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Let Them Pay Taxes While We Eat Their Children: The Adventures of Andrew Mellon


Foreword and Forewarning:


Don’t complain to me when you have to get permission from the Government to change your underwear. Incremental social programming takes time. The egg becomes tadpole, and tadpole the proverbial frog in the pot that is about to boil over…






Wars Means Wage Slaves Pay For Protection



How did we get here? During the last century. the middle managers of global economic empire and enterprise contrived it so we ended up paying for our own mental imprisonment and slavery. They had to figure out a way to get the rest of us to foot the bill for the further industrialization of the world. All of this does not benefit you or me. This is all for the benefit of the University and elite brainwashed minds who really seem to believe they need to pursue such obviously childish and unnatural schemes.

Wars are crafted to keep us a Tax Based Wage Slaves!

World War One was never going to be good enough. World Wars of one kind or another were always in the planning in exactly the same way Hollywood plans out film franchises. If you haven't figured it out yet, the same banking powers that run the Governments of the World, run Hollywood and all of its magical kingdom satellites around the Globe. The Holy Roaming Enterprise has always been managed by people like Mr. Mellon.

Please notice how he is known for lowering taxes, but as we know we should pay no such taxes in the first place, and the men who end up in the highest tax brackets do so by stepping all over real laborers. These guys long ago realized the ease of making money  by getting others to do all the work, while they take all the credit, both literal and figurative.

Banking families like these work for the higher up older European powers that still seek to profit from the original investment in the New World. This is something a lot of us do not understand as the Governmental controlled education system does not like to focus on any detail in any legally binding document as much as the system likes to have students echo back parroted echoes of catechisms long past. Bow, yield and kneel before the corporate Grand Union London Company Corporate Logo Flag of the United States of Stupidity like your masters order.

JFK's dad worked for the same people. When you see that these guys are ambassadors to the King of England we have a huge clue that we are about to be lied to.



America's children are sick. Somebody dial 911 and call the Doctor quick!

This operation continues to this day. This leads to things like the constant barrage of nonsensical News, Saturday Night Live and National Lampoon's Animal House and so "much-more" multimedia social manipulation.


A Rock a Fella Sandwich of Prosciutto and Melon


"British Security Co-ordination (BSC) was a covert organisation set up in New York City by the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) in May 1940 upon the authorisation of Prime Minister Winston Churchill."

"Its purpose was to investigate enemy activities, prevent sabotage against British interests in the Americas, and mobilise pro-British opinion in the Americas. As a 'huge secret agency of nationwide news manipulation and black propaganda', the BSC influenced news coverage in the Herald Tribune, the New York Post, The Baltimore Sun, and Radio New York Worldwide. The stories disseminated from Rockefeller Center would then be legitimately picked up by other radio stations and newspapers, before being relayed to the American public. Through this, anti-German stories were placed in major American media outlets to turn public opinion."

Its cover was the British Passport Control Office. BSC benefitted from support given by the chief of the US Office of Strategic Services, William J. Donovan (whose organisation was modelled on British activities), and US President Franklin D. Roosevelt who was staunchly anti-Nazi."

British Security Co-ordination - Wikipedia

Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. - Wikipedia





Always remember 911: This is about control. Control of mass communications and mass transportation. This is about creating artificial Nation States complete with unnatural borders and divisions meant to keep us all truly believing we need Governmental protection in the first place and if that was not enough we are supposed to not only be grateful mind dead zombies, we are to demand even more economic slavery! If anything 911 should teach us that people run away from danger. This means we do not look back to take photographs. We run away like any logical creature would. This is why animals are supposed to flee from things like forest fires.

The fact is on 9/11/2001 the powers that be, who knew better, closed down any easy way out of the RAT TRAP. Bridges and tunnels were illogically and needlessly closed down and the public didn't blink. Obviously passenger jet attacks do not require closing off all ground based means of escape from the target area of the legendary Ground Zero. The very real people in NYC that day were subjected to very real fear conditioning.  Nature has a way of making sure things get settled, does She not? It's not nice to try to fool Mother Nature, nor do you mess with God's fine Creation. Here's what happens when you pull 911 - the echoes of your lies live forever online and then stand revealed for what they are. Then as we learn the modus operandi we apply it to the rest of the historical lies and we open our eyes.


Little By Little


Some of us mice trapped in the maze of 911 emergency nonsense are capable of learning from experience. We also can learn to see how the magic tricks are done. And we know not to fear the billionaire bullies who seek to scare all the children of this fine and beautiful world. Some of us will stand up in any of the myriad of minor ways we can. The reality is this: the small things matter. The News gets us to think that we can't change a thing. The trick is to get us to not notice we can change the environment we tend overlook. Local communities and family matter. Logic, common sense, honesty, human decency and love are more real and powerful than any governmental contract.

