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Here's What A Harvard Education Means: University Education Dumbs Us All Down


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The Real WMDs are The Mass Communication System & Human Psychology

Radio waves are what we should be concerned with, not radioactivity.


"Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time is an epic and scholarly work of history written by Carroll Quigley. The book covers the period of roughly 1880 to 1963 and is multidisciplinary in nature though perhaps focusing on the economic problems brought about by the First World War and the impact these had on subsequent events. While global in scope, the book focusses on Western civilization, because Quigley has more familiarity with the West.

The book has attracted the attention of those interested in geopolitics; Quigley asserted that a secret society initially led by Cecil Rhodes, Alfred Milner and others had considerable influence over British and American foreign policy in the first half of the twentieth century. From 1909 to 1913, Milner organized the outer ring of this society as the semi-secret Round Table groups."

Tragedy and Hope - Wikipedia

Please Watch:

John Taylor Gatto discusses Carroll Quigley and Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time

"Two Harvard University scientists are suggesting that mysterious fast radio bursts, detected in faraway galaxies, may be evidence of aliens traveling through the cosmos."



Existential Threats Are Used To Keep Us As Good Little Governmental Wage Slaves Tied to The Inhuman Tax System, Really Believing We Need The Protection of Government


You are supposed to believe in all the Hollywood promoted war.

You are not supposed to know Hollywood and The Government are one.


Album: Paranoid Song: "War Pigs" ~ LYRICS ~ "War Pigs" Generals gathered in their masses Just like witches at black masses Evil minds that plot destruction Sorcerers of death's construction In the fields the bodies burning As the war machine keeps turning Death and hatred to mankind Poisoning their brainwashed minds Oh lord yeah!

A Digital Age of Socially Reinforced Stupidity

People wonder why Americans seem so dumb. We look to the educational system and Common Core and we blame Bill Gates. What we do not suspect is that the higher level institutions of learning are the source of the intellectual decline in human activity.  This yellow journal headline is a great example of the means by which the public's mental capacities are slowly eroded and worn away.


We end up with a docile public eager and ready to accept as truth the pronouncements of the media and the all important University graded and degreed so-called "authority".

Radio waves can have natural sources, despite media hype and all that these "scientists" could possibly be doing is pointing a radio antenna at part in the sky, and get some kind of reading back, (perhaps). They are just making up the rest of it. Radio astronomy is you know, radio, and the Natural world produces radio waves and alternating current effects. The celestial plasma lights in the sky are the obvious source of radio waves, otherwise we'd have no radio telecopies in the first place. The same sky is also the source for radio noise and all sorts of blips and bleeps.

Radio telescope - Wikipedia

"RBs are extremely bright flashes of radio waves that last for only a thousandth of a second and are detected by earthbound telescopes. Since the first one was observed 10 years ago, 17 have actually been reported, although scientists think there are thousands of them a day."

The evidence is flimsy. The radio waves lasted for a thousandth of a second and only seventeen have been observed. These flashes could easily be equipment anomalies or any other kind of explanation. The mainstream media promoted science is never too concerned with detail. Image matters way more than substance.

When one delves into the details one learns an awful lot about the subject in question. How can someone claim to be an auto mechanic and not know how to put an engine together? The media is not overtly concerned with actually providing substantial detail at all. In fact, real education is not the purpose of press release "science" at all. The purpose of a lot of what we read and hear about is shaping public opinion and perception over time and nothing more. UFO space aliens have long been the stuff of mythology and fantasy.

Most might not be aware of the fact that Newton and others were less scientifically inclined than the University indoctrinated mind might be willing to let on or accept.

Space aliens and UFOs are government and Hollywood promoted hoaxes. Outer Space is the result of wishful thinning and Walt Disney. Hollywood is the government. 

Circular reasoning is the order of the day. The assumed model is the Big Bang heliocentric based one and all observation must religiously comply to this mathematical model. The stars and planets must be as Newton claimed. We cannot question the primary assumptions. The work of men like Newton are considered as sacred and involatile as the Ten Commandments are by religious folk.

You must not look into the underlying assumptions and non reproducible experiments that lie at the foundation of modern Metaphysics sold as Physics. You must not learn anything for yourself and must trust in external University trained authority over common sense and reason. Your imagination is supposed to be defined for you.

Nukes Don't Exist - Hoax Busters Call 

The World War Two Atom Bomb Lie Exposed

At 600 MPH it Takes 1 Minute To Tavel 10 miles

The Hiroshima narrative would seem impossible based on the description. The bomb took 44.4 seconds to detonate but the airplane which had a top speed of some 400 mph was able to travel an impossible 10 miles in that amount of time.

"The release at 08:15 (Hiroshima time) went as planned, and the Little Boy containing about 64 kg (141 lb) of uranium-235 took 44.4 seconds to fall from the aircraft flying at about 31,000 feet (9,400 m) to a detonation height of about 1,900 feet (580 m) above the city."

