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This article exposes the UFO phenomena as the longstanding Hollywood, News Media & Governmental Hoax it is.

The UFO phenomena would see to be part of the overall NASA Cold War Propaganda effort. This effort requires creating and maintaining many layers of false realities that the public is supposed to be programmed to believe. This article will get into how the News media works as governmental propaganda mouthpiece.

Governments and the Military have long engaged in Military War Simulations and the truth of history and technology is not quite what we’ve been sold it is. Please try to keep an open mind as you read on. 

Wargaming - Wikipedia

Military simulation - Wikipedia

Digital subscriber line - Wikipedia

Miniature effect - Wikipedia

Fooled By A 20th Century Fox

The 20th Century is the recent past and is the era that brought humanity the electronic age of communication many of us seem so fascinated with. A little online research reveals that Bell Labs was one of the primary institutions that we can credit with being the main architect of this 21st Century Social Media Digital age. DSL is the new LSD. The new socially promoted drug for the masses is all the forms of social media that the mainstream media is more than happy to embrace and promote. That make sense since all the media is as one when you really learn how the whole thing really works. But let's save all that for now as we examine the UFO phenomena.


Today the online social media is the 21st Century Hen House and the online YouTube promoted (and even seeming amateur) persona are the new television type ring leaders. Each is a social shepherd "FOX" who is meant to define the bounds of your reason and imagination for you.

Mass communication systems and technology have always been controlled by the more elite layers of society. This is an easily researched fact of history and one can simply visit the article index of this website, to see why I make this claim.  As I am about to demonstrate, Bell Labs created most of this internet, MATRIX, online "world". We can use this tool now to learn something we might not have known. One can do a Google search or one can simply look up the origins of RCA radio, the telegraph lines, the railroad and all the rest on wikipedia or one can make use of a good University library or encyclopedia.




Have I got a story to tell you…


But first a trip back in time:



BBC 1963

"Doctor Who is a British science-fiction television programme produced by the BBC since 1963. The programme depicts the adventures of a Time Lord called "The Doctor", an extraterrestrial being from the planet Gallifrey. He explores the universe in a time-travelling space ship called the TARDIS. Its exterior appears as a blue British police box."

"The show is a significant part of British popular culture, and elsewhere it has gained a cult following. It has influenced generations of British television professionals, many of whom grew up watching the series. The programme originally ran from 1963 to 1989."

Doctor Who first opening- William Hartnell 1963



"Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time is an epic and scholarly work of history written by Carroll Quigley. The book covers the period of roughly 1880 to 1963 and is multidisciplinary in nature though perhaps focusing on the economic problems brought about by the First World War and the impact these had on subsequent events. While global in scope, the book focusses on Western civilization, because Quigley has more familiarity with the West.

The book has attracted the attention of those interested in geopolitics; Quigley asserted that a secret society initially led by Cecil Rhodes, Alfred Milner and others had considerable influence over British and American foreign policy in the first half of the twentieth century. From 1909 to 1913, Milner organized the outer ring of this society as the semi-secret Round Table groups."

Tragedy and Hope - Wikipedia

Doctor Who - Wikipedia

"The BBC series was originally sold to television stations in the United States in 1972, with Time-Life Television syndicating selected episodes of Jon Pertwee's time as the Doctor. The series did not do well, despite an interesting write-up some years earlier in TV Guide. Apparently, program directors of the commercial television stations that picked up the Jon Pertwee series did not know that the program was an episodic serial, and so it was constantly being shuffled about in the programming schedules.

In 1978, Tom Baker's first four seasons as the Doctor were sold to PBS stations across the United States. This time, though, Time-Life was ready to have the Doctor poised for American consumption, by having stage and screen actor Howard Da Silva read voiceover recaps of the previous episode and teasers for the next one which would inform the viewer as to what was going on. To accommodate the teasers up to three minutes of original material was cut from each episode. PBS program planners took the show at face value, but it soon achieved cult status. A few commercial stations including WOR in New York also aired the show for a few years."

Doctor Who in Canada and the United States


"British Security Co-ordination (BSC) was a covert organisation set up in New York City by the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) in May 1940 upon the authorisation of Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Its purpose was to investigate enemy activities, prevent sabotage against British interests in the Americas, and mobilise pro-British opinion in the Americas. As a 'huge secret agency of nationwide news manipulation and black propaganda', the BSC influenced news coverage in the Herald Tribune, the New York Post, The Baltimore Sun, and Radio New York Worldwide. The stories disseminated from Rockefeller Center would then be legitimately picked up by other radio stations and newspapers, before being relayed to the American public. Through this, anti-German stories were placed in major American media outlets to turn public opinion."

