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The Proper Gander Song by Bobby Darin


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The Proper Gander at Propaganda (at Hollywood's origins in War)


This article explores how the middle to the end of the 20th century saw the rise of the multimedia juggernaut that would grow into the 666 Yellow Journal Social Media Beast of today. This article shows you that NASA is nothing more than a Hollywood cartoon studio enterprise. The Cold War and Atomic Bomb Space Race were nothing but tabloid yellow journal comic strip fictions designed to scare the world populations into thinking they all need more layers of Governmental protection.




(to put it in simple terms)








Don't believe it? Please try to keep an open mind as you read on.


The Proper Gander at The Atomic Powered Space Race Cold War



Government is mind cement meant to bind you to its will. It does not serve you, you serve it



Government funded the Internet



Governmental agencies of one type or another, have long served the purpose of creating social constructs meant to bind and blind the human imagination to a system of thought that leads nowhere. We are to remain in the circle of control that the government has designed for us. We must not color outside the lines and we must never ask any critical questions. Just consume without critical individual thought.

Governmental authority has always relied on mythology to maintain order. Government and religion are a lot alike, with the difference being one has a standing army and the power to jail you. Mythology is crafted and may or may not be based on reality. Mythology serves one purpose and one propose only, and that is social control. Any truth one may encounter is there as lure more so than as revelation.
Royals elite types pay artists to craft impressive looking architecture and costuming. Authors were and are commissioned to craft rituals for the actors on a stage to perform for the audience. Church choir, pipe organs, stained glass, beautiful costuming and all the rest of the theatrical pageantry of religious and governmental ritual are overlooked methods of social control by means of behavior manipulation of basic human psychology. The priest and rabbi is as much a performer as the musician and actor, and all perform their acts on stages of one kind or another.

The international banking industry and global Naval power “grew up” at the same time. Unverifiable claims of far off wars became great ways to fund the emerging global enterprise that would become the connected world we now experience electronically and by way of high speed passenger jet travel. It takes centuries to truly build a successful global and commercial empire.That is the occulted truth of our history. The world is run by bankers who manage things for old Royal parties who have never given up claims to the business venture that is the New World. (see the prior blog article for more)

The UK and US governments invested heavily in mass transportation and communication systems and these bodies act to manage those systems for the global empire. Nation states are artificial constructs designed to keep us believing we need the protection of government in the first place. We do not.

The USA and UK heavily invested in RCA, the first successful radio company,the film industry by way of RCA related RKO, (among other business ventures), broadcast television, cable television, dish based television and of course the real communications monster of them all, the internet. YouTube and Google are Government. We were told many things by the News media that the government created and supports to this day. The News and related media are not as independent as we have been led to believe. This type of deception  is the work of the charlatan and shill.



The Almighty Dollar is The $ymbol of Mind Control

The Earth isn't Flat. UFO's Cannot Be Little More Than Gas Zeppelins And Satellites and Orbits are Impossible.


Assuming Unverifiable Claims as Facts is Not a Good Idea:

If there is a light in the sky that corresponds to the imagined so-called orbit of the Space Station, then we would point out that such a light would more than likely be a planet in the traditional sense of the word, as in another celestial phenomena that might be best described in electrical and magnetic type terms. In other words phenomena like eclipses and phases of the Moon’s face and planets, can all be better modeled and explained with real electrical theory based on Natural principle and demonstrable experiment.


How Do I Make Money on YouTube?

YouTube & Google are Government and Their Minions Are Online Producing Content Even Under The Guise of Amateur Efforts

This modus operandi goes way back in history and nothing is new. As we shall see, the same type of highly edited deception that is now online on YouTube goes back to the early days of the television propaganda broadcast. In fact these techniques date back to before the days of Gutenberg and movable type.


Go out and buy cameras and telescopes and join us for the yearly conferences in sunny L.A. L.A. Land!

The photos and videos of things like the International Space Station going across the Moon and in the sky are fake. These videos  tend to be highly edited and contrived to make us believe that there is some mystery up there. Some of the YouTube videos seem to be more about selling telescopes to the public. Can't help but think this is a form of Google/YouTube Marketing.

It would be impossible to see the International Space Station even with a telescope. The Moon and Sun are the relative size of your thumbnail. Consider how small the Space Station would be. Further, consider that the Moon is a light source, one would not expect to see a silhouette in front of it, the light would drown out the edges of the object at the very least, if not drowning out the small object altogether. 

If such phenomena is not the result of fakery, then a Natural electrical or any other explanation is possible. In other words there is no reason to believe any such object is a vehicle. The fact is that seeing and photographing such objects are impossible and there would seem to be people online who seem to agree with the opinions expressed on this blog, who then swerve off into claiming they saw things that would seem to be impossible to see. You are told there is something up there and that it is a light, but if you look for it, will you see it for yourself? 

Beware False Profits

The YouTube and other online “evidence” for UFOs and satellites and space stations seem to be magically able to ignore aerial perspective. What kind of magical lens and filter allows this to occur? The telescope lens will also magnify the noise in the atmosphere. The images we see would then have to be contrived and we think this is might just be a form of damage control.

It is obvious that NASA is Hollywood. Outer Space is obviously fake. The problem is the whole House of Cards is shaking. This kind of fakery is the modus operandi of civilization. 9/11, JFK, NASA and other events, are the threads the powers that be know exist and know that if pulled, the whole fabric of the long standing con job will stand revealed naked for all to see. The elite managers did not wake up one morning and decide to start fooling us all. This is an ancient game.

The governmental military might is a lot more down to Earth and less powerful than you might think.

Aerial perspective or atmospheric perspective refers to the effect the atmosphere has on the appearance of an object as it is viewed from a distance. As the distance between an object and a viewer increases, the contrast between the object and its background decreases, and the contrast of any markings or details within the object also decreases. The colours of the object also become less saturated and shift towards the background color, which is usually blue, but under some conditions may be some other color (for example, at sunrise or sunset distant colors may shift towards red).

Aerial perspective - Wikipedia

We need a whole lot less of the County, State, & Federal Government & a whole lot more Simple Control Over Our Own Lives

More locally controlled smaller bureaucracy that actually serves humanity, is what we need. Not more government.

The pattern and common theme we shall explore is one of unverifiable claims. The claims of religion, governmental authority and national defense space agencies are all unverifiable and rely on us trusting those making the claims as reliable sources of information.

Do not think individually or the Big Bad Cat will eat you!


DSL = LSD: Social Media is the LSD of Today.

But back in the 1960's The Cold War Propaganda had everyone's minds "Lost In-Outer Space".

The song, "The Proper Gander" is from this time period and reflects the propaganda America was being exposed to.

NASA is a Mind Mouse Trap

Modern Astrophysics and Cosmology are a religion. In other words modern mainstream science is actually the religion of Scientism. Like Christianity and Judaism and Islam, Scientism has some good ideas mixed in with a whole lot of nonsense. The oldest trick in the proverbial book is the snake oil stage magician’s trick of the intellectual bait and switch. Modern (theoretical) science relies heavily on models of the mathematical kind. The fact that these are “theories” is kind of overlooked and ignored. Mathematical “proof” replaces reproducible experiment and in the process real science gives way to religion. 

Scientism is like Christianity in this manner. Neither can put forth any evidence to back up their claim to authority. NASA and the Church are alike and both promote highly fantastic claims that we can not ever verify. Both institutions read from the same playbook and both promote docility. NASA is the modern religion for so many who are so interested in “space” and “science” that they never bother to actually educate themselves in these subjects. Why bother when they can get good grades for parroting back the catechism they were told they needed to parrot and echo back. Circular fallacies make for a merry maze like mouse merry go round.

Modern science will point to demonstrable examples of research like ballistic physics and then pull the bait and switch of switching to an illogical and incorrectly applied mathematical model. This is what Newton did when he day dreamt up a mushrooming fantasy of orbital mechanics that Sci Fi Science Guy Arthur C. Clarke would relay to the public in a printed article around the end of World War Two, while also serving as a (fear inducing) propaganda voice to cue up the next phase in our cultural paradigm shifting elevation, the Atomic Cold War Space Race!

The 1945 Proposal by Arthur C. Clarke for Geostationary Satellite ...

The Biblical End of The World is ever Billed as Nigh!


Álbum: Fate Of Nations (1993)

ROBERT PLANT LYRICS - Calling To You - A-Z Lyrics


"To paraphrase Papa John, we are living in a California nightmare."

Bobby Darin Sausalito (The Governors Song)



Once you begin to engage with the layers of deception and super spy, soap opera drama, you end up tarred with a whole lot of bull. Tall tales amaze the minds of the unwise.



We the people in order to form a more perfect marketing slogan and to implement needless government on ourselves seek men with divine insight to lead and guide us into the mouth of Saturn. We seek men who play dress up in black costumes of one kind or another and who enjoy play acting in a theater to dictate the forms our minds and lives for us. We must be cast as types, so we may be easily sorted into society.

“We the People” is jingoism and marketing slogan with no legal weight. The Constitution is not the Declaration of Independence and was never meant to be. The former has importance to the Government the latter is just marketing propaganda designed to give us something to believe in that is simply not demonstrable. This is the classic snake oil stage magician magic trick. Bait and switch is the modus operandi of social control. Religion is government without guns. Government is just armed religion.

A Cartoon MATRIX is Your Mind's Home



The Apocalypse of


NASA: Forked Tongue & a Saturno Cap

Saturn’s Capitol Dome is Covered With A Banking Ring Hat

The Satellites would seem allegorical of the banking ring, in this context.

Saturn is the God of The Vatican.

Saturn V Rocket

Vatican Obelisk

"A Christian Phallus Fallacy"


Cappello romano - Wikipedia

The phrase “speaks with a forked tongue” means to deliberately say one thing and mean another or, to be hypocritical, or act in a duplicitous manner.


“WE” “WE” “WE” all the way home!

“We the people” is a marketing slogan. There is no “WE’ in the USA.


JFK's eternal speech at Rice University on September 12th, 1962 setting the goal of the space race during the 1960's

Papa John's Pizza Nightmare & The Fraternal Order of Social Managing Shepherds

JFK was a member of the Spee Club

University educated and Fraternity indoctrinated and hazed minds have long been conditioned as elite managers of the mass public. Personas like the legendary JFK are manufactured product more so than real people. What you know about Trump and Kennedy and all the rest is what the Government noise machine wants you to know, more so than not. You are not to know they are”life actors” all and that the globe really is their stage. Funny how National Lampoon comes up, these people are the source of the crass humor and societal debasement of the so-called “illumaniti” Hollywood nonsense. Sorority and fraternity hazing  is known for dominance, power play and sexual rituals. Stage acts like the pop star Beyonce's, are clearly the work of this mentality and system. What we can be sure of is this, these people are royalty or might as well be and are above the law the rest of us must follow. Hollywood means government and that also means Free Masonry. They all work for global empire.

Fraternal University Brotherhoods run the world for the Empire.

Ivy League National Lampoon promoted very crass images and behavior on newsstands to the children for years, and eventually got  into film production to promote the same humor on the big screen with moving photographs.

The Spee Club is a final club at Harvard University. In September 2015 its members voted to admit female members. The club is located at 76 Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts."

"The Spee Club was founded in 1852 as a chapter of the Zeta Psi fraternity. In 1965, the club was the first Harvard final club to accept an African-American member. “

“Notable alumni include John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy. Douglas Kenney, later a co-founder of the National Lampoon and a co-writer of the fraternity-centered film comedy National Lampoon's Animal House, was president of the Spee Club during his senior year at Harvard.  The club's mascot is a bear.”

Spee Club (Harvard) - Wikipedia




Kneel & Genuflect Before The Great Mythic Martyr


"We" Must Pitch in & Fill The Plate With Cash To Pay To Go To The Moon For JFK



The Film the MATRIX and other films like it make Governmental Virtual Reality seem so "Cool". Yet the truth is more comical than most might want to know.  Are you ready to handle the truth? Ours is a cartoon cargo cult culture. We have long been conditioned like animals to accept live action cartoons and nonsensical reasoning as fact. We have long been conditioned to accept talking heads floating on screens as the voices of reason when in fact they are the very voices that lead down the path of insanity and cartoonish unreality. We have been long conditioned into a mental "State" that allows us to believe that obviously physically impossible events are real. This is a form of hypnosis.

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 8.03.39 AM.jpg



Yellow Journalism is The Blueprint For Culture





Dr. Seuss Says Space isn’t a place!

The Earth ain’t Flat, UFOs are a Government Hoax & Outer Space Itself Is As Fake As The 20th Century Atomic Bomb Powered Artificial Intelligence Space Race


YouTube is the home of many Governmental videos designed to promote the Marketed Patriotic “WE” and what “WE” have done. Patriotic attitude and patriotic pride are personality types that the Governments of the world rely on to maintain order. YouTube is home to a lot of obvious canards, Flat Earth being the most obvious example of both intellectual dishonesty and official YouTube product. YouTube is Government and someone must have realized that YouTube enables us to all check out the obvious cartoons that are sold as reality. YouTube can reveal the truth to any who just look. Noise as long been used to drown out the truth and the obvious community building Flat Earth effort, complete with appeals to soap opera drama fallacies, is a prime example of the 21st Century Military Industrial Propaganda our taxes fund.

Science Fiction is Science Fantasy

You have been long conditioned to accept fiction writers as scientific authorities. Kepler, Newton and the rest were also fantasy authors, like Arthur C. Clarke. Fantasy writers and Hollywood cartoon artists craft images sold as fact. Image matters more than substance and the social media DSL drug of today sells even more images to the mass public. Never trust what you see on screens or in print. Social media is in damage control overtime and there are layers of deception. The damage control shill will attempt to use some real information and then will divert your attention away from more solid evidence, like the fact that Newton's orbital mechanic is garbage. If there is no logical reason to think you can put a man made object into orbit, why would you then believe the pictures and stories, in the first place?

