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Rain Man What is 87 times 23? "2001" The Baby at the end of 2001 Revealed as Autistic!


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Where’s Waldo?

Tommy: The Deaf, Dumb and Blind Kid

"Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impaired social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication, and restricted and repetitive behavior. Parents usually notice signs in the first two years of their child's life. These signs often develop gradually, though some children with autism reach their developmental milestones at a normal pace and then regress. The diagnostic criteria require that symptoms become apparent in early childhood, typically before age three."

Autism - Wikipedia

The Who & Elton "Rocket Man" John: Pinball Wizard Tommy 1975

pinball (n.) - Online Etymology Dictionary

supple means submissive and kneeling

supple - Online Etymology Dictionary


Run Forest Run! The Trees See The Hypnotic Tease.


The Original Rain Man Revealed:


"Polgar tossed out “87 times 23,” and Donald, with his eyes closed and not a hint of hesitation, correctly answered “2,001.” "


"IN 1951, A Hungarian-born psychologist, mind reader, and hypnotist named Franz Polgar was booked for a single night’s performance in a town called Forest, Mississippi, at the time a community of some 3,000 people and no hotel accommodations. Perhaps because of his social position—he went by Dr. Polgar, had appeared in Life magazine, and claimed (falsely) to have been Sigmund Freud’s “medical hypnotist”—Polgar was lodged at the home of one of Forest’s wealthiest and best-educated couples, who treated the esteemed mentalist as their personal guest. "


Can You Stump The Hypnotizing Trump?


"Polgar’s all-knowing, all-seeing act had been mesmerizing audiences in American towns large and small for several years. But that night it was his turn to be dazzled, when he met the couple’s older son, Donald, who was then 18. Oddly distant, uninterested in conversation, and awkward in his movements, Donald nevertheless possessed a few advanced faculties of his own, including a flawless ability to name musical notes as they were played on a piano and a genius for multiplying numbers in his head. Polgar tossed out “87 times 23,” and Donald, with his eyes closed and not a hint of hesitation, correctly answered “2,001.”

"Indeed, Donald was something of a local legend. Even people in neighboring towns had heard of the Forest teenager who’d calculated the number of bricks in the facade of the high school—the very building in which Polgar would be performing—merely by glancing at it."



Great Shade of The Brave New World All Seeing Dollar Bill Balor Camera Eye!





"Dr. Polgar had a 15-minute show on the CBS station in New York City. Most of his entertaining was done in colleges, universities, and resorts. "


Dr. Franz Polgar (April 18, 1900 - June 1979) was a renowned psychologist, hypnotist, lecturer and entertainer. Born in city of Enying, Hungary, he earned a PhD in Psychology from the University of Budapest.
In his 1951 autobiography Polgar claimed that he had served as Sigmund Freud's "medical hypnotist" (Polgar's term) in 1924 and had worked in close association with Freud for six months and had assisted in the treatment of Freud's patients.[1] In 1982, Gravitz and Gerton investigated this claim and determined that it had no foundation.[2] [3]
He immigrated to the United States in 1935 and honed his hypnotism skills by working in speakeasy bars in New York City. He married his wife, Lillian, in 1938 and she became his booking and publications manager.[1]
During the early days of television, and soon after an early 1949 appearance at the Newburgh Free Academy in Newburgh, New York, in which he claimed to have induced a student, Donald A. Romano, into a trance, Dr. Polgar had a 15-minute show on the CBS station in New York City. Most of his entertaining was done in colleges, universities, and resorts. His show consisted of three parts: hypnosis demonstration, a mentalism or "mind reading" stunt where he would use Hellstromism to find an object hidden by his audience, and various memory stunts. He was an outstanding entertainer and would mix education and humor into his performances. He and his wife had two children: Julian and Risa.



A Case of Two Donalds and 2001.


The Evil Eye Symbol Seems To Represent The Limited View Of The Camera Lens So Many Take For Reality


A "DEEP" State Indeed!

Donald is a Disney name.

Funny that. Donner and Rudolph of the red nose, are reindeers that pull Saturn's Clause's Saturnalian Sled.

