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There is No Working Real Life Solar System Model To Scale: Newton Was Wrong Prologue


Last updated: 1:11 AM GMT Monday, December 4, 2017 with more about 'meteorological' fakery and the cult of scientific idolatry and the magical "predictive" power of science and mythical mental shepherds. Newton's admission added. T-O Map added.

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What you think something looks like does not make it so. Especially when not viewed to scale.

Mainstream science is more like a crowd psychologically controlled rohrshak test; with only official peer reviewed, Platonic Shadow Cave answers allowed.

Many mainstream scientifically indoctrinated minds simply do not know how to critically think and ignore context in a most profoundly unscientific manner.

"A man can apply himself of his own free will to reading and learning, while he cannot to thinking."

"Thinking must be kindled like a fire by a draught and sustained by some kind of interest in the subject."   Arthur Schopenhauer

AA Morris Solar System to Scale.gif

Presents: The Solar System To Scale

or "Why didn't 'We' go back to the Moon, daddy?

image source: To Scale 

The model above is a 7 mile real life solar system simulation. In it the Earth is the size of a marble.

Article preface:

(Please excuse any typo you might encounter, auto spell correct is a joke.)

Sir Isaac Newton's Solar System Model

Sir Isaac Newton had to come along to patch the not so elegant theories of Copernicus and Kepler. The Solar System used to mean the whole Universe. That's how men like Newton and even Einstein (originally) used the term. These men were all obsessed with the Sun. None of these men were really scientists, by the way. I hope that does not come as a shock to you, but if it does, please try to keep an open mind as you read on, if you choose to.

An Example of Science: Using the celestial bodies and mechanical clocks to navigate and map the world.
An Example of Superstition: Using the same celestial bodies to make a model of the cosmos that either suggests or outright claims to answer some kind of spiritual, existential or metaphysical query.

Modern mainstream university and media promoted “science” is actually a religion. The Solar System model is an artifact of a very real state religion most of us fail to recognize. The modern cosmological model is prominent patchwork of contradictory ideas which is the most obvious reason why anyone who thinks for themselves rejects so-called theories like the Big Bang Theory. Mainstream media astrophysicist characters exist to play stage illusionist style sleight of mind tricks. We are indoctrinated to think it wise to look at the model and not at the Natural reality. In this manner the absurd ideas of men like Newton get adopted without critical thought. The rising and the setting of celestial phenomena are the very real Natural World primary light sources all these models are meant to represent. Our campfires and electrical bulbs replicate and emulate what Nature does on “her” own, without need for men like Newton to imagine anything at all. We end up focused on the model and we forget the real Natural World. This is how many of us get duped into buying into sets of beliefs that have no foundation in reality.

Refracting Atmospherics: Modeling Natural Meterorlogical Light

Atmospheric refraction explains why modeling celestial phenomena is more subjective than most people realize. When we are told things about the elegance of a model we tend to forget the real World. This is an error and lapse of judgment that opens us up to be programmed by fallaciously applied reasoning backed only by illogically premised peer reviewed, mathematics. Computer simulated reality and models cannot do anything but present what the author desires. The reality about observing celestial phenomena, including the Sun and Moon, and planets, is that these are lights in the sky that are very much subject to atmospheric effects that make pinpointing the imagined Cartesian locations of these lights a most subjective exercise. I hope this is clear to you. There are supposed to be seasonal atmospheric conditions that cause mountain tops to be seen at certain times of the year when they otherwise would not be visible due to Earth curvature. This very basic idea is overlooked when it is convenient. Atmospheric refraction would also effect the position of the planets and stars, for example. The supposed and modeled positions of celestial phenomena are approximations and that is all they could ever be. In this manner when we look at the model alone, we can be fooled into believing we are witnessing perfection when in fact we are looking at just another work of art, another artifact. The rising and setting lights in the sky would appear to be themselves, some kind of atmospheric phenomena and do not seem to be best represented in the form of any kind of solar system model at all.

Natural Reality does not need to be modeled. Natural Reality is.

We sometimes forget to simply go outside, the screen is no substitute for human eye in the Natural World.

The Solar System Was Always Modeled On Myth

"Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus and Mercury were given their names thousands of years ago. The other planets were not discovered until much later, after telescopes were invented. The tradition of naming the planets after Greek and Roman gods and goddesses was carried on for the other planets discovered as well."

source: How did the planets get their names? | Cool Cosmos

Real world physics, real world forward momentum proves Newton wrong.

Never trust self proclaimed supermen and crowd sourced super geniuses, especially when they claim they are here to help you out. Never trust claims on screens you can never verify for yourself. Never trust claims you cannot interact with in any non-virtual way. Art itself has many forms and all of these forms can be used to mislead as much as teach. Never confuse model with the reality it is meant to emulate. Never believe that a computer program based on humanity’s all too error prone language of mathematics can show you anything but what whoever programmed the application wants you to see. Virtual reality is no substitute for the real thing.

Never confuse logo, idol or icon, or even idea, with that to which it refers.

Modern comic book characters are just as mythological as any Greek or Roman God.


image source: Lex Luthor Declares Himself the New Superman - Lex Luthor - Comic Vine

"Look up in the sky, it's a plane, it's a space station, it's..."

There is no evidence that any model but that of Ptolemy best describes our existence and there is really no logical reason to take things further than that, unless one has nothing better to do and wishes to continue to draw humanity’s attention to “look up in the sky:.. like all good so-called geniuses have always done and always will do...nothing like following one kind of mental guru or another to avoid doing your own thinking for yourself. Want to know why I make my claim? Simply use this tool to verify it.. Do not let someone else do your thinking for you. Playing Simon Says is the best way to end up back in mental slavery again. There is no reason to buy into the idea the world spins or orbits the Sun. There are also no real super geniuses nor geniuses at all. There are only human beings making decisions both right and wrong. And there is a whole lot of starry eyed nonsense to buy into. The planetariums have long used the geocentric model of Ptolemy to do the magic they do. The sky has always been the best Plato Cave used by snake oil PT Barnum types for a long time. Any model that strays from what you actually witness and experience, in real world physical terms, is a lie. There are no experiments that can show the Earth does anything but sit motionless at the center of all things. Most people simply do not bother to go back and check the record which we can easily do with the hyper linked internet. We need follow no new age internet guru to do so. What happens over head in the starry spaces is not relevant at all to what is occurring in the Natural world we actually experience. From zodiac signs to heavenly sigils of the end of the world, humanity has always been misled with imaginative artifacts based on celestial musings.

If you think you need someone to give you the answers to the questions you seek, instead of doing your own critical thinking and work for yourself, you are acting like someone who believes they can get into shape by watching others work out.

I don't think that's how body builders get into the sculpted shapes that win them the title of Mrs.Universe.

The stars and constellations and Sun and Moon matter when one is trying to accomplish feats like circumnavigating the World. Seasons matter when one is farming. Those are tangible examples of how these things matter. Anything outside of that which we can interact with in this kind of direct manner is a form of myth.

It's Only A Model

The Natural World is. It need not be modeled to exist.

Look up at the moving lights in the sky, You are supposed to be impressed that the magician can predict where the light will be. Sainted special scientist tells you that those lights are floating stones. You are supposed to believe that rocks can do more than drop and roll to a stop.

You are not supposed to notice there is no underlying hypothesis to support any of it. You are not supposed to notice there is no real science to support the claims of people who think Newton's orbital musings correct. You are not supposed to double check the real demonstrable physics that would show the reality of the situation.

People seem to like to confuse models for reality and they like to get lost in the amazing and endless rabbit hole filled, modeled maze of theories until they wander so far away from reality that they begin to contemplate a multiverse of empty spaced out possibilities, all nestled in quantum foam that washed up on some cosmic 276 dimensional, stringed out shore. Einstein’s Relativity work, for what little it actually might be worth, (as anything but propaganda), does at least kind of show how one can model a heliocentric system and one can model a geocentric one, and all flavors imagined in between. Mathematics is a great tool for modeling ideas, as this computer screen demonstrates. Mathematics is also capable of producing gibberish. When we confuse art for reality we become open to being indoctrinated into the civilized forms of insanity known as cultural “norms”.

"As an indication of exactly how good the Ptolemaic model is, modern planetariums are built using gears and motors that essentially reproduce the Ptolemaic model for the appearance of the sky as viewed from a stationary Earth. In the planetarium projector, motors and gears provide uniform motion of the heavenly bodies."

source: The Ptolemaic Model

The Don't Believe Your Own Eyes When Looking At Natural Reality Myth Revealed

Look at the model, even look at the man behind the curtain, but whatever you do , do not look at the Real World at all.

One of the tricks the heliocentric based hypnotist uses is language. We might read a description of the Natural rising and setting of the Sun and be told it is the "apparent" motion, yet this is exactly the same motion as every other celestial body we witness, including the Moon and Fixed Stars and this motion would be more aptly termed "actual" by any rationale being. Making a model, heliocentric or otherwise, that replicates the motions of the heavens that we actually witness may or may not be as accurate as claimed, to the level of accuracy claimed. What matters a lot more is the fact that there is no underlying hypothesis to Newton’s orbital musings or anyone else’s for that matter. There is no real underlying physical mechanic that can explain any of it, especially the concept that the lights in the sky are anything but Natural electrical phenomena and primary light sources, unlike our artificial electrical lights and campfires. All real world demonstrable physical experiments show us why Newton and company are very wrong and why we have every reason to believe the Earth does not move at all and why those lights are not floating orbiting spherical stones. Don't believe me, use this tool and real world demonstrable physics, to learn about it for yourself, if you have the interest.

Don’t tell Cavendish or Foucault: Pendulums don’t cut it.

People needed mechanical clocks to figure out longitude. Pendulums make for terrible measuring instruments.

The famed Foucault pendulum is another spinning Earth lie, which is easily exposed if you simply read the description of this so-called experiment. Likewise the Michelson Gale Pearson interferometer experiment is an example of propaganda as the contrived equation they used clearly shows. We would expect no Coriolis or Foucault type effect on momentum possessing spinning globe nor on motionless World, no matter what the shape. Torque and centrifugal type physical effects are easily demonstrated and so is inertia (momentum) and these very real examples of demonstrable natural phenomena explain why much of the heliocentric based propaganda exists in the fallacious form it takes in the first place. None of it is based on anything real or even honest. The Foucault pendulum cannot be used to prove anything at all as it would not be assumed to work if one goes by Newtonian reasoning and demonstrable momentum based experiment as foundational assumption. But every good cult needs a mystery I suppose, so it's better to hide bullshit with more bullshit, until you end up with a huge pile the size of an imagined Big Banged Multiverse filled with mostly empty space. The whole Foucault pendulum apparatus, hook and all, would get dragged along with the spinning globe if set up anywhere on supposed spinning world but the poles, even if we ignore Newtonian supposed momentum. This experiment was originally conducted in Paris. Can you see how this is nonsense and not science? This would seem to be and example of university based material that ended up printed in mass media produced periodicals and books of the time period IE propaganda. This is the equivalent of today’s obvious imaginative "string theory" and dark energy and matter musings of minds like those of modern Astrophysicists who dream of things not connected in any way to the real World.

Seasonal Atmospheric Refraction Explains Many Celestial Mysteries

People needed mechanical clocks to figure out longitude. Pendulums make for terrible measuring instruments. You can verify my claims with an internet search.

What starry eyed gurus have always done is get us to focus on their imaginative models and perhaps even problems with those models, instead of focusing on the very real Natural World we actually experience and witness. In this manner we overlook the most obvious truths of all. Instead of noticing things like the fact that seasonal atmospheric refraction explains many things that those who cling to the idea that the heavenly lights are physical bodies like to ignore, our attention is supposed to be focused on one narrow idea or another. These narrow ideas always get us to focus our attention into pencil thin like laser so we do not see the greater context that would reveal the truth of the mental sleight of mind, brainteasing trickery, we are actually being exposed to.

The model replaces reality in the minds of those who follow such programs of thinking.

An Example of Science: Using the celestial bodies and mechanical clocks to navigate and map the world.
An Example of Superstition: Using the same celestial bodies to make a model of the cosmos that either suggests or outright claims to answer some kind of spiritual, existential or metaphysical query. 

Saturn The Time Lord Tells All
Do you know the difference between sidereal time and solar time and tick tock time? Does sidereal time mean the World turns? What are the Fixed Stars and why are they called that? We human beings are imperfect, despite mythology that constantly tells us otherwise, and we should not be surprised that many of the models we are offered contain flaws and are not perfect. Nor should we lose sleep over the idea that we might never be able to replicate reality with complete certainty. In fact the idea that we actually ever could, seems to me to be nothing but empty mythology used as cheerleading promotional material to keep human resource busy toiling away building civilization.


image source: Pathé News - Wikipedia

As Technology Advances Stone Idols Polymorph Into Screen Idols

This Very Artificial & Commercialized World We Exist In Has Long Been Centered Around The Sun

The cock crows to wake all the farm animals up. It's time to go to work producing product for the land owner. At the end of the day, some of us animals won't be returning to the barn. But worry not, we all have a financial incentivized part to play in this long standing world-wide criminal business plot.

13-serfs copy.jpg

image source: 10 Facts About Life as a Peasant in Medieval Times | Made From History   •   African Restoration Ministries, Church of Jesus Christ   •   SCANDALOUS: Outrage in Nigeria as government brands National ID ...

Religious missions setting sail to explore strange new worlds would convert the people they found over to the collective religion and collective Common peasant tongue, which would probably not be the high Latin used by those in charge.

Today pop art, Coca Cola, Mc Donalds, Master Cards, Disney and other corporate interest produced products are the Cargo Cult artifacts of our shared modern world wide commercial culture.

Get Oriented: Asia is The Land of The Sunrise

The Real Sun Cross Revealed

Orient and Asia refer us to the House of The Sun or Apollo's 'Theater'

All the World's a stage. A World-wide bread & circus production hides real chains of slavery that are now digital. All of humanity and all the world resources are supposed to be bound to this system of blind commercial desire.



"c. 1300, from Latin Asia, from Greek Asia, speculated to be from Akkadian asu "to go out, to rise," in reference to the sun, thus "the land of the sunrise." Used by the early Greeks of what later was known as Asia Minor; by Pliny of the whole continent."

image source: T and O map - Wikipedia   • quote source:   asia | Origin and meaning of asia by Online Etymology Dictionary


Sol Invictus

"Invictus ("Unconquered, Invincible") was an epithet for several Roman deities, including Jupiter, Mars, Hercules, Apollo, and Silvanus. It had been in use from the 3rd century BC. The Roman cult to Sol is continuous from the "earliest history" of the city until the institution of Christianity as the exclusive state religion. Scholars have sometimes regarded the traditional Sol and Sol Invictus as two separate deities..."

"Invictus ("Unconquered, Invincible") was in use as a divine epithet by the early 3rd century BC. In the Imperial period, it expressed the invincibility of deities embraced officially, such as Jupiter, Mars, Hercules, and Sol. On coins, calendars, and other inscriptions, Mercury, Saturn, Silvanus, Fons, Serapis, Sabazius, Apollo, and the Genius are also found as Invictus. Cicero considers it a normal epithet for Jupiter, in regard to whom it is probably a synonym for Omnipotens. It is also used in the Mithraic mysteries."

quotes and image sources: Sol Invictus - Wikipedia   •   Invictus

Sol Invictus: Apollo The God of Entertainment
“entertainment (n.) 1530s, "provision for support of a retainer; manner of social behavior," now obsolete, along with other 16c. senses; from entertain + -ment. Meaning "the amusement of someone" is from 1610s; sense of "that which entertains" is from 1650s; that of "public performance or display meant to amuse" is from 1727.”

image source: entertainment - Online Etymology Dictionary

Apollo Hoax.jpg

Old Sun God Stands on Stone, New Sun God Stands on Moon, Same Sun God Different Costume

image sources: Apollo - Wikipedia   •   NASA

Apollo The Allegorical Sun God is The Lord of Visible (Mass) Culture

Our culture is one that is clearly fascinated with the Sun. Mythic heroes and Gods have worn Sun halos and Royalty dress up for portraits with golden Sun crowns as they hold the orb of the World they seem to believe they own, in their hands. The Sun gives us a real sense of 'time' that our manufactured clocks emulate. The Sun is obvious primary light source and obvious primary life source, next to good old Mother Earth herself. Leo the Zodiac sign, is the solar based ruler of that house of cards. The Sun figures prominently in many of our shared world wide customs. It is very easy to overlook this obvious and primary symbol. The NASA Apollo missions were an aptly named televised escapade to that Greek God's twin sister's namesake. Mythical Sun Men heroes like Herakles evolve into the Sun powered "visitors from another planet" of today.