Arthur C. Clarke - Wikipedia

The Journalist Is The Overlooked "Trusted" Priest and Snake Oil Con Man Just Like Professional Politicians Are

We have long been conditioned to accept the “voices of authority” in journalistic print and from radio DJ types and talking heads floating on screens as the voices of reason when in fact they are the very voices that lead down the path of insanity and cartoonish unreality. We have been long conditioned into a mental "State" that allows us to believe that obviously physically impossible events are real. This is a form of hypnosis.

These evets include things like satellite orbits, Moon landings, Flat Earths, and 9/11 magical demolitions that would seem to mean we do not need a profession dedicated to the art of careful demolition as random acts can cause huge buildings to fall just like they were carefully rigged and set up to do so.

Fear, basal desires for sex and safety and the lust for power or wealth are what dominates the behavior of most if not nearly all of us. Are chains of bills, contracts, treaties, laws and constitutions really signs of Freedom? Freedom is your Natural State, and yet you have been conditioned and convinced you needed some magical guy like George Washington or Lincoln or Trump to save you. You do not. External authority will only lead you away from your real "identity" which all this noise and various forms of identity politics are meant to drown and filter out. You are not supposed to be a self actualized human being. Do you believe in God? Well guess what...you are not supposed to have a personal relationship with your creator, you are supposed to have some kind of filter, whether the printed page or priest. The thing is even if one is a so-called "atheist" they still are not supposed to have a personal relationship with the very real and scientifically verifiable "Mother Nature". In either case there is some external authority offered by society to lead the individual down a merry go round rat race, mice maze of dizzying Disney silliness. 

All anyone else can do for you is tell you what they think and why. 

For more please read: A Proper Gander At All The Historical Propaganda: Igniting Your Own Cognition

There was a white mouse consultation
Down at the county fair
All the church mice, field mice and not
So nice mice
Everybody gathered there
You see the muckidy muck he was
Speakin', tellin' them where it was at
He said hear, hear there ain't nothin' to fear
Except a three eyed Siamese cat
And the crowd was stunned
See, no single mouse had ever seen one
He said don't be scared
We're prepared.

Then he held up a great big picture
So every mouse could see
What a three eyed Siamese cat looked like
The face of the enemy
And the crowd let out such a shudder
As they lined up file and rank
Starin' at a twenty foot picture frame
Surroundin' a twenty foot blank
Just empty space
But every single mouse
Swore he saw a face
He said don't be scared
We're prepared



Media shepherds make a living gathering up followers into easily managed flocks of like minded individuals. Everyone is to be classified as a “type” of some kind. The University minded love classifications and the idea of being able to ever subdivide categories into more minuscule mazes for minds to get mentally lost in. Talk about lost in space! These guys want us lost in the (allegorically) infinitely small recesses of the mind.

Exegesis Zeppelin

Governments and religious institutions have long relied on the illusions of existential threats, omniscience and omnipotence. Print, radio, television, film and now online social media are the medium of and for and by, government. Multimedia is the real weapon of mass destruction and the battlefield really is your imagination. YouTube and other online enterprises sell the public the same Hollywood Military fantasies that History and Military Channels sell. The controllers need you to continue to believe in Military might that simply is impossible. The rocket and missile programs are nothing but Hollywood propaganda and Disney cartoon work.  The government’s Military power is more imagined than most might be inclined to believe. Films like “Top Gun” lead the public astray.


Saturn is the God of Government: Bow, Yield and Kneel Before ZOD!

Fear conditioning of the young in the 1950’s was a massive social experiment and sin and crime against humanity.

Operant conditioning - Wikipedia

You were not put here to be census counted and "typecast" into a matrix press, enslaved to an inhuman system as a wage slave. Do you think you exist to be a human resource for a Satanic system? Do you believe this is what the creator had in mind? Does Nature intend us to be slaves? Do you really think God wants you on your knees cowering in fear? Do you think it was right to do this to children?


Then the muckidy much started screamin'
Yellin' till his voice gave out
He said now that you've seen what the
Cat looks like
Gonna tell you what he's all about
He said he don't eat cheese on Friday
And he goes around lickin' his paws
He's awful mean and he loves to keep clean
And believes in changin' laws
And the crowd went wild
And every mouse began to fear for his child
Don't scared
We're prepared.


You Must Believe In Space

Want to know a secret? Are you ready to handle the truth?


Orbits Are Impossible

Newton never did an experiment to prove his concept of orbital mechanics sound. No experiment was ever conducted to show that a  dropped apple was like the Moon. In fact the apple proves Newton wrong. Orbits are impossible and the math that backs the orbital mechanic is flawed. A fixed quantity like the velocity of a projectile cannot balance an ever increasing quantity, like the value for a  accelerated phenomena like gravity would be.

In order to be able to provide "proof" for peer review, Newton had to fudge it. (see equation below) The V is a fixed value. The square root on the other side represents a constant rate of change, which is a fixed value too. But are they equivalent logically, is the question?

The constant rate in question happens to represent gravity, which is an accelerated phenomena.

This is where an actual experiment comes in handy. But Newton could only dream one up. But here we can see we need no experiment to tell us something is wrong with this reasoning. Gravity as we can demonstrate, is not a fixed velocity, it is an accelerated phenomena.

The constant rate of change is simply not logically relevant.

Referring to the constant rate is a bait and switch technique of the stage magician and not science. Math is a tool and language like computer coding is. Math leads to computer languages and the modern world of electronic social media. What math can’t do is magically make orbits work. It’s not some magic spell that if you can be clever you can trick the laws of nature with something written down on a piece of paper like a Testament, Contract, Covenant, Constitution or Law also attempt to do. All of these are human constructs designed to define the boundaries of your behavior for you.

Stage illusion card trick mathematics is not science. Math is a language and as we know the forked tongue can easily deceive.

If on one side of the equation we have the number eighteen and on the other we have the letter “G” which represents a value that increases by eighteen every second, would we consider it rationale and sane to equate the two?

How does it make sense to compare a constant rate of change to a constant velocity? The velocity one one side of the equation is always changing and the other velocity remains the same. Common sense matters.




The big “G” means constantly changing and increasing velocity as opposed to the fixed velocity, "v" on the other side of the equation.

Get the “infinite jest” yet?

This is basically what Newton did. Sure he “squared” the value, but we still have to same problem.

Newton has an equal sign between these two somewhat unrelated values, in this context these two ideas are obviously not equivalent. There is no logical basis for Newton’s orbits nor is there a real mathematical model to back up Newton’s orbital fantasies. The man either made a huge mistake or knew better and fudged things to meet his own prejudicial objectives.

Heliocentric theory is a Sun cult religion. Apollo is their Rooster god. Newton would think the modern patchwork Cosmology insane, by the way. The reason we have such a Cosmically messy model is thanks to all the mistakes and contradictions and flaws that accrued along the way. Nature does not make mistakes or use math, men do both.

How does it make sense to compare a constant rate of change (gravity) to a constant velocity (the projectile)?

The velocity one one side of the equation is always changing and the other velocity remains the same.

Common sense matters.

NASA = Never A Straight Answer



It’s hard to believe anyone took this seriously. The space race was fake. The USSR announcing its rocket program allowed there to be a Cold War. No rockets means no Cold War. We know Nukes are Hollywood fakery, you can research this to see why we say this. NASA is just Hollywood. Mike Wallace, the host of this so-called News special, sounds like a cartoonish child. The use of music and the way this product was assembled makes it seem like a children’s fictional program and joke.

This is Pure Propaganda


Space rocket story: "The Race for Space" (rare footage) with Mike Wallace, 1959

Saturn V - Wikipedia

see View topic - V1 and V2 NAZI rockets (WW2): another old hoax ... for more

This man in this old Newscast of top secret footage of rocketry,  is going to tell you what you want.  Please listen to what isn't quite said and how this is public relations fictions not science. This man is going to tell you that you always wanted to go to space and your ancestors did to. Does this really make sense? Who really has long been into the stars and zodiac and Roman names? The elite University minds who have long been conditioned to parrot and echo the catechisms of external authority. Please note all the propaganda and circular reasoned fallacy - political spin. Try to not get too dizzy. Pay real close attention to everything Wallace is saying. This should be painfully clear. Math is a language. Math can be used to communicate mistakes just like words can. Further,  rockets cannot work in a vacuum like outer space is supposed to be. Vacuum means vacuum like vacuum cleaner. The Universe of NASA's multiverse, is one that is supposed to be mostly vacuum and empty space. Keep the model in mind. This is like thinking you could light a match in a wind tunnel. It would be like being next to God's vacuum cleaner and shows us how the model itself is absurd. There are too many contradictions to get into here. Modern cosmology would even make Newton blush. It has come a long way from the days of the Fixed Stars and Sun Centered Universe of Newton. Please notice how this News broadcast is very childish and immature and this is why so any of us act like children even well into old age and death. The entire thing is an obvious live action cartoon and so is the so-called journalist who is nothing but a paid shill. Goddard's bad idea could never work, only Fritz Lang inspired NAZI SS scientists and cartoonist Disney could pull it off.  Its so  obvious! German Hollywood is the NAZI German V1 and V2 Rocket program. It was all just a hoax on simple folks. Wallace is telling us this is all fake! What most don't know is that the British Royal family are from Germany and Hitler was their masonic kind of servant. The nations are nothing but franchises and war is more cover for engineering projects and social engineering than fighting. (See the next article if you have questions.)

Please pay extra attention to the part around 23:00 or so. The United States General character is reading from a script and does not sound at all like someone who really lived through the events he is explaining. Try to listen to his voice without watching the video. Major General Top Toy looks like he is reading off of cue cards (he probably is) as he is not turned towards Wallace. This is a TV Studio technique. There is no conversation as the General Toy guy is just  a propaganda spokesman.


The Magic Control Vocal Styling of The Broadcast Journalist

Please notice Mike Wallace’s voice. Do you think this is how he really talked and sounded when he went home? The vocal techniques are designed to get us to respect external authority. Passenger jet pilots make use of the same kind of vocal inflection which tend to be all the same so we are lulled into familiar comfort. The News journalist makes liberal use of the “We the people” USA marketing slogans from the Declaration of Independence. Please notice all the obvious lies and propaganda.

Cult of personality - Wikipedia

Now two times two is forty-five
The muckidy muck explained
And the flat side of the moon is green
And the farmer don't need no rain
And the night is light and might is right

And Supermouse is on our side
And the three eyed Siamese cat's a plague
From which nobody can hide
And the mice all cringed
The whiskers of that cat would soon
Be singed
Don't be scared
We're prepared.

Then the muckidy muck started singin'
Through his great paternal grin
And the church mice, field mice
All the patriotic mice
Everybody chimed right in
They sang this land is mice land
Mice country tis of thee
Well my father took it from the beaver rat
Nobody's gonna take it from me
And the mice all cheered
The sound that they were makin' sure
Was weird
Don't' be scared
We're prepared.

A Simple Sympathy Play

"We" have to spend a lot of money to to engineer the Divine Plan of JFK the slain martyred Uncle Sam Man, so we have to pay taxes, so "we" can go to the Moon like He wanted "us" to do. Because it was hard. Of course we all know how now some half century later we can golf on the Moon with Arnold Trump and Donald Mouse, just like some half century after the first airplane flight we could fly to Rome and play golf with the Pope.

A Trip to the Moon - Wikipedia

Then the muckidy muck said line up here
Everybody give a buck
To fight the three eyed Siamese cat
Takes money
And a little bit of luck
We've got a million of our best young mice
To go out and volunteer
To give up what they're livin' for
To make the cat disappear
Let's give 'em a hand
We don't want that cat invadin' our land
No way
We're not scared
We're prepared.

Then a mighty strange thing happened
Guess you could call it fate
You see, a gust of wind blew the picture
Frame down
And it landed on the muckidy muck's head
And the mice they all went crazy
For the first time they saw the lie
It was all a hoax on just simple folks
And the muckidy muck must die
And die he did
The members of his staff they just fled
They were scared
Just not prepared.

sounce:  Bobby Darin - The Proper Gander Lyrics | MetroLyrics

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Let's Learn About The History of The Navy & Banking, Radio, TV and Now Social Media





Our is a global culture that is a work in progress. The social control constructs we take for granted today, have their start with religions, the Navy and international banking. All three, along with government and the royal lords who rule over all, are commercial enterprises, as are the so-called "Nation-States" we have all been sorted or "typecast" into.



Echoing What A Parrot Claimed An Echo Sounded Like


Billion and Billions And Billions of Uncle Sam's Crocodile Tear Backed Dollar Lies:

Washington DC (Disney Cartoon)



Orbital speed is on the order of some 18,000 mph. This is an incredible speed and we are supped to believe NASA and take them at their unverifiable word. NASA is Hollywood and special effects work better explains all we have seen on screens for years. All of this work is highly edited and clearly fake. Just watch the old 20th century broadcast videos about NASA and you will see for yourselves how fake the entire thing looks. The space race was always fake. This nonsense starts with people like Newton. Those men were a lot less scientifically minded than we have been led to believe. Newton was a mystically minded kind of Royal minion who thought the myth of the Golden Fleece was an historical event. Do you think the Jason and the Argonauts story was a historical event, like Newton thought?

Where's the real experiment to show that a object can reach the speed of 18,000 mph in the first place? Bullets travel at one tenth that speed. Consider that fact. A large object would have to pass through atmosphere before reaching the magical vacuum of imagined outer space. Do magic rockets magically accelerate to fanatic speeds without fear of drag? Consider how absurd maneuvering rockets would be and how we have to accept what surely is fantasy for reality. The public needed to believe huge rockets were real and could be manipulated in ways that are impossible. We were led to think that a rocket could magically alter its course and land wherever the Government decided.