Role playing and gambling and cubic dice are Saturn's Christmas gift to us all.

Prez Trump is aptly titled for this Casino World of ours.

Santa Claus's reindeer - Wikipedia

Saturnalia - Wikipedia


surname, from 13c. Scottish Dofnald, Dufenald, probably from Gaelic Domhnall, Old Irish Domnall (pronounced "Dovnall"), from Proto-Celtic *Dubno-valos "world-mighty, ruler of the world," from *walos "ruler" (see valiant) + Old Irish domun "world," from PIE root *dheub- "deep, hollow," via sense development from "bottom" to "foundation" to "earth" to "world" (see deep (adj.)).

Donald - Online Etymology Dictionary



Autism's First Child - The Atlantic

Forrest Gump - Wikipedia

Rain Man - Wikipedia

Mercury Poisoning Causes, Symptoms, Treatment - Mercury ...

Polgar Name Meaning & Polgar Family History at Ancestry.com


Donald what's infinity x infinity?



We will all continue to be categorized and sorted into classes and subdivisions that  can be infinitesimally divided and conquered forever. Mathematically influenced and legendary Rain Man like University indoctrinated minds truly believe in the mathematical model lie. These people really believe that Math is the language of existence and that math alone, divorced from demonstrable reality and divorced from representing actual Quantities, can be used to reveal some kind of ultimate truth about the Cosmos. It cannot and any who think that Math is the language of God or Nature is insane. Math is a human artifact and tool used to model quantities. Math is a language and language can be used to lie.

Classification - Wikipedia



Infinitely Counting Ways We Can Count: Zeno's Paradox and Other Rain Man Counting Nonsense


"Achilles and the Tortoise"  


"In a race, the quickest runner can never overtake the slowest, since the pursuer must first reach the point whence the pursued started, so that the slower must always hold a lead. – as recounted by Aristotle, Physics VI:9, 239b15"


This kind of thinking has infected so many University trained minds. This type of obsessive compulsive behavior seems just like the media promoted magical "Rain Man" promoted autistic image. These minds do not know about the Trivium and logic. This is not paradox, this is simple logical fallacy. These people will attempt to count the number of imagined angels on the head of a pin.


Never Try To Build Anything With These Guys: You Will Never Get Anything Done

These mathematical minds think it wise to imagine infinitely counting infinitesimal spaces between the lines on a ruler rather than making the measurement to the nearest value of use, getting the saw, making the cut and moving on. The reason for this has to do with the fact that Jan Irvin is correct and the Trivium and Quadrivium are taught out of order and thus the University system promotes Chaos and not orderly thinking and reason. Illogic is logic and down can be defined as up as our most sacred of cosmological science is based not on demonstrable evidence but on "peer reviewed" mathematical "proof". Circular reasoned peer supported fallacies are still nonsense. 


"In the paradox of Achilles and the tortoise, Achilles is in a footrace with the tortoise. Achilles allows the tortoise a head start of 100 meters, for example. If we suppose that each racer starts running at some constant speed (one very fast and one very slow), then after some finite time, Achilles will have run 100 meters, bringing him to the tortoise's starting point. During this time, the tortoise has run a much shorter distance, say, 10 meters. It will then take Achilles some further time to run that distance, by which time the tortoise will have advanced farther; and then more time still to reach this third point, while the tortoise moves ahead. Thus, whenever Achilles reaches somewhere the tortoise has been, he still has farther to go. Therefore, because there are an infinite number of points Achilles must reach where the tortoise has already been, he can never overtake the tortoise."


See there obvious bait and switch? We go from fixed numbers, 100 and 10 then we have the switch to thinking about the points which do not exist, instead of the actual motion. Obviously given enough time Achilles overtakes the tortoise. This is another trick of the mathematical programmed mind: they like to leave out the quantities and instead stick to symbols so there is no example to examine. Another logical fallacy. By the way you can't count an infinite number of anything, and you certainly can't count imagined "points' which do not exist. A point is an idea. Further infinity is not a number it is a word that means endless or boundless, as in we can count indefinitely. There are real world applications for a lot of the math sold as magical paradox, but the mathematician usually likes to focus on the mythic "Mystery" instead. Clear communication is not a concern, 


We also would never model a foot race like this. We would use simple addition and subtraction and not some kind of infinite division.