"1610s, "the whole creation, the universe," from Late Latin systema "an arrangement, system," from Greek systema "organized whole, a whole compounded of parts," from stem of synistanai "to place together, organize, form in order," from syn- "together" (see syn-) + root of histanai "cause to stand," from PIE root *sta- "to stand, make or be firm." Meaning "set of correlated principles, facts, ideas, etc." first recorded 1630s. Meaning "animal body as an organized whole, sum of the vital processes in an organism" is recorded from 1680s; hence figurative phrase to get (something) out of one's system (1900). Computer sense of "group of related programs" is recorded from 1963. All systems go(1962) is from U.S. space program. The system "prevailing social order" is from 1806."

source: Solar system - Online Etymology Dictionary

Does the Model Have Predictive Power?

Indoctrinated minds do not hear how superstitious they sound. Especially indoctrinated minds with college degrees. Modern science reveals its superstitious and hermetically sealed roots in alchemy and fanciful zodiac astronomy with the language it makes use of that its adherents pay no conscious heed to, like they have been trained to do. "Predictions" are mystical in nature as anyone who has ever visited a side show carnival soothsayer knows. Most college educated and mass media informed folks do not realize that Newton and company were no scientists and that the word was not used to describe anyone until after those mystically minded men were dead. We also have the wrong idea that Newton's ideas were magically adopted overnight, this is not the case. Further, as it turns outs, Sir Isaac's ideas are not based in the real world as we have been told. Sir Isaac seems to go out of his way to mix demonstrable principle with obviously contradictory heliocentric musings. Some real science gets mixed in with a whole bunch of baseless and fantastic speculation that defies not only common sense, but real world demonstrable physics as well. This is what a religious artifact of modern culture looks like. Illogically premised mathematical equation has replaced superstitious magical, religious incantation, to craft a modern religion many of us belong to without quite realizing that we do. These religious zealots do not notice how they sound nor do they notice they are incapable of actual logic and reason. They also fail to  see that they do not know what real empirical reality is. The college educated and university trained mind has been conditioned with grades and other forms of Pavlov rewarding to truly believe they are much wiser and more educated than they actually and demonstrably are. These people would seem to feel the need to justify the expense of their education and to identify with their career paths. In this way they feed their egos and their wallets and both reward systems act to program their brains so they truly have faith that they are correct in assuming all the things they have been told are true. They just assume "settled science" is settled. The college educated mind is perhaps the most easily duped by official sounding narratives and expert opinion, no matter how obviously contradictory. These human beings are members of a vey real religious cult they do not recognize. They are victims of crowd psychological techniques and do not want to admit this is so. We all have been indoctrinated by educational systems in like manner. In order for one to truly become an adult in our culture, which is World wide, one needs to recognize all the illusions that society has sold to us, like (SPOiLERS WARNING!) we sell Santa Claus to our trusting and gullible children. "I don't know" is the most honest  answer anyone could give and the university indoctrinated person hates to hear it. All mysteries are supposed to be answered by humanity's powerful intellectual capabilities; after all "We" go into outer space and "We" went to the Moon. If "Bad Guys" exist in outer space "We" will band together like cartoon characters and meet our collective fate. And "We" have everything figured out as "We" know how old the Earth is, and that dinosaurs existed and that the monkey's great grand uncles became men, because "We" have a time machine of one kind or another...

The college degreed cult member loves the sound of "WE". It's modern religious mantra.


image source: Between Heaven and Hell: Imagining the Apocalypse in Northern ...

The Revelation of Nature's "Big Secret":

There is no Wizard of Oz.

Human beings project images of humanity into the heavens and pretend that "we" have super powers that clearly defy the Natural world we really do exist in.

In this manner humanity always views Nature through one kind of cultural augmented lens or another. Art is used to occult real Natural principle in favor of catechisms.

College graded and rewarded acolytes accept the idea that they need panels of expert peer reviewed judges to tell them what to think about a certain subject. They have been rewarded with both grades and pay to accept not always having to verify anything at all, for themselves. This is how compartmentalized government agencies like NASA operate, by the way. This does not only mean they do not (usually seem to) feel the need to go out in the field, it also means they do not normally think they need to ever go back and look at the history (in sequential order and in context) of the science they claim is valid. All prior assumptions simply go unquestioned and too many simply ignore the source (or even original) material. College educational systems grade based on textbook and peer reviewed opinion more than on facts or demonstrable evidence, as the subjects of Newtonian orbital mechanics and other NASA space science claims, show.

Hear The Roar of The Gender Inverted Lion

Strawman argument, Rusted Tin Toy Stubborn Soldier & Royal Gender Confused Sphinx Confront the evil magical imp, Mr. Mxyzptlk

The "Super Friends" a saturday morning cartoon from the late 20th century.

worlds-greatest-super-friends-season-1-8-planet-of-oz-wonder-woman-cowardly-lion-aquaman-scarecrow-superman-tinman-mxyzptlk-_zpsi7fazgfz.jpg~original (0;00;00;00).jpg

image source: Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman - 1979 Super Friends episode ...

source: List of fallacies - Wikipedia

But there is Disney World, Washington D.C. & Hollywood cartoons.

Don't tell anyone the big secret I am about to reveal to you, this is real top secret stuff: Humanity is not Oz. Humanity does not possess the power it claims to. Humanity is not as wise nor as smart as advertised. "We" have not figured out many of the things we are told "We" did. In fact nobody did. Human beings make mistakes, always have and always will. This is what we do, as much as we do anything else too. There is no great Wizard named "We the People" that can fly like Superman and that can see into subatomic valleys and to the ends of the Universe like this fantastic mythical character can. Humanity is indeed a lot more like our fellow animals than we care admit, as we like to worship "god" like versions of our own collective image. And in this manner we fool ourselves. Idolatry comes in many forms. We are conditioned to look up to people like Sir Isaac Newton, Kepler, Einstein, Carl Sagan, pop stars and celebrities of the political, entertainment and sports variety, for example. We are even conditioned by society to look up to artificial creations like Superman, Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Presidents, Kings, Queens, Bruce Jenner and saints, and all the rest of the cartoon cast. We have all sorts of idols, icons, zodiac signs and Gods and Goddesses to look up to, and all are propaganda artifacts of our self absorbed, ego-crafting world-wide culture. We are supposed to self identify as one kind of super hero god like character or another. We are supposed to have either real world idols or cartoon world icon shepherds to follow, like the good herded human resourced citizenry we are supposed to be. We are also supposed to be mentally lazy and fat from feeding on officially served and presented, bread and circus fare.

predict | Origin and meaning of predict by Online Etymology Dictionary

By the way, when it comes to the supposed "predictive" power of modern science that attempts to answer metaphysical questions, many of the predictions that these very speculative theories make are circularly reasoned. Many modern theories that are really metaphysical ideas are concepts that are founded on one unquestioned prior supposition after another, like a house of cards made of the flimsiest of material.

Subjects like the origins of humanity, the origin of existence and perhaps even astronomy, are metaphysical questions.

The Trivium and Quadrivium out of order is chaos. Modern college educational systems prove this. We have been erroneously conditioned to accept illogically premised metaphysics backed by fallaciously applied mathematical model as "science". Much of modern science is nothing but illogical metaphysics, or fantasy. It really is a religious faith.

Sir Isaac Newton's Admission: There is no reason to buy into mathematically backed fantasy fiction.

Newton puts forth no fundamental hypothesis as foundation for the rest of his musings. Mathematics is language and like language it can produce gibberish and babble and can “embody” things that are not real. Sir Isaac Newton admits this in print. This is not real science and was never supposed to be.

“We said, in a mathematical way, to avoid all questions about nature or quality of this force, which we would not be understood to determine by any hypothesis; and therefore call it by the general name of a centripetal force, as it is a force which is directed towards some centre; and as it regards more particularly a body in that centre…”

Sir Isaac Newton

The centripetal force to which Sir Isaac Newton refers is gravity's accelerated pull.

Newton Wrong.jpg

The centripetal force to which Newton refers is the accelerated effect of gravitation. This cannot be balanced with the fixed velocity of an imaged projectile.

source: Newton's Principia : the mathematical principles of ... - Internet Archive

Demonstrable Centrifugal Effect Would Cause Newton's Imagined Cannonball To Fling Away From The Earth Like A Stone From Proverbial Future King David's Sling

If weight were cancelled with circular motion than there is no centripetal force to keep the object in imagined orbit. Please keep in mind that this man was describing the rising and setting Moon, or imagined planet Earth orbiting the Sun, in terms of falling apples and centripetal force. The fallacy is the attempt to model these motions as physical objects. This is how and why modern cosmology is such a mess and has such visible patchwork of the obvious ad hoc variety. These mistakes lie at the foundation for much of what many of us consider to be "settled science". Keep in mind too that all celestial phenomena follows the same rising and setting pattern of the Moon. Please also keep in mind that Sir Isaac Newton and company's concept of the Universe was one with Fixed Stars and with one Sun which sat at Universal center and around which the Earth orbited. (This is a far cry form the modern multiverse mess.) Yet all common sense experience and all observable reality shows us these objects move around us and we move not. All experiments show this as well, despite hype and literal fudging to the contrary. As always, if you have questions, see the article index, or website navigation bar, below, for more. Suffice it to say that the educational system is more of an indoctrination system than many of us realize.

"In the 1960s, Wernher von Braun put together a series of articles about space flight..."

"In an inertial frame, if there really were two equal-but-opposite forces on the satellite as von Braun drew them, then the total force on it would be zero.  So it wouldn't accelerate; it would move in a straight line with constant speed.  Since the orbiting satellite doesn't move in a straight line, neither von Braun's picture nor his explanation can be right."

There is no Big "G". Gravity  or Gravitation cannot be used to explain the rising and setting of the celestial bodies.

Heliocentric theory is an example of an historical con job and religious artifact of the somewhat mislabeled, age of enlightenment.

Newton Wrong 2001.gif

The arrow represents the changing angle of gravitational pull relative to imagined cannonball for context. To scale and when put in logical, common sense and Natural principle, context, and without mathematical smokescreen, Newton's orbital musings are revealed to be just imaginative fantasy that cannot exist in the real world. These ideas can be only given semblance of "life" in works of fiction.

There is no magic sweet spot. An equals sign is not a divine right. A mathematical equation is not a magical reality altering spell.

Please notice we would not be able to find inconsistencies and obvious problems that defy real physical ballistic principle were this anything but fantasy. Please take special note of the bit of apologetics quoted below. When we drop an apple it falls with an accelerated velocity which means its speed increases by some near 10 meters per single second of falling time. After the 1st second the apple falls with a velocity of 10 meters a second (rounded up)., After the 2nd second the apple’s speed is now 20 meters a second and after the 3rd second this speed would then be 30 meters a second, towards the center of the Earth. While the relative angle does change, the fact that the object would be drawn with increasing velocity towards Earth's center, as every good heliocentric believing soul knows, is ignored by the apologetics we can read for ourselves. Why would anyone believe any of this before the mid 1950’s and the age of television and the claims of NASA and other international space agencies? If you were a fabled astronaut would you let them strap huge explosive to your backside based on this idea? Would you expect to achieve magical orbit? Circular reasoning is the apt fallacy description. 

The sentence below is simple logical nonsense that can only exist as apologetics: 

"The important point is that as the bullet moves faster and faster, a magical speed is reached where the curved Earth drops away from the bullet precisely as fast as the bullet falls to the ground; added to which, the direction of "down" keeps changing."

"In the 1960s, Wernher von Braun put together a series of articles about space flight, some of which were published in Popular Science Monthly.  Eventually they were collected and made into the book Space Frontier, (1st ed., Holt, Rinehart and Winston).  It's a very readable book, and talks about how rockets work, and flight and safety in space.  In one of the articles, von Braun explains why a satellite is able to stay up while in Earth orbit. He begins the article by asking what would happen if we could throw an object horizontally, but at faster and faster speeds, such as in the picture shown here.  "Eventually", he writes, "the curvature of the downward-bent trajectory would become equal to the curvature of the earth."  This is almost well and good.  (It's not quite right to say that the curvatures of the orbit and Earth's surface are the same, even for circular motion, but this is a minor error compared with what comes next.) The important point is that as the bullet moves faster and faster, a magical speed is reached where the curved Earth drops away from the bullet precisely as fast as the bullet falls to the ground; added to which, the direction of "down" keeps changing.  As a result, the bullet never gets any closer to the ground—it's in orbit.  This is actually a marvellous special feature of an inverse square force like gravity; it would not be guaranteed to happen if gravity were not inverse square.  In general, orbits are ellipses, and one such is drawn on the left.  A picture just like this was originally included by Sir Isaac Newton in his Principia of 1687.  After this fine start, von Braun then proceeds to muddy the water.  He says that as the bullet is shot at ever faster speeds, "its trajectory will be less deflected because the centrifugal force is increased by its higher speed, and more effectively counteracts the Earth's gravitational pull."  At this point physicists baulk.  Centrifugal force?  What has that got to do with satellite motion? Next, von Braun draws a picture of a satellite in Earth orbit.  Acting on the satellite are two forces: gravity, pulling the satellite toward Earth, and this centrifugal force, pushing the satellite away.  He writes "A circular orbit occurs whenever a small mass, travelling through the gravitational field of a big one, happens to have a speed at which the centrifugal force is precisely strong enough to balance the large body's gravitational pull."  And later, "If the balance between gravitational and centrifugal force is not perfect, [...] the small body will describe an elliptical path around the large one."

"What would Newton say?  He too would draw the forces acting on the satellite, and would then proceed to apply his "force = mass × acceleration"; but first, he'd want to choose an "inertial frame" within which to do this, since his laws only work in inertial frames.  An inertial frame is one in which, if we throw a ball, it moves away from us with constant velocity (i.e. constant speed in a straight line). Since this doesn't quite happen on Earth, the frame Newton would choose would be something more all-encompassing, outside of Earth.  One good approximation would be the frame of the Solar System, within which the Sun is at rest and Earth revolves fairly accurately in a circle around it, once a year.  An inertial frame like this is presumably what von Braun is using, because anything noninertial won't tie in too well with his picture of Earth plus satellite. In an inertial frame, if there really were two equal-but-opposite forces on the satellite as von Braun drew them, then the total force on it would be zero.  So it wouldn't accelerate; it would move in a straight line with constant speed.  Since the orbiting satellite doesn't move in a straight line, neither von Braun's picture nor his explanation can be right."

source: http://math.ucr.edu/home/baez/physics/General/Centrifugal/centri.html

(more about centrifugal force will be covered in the next article in this series)

Gravity Proves Newton Wrong

Gravitational pull towards center of mass is a separate motion from the imagined fixed velocity of forward projectile path, as real world demonstrable ballistic physics show.

Gravity is accelerated. The speed of cannonball towards Earth’s center increases by near 10 meters a second. After one second gravity based velocity is about 10 meters a second. After the second second this velocity is now about 20 meters a second and after the third second the pull of gravity means the projectile is pulled towards Earth’s center with a velocity of 30 meters a second or so. When we look at Newton's claim to scale we can (also) see why it fails.

The International Space Station Could Do Nothing But Fall


This Looks Like A Job For...

