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The Off Put Overlooked Theatre Presents: The On Line Sinker Ad-ventures of the Agent Provocateur

This is not about time. The meaning of this painting is not about the past, present and future as much as it is about right now, this moment in "time", as"they" poetically say. This painting is about the World as it is. There is Nature, there is where most of us exist, in the proverbial "Middle" and there is the elite level debased way of life which in one way or another rejects the Natural World in favor of the World of Government and artificial social constructs and a lot of paper work.

That world depicted in this work of art is the same one we live in today, the metaphor remains the same. 


The Garden of Earthly Delights - Wikipedia


Think about how people like Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and all the rest act. Is this how adults really behave? As an adult male who was raised as a media consumer I can tell you that these live action cartoons do not represent how we are supposed to act. We are Naturally a lot better than this. Online or offline, in print or video image or on film. Radio broadcast idols or cartoon comic book creations, all are mental MATRIX printing press stamps that prints literal personas onto our Natural processes.

I am someone who is approaching the latter half of age and have made too many mistakes to list here. I have been as much a true believer and consumer of pop culture as anyone. I got suckered into voting for the Democrats and woke up when Mr. Obama went out of his way to show me he was just Mr. Bush part 3.

I have explored the online world from the proverbial Heaven to Hell and can report back that yes the Military Communications Operation is indeed completely about Cultural Manufacture and Manipulation, but just like the above work of art, the internet can also be the means of escape from this system. We do not need to break any real and legitimate laws, nor commit any acts of violence. Those images of some kind of violent revolution come from the same nonsensical noise machine that has filled our heads with nonsense for too long. 

A real revolution requires honesty. A real revolution requires we embrace our Natural and God given Freedom and reject the Governmental promoted social control systems. The government would not exist as it is today were it not for the communications grid.

Look how the leaders we are offered all act. Look how the Queen of England, who would seem to possess the most literal, paper work backed power in the World, is also a puppet to this system, having to play dress up and engage in empty theater her entire existence. A young innocent soul was thrust against her will into a system none of us created. It's not like babies can pick and choose how their parents raise them. She is a victim like you and I are. Can we stop this game yet? When you are raised from tadpole birth in any system that rewards your very human nature, it becomes near impossible to see the truth and to see how absurd the behavior you engage in actually is. And nobody will tell you that you look the fool. Is this not the meaning of the fable about the naked Monarch?


July 4 = 7/4 (7+4=11) Saturday is Named For Saturn The University God of Government & Commercial Enterprise

Saturn (mythology) - Wikipedia

Animals and military equipment are "parked".

We humans are bound to international banking schemes, and are beasts of the CHASE™ banking ring.

"Slow motion riders fly the colours of the day
A bronze man still can tell stories his own way
Listen children all is not lost, all is not lost
Oh no, no"

Chicago - Saturday In The Park (1973)

"park (n.) 

mid-13c., "enclosed preserve for beasts of the chase," from Old French parc "enclosed wood or heath land used as a game preserve" (12c.), probably ultimately from West Germanic *parruk "enclosed tract of land" (source also of Old English pearruc, root of paddock (n.2), Old High German pfarrih"fencing about, enclosure," German pferch "fold for sheep," Dutch park).

park (v.) 

1812, "to arrange military vehicles in a park," from park (n.) in a limited sense of "enclosure for military vehicles" (attested from 1680s). General non-military meaning "to put (a vehicle) in a certain place" is first recorded 1844. Related: Parked; parking. Park-and-ride is from 1966."

park - Online Etymology Dictionary

Provoking a Revosolution


"An agent provocateur (French for "inciting agent") is a person who commits, or who acts to entice another person to commit an illegal or rash act or falsely implicate them in partaking in an illegal act. An agent provocateur may be acting out of their own sense of duty or may be employed by the police or other entity to discredit or harm another group (such as a peaceful protest or demonstration) by provoking them to commit a crime, thereby undermining the protest or demonstration as a whole.

In accordance with French grammar, the plural form of the term is, agents provocateurs; a female agent is an agente provocatrice.