Use the right tool for the right job.


If Achilles starts off 100 yards away from the tortoise and he moves 100 meters in the same amount of time the tortoise moves 10 meters, we know that Achilles is moving at 100 meters per time period and the tortoise is moving 10 meters per time period. After one time period we can see that there is only now 10 yards between them. After the second time period Achilles moves another 100 meters and the tortoise moves another 10 meters. Achilles is now 100 meters past the tortoise's starting point, and the tortoise is only 20 meters past this point. Achilles is now in the lead. There is 80 meters between them This is what happens when we logically think about this so-called "paradox", it is nothing but a bait and switch logic test, brainteaser. This is silly nonsense. 

This supposed "paradox" simply makes the mistake of using the incorrect model to model the race. Instead of modeling the motion of the race in a way that would reproduce a demonstrable race, with simple addition and subtraction and common sense, we are to think it smart to use calculus in an absurd way that produces an illogical result. Calculus would be useful to model a diminishing wave of some kind, and is not useful for modeling a footrace.

Are points real measurable things, can you "point" to a point? See the bait and switch and the obvious logical fallacy? The idea of infinitely dividing a space is an idea with no basis in demonstrable reality. This is logical nonsense and the only insight we should take away is that mathematicians do not understand the Trivium. Rhetoric or clear communication matters, as does context, demonstrable principle and common sense, but the University trained mathematical mind denies this. This "paradox" is one of many such examples. These are myths that rely on University backed authority to maintain as eternal religious Mystery. After all every old religion needs an eternal unprovable Mystery, or else the flock stops showing up on Sunday.

Hollywood promoted live action cartoon characters like Rain Man embody the idea that Math is as important as University advertising and marketing claims it is. Math is a great tool, but it is not the most important one.

Infinite Infinitesimally Counting "SPACE" 

This thinking is the same thinking that continues to subdivide and categorize us all into an endless infinitesimal array of microcosmic definitions. Math is an impassive human tool. Math can't reveal nature in and of and by itself. It can be used to model ideas and reality, but we must never forget that the math is not the phenomena itself, it is a representation of the phenomena. 


So-called "gender' and "neural" diversity categories are the work of University indoctrinated minds.



Rain Man - Wikipedia



A Magical Rise in Autism Cases As Reported By The Mainstream Is More than Likely Exaggerated



The pharmaceutical industry has motive to seek to redefine what is "autism" and any other condition. Forget about LSD, Big Pharma product prescribed by Big Pharma advertised Doctors' minds means Big Profit for the Banking backed enterprise. Doctors get addicted to Big Pharma too. ($) The Presidents are on the money and the Queen is on the British cash because money makes this merry go round world stay upside down. So many of us are addicted to capital.

The same industry has motive to try to drown out the real cause of real cases of autism, which might have something to do with any number of Big Pharma's many other products.

God knows what's in the vaccines, what kind of allergic overreactions substances like mercury can cause, and all the rest. Big Pharma has means, motive and opportunity, to do whatever it wants and get away with it, (for the most part).

Institutionalized businesses like this are part of the social control machine. Big Pharma does not serve us. We exist for it. Ours are actuary lives on paper. $ is the Holy Symbol most follow like sheep.






Human effort and labor turns the wheels of global commercial enterprise.

Even if we are thrown in jail and rot for the rest of our lives in a cell, the rest of us foot the bill, so the system wins. And in this manner even a caged wage slave can still contribute to the inhuman System of Uncle Saturn Satan Submarine Sam™


Of course some of us in prison are very much actual and very real Constitutionally legal slaves.


Conan The Barbarian - The Wheel of Pain (1982 HD)


The Governmental God of Government and Banking, Saturn Loves To Consume All Children



Questioning Gander:

Do the banking (managerial) class elite love their children?

Or do they feed them to the beast too?

These people do tend to

send their sons

off to be raised

in all