Sir Isaac Newton Confused Myth with History

"For proof of the radical shortening of secular history that this move implied, and to make it conform with the chronology of the ancient Greeks that he proposed, Newton eventually looked to astronomy. He hoped to use the periodicity provided by the precession of the equinoxes to date historical observations of the heavens, reported in the fourth century BC by Eudoxus, in order to control the earliest dates in Greek history. These he associated with the expedition of the Argonauts (which he believed to be historical fact), the Trojan War,"

How Newton dated the Argonauts – TheTLS


A man made object like a really big balloon, might as well be a speck of dust, when compared to the imagined infinite vacuum of outer space. Even the least amount of gas will expand and the balloon will eventually pop, unless one wants to believe that a balloon can infinitely expand, which is absurd. What experiment can demonstrate that “Natural” Principle? Modern Cosmology is obviously extremely intellectually dishonest and relies on rewarding Echoing instead of Critical Thought, like religion does.


As we now know and can show, NASA is Hollywood. Billions spent on R&D for Special Effects.

NASA Propaganda Video of The "Launch" of This Legend Below

NASA is obviously a Hollywood outfit. Trusting it and its unverifiable and physically impossible claims is like trusting chicken little for the weather. Oh wait, we have all been long conditioned to do just that.

Do the experiment Newton did to prove orbital mechanics.

Centrifugal effects show us the fallacy of NASA's and Newton's orbital claims. At some 18,000mph, we'd expect the International Space Station to show the effects of centrifugal force, like we can demonstrate in a kitchen with a mixing bowl. Ballistic physics shows us Newton was wrong, the increasing "pull" of gravity is independent from the fixed horizontal velocity of the projective. In other words the projectile takes the same amount of time to fall to the ground whether it is dropped or fired from a gun. You cannot even come close to supporting Newton's claims with magnets. Because none of this is based in reality, the problems mount and the contradictions become more obvious the deeper one gets into this subject. It starts to become apparent that this maze like structure is the same kind of conspiracy maze we can get lost in with events like 9/11 and JFK. Here it is the garbage propaganda sold as science that is the maze we would end up lost in. This is why it is important to keep in mind that the basic orbital mechanic is a logical fallacy and only supported with a logically flawed mathematical equation.

One has to ignore all the real engineering history behind radio and electricity in order to accept NASA cartoon nonsense. NASA apologists simply cannot address the obvious underlying logical flaws. Newton is proven wrong with demonstrable experiment.

This is all faith based silliness and an attempt to salvage a long standing con job.


Cult of personality - Wikipedia

Mickey Mouse Programming Your Mind To Donald Duck Trump and Cover

You have been long programmed to think of yourselves as animals. if your creator wanted you to be turtles ducking for cover, or rabbits, or mice in mazes, you would be those actual creatures and not reading this screen now. We have been led to believe in all sorts of childish nonsense and as adults we continue to act and think in very immature ways. Most on air journalists narrate to us like we are actually a bunch of cartoon balloon animals. Consider how Wolf Blitzer sounds, or any other talking head, consider how they do not question the underlying assumptions of the narratives they relay to us. When journalists do come across as critical, the criticism is limited to the officially promoted Divide & Conquer “political debate” of those who have drank too deep from the well of Good Old Uncle Saturn Clause: George Washington D.C. her very self.

Get The News From Official Governmentally Approved TYPO PRONE TRUTH SOURCE™:

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The great thing about lying when you control the verification process is why we are warned about the logical fallacy of circular reasoning. Of course Government has long been based on circular reasoning, so what else is NEW(s)?

To every critical question or objection there will be a “but” and eventually all these qualifiers build up into a steaming pile of contradictory Bull. Nature does not make mistakes, all one need do is look at the NASA claims logically and in context of history and nothing need else be said. It should be obvious what the deal is. NASA is Hollywood. The same people go back and forth between projects. Wake up to this fact. That's why there is so-called "predictive programming" and so many other winks and nods and there's even mainstream media support for this claim.

Don't want to burst your cartoon thought balloon but Balloon Satellites are a logical fallacy. 

18,000 mph is an incredible speed that can not be shown to be achievable with a bullet. There is no experiment anyone can point to that shows that anyone has ever travelled faster than around the speed of sound. The rest of it comes out of the Military Propaganda Noise Machine that is known for deception and cultural manufacture and manipulation.

Unverifiable claims lie at the foundation of our artificial world.

Balloons will pop when they get up to the thinner atmosphere.

Orbits are not based on ballon physics. Oh this seems like a bit of clownish punny humor.

Only foolish minds uncritically repeat NASA nonsense.

Low Earth Orbit is supposed to be (essentially) a  vacuum.  Balloons in vacuums pop. This is what we can demonstrate here on Earth. The infinite like vacuum of space (the concept) and demonstrable experiment proves this idea is unsound and nonsensical. Disney comic book cartoon balloon  thinking. Low Earth Orbit is where the obviously Fake Station is. NASA is an example of what happens when the Trivium and Quadrivium are turned upside down. The song "white Rabbit" is telling us how it all works. Through the looking glass indeed. Words mean what we make them means. Who is the master? The word or you? What is the meaning of is? Ask not.. to be or not to be..that is the Question...all the world's a stage...

The space station is imagined to be moving at some 18,000 mph in order to maintain its Newtonian orbit. Does any NASA or UFO or Flat Earth fan even bother to read more than just the NASA press release based encyclopedia entries? Do we really need to have lessons in how to use a library and critically think? Oh wait, we do.

18,000 seems like quite a fantastic and amazing speed. We doubt anyone has ever achieved anything more than 1,000 mph, but that's a guess. We think that the atmosphere means that drag eventually creates a speed limit of sorts. Relative size and proportions matters. Da Vinci's ideas might have worked for small objects, but scaled up they failed. The atmosphere does not scale with the design. A small jet is not the same as a huge passenger jet. A bullet can travel much faster than any large missile ever could, at least that is what we can demonstrate here on Earth. Maybe NASA enters an alternate Universe to do the magic they do.

What is there to fear?


They are phallic University jokes.


We have to believe our Tax Money Goes For More Than Hollywood & Apple R&D

Selling The Idea of Fearing Fear itself is still Fear Mongering

“Balor is described as a giant with an eye in the middle of his forehead. This eye wreaks destruction when opened.”




You need to really believe and behave like they protect you.

You really do.

If not, you will make Uncle Sam Cry.

Don't you want to keep his one eye dry?

"Big night, bright lights, time now to lay them under arrest
Put 'em under arrest
Bad guys, mean eye, all gone away to where they belong
Let's just sing our song
And they'll laugh up and down the hall
Don't go shout when you hear them fall
Let them fly right across the wall
Let them cry till the morning call"

Angel Dance - Los Lobos

Robert Plant and Band of Joy performing "Angel Dance" Live from the Artists Den. 


"Objects in LEO encounter atmospheric drag from gases in the thermosphere (approximately 80–500 km up) or exosphere (approximately 500 km and up), depending on orbit height. Due to atmospheric drag, satellites do not usually orbit below 300 km. Objects in LEO orbit Earth between the denser part of the atmosphere and below the inner Van Allen radiation belt."

Highly edited NASA propaganda Warning:

The Echo 1 reached a  "944-to-1,048-mile (1,519 to 1,687 km) orbit" according to unverifiable NASA. This is well above the atmosphere. How could we expect a balloon to not pop? This is the first thing that comes to mind. One of many such problems.

NASA launched the Echo I communications balloon satellite on Aug. 12, 1960.

The 100-foot-diameter (30.5 meter) satellite, designed by the Space Vehicle Group of the NASA Langley Research Center and constructed by General Mills of Minneapolis, Minnesota, was shown during ground inflation tests in 1959.

Suspended from the ceiling of a hangar the sphere, named “Echo,” was inflated by use of a blower connected to the satellite by a hose. Forty thousand pounds (18,144 kg) of air was required to inflate the sphere on the ground, while in orbit it only required several pounds of gas to keep it inflated.
— https://www.nasa.gov/centers/langley/about/project-echo.html
Weighing 150 pounds (68 kg), the satellite was inflated in space. It did not have a rigid skin and accordingly was used at high altitudes where it would be subjected to negligible aerodynamic drag force.
— https://www.nasa.gov/centers/langley/about/project-echo.html
The first attempt to orbit an Echo satellite (also the maiden voyage of the Thor-Delta launch vehicle) miscarried when Echo 1 lifted from Cape Canaveral’s LC-17A on the morning of May 13, 1960. The Thor performed properly, but during the coasting phase, the attitude control jets on the unproven Delta stage failed to ignite, sending the payload into the Atlantic Ocean instead of orbit. Echo 1A (commonly referred to as just Echo 1) was put successfully into a 944-to-1,048-mile (1,519 to 1,687 km) orbit by another Thor-Delta, and a microwave transmission from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, was received at Bell Laboratories in Holmdel, New Jersey, on August 12,1960.
— https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Echo

LINK: Project Echo | NASA

Project Echo - Wikipedia

Please Play The Spot the Logical Fallacy Game:

NASA makes the claims it then supports with highly edited and obviously fake Hollywood footage.

All Under the “WE THE PEOPLE” marketing of the USA CORPORATION

“WE THE PEOPLE” is a Marketing Slogan

There is no “WE” in the USA and The Declaration of Independence is just a print ad. It has no legal bearing on anything, does it? It is not the Constitution is it? It has no legal power and is meaningless. Politicians do not swear to uphold either the Declaration of Independence nor do they swear to protect you. The swear to uphold the constitution of government meaning, they serve it and seek to further its ends and goals not yours. Get it? This is your brain on governmental media. It is not a pretty picture is it?




The idea of all this is to get us all to really believe we need the imagined power of government and that we must foot the bill for it all. The Rocket as $ symbol for industry does not work without an enemy to use the weapon to intimidate the public into believing they need the protection of Big Sister Government. The Platonic Left Right Shadow Puppet Play transcends National Theater, all the world is the stage and if the USA could not play The Space Race war game, the Russian people wouldn’t think they needed Mother Bear to protect them.

Mushroom clouds were really just references to the psychedelic mushrooms Life Magazine would push into the public mind.



November - Due to freak atmospheric conditions, a BBC TV broadcast is received in New York City. A film camera is used to record the silent images which included the performance of a play, a cartoon, and other matter. A four-minute excerpt from this filmed recording survives and is, as of 2014, considered the only surviving example of a pre-war BBC television transmission.
— 1938 in Television - Wikipedia



Keep in mind “freak atmospheric conditions” is a Natural phenomena that could be artificially stimulated. One needs to read Nikola Tesla in his own words and one has to study the pioneering work that led to the world too many of us do not truly appreciate, believing illusions over reality. The real So-called Secret Tesla Tech is just the communications and related electrical technology.

There is no logical need for satellites and there is no experiment that could prove Newton’s orbital mechanics correct. In fact the falling apple and demonstrable ballistic physics proves him wrong. The experiment Newton did was a thought experiment. Fantasy backed by math is as fallacious as any other lie. 1 +1 is not 9 it is 2!


Apples Are Not Like The Moon: Newton Wrong

An equal sign is just like a seesaw or scale. A fixed quantity on one side cannot be equated with an every increasing quantity on the other side. If we have one apple on one side and on the other we have one apple added each second of time, we would never expect the single apple to be able to balance with an ever increasing supply of apples, would we? That is the problem with Newton. His orbital mechanic is flawed. V = the square root of Big “G” times mass divided by radius. Make radius and mass one so they cancel and we end up with the Square Root of the rate of change for Gravity but not the observable acceleration as we can demonstrate with falling apples. The falling apple adds some 10 meters a second to its velocity and this is how we define an acceleration, and calculus us meant to mathematically model this fact. Newton pulls a bait and switch by comparing apples to oranges. Read up on his work for yourselves. Read the man in his own words and look up the explanations for this stuff. Do not take NASA's own word for their claims as evidence they are telling you the truth, that is not logical at all.

Why is the value squared anyway? What is that meant to model and why? These questions are important.

1938 in television - Wikipedia




watch Wernher von Braun: "Challenge of Outer Space ", US Dept. Defense (1955) - Duration: 44:10. Dan Beaumont Space Museum 6,429 views  for more.

At around 14:47 we can tell the model work by the fact the cloud of smoke is moving too fast. Scale matters. This is supposed to be a huge rocket. Can you see how this is nothing but more Cold War Era Lookout Mountain Studio style work?

This highly edited bit of propaganda proves absolutely nothing. The small thin missile like rockets do not look like real missiles at all. Not only does it look like they only had limited footage of that shot, which indicates a film effect sequence, the scale looks funny, the camera magically follows along with no obvious perspective change as one would expect. Further the motion of these thin missile like rockets look fake. It looks like the missile is being pulled on a string and the amount of exhaust seems endlessly excessive. In other words we suspect that this is some kind of composite and the source of the smoke is some kind of piece of equipment in a film studio on the ground. This video is a great example of Cold War era propaganda and cultural artifact manipulation and Hollywood special effects. Fritz Lang would have been proud.

Oh poor True Believer:

You will never wait on any lines at any spaceport to go to any sort of space vacation or job. Only the chosen few are holy enough to visit that set.

“November - Due to freak atmospheric conditions, a BBC TV broadcast is received in New York City. A film camera is used to record the silent images which included the performance of a play, a cartoon, and other matter. A four-minute excerpt from this filmed recording survives and is, as of 2014, considered the only surviving example of a pre-war BBC television transmission.”

— 1938 in Television - Wikipedia

Scripting Space with Uncle Walt:

We start off with a model shot. We then cut to a close up of guys in hard hats. Cutback to the model.Cut to a really cool Lookout Mountain Studio shot those Atom Bomb guys made. Nobody will notice the scale and perspective is that of a small model of course. How many trained artists are really out there? After all we have the public thinking Jackson Pollack is Rembrandt. 

Wait, can you make it say “Your Share in Space?” We Want them to think “WE”

You can tell model work because things tend to move too fast and if the right lens are not used and the right kind of film speed fakery, the illusion becomes obvious.

Please notice how you are shown highly edited, short clips, MTV music video style. Special effects trickery relies on sleight of hand tactics and getting you to believe your ears over your eyes by way of the ubiquitous voice over narrative. Keep this in mind, propaganda relies on repetition and parroting to “Echo” that repetition in sheep like fashion.Get the joke?

Echo 1.