British Security Co-ordination - Wikipedia


Tragedy & Hope:


War is the best racket ever. Most people can never ever verify the claims made by the Governments of the world. Consider the fantastic number of weapons and military equipment the government claims war industry cranks out. Consider too the long and easily demonstrated history of governmental war simulation and consider the fact that the banker managerial caste has the means, motive and opportunity to create so many compartmentalized layers of deception that the truth could be hidden for a long time, if not forever.

Not all members of government are in on every detail of every scheme. Elected officials would have to be propagandized as much, if not more so than the average person. Clearances and need to know basis, keep secrets shrouded in mystery especially from the gaze of just any old elected official. Only the truly connected get the Senate and House and other governmental positions of real power and knowledge. The rest have to trust this "Leadership". Layers of blind parroting and zombie adherence to mythical authority is the way this old game is played to this day.

The internet itself is the unlocked prison door one can use to free one's own mind for oneself. We do not need access to University level libraries, we have it now at our fingertips. Anyone can do more research in an afternoon than John Taylor Gatto would do in a week. (or something like that)

Military simulation - Wikipedia •  Wargaming - Wikipedia •  Prussian education system - Wikipedia

John Taylor Gatto discusses Carroll Quigley and Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time

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Once upon a time In a cartoon thought balloon from a long time ago...



Chapter 11: Bell Labs Creates The Digital World Of The Future


"During the rest of the decade and into the late 1920s, Western Electric engineers developed new types of switchboards (notably the panel switch) and telephone cables and the first electronic amplifiers, Harold Arnold's high vacuum tube. The success of the latter, which solved AT&T's most pressing technological problem, how transmit a telephone signal across the North American continent. convinced AT&T that investing in in-house research and development was a sound business strategy. Bell Labs found many new uses for the vacuum tube, exploiting it in areas including public address systems, radio, electrical phonograph recording, synchronized sound motion pictures, and transoceanic radio telephony. 

By the early 1920s the research effort had grown so large—over 3600 employees by 1924—management decided to split it off into its own organization. This new subsidiary Bell Telephne Laboratories Inc. began operations on January 1, 1925. It was owned jointly by AT&T and Western Electric, and occupiedthe existing research building in New York City.  Bell Labs was on its way to becoming the world’s largest industrial research laboratory.  

In the 1930s and through the end of World War II, Bell Labs continued to expand.

The company established new research facilities in New Jersey, where open land was still plentiful and cheap, and radio research could be conducted free of the interference found in New York City. The huge resources of AT&T, which had a monopoly on telephone service, enabled Bell Labs to undertake fundamental research that had only loose ties to ordinary telephone service. In 1933, for example, Karl Jansky, working at the Holmdel, New Jersey facility, discovered radio astronomy. Another trend was closer cooperation with the military, which had begun during World War I, and which continued in the 1930s as Bell Labs began working on radar and military communication systems. When World War II came, Bell Labs invented or improved numerous military systems, such as the two-way radio, proximity fuses, semiconductor devicesradarsonar, computers, the “bazooka,” and the first encrypted communications systems. This system, Sigaly, enabled US President Franklin Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill to hold regular telephone conversations across the Atlantic. "




"At the end of the war Bell Labs was at the peak of its power. From the late 1940s through the late 1970s, it reigned unchallenged as the largest and perhaps most inventive industrial laboratory in the world. Its engineers and scientists invented or brought to fruition numerous technologies, including the first transistor and many of its important variations. Although the integrated circuit was invented elsewhere, construction techniques invented at Bell Labs established many of the necessary precursors to it. The same could be said for fiber optic transmission, electronic switching systems, cellular telephonysatellite communication, solar power, and other technologies we use today. Although not all of their elements were invented at Bell Labs, it was there that the long and incredibly expensive development process brought them to maturity. And while there were notable failures, such as the“Picturephone” system, there were numerous inventions, some little-known at the time, which later became very important. The Charge-Coupled Device or CCD, now universally used in digital cameras, video cameras, the Hubble telescope, and elsewhere, was one such development. Bell Labs engineers Willard Boyle and George Smith invented it in the 1970s."