"Enola Gay stayed over the target area for two minutes and was ten miles away when the bomb detonated." "...uranium-235 took 44.4 seconds to fall from the aircraft flying at about 31,000 feet... to a detonation height of about 1,900 feet"

B 29 Fortress was supposed to be capable of speeds of 400 mph - Ten miles away in 44.4 seconds works out to a speed of some 818 mph or so. So the story is obviously absurd. At 400 mph the plane would have traveled some 6.666... miles in one minute. (400/ 60) Links below: Obvious an old propeller airplane could not move faster than the speed of sound.





The Classified Need To Know Top Secret is That Atom Bombs And Nukes Are Fake!

The Making of "Dr. Strangelove" © 1963 Columbia Pictures

Hollywood is a Military Operation

Please take notice of how the Dr. Strangelove film makers claim the Military was not behind the production, we are not supposed to know Kubrick was Military too. He had to have had a security clearance to work with NASA after all, or so one would think based on the National Security Acts and all the talk of Top Secret clearances. We believe all of the footage in film Dr. Strangelove is fake. Some of the Military airplane footage is more highly crafted than others. We think all of it is obviously Hollywood crafted work, especially the refueling scene in the beginning. This is just a special effects shot that was really well done. The fact is Boeing and other aerospace companies are where people like one of the founders of PIXAR, Loren C. Carpenter, get their start.

Opening credits for the 1964 movie Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, starring Peter Sellers and George C. Scott, directed by Stanley Kubrick

"It's Only a Model"

Please notice how the refueling "rod" and the planes move like models and not like a real (huge relative to me or you) objects would. The refueling rod moves too fast and like a much smaller object would. The sequence is a very good special effect. Consider how this would have to really be shot with a large film camera of the era. This is supposed to be footage from a stock house. Howard Hughes is another examples of a film maker who worked with the Military, he would magically later on in life, get into the aerospace industry, so he had to have some kind of clearance, no? Hughes once faked a Zeppelin battle for the films "Hells Angel's" and it seems pretty obvious he faked a whole lot more. Hollywood is the Military. 

Howard Hughes - Wikipedia

Bran Ferren - Wikipedia


After the war, during the winter of 1945–46, Hersey was in Japan, reporting for The New Yorker on the reconstruction of the devastated country, when he found a document written by a Jesuit missionary who had survived the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. The journalist visited the missionary, who introduced him to other survivors.
— https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Hersey
"He subsequently was a graduate student at the University of Cambridge as a Mellon Fellow. After his time at Cambridge, Hersey got a summer job as private secretary and driver for author Sinclair Lewis during 1937; but he chafed at his duties, and that autumn he began work for Time,[11] for which he was hired after writing an essay on the magazine's dismal quality.[12] Two years later he was transferred to Time's Chongqing bureau.

During World War II, newsweekly correspondent Hersey covered fighting in Europe as well as Asia, writing articles for Time as well as Life magazine. He accompanied Allied troops on their invasion of Sicily, survived four airplane crashes,[13] and was commended by the Secretary of the Navy for his role in helping evacuate wounded soldiers from Guadalcanal."

Reporting from Hiroshima

"Soon afterward John Hersey began discussions with William Shawn, an editor for The New Yorker, about a lengthy piece about the previous summer's bombing. Hersey proposed a story that would convey the cataclysmic narrative through individuals who survived. The next May, 1946, Hersey traveled to Japan, where he spent three weeks doing research and interviewing survivors. He returned to America during late June and began writing about six Hiroshima survivors: a German Jesuit priest, a widowed seamstress, two doctors, a minister, and a young woman who worked in a factory."
"The result was his most notable work, the 31,000-word article "Hiroshima", which was published in the August 31, 1946, issue of The New Yorker. The story dealt with the atomic bomb dropped on that Japanese city on August 6, 1945, and its effects on the six Japanese citizens. The article occupied almost the entire issue of the magazine – something The New Yorker had never done before."

John Hersey - Wikipedia


John Hearsay was a Propagandist and nothing more.


UnSpun 029 – “Aldous Huxley and Spies in Academic Clothing”

Please donate: http://www.gnosticmedia.com/donate/ Aired July 05-06, 2016. Joe Atwill and Jan Irvin discuss Aldous Huxley and the Huxley family, and Jan's article Spies in Academic Clothing. Jan Irvin's article "Spies in Academic Clothing": http://www.gnosticmedia.com/SpiesinAcademicClothing_MKULTRA


Hollywood Crafted Reel Military Might Covers For Research Into The Real Internet of Today




The Concorde Passenger Jet Is Evidence That Large Rockets & Missiles Are Hollywood Hoaxes & Propaganda Artifacts

Compare and consider the engineering and real world issues that the Concorde, a real passenger jet would experience, traveling at the speed of sound. Consider how the Saturn V and other rockets can reach speeds of many times the speed of sound and not have to worry about heat and structural problems. Of course we are to suppose that the atmosphere will act as NASA magically wills it to and there can both be some atmosphere and no atmosphere at the same time.

Of course NASA will claim it and the aerospace industry engineered all the problems away. And yet before 9/11/2001 we could have paid a lot of cash to fly on a real super speed - airplane. Can any of us real people buy a ticket for a ride on a rocket? Think there will ever be lines for the Atlas V Rocket Ride to the International Hilton in The Lucid Sky?


image $ource: https://www.nasa.gov/vision/space/gettingtospace/16sep_rightstuff.html


How is this believable at all?

