested that Ventura interacted with a few SEALs but was involved in no confrontation with Kyle, and said that Kyle's claims were false. DeWitt's wife also said she never witnessed any fight between Kyle and Ventura. Although the lawsuit was ongoing as of 2013, Kyle was murdered in an unrelated incident on February 2, 2013. In May 2013, Ventura substituted Taya Kyle, as executor of Chris Kyle's estate, as the defendant, with his lawyers arguing that "it would be unjust to permit the estate to continue to profit from Kyle’s wrongful conduct and to leave Governor Ventura without redress for ongoing damage to his reputation." The jury trial started on July 8, 2014. Testimony and arguments were heard until July 22, 2014. On July 29, 2014, after a three-week trial in Federal Court in Saint Paul, Minnesota, including six days of jury deliberations, and upon the agreement of both plaintiff and defendant to accept a divided jury verdict, the jury arrived at an 8 to 2 divided verdict in favor of the plaintiff, and awarded Ventura $1.8 million: $500,000 for defamation and $1,345,477.25 for unjust enrichment. 

On August 7, 2014, U.S. District Judge Richard H. Kyle (no relation to Chris Kyle) upheld the jury's award of $500,000 in defamation damages and adopted the jury's advisory award of $1,345,477.25 in unjust enrichment as, "reasonable and supported by a preponderance of the evidence." Attorneys for Kyle's estate said that the defamation damages would be covered by HarperCollins' libel insurance. The unjust enrichment award was not covered by insurance and must be paid from Kyle's estate assets. Following the verdict, HarperCollins announced that it would pull the sub-chapter "Punching out Scruff Face" from all future editions of the book."

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesse_Ventura#Lawsuits_against_Chris_Kyle_and_HarperCollins_Publishing

image source: Jesse Ventura Pictures, Images & Photos | Photobucket

Governor Jesse Ventura's CIA Claims: A Limited Informational Hang Out Or What?

Deceptive Alex Jones ally, Jesse Ventura will lead one around in amazing maze-like fear porn-conspiracy circles.

"In the video, Ventura discusses material from his recent memoir Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me!. He repeats the following claims:

(1) Shortly after taking office in January 1999, Gov. Ventura received a request for an interview by the CIA. (2) The interview was attended by 23 agents or representatives of the agency, only some of whom were willing to identify themselves. They were particularly interested in how Ventura, a former Navy SEAL and pro wrestler, came to be elected as an independent, outsider candidate. (3) The CIA has operatives planted inside every state government as permanent state employees. In Minnesota, the relevant person occupied an upper management position. When this individual retired during Ventura’s tenure, another CIA agent took his place.

A CIA spokeswoman confirmed that the meeting took place but claimed it was a “training exercise,” according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Regarding claim (3), she said: “We are federal employees so that, I think, is a little bit off. We are federal employees; we are not anywhere near being state employees.” [This seems a classic non-denial denial. Yes, qua CIA agents, they are federal employees. Nevertheless, the key question goes unanswered in her response: does the CIA have agents occupying state government positions?] One might think that such provocative assertions by a famous former state governor would at least be reported by the national media, if not investigated. But I was unable to find any mention of Ventura’s allegations in the New York Times or the Washington Post. A LexisNexis search found only one national story about Ventura’s claims, a January 4, 2008 AP article on his memoir by Patrick Condon (reprinted here by the Huffington Post). Entitled “Vintage Ventura on Display in New Book,” the story portrays the work as a “rant” that digresses into Ventura’s “obsessions” and “fascination with conspiracy.”

Condon’s original article went out on the AP’s state and local news wire. A second version, with the revised title “Vintage Ventura on display in new book, ranting against everything from government to religion,” was carried on the AP’s entertainment news wire on January 5."

source: Is the CIA Planted in State Governments? - WhoWhatWhy  •  35, cia confirms ventura meeting occurred - Central Intelligence Agency / https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/DOC_0005393658.pdf

Jesse Ventura's Amazing Banana Split Personality:

Ventura would seem to liberally mix, layer and confuse the vanilla flavored truth with a whole bunch of yellow journalistic banana republic spun, conspiratorial lies, just like we would expect from a trained Navy Seal. People have long profited from selling all kinds of lies.


image source: Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey Circus Poster Trained Seals USA ...