The Only Way To Demonstrate Newtonian Orbits is with imaginative Dream-like Fantasy

Superman Newton Orbits.jpg

Heliocentric Superman Saves The Day

Like all other religious artifacts, Newtonian orbital mechanics can only exist in the imagination, and exemplified in art forms like verbal narratives, song, the written word, stone statues, stained glass, drawings, painted canvas, etchings, mass produced pulp fiction print, or on ubiquitous screen of some kind.

image source: DC Comics

The Falling Apple Proves Newton Wrong

The falling apple with gravity's accelerated velocity proves Sir Isaac Newton's theory that floating stones orbit a Universal centered Sun, wrong. The falling apple is not like the rising and setting Moon, and demonstrable ballistic physics proves this to be the case. Sir Isaac Newton, could do no real experiment to explain why anyone should take the heliocentric solar system model seriously, in the first place. Sir Isaac offers only an illogically premised "thought experiment" and equally illogically premised mathematical formula as "proof". Day dream fantasy that contradicts ballistic reality and fallaciously reasoned, gibberish mathematical equation is no substitute for Natural demonstrable principle. Newton's work is built upon a foundation of fantasy not real World Natural physics. Another real problem is that the work of men like Einstein would not exist were Sir Isaac Newton's model as elegant as claimed. Einstein had to curve space, an absurd notion, in order to save Sun centered Universal face. None of these men could even offer any real explanation as to how gravity works, in mechanical terms that make sense. Instead all we have is illogical premised metaphysics sold to us as mathematically proven fact. All the Royal Society seals of approval, all the university indoctrinated, socially conditioned minds, all the voices in the World, all parroting the same outer space siren song, cannot replace demonstrable reality with what amounts to religious catechism. One of the most common logical fallacies is the appeal to the majority opinion. More often than not, the majority is simply misguided and wrong. In this particular instance, the majority do not understand that there is no real science to support any of the modern cosmological clams. The International Space programs of the wold are fake. They are derived from the NASA and Soviet era Cold War, early television age, blueprint. These space programs are run by the same kind of of international banking managers that run the rest of the world. Governments work for them, ultimately and not any of us. We are supposed to buy into the staged, World theater Platonic Cave Shadow play, most think of as real. National and International politics is more of a staged posturing production than most realize. Nation state borders are as fake as space programs. These fictions are tools of human resource management.

National identity products like all ego driven artifacts, exist to get us to self identify with one kind of shepherded community or another and in this manner we act like cattle and are treated by the various systems we have to interact with, like cattle.

(See the article index of you have any questions.)

Understanding The Gravity of Our Collective (Historical) Situation

We human beings are a Natural resource that has long been exploited like every other Natural resource of the Earth. Religion, which can take more spiritual or more secular form, (think church and government, Hollywood and advertising product, or even corporate human resource department), is the tool used to bind human minds to an inhuman system of thought that does not really quite serve humanity in general. We end up serving very inhuman systems more than they end up truly serving us. Mythological artifacts have always been commissioned to reinforce faith in whatever the current managerial cultural paradigm is. This changes over the course of history and the recent decades has seen this change accelerate like the effect gravitation has on proverbial Newtonian apple.

The Solar System To Scale

When we actually examine the solar system to scale and consider our relative subatomic size compared to just the solar system model, we can begin to see how profoundly impossible "space travel' really is. University indoctrination and educational systematic thinking and all governmental claims are no substitute for real demonstrable science based on real Natural principle. Modern space science is not science at all. As it turns out modern "space science" is nothing but an example of a world-wide shared cult relic and artifact of the secular religion of government. "Space Science" represents the mythic idea that humanity can collectively do anything it puts its mind to, and this concept is a lie. In many real ways, we are as restricted by Natural physical principle as any other animal. This is easy to forget in a world of passenger jet air travel and wireless communications. For many, science has replaced more traditional faiths as existential religious belief system and has filled humanity's collective mind with just as imaginary and unrealistic, fantastic ideas, that even more traditional religious folk buy into.

There is no working real world model of the Solar System, in terms of how the Sun would illuminate the planets and moons and in terms of physical mechanics.

Gossip makes the world goes round.

"The discovery of truth is prevented more effectively, not by the false appearance things present and which mislead into error, not directly by weakness of the reasoning powers, but by preconceived opinion, by prejudice."

Arthur Schopenhauer

Much of modern science is built on unquestioned assumption.

You get "A"s for repeating not thinking. You get your degree for going and getting along and not challenging underlying assumptions.

hqdefault (

image source: What Happens When You Assume - YouTube

(I recommend those unfamiliar with the "Odd Couple" YouTube clip, click the link to watch it)

If you make a claim it is your responsibility to explain how it all works.

It is not the responsibility of those who criticize your ideas to show an alternative theory. This is a logical fallacy. The university indoctrinated mind will spend hours talking in circles reciting the same sentences over and over like religious mantra, wasting time and mental energy in the process. Armchair self-proclaimed scientists who never seem to need to actually go out into the real world to demonstrate their supposed skills, are not quite the reliable experts we have been conditioned to think they are, more often than not. In fact these minds seem to possess very little real world common sense. These people have been socially conditioned by the educational system's rewarding of grades for repeating text book knowledge. Text book knowledge is made of more propaganda than most realize. The heliocentric based musings of men like Sir Isaac Newton are not based in any real world demonstrable experiment and in fact contradict demonstrable ballistic physical principle. Illogically premised mathematical formula is the equivalent of verbal babble. Math can be used to present a false reality in the same manner the gossiping tongue can.

College educated and university degreed minds are not taught how to think logically. They are indoctrinated into a religious cult they refuse to recognize.

These minds think criticism of mainstream scientific claims means we need to provide alternative theories to explain the phenomena in question. This is not logical.

"There's a sucker born every minute"

The motto of the university system, News and government. Underlying assumptions go unquestioned and this is how "everyone" stays dumb.

The work of Copernicus, Kepler and Newton, Einstein and all the rest are not proven as advertising claims allege. All the apologetics in the world can't hide all the logical problems one can find in the imaginative work of these minds.

Only peer reviewed narrow interpretations of experiential results are considered. All results are filtered through official Newtonian style prism.

We do not need to provide evidence for any positive claim, all we need to do is show how the Chicken Little and the Boy Who Cried Wolf's claim that the Emperor is wearing new clothes is a lie; all we need demonstrate is that the Emperor's New Clothes do not exist. The sources of claims do matter, especially when the sources are very unreliable. College educated "scientific" minds identify with the title on their degrees and will refer to themselves as some kind of specific scientist as if we should be impressed, and they really believe they think logically when they obviously do not. They also do not bother to actually learn anything about the history of the subject they pontificate with such assurance about. These minds have been rewarded for parroting back official textbook catechism and look at the world as if looking at the sky through the wrong end of a telescope. They are very ignorant about the real world and refuse to admit it. They do not question underlying assumptions and this is why when they express themselves they only express nonsense. People are very ignorant especially those who think they are educated.  I guess they feel the need to justify all the money they spent on it all.

Skies can't really fall, but what goes up does come down again.

Welcome to eternal 1984.

Meteors can't fall either. Meteor is supposed to mean "any atmospheric phenomenon,", but most people do not really care about what words are supposed to mean.

meteor | Origin and meaning of meteor by Online Etymology Dictionary   •   Nineteen Eighty-Four - Wikipedia

Chicken-Little-on-CNN 2 (

image source: Be afraid, my friends: Chicken Little says the sky is falling ...

The Sky is always falling.

Human beings instinctually pass on gossip they assume is correct. This gossip becomes mind numbing multimedia fantasy sold as science. Human beings are egotistical and our ego identities are the artificial, manipulated products of culture. Many human beings also end up becoming followers of other people's minds and they end up letting those mental shepherds do their thinking for them. These cult members then repeat sacred catechism over and over with the fervor of the truly faithful. They do not actually learn anything for themselves. They repeat what others have learned and demonstrated without necessarily understanding why what they claim is right or not so right. By not critically engaging with the material for oneself, one can never come to one's own conclusions about anything. Too many of us adjust our views based on simple conversations and that is an illogically silly thing to do. Gossip is the medium for the propagation of ignorance.

Trivium - Wikipedia  •  Quadrivium - Wikipedia   •   List of fallacies - Wikipedia   •   There's a sucker born every minute - Wikipedia    •    The Emperor's New Clothes - Wikipedia   •   Henny Penny - Wikipedia    •    The Boy Who Cried Wolf - Wikipedia

The Problem with the Mainstream University, Governmental & Media Indoctrinated Mind is They Tend To Confuse The Model with Reality & Nature with Math

All (institutionalized) religious folk commit the sin of idolatry. Most seem to not know what this really means. They do not seem to see the fallacy of confusing idol or idea for Natural reality. The self proclaimed logical scientific mind and the ones that same mind claims are religiously blind, are gulity of committing the same allegorical crime.

Adult coloring books

The Sun & Moon and other celestial phenomena have long been used as source material for very inventive and imaginative works of fantasy.

The original imaginative pulp fiction material for European printing presses, (aside from the Bible and tabloid demonology fare), would seem to be alchemical fairytales. Early comic book and other fantasy ideas obviously spring from this source. Don't get me wrong, chemistry, and medicine are real examples of real demonstrable science derived from "alchemical " research conducted during this era, but the fact is a lot of this stuff is just creative visual and written fiction and fable with allegorical meaning, if any meaning at all. These historical relics are not examples of magical artifacts or any kind of real occult power or anything but examples of the usual psychological trickery humanity falls prey to. Most of the alchemical artifacts we can examine are examples of earlier roleplaying style fantasy games. From this source material we get mass produced products like: sci fi and fantasy novels, mainstream university "science", comic books, Dungeons & Dragons and the current era of mass produced digital video games, and newspaper horoscope nonsense; what zodiac sign do you self identify as? These are all artifacts of a pulp fictional, yellow journalism inspired religion most fail to recognize.

image source: A woodcut of Hermes Trismegistus from De chemica Senioris ~ 1566 | The Classical Astrologer

Iconic Idolatry & Scientific Illusions

Idols and ideas, metaphysics and mathematical equations and all other forms of human communication are but representations not to be confused with actual reality.


We may live in a Digital Dark Age, and it might get darker still, but all that has beginning will have inevitable ending.

Humanity does not need to be governed. One day even Washington D.C. will meet its fitting end.


Governments are weak. The high level politicians and government generals and the rest are the ones who really do manage the show. Everything is out in the open for all to see who but look. Governments do not possess the power they claim. The military is weaker than they want you to know; all of the militaries of the world are more like little boys' bathtub toys.
A real march on capitol domes would mean doom for government. We do not even need guns to win. For example, if a million people really marched on D.C. with real revolutionary intent, it is over, government loses and the IRS & Federal Reserve close for good.

image source: Roman Forum - Wikipedia

"Even this shall pass away"

Electrically enhanced, World-Wide Broadcast Babel is still being built to this day. The largest most impressive thing we can collectively construct, when compared to imagined heliocentric based solar system scale, is smaller than a grain of sand or even an imagined sub-microscopic sized speck of dust.

We are like ants building a babbling, World wide, beehive.


tower-of-babel1 (

Do you see the masons carving monolithic stone at the lower left of the image above?

"..., literally "place where stones are squared," from Latin quadrare "to make square," related to quadrus "a square," quattuor"four"... "

quote source: quarry | Origin and meaning of quarry by Online Etymology Dictionary

Quartered stone is foundational.

Government used to rely only on quarried and mined stone and mixed cement to build edifices to impress the mass public. Metal is still mined to mint coin money, of course. And money was and is needed to pay the workers who craft socially manipulative artistic achievements. Today that cement and stone based, governmental media is accompanied by one that equally relies on minerals in much the same way; silicon, derived from mined quartz, is now a precious resource that is necessarily required for the manufacture of ubiquitous electronic screen.

The chip industry runs on Spruce Pine's high-quality quartz - Geek.com

The Allegory of Babel

image source: The Tower of Babel | Renaissance Art

Apollo 11 Hoax.jpg

The mythic power of "We the People" is greatly exaggerated.

Star Treks and Star Wars. Seemingly endless overgrown children wait on lines to mentally travel into outer space on film theater screen. Do you think these "Big Banged" minds notice they will never wait on a line to go to the promised land of outer space? I enjoy watching these live action cartoons too, but I realize they are as mythic in character as the rest of our cartoon based culture. Outer Space simply replaced the seas of the world as the source of imaginative speculative fantasy. Herodotus the "Father of Lies" is an apt allegorical persona. When the world was not connected by passenger jet air travel and fibre optic lines, before our 21st Century age of social media gossip - 'online all the time', the world itself was a much more mysterious place. Now that mystery is projected above our heads into "outer space".

Seems to me the case can be made that originally astronomy and astrology were subjects for more elite and aristocratic minds too get lost in. This "entertaining pastime" eventually trickled down into mass mainstream culture as anyone who reads the horoscope knows. Culture used to take decades or centuries to change and with modern communications and powerful moving pictures with audio and charismatic voice over, these changes happen much more rapidly. Since the 20th century this has been an accelerated process, like gravity is. Before more recent times, more industrialized and urbanized times, the mysterious lands of the lost were over seas or over mountain or across great forest divide. Tall tales were told of new worlds populated with a bestiary of creatures, both real and not so real, for sailors to explore. Argonauts evolve into astronauts. Both imaginative examples of fantasy and mythic iconography. Both examples of our shared and inherited yellow journal inspired culture.

Star Trek Planet of the Apes (

image source: Holly's Horrorland: Gorilla v Superman and Star Trek v Planet of ...

The Mythic Power of Supermen Getting Lost in Space

Humanity is simply physically incapable of many of the feats we are told "We" have achieved. These include things like measuring down to imagined sub microscopic sizes. These mythic allegations include claims of seeing into distant galaxies and the "discovering" of other planets. The legendary achievements of "We The People" include the obvious international space con job. Outer Space is the best Platonic Shadow cave ever, (next to death, that is), especially when it has the medium of modern technology to make use of. And especially when Hollywood crafted products of all types, reinforce these absurd ideas. Hollywood has always crafted both imagery labeled fact and imagery labeled fiction, to support the modern governmental religion and mythology of a near empty space-time continuum and apemen astronauts.

The blueprint for manufactured culture: Yellow journalism - Wikipedia

image source: "You can save them all"

(The Heavenly father & solar son scene from the 1978 Superman film updated and reimagined for the 21st century) from the film "Man of Steel", DC Entertainment

Ants Working Building Beehive Banana Plants In Beach Sand

Models and mathematics are human constructs that imperfectly replicate reality, despite all advertising to the contrary. The solar system model itself is usually not shown to scale, for example. We also ignore the fact that our deepest mines and highest buildings are as nothing when compared to the near four thousand mile radius of the Earth. We barely scratch the surface of our Earth Mother. In fact when we look at all that we build to actual scale and in proportion compared not to imagination, but to the real world, we can see that in many real ways, we aren't much larger than ants. We would seem to have a distorted view of our collective effect on Nature herself. We are as ants working at the proverbial rubber tree plant. It is unlikely that humanity as a whole, no matter how industrialized, can truly hurt the Mother Earth which sustains all our lives; it would seem that we are simply much too small. What I specifically mean by this is that we are like bees building Babel, which has yet to fall. Everything with a beginning has to have the inevitable end. Every ant hill or beehive built, will one day be destroyed. This is the way of Nature we observe. One day this particular world wide hive will fall and it will have to be built back up all over again.

Spoilers: How Civilization Ends & Begins Again: Flashback 1963

In the novel version of the Planet of The Apes, the ending reveals apes traveling in outer space.

"To ape someone is to imitate them, often in a mocking way. Most people don't like being aped. To ape is to imitate, but it can mean a few different things. One type of aping is to blatantly imitate something or someone in every way."

source: ape - Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary.com

Book22 (

image source: La Planète des Singes | Planet of the Apes Wiki | FANDOM powered ...

Art Imitates Art

The meaning of the allegory of the Planet of the Apes, is that the apes are us.