9/11/2001 taught us all that the powers that be use controlled demolition to take buildings down. We also know now, thanks to 9/11. that the media is in on it,. We know we've been historically had, and we know that the Government, the News and Hollywood are one and the same. The claims of the Government, the claims of NASA and the Military are literal hot air. We can never verify these claims for ourselves. It is not on us to prove anything but the demonstrable fact that the Government cannot support its claims. All of the claims of governmental power and authority come from the governments themselves and the governments are institutionalized Lies themselves. Government Means Lie.

It's Just Theater.

The Saturn V Rocket Weighed as Much as This Theater

6.2 Million Pounds = 3,100 tons

"Shubert Theater
Almost 3,000 tons
The Shubert Theater, the oldest theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was moved three blocks, so that it would not be demolished during a redevelopment project. The building weighed almost 3,000 tons, making it the heaviest building to be moved on rubber tires at the time."



National Security Acts Keep Cartoons Top Secret

The justified fear over nuclear technology led to the creation of one of the weirder bits of legislation: the classification of “born secret.” This refers to the fact that, under a certain reading of the law, information on the design and function of nuclear weapons is considered stolen classified information even if you come up with it yourself.

As a result of this and more reasonable secrecy plans, the fine details of all but the earliest nuclear weapons are still unknown to the public. To be fair, those details wouldn’t help anyone but a state actor, one with access to nuclear material, enrichment facilities, tons of money, and at least a few world-class engineers, but it’s still probably for the best. So rather than learning how to actually build nuclear weapons (darn…), we’ll have to settle for a basic conceptual understanding of the two basic nuclear weapon types: the old, and the new.
— https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/217306-explaining-the-unimaginable-how-do-nuclear-bombs-work




Atoms Are Ideas: Atomic Weapons Makes Ideas Seem Real


This is Metaphysics and not science.

There are other explanations for this phenomena . Nikola Tesla's ideas are reproduced below, 

When a single free neutron strikes the nucleus of an atom of radioactive material like uranium or plutonium, it knocks two or three more neutrons free. Energy is released when those neutrons split off from the nucleus, and the newly released neutrons strike other uranium or plutonium nuclei, splitting them in the same way, releasing more energy and more neutrons. This chain reaction spreads almost instantaneously.

Atomic bombs were exploded in war in Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II. The characteristics of the bombs are shown below.
— http://www.cnduk.org/campaigns/global-abolition/effects-of-nuclear-weapons/item/444-how-do-nuclear-weapons-work

How do nuclear weapons work? - Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament


The World Set Free: Atom Bombs are Fake


The mainstream media tends to attribute the atom bomb to people like Einstein, but it looks like the concept might have come not only from science fiction writers but from Gustave Le Bon.

Some of Le Bon's work is based on experiment and is insightful and some of it is based on assumptions built on speculative fantasy and this might be where some of these cartoonish ideas come from.

Le Bon get's into the idea that the atom is a store of energy. He also claims that the Universe will eventually run out of energy. I don't know how he magically could know this and where he thinks "energy" could go. In other words he veers off into speculative metaphysics. Atoms are ideas. They are as real as Superman. They are part of a model and artifact of culture more so than anything real. Atomism is just an idea. How can we examine these claims? We have to trust the media and University noise machine that do not have our best interests at heart. These institutions act as social shepherds of human imagination and we may not color outside of the officially sanctioned lines of lies.

See Book IV Chapter IV The Vanishing of Energy And End of Our Universe page 89:

The evolution of forces

by Le Bon, Gustave, 1841-1931


Le Bon's assumptions defy logic and are not based in reality but on myth. The mainstream cosmological or metaphysical model is a patchwork of obvious contradictory nonsense. Scientism requires faith in external authority like government, mainstream news media and religions do.

LeBon seems to really believe (or he is lying) that something can come from nothing. This is the trivium and quadrivium turned upside down - Alice in Wonderland style, Logic gives way to nonsense.

The University trained mind has been socially conditioned by the grading system to not critically think for themselves and to ignore any and all obvious underlying flaws in favor of mathematical model and film reel evidence. All they need to do is cleverly parrot and echo the catechisms they were indoctrinated in. They must not question underlying assumptions at all. They will go with the most absurd explanation instead of the obvious and these people seem to always ignore historical context. These guys do not want to talk about how Hollywood and the Military are one, for example. They do not want us to know anything about the history of these ideas or we might catch on that we've been had.

These minds are infected with a real mental disease if they actually believe in cartoon reality. This is what it is like to live in a huge world wide cult. Most of us are quite insane.

We are not supposed to question authority. We also are to be afraid to be wrong. In fact we are supposed to fear fear itself. Basal fears and desires run this sick show we call home.

The World Set Free is a novel written in 1913 and published in 1914 by H. G. Wells.

The book is based on a prediction of nuclear weapons of a more destructive and uncontrollable sort than the world has yet seen
— https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_World_Set_Free

The World Set Free - Wikipedia


The world of human imagination can really be set free even if it is just one person. All you need to do is use the tool you are reading these words with, as the ultimate library it is. You can become your own authority, You can program yourself or you can let others do it for you. Human nature is what it is and human psychology has been used as a weapon against us for centuries. Human beings are social beings who tend to parrot and monkey each other's behavior and in this manner we can be easily led and manipulated. This isn't about me being right and you realizing it. This is about you learning to think for yourself if you haven't already done so. Free thinkers can still disagree. 