A Team of Performing Bread & Circus Seals Exposed:

Team Seal Propagandists

  1. "Professional wrestler, Predator supporting player, television personality, and former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura was a member of the Navy's Underwater Demolition Team during the Vietnam War. UDT soldiers were eventually retasked as Navy SEALs in the 1980s."
  2. "Chris Kyle became the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history over four tours in Iraq as a Navy SEAL. Before his murder in Texas, he co-wrote American Sniper, a bestselling account of his exploits. His memoir served as the basis for the box office powerhouse that starred Bradley Cooper as Kyle."
  3. "NASA astronaut William Shepherd qualified to become a Navy SEAL in the 1970s, serving on the UDT and two separate SEAL teams. As an astronaut, he participated in three Space Shuttle missions and commanded the first International Space Station crew."
  4. "Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell detailed his harrowing Afghanistan combat experience in his bestselling book Lone Survivor. The book was later turned into a hit film with Mark Wahlberg playing Luttrell."
  5. "From 2011 to 2014, Navy SEAL William H. McRaven served as Commander of the United States Special Operations Command, which oversees the Special Operations of the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps."
  6. "Chuck Pfarrer became an author, novelist, and screenwriter after he left the Navy. Some of his screenwriting credits include Darkman, Hard Target, Red Planet, and, of course, Navy SEALs."
  7. "After joining the Navy at just 17, Scott Helvenston became the youngest person to ever complete Navy SEAL training. Working the private sector, he appeared on a variety of reality TV programs. He was killed in Fallujah, Iraq while working as a security contractor for Blackwater Security in a 2004 incident that sparked international shock and outrage."
  8. "The first Navy SEAL to be appointed to three-star and four-star flag rank, Admiral Eric Thor Olson oversaw the U.S. Special Operations Command from 2007 to 2011."
  9. "Michael P. Murphy was posthumously awarded the Metal of Honor for his valor in the War in Afghanistan. During the engagement that later became the subject Marcus Luttrell's Lone Survivor, Murphy deliberately made himself vulnerable to enemy fire in order to communicate his SEAL team's position to headquarters."
  10. "An accomplished Navy SEAL during the Vietnam War and beyond, Richard Marcinko served as the first commander of SEAL Team 6. As a counter-terrorism expert, he went on to become a radio host, a popular speaker, and a prolific author responsible for almost two dozen works of fiction and non-fiction."
  11. "Former Navy SEAL Dick Couch, who was instrumental in one of the few successful POW rescue missions of the Vietnam War, is a professor and accomplished author with 19 non-fiction and fiction books under his belt."
  12. "With his days of combat operations behind him, Albert Calland went on to a successful and highly visible career, serving as Deputy Director of the CIA and Deputy Director for Strategic Operational Planning at the National Counterterrorism Center."
  13. "As a Navy SEAL, Chris Cassidy commanded operations in Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf. As an astronaut, he spent time on the International Space Station, participated in numerous space walks, and took one of the best selfies of all time."
  14. "Harry Humphries turned his Navy SEAL experience on over 200 combat missions into a Hollywood career, having consulted on such films as Black Hawk Down, Armageddon, and Pearl Harbor."
  15. "Former Navy SEAL Richard Machowicz hosted the television series Future Weapons and has appeared on shows such as Deadliest Warrior and America: The Story of Us."
  16. "A Navy SEAL who participated in several high-profile missions including the rescues of Marcus Luttrell and Captain Richard Phillips, Rob O'Neill attracted quite a bit of attention with his claims to have fired the shots that killed Osama bin Laden."

source; Famous Navy SEALs | List of Notable Navy SEALs - Ranker 

image source: Christopher Beck

Male Navy Seal Becomes A Warrior Princess

"Kristin Beck (June 21, 1966) is a retired United States Navy SEAL who gained public attention in 2013 when she came out as a trans woman. She published her memoir in June 2013, Warrior Princess: A U.S. Navy SEAL's Journey to Coming out Transgender, detailing her experiences. Beck served in the U.S. Navy for twenty years and is the first openly transgender former U.S. Navy SEAL."

"Beck served for 20 years in the U.S. Navy SEALs before her transition, taking part in 13 deployments, including seven combat deployments. She was a member of the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (also known as DEVGRU), a special counter-terrorism unit popularly called SEAL Team Six, and received multiple military awards and decorations, including a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. She told Anderson Cooper she wanted to be a SEAL because they were the "toughest of the tough".Beck retired from the Navy in 2011 and began transitioning by dressing as a woman. In 2013, she began hormone therapy, preparing herself for sex reassignment surgery. During an interview with Anderson Cooper in early June 2013, she stated that she never came out during her military career and that "No one ever met the real me". After coming out publicly in 2013 by posting a photo of herself as a woman on LinkedIn, she received a number of messages of support from her former military colleagues.[10] Shortly after her retirement from DEVGRU and the US Navy, active DEVGRU members gave their support in person and among them one of the most decorated DEVGRU Team Leads from Seal Team Six's Red Team.