Four Minutes of BBC TV from 1938

"This four-minute compilation from 1938 exists only because of a technological fluke and the enthusiasm of two television buffs, one in Britain and the other in America where, thanks to freak atmospheric conditions, it was picked up and recorded on a cine camera placed in front of a television screen as the images came in.


The communications grid is the real WMD. Not fake rocketry and fake atom bombs.

Some of the quick shots seem to include much smaller and more realistic rocketry. NASA and the Military have long used the Disney style artist tricks of perspective and stage magician sleight of hand to trick you. Make no mistake NASA and Hollywood employ stage magicians for special effects, who do you think naturally “gravitated” to Hollywood with their black hats and holy wood wands in the first place? Houdini was a film maker not a spy. We can prove that.

Even the smaller missiles at the start of the video look questionable. The Camera moves along with the missile, the perspective of this high speed projectile does not change and the edits are very abrupt and quick as well, so we only have short clips of special effects work to look at. What we do not have is one actual continuous shot of the rocket launch without edits or cuts or any other tell tale sign that we are being tricked. Hollywood style editing has long been something the Television News has done. In fact the television news is just the more modern Newsreel gone broadcast. The Newsreel footage is all edited and cut together like MTV Music videos. Too many of us take this kind of artificial crafting for granted.

“The Footage is Fake But They Really Went” & “The Check is In The Mail”

Layers of NASA scripted nonsense protect the truth: It’s All Fake. Just like conspiracy nonsense exists to profit from these events while playing damage control by covering up the fact that the so-called historical events are Hollywood product. All sorts of layers of emotional appeal scripted drama and deaths and whatever other soap opera tropes the NASA/Hollywood script writers of scriptures could dream up, act like a maze to lead one on an endless intellectual merry go round of nonsense. Too many of us simply echo back  obvious and very childish absurdities. Too many of us are really nothing but overgrown children complete with the childish awe of cartoonish fictions sold as fact.

A lot of this stuff comes across quite cartoonish and childish when one looks at it all with some critical thinking. This simplistic kind of presentation has long been taken as serious and we parrot back talking points as intended.

Does anyone really think a balloon can somehow travel at that impossible speed? That is what is needed to maintain a Newtonian orbit. One has to look into the claims and then think like a human being and not a trained monkey on a string dancing to some kind of looney tune. How could a balloon even get close to such incredible speeds?

Can anyone even demonstrate that a man made object can go any faster than the Concorde Jet did? We have to rely on Military based bragging for our so-called facts and that is most unwise. They have means, motive and opportunity to lie. It seems to us that small and very fast jets are a very possible and engineer-able thing. We do not think day dream experiment based orbits a real thing at all. Would you have allowed NASA to tie you to a bunch of explosives based upon no real experiment? The only "proof" that it would work was chalk on a board and a bunch of Disney Cartoons. Think about all of this and the fact that Hollywood special effects grew up with the Modern Military and Aerospace Industry. Obvious life actor Howard Hughes was magically a guy who could fake footage of war and airplane flights and a guy who would go onto own a satellite company. Consider that cartoon fiction. We have evidence of a BBC broadcast reaching NY from 1938 well before Disney and NASA got together with Kubrick. The skywave is something that has way more logic and evidence to support it than any NASA fiction.

Newton and the rest were religious science fiction writers like the Scientology guy L Ron Howard..Hubble...

Charlie Chaplin apparently faked some radio controlled zeppelin flights around the time London was supposed to be under such a threat. There's a clear historical pattern of artists IE masons, pulling off all sorts of fakery. To think otherwise is the more absurd position to take.

Please watch Ward Kimball a Disney Animator, Explain NASA’s work to you.

Please notice Ward claims the Disney artists did the research on the history of rocketry. Wouldn’t it make more sense of he referred to Van Braun or some other so-called V2 rocket science guy? These rocket science guys were boys playing with toy rockets and nothing more. Toy rockets, cartoon weapons and fake nuclear science can’t hurt you. Do not be afraid of live action cartoon characters and idols.

Disney artists were the real Cold War WMD Atom Bomb. These guys sold everyone on peer reviewed cartoon “proofs” in the same manner the University indoctrinated mind has long been conditioned to accept mathematical peer reviewed proof as demonstrable evidence.

Demonstrable Natural Principle must be ignored as it would reveal the very real fact that the Military lacks the power they claim to possess. The Cold War was a Great Atomic Hoax. To this day the Military and NASA sell live action cartoons on TV and YouTube as reality. The effects are so much better today. Keep this in mind, the Government has the ability to fill a building with high end off the shelf computers and can staff this complex with the best artists they can pay. With unlimited funds and simple non disclosure contracts, and security clearances, need to know basis, and National Security Acts, we can see what the real Top Secret deal really is. It is that Hollywood is the Pentagon. The Military, Hollywood and the Government are One and these corporate bodies do not work for you. You exist to work for that corporate Beast.

Propaganda is the weapon of government and religion used as a "Crook" to keep sheep encircled in a Saturn Ring of Mickey Mouse fantasy - day dream. We live in Disney's Land.


We do not have any experiment to point to. There is no reason to believe any man made object can orbit the Globe. When we look for evidence to support the claims of our officially tax funded Governments of the world, we can see that all we have are literally Disney scripted, government funded, cartoon product. Our ancestor’s tax dollars went to help build Disneyland. Nothing has changed, the effects we fund just keep getting more sophisticated.


Watch the Disney cartoon about rockets. Rockets derive from fireworks. Do fireworks as a means of propulsion seem like a good idea to you? Any types of rockets “we the people” get to encounter are of the toy model kind and go up quite fast, without the slow lift off the old NASA footage, more like bullets fired from guns than Hollywood rockets. These real rockets come back down to Earth. The huge rockets of modern myth, the size of buildings, are a huge phallic hoax. Air drag does not scale. This is why small projectiles can achieve some 2,000 mph velocities. We are to believe that NASA and other fake agencies can achieve ten times that speed with objets the size of buildings!

Great Joshua and Great Shades of Elvis’ Ghost, have I got a bridge to sell you…


Walt Disney began hosting his own television show for ABC in 1954 in an unusual contract: Disney provided ABC with a weekly hour-long television program in exchange for funding for the construction of Disneyland. As a result, the television show was also originally named Disneyland.

Ward Walrath Kimball

Ward Walrath Kimball worked on too may Disney cartoon films to list here. This man is the kind of person that NASA and the Military would go to to produce live action cartoons that could be sold to the public as reality. The Zapruder film is the tip of this Titanic Newsreel, fictional, iceberg.

This is the weapon of mass destruction.

The governmentally backed expert artist can be a powerful force for governmental social control.

Imaginations are shaped not by philosophers or parroting University indoctrinated minds, but by the talent and creativity and the power the unleashed imagination has. Walt Disney, a fellow cartoonist called this guy a genius. We can look to this man’s body of work for ourselves to see if this claim holds up to inspection.

“While Kimball was a brilliant draftsman, he preferred to work on comical characters rather than realistic human designs. Animating came easily to him and he was constantly looking to do things differently. Because of this, Walt Disney called Ward a genius in the book The Story of Walt Disney. While there were many talented animators at Disney, Ward's efforts stand out as unique.”

“According to Jeff Lenburg's assessment of him, Kimball was a pioneer animator and a great innovator of his time. His work had been honored with the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. He served as one of Disney's Nine Old Men. He instilled life to diverse Disney characters, such as Mickey Mouse, Jiminy Cricket, the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, and Tweedledee and Tweedledum.”

Kimball spend much of his career animating theatrical animated short films. However, he also served as a director for some of them. He and Charles August Nichols co-directed the animated short films Melody (1953) and Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom (1953). Melody was the Disney studio's first animated 3D film.  Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. It was the Disney studio's first widescreen CinemaScope animated film.  Kimball also directed the short films It's Tough to Be a Bird (1969) and Dad, Can I Borrow the Car? (1970). It's Tough to Be a Bird won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.”

Kimball served as a screenwriter for the featurette Eyes In Outer Space (1959). The film combined live action and animation. It depicted weather satellites and explained how the weather is predicted. The film was originally theatrically released. Around 1962, it started being shown in Disneyland.”

During the 1950s, the Disney studio shifted its focus from theatrical animation to television. Kimball wrote and directed three hour-long television shows about space exploration. They were Man in Space (1955), Man and the Moon (1955), and Mars and Beyond (1957). The consultants for these shows included pioneers of the Space Age, such as aerospace engineer Wernher von Braun. According to animation historian Jeff Lenburg, the three shows helped in sparking popular interest in spaceflight.

“Kimball was also responsible for the science-fiction two-reel cartoon Cosmic Capers (1957).”



No Satellites Needed

The thing about there being no need for communications satellites is that we can demonstrate these ideas with electrical experiments. Lightning is reproduced in labs as electrical arcing and has been for a long time. We know that we can describe the ionosphere in the manner we do. The Earth’s magnetic field also shows us what we can demonstrate and claim. Without getting too far into this, there is demonstrable experiment and Natural evidence to back up the claim for satellites being unnecessary. One cannot demonstrate that one can even achieve the legendary speed needed to achieve the magical escape velocity and nobody really bothers to question the underlying assumptions at all, do they? Ok, some of us do, but not most. In fact those of us who do are drowned out by UFO and Flat Earth and other noise. Most accept down as up. Down is not up.

The Sun can be explained with an old picture tube TV set and powerful magnet. Nikola Tesla's early lectures are very foundational to the world too many of us take for granted. His work is not about UFOs but about what would become this - the communications grid.

The Electric Universe and other such obvious illogical groups are either official or unofficial damage control. There's nothing like the power the true believer has to convince the flock to stay put. 

The communication satellites that are supposed to be in geostationary orbit are farther out than Low Earth Orbit. Geostationary orbit, where the angels, uhmm, satellites live is 22,236 miles up there. Its a fantastic distance that only NASA and other fake agencies can claim to verify. If this doesn't scream lie to you, well.... That might as well be an infinite distance from the imagined Low Earth Orbits of 100 - 1000 miles or so. High flying passenger jets that arc over your head are only some 3 - 5 miles up there. In the scheme of things that height is nothing which is why we do not see curvature. We are too small relative to the size of the Earth to notice its curvature easily. The Flat Earth noise machine is based on covering for very real problems with the mainstream model.

This information is the cure for governmental virus.

Disney’s original Mary Poppin’s film is a great example of what can done with special effects back in the mid 20th century. That could have been done with photographs rather than cartoons. It's all the same idea. Time and money are what matter. The more of both, the better the illusion.

Take a wee bit of ancient folklore, mix in some spectacular special effects and a magical cast -- and you've got one of the most enchanting fantasies of all time! A frisky old storyteller named Darby O'Gill is desperately seeking the proverbial pot of gold.

Keep in mind there are many old Hollywood special effect techniques that allow you to insert people into artwork and make it all look believable. The art might be a highly realistic painting or photograph or sequence of film frames. Some techniques can be done all in one shot. Like forced perspective camera trickery. Motion control cameras and other techniques and technologies were created by Hollywood and the Military. This is a fact, just look up motion control cameras. These holy wood weapons originated with aircraft artillery. Read this blog for more. The next entry has more about this, or see the index or just research it for yourselves.

The Thief of Bagdad (1940) - Theatrical Trailer

NASA needs the illusion of an International Space Race of some kind.

You are not to know that Nation States are as fake as the Space Race.

See the prior article for more.

Disney artists were the real Cold War WMD Atom Bomb. These guys sold everyone on peer reviewed cartoon “proofs” in the same manner the University indoctrinated mind has long been conditioned to accept mathematical peer reviewed proof as demonstrable evidence.

Demonstrable Natural Principle must be ignored as it would reveal the very real fact that the Military lacks the power they claim to possess. Satellites and NASA nonsense is still only a layer of the Great Deception of the 20th Century. There are a few more layers left to be revealed. The big deal reveal is that a whole lot of that legendary History Channel Military might is nothing but fancy pants Hollywood crafted product just like it has been for over a hundred years. Before the radio and even before print, oil paint and good old word of mouth was the “Flesh” that made the Spirit visible.

The bigger the budget and the more time spent, the better and more believable the effect. It is that simple.

Behind the scenes with Gravity #039;s special effects

Cult of personality - Wikipedia


NASA like Government and Religion, Relies on Faith Based Unreason and Artistic License to Keep The Sheep Dazed & Confused, Encircled by Dream as if Asleep

The Technology Has Come A Long Way Baby:

Live Action Cartoons are the best way to describe the film and television product created in the 21st Century. Long gone are the old days of darkroom productions that led to those crude NASA cartoons of the 20th Century.

Consider how truly Fake the old NASA footage looks. Compare the old Hollywood NASA footage with all the quick cuts and very low quality video picture resolutions and crude rocket special effects, and obvious Lookout Mountain Studio Atom Bomb model shots, with today’s digital High Definition and high quality Hollywood product. 

Modern green screen computer based film making, which literally is live action cartoon creation, would have been the Top Secret explanation for the impossible and fake International Space Station footage from the end of the 20th Century.

Top 10 Visual Effects You Thought Were Real 

A balloon in the vacuum chamber




“A low Earth orbit (LEO) is an orbit around Earth with an altitude between 160 kilometers (99 mi) (orbital period of about 88 minutes), and 2,000 kilometers (1,200 mi) (about 127 minutes). Objects below approximately 160 kilometers (99 mi) will experience very rapid orbital decay and altitude loss.[1][2]

With the exception of the 24 human beings who flew lunar flights in the Apollo program during the four-year period spanning 1968 through 1972, all human spaceflights have taken place in LEO or below. The International Space Station conducts operations in LEO. The altitude record for a human spaceflight in LEO was Gemini 11 with an apogee of 1,374.1 kilometers (853.8 mi). All crewed space stations to date, as well as the majority of satellites, have been in LEO.”


"NASA's Echo 1 satellite was built by Gilmore Schjeldahl's G.T. Schjeldahl Company in Northfield, Minnesota. The balloon satellite functioned as a reflector, not a transceiver, so after it was placed in a low Earth orbit a signal could be sent to it, reflected by its surface, and returned to Earth."