Atom Bombs and nuclear weapons are fake. Look into the history and underlying science and the Manhattan Project and the narrative gives itself away for the canard it is. 


How Quickly "Theory" Becomes Reality

The discovery of nuclear fission by German chemists Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassmann in 1938, and its theoretical explanation by Lise Meitner and Otto Frisch, made the development of an atomic bomb a theoretical possibility.
— https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manhattan_Project

Manhattan Project - Wikipedia


Theories built on assumptions. What was the original experiment?


Nuclear fission of heavy elements was discovered on December 17, 1938 by German Otto Hahn and his assistant Fritz Strassmann, and explained theoretically in January 1939 by Lise Meitner and her nephew Otto Robert Frisch. Frisch named the process by analogy with biological fission of living cells. It is an exothermic reaction which can release large amounts of energy both as electromagnetic radiation and as kinetic energy of the fragments (heating the bulk material where fission takes place). In order for fission to produce energy, the total binding energy of the resulting elements must be less negative (higher energy) than that of the starting element.

- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_fission

Electrical experiments prove that electrical phenomena give off heat and light and radiation. The atomic theory nonsense is sold to the public to cover for the real Aether based radio technology we all overlook. The world we live in is the world of the mythic visions of Nikola Tesla and not the plagiarized daydreams of Einstein. Radio and other electrical phenomena prove the validity of the Aether model. Modern physics is a patchwork of contradictions held together with threadbare mathematical models. It assumes "Space" to be filled with empty space or a vacuum and it assumes the existence all sorts of classifications of magical particles and other sorts of angelic like beings we need pins to count.


From Theory To Weapon in Six Short Years


Consider how long it took to perfect airline flight and to turn it into something that could be mass produced. Consider how long it took to get telegraph, radio, television, computers (which still do not work as advertised) and the rest to work and apply some common sense. We are to believe within six years the powers that be could magically cause a huge devastating explosion with a substance that basically gave off heat and radio waves. The thing is electrical experiments produce the same results and we would not expect to unleash magical amount of explosive energy that contradicts the demonstrable principle of the conservation of energy. One has to ignore this idea to accept Nuclear weapons. 

“Lise Meitner…was an Austrian-Swedish physicist who worked on radioactivity and nuclear physics. Otto Hahn and Meitner led the small group of scientists who first discovered nuclear fission of uranium when it absorbed an extra neutron; the results were published in early 1939. Meitner and Otto Frisch understood that the fission process, which splits the atomic nucleus of uranium into two smaller nuclei, must be accompanied by an enormous release of energy. This process is the basis of the nuclear weapons that were developed in the U.S. during World War II and used against Japan in 1945. Nuclear fission is also the process exploited by nuclear reactors to generate electricity.”


Can you tell me why C is Sqauared in this equation? 


The E = MV vs E= MV2 that led to the work credited to Einstein is the subject of a future, more complicated article. This equation is a model. The question is whether or not we care about the Conservation of Energy and whether we believe something can come from nothing. In other words do you logically believe there needs to be some kind of Creator? The Atom Bomb mythology is based on the idea that something can come from and go back to nothing.  This is Metaphysics and not physics. Metaphysics cloaked with science fiction imagery is sold as Cosmological physics which it is not. It is a religion. We are supposed to accept the power of suggestion and the words of external and official authority over common sense and reason. This is a form of very real operant conditioning. We are to really believe more energy can come out then went in.

Einstein's work is not his, he was a plagiarist. See article index for more. E = MC 2 is a marketing slogan like "We The People" and just as meaningless.

Einstein is promoted to the mass public as an icon and idol of genius so we emulate the wrong kind of behavior.

"They also first realized that Einstein's famous equation, E = mc2, explained the source of the tremendous releases of energy in nuclear fission, by the conversion of rest mass into kinetic energy, popularly described as the conversion of mass into energy. "

We can get lost in mythological maze like detail, but the general idea is this: what are the actual experiments that led to these conclusions? How to these experiments relate to the explanations offered and are those explanations the only ones that really make sense? How much of this is actually mathematical theory and how much of it actually shows off the flaws? Do the explanations make sense?

Lise Meitner - Wikipedia

All so theoretical until Lookout Mountain Studios Hollywood gets involved.



Radio Waves & Light Radiate: Radiation does not mean Bomb. Radiation means Radio more so than Bomb.


Heat and light are created by electrical phenomena. Natural radiation would seem to be the original "radio".

radiation (n.) 

mid-15c., "act or process of radiating," from Middle French radiation and directly from Latin radiationem (nominative radiatio) "a shining, radiation," noun of action from past participle stem of radiare "to beam, shine, gleam; make beaming," from radius "beam of light; spoke of a wheel" (see radius). Meaning "rays or beams emitted" is from 1560s. Meaning "divergence from a center" is 1650s.

radiation - Online Etymology Dictionary

The experiments that are used to support atomic bombs only show evidence of naturally occurring radioactive substances. Radiation does not logically lead to magical city destroying and eventually world ending, explosives. Modern science uses a bait and switch technique. One needs to be wary and always think very critically when reading about any of these difficult and occulted subjects. Theoretical assumptions are freely mixed in with demonstrable science and in this manner many of us confuse the two and end up believing things we should not.