Warrior Princess: Beck co-wrote Warrior Princess with Anne Speckhard, a psychologist at the Georgetown University School of Medicine. Speckhard was doing a study on resilience of the U.S. Navy SEALs, that is, the coping mechanisms employed by SEALs to deal with their intense job demands. Speckhard first met Beck at a counter-terrorism conference.[1] After Beck agreed to discuss coping mechanisms, a follow-up meeting took place in a gay bar, with Beck now dressed in female attire, to Speckhard's surprise. A five-hour meeting led to Speckhard agreeing to help Beck write her life story. In the book, Speckhard notes that Beck had a desire to die honorably "so that [she] wouldn't have to wrestle anymore with the emotional pain that stemmed from the lack of congruency between [her] gender identity and body".[11] In her introduction to the book, Beck writes:

I do not believe a soul has a gender, but my new path is making my soul complete and happy...I hope my journey sheds some light on the human experience and most importantly helps heal the "socio-religious dogma" of a purely binary gender. OutServe Magazine praised the book, calling it "one of the smartest and most important books of the year". The Huffington Post noted that while the "don't ask, don't tell" policy was repealed in 2011, the ban on openly transgender people serving in the U.S. armed forces still remained.[11] Days before the release of Warrior Princess, Metro Weekly's Poliglot column reported that the Pentagon had celebrated LGBT Pride Month in a memo while avoiding mention of transgender military personnel; the Pentagon memo read in part: "We recognize gay, lesbian and bisexual service members and LGBT civilians for their dedicated service to our country." The Atlantic Wire said that the book could "lay the groundwork for even greater inclusion in the armed forces" and Salon stated that Beck's military credentials may "lead the Pentagon to revisit its policy against trans service members".[14][15] While restrictions on sexual orientation were lifted in 2010-2011, restrictions on gender identity remained in place due to Department of Defense regulations until 2016, when the Obama administration ended the ban on transgender Americans serving in the military."

"Lady Valor: The Kristin Beck Story, a documentary, aired on CNN on September 4, 2014. Earlier during LGBT Pride Month on June 18, 2014 at the Defense Intelligence Agency, she received a plaque from retired Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn when he led the DIA as its Director."

"Congressional campaign; In August 2015, CNN said that Beck was running for Congress to represent Maryland's 5th Congressional District. Beck finished second behind Representative Steny Hoyer in the Democratic primary election on April 26, 2016."

source: Christopher Beck

The DIA: Shaping Culture With Scripted Bullshit

"The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) is an external intelligence service of the United States federal government specializing in defense and military intelligence. A component of the Department of Defense (DoD) and the United States Intelligence Community (IC), DIA informs national civilian and defense policymakers about the military intentions and capabilities of foreign governments and non-state actors. It also provides intelligence assistance, integration and coordination across uniformed military service intelligence components, which remain structurally separate from DIA. The agency's role encompasses the collection and analysis of military-related foreign political, economic, industrial, geographic, and medical and health intelligence. DIA produces approximately one-fourth of all intelligence content that goes into the President's Daily Brief. DIA's intelligence operations extend beyond the zones of combat, and approximately half of its employees serve overseas at hundreds of locations and U.S. Embassies in 140 countries"

"The agency specializes in collection and analysis of human-source intelligence (HUMINT), both overt and clandestine, while also handling American military-diplomatic relations abroad. DIA concurrently serves as the national manager for the highly technical measurement and signature intelligence (MASINT) and the Defense Department manager for counterintelligence programs. The agency has no law enforcement authority, but it is sometimes portrayed so in American popular culture."

"DIA is a national-level intelligence organization that does not belong to a single military element or the traditional chain of command, instead answering to the Secretary of Defense directly through the USDI. Three-quarters of the agency's 17,000 employees are career civilians who are experts in various fields of Defense and military interest or application; although no formal military background is required, 48% of agency employees have some past military service."