The Governmental AP fed - News noise machine acts like the waving left hand of the pick pocketing/steering street magician.



Let Them Pay Taxes While We Eat Their Children


“Andrew William Mellon (/ˈmɛlən/; March 24, 1855 – August 26, 1937) was an American banker, businessman, industrialist, philanthropist, art collector, and politician. From the wealthy Mellon family of Pennsylvania, he established a vast business empire before transitioning into politics. He served as United States Secretary of the Treasury from March 9, 1921 to February 12, 1932, presiding over the boom years of the 1920s. He left office after the onset of the Great Depression, briefly serving as the United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom. A conservative Republican, Mellon lowered taxes and government spending in the aftermath of World War I.”

“Mellon was one of the wealthiest people in the United States, the third-highest income-tax payer in the mid-1920s, behind John D. Rockefeller and Henry Ford.[1] While he served as Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Department his wealth peaked at around $300–$400 million in 1929–1930.”

“Andrew Mellon was appointed Secretary of the Treasury by new President Warren G. Harding in 1921. He served for 10 years and 11 months; the third-longest tenure of a Secretary of the Treasury. His service continued through the Coolidge and Hoover administrations. Along with Secretary of Agriculture James Wilson and Secretary of Labor James J. Davis, he is one of only three Cabinet members to serve in the same post under three consecutive Presidents."

"Harding, in his inaugural address on March 4, 1921, called for a prompt and thorough revision of the tax system, an emergency tariff act, readjustment of war taxes, and creation of a federal budget system. These were policies Mellon wholeheartedly subscribed to, and his long experience as a banker qualified him to set about implementing these programs immediately. As a conservative Republican and a financier, Mellon was irritated by the manner in which the government's budget was maintained, with expenses due now and rising rapidly, with the failure of income or revenues to keep pace with those expense increases, and with the lack of savings."

"In 1926 Mellon was involved in drafting the Mellon-Berenger Agreement to set the amount of French debts to the United States arising from loans during World War I and define the repayment schedule. The agreement was named after him and the French Ambassador Henry Bérenger who signed the agreement in April 1926 subject to ratification by the French parliament. The agreement greatly reduced the amount owing, but was felt to be as much as the French would be able to pay."

"Mellon was a key negotiator on Germany's war debt, even traveling to Paris in the summer of 1931 to conduct talks on it. He responded to fears that Germany might strike out against its debt plight with: "everything will work out all right".  “


From a country mouse's life to a trap in a rat race city maze of nonsense.


"Mellon's tax plan also had social ramifications on society and the cultural development of the American people. The tax reforms exemplified the transition from a 19th-century rural society to the industrial capitalist power the country had become into the 1920s. Populists and rebellious Republicans representing constituencies from the South, West, and mid-West, all opposed Mellon's tax reforms because they were resistant to trend toward an urban society. Since the tax system is a legal system bound by the law, the economic ramifications of its implementation transformed society's interaction and contribution to the overall economy."

"Mellon's tax plan replaced the United States main source of revenue from national tariffs and general state property taxes to a progressive income tax system. "

"Combined with a pro-big business dominant political ideology and the reformation of the federal government's revenue stream, Mellon's tax cut on the wealthy and big corporations encouraged greater investment by wealthy individuals and big companies. He believed the tax cut's effectiveness on encouraging investment spending was more beneficial to the economy than placing a higher tax burden on the rich. As Mellon had postulated, reducing tax rates on the wealthy class encouraged wealthy individuals to invest more into projects that contributed to the infrastructural development of cities and neighborhoods within."

"In New York City during the 1920s, the social ramifications were realized as many neighborhoods sprang up and were settled by people of different ethnicities and income that has given the city the cultural diversity for which it is known today."


Andrew Mellon - Wikipedia


"Line up at the gates of the city, wait until you hear the call, reach out so your brother can feed you, form a human wall." B. Darin.


These people have a centuries long history of crafting cities out of nothing.

Urban life traditionally means one needs more Government.

City walls built to protect are meant to imprison.


Mellon magically made us all War Based Banking Wage Slaves!


The motive for faking War and the need for Military Defense spending that goes for Hollywood special effects R&D and iPhone engineering is to get us all to continue playing a game we need not participate in.




Defensive wall - Wikipedia

List of cities with defensive walls - Wikipedia