Ionizing radiation - Wikipedia


Tesla V Le Bon


Nikola Tesla the engineer of the polyphase alternating current that runs all modern civilization was also an early radio pioneer whose patents would prove to be fundamentally important to the electronic communications world of today. Ideas matter not persona. Nikola Tesla did not agree with people like Gustave Le Bon. Tesla describes the Universe as one that is eternal in Nature, unlike Le Bon's Universe that arises out of nothing and where all energy can be lost. Tesla's concept of the Universe is one that is completely insulated so that the vibrations and waves (energy) can never be lost. This concept is the very concept Le Bon rejects. It seems to me that something cannot come from nothing, but the origin or actual Nature of the Universe is a Metaphysical question, so it is not so easy to simply dismiss someone else's idea out of hand, even when that idea seems absurd.

Tesla's view of radiation is different from the mainstream as are his views about a number of things. Tesla's ideas are more logical and are definitely way more demonstrable than those of the theoretical crowd. "Theory" should tell us something. 

Nikola Tesla's biography is less important than the work and ideas that are attributed to him. He didn't buy into what would become the foundation of 20th Century science. Tesla was an early pioneer in pretty much all of the technology we take for granted and his writings predicted the world of electronic communications of today. He pioneered x-rays and other radio and radiation technologies. This isn't someone who was speaking from a theoretical perspective but from an engineering one. He had to actually demonstrate his ideas. People like Einstein and the rest of the mathematical model builders would have to wait for Walt Disney to do the "experiments" for them.




Radio controlled large missiles and rockets that carry death and fear are the stuff of the Hollywood myth making machine. Radio controlled boats, radio controlled model jets and airplanes are the work of electrical engineers. Magic Top Gun weaponry is Hollywood propaganda and little more. Leaving aside any real and smaller scale use of this technology to commit acts of violence, which most of us are opposed to, (yes most humans are anti-war), this technology is the basis for the socially destructive media communications grid of today. The internet and the smart phones are the obvious real WMD. Weaponized human psychology and technology keep too many of us as docile animals.

"This work, the third installment of the Tesla Presents series, is based upon legal records associated with the Nikola Tesla vs. Reginald A. Fessenden Patent Interference on the Fundamental AND-Gate logic circuit. While the U.S. Patent Office record is sufficiently important on the basis of its title alone, Tesla winning the claim to this invention, surprisingly the deposition contains heretofore unpublished disclosures by Tesla on the operation of his large high frequency resonators at both the Houston Street laboratory in New York and the Experimental Station in Colorado. Information is presented on what Tesla spoke of as the "art of individualization" for obtaining various levels of security in wireless transmissions. Also included is material on the history of radio-controlled devices, the first practical form of these being Tesla's radio-controlled "teleautomaton" - an operational boat first demonstrated to the public at Madison Square Garden in 1898."

Nikola Tesla: Guided Weapons and Computer ... - Amazon.com

Nikola Tesla: Guided Weapons and Computer Technology | Tesla ...


Modeling Mighty Mouse Might


The U.S. Military Might is Minuscule

How does the camera magically follow along with the model jet in flight?

This footage looks fake. What we are seeing is impossible.

The camera is able to keep its eye on the model jet, despite the fact the jet is supposed to be moving around 70mph or so.

How Fast Do They Fly? - RC Universe

There are many videos just like this on YouTube, of models and what are supposed to be the real deal, and they all show the same magic camera that would have to be flying along with the jet. The camera would seem to be able to mimic the flight of the jet perfectly. Obviously the more likely explanation is that this is a high quality special effect.  This video of a model also happens to look pretty much just like the videos of the "real" (reel) things.


Blue Angels are a Hoax.


"Pilot Mike Sarysz lights it up at the 2016 Homestead Air Show with his Customized Blue Angel 7, a dream mix, two-seat jet-powered F/A-18F Super Hornet from the Osprey RC Club in Homestead. The real Blues use #7 for backup and to give demonstration rides to VIP civilians." Quoted from YouTube source. 

Blue Angels Are Fake


Please notice that even here with what is supposed to be a radio controlled scale model of a real aircraft, we still have what seems to be evidence of fakery as the camera is magically able to follow the model jet. A lot of videos like this on YouTube are nothing but crafted propaganda. The perspective should change and it would be impossible to keep the jet in frame as we see here. The camera person would have to fly along with the model jet to achieve this effect.