"DIA has a tradition of marking unclassified deaths of its employees on the organization's Memorial Wall."

source: Defense Intelligence Agency - Wikipedia 

Psychological Operations 101:

"Bernays is regarded as the pioneer of public relations. His influence radically changed the persuasion tactics used in campaign advertising and political campaigns. Bernays was the nephew of Sigmund Freud. His early adoption of Freud's psychoanalytic theory was instrumental in defining the goals and strategies of public relations. Freud theorized that people are motivated by unconscious desires. To develop public relations, Bernays synthesized elements of Freud's work with Gustave Le Bon's researches into crowd psychology, and Wilfred Trotter's theories of herd instinct."

source: Public relations campaigns of Edward Bernays - Wikipedia

From JFK To 911: Defense Intelligence Shapes Public Perception

"Established in 1961 under President John F. Kennedy by Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, DIA has been involved in U.S. intelligence efforts throughout the Cold War and rapidly expanded, both in size and scope, since the September 11 attacks. Because of the sensitive nature of its work, the spy organization has been embroiled in numerous controversies including those related to its intelligence-gathering activities, its role in torture as well as attempts to expand its activities on U.S. soil."

source: Defense Intelligence Agency - Wikipedia   •  Defense Information School - Wikipedia

The U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center: Learn How To Conduct Psy-Ops

"The U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, the U.S. Army’s Special Operations Center of Excellence, trains, educates, develops and manages world-class Civil Affairs, Psychological Operations and Special Forces warriors and leaders in order to provide our nation with highly educated, innovative and adaptive operators."

source: U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School - usasoc


PSYWAR Center and School Renamed For JFK, The Life Actor, Governmental Mascot & Seeming Simulated Victim

"The command originated in 1950, when the U.S. Army developed the Psychological Warfare (PSYWAR) Division of the Army General School at Fort Riley, Kansas. The U.S. Army Psychological Warfare Center and School, which included operational tactical units and a school under the same umbrella, moved to Fort Bragg in 1952. The center was proposed by the Army's then-Psychological Warfare Chief, Robert A. McClure, to provide doctrinal support and training for both psychological and unconventional warfare. In 1956, the PSYWAR Center and School was renamed the U.S. Army Center for Special Warfare/U.S. Army Special Warfare School. The school was given the responsibility to develop the doctrine, techniques, training and education of Special Forces and Psychological Operations personnel. In 1960, the school's responsibilities expanded to counterinsurgency operations. In 1962, the Special Warfare Center established a Special Forces Training Group to train enlisted volunteers for operational assignments within Special Forces units. The Advanced Training Committee was formed to explore and develop methods of infiltration and exfiltration. On 16 May 1969, the school was renamed the U.S. Army Institute for Military Assistance. The curriculum was expanded to provide training in high-altitude, low-opening (HALO) parachuting and SCUBA operations. The institute comprised the SF School, Psychological Operations, Military Assistance Training Advisors School, Counter-Insurgency School, Unconventional Warfare School and Department of Non-Resident Training.

On 1 April 1972, the U.S. Army Civil Affairs School was transferred from Fort Gordon, Georgia to Fort Bragg, to begin operating under the center's umbrella. In 1973, the center was assigned to the new U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC). On 1 June 1982, the Chief of Staff of the Army approved the separation of the center as an independent TRADOC activity under the name U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center (SWC). The SWC integrated special operations into the Army systems, training and operations, becoming the proponent school for Army Special Operations Forces. In 1985, SWC was recognized as the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School (SWCS). The major change at this time was the establishment of six training departments: Special Forces; Special Operations Advanced Skills; Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape; Foreign Area Officer; Civil Affairs; and Psychological Operations. A few years later, the Noncommissioned Officer Academy was instituted. On 20 June 1990, SWCS was reassigned from TRADOC to the U.S. Army Special Operations Command. This designation gave USASOC control of all components of SOF, with the exception of forward-deployed units."

"In all, SWCS offers 41 unique courses, including assessment & selection and qualification courses for Civil Affairs, Psychological Operations, Special Forces and Cultural Support. Advanced skills courses include combat diver training in Key West, Florida, sniper training at Fort Bragg and military freefall training at Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona."

source: John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School - Wikipedia

Guys & Dolls: Navy Seal Style

Ex-Navy SEAL talks transgender journey  source: CNN

Social Leadership

"It might be better to have, instead of propaganda and special pleading, committees of wise men who would choose our rulers, dictate our conduct, private and public, and decide upon the best types of clothes for us to wear and the best kinds of food for us to eat. But we have chosen the opposite method, that of open competition. We must find a way to make free competition function with reasonable smoothness. To achieve this society has consented to permit free competition to be organized by leadership and propaganda."