There would have been no World War Two nor subsequent Communication Propaganda Assault Against Us All For Nearly A Century, were it not for Bell Labs sucking up all the early patents by people like Nikola Tesla and turning that research into the Monster Noise Machine of today. These people created all the technology of Grateful Dead rock concerts and FM radio, cable TV and the internet and all the rest of this OZ. Bell Labs is the proverbial Wizard behind the curtain, in a way. Bell Labs is more like the Emerald City itself, or the Chocolate Factory the oompa loompas worked in. Without Bell Labs we have no MTV, no Woodstock and no punk music or any other kind of musical “genre” to “self identify” with.

Joni Once Self Identified As a Radio

Joni Mitchell You Turn Me On I'm a Radio

"Radio amateurs conducted the first successful transatlantic tests  in December 1921, operating in the 200 meter mediumwaveband (1500 kHz)—the shortest wavelength then available to amateurs. In 1922 hundreds of North American amateurs were heard in Europe at 200 meters and at least 30 North American amateurs heard amateur signals from Europe. The first two-way communications between North American and Hawaiian amateurs began in 1922 at 200 meters. Although operation on wavelengths shorter than 200 meters was technically illegal (but tolerated as the authorities mistakenly believed at first that such frequencies were useless for commercial or military use), amateurs began to experiment with those wavelengths using newly available vacuum tubes shortly after World War I."     

Skywave - Wikipedia


Bell Labs almost invented the internet in 1964 - Business Insider

The Inside Story of How Bell Labs Invented the World We Live in ...

AT&T Archives : Interview with Arthur C. Clarke, 1976


NeXT Becomes The Modern Apple Operating System


Following the launch of the NeXT Computer, Steve Jobs appears in a TV report about the future of computing and predicts Google.

NeXT Computer - Wikipedia




"Unix (/ˈjuː.nɪks/; trademarked as UNIX) is a family of multitasking, multiuser computer operating systems that derive from the original AT&T Unix, developed starting in the 1970s at the Bell Labs research center by Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie, and others.
Initially intended for use inside the Bell System, AT&T licensed Unix to outside parties from the late 1970s, leading to a variety of both academic and commercial variants of Unix from vendors such as the University of California, Berkeley (BSD), Microsoft (Xenix), IBM (AIX) and Sun Microsystems (Solaris). AT&T finally sold its rights in Unix to Novell in the early 1990s, which then sold its Unix business to the Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) in 1995,[4] but the UNIX trademark passed to the industry standards consortium The Open Group, which allows the use of the mark for certified operating systems compliant with the Single UNIX Specification (SUS). Among these is Apple's macOS,  which is the Unix version with the largest installed base as of 2014."





"From the power user's or programmer's perspective, Unix systems are characterized by a modular design that is sometimes called the "Unix philosophy", meaning that the operating system provides a set of simple tools that each perform a limited, well-defined function, with a unified filesystem as the main means of communication[3] and a shell scripting and command language to combine the tools to perform complex workflows. Aside from the modular design, Unix also distinguishes itself from its predecessors as the first portable operating system: almost the entire operating system is written in the C programming language[7] that allowed Unix to reach numerous platforms."

"Many Unix-like operating systems have arisen over the years, of which Linux is the most popular, having displaced SUS-certified Unix on many server platforms since its inception in the early 1990s.

Unix - Wikipedia

The History of UNIX: The Backbone of The Internet

"Everyday I work with UNIX, I learn something new. As any UNIX veteran will tell you, "you'll never know everything about UNIX". UNIX is an Operating System that is constantly changing and an OS that has changed 10 fold since it's first day's, back in 1969. That's mainly due to how UNIX was originally developed.

In 1969, Bell Labs, a division of AT&T, developed a new Operating System. This Operating System was designed with the goal of all owing several users to access the computer simultaneously. This Operating System would later be known as UNIX. UNIX was origianlly programmed in assembly language, which didn't allow it to be ported to other Hardware platforms. So, in 1973, much of UNIX was rewritten in C, which allowed it to be more easily ported to other Hardware platforms.