The U.S. Navy &  A Radio Controlled Public


Blue Angel jets cannot really fly upside down, you know that right? Any footage of that has to be fake. In fact I personally think a whole lot of the fighter jet footage is fake. High level special effects work is all it is. These jets maneuver in ways that are impossible. It really is that simple. If you see these things like I have, you realize they fly too low over head to be full sized craft. They also fly too close together to be taken seriously. How wise is it to present an easy target like a flock of birds in flight? Further I have seen these Blue Angel jets fly over my house. The entire thing is a show meant to impress us, the American public. We have to believe our taxes have been spent on real weapons when the fact is we’ve been had and the money goes to R&D for Apple and Hollywood. Blue Angels are loud noisemakers and little more. What I've seen and heard tells me they are small radio controlled models of some kind. I think they are not directly controlled but are programmed or work by some kind of automated guidance system involving broadcast towers and radio signals for the craft to follow. These aircraft make a lot of noise, and yet the windows that rattle with the wind and with a dog's bark, didn't move nor made a peep. Little model toys are not very impressive. Real full sized jet turbine engines would make the windows rattle. The jets I witnessed were extremely loud and low flying, as I saw a flock of real birds fly and scatter right before the flock of jets showed up. The volume was obviously meant to intimidate, and all I could do was laugh as I noticed the crafts were small, flew too low and were nothing but cartoonish noise makers. All as fake and as phony as the university trained managers are.

I think the Military is mostly a cartoon joke. I am over caring about protecting the feeling of patriotic fools. I am not impressed with the West Point mentality and so-called Military insight. These men could not fight a real war at all. If more of us really understood how weak and pathetic the governments really are and how we do not even need guns to win, this game would be over tomorrow. Ideas and truth are the real weapons. Twenty star generals won't be able to save Humpty Dumpty if more of us wake up to reality. I'm glad someone thought it was a good idea to show off their little toys over the Metropolitan area. Too bad for the Military that some of us actually know how radio works and some of us know our history and we know the U.S. Navy is one big commercial enterprise more interested in commerce and communications than real war.

We must remain docile and fear the power of Government that is not real, yet we know that the Governments FEAR US ALL.

This is why we are divided up and conquered into easily managed little groups with officially sanctioned shepherds to guide us.

If you want to find out if someone is a shill or not, really ask them critical questions and watch them squirm when they prove incapable of  honest answers in reply.

Obvious and impossible images sold on YouTube & Online as Real

Easy Targets

I for one am done playing this ridiculous game I never volunteered to join in. I will not cower and I will not pledge allegiance nor kneel. The governors and Royalty should kneel to all of us. The United States and any other so-called government have no rights over any of us. We never asked for any of this. I am not afraid of any Government "power" or agent. I do not care what others think about me, nor do I care if someone's feelings get hurt by this statement. I have lived long enough to know that we have been completely lied to about a great number of things and these people who claim to be in charge are not very smart at all. The social managers tend to be despicable people who only care about themselves and theirs. If I could wave a magic wand I would and all the overgrown children who think they rule this world would be exposed for the frauds they are. I would send these sick and troubled souls to a place where they could get the kind and loving treatment they need to recover from their insanity.  Top Gun is not real. Blue Angel Jets are the work of radio control and Hollywood special effects and YouTube propaganda. Jets cannot make 90 degree turns and shoot straight up in the sky like magic rockets, with the pilot still in control of the craft.

Consider Top Gun air combat and how absurd it all really is, complete with Magic Missiles that defy common sense, logic and demonstrable principle.

I have personally worked with some of the elite trained managers and can tell you that they are some of the shallowest and dumbest most cowardly people around. They simply cannot deal with honest and real people. That's the secret and their weakness. These people take credit for the work of others and have absolutely no idea how anything really works. The social controllers and their higher up Royal masters are just silly overgrown stupid children playing a make believe game that should have ended centuries ago. There's a difference between the elite trained artists and the elite trained managers. The former do know what they are doing, the latter are empty suits.


These cowards Run Away when confronted.

They act like the "stereo"-typical Audio Visual Bully.


"He (Jerry Bruckheimer) graduated with a degree in psychology from the University of Arizona. He was a member of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity. A film buff at an early age with an interest in photography, Bruckheimer would take snapshots when he had the opportunity. After college Bruckheimer worked in advertising in Detroit and New York City, producing award-winning commercials."

Jerry Bruckheimer - Wikipedia




Ours is an Electric World



Below is Nikola Tesla in his own words. It is important to read primary sources.



Prepared Statement by Nikola Tesla

July 10, 1937 (Prior to interviews with the press on his 81st birthday observance.) 


"At the close of 1889, having worked one year in the shops of George Westinghouse, Pittsburgh, I experienced so great a longing for resuming my interrupted investigations that, notwithstanding a very tempting proposition by him, I left for New York to take up my laboratory work, But owing to pressing demands by several foreign scientific societies I made a trip to Europe where I lectured before the Institution of Electrical Engineers and Royal Institution of London and the Societe de Physique in Paris. After this and a brief visit to my home in Yugoslavia I returned to this country in 1892 eager to devote myself to the subject of predilection on my thoughts: the study of the universe. 