The Earth isn't Flat. UFO's Cannot Be Little More Than Gas Zeppelins And Satellites and Orbits are Impossible

The Art of Apologetics Applied To The Unneeded Satellites

Political Spin is not limited to politics. The history of science or rather scientism is filled with parroted tales of pure unreason sold as fact to the public to eager to believe it all.

First the ionosphere makes satellites unnecessary. Second the distance (about three Earth diameters) means the signal would be weak, the inverse radiation “law” is demonstrable physics. Further the idea that a balloon could be put into a vacuum like the infinite vacuum of space and not pop is absurd.

Please note that even if man made orbits were possible, we would not expect to see these objects from such a far distance. The high flying passenger jets are some three to five miles up in the sky. Satellites aren’t supposed to be bigger than passenger jets are they? You can extrapolate what would happen if the passenger jet was some twenty times or many, many, times further away than that distance. At some one hundred miles distance would you really expect to see the passenger jet? Of course not, even with a high powered telescope and lens, the dust, water vapor and intervening atmosphere make seeing or photographing such objects impossible. This is just more unverifiable claims offered as peer reviewed proof, but it is nothing more than crafted propaganda and photo fakery. The distances are beyond what most people deal with and we end up trusting the source of the claim to verify the claim and this is an obvious logical fallacy and the tactic of the snake oil, magic trick card salesman.

What most do not know is that the seemingly independent press and even seemingly amateur efforts are not so. These efforts are part of the deception and propaganda work and these tactics go back a long way.

“The Pythagorean theorem allows us to calculate easily how far a satellite is visible at such a great height. It can be determined that a satellite in a 1,500-kilometer (930 mi) orbit rises and sets when the horizontal distance is 4,600 kilometers (2,900 mi). However, the atmosphere causes this figure to vary slightly. Thus if two radio stations are 9,000 kilometers (5,600 mi) apart and the satellite's orbit goes between them, they may be able to receive each other's reflected radio signals if the signals are strong enough.
Optical visibility is, however, lower than that of radio waves, because"
the satellite must be illuminated by the sun
the observer needs a dark sky (that is, he must be in the Earth's own shadow on the planet's twilight or night side)
the brightness of a sphere depends on the angle between the incident light and the observer (see phases of the moon)
the brightness of a sphere is much reduced as it approaches the horizon, as atmospheric extinction swallows up as much as 90% of the light

Despite this there is no problem observing a flying body such as Echo 1 for precise purposes of satellite geodesy, down to a 20° elevation, which corresponds to a distance of 2,900 kilometers (1,800 mi). In theory this means that distances of up to 5,000 kilometers (3,100 mi) between measuring points can be "bridged", and in practice this can be accomplished at up to 3,000–4,000 kilometers (1,900–2,500 mi).
For visual and photographic observation of bright satellites and balloons, and regarding their geodetic use, see Echo 1 and Pageos for further information.”"


Balloon satellite - Wikipedia

NASA speaks with Forked Tongue: Rockets are Phallic Symbols - Get The Joke?

Project Man in Space: a Report on the Space Race with Mike Wallace (1961)


Saturn is the University Educated (Greco-Roman) God Of Government

The Elite University Indoctrinated Managers Are Obsessed with Ancient Egyptian and Greco-Roman Mythology.

The Elite Indoctrinated Type of Mind Also Possesses A Crass Sense of Humor & Seems To Be Very Superstitious

Phallus - Wikipedia

Consider the cooperation between the USSR and USA that is obvious. Mike Wallace is selling Russian propaganda at the same time he is selling USA might. See how the fear mongering worked? The journalist as trusted guide dog is not german shepherd, but a wolf in dog’s clothing leading the sheep in mice like circles and eventually into the cat’s Saturnian mouth to be consumed in a harvest of human resource and human as product.

The music is cartoonish and childish. Wallace sounds like he is narrating this for children not adults. This is obvious absurd comical and clownishly produced propaganda. Live action cartoons, highly edited video and authoritative voice over program minds as intended. The programmed mind can then echo the info back in endless loop and repeat and soon a chorus of human minds are singing the same song.

The impartial journalist is not as impartial as one has been conditioned to believe, especially when it comes to News like NASA and other governmental based power narratives.

The News media was created and crafted by governmental bodies and international banking interests. The high level journalists rub shoulders with the high level international figures and all of them tend to hang out together in New York City at the Council of Foreign Relations.

The News media is government.

Nixon’s Watergate event was designed to get the public to really believe the News media was independent from Government, but it is an easily researched fact that the mainstream media is government at the highest levels. Journalists are the trusted priests of the religion of Government. We tend to let our guards down and trust our favorite News source and this is as big a mistake as trusting the politician that claims to agree with us. Watergate was as fake as the JFK event in Dallas and as fake as NASA’s work is.

Banking In The Navy


Unverifiable Claims Lie at the Founding of the Navy and International Commerce

Naval power and banking go hand in hand back a long way, what better way to get the public to finance alls sorts of enterprises than talk of war and invasion? Banks fund wars. Banks wash and launder dirty drug money, or so we're told. There does seem to be a lot of truth to the idea that the Governments and Banks these institutions serve are the real Drug Mafia. The history of the Opium trade is pretty easily researched online.

Skulls and Bonesmen, secret agents and pirate flags. The Jolly Roger is just the Union Jack and the bones-men and Freemasons worked for the British Royalty, like the Royal Society that controls what you think of as science, does. All of the institutions too many of us parrot the prayers of are really a whole lot more about indoctrination than real education. Most degrees are more worthless than most think. The elite managerial class were long trained at aristocratic funded and Jesuit inspired Universities. Fraternal rites of passage and other sorts of debased behavior many take for granted as normal "college" life of today, originates with the elites. The University system is no longer about teaching a person how to critically think for themselves. It is about reinforcing the religion of, and belief in government. The fixation with Egyptian and Greco Roman myth clearly comes from the Greek Alpha Beta Animal House aristocratic University system.

The Vatican and Rome seem more like a Spanish Royalty franchise than not. The Jesuit order originated in Spain and the Spanish royalty exist along with the rest of the European family to this day. Some have obvious titles and some more than likely, do not. All the paperwork leads back to these people and they still retain the power they always have had. They are just smart enough to have layers and layers of all this government between Us and Them. See why there is a pyramid? It is a buffer.

Layers of lies protect the truth and the truth seems to be this: we of European decent are all derived from the same slave stock. We are all from feudal slave families and our last names and any coats of arms are brands of the system. We have long been counted as cattle. The census is the instrument of Satan. Please do not be offended, but Israel never existed outside of a book until after World War Two. Asia used to refer to the East and not a continent. The Bible is not about something that happened a long time ago. The thing would seem to be of more recent origin and would seem to contain political commentary cloaked in allegory and myth. Many of us can trace our heritages back to Jewish people, if we bother to actually look up what our last names mean, even seemingly non-Jewish ones are not as advertised. In other words history is not what we've been taught, but to know this you have to go back and read and look towards the original sources, you have to question all the underlying assumptions You have to understand how to think, for real, not in the way you have long been conditioned to think is thinking. What you have been long taught is thinking is just robotic parroting. The social reward system, the way your brains work, means you have been manipulated your whole lives by an inhuman system that does not have your best interest at heart.

Banks and religion and sea faring Navies all are as one under God’s Only  Officially Sanctioned Son™

Do you believe your creator created you to be office workers and managers and Priests & Politicians and shapers of public opinion?

Or did the Creator create you to continue the Natural process and phenomena of Creation.

Procreation is Naturally verifiable and demonstrable as is all the many forms of art, including the art of the forked tongue.

The Governor and Company of the Bank of England

“England’s crushing defeat by France, the dominant naval power, in naval engagements culminating in the 1690 Battle of Beachy Head, became the catalyst for England’s rebuilding itself as a global power. England had no choice but to build a powerful navy. No public funds were available, and the credit of William III’s government was so low in London that it was impossible for it to borrow the £1,200,000 (at 8% p.a.) that the government wanted.”

“To induce subscription to the loan, the subscribers were to be incorporated by the name of the Governor and Company of the Bank of England. The Bank was given exclusive possession of the government’s balances, and was the only limited-liability corporation allowed to issue bank notes.”

”The lenders would give the government cash (bullion) and issue notes against the government bonds, which can be lent again. The £1.2m was raised in 12 days; half of this was used to rebuild the navy.”



Religions are chains of mental slavery. Religion gets confused with spirituality and this bait and switch snake oil tactic goes back a long way and is where the art of stage magic derives from.

If people understood allegory better and actually thought for a second, they'd clearly see that anyone who claims to be a Christian or follower of Christ is 'half-Jewish" in terms of culture as the Old Testament is supposed to be of Jewish origins and Jesus and all his friends and families, all of his "peeps" were Jewish. The reason why Jesus over turns the money changers tables in the Temple is why we have the myth of the evil banker. The Jewish people would seem to simply be the original "house slaves". In other words the more educated and rising middle class of jewelers and money changers would grow with the aid of Global shipping corporations, charters and Royal Navies, into the monster of today. Blaming Jewish people for the state of the world and thinking Jewish people control the world are obvious lies meant to continue the cultural divides the power elite rely on to manage us like sheep.


The Drug Trade, Banking, Navies and Governments should be considered one and the same.


There's a long and easily researched history but it requires a working mind and an addiction to real self education and not to the shallow social media the government offers. And yes, the Government is a corporate entity or SATAN. The initials NATAS used to be printed on the golden Hollywood Idol Oscar.

Governmental Control Of Education Has Been Dumbing Down Human Minds a Long Time

An uneducated docile public mind is easier to bind.

More local control over our schools would make a lot more sense especially in a day and age where we can digitally share information globally at the legendary speed of light. Instead we pay a whole lot in taxes, fees and fines, the money goes to the county, state and federal governments who then attach strings in order for that money to then be educationally spent.

Things like girls being bad at math and science might have more to do with the fact that a lot of it is nonsensical and presented in a confused manner on purpose. We are conditioned by schooling to accept empty appeals to external authority as appeals to logic and reason. They are not. In fact the educated historian is more of a parrot, more often than not. The educated mind really believes that parroting a bunch of facts they do not see are contradictory and just layers of propaganda lies, is something to show off and be proud of. They did get straight A’s and graduated with a degree after all.

The University system is Saturn’s toy. The God of Mind Control, the God of The Harvest of Humanity lis the God of Governance and External Authority. The star of the shire reeve or sheriff is the star of Saturn for good reason. References to Saturn, planet or God, are symbols of governmental power.

That power has such a grasp on our minds that we allow ourselves to be managed by the system that really does no serve us at all. We serve it. We serve it our children as the myth tells us.


Through The Looking Glass: Eye Spy A Spying Eye



Cult of personality - Wikipedia

The CW is 911

The CW - Wikipedia

The Twin Towers, WPIX and the ad campaign that brought them ...

In The New York Channel 9 was UPN and Channel 11 was WPIX.

The CW was originally the UPN 9 and Channel 11 joint effort. CBS is Channel 2 on the dial in the NY area.

The CW is a Channels 9 and 11 and Twins joke.

CW is channel 11 in NY.

“The CW is an American broadcast television network that is operated by The CW Network, LLC, a limited liability joint venture between CBS Corporation, the former owners of the United Paramount Network (UPN), and the Warner Bros. Entertainment division of Time Warner, former majority owner of The WB Television Network. The "CW" name is an abbreviation derived from the first letters of the names of its two parent corporations (CBS and Warner Bros.).”

The CW - Wikipedia

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS)  was created in 1955 to advance the arts and sciences of television. Headquartered in New York, NATAS’s membership is national and the organization has local chapters around the country. It was also known as the National Television Academy until 2007.

One of its past presidents, Don DeFore, was instrumental in arranging for the Emmy Awards to be broadcast on national TV for the first time on March 7, 1955. Other past presidents include John Cannon, Peter Price and Frank Radice.

NATAS distributes Emmy Awards in various categories including “Daytime”, “Sports”, “News and Documentary”, and “Public Service”.

NATAS also supervised the primetime Emmy Awards until a split between the East and West memberships in the 1970s led to the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences leaving NATAS. ATAS supervises the primetime and Los Angeles area Emmys, while NATAS is in charge of the other Emmy honors. In 2007, the organization spawned a peer organization dedicated to new media, called the National Academy of Media Arts & Sciences (NAMAS).[1]

NATAS publishes its own quarterly magazine, Television Quarterly, which was started publication in 1962”
— https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Academy_of_Television_Arts_and_Sciences

Cult of personality - Wikipedia


DSL = LSD: Social Media is the LSD of Today.

The Digital Subscriber Line is the new addictive mind altering drug. LSD is not physically addictive, nor overtly deadly,  by the way, Nor is cannabis (which was labeled poison and banned at the behest of Big Pharma). But commercialized and industrialized opium and coca based product when concentrated can be not only addictive but deadly.

During the late 20th Century heroin and cocaine (and Big Pharma) drug use was heavily promoted and the Big Pharma product is heavily promoted complete with a list of deadly side effects, to this day. Celebrities and so-called Hollywood "Stars" have long been pushed as guides and shepherds of public behavior. Idolatry and iconic and simplistic thinking is encouraged. Real critical thought is not encouraged, instead empty parroting is. The education system "Grades" and rewards the "Saturnian" initiate with Pavlov Dog conditioning. Celebrities like George Carlin, Keith Richards and so many others have bragged on National Television to talk show host propagandists and (tabloid) News journalists for years. The media pushes ideas like these onto the public mind and the governmental profiteering machine wins while the tax payer loses. Families and communities lose too, while the Banks, the Black Market criminals, the elite and the for profit criminal prison system win. Levi's jeans and other companies are quite proud of their prison contracts. Consider how evil that is. Make a personal adult behavior choice like growing a non-toxic plant that is actually medicinally beneficial a crime and now by Constitutional decree that person can engage in forced prison labor, IE that person is now a legal slave.