Due to a Department of Justice injunction which didn't allow AT&T to sell software, AT&T provided many licensees with the software code and manuals, but didn't provide technical support. A major developer of the UNIX OS was one of these licensees. In 1974, The Computer Science Department at the University of California, Berkeley, began to use UNIX. In 1977, a Berkeley graduate student put together the first Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) version of UNIX. A major development arose due to the BSD version of UNIX. Towards the end of the 70's, the Department of Defense began work on a decentralized computer network. This network had no one point of control, minimizing the threat of losing a network because it had been targeted by an enemy. This development led to the incorporation of LAN's using microcomputers in today's computing environment. "

The History of Unix - Ring of Saturn Internetworking



"In the late 1960s, Bell Labs was involved in a project with MIT and General Electric to develop a time-sharing system, called Multiplexed Information and Computing Service (Multics), allowing multiple users to access a mainframe simultaneously. Dissatisfied with the project's progress, Bell Labs management ultimately withdrew."

"Ken Thompson, a programmer in the Labs' computing research department, had worked on Multics. He decided to write his own operating system. While he still had access to the Multics environment, he wrote simulations for the new file and paging system on it. He also programmed a game called Space Travel, but it needed a more efficient and less expensive machine to run on, and eventually he found a little-used PDP-7 at Bell Labs. On the PDP-7, in 1969, a team of Bell Labs researchers led by Thompson and Ritchie, including Rudd Canaday, developed a hierarchical file system, the concepts of computer processes and device files, a command-line interpreter, and some small utility programs. The resulting system, much smaller than the envisioned Multics system, was to become Unix. In about a month's time, Thompson had implemented a self-hosting operating system with an assembler, editor and shell, using a GECOS machine for bootstrapping."


"SPACE TRAVEL" is a UNIX Computer Simulation: Born in 1969

"Space Travel is an early video game developed by Ken Thompson in 1969 that simulates travel in the solar system. The player flies their ship around a two-dimensional scale model of the solar system with no objectives other than to attempt to land on various planets and moons. The player can move and turn the ship, and adjust the overall speed by adjusting the scale of the simulation. The ship is affected by the single strongest gravitational pull of the astronomical bodies."

"The game was developed at Bell Labs before the rise of the commercial video game industry in the early history of video games, and was ported during 1969 from the Multics operating system to the GECOS operating system on the GE 635 computer, and then to the PDP-7 computer. As a part of porting the game to the PDP-7, Thompson developed his own operating system, which later formed the core of the Unix operating system. Space Travel never spread beyond Bell Labs or had an effect on future games, leaving its primary legacy as part of the original push for the development of Unix."

Military simulation - Wikipedia

Miniature effect - Wikipedia


Apollo 11 - Wikipedia

"Space Travel is a spaceflight simulation video game, presented in a two-dimensional top-down view, with monochrome graphics consisting of white lines on a black background. In it, the player controls a spaceship as it flies through a representation of the solar system. The game has no specific objectives, other than to attempt to land on the various planets and moons of the system. The planets and most of the moons in the solar system are represented to scale both in size and distance from each other, though the orbits are simplified to be circles. To land on a body, the player's ship must cross the line representing the surface while moving at a low enough speed. The player is able to control the ship to go forwards and backwards and turn. The ship moves at a constant level of acceleration relative to the scale of the screen, which the player can control; scaling the screen up high enough allows the player to travel across the solar system in seconds, though they risk overshooting their target and becoming unable to find the solar system again, and scaling down allows the player to be moving slowly enough to land. The ship is always in the center of the screen, facing the top; turning the ship right or left therefore rotates the solar system around the ship instead"

"Each planet or moon has a mass, and therefore a gravitational pull, though they do not affect one another and only the single strongest pull affects the player's ship. This sometimes results in odd behavior; for example, the gravitational effect of Mars is much stronger than that of its moon Phobos. This means that a player attempting to land on Phobos needs to allow the ship to fall below the moon's surface until it is close enough to Phobos's center that Phobos's pull becomes the dominant force, at which point the ship snaps back to be landed on the surface. The name of the planet or moon with the current strongest pull is displayed on the screen. Players are able to edit the program to change the conditions; popular variations by the original players were increasing the gravity level and thus the difficulty, or an adjustment to the coordinate display system so that, rather than the ship staying in the center of the screen and the planets moving relative to it, the current dominant planet would always be at the bottom of the screen, with the ship moving relative to it." 



NASA has been simulating space for a long time: We Can Trust NASA & Government... Right?