The novel makes this idea more clear than the films do. In any case, consider how specialized and how disposable all our technology currently is and how this is becoming even more the case. Modern civilization relies on very specific forms of specialization and world wide cooperation. None of us individually, or even in non official groups,  would really be able to recreate the foundational technology to society as we know it were something to go awry. If the workers in China stop going to work, we don't get our iPhones, for example. If the people who maintain the electrical grid stop doing their jobs, we go back to gaslit lives. The local mechanic can longer fix your car as easily as they used to be able to, if at all, and most people seem to be conditioned to sign up to buy a new smartphone every three weeks or so. In other words, I can see how our very disposable and highly specialized world would lead to the allegorical Planet of The Apes future without the need to use nuclear annihilation. I can see too how humanity then could be eventually organized back (over centuries) into the form we know today once more. The idea of endless cycles of this kind of mass "wildlife" behavior makes more sense to me now than it would have in the past. It is speculative, but this speculation attempts to look at us as another animal species and creature (albeit a very capable one) in this creation, with our own instinctual habits, which we overlook. These habits include our sheep like behavior, and our confusing of symbol for substance, and of course the need to spread unverifiable gossip as fact. In this manner humanity (over centuries) "evolves" itself, or rather its beehive form, going from more family and clan based existence to this world wide connected form we currently enjoy, peaking at some point and then oscillating back to the more family based existential forms, repeating in endless cycle like God's heartbeat would. Just something to (perhaps) consider as an alternative to the idea that The World (or Universe) has any set beginning or end. The World itself might exist in eternal changing form.

Eternal return - Wikipedia

Liberty Lies & Manufactured Moon Travel in 1968

Hollywood's 1968 "Planet of The Apes" film promoted the ridiculous and cartoonish ideas of Einstein & Newton, during the time NASA was claiming it was getting ready to fly men to the Moon. Both time travel and outer space travel are canards. The only time travel we can experience is the process known as aging and that is a one way 'trip'.

apes-last-scene (

All Hail The Real World Wide Ruler of Babel, The One True Emperor at The Top of Proverbial Holy Roaming Commercial Pyramid:

The University, Governmental & Multimedia Indoctrinated Human Mind

The perfect citizen is the one who does not question official claims and allegations. They fail to see the forest for the trees because one kind of mental shepherd or another refuses to look toward enchanted wood. In the case of the fundamental claims of all international space science, most people do not seem to be very interested in examining the history of modern heliocentric based cosmology, in proper historical order and context, reading source material and contemplating the claims with critical minds that look for flaws.  We are supposed to believe in marketed claims that such "science" is "settled", when nothing could be further from the truth.

The-Emperor-Has-No-Clothes-1-1000x426 (

image source: The Emperor has no Clothes! | tprs-witch

Once we show that the 'Emperor Wears No Clothes' we do not need to prove anything else.

We need not explain how the Emperor got fooled, why everyone else went along or anything like that. We need not explain how the magic trick was done.

I don't know is a valid answer and one the arrogant, self absorbed, university-trained mind, who deems they think logically, seems incapable of admitting.

For example, the official narrative that is supposed to explain the events of 9/11 is simply physically impossible. I need not explain anything further than that.

Newtonian orbital mechanics and Einstein apologetics do not and cannot work. Further, the Big Bang theory, evolution, eternal oil depletion, dinosaurs and all the rest of the modern mythology sold as science are highly questionable claims to say the least. What most do not understand is that a museum is a place to go to visit artifacts; and that there has always been financial and commercial reasons to promote legends over facts.

heAstronauta (

image source: Human Evolution

for more please see: Hoax Busters Call: Evolution Theory Discussion with Joshua from NY

A logical fallacy example:

Let's say you claim you can prove Apollo 11 fake. Let's say you claim rockets can't fly anyone to the Moon.

Does it then make sense for me to turn around and ask you to provide me with an alternative model to explain how NASA went to the Moon? I have to explain how rockets can work in outer space as defined by mainstream science. You do not have to explain or prove anything to me. All you need to do is point out how it cannot work or what the logical flaws and logical inconsistencies in my theories are. In this example, I am not some arrogant Divinely Righted shepherd of all human thought that you need to prove your belief system to. You are free to think what your senses and experience tell you makes sense and you do not need anyone to tell you that. And if you can show the Emperor's New Clothes do not exist, your work is done and you need not take it any further than that. As it turns out. much of the mainstream cosmology is not settled science and is in fact illogically modeled metaphysics. All of modern science fits together as one religious doctrine should. Evolution, oil depletion, dinosaurs, comets, asteroids, meteors, heliocentric based space science, Big Bang theories and all the rest are all part of one cosmological patchwork sold as consistent settled reasoning, peer reviewed, theory to the public. The fact of the matter is all of this is a lot more speculative and predicated on more metaphysical assumptions than most people might be willing to take a look at. Metaphysics backed with peer reviewed and illogically premised gibberish mathematics lies at the foundation of all modern scientific thought and is what corrupts it all. 

Hollywood Babel Holidays "May The Fourth Be With You": The Iconic Cult of Misguided Idolatry

Star Treks and Star Wars. Seemingly endless overgrown children wait on lines to mentally travel into outer space on film theater screen. Do you think these "Big Banged" minds notice they will never wait on a line to go to the promised land of outer space? How much longer do you think they will wait? It's been near 50 years since the Apollo 11 hoax was televised. Do you think they will ever notice they will never get to go when they are so excited by all the News of numerous new Star Wars and super hero films slated to come out? This is the only way any of these people will ever get to "visit" outer space. Hollywood has always produced governmental propaganda, some labeled fiction, some labeled fact, all usually based on fantasy more often than not. Outer space can only exist in imagination, or as a picture or on a screen of some kind.

The New World Order Globalist Agenda is Always Around The Next Promised Corner

Uncle Sam is just another religious idol.

People are funny kinds of creatures. We end up waiting on all sorts of mental lines in our minds for decades and never seem to notice that none of it leads anywhere at all but in endless cycles of merry go round circles. The World has long been run as one Holy Roaming global enterprise, from behind the scenes and all talk of New World Orders is Old World colonization marketing and propaganda from centuries past. Nation states and National identities, National borders, proverbial castle walls and very real taxes to pay for it all, are all part of how humanity has been managed on World wide scale and stage, for centuries. National borders. like political identity divides, are part of the control system lie.  People who spend time talking about global espionage and political intrigue are like the mythical folk in Plato's Cave who can't stop talking about the shadow play and who refuse to get up and take a gander at the real World outside. The problem is of course, that most people in our world really believe the shadows are real. And they really can get defensive and angry if we try to reveal the truth of the clear pattern of centuries long, deceptive practice, to them.

The New World Lies

The United Nations could take the World over and rid us of National identities, crafting a new Star Trek-like cultural paradigm, and the News would still report that there were rebellious factions fighting the New World Order cause. Breaking News may one day report that a Klingon attack destroyed the colony on Mars. Better still, perhaps such an event would be televised live, on hand held smart screens, world wide, as 'Elon Musk's Martian Colony Reality Television Series, only on YouTube™' is every good global citizen's favorite smart-screen side-show. There is always a way to create phantom menaces for public consumption.

Exposing The Lie of Perpetual War: 1984 is nothing new.

An international banking caste have long managed all Natural resources, including human resources for more Royal interests.

Tall tales of blessed and sainted marine martyrs have long been used to justify all sorts of crusades, pilgrimages and world wide exploratory, commercial enterprises.

"As explained in Emmanuel Goldstein's book, The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism, the Ministry of Peace revolves around the principle of perpetual war. Perpetual war uses up all surplus resources, keeping most citizens in lives of constant hardship – and thus preventing them from learning enough to comprehend the true nature of their society. Perpetual warfare also "helps preserve the special mental atmosphere that a hierarchical society needs." Since that means the balance of the country rests in the war, the Ministry of Peace is in charge of fighting the war (mostly centered around Africa and India), but making sure to never tip the scales, in case the war should become one-sided. Oceanic telescreens usually broadcast news reports about how Oceania is continually winning every battle it fights, though these reports have little to no credibility."

"The Ministry of Plenty (in Newspeak, Miniplenty) is in control of Oceania's planned economy. It oversees rationing of food, supplies, and goods. As told in Goldstein's book, the economy of Oceania is very important, and it's necessary to have the public continually create useless and synthetic supplies or weapons for use in the war, while they have no access to the means of production. This is the central theme of Oceania's idea that a poor, ignorant populace is easier to rule over than a wealthy, well-informed one. Telescreens often make reports on how Big Brother has been able to increase economic production, even when production has actually gone down."

sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ministries_of_Nineteen_Eighty-Four#Ministry_of_Peace   •   3 Ministry of Plenty

What gets the 'apemen' out of their "man caves"?


GTY_star_wars_fans_jef_151216_4x3_992 (

Outer space, unlike sea travel, is not real. There will be no pilgrimage to the "stars".

What you see above is the only "outer space" pilgrimage to the stars any of us can really experience. If you want to get 'Lost In Space', go to Hollywood's Walk of Fame.

image source: Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Meet the Super-Fans Who Have Been in ...

The Land of The Lost

"An association fallacy is an informal inductive fallacy of the hasty-generalization or red-herring type and which asserts, by irrelevant association and often by appeal to emotion, that qualities of one thing are inherently qualities of another. Two types of association fallacies are sometimes referred to as guilt by association and honor by association."

source: Association fallacy - Wikipedia

201-minutes-of-a-space-idiocy-01-the-dawn-of-man-and-planet-of-the-apes (

The "Big Black Thing" Used To Be A Television Set "The Idiot Box"

And before that it was a Radio and Pulp Printing Press Product. These still exist as media, of course.

Basic word of mouth the medium of deception or gossip lies at the heart of World wide human endeavor.

image source: 2001: A Space Odyssey | Top Shelf Movies

Why human beings instinctually fear questioning their own personally accepted cosmologies:

(or Why religion and scientific metaphysical explanation exist in the first place...)

In general, human beings do not like to have their world views questioned. This can be used by social forces to manipulate us into new forms of behavior.

"In the 19th century, Kierkegaard considered that angst and existential despair would appear when an inherited or borrowed world-view (often of a collective nature) proved unable to handle unexpected and extreme life-experiences. Nietzsche extended his views to suggest that the so-called Death of God—the loss of collective faith in religion and traditional morality—created a more widespread existential crisis for the philosophically aware."

source: Existential crisis - Wikipedia

412A0D0F00000578-4577466-Paris_s_Notre_Dame_Cathedral_is_a_tourist_hotspot_in_the_French_-a-24_1496767656047 copy.jpg

Old World Order Franchise 'Meats' New World Order Franchise

Different World wide ways to manage the same human resource. Different historical strokes for different time period folks.

image source: Notre Dame: Hammer-wielding man shot after police attack | Daily ...

Outer Space Travel is The Modern Afterlife

Belief in eternal damnation or reward in an afterlife was once the official propaganda paradigm of the day.

Instead of a state imposed religious faith and belief in an eternal judged fate in a Heaven or Hell, or perhaps a Purgatory in between, we have the state imposed and university and multimedia promoted, imagined destiny of human space exploration and colonization.

d64859af45f0f709a1e03d104005d20f--action-comics-marvel-comics (

Modern Moses & Sun Powered Samson

Superman's Sun Obsessed Dad, Jor-El sent his aptly named son, Kal-El (Kal-el means star child in comic-bookese) out into the stars and to Earth. Kryptonians are not evolved from apes like humanity, or so the DC story goes. People from space are modern "New Gods". We can only interact with outer space via the medium of fantasy.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kryptonian  •  New Gods - Wikipedia

image source: DC Comics Published: 1976

Heliocentric Sunshine Superman

As Superman's powers increased, the implication that all Kryptonians had possessed the same abilities became problematic for writers, making it doubtful that a race of such beings could have been wiped out by something as trifling as an exploding planet. In part to counter this, the Superman writers established that Kryptonians, whose native star Rao had been red, possessed superpowers only under the light of a yellow sun.

source: Superman - Wikipedia

Two Ultimate Platonic Shadow Caves: Death & Outer Space

"Nietzsche introduces the concept of the Übermensch in contrast to his understanding of the other-worldliness of Christianity: Zarathustra proclaims the Übermensch to be the meaning of the earth and admonishes his audience to ignore those who promise other-worldly hopes in order to draw them away from the earth. The turn away from the earth is prompted, he says, by a dissatisfaction with life—a dissatisfaction that causes one to create another world in which those who made one unhappy in this life are tormented. The Übermensch is not driven into other worlds away from this one. Zarathustra declares that the Christian escape from this world also required the invention of an eternal soul which would be separate from the body and survive the body's death. Part of other-worldliness, then, was the abnegation and mortification of the body, or asceticism. Zarathustra further links the Übermensch to the body and to interpreting the soul as simply an aspect of the body."

source: Übermensch - Wikipedia

"The philosopher Schopenhauer, in commenting on tricks of persuasion, once remarked: It would be a very good thing if every trick could receive some short and obviously appropriate name, so that when a man used this or that particular trick, he could at once be reproved for it. "

"Unfortunately, there are an unlimited number of maneuvers one can make in camouflaging poor reasoning, making bad thinking look good, and obscuring what is really going on in a situation. Furthermore, most people are resistant to recognizing poor reasoning when it supports what they intensely believe. It is as if people subconsciously accept the premise “all is fair in the scramble for power, wealth, and status.” Any argument, any consideration, any mental maneuver or construction that validates emotionally-charged beliefs seems to the believer to be justified. The more intense the belief, the less likely that reason and evidence can dislodge it."

"The human mind is often myopic, inflexible, and conformist, while at the same time highly skilled in self-deception and rationalization. People are by nature highly egocentric, highly sociocentric, and wantonly self-interested. Their goal is not truth but advantage. They have not acquired their beliefs through a rational process. They are highly resistant to rational critique. Blind faith, fear, prejudice, and self-interest are primary organizers of much human thinking. Self-delusion, in conjunction with lack of self-command, characterize much human thinking. A highly compromised integrity is the result. If you point out a mistake in thinking to most persons, you may silence them momentarily. But most, like rubber bands that have momentarily been stretched and let go, will soon revert to whatever it was they believed in the first place. It is for this reason that cultivation of intellectual virtues is so crucial to human development. Without a long-term transformation of the mind, little can be done to produce deeply honest thought. When challenged, the human mind operates from its most primitive intellectual instincts. This can be verified in the history of politics, economics, religion, and war — indeed in any history that deeply plumbs the human mind in action."

source:"The Thinker’s Guide to Fallacies: The Art of Mental Trickery and Manipulation" link - fallacies - Foundation for Critical Thinking

Astronomy & Astrology: Twin Imaginative Mental Projections

These are the Twin Towers of the official religion of Babel, used for centuries as mythological gruel for the masses and even the university indoctrinated.

Preface: The sky has been used as a rorschach test for centuries to act as endless Platonic Shadow distraction for both the educated and not so educated minds.

The heliocentric based modern patchwork of cosmology is a far cry from the Sun centered Universe of Sir Isaac Newton. If the heliocentric model were as elegant as advertised, it would not be held together with such obvious ad hoc patchwork. We would not have ever have had need to hear about the work of people like Einstein and all the rest and the Sun centered solar system model of a Universe of fixed stars and no galaxies would still be the one most people accepted as an accurate representation of reality. It seems to me that a lot of us simply overlook the obvious ad hoc, and visibly illogical patched nature of modern cosmology. Consider the fact that string theory, black holes, gravity waves, dark energy, dark matter, multiverses, mandala effects and whatever other tabloid like speculative fantasy Discovery Channel sells as science, one wishes to make reference to, are not theories that actually model the real world we witness and experience and instead make liberal use of fallacious mathematical equation, like magic alchemical spell, to claim the most absurd ideas are valid and logically founded speculation. Nothing can be further form the truth and this can be demonstrated. I can't help but notice how so many of our fellow adult human beings simply refuse to see what is obvious. There is no reason to buy into any of the mainstream "space science" and to think the world spins or orbits the Sun. There is every logical reason to accept what our senses tell us and realize all the evidence and all the so-called theories of men like Newton, show us that the world is not best described as the mainstream university and international space station blinded human mind thinks it is, not at all. There is a good reason why modern space science or cosmology is such a mess and that is because it is not based on anything real. It is obviously a patchwork of conflicting ideas. Einstein's own work is contradictory and confused and not what we are sold it is. It is very flawed and his General Relativity thought experiments are shown to be wrong with a simple compass, for example. Einstein is just a superstitious, religious propagandist like the rest. We are sold a version of science backed not with any real experiment and not backed with any logically applied math. Instead we have obvious Hollywood studio fakery on international banking backed scale and we have obviously flawed mathematical formula to look to as evidence that modern astrophysics is literally a religious artifact of government.

(See the article index for more, if curious as to why I make the statements I do.)