Yellow journalism is the blueprint for culture and the News and journalism was never designed to tell the truth to you. "Facts" are constructs of a social religion we call Government. Government is mind cement. Television and social media are the Drug of Choice in  the Brave New World and too many minds are victims of this social disorder.


Never Forget 9/11!: There is internal and external propaganda and government employes and the Military are bound to be the most propagandized with internal war gaming simulations and all sorts of other propaganda. National Security Acts and Non Disclosure Agreements and all sorts of paperwork ensure secrets are kept. 

The world does not work how we have been taught and conditioned to think. We are all victims of a long standing social experiment of sorts. What we do not see is that Government is itself "SATAN". The Roman God of the Jesuit Order and modern day elite University System is the God of Capitol and Capital. Saturn is the God of Time who consumes his own children. Saturn the Government will Harvest us all. Our lives from before birth to after death are monetized. We are the mass produced Robots and Zombies of modern mainstream Hollywood productions.

Events like 9/11/2001 are not only staged and controlled, they are massive rites of passage and rebirth rituals. Mythology is foundational to Government and always has been. Allegory matters. Modern art seemed designed to get the public to overlook visual communication that might have unstated metaphorical meaning. We are not supposed to point out the Emperor's New Clothes are as imaginary as Black Holes and Multiverses.

We are not supposed to think for ourselves. We are supposed to parrot back the scripts we have been literally programmed to spit out like calculating machines.

Bob Hope USO Tours and Coca Cola Walt Disney Space Races and So Much More

The first radio company that managed to actually produce real product was RCA. RCA was not the company of Nikola Tesla nor the company of Edison or anyone one person at all. In fact RCA was a product of International Banks, The U.S. Navy and The United Fruit Company. Look it up. See the pattern? We will see the same pattern of Navy and Banking relations over and over. This is about world commerce and the world is one big business enterprise. Nation states are lies and means of social management and control and have always been. The Royals still run this Holy Roman Empire, the USA and UK and rest are just franchises of a rebranded and occulted long standing Mafia Crime Ring. The banking ring that has encircled the globe is one of the biggest scams and con jobs in history if not the biggest. This is the key to understanding how the world is run and how we are all kept as slaves to a system, even the Queens of the world are slaves to basal desires that have long been promoted by SATAN (Government).

Government is SATAN


"WE THE PEOPLE" is Marketing

Don McLean- American Pie (with Lyrics)

Hollywood is Saturn's SATANIC Hotel

Hollywood is the religion of many and is also the Government. "I'm Uncle Sam, that's who I am, I have been hiding out in a Rock N Roll  band..." is more true than most know. The USO tours of Bob Hope established a monster than is now online and digitally enhanced.

Saturn The Roman God of Capitol and Capitol Is the God Of Government

Hollywood is Government.

Eagles Live At Capital Center: Hotel California

talent (n.) 
"inclination, disposition, will, desire," “in classical Latin "balance, weight; sum of money,” “from Greek talanton "a balance, pair of scales,"“The Medieval Latin and common Romanic sense developed from figurative use of the word in the sense of "money." Meaning "special natural ability, aptitude, gift committed to one for use and improvement" developed by mid-15c., in part perhaps from figurative sense "wealth," but mostly from the parable of the talents in Matthew xxv.14-30. Meaning "persons of ability collectively" is from 1856.”



Public Celebrity Personas Are Crafted Allegory

A media super star’s biography is as crafted as the art that persona sells. The hairstyle, fashion choices and bizarre hotel habits are the stuff of modern myth and legend. What we know about these legendary figures is what the media machine wants us to know. The Government crafts electronic religion complete with media heroes to be worshipped. The habits of the hero are to be adoptedby the following. Posters adorn dorm rooms and the Neo-Religion of Pop Culture explodes. Religions are meant to control us, not free us. The drugs associated with the Neo-Religion of Pop Culture are promoted to advance the need for the War on Drugs. The powers that be also happen to believe these drugs capable of inducing a more docile minded public. Whatever one does or does not think about LSD or DSL or Cannabis, nobody has a right to tell any other adult what substance they may or may not use. That aside, logical warnings and the free exchange of real demonstrable information is the best way to go. The War on Drugs is a failure in terms of real social policy but an obvious win for Government. We need to end the War on Drugs.


Youtube is Government:

Youtube is home to many military videos showing off how our hard earned wage slave taxes are spent. The problem is a whole lot of this highly edited and historical videos of fighter jets, B17 bombers and so on, are clearly fake and very problematic in terms of production. Really trying to film images of wars and high flying aircraft is more difficult than most might think.

Please keep in mind you have been raised in a multimedia environment that relies on image being considered more important than substance. “First appearances matter’, or so we’re told. Fact is we’ve long been sold plastic as gold.

The Royalty established the Military and played dress up as war Generals and Admirals in the first place. They created a system of social control where they could also cull talent from the wage slaves or those lower down the Feudal pyramid chain. The Nations they would go to war with would be those controlled by their own extended Mafia family members. See the scam yet?

Religion is another way for the Royals to control the rest of us while being able to pull useful talent out of the "crowd" or audience.

These people crafted the caste system that exists overlooked to this day. We are not as free as Government advertises. We are slaves to it. It does not work for any of us, even the Royals descendants of those who hatched this beast from Astrological egg.


"Saturn (Latin: Saturnus pronounced [saˈtʊr.nʊs]) is a god in ancient Roman religion, and a character in myth. Saturn is a complex figure because of his multiple associations and long history. He was the first god of the Capitol, known since the most ancient times as Saturnius Mons, and was seen as a god of generation, dissolution, plenty, wealth, agriculture, periodic renewal and liberation. In later developments he came to be also a god of time. His reign was depicted as a Golden Age of plenty and peace. The Temple of Saturn in the Roman Forum housed the state treasury. In December, he was celebrated at what is perhaps the most famous of the Roman festivals, the Saturnalia, a time of feasting, role reversals, free speech, gift-giving and revelry. Saturn the planet and Saturday are both named after the god."

Saturn (mythology) - Wikipedia

The Apotheosis of Washington depicts George Washington sitting amongst the heavens in an exalted manner, or in literal terms, ascending and becoming a god (apotheosis). Washington, the first U.S. president and commander-in-chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, is allegorically represented, surrounded by figures from classical mythology. Washington is draped in purple, a royal color, with a rainbow arch at his feet, flanked by the goddess Victoria (draped in green, using a horn) to his left and the Goddess of Liberty to his right. Liberty wears a red Phrygian cap, symbolizing emancipation, from a Roman tradition where sons leaving the home and/or slaves being emancipated would be given a red cap. She holds a fasces in her right hand and an open book in the other.

Forming a circle between Liberty and Victory are 13 maidens, each with a star above her head, representing the original 13 colonies. Several of the maidens have their backs turned to Washington, said to represent the colonies that had seceded from the Union at the time of painting. Upside down above Washington is the banner E Pluribus Unum meaning “out of many, one”.

Surrounding Washington, the two goddesses and the 13 maidens are six scenes lining the perimeter, each representing a national concept allegorically: from directly below Washington in the center and moving clockwise, “War,” “Science,” “Marine,” “Commerce,” “Mechanics,” and “Agriculture”. The perimeter scenes are not fully visible from the floor of the Capitol.
— https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Apotheosis_of_Washington

Banks and religion and sea faring Navies all are as one under God’s Only  Officially Sanctioned Son™
Do you believe your creator created you to be office workers and managers and Priests & Politicians and shapers of public opinion? Or did the Creator or the Creative Force, create you to continue the Natural process and phenomena of Creation. Procreation is Naturally verifiable and demonstrable as is all the many forms of art, including the art of the forked tongue.



Allegory Matters: Origins of Mascots & Corporate Logo Creation

“As a literary device, an allegory is a metaphor whose vehicle may be a character, place or event, representing real-world issues and occurrences. Allegory has been used widely throughout history in all forms of art, largely because it can readily illustrate complex ideas and concepts in ways that are comprehensible or striking to its viewers, readers, or listeners.”

“Writers or speakers typically use allegories as literary devices or as rhetorical devices that convey hidden meanings through symbolic figures, actions, imagery, or events, which together create the moral, spiritual, or political meaning the author wishes to convey.“

Allegory - Wikipedia


Church Canon is Fiction

“In fiction, canon is the material accepted as officially part of the story in an individual universe of that story. It is often contrasted with, or used as the basis for, works of fan fiction. The alternative terms mythology, timeline, and continuity are often used, with the former being especially to refer to a richly detailed fictional canon requiring a large degree of suspension of disbelief (e.g. an entire imaginary world and history), while the latter two typically refer to a single arc where all events are directly connected chronologically. Other times, the word can mean "to be acknowledged by the creator(s)."

Canon (fiction) - Wikipedia

Timeline of canon comics | Wookieepedia | Fandom powered by Wikia

Alternative versions of Superman - Wikipedia




One is supposed to associate one's own identity with one's Nation State. Wave that flag, wave it wide and high as you stand and do deep knee bends as the government wants. Bow, heel and kneel to the power of "Zod" or the power of the sacred written word.

"Powdered Wig Men" got their wiggy ideas from somewhere and that magical somewhere was the Bible.

Just like Moses could carve Ten Commandments into Stone, the Founding Fathers could do the same with feather quill and parchment.

Religion is a construct. Religion is an artifact and is a creation of the artist. Religion may or may not contain ideas that make sense.

There is logic to not killing and stealing. There is logic to other commandments as well. The overall point would be this: Do punishments fit the crime? Should one blindly follow a set of instructions or should one learn to think for themselves?

Are you an animal or a fully actualized Human Being?


Do you need a shepherd to guide you?


Marketing 101: Can’t Produce The Corpus of Jesus

If you don’t have a body to show off, you can always claim “the word was made flesh” and you can narrate that it was so. You can also commission artists to paint pictures of a guy suffering on a cross and you can then point to this and claim it is Christ. You can define up as down and down as up with Papal Bull Decree. The thing you can not do is actually prove any of it is true. This is why the Flock must have Faith in order to be led astray and away from the real “kingdom” of God and into the very real slavery to the system of Saturn and Government. The first story in the Bible, if taken literal or allegorical , tells us the same thing. God is not in the artifice. God walks in Nature.








Artists Crafted Language. The Monastery system is the source for the written word and the language used to describe Jesus represents this fact. These men taught the animals to read and write, like Dr Dolittle, in a way.

This world of governmental artifice is still "under construction".

Jesus The First Pulp Fiction Underdog: A LOGO "Made "Flesh"

Taking allegory for literal Truth is the road to insanity and away from God.

Only you can do this for you, nobody can define GOD for you.

Exegesis Astray

The Fallacy of The Emotional Appeal Creates The Bleeding Heart Liberal Type


Please keep in mind that Logos are meaningless without knowing the story behind them or what they mean. The Coca Cola Logo or Jesus Christ coin or Crucifix are meaningless as symbols if you do not know what these symbols refer to. A coin or dollar bill is also meaningless if one does not know what money is. The Jesus symbol we are exposed to is one that represents the Global Holy Roman Empire. Not Freedom. The Son on the Cross would seem to be a reference to the westward expansion of the Holy Roaming Enterprise.  The name Asia used to refer to the land of the rising Sun or the East itself and not the continent.

(money itself is not the issue, it’s the way it’s used to control us that’s the problem)

The Son on the Cross would seem to be metaphorical for The Sun’s Saturn Ring Like Path Around The Globe

It Looks Like It Is A Symbol of The Global Naval & Banking 'Time Bandit' Ring Enterprise

T and O map - Wikipedia

"A T and O map or O-T or T-O map (orbis terrarum, orb or circle of the lands; with the letter T inside an O), is a type of medieval world map, sometimes also called a Beatine map or a Beatus map because one of the earliest known representations of this sort is attributed to Beatus of Liébana, an 8th-century Spanish monk. The map appeared in the prologue to his twelve books of commentaries on the Apocalypse."


Whatever the source of all existence is and whatever you want to call it, you are the creation of some kind of creative process, if you want answers look within not without. You are one of the Creator’s creations. Atheist and religious soul alike. The “Word Made Flesh” is clever metaphor for the fine art of communication. Jesus is an idol and icon meant as a symbolic shepherd. No real evidence of Jesus can ever be put forth. You must wait until some sort of Judgement Day for all that. The best you can do is turn to one kind of external shepherd with crook, for guidance, like an animal would. Animals follow the pack leaders as should you too.

How could you ever logically hear the word of God if you are listening to someone else?

After all, Darwin and Jesus agree that you need to be herded like animals,  of one kind or another (monkey or sheep), by the will of the more powerful or by the Church.  (Which amounts to the same thing.)

Do you really believe God’s word is in some kind of Logo?

God needs no officially sanctioned envoy to reach you. Or do you believe in some kind of limited Creator? The noise of all the nonsense is what is drowning God’s voice out. The logical fallacy of external authority is the root of all evil. A real “leader” type can demonstrate why they are experts in the field they claim knowledge of.

We think God speaks in the "language" of Nature Not Artifice.

LOGOS means a "Mad Men" (Advertising) Man Made Construct


Contracts are the language of Satan not God. Idolatry requires confusing scripts for substance, the artificial for the real and the unnatural for the Natural.

This is the Trivium turned on its head.

God needs no social contract. Governments do.

covenant (v.) 

c. 1300, from covenant (n.). Related: Covenanted; covenanting. Covenanter (1638) was used especially in reference to Scottish Presbyterians who signed the Solemn League and Covenant (1643) for the defense and furtherance of their cause.

covenant (n.) covenir "agree, meet," from Latin convenire "come together" (see convene). Applied in Scripture to God's arrangements with man as a translation of Latin testamentum, Greek diatheke, both rendering Hebrew berith (though testament also is used for the same word in different places).”

Covenant - Online Etymology Dictionary

Cult of personality - Wikipedia

Doctor of the Church - Wikipedia

The Thirty Three Doctors of the Church: Christopher Rengers O.F.M. ...