NASA simulated the Moon landings in 1961. No wonder JFK could confidently sell space as a real race. There seems to be clear evidence which is pretty overwhelming, to support the claim that NASA is nothing more than a Hollywood and Governmental propaganda operation. Below is an excerpt from an article about how NASA simulated a Moon landing in 1961. What are the odds NASA ended up using computers to simulate all sorts of other missions? Can you see the means, motive and opportunity for such high level fakery? The legendary military might of the so-called global super powers rely on you continuing to believe a good number of demonstrable lies. We all have to really believe we need the protection of government and that we must pay our taxes, after all.

"December 5, 1961. A man at the controls of a module gazes at the lunar surface from close up. Is this an astronaut, approaching the Moon nearly eight years before Apollo 11? Nope—it’s a pilot testing Project LOLA, a massive network of hand-painted mosaics and tracked cameras that trained astronauts for the moon landings."

"Fifty-four years ago, we tested out Project LOLA—the Lunar Orbit and Landing Approach simulator—at the Langley Research Center in Virginia. The pilot perched on a gantry, peeking out the cockpit at a close-circuit TV system that tracked along detailed lunar mosaics in response to their commands."

"NASA constructed four models at different scales, so the cockpit could track over the murals simulating a landing. The largest was on a six-meter (20-foot) diameter sphere, simulating the lunar surface from an altitude of 322 kilometers (200 miles) so every 1 centimeter covered 5.7 kilometers (1 inch per 9 miles). The three smaller full-relief scaled sections at 4.5 meter (15 feet) by 12 meter (40 feet). The final model of Crater Alphonsus scaled to just 1 centimeter for every 61 meters (1 inch to 200 feet). The lunar surfaces were created by carefully hand-painting and airbrushing the surfaces using detailed photographs taken from earlier lunar missions."

"A typical test run lasted an hour with the pilot in the cockpit controlling how the television cameras tracked along the models. The mission started with the cart positioned on Model 1, establishing the translunar approach and orbit. During descent, the television feed switched to a second camera on Model 2 while the first camera was shuffled over to Model 3. The simulation cut out around a hundred meters (few hundred feet) from the “surface” to prevent the camera from bumping against the models."

"A pair of Langley employees theorized that computer-controlled navigation would be insufficient to land on the moon, so they advocated for this $2 million dollar simulator. It was intended to familiarize astronauts with the alien surface, hopefully helping them identify visual cues that would let them aid the programs. 

Apollo astronauts started using the simulator in 1964, but after the first moon landings they realized it wasn’t actually necessary. The simulator was soon decommissioned, and removed entirely by 1978."

How NASA Created a Flight Simulator for the First Astronauts Landing ...

Miniature effect - Wikipedia 

"On another note, that DOD network would later become the mother of today's World Wide Web.."

The History of Unix - Ring of Saturn Internetworking



"Another valuable novelty will be a typewriter electrically operated by the human voice. This advance will fill a long-felt want, as it will do away with the operator and save a great deal of labor and time in offices"   Nikola Tesla September 9. 1915 http://www.tfcbooks.com/tesla/1915-09-09.htm

2001: Why Kubrick used "Daisy" for HAL's death  This is from a doc of 1963 with Arthur C Clarke about a wired world and artificial intelligence. Here's the full computer speech demo from 1963: http://www.vintagecomputermusic.com/mp3/s2t9_Computer_Speech_Demonstration.mp3 this was done by Bell Labs, RIP. to read more: http://www.bell-labs.com/news/1997/march/5/2.html


"Great improvements are still possible in telegraphy and telephony. The use of a new receiving device which will be shortly described, and the sensitiveness of which can be increased almost without limit, will enable telephoning through aerial lines or cables however long by reducing the necessary working current to an infinitesimal value. This invention will dispense with the necessity of resorting to expensive constructions, which, however, are of circumscribed usefulness. It will also enormously extend the wireless transmission of intelligence in all its departments."

Nikola Tesla September 9. 1915 http://www.tfcbooks.com/tesla/1915-09-09.htm


NeXT Art & Nikola Tesla

"The next art to be inaugurated is that of picture transmission by ordinary telegraphic methods and existing apparatus. This idea of telegraphing or telephoning pictures is old, but practical difficulties have hampered commercial realizations. A number of improvements of great promise have been made, and there is every reason to expect that success will soon be achieved."