The Etymology of the word "Astronomy"

"In English, it is earlier than astrology and originally included the senses now distributed over both words; the gradual differentiation happened 16c.-17c. In Latin and later Greek, astronomia tended to be more scientific than astrologia."

source: astronomy | Origin and meaning of astronomy by Online Etymology ...

There is no solar system model to scale that demonstrates the Sun as the singular source of light it is supposed to be.

If you choose to watch the video below, not only will you be able to tell how sub-atomically small even our largest rockets would be relative to what is supposed to be best described as the near perfect vacuum environment of the immense empty space of the solar system model. Of course, this ignores the galaxies and 'infinite' Universe of modern cosmological. An "infinite vacuum" based Universe composed of mostly empty space is nothing but very imaginative fantasy. The scale and proportions of this model give away how absurd the notion of sending artificial craft these distances really is.

Why not model how the Sun would illuminate the Solar System model to scale?

The video below models the planets and the Sun with light sources. They make no attempt to demonstrate how the Sun could illuminate the solar system. I think this reveals another problem with this model. Computer models do not count as evidence. Computer programs represent the mathematical model itself. To us that as "proof" would seem to me to be an example of a circularly reasoned argument.

These people did not bother to model the effect of the Sun as the amazing light source it is supposed to be.

The planets are represented with light bulbs.

7 Miles of Space

The Solar System Model is A Work of Fiction Like All other Religious Artifacts

In this video the Earth being represented by a marble. And these guys needed seven miles of space to use to emulate the Solar System to scale.

"On a dry lakebed in Nevada, a group of friends build the first scale model of the solar system with complete planetary orbits: a true illustration of our place in the universe. A film by Wylie Overstreet and Alex Gorosh"

To Scale: The Solar System video and quote source: To Scale:

If you draw the solar system to scale on a sheet of paper the planets would be microscopic.

Please consider how much smaller than an atom's imagined orbiting electron, even the largest man made rocket would be in the context of this model.

Solar system to scale.jpg

image source: To Scale:

Never Forget Big Rockets Are Also Supposed To Remind Us of Nuclear Annihilation

The Space Race of mid 20th century fame was crafted for the medium of television as the Cold War itself was.

"Then he held up a great big picture so every mouse could see what a three eyed Siamese cat looked like the face of the enemy and the crowd let out such a shudder as they lined up file and rank starin' at a twenty foot picture frame surroundin' a twenty foot blank...Just empty space, but every single mouse swore he saw a face, He said don't be scared, We're prepared"   Bobby Darin The Proper Gander

Please notice how these guys fail to really accurately model the solar system as they avoid attempting to show how the Sun would illuminate the planets and moons and all the other flying rocks that we are supposed to believe orbit the fiery nuclear furnace-star we call the Sun. They do not even bother to show how the Earth's Moon would be correctly illuminated.

I know there will be many more people who simply refuse to accept this basic criticism assuming there must be some other explanation and there must be some kind of  human error on my part. One might assume that a computer simulation an accurate model of reality and that there is no way "they could fake it" for over 50 years without anyone noticing. These same people also happen to buy into the historical idea that people spent centuries believing God created the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th, and never noticed it for the unverifiable fairytale most people who have faith in NASA's videotaped feats take Biblical based religion for. People really do spend lifetimes believing things they should not. That religion was supported with sermons from the pulpit and painted art and iconography and blessed and heroic, sainted martyrs. Today the pictures are moving, and have sound, the pulpit is the News anchor desk and the priest has been replaced with News journalist. The sainted martyrs are the astronauts who might have died during the development of a sacred space program none of us regular folk will ever get to wait on line to  to interact with in any real way. Over 50 years later and none of us can go into the magical Disney sold place we all call "outer space". Huge space rockets are necessary Cold War artifacts. They represent hope of space colonization to a promised land that will never happen and the eternal threat of world wide nuclear devastation that also will never happen as both are long standing hoaxes of the governmentally enforced variety. There are many other problems with space travel. If you have questions, see the article index for more. 


Outer Space is Fake

image source: The Illuminati card game predicted 9/11, pentagon, Donald Trump ...

A Cherished House of Trump Cards Just Waiting To Fall

Modern Cosmology is built on prior assumptions. Sir Isaac Newton, a Royal Moneyed Minting kind of accountant, is considered to have passed some kind of Laws that are inviolate. Kepler's ideas are also carved into stone. Neither man could provide any demonstration for their concepts of orbital mechanics, but the math and writing are nice and I think Kepler might have drawn some pictures or something,  so let's go with that. Can anyone show me the experiment they teach the children or the rocket scientists to perform? How could a smaller than an atom sized rocket ship travel anywhere in such an immense vacuum? This model is very problematic. A rocket really can't work in the near vacuum* of outer space but if you had any doubt, consider the immense size of the solar system and the very real fuel requirements that would make exploration impossible, assuming these distances correct. The trip from the Earth to the Moon as one example; the NASA craft would be subject to the pull of the Earth's gravity up until he magical sweet spot where the Lunar pull would take over. The NASA rockets would need an incredible amount of fuel to achieve such a feat, assuming rockets work in such an imagined environment which is not a wise thing to do. Despite all absurd recited Newtonian catechism to the contrary, rockets cannot work in the environment outer space is described as being. The next article will get into this subject much further and will demonstrate why the basic geocentric Ptolemaic model best describes the world we witness and experience.

If it wasn't for television and special effects technology none of us would ever have considered this anything but fantasy.

* Outer space has to be considered to be as near nothing as one can possibly imagine in order for bodies to be able to maintain the orbital velocities that the solar system based model of Newtonian physics requires. Atmosphere would mean drag which would slow the imagined orbiting bodies down.

The Solar System To Scale: A Whole Lot of Empty & Vacuous Space

God would be unable to see his creation without aid of Divine microscope. The basic heliocentric model itself is absurd. There was never any real explanation as to how falling apples are like the rising and setting Moon. Sir Isaac Newton, Galileo, Copernicus, Kepler, and all the rest, were superstitious men who were mystically minded and who were not scientists in any real sense of the term. The work of these men is better described as occult musing backed with nonsensical mathematics.

An empty vacuum of space is supposed to contain microscopic sized bits of dust that are imagined to simply flitter and float about a Universe filled with what is best desorbed as nothing. Einstein attempts to save heliocentric face with the absurd concept that space itself can be curved. Space is a concept and nothing more, to say it can be curved is like saying you can eat the word apple itself.

It's only a model.

The Geocentric model makes the most sense. This is the model that best represents the world we experience and witness.

"As an indication of exactly how good the Ptolemaic model is, modern planetariums are built using gears and motors that essentially reproduce the Ptolemaic model for the appearance of the sky as viewed from a stationary Earth. In the planetarium projector, motors and gears provide uniform motion of the heavenly bodies. One motor moves the planet projector around in a big circle, which in this case is the deferent, and another gear or motor takes the place of the epicycle."

source: The Ptolemaic Model

Like Oz and Wonderland, The Solar System is an imaginary place.

scalemodelSS (

image source: A Sense of Scale

The Moon glows.

It is so bright a waning or waxing sliver of it is visible during sunlit daylight sky. It is so bright a full moon casts shadows at night. Just go out and observe it for yourself by eye. Photographs and video and film of the Moon that make it look like a big round rock with craters are filtered or otherwise photo-adjusted to look like that. I am not saying such features are not visible, I am saying that the Moon we see in real life is better described as glowing. If it were a place we could go to, if it is a physical object then it glows somewhat like a light bulb filament. So if it is some kind of big chunk of rock, it is a glowing and unearthly one, which might be "radioactive" in some way. This is all speculation and the Moon more than likely will forever remain a metaphysical mystery. All we can really do is describe what we see and what we individually deem to be logical and demonstrable. We can't demonstrate Newton's explanation for the rising and setting Moon. His concept also defies demonstrable ballistics and logic.

Of course, what one thinks something looks like does not logically make it so.


image source: How to Photograph the Moon • “moon” captured by Paul Simpson.

The power of Earth's gravitational pull is supposed to be so great as to hold the radioactive like Moon in seeming near endless orbit.

Tiny little rockets would need to fight Earth's gravitational pull for a good portion of imagined journey to glowing Moon.

Apples fall with accelerated velocity towards the center of the Earth. The Moon rises and sets. The two motions are nothing alike.

ifthemoonwere1pixel (

image source: Pop Science Presents Spaced Out Science Fiction As Scientific Fact ...

Please consider how sub-atomically small we are relative to it all.

The Earth is a marble in a seven mile wide solar system model. Consider how much smaller even the largest artificial construct would be. Consider too how far away the Moon would really be relative to even Saturn V rocket size, and how for most of the voyage the Lunar bound spacecraft would be subjected to Earth's gravitational pull. A near endless supply of fuel would seem to be needed, supposing rockets would work in such an environment, which is probably not a wise thing to do in the first place.

Newton Wrong.gif

Next up: Demonstrating Newton Wrong!

The two illustrations above and demonstrable ballistics physics show the fallacy of Newtonian Orbital musings for what they are.

Outer Space Was Created For 20th Century Screens and Print Material

The images were of much lower quality and the product was considered to be more disposable in nature, unlike today's post VHS world of YouTube "immortality".

Outer Space can only exist as art. The early images of the fake space race were created during a time period when television was in its infancy and people did not seem to consider the concept of home video and YouTube, which were ideas that would not come to fruition until decades later. Even VCR technology does not allow for the kind of video scrutiny that YouTube video allows. These mid to late twentieth century NASA images were not crafted with the internet in mind. This might explain why we can use this footage to show that NASA faked the Moon missions, or even the international space station videos, for example. It also might explain the obvious fake 9/11 footage as well and the obvious fake Zapruder film. All of these images would seem to have been crafted without thought to anyone going back and really critically analyzing them. All other mistakes and continuity errors and easter eggs aside, footage like this was crafted with only passive viewing of 20th century television audience in  mind, which is worlds away from the YouTube critique NASA has received of late. We need not demonstrate how NASA could fake the Moon landings to show the underlying science is not there to support the idea in the first place. We can if we desire. The basic problem need not have any Hollywood hoax explanation to show that Newton, nor anyone else had any reason to believe rocks could do anything but fall with accelerated velocity towards  Earth's center like the apple shows. The accelerated apple proves Newton wrong. The rising and setting Moon is not like the falling apple, no matter how many degreed human voices claim otherwise.

a11tv05 (

image source: June | 2009 | Cumbrian Sky

One year before they watched low quality (airwave) broadcast NTSC and PAL signals, people saw a higher quality Moon landing in film theaters.

Both versions of the Lunar landing are the work of Hollywood film illusion and stage magician craftsmanship. It's easy to overlook the fact that the old twentieth century television image was very low quality and subject to natural and artificial forms of radio wave interference. The television image was noisy and of far less quality than most people are used to today. One's smart phone contains a much better and higher quality screen than the old late 1960's television sets possessed. It's easy to take this for granted. Hollywood would show very high quality and high resolution film based imagery on huge screens in very public film theater chains, that were designed, like the architecture of royal courts and religious temples are, to impress and restrict the human mind. The Cold War era space race was used to funnel hard earned wages into governmental tax coffers that were used to fuel research in electronic communication and computer technological innovations, the real weapons of mass destruction of the mid twentieth century.

In The Tower Babel: Gravity Matters

Below a frame from the 1968 film "2001: A Space Odyssey", an example of late 20th century allegory which is now content for 21st century social media and digital screens.


image source: 2001: A Space Odyssey (film) | 2001: A Space Odyssey Wiki | FANDOM ...


Those numbers refers to the first three seconds of the apple's fall, the inverse square law and the film 2001: A Space Odyssey monolith's proportions.

Gravity's pull is accelerated. After the first second the apple has covered close to 5 meters distance. After the second second the apple has now fallen a total distance close to 20 meters and after three seconds the total distance is about 45 meters. The proportions work out to be 1:4:9.

The space station is supposed to travel at some 17,170 mph, 249 or so miles from the Earth's surface in what NASA describes as a near vacuum environment. It would take 210 seconds for the space station to travel 1000 miles. During that amount of time the station would fall with accelerated velocity towards the Earth. The space station would fall a little more than some 120 miles towards Earth's center. Ballistic physics shows us that a bullet dropped from gun barrel's end hits the ground at the same time as if it were fired from the gun. The two motions are independent of each other. The same idea holds true for any imagined space station. The 17,170 mph horizontal fixed velocity does not effect the accelerated pull of gravity.

Here's a link to a gravity calculator: http://keisan.casio.com/exec/system/1224835316 for the specific calculations (not rounded up).

see also: Inverse-square law - Wikipedia   •   How Fast? and How Far? - The Physics Classroom   •   Characteristics of a Projectile's Trajectory - The Physics Classroom

Monolith (Space Odyssey)

(On the Moon:) "Astronauts find that this magnetic anomaly is caused by an alien monolith buried about 15 meters below the surface. When the monolith is excavated and examined, it is found to be a black cuboid whose sides extend in the precise ratio of 1 : 4 : 9 (1² : 2² : 3²)."

quote source: Monolith (Space Odyssey) - Wikipedia 

full.2001aspaceodyssey-1sh-r2000-16119__03109.1490570063.1280.1280 (

The Film 2001: A Space Odyssey itself is an artifact of late twentieth century cold war era culture.

The film sells awe, hope and terror.

"Kubrick told Clarke he wanted to make a film about "Man's relationship to the universe", and was, in Clarke's words, "determined to create a work of art which would arouse the emotions of wonder, awe ... even, if appropriate, terror"."

"After completing Dr. Strangelove (1964), director Stanley Kubrick became fascinated by the possibility of extraterrestrial life, and resolved to make "the proverbial good science fiction movie". Searching for a collaborator in the science fiction community, Kubrick was advised by a mutual acquaintance, Columbia Pictures staffer Roger Caras, to talk to writer Arthur C. Clarke. Although convinced that Clarke was "a recluse, a nut who lives in a tree", Kubrick allowed Caras to cable the film proposal to Clarke, who lived in Ceylon. Clarke's cabled response stated that he was "frightfully interested in working with enfant terrible", and added "what makes Kubrick think I'm a recluse?" Meeting for the first time at Trader Vic's in New York on April 22, 1964, the two began discussing the project that would take up the next four years of their lives. Clarke kept a diary throughout his involvement with 2001, excerpts of which were published in 1972 as The Lost Worlds of 2001. Kubrick told Clarke he wanted to make a film about "Man's relationship to the universe", and was, in Clarke's words, "determined to create a work of art which would arouse the emotions of wonder, awe ... even, if appropriate, terror". Clarke offered Kubrick six of his short stories, and by May 1964, Kubrick had chosen "The Sentinel" as the source material for the film. In search of more material to expand the film's plot, the two spent the rest of 1964 reading books on science and anthropology, screening science fiction films, and brainstorming ideas. They spent two years transforming "The Sentinel" into a novel, and then into a script for 2001. Clarke said that his short story "Encounter in the Dawn" inspired the film's "Dawn Of Man" sequence."

"Kubrick originally planned a voice-over to reveal that the satellites seen after the prologue are nuclear weapons, and that the Star Child would detonate the weapons at the end of the film."

"However, he decided this would create associations with his previous film Dr. Strangelove, and decided not to make it so obvious that they were "war machines". A few weeks before the release of the film, the U.S. and Soviet governments had agreed not to put any nuclear weapons into outer space. In a book he wrote with Kubrick's assistance, Alexander Walker states that Kubrick eventually decided that as nuclear weapons the bombs had "no place at all in the film's thematic development", now being an "orbiting red herring" which would "merely have raised irrelevant questions to suggest this as a reality of the twenty-first century"."

"Kubrick's decision to avoid the fanciful portrayals of space in standard popular science fiction films of the time led him to seek a more realistic and scientifically accurate visualization of space travel. Illustrators such as Chesley Bonestell, Roy Carnon, and Richard McKenna were hired to produce concept drawings, sketches and paintings of the space technology seen in the film. Two educational films that came out previously, the 1960 National Film Board of Canada animated short documentary Universe and the 1964 New York World's Fair movie To the Moon and Beyond were very influential. 