"Ideas are sifted and opinions stereotyped in the neighborhood bridge club. Leaders assert their authority through community drives and amateur theatricals. Thousands of women may unconsciously belong to a sorority which follows the fashions set by a single society leader."

source: Propaganda (1928) by Edward Bernays

"Dan Bilzerian on How He Earned His Money, Training for Navy Seal, His Broken Legs and Poker"

Dan Blitzerian: A Life Acting, Role Playing, Live Action, Carton Character, Trained  Performing Seal

Dan Bilzerian on How He Earned His Money, Training for Navy Seal, His Broken Legs and Poker  source:  King Joe Rogan - Fan Page

Yellow Journal Tabloid Soap Opera Cartoon Headlines: Dan 'The Blitz', U.S. Navy Trained Propaganda Seal

"A veteran marine and US Medal of Honor winner has challenged the so-called "King of Instagram" to a fight after their row over the Las Vegas massacre escalated. ... Veteran criticises Dan Bilzerian's actions during Las Vegas shooting. ... Defending himself, he later posted a video showing ..."

source: Ex-Marine challenges 'king of Instagram' Dan Bilzerian to fight after ...

see also: Dan Bilzerian Begs Vegas Cops, Give Me a Gun and I'll Help!!! | TMZ ...  •  Dan Bilzerian ran up to cops during Las Vegas shooting, asked for ...  •  Dan Bilzerian - Wikipedia

Multimedia Social Shepherds Are Like Live Action Roleplaying Chess Pieces on Very Real World Stage

Live action roleplaying governmental agents are moved from scripted News and so-called "historical" narrative to narrative playing various parts as needed.

An Eternal Game of False Dilemma


Live Action Role Speaking Chess Piece People Spread Fallacious Telephone Game Rumors

"Description: Presenting the testimony of a source that is not an eyewitness to the event in question.  It has been conclusively demonstrated that with each passing of information, via analog transmission, the message content changes.  Each small change can and often does lead to many more significant changes, as in the butterfly effect inchaos theory. Hearsay is generally considered very weak evidence if it is considered evidence at all.  Especially when such evidence is unfalsifiable (not able to be proven false)."

source: Argument from Hearsay - Logically Fallacious

Believe Half of What You See & None of What You Hear

Hearsay is proof of nothing. Parroted rumors can't logically be used as evidence.

"For example, to prove Tom was in town, the attorney asks a witness, "What did Susan tell you about Tom being in town?" Since the witness's answer will rely on an out-of-court statement that Susan made, Susan is not available for cross-examination, and it is to prove the truth that Tom was in town, it is hearsay. A justification for the objection is that the person who made the statement is not in court and thus is insulated from cross-examination. Double hearsay is a hearsay statement that contains another hearsay statement itself. For example, a witness wants to testify that "a very reliable man informed me that Wools-Sampson told him". The statements of the very reliable man and Wools-Sampson are both hearsay submissions on the part of the witness, and the second hearsay (the statement of Wools-Sampson) depends on the first (the statement of the very reliable man). In a court, both layers of hearsay must be found separately admissible. In this example, the first hearsay also comes from an anonymous source, and the admissibility of an anonymous statement depends upon the discharge of an additional legal burden of proof."

source: Hearsay - Wikipedia

Rob Thomas & Daryl Hall - I heard It Through The Grapevine  source: Drew Stoerrle

The Power of The Rumor Mill Grape Wine

"For in many instances only by a careful system of constant, thorough and frank information will the public understand and appreciate the value of what a merchant, educator or statesman is doing. The counsel on public relations must maintain constant vigilance, because inadequate information, or false information from unknown sources, may have results of enormous importance. A single false rumor at a critical moment may drive down the price of a corporation's stock, causing a loss of millions to stockholders. An air of secrecy or mystery about a corporation's financial dealings may breed a general suspicion capable of acting as an invisible drag on the company's whole dealings with the public. The counsel on public relations must be in a position to deal effectively with rumors and suspicions, attempting to stop them at their source, counteracting them promptly with correct or more complete information through channels which will be most effective, or best of all establishing such relations of confidence in the concern's integrity that rumors and suspicions will have no opportunity to take root."