To prevent infiltration by agents provocateurs, the organizers of large or controversial assemblies may deploy and coordinate demonstration marshals, also called stewards.

An agent provocateur may be a police officer or a secret agent of police who encourages suspects to carry out a crime under conditions where evidence can be obtained; or who suggests the commission of a crime to another, in hopes they will go along with the suggestion and be convicted of the crime.

A political organization or government may use agents provocateurs against political opponents. The provocateurs try to incite the opponent to do counterproductive or ineffective acts to foster public disdain or provide a pretext for aggression against the opponent.

Historically, labor spies, hired to infiltrate, monitor, disrupt, or subvert union activities, have used agent provocateur tactics.

Agent provocateur activities raise ethical and legal issues. In common law jurisdictions, the legal concept of entrapment may apply if the main impetus for the crime was the provocateur."

Agent provocateur - Wikipedia


The Mind Numbing Dumbing Down of America


People believe what they see on screens and what the Governments tell them. People really buy into the media myth of an independent press that is not really just another part of the government. Very few of us really know how to think critically for ourselves. We repeat and parrot historical catechisms as if we had actually participated in these events. We don't even bother to read up on the subjects we are so sure we "know" so much about. We think we're right because we saw it on the History Channel or on YouTube.

Many of us do not consider that people can be paid to lie. That non-disclouse agreements and Top Secret Security clearances means that yes the Hollywood Military Industrial Gambling Complex™ can prevent secrets of all sorts from becoming pubic knowledge.

Many do not consider that the official University promoted history is more myth than fact. People do not like seeing their idols taken down and dismantled, do they? Human psychology has long been weaponized. Religions are crafted to bind the individual human being to an illusion called "identity". We are to identify with the various personas offered as iconic idols to emulate.

We are supposed to be Dazed & Amazed by the power of Military might and the all knowing intelligence of Government and the University System that mass produces and crafts the minds of self proclaimed and media promoted "leaders" to fill in the vacant seats that need filling in Uncle Sam's Capitol Domes around the Globe. Too many of us trust politicians and actors who are paid to lie to us and too many eat it up like poisoned candy.

Stage magician illusions and fast food recipes are kept occulted. We're supposed to believe super weaponry is Top Secret.


Washington DC= Disney Cartoons


Does it not make more sense that what is the most guarded and prized secret is that the Legendary Military Might of Uncle Sam is nothing but Disney and Warner Brothers cartoon - looney tunes?


Images of aerial bombings and other forms of mass destruction come from the same Hollywood Military Industrial Gambling Complex™ that brings us all sorts of obvious illusions that one has to wonder why anyone would buy into any of the Hollywood promoted and very childish, nonsense at all. Buildings are best deconstructed by way of controlled demolitions and not by air raid bombings. Whatever witnesses and whatever narratives we have learned about are propaganda. The noise machine only lets you in on what they want you to know. Look into the details of things like the Bombing of Dresden and you will see that it is a fictional story crafted by a fisherman who liked to catch Trout, hook, line and sinker. There's a clear pattern of fiction writers being involved in supposed horrific and historical events, that one must ignore in order to accept the silly narratives of the Governmental Noise Machine.





If more of us would stop drinking this multimedia cool-aid, more of us would see the fantasy of United States Military Power for what it is.




"In the 1960s, Lookout Mountain, AFS was staffed by more than 250 military and civilian personnel. The studio employed many talented civilians as producers, writers, directors, cameramen, editors and animators. Many of these "old timers" had worked at Warner Bros., Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Universal and RKO Pictures."  W. Donn Hayes (1893–1973), who coined the name American Cinema Editors (ACE), was the past president of the Motion Picture Editors Guild and worked at Lookout Mountain as his last career assignment. Hayes had been in the film and television industries since 1916. Among his credits were Tarzan Escapes (1936), Hitchcock's Rebecca (1940), and Li'l Abner (1940). Another Lookout Mountain editor, William "Bill" Holmes (1904–1978) had edited 54 feature films at Warner Bros. Holmes' credits included: Ben Hur (1925), I Was A Fugitive From A Chain Gang (1932), Dark Victory (1939), They Died With Their Boots On (1941) and Sergeant York, for which he won the 1941 Academy Award for Best Editing. Barry Shipman (1912–1994), one of Lookout Mts' writers, had written serials for Universal Pictures including Dick Tracy (1937) and Flash Gordon Conquers The Universe (1940), and had written for such TV series as Lassie, Ramar of the Jungle, Adventures of Wild Bill Hicock and Death Valley Days. Many of the studio's producers and directors were veterans of Frank Capra's WW II film unit, or had been with combat photo teams of the Army, Navy and Marines."  

source:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lookout_Mountain_Air_Force_Station#Personnel


Washington DC Stand for Damage Control: This would seem to be an attempt to limit the "fall out" of the revelation of the method. 


We are supposed to think that somehow Hollywood fakery is limited to a few examples and we are not to begin to suspect that there is a larger more obvious and more historical pattern of deception. Before the internet and YouTube video, and before 9/11/2001 this was working out just fine. Nearly all of us went along with the Pied Piper news media. But 9/11 and the internet changed "everything" and we now know that "Pearl Harbor" level events are scripted and staged and controlled. We know these are inside banking based "jobs". We know that the 9/11 Twin Towers were taken down with controlled demolitions as this is the only logical explanation.

Passenger Jets cannot cause huge and massive steel structures to collapse as if carefully rigged to do so. Further: photographic cartoon airplanes cannot cause real explosions or real damage.  This does reveal the modus operandi. 

A high speed passenger jet  made mostly of aluminum, does not possess enough energy relative to the mass of the huge steel tower, to cause the tower to collapse. This type of magical deconstruction is supposed to have happened three times on 9/11/2001. That itself is absurd. We now know that these guys do outdoor theater as well as crafting on screen illusion. We have a pretty could idea how events like 9/11 are contrived and carried out. 

The military didn't just wake up on Jan 1, 2001 and plan 9/11. They have been tricking us like this for years and 9/11 was just one in a long line of fake and contrived so-called "historical" events. Faking war is an old game. Terrorize the people and they will seek the protection of Government. What most of us do not realize is the News media is part of the Military, at the higher levels. Not everyone that works in News is in on it, true believers are very valuable, of course. But the higher up journalists are from the same kind of Universities and the same kind of backgrounds as the politicians and Military members are. Most of us are not part of this elite managerial caste. They work for the system and they work for old world money and not any of us.

Many of the studio’s producers and directors were veterans of Frank Capra’s WW II film unit, or had been with combat photo teams of the Army, Navy and Marines
—  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lookout_Mountain_Air_Force_Station#Personnel
Once America entered the war, logistical problems and bureaucratic snafus sometimes made it difficult to get film crews to the front lines in time. This was especially true in Africa, where British army crews recorded lots of impressive footage, but most of the few combat scenes photographed by Americans during the invasion of Casablanca went down with a sunken ship.

So Frank Capra (whose three Oscars included “It Happened One Night’’ and who oversaw an ambitious series of army training films) assigned George Stevens (whose two Oscars after the war included “Giant’’) to spend two weeks in Algiers staging re-creations (that Harris says were obviously faked) using tanks and soldiers assigned to him.

Besides capturing “already blown-up cities being blown up some more,’’ as Stevens described it, “We took tanks and ran them through the water like they did when the British Seventh Army cut off the Germans by taking their tanks out into the water.’’

Personally supervised by Capra, director John Huston staged additional “African’’ footage in California’s Mojave Desert with dummy tanks being bombed from the air, as well as additional recreations of dogfights between Allied and (fake) German fighters that were shot in Orlando, Fla.

Decades later, Huston labeled the faked footage, which turned up in an Anglo-American documentary called “Tunisian Victory,’’ as “disgraceful.’’
— http://nypost.com/2014/02/24/how-oscar-winning-directors-faked-wwii-combat-footage/

1955 Brain Blowing Atomic Age Propaganda

There's an example of the use of the matte during the beginning of this film when the jet gets zapped with the green science fiction aura. This kind of detailed work means the jet could have just as easily been cut out of the background, or perhaps it was actually composited into the footage... high level effects can be 'tricky'. 