Nikola Tesla September 9. 1915 http://www.tfcbooks.com/tesla/1915-09-09.htm




Military deception - Wikipedia

Ruse de guerre - Wikipedia

Military Deception and Strategic Surprise!

Strategic trickery: The U.S. Army's use of tactical deception | Soldiers ...



"The Matrix" (1999) -- 'Construct' Scenes

"Radio amateurs conducted the first successful transatlantic tests  in December 1921, operating in the 200 meter mediumwaveband (1500 kHz)—the shortest wavelength then available to amateurs. In 1922 hundreds of North American amateurs were heard in Europe at 200 meters and at least 30 North American amateurs heard amateur signals from Europe. The first two-way communications between North American and Hawaiian amateurs began in 1922 at 200 meters. Although operation on wavelengths shorter than 200 meters was technically illegal (but tolerated as the authorities mistakenly believed at first that such frequencies were useless for commercial or military use), amateurs began to experiment with those wavelengths using newly available vacuum tubes shortly after World War I."     

Skywave - Wikipedia

Matrix (Doctor Who) - Wikipedia

Matrix (printing) - Wikipedia

9/11 was a detonation turned up to 11 that sent infinitely small shockwaves from the Future - Back To The Past - Exposing The Ghosts of Dead Hoaxes

To Reveal The Mother of All The Future








Detonation - Wikipedia



It seems that we are being prepared for a "Special Kind of Encounter", as the broadcast and traditional media and the online media (especially YouTube) promote UFO sightings of one kind or another in the same manner that the online media noise machine echoes the mainstream transgender theme. How much longer before the News reports some kind of "Space Invasion"?


Is such an idea really so absurd?

"They" wouldn't fake a Space War, would "They"?




20th Century Television - Programming Human Minds A Long Time

Do you think all your thoughts area really your own?

Lost In Space (TV Series Trailer). CBS asks "How far out can you get?"


Some Mainstream Propaganda Examined:


Trailer from the Sci-Fi Movie "Millennium". Regie: Michael Anderson More about "Millennium": http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0097883/


"REVEALED: Secret US plan to use fear of alien invasion in sinister PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE"


"Details of the shocking plan are buried in once top secret Central Intelligence Service (CIA) UFO files now published on the agency's website."


"The potential weapon was discussed in a memo from Marshall Chadwell, assistant director of Scientific Intelligence, to General Walter Bedell Smith, CIA Director of Central Intelligence, which was sent in October 1952, when the CIA was deeply involved in investigating the UFO and flying saucer phenomena following an explosion in sightings.

The memo was sent at the height of the Cold War and considered if the number of UFO sightings could be predicted or controlled or, more sinisterly, even "used from a psychological warfare point of view, either offensively or defensively”.

It said studies showed public concern, not just in the US but wider, with the phenomena, was so strong that many people may be pre-conditioned to accept the incredible as being true.

The memo added that news of potential alien activity had the potential to spark mass hysteria and panic.

Since 1947, the Air technical Intelligence Centre, had received 1,500 official sighting reports, plus more from the public and press.

In July 1952 there were 250 reports, and of all sightings 20 per cent remained unexplainable."

REVEALED: Secret US plan to use fear of alien invasion in sinister ...


People Will Believe The News if They Tell Them That Aliens Are Real,

Most Would Believe The World Flat if The News Says So


The public has been long prepared for the coming Alien Apocalypse. 


I do not like fear mongering but the reality is that the Government and Hollywood have pushed the UFO theme and marketed meme as hard as possible for over a century. The work of H.G. Wells and the rest of the fantasy authors has become so entwined with our culture we do not notice it. The friendly or not so friendly visitors from others planets are concepts all of us are already extremely familiar with. It is like a religion and common language that transcends all sorts of political and identity divides. This mainstream media propaganda seems to be on the right track. "We have the technology" to fake a Super Outer Space Cold War like you have never seen before. If it's on a screen and a journalist says it is true, most believe it is.




"During a speech before the United Nations in 1987, President Ronald Reagan spoke longingly for the world unity that would happen if aliens invaded Earth.

He said:

 “Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.” " 

Flashback: Reagan's vision for a unifying alien invasion | MSNBC

1952 Washington, D.C. UFO incident - Wikipedia

Roswell UFO incident - Wikipedia




Starship Troopers Trailer

The world would be united as one like in the film, and live action cartoon, Independence Day! Yay!