According to biographer Vincent Lobrutto, Universe was a visual inspiration to Kubrick. The 29 minute film, which had also proved popular at NASA for its realistic portrayal of outer space, achieved "the standard of dynamic visionary realism that he was looking for." Wally Gentleman, one of the special effects artists on Universe, worked briefly on 2001. Kubrick also asked Universe co-director Colin Low about animation camerawork, with Low recommending British mathematician Brian Salt, with whom Low and Roman Kroitor had previously worked on the 1957 still animation documentary, City of Gold. Universe would have one more influence on 2001 when its narrator, actor Douglas Rain, relatively unknown outside Canada, was cast as the voice of HAL."

"After pre-production had begun Kubrick saw the 1964 World's Fair film To the Moon and Beyond, a film shown in the Transportation and Travel building that had been filmed in Cinerama 360 and was being shown in the "Moon Dome".

"He ended up hiring the company that produced it, Graphic Films Corporation, which had been making films for NASA, US Air Force, and various aerospace clients, as a design consultant."

"Graphic Films' Con Pederson, Lester Novros, and background artist Douglas Trumbull would air-mail research based concept sketches and notes covering the mechanics and physics of space travel and go on to create storyboards for the space flight sequences seen in the film. Trumbull would go on to become a special effects supervisor on 2001."

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2001:_A_Space_Odyssey_(film)   •   Genigraphics - Wikipedia   •   Lester Novros - Wikipedia

Superman is really supposed to be Kal El of Krytpon. Kal El is supposed to mean "Star Child"

Modern myth tells an allegorical story.

"Star Child will leave a deathworld
For the System of the Rings,
Where the child will grow to legend
As his life the singer sings."


The Death of Superman - Wikipedia
"When the conqueror wants his secret
With the Star Child he'll contend;
And when the day of battle's over
Then the legend's life will end."

quote & image sources: Miracle Monday - Wikipedia   •   Superman: Last Son of Krypton •   http://superman.nu/thebook/lsok/?language=


Superman is modern allegory. This would seem to be obvious banking (Saturn) ring reference and Sun symbolism.

Superman is obviously being used here to represent the imagined power the Sun has over “time" itself, as if time were a thing that could be turned back. Many supposed “science” ideas (which turn out to be nothing but imaginative fantasy) are sold on film screens and have been for a century or so now. This is obvious source for many incorrect cosmological views. Propaganda today is no less religious than it was in centuries past. Ad hoc apologetics, propaganda and political spin, are all modern tools of marketed advertising, and are perennial tools that are always used as humanity’s shepherding crook. In this manner the few manage the many. In this manner the human resource of the world is managed and its energy focused to construct a better world-wide beehive.

Superman: The Washington DC Pentagon Logo
Superman represents the ultimate immigrant. He is supposed to be an alien and undocumented worker in the truest sense of the terms. This makes for a perfect idol for a nation of immigrant workers. Superman legendarily lives among us disguised as the meek and mild reporter, Clark Kent. Luckily Superman is not real or the game of world-wide governmental lies and deceit would have been brought down around 1938 or so. In any case, this icon represents immigration and the power of human endeavor over Nature itself. Superman can do the impossible and can defy gravity in the same fantastic way NASA and the rest of the International Space Programs send their live action looking cartoon creations into contrived and artfully computer simulated cosmos. The 1978 Superman Film is a great example of more modern day propaganda. Instead of Natural Sunlight filtered through the colorful prism of officially sanctioned and commissioned Church stained glass, we have the modern Church and Temple, the sacred darkened sanctum of public movie theater. Here Holy Communion wafer and wine is replaced with popcorn and Coke, but make no mistake, the cultural impact and brainwashing effect of sitting in film theater seat is the same as Church pew for most of our fellow human beings who are continuously exposed to such things without realizing that even the products labeled fiction reinforce historical and News propaganda constructs like nuclear weaponry and world wide devastations of the Natural and not so Natural variety. The 1978 Superman film reflects the era of Natural disaster movies, plane crash flicks and similar film fare. The script includes nuclear missiles, earthquakes, space travel and even time travel, life on other planets, the idea that multiple galaxies and solar systems actually exist, and of course the idea that the News journalist is a trusted truth seeking soul who you can believe in. The idea that the News media is the proper forum for investigations and is anything but governmental propaganda mouth piece comes from pulp fiction and film fiction productions. In the real world major News is scripted and fake and the most trusted News anchor is just another script reciting actor.

image source: DC Entertainment Superman The Movie 1978

Superman (1978 film) - Wikipedia

"In 2001’s original conception, the satellite in the bone-to-satellite moment was explicitly an orbiting nuclear weapon. In the final version, it’s left ambiguous."

source: https://thedissolve.com/features/laser-age/47-science-fiction-cinemas-richest-era-began-with-two/

A Proper Gander at Arthur C. Clarke "Outer Space" Propagandist

"The notion of a geostationary space station equipped with radio communication was published in 1928 by Herman Potočnik. The first appearance of a geostationary orbit in popular literature was in the first Venus Equilateral story by George O. Smith, but Smith did not go into details. British science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke disseminated the idea widely, with more details on how it would work, in a 1945 paper entitled "Extra-Terrestrial Relays — Can Rocket Stations Give Worldwide Radio Coverage?", published in Wireless World magazine. Clarke acknowledged the connection in his introduction to The Complete Venus Equilateral. The orbit, which Clarke first described as useful for broadcast and relay communications satellites, is sometimes called the Clarke Orbit. Similarly, the Clarke Belt is the part of space about 35,786 km (22,236 mi) above sea level, in the plane of the equator, where near-geostationary orbits may be implemented. The Clarke Orbit is about 265,000 km (165,000 mi) in circumference."

source: Geostationary orbit - Wikipedia

(See comment section for more about satellites.)

Outer Space: The Medium For The Cold War Atomic Annihilation


image source: DC Entertainment Superman IV: The Quest For Peace - Superman gets rid of nukes.

Superman IV: The Quest For Peace may have been low budgeted box office bomb, yet millions who never watched this film were exposed to its Nuclear War imagery anyway by the medium of commercial advertising, film trailers and film posters and even comic book adaptation.

“Missiles using a ballistic trajectory usually deliver a warhead over the horizon, at distances of thousands of kilometers, as in the case of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) and submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs). Most ballistic missiles exit the Earth's atmosphere and re-enter it in their sub-orbital spaceflight. Placement of nuclear missiles on the low Earth orbit has been banned by the Outer Space Treaty as early as 1967. Also, the eventual Soviet Fractional Orbital Bombardment System (FOBS) that served a similar purpose—it was just deliberately designed to deorbit before completing a full circle—was phased out in January 1983 in compliance with the SALT II treaty. An ICBM is more than 20 times as fast as a bomber and more than 10 times as fast as a fighter plane, and also flying at a much higher altitude, and therefore more difficult to defend against. ICBMs can also be fired quickly in the event of a surprise attack. Early ballistic missiles carried a single warhead, often of megaton-range yield. Because of the limited accuracy of the missiles, this kind of high yield was considered necessary in order to ensure a particular target's destruction. Since the 1970s modern ballistic weapons have seen the development of far more accurate targeting technologies, particularly due to improvements in inertial guidance systems. This set the stage for smaller warheads in the hundreds-of-kilotons-range yield, and consequently for ICBMs having multiple independently targetable reentry vehicles (MIRV). Advances in technology have enabled a single missile to launch a payload containing several warheads. The number of independent warheads capable of deployment from ballistic missiles depends on the weapons platform the missile is launched from. For example, one D5 Trident missile carried by an Ohio-class submarine is capable of launching eight independent warheads,[4] while a Typhoon has missiles capable of deploying 10 warheads at a time.[5][6] MIRV has a number of advantages over a missile with a single warhead. With small additional costs, it allows a single missile to strike multiple targets, or to inflict maximum damage on a single target by attacking it with multiple warheads. It makes anti-ballistic missile defense even more difficult, and even less economically viable, than before. Missile warheads in the American arsenal are indicated by the letter "W"; for example, the W61 missile warhead would have the same physics package as the B61 gravity bomb described above, but it would have different environmental requirements, and different safety requirements since it would not be crew-tended after launch and remain atop a missile for a great length of time.”

source: Nuclear weapons delivery - Wikipedia

The Power of Audio/Visual Art & imaginative Myth

Old World Media: Universal Music

"Cousto has in his book The Cosmic Octave an interesting observation on this matter. He relates the Kung to the frequency of the Platonic Year. The duration of the Platonic Year, (The Pythagorean Great Year) is about 25,920 years and represents the amount of time the axis of the Earth takes to complete a full rotation. The vernal equinox is the point at which the equator (of Earth) intersects the ecliptic (or zodiac), which is the position of the sun at the beginning of spring - March 21st. The vernal equinox takes an average of 2,160 years to travel through one sign of the zodiac. This period of time is known as an age. It is not possible to state exactly when one age is ending and a new beginning, because the signs overlap to a certain degree. The journey of the vernal equinox through each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac equals one great year of approximately 25,920 years. (Presently we are on the cusp of Aquarius as the age of Pisces is ending). This number of years is close to the high number of generating fifths when we come into a cycle of 25,524 notes. Cousto calculates the note of the Platonic year to be F in the Western Equal Temperament pitch, which is found in the 48th octave with a frequency of 344.12 Hz., or in the 47th octave to be 172.06 Hz. Note that the corresponding a' has a frequency of 433.564 Hz. (Modern Western concert pitch is 440 Hz.)"

One Verse for the Chorus To Endlessly Repeat

The Modern Solar System Model's Alchemical & Geocentric Roots Are Showing:

"Further scientific exploration has determined specific proportions in some orbital motion, described as orbital resonance."

"Musica universalis (literally universal music), also called Music of the spheres or Harmony of the Spheres, is an ancient philosophical concept that regards proportions in the movements of celestial bodies—the Sun, Moon, and planets—as a form of musica (the Medieval Latin term for music). This "music" is not usually thought to be literally audible, but a harmonic, mathematical or religious concept. The idea continued to appeal to thinkers about music until the end of the Renaissance, influencing scholars of many kinds, including humanists. Further scientific exploration has determined specific proportions in some orbital motion, described as orbital resonance."

sources: The Creation of the Musical Scale - The Musical Octave   8   Musica universalis - Wikipedia

"Kepler was attempting to find common rules between music and movement in the solar system. His music of the spheres is based on the relative maximum and minimum angular velocities of the planet measured from the sun. Using his theories, Kepler allotted to the planets musical intervals and musical motion."

quote source: Music Of The Spheres - Kepler - Pythagoras - Amaranth Publishing


Of Apollo's Musical Museum Musings

"This ladder of the planetary shells, presented by a fifteenth century Italian music master to demonstrate, as he declares, “that the Muses, Planets, Modes, and strings correspond with one another,” actually is an idea of the greatest age. It was known already to the Stoics and is developed in Cicero’s “Dream of Scipio” (cited in Occidental Mythology ), where the spheres are named in this same order and said to produce a loud agreeable sound by the motion of their revolutions."

"But the earthly sphere, the ninth, “remains ever motionless and stationary in its position in the center of the universe” "

 "In a properly Christian art the forms do not seduce the senses to this world, but are allegorical of spiritual themes and of the legends of the Savior and his saints, by which the mind and spirit are exalted beyond this world to God, who is transcendent and apart. Whereas in Gafurius’s design — as in general in classical art— the Muses represent and are addressed to the spheres of their respective stations, all of which pertain to the body and field of power of the serpent itself. And the serpent, in turn, is not opposed to the Lord of Life and Light, but a manifestation of his creative force and harmony. To realize this, and to rise then along the mounting scale from one glory to the next, one has only to face and dare to enter the lion’s mouth: the flaming sun door of the present, absorbed totally in the living here-and-now, without hope, without fear. Whereupon the rapture of the Muses — the arts — will begin to be experienced in the body of this world itself, transporting our spirit from glory to glory, to that summit of joy in consciousness where the world eye — beyond hope, beyond fear surveys the universe in its coming, going, and being. For, just as the serpent is not opposed to the Lord, but the vehicle of his down-going grace, so are the Muses — clothed in the garments of this world — not opposed to the unclothed Graces, but in triple rhythm (3 times 3) the earthly heralds of their paradisial dance. And they are nine because (as Dante tells of his own Muse, Beatrice) their root (the square root of nine being three) is in the trinity above. ..This ladder of the planetary shells, presented by a fifteenth- century Italian music master to demonstrate, as he declares, “that the Muses, Planets, Modes, and strings correspond with one another,” actually is an idea of the greatest age. It was known already to the Stoics and is developed in Cicero’s “Dream of Scipio” (cited in Occidental Mythology ), where the spheres are named in this same order and said to produce a loud agreeable sound by the motion of their revolutions. But the earthly sphere, the ninth, “remains ever motionless and stationary in its position in the center of the universe”: hence Gafurius’s surda Thalia. “Learned men, by imitating this harmony on stringed instruments and in song,” Cicero states, “have gained for themselves a return to the supernal heights. ... Assigned, furthermore, to each sphere is a metal whose symbol is that of its planet: to the moon silver, quicksilver to Mercury, copper to Venus, gold to the sun, iron to Mars, tin to Jupiter, and lead to Saturn. The soul, descending from its heavenly home, takes oa the matter and weight of these metals and, ascend ing, casts them off, to arrive naked again above. Hence the symbolism of nakedness — the naked soul — before God: the naked Graces before Apollo and the figures in the mystery-cult bowl. Hence, too, the “dance of the seven veils” performed by Salome before Herod, the earliest extant version of which symbolic “stripping of the self” is the Old Sumerian “Descent of Inanna to the Underworld” of about 2500 b.c.".

pages 103 - 104 Creative Mythology

"Democracy and the Terror"

"What, then, is the Waste Land?  It is the land where the myth is patterned by authority, not emergent from life; where there is no poet’s eye to see, no adventure to be lived, where all is set for all and forever: Utopia! Again, it is the land where poets languish and priestly spirits thrive, whose task it is only to repeat, enforce, and elucidate cliches." 

"And this blight of the soul extends today from the cathedral close to the university campus. Nietzsche made the point almost a century ago."

"First, a religious training in coined platitudes from a world as far from the modern as any could possibly be; next, a so-called liberal-arts education, by way of lecture courses, seminars and quizzes, week by week: “great books” summarized and evaluated, stuffed into emptied heads as authorized information, to be signaled back, for grades; and then the sciences — at the outer reaches of thought! — all taught by sterilized authorities who, in those unrccapturable years of their own youth, when the ears, eyes, and heart of the spirit open to the marvel of oneself and the universe, were condemned to that same hard helotism of which Nietzsche writes. There is no time, no place, no permission — let alone encouragement — for experience. And to make things even worse, along now come those possessed socio-political maniacs with their campus rallies, picket-line slogans, journalistic ballyhoo, and summonses to action in the name of causes of which their callow flocks had scarcely heard six months before — and even those marginal hours that might have been left from study for inward growth are invaded, wrecked, and strewn with daily rubbish. It is hardly to be wondered if the young people of the world today look a bit like rubbish-strewn rooms themselves and in their Dionysiac “trips” and “happenings” promise to match the agapes of the early Christian Church. "

excerpts from pages 373 - 374 Creative Mythology

"As Nietzsche could say from experience: “The aim of institutions — whether scientific, artistic, political, or religious — never is to produce and foster exceptional examples; institutions are concerned, rather, for the usual, the normal, the mediocre.”

page 41 Creative Mythology

source: Creative Mythology — A Proper Gander At Propaganda


New World Media

illustration10_genigraphicsConsole (

"Throughout most of the 1970s and 1980s, Genigraphics film recorders practically defined digital computer-to-film imaging..."