Matte (filmmaking) 

This Island Earth 1955 Full Sci Fi Movie

"This Island Earth is a 1955 American science fiction film from Universal International, produced by William Alland, directed by Joseph M. Newman and Jack Arnold, that stars Jeff Morrow, Faith Domergue, and Rex Reason. It is based on the novel of the same name by Raymond F. Jones, which was originally published in the magazine Thrilling Wonder Stories as three related novelettes: "The Alien Machine" in the June 1949 issue, "The Shroud of Secrecy" in December 1949, and "The Greater Conflict" in February 1950. The film was released in 1955 on a double bill with Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy."

"Upon initial release, the film was praised by critics, who cited the special effects, well-written script, and eye-popping Technicolor prints as being its major assets.[3][4] In 1996, it was edited down and lampooned in the MST3K film Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie."

"Dr. Cal Meacham (Rex Reason), a noted scientist and jet pilot, is sent an unusual substitute for electronic condensers that he ordered (after nearly crashing a Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star during a cross-country flight, prior to being saved by a mysterious green glow). Instead, he receives instructions and parts to build a complex communication device called an interocitor. Although neither Meacham nor his assistant Joe Wilson (Robert Nichols) have heard of such a device, they immediately begin construction. When they finish, a mysterious man named Exeter (Jeff Morrow) appears on the device's screen and tells Meacham he has passed the test. His ability to build the interocitor demonstrates that he is gifted enough to be part of Exeter's special research project."

This Island Earth - Wikipedia


 LeMay: Life Actor

In the fall of 1949, Lt. General Curtis LeMay decided that the production of motion pictures was not a proper function of the Strategic Air Command. Lookout Mountain Laboratory and all its staff were transferred to the Air Proving Ground under the command of Lt. General William E. Kepner.
— https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lookout_Mountain_Air_Force_Station#1947.E2.80.931960




Curtis LeMay: Political Spinning - Damage Control & Limited Hangout Propagandist




A bit of research about Mr. LeMay quickly reveals that he was involved in plenty of News Reel Soap Opera Drama over the years. This guy is just an early version of Trump and the rest of the jokers presented to us as idols showing us how people should really behave. This man is an actor reading from a script. He is a crafted public relations persona and his job is to make sure we stay as true cultish believers in a system of obvious Hollywood Military propaganda deception. We are to look at this guy instead of the little men behind the Oz curtain.



"LeMay soon concluded that the techniques and tactics developed for use in Europe against the Luftwaffe were unsuitable against Japan. His Boeing B-29 Superfortress bombers flying from China were dropping their bombs near their targets only 5% of the time. Operational losses of aircraft and crews were unacceptably high owing to Japanese daylight air defenses and continuing mechanical problems with the B-29. In January 1945, LeMay was transferred from China to relieve Brigadier General Haywood S. Hansell as commander of the XXI Bomber Command in the Marianas."

B-29's, Curtis LeMay: Operations Crossroads, Atom Bomb Test, Bikini Atoll, July 1, 1946 (full)

"He became convinced that high-altitude precision bombing would be ineffective, given the usually cloudy weather over Japan. Furthermore, bombs dropped from the B-29s at high altitude (above 20,000 feet (6,100 m)) were often blown off of their trajectories by a consistently powerful jet stream over the Japanese home islands, which dramatically reduced the effectiveness of the high-altitude raids. Because Japanese air defenses made daytime bombing below jet stream-affected altitudes too perilous, LeMay finally switched to low-altitude nighttime incendiary attacks on Japanese targets, a tactic senior commanders had been advocating for some time.[9][10] Japanese cities were largely constructed of combustible materials such as wood and paper. Precision high-altitude daylight bombing was ordered to proceed only when weather permitted or when specific critical targets were not vulnerable to area bombing. General LeMay was informed by a senior staff member, Colonel William P. Fisher, that bomber pilots were turning back from these low altitude bombing runs due to heavy anti-aircraft fire from Japanese defense forces. Fisher suggested to LeMay that crews who achieved successful strike rates should be rewarded by being released from their deployment. LeMay implemented this unorthodox plan and the strike rate went up to eighty percent."