"It was, of course, the astounding success of propaganda during the war that opened the eyes of the intelligent few in all departments of life to the possibilities of regimenting the public mind. The American government and numerous patriotic agencies developed a technique which, to most persons accustomed to bidding for public acceptance, was new. They not only appealed to the individual by means of every approach—visual, graphic, and auditory—to support the national endeavor, but they also secured the cooperation of the key men in every group —persons whose mere word carried authority to hundreds or thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers. They thus automatically gained the support of fraternal, religious, commercial, patriotic, social and local groups whose members took their opinions from their accustomed leaders and spokesmen, or from the periodical publications which they were accustomed to read and believe. At the same time, the manipulators of patriotic opinion made use of the mental cliches and the emotional habits of the public to produce mass reactions against the alleged atrocities, the terror and the tyranny of the enemy. It was only natural, after the war ended, that intelligent persons should ask themselves whether it was not possible to apply a similar technique to the problems of peace."

source: Propaganda (1928) by Edward Bernays

Everyone Knew Someone Who Died On 9/11!

He said, she said, parroted, choral hearsay is proof of nothing. Talking points are propaganda artifacts and not evidence. Telephone-game style propaganda is the original medium of government.

"Aug 22, 2002 - ''Everybody knows somebody,'' said Mr. Morris, 34, studying the ... said that according to Hoboken's figures, 53 residents had died in the attack."

source: In Hoboken, They Knew They'd Lost More on 9/11 - The New York Times

What Are The Odds Again?

"Oct 10, 2001 - One month after the 9/11 attacks, David Plotz wondered why he didn't know anyone who had died in the tragedy when the event seemed to ..."

source: 9/11, Ten Years Later: The Odds of Knowing a Victim. - Slate Magazine


image source: Illuminati (game) - Wikipedia

The Victim Card: A Useful Emotional Shield

How can we criticize official narrative when we are supposed to pray for those that died? We are to show respect for the supposed dead by turning off our brains. Leave critical judgement aside and go on officially sanctioned emotional roller coaster ride.

Appeal to Pity - Logically Fallacious   •  Appeal to emotion - Wikipedia

An Anecdotal Maze

"You used a personal experience or an isolated example instead of a sound argument or compelling evidence. It's often much easier for people to believe someone's testimony as opposed to understanding complex data and variation across a continuum. Quantitative scientific measures are almost always more accurate than personal perceptions and experiences, but our inclination is to believe that which is tangible to us, and/or the word of someone we trust over a more 'abstract' statistical reality.

Example: Jason said that that was all cool and everything, but his grandfather smoked, like, 30 cigarettes a day and lived until 97 - so don't believe everything you read about meta analyses of methodologically sound studies showing proven causal relationships."

source: https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/anecdotal

A Note About Scripted & Suicidal Psychological Operation Actors

Not that it matters much, as trials can be scripted too, but when there will never be a trial and any real kind of examination of evidence in at least a somewhat logical and honest manner, there is no way anyone could logically come to any conclusion about what appears to be nothing more than another government staged event with clear propaganda intent.

Horrendous Crisis Acting: This Man is A Terrible Live Action Role Player

Please take special note how he sells the idea that his brother was a big Vegas gambling kind of guy who the casinos loved to comp. Money and traveling around the world and having loads of cash are all that seem to matter. Nothing like a shallow scripted soap opera sold as some kind of insightful interview, complete with crass value.

This is what modern propaganda looks and sounds like.

Emotional interviews with victims, victim families and even the murderer's family are propaganda weapons designed to manipulate the emotions of the audience in order to reduce the amount of critical thinking and to reinforce basic jingoistic herd based mentality.

The brother of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock speaks for a second time  source: CBS News

This dude is a terrible actor who appears to be completely full of scripted and over dramatized shit. You do not need to watch the whole thing to notice this.

Improvisational theatre - Wikipedia

The recent Vegas shooting is but one of many examples.

In this case we now have online podcasters and Youtube video producers claiming to have known someone who knew someone who died during the recent staged Vegas event. This would seem to contradict the obvious contrived and fake nature of this recent imagined tragedy. All of evidence we can actually examine indicates this is nothing but another governmentally backed psychological operation. It helps if you already are familiar with recent hoaxes like the Boston Marathon bombing, Sandyhook, 9/11 and the rest. If you think otherwise and are curious as to why I have this opinion, see the article index and spend some time reading the articles here, or check out the recommended website links. I happen to live in the suburbs of New York City and can also claim to know someone who knows someone who is supposed to have been killed as a result of what appears to be nothing more than governmental, Hollywood hoax work. I think things like the federal witness protection program, security clearances, non disclosure contracts and treason laws provide us with all the information we need to see how simulated victims can be given new identities. This is one explanation. Another explanation could be that some of the podcasters are simply lying. Word of mouth bullshit, spread by local vocal chords, is the oldest medium of government and one still in great use today. Please note this does not mean I claim to have magical omniscience powers and know for sure nobody was harmed or killed. I simply doubt that such claims are true, I do not claim to have absolute knowledge nor do I think it wise to come to any kind of solid conclusion based on News media hearsay and video clips. Obviously people can get shot and can die from gun wounds. It's not like such a feat is physically impossible. I also want to make clear that I am not claiming anyone is trying to pass on deceptive information or anything like that. Funerals can be faked, as crazy as that sounds. Corpses can be manufactured from rubber or wax. 