"In the decades before the words “home,” “desktop” or “personal” were ever used in conjunction with the word “computer,” one company dominated computer graphics. No, it wasn't Apple, Adobe, or Microsoft – those companies were barely born. While the name may not yet be familiar, you may already know them; because a large part of the user experience of creating graphics using computers today – and the computer business itself – comes from or was influenced by the original Genigraphics Corporation. Throughout most of the 1970s and 1980s, Genigraphics film recorders practically defined digital computer-to-film imaging; while artwork created on Genigraphics equipment helped define early computer graphics. The distinctive Genigraphics' visual style – the classic 3-D bar and pie charts, perspective grids, graduated blue backgrounds, "Space Odyssey" star fields, and multi-colored zoomed headlines have since become part of our collective visual lexicon. (Think 1982’s “Tron" – parts of which were imaged on Genigraphics digital film recorders.) Founded in 1973 as a division of General Electric, the Genigraphics Corporation was an international business graphics firm which specialized in the production of computer generated slides, prints and transparencies. They also manufactured the large-desk-sized computer workstations and imaging systems that made the graphics possible. The core technologies that enabled the Genigraphics systems had their origins within the U.S. Military and NASA. As these technologies became available to the public sector Genigraphics utilized them to help create not just a new way of doing things, or a new company, but a new business model, culture and art form."

source: GE-GENIGRAPHICS ART SOCIETY - Celebrating the original computer ...

"The dominant player in presentation slides was Genigraphics, a spin-off of General Electric that initially developed flight simulations technologies for NASA. In the 1970s the division repurposed their equipment to make slides for pitching their services to other government agencies and then went into the presentation-making business full-time. By 1986 Genigraphics was earning $75 million in revenue annually from their high-end hardware business and a custom service bureau franchise. Service bureaus were located in major United States cities and operated twenty-four hours a day 365 days per year. Nearly every Fortune 500 Company, most federal government agencies (including the military), large foundations, publishing houses, universities, and advertising agencies used Genigraphics. Some corporations had Genigraphics departments where in-house artists worked on Genigraphics machines. Genigraphics slides were assembled through a mixture of photographic and computational processes. Highly skilled operators worked at custom consoles equipped with a full-color CRT monitor, solid-state raster display hardware, a keyboard, two joysticks, five rate knobs, pushbuttons, and switches. Operators entered graphics parameters, coordinates, and vector-based artwork while drawing the graphic by dropping the vertices on-screen into a pink wireframe. Fill colors and borders were then plotted and background colors gradated to produce a smooth effect. The graphics processor was a 16-bit minicomputer that could store programs or save artwork and send the images to a high-resolution recorder consisting of a 4000 line monochromatic CRT, a six-sector color wheel, a 35mm camera, and image control circuitry.30 It took about two minutes to render a 2000 line resolution slide."

image and quote source: One Damn Slide After Another”: PowerPoint at Every Occasion for ...


image source: The Curator of Schlock #49: Superman IV | The Drunken Odyssey

The Impressive Power of Governmental Graphics

"The Genigraphics presentation graphics was derived from a flight simulator designed by General Electric for NASA in the late 1960s The Computed Images System & Services division (CISS, to become Genigraphics) of General Electric delivered the first presentation graphics system to Amoco Oil's corporate headquarters in 1973. It was named the 100 Series, and was based on DEC's PDP 11 series of mini computer systems. The first Genigraphics systems(100 Series and 100A Series)used an array of buttons, dials, knobs and joysticks, along with a built in keyboard, as the means of user interface. The PDP-11/40 computer was housed in a tall cabinet and used random access magnetic tape drives(DECtape)for storing completed presentations. The graphics generator (Forox recorder) was capable of outputting 2,000 line resolution, suitable for 35mm and 72mm film and large sheet film positive using larger cassettes for recording to. 4000 and 8000 line resolution was later achieved with "Duplex" scanning and "4x" scanning by modifying to the Forox recoder's settings menu. Subsequent models (100B,C,D,D+ and D+/GVP) replaced the knobs and dials with an on screen, text based menu system, a graphics tablet and a pen. The pen/tablet combination gave way to a mouse like device in later models, and served to provide the interface with the graphics tools. User interaction with the computer for functions such as media initialization or modem to modem data transfer required a DECwriter serial terminal. In 1982, General Electric divested the Genigraphics division along with a host of other "non essential" business units (Genitext, Geniponics to name 2) and Genigraphics Corporation was born. Shortly after the divestiture, the headquarters of Genigraphics was moved from Liverpool, New York to Saddle Brook, New Jersey."

Graphic Films

"Born in Passaic, New Jersey in 1909, Novros studied painting at the National Academy of Design in New York City, was an active member of the Art Students League of New York and studied at the Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain.[1] His curiosity in the study of movement lead to an interest in motion pictures. In 1936 he was recruited by the Walt Disney Company to come to Hollywood to work on feature animation projects. Novros was an "in betweener" on the Disney classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), and received a credit for art direction for the "Night on Bald Mountain" sequence of Fantasia (1940). In 1941, Novros left Disney to form his own production company, Graphic Films. That same year he joined the faculty of the Cinema Department of the University of Southern California. Thousands of students took his course on "Filmic Expression" before his retirement in 1984.

Graphic Films found immediate success producing training films for the military during World War II. As the United States Air Force and NASA emerged in the post war period, Graphic's expertise in animating the visual dimensions of space exploration played a key role in interesting the United States Congress and the general public in supporting the country's first forays into space. Among his many achievements, Novros may be most remembered as a pioneer in the large format and special venue film industries. Included in his filmography are numerous specialty films produced for World Fair Expositions, including several titles for the 1964 New York's World Fair, including Chemical Man for Abbott Laboratories, Reaching for the Stars, for Lockheed Corporation, and Voyage to America for the United States Pavilion. However, it was the 10-perf, 70mm film To the Moon and Beyond, (produced for Cinerama Corporation) that caught the attention of filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, who soon enlisted the creativity of Novros and his special effects team in the creation of A Space Odyssey (1968).

Novros's interest in large format film technology led him to produce some of the first Imax/Omnimax films, for the Reuben H. Fleet Space Center in San Diego, California, including Voyage to the Outer Planets, Cosmos: the World of Loren Eisley and Tomorrow in Space (1982). In 1976 Novros won national acclaim and an Academy Award nomination for his documentary film Universe. Novros's much sought after course at USC helped young filmmakers understand the relationship of color, light, movement and form as they specifically related to the film medium. Upon his retirement from USC, he continued to assemble his lectures into a textbook. Former student and friend George Lucas penned these words for the introduction of the manuscript: "The first time I truly understood the unique quality of film was when I took Les Novros' class. Stressing that film is a kinetic medium, Les has kept the Eisenstienian flame burning at USC, and it is a tradition that has strongly influenced my work." "

source: Genigraphics - Wikipedia

see also: Quantel - Wikipedia

Electronic Based Communications Is The Real Weapons of Mass Destruction of The 20th Century

Since the mid 20th Century, computers have had a very important role in programming people's thoughts.

see: Bell Labs - Wikipedia

College educated and university degreed minds are not taught how to think logically.

These minds think criticism of mainstream scientific claims means we need to provide alternative theories to explain the phenomena in question. This is not logical.

"To teach people how to think rather than what to think." 

"The Institute for Propaganda Analysis (IPA) was a U.S.-based organization operating from 1937 to 1942, composed of social scientists, opinion leaders, historians, educators, and journalists. Created by Kirtley Mather, Edward A. Filene, and Clyde R. Miller, because of the general concern that increased amounts of propaganda were decreasing the public's ability to think critically. The IPA's purpose was to spark rational thinking and provide a guide to help the public have well-informed discussions on current issues. "To teach people how to think rather than what to think." The IPA focused on domestic propaganda issues that might become possible threats to the democratic ways of life."

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Institute_for_Propaganda_Analysis

The Adventures of The Apemen

Modern civilized mythos requires its adherents to self identify as nieces and nephews of the monkey's uncle.

1fea65322cb647fad1a4ae7946524cd1.jpg (

The Power of The Visual Image Over Imagination is Well Known: Beware Iconography

Human see on screen, human believe.

Especially when accompanied by official authoritative News journalist voice over, government agency stamp of approval or military logo.

Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.

Humans see men walk on the Moon or women floating in International Space Station interior space and assume it must be real, never considering that it is only the product of Hollywood special effected film reels projected onto a screen of one kind or another. Special effect illusions are as old as film itself.

Computer technology has been used to make realistic floating fluid and other free-fall like effects for decades. We in the public can never really know how much earlier government might have had top secret access to computer generated imagery before ever letting such technology trickle out and down to the rest of commercial society. We know Hollywood has always had access to higher end computer (and other film making based) technology and still do to this day. Companies like PIXAR use proprietary solutions that the public does not have access to, for example. Is it crazy to simply extrapolate this idea to government propaganda programs?

Monolith Monday Quarterbacking Apemen: Humans worship the screen.

2001Space_017Pyxurz (

image source: monolith-2001-apes » Rock Town Hall • Rock Music Discussion

“Monkey see, Monkey do, and so do the Apemen too.”

"It has been studied and proven that human beings learn socially. We observe that it is right and polite to hold the door open for others instead of slamming it in their faces and we learn that you don’t cause a loud ruckus in a crowded library (especially during finals week) or you will be hated by everyone in there.  These are not lessons we are told explicitly; rather these are lessons we learn through observing the behavior of other humans. Similarly, animals learn socially just as we do."

"We are all familiar with the phrase “monkey see, monkey do” – but have we actually thought about what it means? Over the last two decades, neuroscience research has been investigating whether this popular saying has a real basis in human behavior. Over twenty years ago, a team of scientists, led by Giacomo Rizzolatti at the University of Parma, discovered special brain cells, called mirror neurons, in monkeys. These cells appeared to be activated both when the monkey did something itself and when the monkey simply watched another monkey do the same thing."

source: Social Learning: People See, People Do/ Monkey See, Monkey Do   •   Monkey See, Monkey Do? The Role of Mirror Neurons in Human ...

Crowd psychology - Wikipedia  •  aping | Origin and meaning of aping by Online Etymology Dictionary

iconography | Origin and meaning of iconography by Online ...

1968 apes a.jpg

1968: The Year of Astronauts & Apemen

image source: GOOGLE search.

STL036017 (

Brain Washing.gif

Post Script: The Medium of The Mass Age

Older media is now content on the internet.

Ubiquitous hand held screen is like a mental handcuff that sells an addictive form of electronically enhanced idolatry to the mass public.

The content of any medium is always another medium.

"Likewise, the message of a newscast about a heinous crime may be less about the individual news story itself — the content — and more about the change in public attitude towards crime that the newscast engenders by the fact that such crimes are in effect being brought into the home to watch over dinner."

"The medium is the message" is a phrase coined by Marshall McLuhan meaning that the form of a medium embeds itself in any message it would transmit or convey, creating a symbiotic relationship by which the medium influences how the message is perceived."

"For McLuhan, it was the medium itself that shaped and controlled "the scale and form of human association and action". Taking the movie as an example, he argued that the way this medium played with conceptions of speed and time transformed "the world of sequence and connections into the world of creative configuration and structure." Therefore, the message of the movie medium is this transition from "lineal connections" to "configurations". Extending the argument for understanding the medium as the message itself, he proposed that the "content of any medium is always another medium"  – thus, speech is the content of writing, writing is the content of print, and print itself is the content of the telegraph. McLuhan understood "medium" in a broad sense. He identified the light bulb as a clear demonstration of the concept of "the medium is the message". A light bulb does not have content in the way that a newspaper has articles or a television has programs, yet it is a medium that has a social effect; that is, a light bulb enables people to create spaces during nighttime that would otherwise be enveloped by darkness. He describes the light bulb as a medium without any content. McLuhan states that "a light bulb creates an environment by its mere presence." Likewise, the message of a newscast about a heinous crime may be less about the individual news story itself — the content — and more about the change in public attitude towards crime that the newscast engenders by the fact that such crimes are in effect being brought into the home to watch over dinner."

"The phrase was introduced in McLuhan's book Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, published in 1964. McLuhan proposes that a medium itself, not the content it carries, should be the focus of study. He said that a medium affects the society in which it plays a role not only by the content delivered over the medium, but also by the characteristics of the medium itself. McLuhan frequently punned on the word "message", changing it to "mass age", "mess age", and "massage"; a later book, The Medium Is the Massage was originally to be titled The Medium is the Message, but McLuhan preferred the new title, which is said to have been a printing error."

quote source: Marshall McLuhan: The medium is the message - Wikipedia

idolatry | Origin and meaning of idolatry by Online Etymology Dictionary   •   iconography | Origin and meaning of iconography by Online ...

Chimp light bulb.jpg

image source: Chimpanzee floor light custom made | Fraser Besant Lighting

The internet is somewhat like the light bulb in this same kind of creating (virtual) space context. 

Modern social media allows people from around the world, to get together and discuss shared interests.

"A light bulb does not have content in the way that a newspaper has articles or a television has programs, yet it is a medium that has a social effect; that is, a light bulb enables people to create spaces during nighttime that would otherwise be enveloped by darkness. He describes the light bulb as a medium without any content. McLuhan states that "a light bulb creates an environment by its mere presence."

quote source: Marshall McLuhan: The medium is the message - Wikipedia

The internet allows us to not only have access to all older media, like an electronic version of the proverbial Library of Alexandria, it also permits us to create virtual shared spaces, much in the same manner the light bulb allows people to gather in film theaters to watch projected light on screens.


The Key To It All: Modern Cosmology Presents A Very Real Illusory Alternate Reality To The Mass Public

Like myths and Biblical tales told long ago, too much of modern science is more religion than model of Natural World.

image source - "Key to the Fortress of Solitude in Grant Morrison‘s All Star Superman": Some keys to Plato's cave | PXT

Old media is now hyper-linked and searchable content available 24/7 on the internet.

Universe - National Film Board of Canada (1960)  source: Det. Nordberg

Propaganda Case Study: The Universe

"Universe is a black-and-white short animated documentary made in 1960 by the National Film Board of Canada. It "creates on the screen a vast, awe-inspiring picture of the universe as it would appear to a voyager through space. Realistic animation takes you into far regions of space, beyond the reach of the strongest telescope, past Moon, Sun, and Milky Way into galaxies yet unfathomed. ...This visualization is grounded in the nightly work of Dr. Donald MacRae, an astronomer at the David Dunlap Observatory in Richmond Hill, Ontario, a facility formerly owned and operated by the University of Toronto, Canada, and now operated by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. Using the technology of his era, MacRae prepares his largely manually operated equipment and then photographs, by long exposure, one star. He actually strikes an arc between iron electrodes and makes a simultaneous exposure, which he can compare to the star's spectrum to determine its movement relative to Earth....After this work, co-director Colin Low worked with Stanley Kubrick on 2001: A Space Odyssey. His work on this short may have influenced Kubrick to begin his project. Kubrick chose Universe narrator Douglas Rain as the voice of the HAL 9000 computer and also hired Wally Gentleman, who did optical effects for the NFB documentary, to work on 2001."

source: Universe (1960 film) - Wikipedia  •  Universe (1960) - IMDb


image source: DC Comics Presents

"Along with this devaluation of the father, we are becoming accustomed to a conception of the universe so mysterious and so impressive that even the best father-image will no longer do for an explanation of what makes it run."

"The standard-brand religions, whether Jewish, Christian, Mohammedan, Hindu, or Buddhist, are—as now practiced—like exhausted mines: very hard to dig. With some exceptions not too easily found, their ideas about man and the world, their imagery, their rites, and their notions of the good life don't seem to fit in with the universe as we now know it, or with a human world that is changing so rapidly that much of what one learns in school is already obsolete on graduation day."

source: https://terebess.hu/english/AlanWatts-On%20The%20Taboo%20Against%20Knowing%20Who%20You%20Are.pdf

From 40¢ to $4.00

During the 20th century, one could purchase comic books with minted metal coins found in between couch cushions or at the bottom of one's grandparent's pocket; but by the dawn of the 21st century such pulp fare became a more expensive commodity as even a digital version of these creative cartoons costs around $3.99 or so.


Ours is An Age of Needlessly Confused Identities

Contrived culture is very artificial.