During the succeeding two years of intense concentration I was fortunate enough to make two far-reaching discoveries. The first was a dynamic theory of gravity, which I have worked out in all details and hope to give to the world very soon. It explains the causes of this force and the motions of heavenly bodies under its influence so satisfactorily that it will put an end to idle speculations and false conceptions, as that of curved space. According to the relativists, space has a tendency to curvature owing to an inherent property or presence of celestial bodies. Granting a semblance of reality to this fantastic idea, it is still self-contradictory. Every action is accompanied by an equivalent reaction and the effects of the latter are directly opposite to those of the former. Supposing that the bodies act upon the surrounding space causing curvature of the same, it appears to my simple mind that the curved spaces must react on the bodies and, producing the opposite effects, straighten out the curves. Since action and reaction are coexistent, it follows that the supposed curvature of space is entirely impossible. But even if it existed it would not explain the motions of the bodies as observed. Only the existence of a field of force can account for them and its assumption dispenses with space curvature. All literature on this subject is futile and destined to oblivion. So are also all attempts to explain the workings of the universe without recognizing the existence of the ether and the indispensable function it plays in the phenomena. 

My second discovery was a physical truth of the greatest importance. As I have searched the scientific records in more than half dozen languages for a long time without finding the least anticipation, I consider myself the original discoverer of this truth, which can be expressed by the statement: There is no energy in matter other than that received from the environment. On my 79th birthday I made a brief reference to it, but its meaning and significance have become clearer to me since then. I applies rigorously to molecules and atoms as well as the largest heav-enly bodies, and to all matter in the universe in any phase of its existence from it: very formation to its ultimate disintegration. 

Being perfectly satisfied that all energy in matter is drawn from the environment, it was quite natural that when radioactivity was discovered in 1896, I immediately started a search for the external agent which caused it. The existence of radioactivity was positive proof of the existence of external rays. I had previously investigated various terrestrial disturbances affecting wireless circuits but none of them or any others emanating from the earth could produce a steady sustained action and I was driven to the conclusion that the activating rays were of cosmic origin. This fact I announced in my papers on Roentgen rays and Radiations contributed to the Electrical Review of New York, in 1897. However, as radioactivity was observed equally well in other widely separated parts of the world, it was obvious that the rays must be impinging on the earth from all directions. Now, of all bodies in the Cosmos, our sun was most likely to furnish a clue as to their origin and character. Before the electron theory was advanced, I had established that radioactive rays consisted of particles of primary matter not further decomposable, and the first question to answer was whether the sun is charged to a sufficiently high potential to produce the effects noted. This called for a prolonged investigation which culminated in my finding that the sun's potential was 216 billions of volts and that all such large and hot heavenly bodies emit cosmic rays. Through further solar research and observation of Novae this has been proved conclusively, and to deny it would be like denying the light and heat of the sun. Nevertheless, there are still some doubters who prefer to shroud the cosmic rays in deep mystery. I am sure that this is not true for there is no place where such a process occurs in this or any other universe beyond our ken. 

A few words will be sufficient in support of this contention. The kinetic and potential energy of a body is the result of motion and determined by the product of its mass and the square of velocity. Let the mass be reduced, the energy is diminished in the same proportion. If it be reduced to zero the energy is likewise zero for any finite velocity. In other words, it is absolutely impossible to convert mass into energy. It would be different if there were forces in nature capable of imparting to a mass infinite velocity. Then the product of zero mass with the square of infinite velocity would represent infinite energy. But we know that there are no such forces and the idea that mass is convertible into energy is rank nonsense. 

While the origin and character of the rays observed near the earth's surface are sufficiently well ascertained, the so-called cosmic rays observed at great altitudes presented a riddle for more than 26 years, chiefly because it was found that they increased with altitude at a rapid rate. My investigations have brought out the astonishing fact that the effects at high altitudes are of an entirely different nature, having no relation whatever to cosmic rays. These are particles of matter projected from celestial bodies at very high temperature and charged to enormous electrical potentials. The effects at great elevations, on the other hand, are due to waves of extremely small lengths produced by the sun in a certain region in the atmosphere. This is the discovery which I wish to make known. The process involved in the generation of the waves is the following: The sun projects charged particles constituting an electric current which passes through a conducting stratum of the atmosphere approximately 10 kilometers thick enveloping the earth. This is a transmission of energy exactly as I illustrated in my experimental lectures in which one end of a wire is connected to an electric generator of high potential, its other end being free. In this case the generator is represented by the sun and the wire by the conducting air. The passage of the solar current involves the transference of electric charges from particle to particle with the speed of light, thus resulting in the production of extremely short and penetrating waves. As the air stratum mentioned is the source of the waves it follows that the so-called cosmic rays observed at great altitudes must increase as this stratum is approached. 

My researches and calculations have brought to light the following facts in this connection: 

(1) the intensity of the so-called cosmic rays must be greatest in the zenithal portion of atmosphere; 

(2) the intensity should increase more and more rapidly up to an elevation of about 20 kilometers where the conducting air stratum begins; 

(3) from there on the intensity should fall, first slowly and then more rapidly, to an insignificant value at an altitude of about 30 kilometers; 

(4) the display of high potential must occur on the free end of the terrestrial wire, that is to say, on the side turned away from the sun. The current from the latter is supplied at a pressure of about 216 billion volts and there is a difference of 2 billion volts between the illuminated and the dark side of the globe. The energy of this current is so great that it readily accounts for the aurora and other phenomena observed in the atmosphere and at the earth's surface. 

For the time being I must content myself with the announcement of the salient facts, but in due course I expect to be able to give more or less accurate technical data relating to all particulars of this discovery. 