The telephone game chain has to have somebody telling pants igniting lies somewhere along the line. Bullshit is the original medium of government.

see: 2017 Las Vegas Strip shooting - Wikipedia   •   Fake Corpse Props, Life Size Dead Bodies & Stunt Dummies for ...  •  Madame Tussauds - Wikipedia

The Federal Witness Protection Program

Inside the Federal Witness Protection Program: Law Enforcement (2002)  source: The Film Archives

The Fifth Seal & Second Seal Pun: The Seal of Slain Mythic Governmental Martyred Saint

"Revelation 6:9-11 9 And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held: 10 And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?
11 And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellow servants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they [were], should be fulfilled. (--Authorized King James Version)"

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_seals#Fifth_seal

"Witness protection program LOSES two known or suspected terrorists as the Justice Department failed to hand over their new names to the TSA"


"After granting possible terrorists new names when they entered the witness protection program in exchange for their testimony in criminal trials, the Justice Department failed to pass that information on to the Transportation Safety Administration."

"A lack of communication between the Justice Department and the group that keeps terrorists on no-fly lists meant that at least two possible threats were able to illegally board planes in the U.S. After granting possible terrorists new names when they entered the witness protection program in exchange for their testimony in criminal trials, the Justice Department failed to pass that information on to the Transportation Safety Administration. As a result, at least two possible terrorists were allowed to book and board flights using their new identities without being stopped by aviation officials. Now one the individuals is definitely outside of the United States, and the second is believed to be outside of the country. Now there is little chance that the Marshall Service will be able to find them again.  The shocking news, as reported by CNN, comes as the Justice Department is already facing outcry after secretly obtaining two months worth of phone records for Associated Press reporters in the name of national security."

source: Witness protection program LOSES two known or suspected terrorists ...

United States Federal Witness Protection Program - Wikipedia  •  Witness protection - Wikipedia

"The shocking news, as reported by CNN, comes as the Justice Department is already facing outcry after secretly obtaining two months worth of phone records for Associated Press reporters in the name of national security."

Not for anything but the government has means, motive and opportunity to spy on the people that shape public opinion. This makes more sense than the government spying on all of us regular, common type, folk. Public opinion shapers like reporters at the Associated Press and the politicians themselves would seem to be more logical targets of real governmental spying for obvious reasons of real National security interest. The real National secrets would seem to have to do with all the centuries of world wide, governmental hoaxes and fakery. History is made of more lies than most realize.

Military deceptive practices that target civilian populations seems to be the eternal modus operandi of internationally managed banking enterprise. Navies, sea based commerce, global banking and the telling of tall tales have always had rightful association.

The Telephone Game:  Hearsay Word of Mouth Horror Story is The Original Medium of Government

"...(also known as: the telephone game, Chinese whispers, anecdotal evidence, anecdotal fallacy/Volvo fallacy [form of]) Description: Presenting the testimony of a source that is not an eyewitness to the event in question."

source; Argument from Hearsay - Logically Fallacious

The Original Trained Seal Traveling Road Show: Faking Terrorism Is Nothing New

The Ghost Army of The United States of American Artists™

"During their travels through Europe, when they weren’t sketching, the Ghost Army was often acting—literally impersonating whichever unit they imitating at the time. They made fake patches to put on their sleeves and stenciled fake unit numbers on their trucks. While passing through local towns the ghost army would put on a show for any German spies that might still be lingering in French cafés or bars."

source: The Ghost Army of World War II by Rick Beyer and Elizabeth Sayles ...

The deceptive military art of hearsay, telephone, role playing gaming. A limited hangout of information.

The real target wasn't imagined German spies, it was the European public. Tall tales are the original medium of government

One Nazi bullet would reveal the deceptive Allied balloon tank for the hoax it was. Ghost Army style deception would seem to be better suited for targeting non-combatants. Balloon weaponry is no match for the real thing and this kind of deception does not seem very logical to me if the target was Axis military forces. If the target of these artistic psychological operations was the European public, then all of this makes a lot more sense to me.