Reflecting the patchwork and contradictory, fractured cosmology we are offered by mainstream sources, now all social roles would seem to be confused and distorted and mixed up. Older roles from older made up make believe games are tossed aside when these social management tools are no longer needed. We in the mass public end up arguing and getting distressed over old cultural forms getting phased out as new ones replace them. We are not supposed to notice that all of these roles, all the religious offerings in both more spiritual and secular forms, are nothing but smoke and mirror identity products designed to keep us a well managed, self absorbed, egotistical and egocentric human resource. We are all supposed to be 'super-heroes', or so we are told by one kind of historical and current advertising lie over and over. Art has always been used to craft all types of restricting identity costumes that too many of us have always taken too seriously. Some of us even get upset when costumes or roles change. We take idols and ideas much too seriously. Most of is really seem to like it when we all wear the same costume and all think the same way.

image source: DC Comics late 20th century (late 1970's or so)

Chicken-Little-on-CNN 2 (

image source: Be afraid, my friends: Chicken Little says the sky is falling ...

Post Script Two: Meteor History

"The Leonids get their name from the location of their radiant in the constellation Leo: the meteors appear to radiate from that point in the sky. The Leonids had been relatively quiet for 100 years between 1866 and 1966. Astronomers predicted an intense display in 1899 and when they failed to impress that year the public scorned astronomers for many years. It was not until the bright comets of 1910 did the public look again favorably on astronomers."

source: https://www.amsmeteors.org/2016/11/50th-anniversary-of-the-famous-1966-leonid-storm/

Mainstream Science is more speculative metaphysics than most realize.


Much of what we consider to be settled science is not as settled as advertised and this includes many subjects most just assume must be correct. In order to understand why meteors and asteroids are fake, for example, one needs to look up the history of these artifacts and consider the so-called physical "science" explanations in logical context. One also needs to apply some common sense and look to demonstrable ballistic principle, for exmple. Artifacts are what meteors and asteroids are, artifacts of a neo-religous faith called 'scientism'. Too many otherwise bright minds are afflicted with an addiction to mainstream university thinking that reinforces blind parroting over critical thinking and judgment. The threat of heavenly meteor inspired death is an obvious propaganda canard. Atomic weaponry would seem to be a more modern reimagining of this older idea.

meteorology - Online Etymology Dictionary

"Although meteors have been known since ancient times, they were not known to be an astronomical phenomenon until early in the 19th century."

"Although meteors have been known since ancient times, they were not known to be an astronomical phenomenon until early in the 19th century. Prior to that, they were seen in the West as an atmospheric phenomenon, like lightning, and were not connected with strange stories of rocks falling from the sky. In 1807, Yale University chemistry professor Benjamin Silliman investigated a meteorite that fell in Weston, Connecticut. Silliman believed the meteor had a cosmic origin, but meteors did not attract much attention from astronomers until the spectacular meteor storm of November 1833. People all across the eastern United States saw thousands of meteors, radiating from a single point in the sky. Astute observers noticed that the radiant, as the point is now called, moved with the stars, staying in the constellation Leo."

"Still, they remain an atmospheric phenomenon, and retain their name "meteor" from the Greek word for "atmospheric". " 

"The astronomer Denison Olmsted made an extensive study of this storm, and concluded that it had a cosmic origin. After reviewing historical records, Heinrich Wilhelm Matthias Olbers predicted the storm's return in 1867, which drew the attention of other astronomers to the phenomenon. Hubert A. Newton's more thorough historical work led to a refined prediction of 1866, which proved to be correct.[29] With Giovanni Schiaparelli's success in connecting the Leonids (as they are now called) with comet Tempel-Tuttle, the cosmic origin of meteors was now firmly established."

source: Meteor - Wikipedia

The Craters Are Electric - The Thunderbolts Project

"The Leonids meteor shower is an annual event that is greatly enhanced every 33 years or so by the appearance of the comet Tempel-Tuttle."

"Andrew Ellicott Douglass, an early American astronomer born in Vermont, witnesses the Leonids meteor shower from a ship off the Florida Keys. Douglass, who later became an assistant to the famous astronomer Percival Lowell, wrote in his journal that the “whole heaven appeared as if illuminated with sky rockets, flying in an infinity of directions, and I was in constant expectation of some of them falling on the vessel. They continued until put out by the light of the sun after day break.” Douglass’ journal entry is the first known record of a meteor shower in North America. The Leonids meteor shower is an annual event that is greatly enhanced every 33 years or so by the appearance of the comet Tempel-Tuttle. When the comet returns, the Leonids can produce rates of up to several thousand meteors per hour that can light up the sky on a clear night. Douglass witnessed one such manifestation of the Leonids shower, and the subsequent return of the comet Tempel-Tuttle in 1833 is credited as inspiring the first organized study of meteor astronomy."

quote source: First meteor shower on record - Nov 12, 1799 - HISTORY.com    •    55P/Tempel–Tuttle - Wikipedia    •    Comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle Through History

The Mysterious 33 Year TT Comet: A Historical Hoax?

"Comet Tempel-Tuttle was "discovered" independently by William Tempel in December 1865 and by Horace Tuttle in January 1866. After this apparition, calculations showed that the comet was in an elliptic orbit with a 33-year period. This information was then used to prove that Tempel-Tuttle was the same comet that had been observed in the year 1366 and again in 1699. The orbit determination was also used to show that T-T was associated with the Leonid meteor shower that occurs every year in November. "

"Even though astronomers searched for it in 1899 and again in 1932, Tempel-Tuttle was not seen again until 1965, when it was observed as a faint, 16th magnitude object."

"On January 18, 1998, Tempel-Tuttle reached its closest point to the Earth at a distance of 0.36 AU (33 million miles). It reached its predicted brightness around 8-9th magnitude, and was observable with a pair of binoculars. At about this time, a short, narrow tail became visible in telescope images."

source: Comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle Through History

The Geocentric Electrode Earth Model

Meteor means atmospheric. Life is more like a light bulb.


To Be A Rock & Not To Roll: Stones Don't Orbit, They Fall

Natural electrical explanation overlooked in favor of the more absurd and physically impossible explanation.

The world is probably best described in electrochemical terms. Does anyone really want to argue that lightning and artificial electricity are not real? Why ignore the Earth's obvious magnetic field and the more realistic idea that it represents the field around some kind of active (Natural) electrical circuit? Vacuum tubes give us a rough model of the electric. nature of the Earth's atmosphere, for example. An old picture tube television set might also make for a good rough model of celestial phenomena. Cosmic radiation and all other natural forms of radio waves go a long way to show that the world we exist in is best described in electrochemical terms. Electrical experiments and technology are examples of real science. Human beings attempt to emulate Nature with constructs of coiled wire and magnetic poles. This early electrical technology would morph into the electronic based silicon world of today. What we term 'gravity' might be more akin to static electric effect, like we can demonstrate with human hair and rubber balloon.

Gravity Waves Are Another Warped Mind Lie

Einstein like Newton, originally believed in the Sun centered Universe of Fixed Stars. This was before the 20th Century Big Banged mess.

The work of men like Einstein would not exist were Newton orbital musings correct. General Relativity is a contradictory joke. A compass proves Einstein's brainteasing puzzle wrong. There is no reason to take seriously the claims of those who truly believe that 'space' itself, (a mental construct) has physical properties. This is like trying to eat the word apple; or trying to illuminate a room with the word light bulb.  Einstein needed to curve space in order to save the Newtonian Sun centered Universe of fixed stars. And General Relativity didn't even do the job as we now have an ever expanding Big Bang Universe that Einstein did not originally foresee or consider. All thanks to a narrow and religious based interpretation of what background radio noise signifies. The more likely source, the Earth is overlooked in favor of musings that lead to the illogical Big Bang theory. And so Einstein's gravity work needed further nonsensical metaphysical patching. Special Relativity is equally surreally absurd. The work of Einstein and those like him, are mere patchwork propaganda and contain very little of actual intellectual value.

Heliocentric nonsense led to the modern mess of dark matter and multiverses.

Sir Isaac would find modern cosmology insane. He also would have thought Einstein a few Pez short.

The proverbial Devil is always in all the details as anyone who has ever actually tried to build or even fix anything knows.

By the way, in case you have not noticed yet, real science would mean everything has to make sense. You can't hand wave any detail, no matter how minute, away. That's not the way the engineering of real world artifacts works, but mistakes and fallacies and contradictions are no problem for the imagineered artifacts of pure imagination.

120814136593 (

A Trinity of Cartoon Comic Book Idols

image source: When Superman met Einstein: A history of Albert Einstein's comic ...

Childish oil painted imagery appropriately represents the cartoonish and child like products sold to the public as "science".

Melting time and absurdist realities are the officially sanctioned mass produced offerings for cartoon-cult programed minds.

The_Persistence_of_Memory (

image source: The Persistence of Memory - Wikipedia

Heliocentric Clockwork & Pendulum Based Theories Are Very Wrong

NASA & International Space Fakery Are Artifacts of the Religion of Science That Reinforce Blind Faith in A World of Crooked Answers Run By Twisted Shepherding Crooks

There is no logical nor any physical reason to believe that rocks can do anything but fall towards the center of the body they are imagined to orbit around. If Newton and company were correct, all the planets and moons would have fallen into the heart of the Sun, right when imagined solar system had begun. In other words, the heliocentric model is a nonsensical contradictory mess that has evolved into a real religious "Big Bang" mind virus. Demonstrable ballistic physics proves all of this science fiction to be the fantasy it is. This mathematical based peer reviewed "Ten Commandments" lies at the bottom of all modern science and has had corrupted influence on even the real (demonstrable) sciences like geology, chemistry, and biology. All of mainstream public human knowledge is corrupted by what can best be described as the religious zealotry of the so-called "scientific" mind. These indoctrinated human beings do not seem capable of discerning between parroting catechism of unverifiable claims and real understanding about a subject. Too many otherwise bright minds seem unwilling to question prior assumptions, assuming such things settled science and not noticing the fallacy of peer review in the first place. Real experts can demonstrate their knowledge. Bull shit artists cannot.

Atmospheric electricity - Wikipedia  •  Upper-atmospheric lightning - Wikipedia   •   Sprite (lightning) - Wikipedia   •   Battery (electricity) - Wikipedia   •   Polyphase system - Wikipedia   •   Vacuum tube - Wikipedia

Meteors Make For Great mid 19th Century Yellow Journal Tabloid Fare

Existential fear sells. Always has and probably always will. Tell the public a really great lie, tell them heavy stones can fly.

You are not supposed to consider the fact that artists and magazine publishers exaggerate headlines, at the very least.

"Woodcut print depicts the shower as seen at Niagara Falls, New York. Mechanics' Magazine said this illustration was made by an editor named Pickering "who witnessed the scene."

Atmospheric Electrical Effects Make More Sense As Explanation

Long before fancy computer graphics, there were the traditional means to communicate visual imagery to the mass public.

Leo Rules Regina.jpg

image and quote source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonids

Leo The Lion's '33 Luftballons' Meets The Zodiac Starkiller

We are also suppose to ignore the lack of reliable prediction on part of this so-called "scientific theory".

Not only is there no reason to believe rocks can fly, the record seems to show that the theory does not produce the type of results one would expect from science.

"Will the Leonids produce a meteor storm in 2017? No. Not this year. Most astronomers say you need more than 1,000 meteors an hour to consider a shower as a storm. That’s a far cry from the 10 to 15 meteors per hour predicted for this year. Still, seeing even one bright meteor can make your night."

"The Leonid shower is known for producing meteor storms, though. The parent comet – Tempel-Tuttle – completes a single orbit around the sun about once every 33 years. It releases fresh material every time it enters the inner solar system and approaches the sun. Since the 19th century, skywatchers have watched for Leonid meteor storms about every 33 years, beginning with the meteor storm of 1833, said to produce more than 100,000 meteors an hour. The next great Leonid storms were seen about 33 years later, in 1866 and 1867."

"Then a meteor storm was predicted for 1899, but did not materialize. It wasn’t until 1966 that the next spectacular Leonid storm was seen, this time over the Americas. In 1966, observers in the southwest United States reported seeing 40 to 50 meteors per second (that’s 2,400 to 3,000 meteors per minute!) during a span of 15 minutes on the morning of November 17, 1966."

source: November's Leonid meteor shower | Astronomy Essentials | EarthSky

Leo Rules Over A House of Astronomical NASA Sold Lies

Never mind the electrifying idea that the Leonids might be aptly named.

Do you see the obvious problem with this "theory"? It does not have a history of being consistently reproducible. It does not have consistent predictive power and all evidence indicates it is nothing but pulp propaganda that evolved into mainstream university knowledge like all other the hoaxed stories that fit official propaganda needs do.

It's funny or perhaps somewhat revealing that the phenomena magically springs back to life just around the time NASA is claiming it is about to go to the Moon.

"The Leonids get their name from the location of their radiant in the constellation Leo: the meteors appear to radiate from that point in the sky. The Leonids had been relatively quiet for 100 years between 1866 and 1966. Astronomers predicted an intense display in 1899 and when they failed to impress that year the public scorned astronomers for many years. It was not until the bright comets of 1910 did the public look again favorably on astronomers."

source: https://www.amsmeteors.org/2016/11/50th-anniversary-of-the-famous-1966-leonid-storm/

NASA is a most unreliable source.

We are supposed to ignore the fact NASA really does mean "never a straight answer" and that NASA is more interested in stage magic illusion, darkroom and computer special effects technology and model rockets, than the real thing as they claim. NASA photographs are proof of nothing as they are nothing but gossip allegations. These artifacts can never be used as evidence of anything but fakery. Pictures are not proof as we've been conditioned to believe. NASA has a clear track record of being far less reliable than the Devil himself; and any sane and non culturally addicted rationale mind will see the same deceptive cult like pattern in history updated for modern times. There is clear evidence of a long standing con job. There is no evidence that the works of men like Newton or Einstein are anything but fantastic musings backed with indoctrinated peer reviewed zombie blessing.


More about why rocks cannot fly, the history of meteors, the electric atmospheric explanation and why Newtonian orbits are impossible,

I’m spending time working on the next installment so it will be complete when posted. I am including information that  will demonstrate why we should realize that all photographs of the ISS from Earth cannot be what they are claimed to be at all.

Here’s a clue to why the ISS photographs from Earth are fake. The ISS is supposed to be some 300 feet wide, a passenger jet is some 260 feet wide or so. The ISS and the jet are near the same size. We are told we can see the ISS with naked eye. We can see high flying passenger jets some 6.6 miles up with naked eye. The ISS which is just 40 feet longer than a passenger jet is also supposed to be some 249 miles away as opposed to the 6.6 miles the passenger jet actually is. We would not be able to expect to see the ISS at all with any telescope lens as the object would be too small to see from 249 miles away. Real world atmospheric effects that you can see explains why. That and demonstrable perspective. There is real world dust  and water vapor that would act to block light waves from the relatively “microscopic” dot space station, from reaching telescope lens or human eye. Consider this fact, the ISS is supposed to be many times much further away than any passenger jet flies. The difference in distance is so great that the passenger jet might as well be right in front of you, relative to the some 249 miles away the ISS is supposed to be.


Minting Money Post Script

Sir Isaac would seem to have used his illogical orbital musings to get himself the needed publicity for the real job he wanted. Math makes more sense when used to count coins. Newton would become a Master Royal Mint Detective of sorts. Or so the legends tell us.


image soure:   Christian Themes in Byzantine Coinage - NumisWiki, The ...

“A Scientific Quest for Accuracy"

"From 1696 until his death in 1727, Newton was first Warden and then Master of the Mint. He applied his scientific precision to the task of improving the accuracy of the coinage, making it difficult for counterfeiters. Newton also took it upon himself to bring these criminals to justice, often rooting out and prosecuting them himself. This quest brought him into contact with many criminals. One being the notorious counterfeiter William Chaloner, who eventually paid the price for underestimating the Warden when he was put on trial, found guilty and hanged. In 1717 he was commissioned to produce a report ‘On the State of the Gold and Silver Coin’. This effectively fixed the value of the guinea at twenty-one shillings and marked an important step towards the eventual adoption of the Gold Standard. This, in turn, led to the re-introduction of The Sovereign, which has gone on to celebrate 200 years as one of the world’s most iconic and best-loved coins. Newton endeavoured to make all coins made at The Royal Mint as accurate and reliable as possible, reducing variances to such a degree that The Royal Mint would be beyond criticism. His dedication to accurate coin production and scrupulous scientific testing meant that coins made by The Royal Mint became the most respected in the world. It is a reputation we are proud to maintain to this day.

quote source: Isaac Newton - The Royal Mint