On Your Knees For The Three Three's

Logos refers to Jesus as God and get’s into the funky Trinity philosophy of the three who are one and the one who is three. A puzzle and brainteaser designed to lead the curious mind astray. Just like the conspiracy mazes of the JFK and other fake and staged events are. This is all the same game played over and over. The same game echoes throughout time.

You can spend forever arguing over which passages of the Bible are the right ones and which are wrong and you can argue over all sorts of subtle differences in the meaning of words, intent of the authors and everything under the Sun. All of this is as nonsensical as  assuming that the media approved Wiki-leaks propaganda is anything but. Getting lost in scripted layers of lies designed to lead you astray is really a great way to get lost in the “space’ of the mind and away from any real possibility of hearing the voice of the Divine at all. Children spend afternoons arguing over fictional superheroes, continuity errors and all kind of nonsense. It’s the exact same TYPE  of childish behavior. Nothing like being led astray by the college educated mind and grading conditioned tongue.

The Bible is a great source of inspiration and allegory to ignite your own imagination and thoughts. The Creator wants you to continue the act of creation. That’s the idea. You are not supposed to look for the “Cliffs Notes” style summary or have someone else tell you what it all means. If you want to hear the voice of God you have to listen for yourself. Playing the childish translation (babel) telephone game with some kind of “medium” - guru - priest, between you and the Creator of All, is a really bad way to go about gaining wisdom and insight into Life, the Universe and All That Jazz.

You do not have to believe these colored alternating current pixels on a screen, you can experience the reality of existence for yourself.

Amazing mazes designed by Medea magicians who love their University Classical myth, are the tools of tyranny.

Only officially sanctioned Church (or institutionalized power) will do, as long as that Church isn’t your own mind and is an officially constructed artifice designed to impress you with the power and glory not of God, but of the aristocrat’s vanity. The power or glory of God is evident in Nature, human nature included. The Garden of Eden is within and without and this is no allegory.

Please keep in mind that Logos are meaningless without knowing the story behind them or what they mean. The Coca Cola Logo or Jesus Christ coin or Crucifix are meaningless as symbols if you do not know what these symbols refer to. A coin or dollar bill is also meaningless if one does not know what money is.

(money itself is not the issue, it’s the way it’s used to control us that’s the problem)

Jesus as an Idol and Icon is a Logo.

The Idea made flesh. The flesh is just oil paint imagery and the illumined manuscript that would become the Gutenberg mass produced printed Bible, the first pulp fiction product of sorts. The predecessor to all the publishing we overlook and take for granted today starts with the illuminated manuscripts of old. This is a prior medium for government. Religion is just government without the threat of the police. Both want to pick your pocket and want you to worship at their altars. Both want to shepherd and control your own individual thoughts and ideas. You may not color outside the lines. Who do you presume to be? You lack the education, obviously! The Church was the original concert hall and journalistic medium in many ways. The "Good News" became the daily bread of mass produced Newspapers and then a News multimedia Apocalyptic monster.


Oh, God! - Wikipedia

God Does Not Speak in LOGOS! The Devil Squeaks Them Out.

The allegorical meaning of the "word made flesh" seems clear, but the individual must work these things out for themselves. If not , they will be letting others design their thinking for them. In this manner so many of us do not really have our own thoughts, we act as trained colorful birds and parrot what we are told to parrot.

Jesus as a character and idol is designed to appeal to your sympathy. "Jesus Died For You" is a great slogan and one that lays on a heavy kind of guilt trip as marketing material. That is all any of this really is. The Church is nothing but theater, complete with costumes  and song and dance numbers.

Idolatry - Wikipedia

The Appeal to Sympathy is the Foundation For The "Word Made Flesh"

"Here I come to save the day" The Underdog cartoon theme, late 20th century. Jesus is the ultimate JFK martyr. JFK's event was a call to the Catholic sacrifice of this King of Kings. Of course this King of Kings is carried about by the Pope on a stick and this sympathetic sacrifice is designed as a corporate logo to represent religion in the West. Keep waiting for Jesus, he is coming back and the end of the world, after all. He will come and fix it all for you. You don't have to anything.

Erase "He helps those who help themselves" from your mind, even though that makes sense. You must rely on other to do all your spiritual work and thinking for you. Just stick to the ten lines on the stone and color between them like a good child.

Christ on the Cross is one of the first examples of what would become modern corporate mascot based logo design. We can see how this relates to the mascot office of President. Christ has been used to keep us as slaves to an inhuman system for centuries. Christ's Divinity is reflected in the Divine Right of Kings. This religious element worked hand in hand with Feudalistic ideas.

Jesus Christ is a character that has been crafted over the centuries into the bearded hippie figure with sandals, we know today. The fact is Jesus is not even named "Jesus" but rather Yeshua, but names don't really matter right?

Martyr - Wikipedia

Jesus is really Joshing, uhmm, Joshua.

Yeshua - Wikipedia

Cult of personality - Wikipedia

This Christian sympathy play reinforced the supposed Divine structure of Monarchy and Empire.

The Gospels are great examples of myth or early yellow journalism. Do not get lost in the details of fake and filtered history, which is all  the Bible represents. Trying to make complete sense out of what seems to be a collection of stories is not a good idea. This is like getting lost in the details of the Kennedy Assassination with all the tales of CIA and Mafia and the rest, when the fact is the entire story is concocted nonsense. JFK didn't die in Dallas, the event was a hoax. At least there is no evidence to support the Government's claim that JFK died in Dallas on 11/22/1963. The Zapruder and related films are live action Hollywood cartoon work.

In the same manner all the high level philosophy that surrounds scripture is exactly like getting lost in the details of an obvious scripted fiction that has no bearing on reality, like say exploring a wiki-leaks information dump, while ignoring the glaring and obvious fact that wiki-leaks is a governmental product and Julian Ass-ange is an obvious government shill and fake. 

Getting lost in fairytales and details that are scripted fictions that more than likely do contain contradictory errors, is a huge mistake in logic and reason. It is obviously a bad idea to assume a whole bunch of ideas are true when you cannot ever verify such things. Reciting passages from the Bible and reciting and parroting back high level Church doctrine only goes to show the effects the  University system social conditioning has had on the human mind. The Bible contains so many contradictions that it seems that trying to make sense of it is like trying to make sense of some 80 years of Superman comic book and cartoon history. These are just stories told around the "campfire"  yet we all tend to take it all too seriously and allegory gets lost in the process.

All the Church Doctors and all the Church philosophical authorities can't put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Religious faith requires you leave logic behind and you accept the external authority of those who claim to be your mental  or spiritual superiors. You are supposed to check your mind at the Church's double doors and let more "enlightened' and educated and wiser minds do your thinking for you. Christianity and Judaism and Islam are slave religions. If that offends you maybe that's a good thing. Religion has too long been confused with spirituality and a real relationship with the Divine and it is not. If anything, religons work against you ever having a real relationship wit your creator. The Bible, priest, guru and rabbi can act to screen or wall off any real experience you might have. They act as go betweens that one should really outgrow if one truly develops their own spiritual insights as their creator intended them to do. The Bible contains great allegorical meaning if you use your own mind to reveal it. Nobody can tell you what it all means to you, but you. 

Taking all of this seriously is as stupid and stunningly dumb as taking the obviously scripted life actor and WWE wrestler,  pizza mascot guy, Trump as a real billionaire President. Trump is a live action cartoon character like the rest. The News and related media are filled with live action cartoon characters.

To most people Jesus and God are little more than wish fulfilling genie like Supermen. The super hero of today is the neo-religion and  mythology of the mass movie going public. These fictional idols, these logos, are designed and scripted to reinforce the so-called American Dream in one form or another. Hollywood is not going to spend countless millions on cranking out product that will get you to doubt governmental power. All Hollywood does is create the illusion that Government is important, is needed and has power, in the first place. No Holy-Wood, means no Government, as we know it.  Hollywood product is the tool of mind control or government. Film is just a newer media version of the printed page. 


Joseph Campbell describes yellow press newspapers as having daily multi-column front-page headlines covering a variety of topics, such as sports and scandal, using bold layouts (with large illustrations and perhaps color), heavy reliance on unnamed sources, and unabashed self-promotion. The term was extensively used to describe certain major New York City newspapers around 1900 as they battled for circulation. 
Frank Luther Mott identifies yellow journalism based on five characteristics: 
scare headlines in huge print, often of minor news
lavish use of pictures, or imaginary drawings
use of faked interviews, misleading headlines, pseudoscience, and a parade of false learning from so-called experts
emphasis on full-color Sunday supplements, usually with comic strips
dramatic sympathy with the "underdog" against the system.



NASA and the rest of the propaganda noise machine got their ideas from somewhere and that "somewhere" was Religion.

Religion is government too. Religion is a screen that is designed to stand in the way of you and God or Divinity or Nature or whatever you think is the right way to put it. You have to have your own personal relationship with the creator and nobody else can do that for you , nor can anyone else define what this means for you. That is on you and you alone. If you follow others and look to external guidance, you will never have an experience with the source of all, of your own. You will only be a follower and a sheep in need of some kind of shepherd, even if that shepherd is a book. University trained minds use seemingly impenetrable language to make simple things complicated. The legal system with the need for a Law Dictionary, to understand if "is" really means "is",  is an example of this kind of illogical reasoning. Modern cosmology makes use of mathematical model in similar logically fallacious fashion.

These forms of imagination control rely on appeals to external authority of one kind or another.

Such authority takes many forms and one becomes a mental slave to inhuman systems.

Biblical scripture can become a straight jacket to real individual thought and a real spiritual relationship with existence, Allegory matters more than appeals to official church doctors and others forms of external guidance. All of that Vatican and Jesuit, elite inspired  philosophy is just elite jargon that disguises a whole bunch of nonsense dressed up in intellectual garb and presented as wisdom, divinely inspired.  Artists craft minds and artists crafted religion and the stories of Adam and Eve and allegorical Sun Man Jesus and all the rest. Jesus was no more real than Superman in the sense of him being Divine. Jesus is the poor man's Buddha. In other words, one represents the Divine as the poor dude and the other as the rich king. The fact is the Bible has long been used to support Kings. The Vatican and the Church Doctors and other high level Sainted Philosophers were and are elite University indoctrinated minds. Anyone who has any idea about comparative religion and history knows there is a huge difference between the works of "man" and God.

Led 'Exegesis' Zeppelin

“exegesis (n.) 

1610s, "explanatory note," from Greek exegesis "explanation, interpretation," from exegeisthai "explain, interpret," from ex "out" (see ex-) + hegeisthai "to lead, guide," from PIE root *sag- "to track down, seek out" (see seek (v.)). Meaning "exposition (of Scripture)" is from 1823. Related: Exegetic; exegetical; exegetically.”



Christ (n.)
title given to Jesus of Nazareth, Old English crist (by 830, perhaps 675), from Latin Christus, from Greek khristos “the anointed” (translation of Hebrew mashiah; see messiah), noun use of verbal adjective of khriein “to rub, anoint” (see chrism). The Latin term drove out Old English Hæland “healer, savior,” as the preferred descriptive term for Jesus.

A title, treated as a proper name in Old English, but not regularly capitalized until 17c. Pronunciation with long -i- is result of Irish missionary work in England, 7c.-8c. The ch- form, regular since c. 1500 in English, was rare before. Capitalization of the word begins 14c. but is not fixed until 17c. The 17c. mystical sect of the Familists edged it toward a verb with Christed “made one with Christ.”

chrism (n.)
”oil mingled with balm,” Old English chrisma, from Church Latin chrisma, from Greek khrisma “an unguent, anointing, unction,” from khriein “to anoint,” from PIE root *ghrei- “to rub” (source also of Lithuanian griejù “to skim the cream off”). Chrisom “baptismal robe,” is a c. 1200 variant of this. Related: Chrismal; chrismatory.

Christ - Online Etymology Dictionary


This is the source of you as an "Ai"


Matrix (printing) - Wikipedia

Oh So Typical a Type Face: What A Font of Wisdom Babel Can Be or Is it "iS"?

"Typology in Christian theology and Biblical exegesis is a doctrine or theory concerning the relationship of the Old Testament to the New Testament. Events, persons, or statements in the Old Testament are seen as types pre-figuring or superseded by antitypes, events or aspects of Christ or his revelation described in the New Testament. For example, Jonah may be seen as the type of Christ in that he emerged from the fish's belly and thus appeared to rise from death. In the fullest version of the theory of typology, the whole purpose of the Old Testament is viewed as merely the provision of types for Christ, the antitype or fulfillment. The theory began in the Early Church, was at its most influential in the High Middle Ages, and continued to be popular, especially in Calvinism, after the Protestant Reformation, but in subsequent periods has been given less emphasis.”

Character creation - Wikipedia

typical (adj.)
c. 1600, “symbolic, emblematic,” from Medieval Latin typicalis “symbolic,” from Late Latin typicus “of or pertaining to a type,” from Greek typikos, from typos “impression” (see type (n.)). Sense of “characteristic” is first recorded 1850. Related: Typically.
— etymology


Is Jesus a New Adam? Is Jesus the fruit of the second tree in the garden? Was Adam a real dude? Was Jesus? Does logic matter or do we just get lost in false dichotomies and other obvious logical fallacies? The Bible is the work of men not God. There is no evidence anyone can examine to show any of these people actually lived the lives the Bible claims.  It's not like we can dig up the bodies and magically test them to know exactly what happened. We cannot commune with the dead and we cannot turn on a magic television set that would enable us to see the past. Arguing over the actual existence of what seems to be fictional work is somewhat insane. There is no evidence that any miracle or any fantastic claim from the Bible is anything but myth and fiction and poetic metaphor. Common sense should tell anyone that they should avoid arguing over details when logic and reason should suffice to let you know that there is a reason why Faith is different from Logic. Having “Faith” is a belief not grounded in experience or demonstrable reality. It is like having faith and believing in “Trump” or Snoopy.

People love to argue over minutia and enjoy the Divide & Conquer dance.



Allegory is a language.

typical (adj.) - Online Etymology Dictionary

The External Authority Fallacy: We Have Divine Right To Tell You How To Behave - Animal!