Drawing enemy fire with things like balloon tanks makes little sense.

One would think that once bullets started firing, the illusion would quickly be revealed for what it was.

World War Two Era Live Action Role Players: The Amazing Adventures of The Ghost Army

(This clip is set to play a certain section of this video, so you do not have to watch the whole thing if you do not want to.)

The Ghost Army English Movie  source: Georgine Jelen

"If the top brass wanted to spread a little disinformation, the Ghost Army’s actors would lounge around in cafes and spread rumors about where certain units might be headed or when a certain attack might take place, fooling Nazi spies into reporting nonsense to their superiors."

"The Ghost Army was made up of 1,100 painters, actors, and sound technicians, all of them recruited from northeastern art schools. They were an unlikely bunch to go against Hitler, but their goal wasn’t to kill the enemy. The Ghost Army was all about deception. Their job was to create illusions. For example, when the Army wanted to give the impression that a huge infantry unit was on the move, the Ghost Army would drive canvas-covered trucks in endless circles. Any onlookers would think hundreds of troops were being transported when it was really just a handful of guys in a couple of trucks. If the top brass wanted to spread a little disinformation, the Ghost Army’s actors would lounge around in cafes and spread rumors about where certain units might be headed or when a certain attack might take place, fooling Nazi spies into reporting nonsense to their superiors. Sometimes the actors even dressed up as generals and visited completely random towns, tricking the Germans and their cronies into thinking something important was going down."

source: The Ghost Army Of World War II - KnowledgeNuts

The art of apologetics is often used to limit the hangout of information. Who was the real target of the Ghost Army?

Apologetics - Wikipedia  •  Limited hangout - Wikipedia

Spooky Action At A Distance : The World War Two Era Ghost Military

"The Ghost Army was an Allied Army tactical deception unit during World War II officially known as the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops (Operation Quicksilver). The 1,100-man unit was given a unique mission within the Allied Army: to impersonate other Allied Army units to deceive the enemy. From a few weeks after D-Day, when they landed in France, until the end of the war, they put on a "traveling road show" utilizing inflatable tanks, sound trucks, fake radio transmissions, scripts and pretence. They staged more than 20 battlefield deceptions, often operating very close to the front lines. Their story was kept secret for more than 40 years after the war, and elements of it remain classified. The unit was the subject of a PBS documentary The Ghost Armyin 2013."

"To complement existing techniques, the unit often employed theatrical effects to supplement the other deceptions. Collectively called "atmosphere", these included simulating actual units deployed elsewhere by the application of their divisional insignia, painting appropriate unit insignia on vehicles and having the individual companies deployed as if they were regimental headquarters units. Trucks/Lorries would be driven in looping convoys with just two troops in the seats near the rear, to simulate a truck full of infantry under the canvas cover. "MP's" (Military Police) would be deployed at cross roads wearing appropriate divisional insignia and some officers would simulate divisional generals and staff officers visiting towns where enemy agents were likely to see them. A few actual tanks and artillery pieces were occasionally assigned to the unit to make the "dummies" in the distance appear more realistic."

source: Ghost Army - Wikipedia   •   The Ghost Army: home

Real Warfare is Psychological & Not Physical In Nature

The real battlefield is indeed the human imagination and the real targeted escaped-goat is collective human consciousness.

"Like all Shaman before him, he had traversed the wilderness. Now he was returning to his people, a changed man. He brought with him his confidential report ...which he called: "The New Earth Army manual." The New Earth Army is a banner under which the forces of good can gather. The courage and nobility of the Warrior, ...blended with the spirituality of the Monk. The Jedi Warrior will follow in the footsteps... ...of the great imagineers of the past: Jesus Christ, Lao Tse Tung, Walt Disney... The role of The New Earth Army is to resolve conflict world-wide. Jedis will parachute into war zones, utilizing sparkly eyes technique, ...carrying symbolic flowers and animals, ...playing indigenous music and words of peace..."

quoted dialogue source: The Men Who Stare At Goats Script - transcript from the screenplay ...  •  The Men Who Stare at Goats - Wikipedia  •  Herd mentality - Wikipedia

The Men Who Stare At Goats Sparkly Eyes Technique

"What's... What's the sparkly eyes technique?"

"Be dazzled or enraptured, especially with romance; also, be naively idealistic or optimistic. For example, Thinking about their coming marriage, they both had stars in their eyes, or Kit had stars in her eyes when she talked about the millions who would buy her recording."

source: Stars in one's eyes, have | Define Stars in one's eyes ... - Dictionary.com