To go to another subject, I have devoted much of my time during the year to the perfecting of a new small and compact apparatus by which energy in considerable amounts can now be flashed through interstellar space to any distance without the slightest dispersion, I had in mind to confer with my friend George E. Hale, the great astronomer and solar expert, regarding the possible use of this invention in connection with his own researches. In the meantime, however, I am expecting to put before the Institute of France an accurate description of the devices with data and calculations and claim the Pierre Guzman Prize of 100,000 francs for means of communication with other worlds, feeling perfectly sure that it will be awarded to me. The money, of course, is a trifling consideration, but for the great historical honor of being the first to achieve this miracle I would be almost willing to give my life. 

My most important invention from a practical point of view is a new form of tube with apparatus for its operation. In 1896 I brought out a high potential targetless tube which I operated successfully with potentials up to 4 million volts from '96 to '98. This device was adopted by many imitators and with slight modifications it is employed even now in all research laboratories and scientific institutions here and in other countries, and virtually all atomic investigations are carried on with it. At a later period I managed to produce very much higher potentials up to 18 million volts, and then I encountered unsurmountable difficulties which convinced me that it was necessary to invent an entirely different form of tube in order to carry out successfully certain ideas I had conceived. This task I found far more difficult than I had expected, not so much in the construction as in the operation of the tube. For many years I was baffled in my efforts, although I made a steady slow progress. Finally though, I was rewarded with complete success and I produced a tube which it will be hard to improve further. It is of ideal simplicity, not subject to wear and can be operated at any potential, however high, that can be produced. It will carry heavy currents, transform any amount of energy within practical limits, and it permits easy control and regulation of the same. I expect that this invention, when it becomes known, will be universally adopted in preference to other forms of tubes, and that it will be the means of obtaining results undreamed of before. Among others, it will enable the production of cheap radium substitutes in any desired quantity and will be, in general, immensely more effective in the smashing of atoms and the transmutation of matter. I am hopeful that it will be possible by its use to carry out a process in which there should be no misses whatever, but only hits. However, this tube will not open up a way to utilize atomic or subatomic energy for power purposes. According to the physical truth I have discovered there is no available energy in atomic structure, and even if there were any, the input will always greatly exceed the output, precluding profitable, practical use of the liberated energy. 

Some papers have reported that I had promised to give a full description of my tube and its accessories on the present occasion. This has caused me a considerable annoyance-as, owing to some obligations I have undertaken regarding the application of the tube for important purposes, I am unable to make a complete disclosure now. But as soon as I am relieved of these obligations a technical description of the device and of all the apparatus will be given to scientific institutions. 

There is one more discovery which I want to announce at this time, consisting of a new method and apparatus for the obtainment of vacua exceeding many times the highest heretofore realized. I think that as much as one-billionth of a micron can be attained. What may be accomplished by means of such vacua is a matter of conjecture, but it is obvious that they will make possible the production of much more intense effects in electron tubes. My ideas regarding the electron are at variance with those generally entertained. I hold that it is a relatively large body carrying a surface charge and not an elementary unit. When such an electron leaves an electrode of extremely high potential and in very high vacuum, it carries an electrostatic charge many times greater than the normal. This may astonish some of those who think that the particle has the same charge in the tube and outside of it in the air. A beautiful and instructive experiment has been contrived by me showing that such is not the case, for as soon as the particle gets out into the atmosphere it becomes a blazing star owing to the escape of the excess charge. The great quantity of electricity stored on the particle is responsible for the difficulties encountered in the operation of certain tubes and the rapid deterioration of the same. 

Nikola Tesla"

Dynamic Theory of Gravity - nikola tesla institute

Selected Tesla Writings -- Table of Contents




Hollywood works both ends of the game. The Hollywood trained wizards help the Military play make believe with model toys like little boys. Hollywood then remakes the fiction sold as fact into a Hollywood branded film which is an even more cartoonish version of a cartoon. The public's mutual IQ drops accordingly. 

"Loren C. Carpenter (born February 7, 1947) is a computer graphics researcher and developer. He is co-founder and chief scientist of Pixar Animation Studios. He is the co-inventor of the Reyes rendering algorithm and is one of the authors of the PhotoRealistic RenderMan software which implements Reyes and renders all of Pixar's movies. Following Disney's acquisition of Pixar, Carpenter became a Senior Research Scientist at Disney Research.[2] He retired in early 2014. 
In around 1967 Carpenter began work at Boeing Computer Services (a part of aircraft maker Boeing) in Seattle, Washington. During his time there Carpenter studied for a B.S. in Mathematics (1974) and an M.S. in Computer Science (1976), both from the University of Washington. Some of his work concerned using computer technology to improve Boeing's mechanical design processes, which were still entirely done by hand on paper."
"In 1980 he gave a presentation at the SIGGRAPH conference, in which he showed "Vol Libre", a 2-minute computer generated movie.[6] This showcased his software for generating and rendering fractally generated landscapes, and was met with a standing ovation, and (as Carpenter had hoped) he was immediately invited to work at Lucasfilm's Computer Division (which would become Pixar).[4] There Carpenter worked on the "genesis effect" scene of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, which featured an entire fractally-landscaped planet."

Loren Carpenter - Wikipedia

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