 Divided We The People Fail & Fall

Religious divides, social divides, political divides, too many infinite divisions to count. Divide and Conquer had to come from somewhere. Here we seem to have evidence of some connective tissue between Religion and Government. Of course the all important mind control device, MONEY is MINTED.

JESUS & MONEY sitting in an apple tree...

“Typology in Christian theology and Biblical exegesis is a doctrine or theory concerning the relationship of the Old Testament to the New Testament. Events, persons, or statements in the Old Testament are seen as types pre-figuring or superseded by antitypes, events or aspects of Christ or his revelation described in the New Testament. For example, Jonah may be seen as the type of Christ in that he emerged from the fish's belly and thus appeared to rise from death. In the fullest version of the theory of typology, the whole purpose of the Old Testament is viewed as merely the provision of types for Christ, the antitype or fulfillment. The theory began in the Early Church, was at its most influential in the High Middle Ages, and continued to be popular, especially in Calvinism, after the Protestant Reformation, but in subsequent periods has been given less emphasis.[1] One exception to this is the Christian Brethren of the 19th and 20th centuries, where typology was much favoured and the subject of numerous books. Notably, in the Eastern Orthodox Church, typology is still a common and frequent exegetical tool, mainly due to that church's great emphasis on continuity in doctrinal presentation through all historical periods. Typology was frequently used in early Christian art, where type and antitype would be depicted in contrasting positions. The usage of the terminology has expanded into the secular sphere; for example, "Geoffrey de Montbray (d.1093), Bishop of Coutances, a right-hand man of William the Conqueror, was a type of the great feudal prelate, warrior and administrator”.  ”

The Fine Art of Minting Personality Types


How does it feel to be minted like a coin?

“The term (Typology) is derived from the Greek noun τύπος (typos), "a blow, hitting, stamp", and thus the figure or impression made on a coin by such action; that is, an image, figure, or statue of a man; also an original pattern, model, or mould. To this is prefixed the Greek preposition ἀντί anti, meaning opposite, corresponding.”

This Tar Baby is like a Rat Trap. This is like arguing over false political divides and comic book superhero continuity questions. This is like arguing over which team should have won the big game last night or which version of Trump is the real one. All unverifiable speculative silliness. Imaginative silliness, but still silly. (art can be very silly)

Typology (theology) - Wikipedia

Artists work with typography. Which is the same thing as typology. Just rebranded for the so-called "New World". This world is the work of Artists and not philosophers or scientists or Church Doctors or even very smart University educated minds. All of this has to do with crafting allegory into a symbol of some kind. That symbol may be a fictional or fictionalized character in a story or an actual corporate logo. "Corporations" are so important to government, after all.

The artistic mind is responsible for designing the rituals of church that many take too seriously. Church ritual is theater and nothing more. The priests dress up in costume and they break into song as you sit, stand and kneel, while the chorus sings. It's a bit of theater and an aerobic work out rolled into one. Never mind the fact that the guy on the stage, reading from the fancy book is dressed in the black suit of Saturn the Roman God of Government. 

typology (n.) 
"doctrine of symbols," 1845, from Greek typos (see type (n.)) + -logy. Related: Typological; typologically.

type (v.) 

"to write with a typewriter," 1888; see type (n.). Earlier it meant "to symbolize, typify" (1836) and "to foreshadow" (1590s). Related: Typed; typing. 

type (n.) 

late 15c., "symbol, emblem," from Latin typus "figure, image, form, kind," from Greek typos "a blow, dent, impression, mark, effect of a blow; figure in relief, image, statue; anything wrought of metal or stone; general form, character; outline, sketch," from root of typtein "to strike, beat," from PIE *tup-, variant of root *(s)teu- (1) "to push, stick, knock, beat" (see steep (adj.)). 

Extended 1713 to printing blocks with letters carved on them in relief. The meaning "general form or character of some kind, class" is attested in English from 1843, though it had that sense in Latin and Greek. To be (someone's) type "be the sort of person that person is attracted to" is recorded from 1934.

Jesus is a symbol or logo. Like Coca Cola’s Logo. That is why Jesus on the Cross is Used As a Symbol.

The Bible is a lot like the first comic books. Of course it usually contains better art work and the writing is more seriously composed and there's some kind of allegorical history in there, but the entire thing reads like a printer's joke. The use of terms like "Logos" and "Type" clearly have to do with branding and other forms of labeling we are so accustomed to by way of the constant noise of advertising. These concepts derive from the creation of the written word and the letter forms in the first place.The terms used for Jesus and the rest all relate to artists creating letter forms with positive and negative spaces.

“Western calligraphy is recognizable by the use of the Latin script. The Latin alphabet appeared about 600 BC, in Rome, and by the first century[clarification needed] developed into Roman imperial capitals carved on stones, Rustic capitals painted on walls, and Roman cursive for daily use. In the second and third centuries the uncial lettering style developed. As writing withdrew to monasteries, uncial script was found more suitable for copying the Bible and other religious texts. It was the monasteries which preserved calligraphic traditions during the fourth and fifth centuries, when the Roman Empire fell and Europe entered the Dark Ages.”
“Christian churches promoted the development of writing through the prolific copying of the Bible, particularly the New Testament and other sacred texts.”

— https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calligraphy

Calligraphy - Wikipedia

Please keep in mind that Logos are meaningless without knowing the story behind them or what they mean. The Coca Cola Logo or Jesus Christ coin or Crucifix are meaningless as symbols if you do not know what these symbols refer to. A coin or dollar bill is also meaningless if one does not know what money is.

(money itself is not the issue, it’s the way it’s used to control us that’s the problem)

Gutenberg Bible - Wikipedia

type (n.) 

late 15c., "symbol, emblem," from Latin typus "figure, image, form, kind," from Greek typos "a blow, dent, impression, mark, effect of a blow; figure in relief, image, statue; anything wrought of metal or stone; general form, character; outline, sketch," from root of typtein "to strike, beat," from PIE *tup-, variant of root *(s)teu- (1) "to push, stick, knock, beat" (see steep (adj.)). 

Extended 1713 to printing blocks with letters carved on them in relief. The meaning "general form or character of some kind, class" is attested in English from 1843, though it had that sense in Latin and Greek. To be (someone's) type "be the sort of person that person is attracted to" is recorded from 1934.



Logo design

Logos - Wikipedia

Logo - Wikipedia

"The term is derived from the Greek noun τύπος (typos), "a blow, hitting, stamp", and thus the figure or impression made on a coin by such action; that is, an image, figure, or statue of a man; also an original pattern, model, or mould. To this is prefixed the Greek preposition ἀντί anti, meaning opposite, corresponding."

Typography - Wikipedia



Holy Best Sellers Batman! Call The NY Times!

The Speculum Humanae Salvationis or Mirror of Human Salvation was a bestselling anonymous illustrated work of popular theology in the late Middle Ages, part of the genre of encyclopedic speculum literature, in this case concentrating on the medieval theory of typology, whereby the events of the Old Testament prefigured, or foretold, the events of the New Testament. The original version is in rhyming Latin verse, and contains a series of New Testament events each with three Old Testament ones that prefigure it. It is one of the most common books found as an illuminated manuscript, and also in early printing in both blockbook and incunabulum forms.
— https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speculum_Humanae_Salvationis



Alpha and Omega

“GOD” is a word. God as a concept is an idea that refers to something that is beyond human comprehension. Unless one thinks GOD can be limited in some way, one should be able to recognize that God has to be beyond our ideas and language and even imaginings, maybe especially our imaginings. In other words we cannot define the Divine and source of ALL with mere words or ideas. God is transcendent of all that we can conceive. In the same way that teeth cannot bite themselves and the carton of eggs is not the eggs themselves, GOD is not the word or even the concept the word refers to. God as the source of all creation is beyond so-called time and space. God would refer to something so completely beyond what we can consider we can only term the experience of considering it as “transcendent”. Words and ideas are human constructs. Words and even ideas are art. God does not create art. God creates Nature. Human beings create artifacts.


We can be inspired and are truly limited by Nature, and we can be inspired or we can be controlled by Art.


What this all means to you is up to you. Nobody else can reach to touch God’s hand for you.





Living Colour's official music video for 'Cult Of Personality'. 

To The Weaponized Artist Your Mind is Play Dough To Be Sculpted


dough (n.) 

Old English dag "dough," from Proto-Germanic *daigaz "something kneaded" (source also of Old Norse deig, Swedish deg, Middle Dutch deech, Dutch deeg, Old High German teic, German Teig, Gothic daigs "dough"), from PIE *dheigh- "to build, to form, to knead" (source also of Sanskrit dehah "body," literally "that which is formed," dih- "to besmear;" Greek teikhos "wall;" Latin fingere "to form, fashion," figura "a shape, form, figure;" Gothic deigan "to smear;" Old Irish digen "firm, solid," originally "kneaded into a compact mass"). Meaning "money" is from 1851."


form (n)

c. 1200, forme, fourme, "semblance, image, likeness," from Old French forme, fourme, "physical form, appearance; pleasing looks; shape, image; way, manner" (12c.), from Latin forma "form, contour, figure, shape; appearance, looks; a fine form, beauty; an outline, a model, pattern, design; sort, kind condition," a word of unknown origin. One theory holds that it is from or cognate with Greek morphe"form, beauty, outward appearance" (see Morpheus) via Etruscan [Klein]. 

From c. 1300 as "physical shape (of something), contour, outline," of a person, "shape of the body;" also "appearance, likeness;" also "the imprint of an object." From c. 1300 as "correct or appropriate way of doing something; established procedure; traditional usage; formal etiquette." Mid-14c. as "instrument for shaping; a mould;" late 14c. as "way in which something is done," also "pattern of a manufactured object." Used widely from late 14c. in theology and Platonic philosophy with senses "archetype of a thing or class; Platonic essence of a thing; the formative principle." From c. 1300 in law, "a legal agreement; terms of agreement," later "a legal document" (mid-14c.). Meaning "a document with blanks to be filled in" is from 1855. From 1590s as "systematic or orderly arrangement;" from 1610s as "mere ceremony." From 1550s as "a class or rank at school" (from sense "a fixed course of study," late 14c.). Form-fitting (adj.) in reference to clothing is from 1893.

form (v.) 

c. 1300, formen, fourmen, "create, give life to, give shape or structure to; make, build, construct, devise," from Old French fourmer"formulate, express; draft, create, shape, mold" (12c.) and directly from Latin formare "to shape, fashion, build," also figurative, from forma "form, contour, figure, shape" (see form (n.)). From late 14c. as "go to make up, be a constituent part of;" intransitive sense "take form, come into form" is from 1722. Related: Formed; forming.

Form - Online Etymology Dictionary

Poseidon or Neptune is University taught allegorical sea symbol. The trident shape is the symbol of the sea based banking enterprise that dominates the world. This is the symbol of the Sea Services, the Navies, that serve commercial Enterprise.

JFK was a Navy PT109, kind of guy, as well as being a Fraternal brother, after all. See the visual language of allegory yet?

John F. Kennedy - Wikipedia

DC Comics & Iconic Allegorical Unknown Soldiers: DC = Disrespectful (to actual) Combat veterans

Who uses the soldiers as props? Who is disrespectful? Who makes War into a Cartoon?

The State Shall Not Kill

“The series originally takes place during World War II, and focuses on the missions of a United States intelligence agent code-named "The Unknown Soldier," whose head and face are so severely disfigured that he typically has it completely wrapped in heavy bandages. Despite this, he is a master of disguise who can assume the identity of almost any man using latex masks and make-up. However, his disguises occasionally itch where they meet the scar tissue of his face, forcing him to be conscious not to give himself away by scratching. He is also prone to loss of temper at enemy atrocities and has been seen to blow his cover in this manner.”

The character is named after The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia (which occasionally makes appearances in the series). The character of the Unknown Soldier is symbolic of the nameless soldiers that have fought throughout America's wars; as stated in his first featured story "They Came From Shangri-La!" (Star Spangled War Stories #151, June–July 1970), he is the "man who no one knows — but — is known by everyone!" Another nickname for the character used in the series is "The Immortal G.I.”  ”

Tomb of the Unknowns - Wikipedia

Unknown Soldier (DC Comics)


“Who will sing in celebration Throughout this land that's bound to die?
"Oh that's bound to dies.”
Great Spirit - Robert Plant


Guns death and noise Sand oil and blood
Frontiers drawn on paper No consideration made for
The poor creature who is living By the grace of God just giving
He’s live on network news Live on network news

Flags, princes, kings Patriotic fools

As freedom lies in twisted heaps Whose final breath his soul to keep
Whose greatest foe, the endless sleep Whose dying wish to reach next week
A bloody star on the network news A bloody star on the network news
Tanks, boats and planes Fire, pain and lies

Environmental terrorists Tease propaganda’s paper fist
Whose trade is all the truth that fits Who often lies but never sits
But on the fence it’s the network news Yes on the fence it’s network news
Hallelujah, hallelujah,


constitutions are just recipes for governments: swearing to uphold them is like swearing to make sure the Coca Cola recipe remains the same and has nothing to do with protecting you


Rockefeller Center - Wikipedia

30 Rockefeller Plaza - Wikipedia

RCA - Wikipedia





Crom Cruach - Wikipedia

terrorism (n.) 

1795, in specific sense of "government intimidation during the Reign of Terror in France" (March 1793-July 1794), from French terrorisme, from Latin terror (see terror).

If the basis of a popular government in peacetime is virtue, its basis in a time of revolution is virtue and terror -- virtue, without which terror would be barbaric; and terror, without which virtue would be impotent. [Robespierre, speech in French National Convention, 1794]

General sense of "systematic use of terror as a policy" is first recorded in English 1798 (in reference to the Irish Rebellion of that year). At one time, a word for a certain kind of mass-destruction terrorism was dynamitism (1883); and during World War I frightfulness(translating German Schrecklichkeit) was used in Britain for "deliberate policy of terrorizing enemy non-combatants."


List of expressions related to death - Wikipedia