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curtis_LeMay#World_War_II


Welcome to the Machine™ Mass Produced Public Relations Characters Cover For Real Aerospace Engineering


Curtis LeMay, like Elon Musk and so many other obvious media figureheads are literal scripted characters and largely fictional personas that are crafted and carefully managed to be mass media social shepherds. If we compare the first fifty years of real airplane engineering to the NASA mythology of Apollo and ISIS and all the rest, we can see that we cannot wait on a line for a full body scan to travel to the Moon or even the magical ISIS Space Station. We know that the powers that be will allow us to jump out of airplanes, mountain climb, and do all sorts of other dangerous activity, but we normal folk will never fly to the sky like Neil Armystrong the sci-fi wackadoodle kinda guy.


War covers for real engineering projects funded by the tax payer. Coca Cola wins we lose. Pan Am wins we lose. Get it?


ET Warning:

The Guy Who Got Us To Cry For A Rubber Muppet We Had Just Virtually Met Reveals Some Truth - "We" Belong To A Disneyland & Warner Brothers' Cartoon Cult


Indiana Jones - Steven Spielberg Atom Bomb Scene - Get The Insider Joke?

We can wait forever online for an "e-vite to the stars".


Like Donal Trump and Hillary Clinton, Curtis LeMay is a pulp fiction creation more than a real guy. This guy loves to sell fear and the need for Government. Get the Gig yet? Are we are supposed to look up to childish cartoon characters? This older version of Trump at least sounds sane. But the truth is that this kind of endless repetition of cartoon reasoning has been going on for well over a century and the effect is obvious. This man was paid to sell fear. We the tax payer foot the bill for the psychological operation that continues to this day. The real weapon of mind control and mass destruction is the communication grid established during World War Two. The real reason so many of us are dumb is the idiot television noise machine box too many are chained too.


This was when the world really changed: World War Two Really Did Change Everything


 Please notice all the logical fallacies and propaganda. We must not color outside the lines and question any underlying assumptions.



Peace Through Strength & Stupidity & Endless Empty Repetition



Our's is A World Run On A Continuous Rinse And Repeat Cycle


Curtis LeMay - Quest For PEace


We've been afraid of a small mouse hiding behind a screen that projects huge shadows.


Allegorical Pornographic Alchemical Bowling & Free-Masonry Meet In a Hollywood Pulpy Live Action Cartoon Brew


The film "Big Lebowski"

The Big Lebowski - Wikipedia

Jeff Bridges plays the cartoonish stoned "Dude".

dude (n.)

1883, "fastidious man," New York City slang of unknown origin; recent research suggests it is a shortening of Yankee Doodle, based on the song's notion of "foppish, over-fastidious male" (compare macaroni). The vogue word of 1883, originally used in reference to the devotees of the "aesthetic" craze, later applied to city slickers, especially Easterners vacationing in the West (as in dude ranch, first recorded 1921).

Dude - Online Etymology Dictionary

fop (n.) 

mid-15c., "foolish person," of unknown origin, perhaps related to obsolete verb fop "make a fool of," from a continental source akin to German foppen "jeer at, make a fool of." Sense of "dandy, coxcomb, man ostentatiously nice in manner and appearance" is from 1670s, perhaps given in derision by those who thought such things foolish. The 18c. was their period of greatest florescense. The junior variety was a fopling (1680s).

The Fool (Tarot card) - Wikipedia






If you have watched this film (spoilers) :


The character played by actor, John Goodman, "Walter "is crazy but right about everything except at the very end. There is one funny thing he is wrong about that involves the Big Lebowski himself. 

The Big Lebowski - These Men Are Cowards Scene: This is true of those who claim the power to destroy the world many times over. Never forget this 911 factoid!