More layers of existential protection is all World Government means. This extra layer is nothing new. It is just a marketing scheme. These minds continue to reimagine and rebrand the intellectual properties they deem they own, over and over, seemingly without end, throughout time.

If both political parties come together the public will believe it like they have been long conditioned to. The politicians themselves are subject to security clearances, and need to know bases and propaganda as well. There are internal and external layers of deception and propaganda and the true believer is more valuable than the snake oil sales man is. The Space Station or even the Moon or Mars could become the next mythical and legendary Alamo with brave Astronauts dying so we can unite to go and kick some alien arse!

Of course many would volunteer but only the chosen few get to go to the front lines. The rest get the full on Disneyland propaganda and Ghost Army, outdoor theater treatment.  Most of us experience life vicariously through the printed magazine image, television or film screen. We have been conditioned to accept what we see in print or on screens as real when the authoritative narrator tells us it is.  Special effects are indistinguishable from reality, and screens are now everywhere, so now the powers that be really can fool most of the public into a brand new kind of Duck and Cover existence. Washington Disney CBS will be happy for a long time to come.



(Please do not really trust the headline hype or type. When a person looks with one eye, they lack depth perception and proper perspective)


SEAL OF GOOD PRACTICE LIE:  Columbia demands you respect it’s televised Authorized Lies! You must get permission to reproduce what your own hard earned (and stolen) wages have paid for, by way of an evil wage slave system, founded on a big steaming pile of a whole lot of lies. This literal Voice of Governmental Authority from the TV set was crafted to be "God" to the minds of the viewers. This obviously reinforces Governmental authority and the need for external guidance. None of this was meant to allow us to self educate ourselves. This is the same exact Noise based operation too many of us emulate online today.


Superman, Start Wars, Star Trek, NASA's nonsense and bogus claims of discovering impossible planets based on background radio noise and massaged "peer" reviewed mathematically modeled data, is all part of the daily propaganda noise machine and all part of the programming regiment scheme. This has been going on for a long time. The pulp print media of the early 20th century is filled with UFO stories. The original films are obsessed with traveling to the Moon. We have been so exposed to these images most believe it all without a blink of an eye or one critical thought.

A more United Nations controlled world is the one promised by Star Trek and is the one we have always lived in anyway. What will change is nothing but the branding. The fact is we lost local control over our lives and even selves back during World War Two. Of course the story goes back further than that, but to keep things simple, we can start there.

Of course we will have to pay more taxes, fees and fines and face more jail time and take more Big Pharma promoted product, to protect ourselves from the continued Space Alien Threat.



Wars cover for all sorts of things like social change and engineering projects that lead to new "civilization" and technological progress as the wheel of History keeps turning.


The Public Has Been Programmed to Believe What Their Most Trusted Journalist "Friend" or Seemingly Like Minded Politician Tells Them

In this manner the thoughts many of us think are our own are not. We pick up all sorts of bad data and bad "intel" from the political News noise machine that most consciously tune it out. The thing is the unconsciousness mind is a demonstrable phenomena and one that has long been weaponized for use against us. Our own physiology becomes a WMD in the hands of the governmental social noise machine. 



 (This is video posted here to give you an idea of what can be done. Far more believable illusions are constantly being overlooked by all sorts of audiences, who may or may not be aware that they are watching a scripted piece of fiction of one kind or another.)

LIES - Matte Painting / Set Extension - Tutorial with Assets: http://full.sc/1gDF2Ma Here is a test with compositing on fish eye footage. This was shot with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera attached to a POV Helmet rig, found here: http://full.sc/1h2W10m Using the Adobe After Effects built in camera tracker and the Element 3D plugin from Video Copilot. 

Matte painting - Wikipedia  Matte painting predates computer technology. Matte painting is as old as film.

Military deception - Wikipedia

Welcome To The Land of The Never Free & The Home of The Eternally Afraid

We face more fees, fines and jail time than ever before. Despite the social change we are still all wage slaves who are bound to a tyrannical system of laws that do not serve humanity. Personal behavior choices or "sins" are now legislated into laws we all are supposed to follow, We must observe laws that protect us from ourselves. Is this what freedom looks like? Should we face fees, fines and jail time for adult behavior that only effects ourselves? 

All The Laws In The World Have Never Really Altered Human Behavior

The War on Drugs is an obvious scam. It is a logical failure but serves the purpose of getting us to pay for jailing each other over things like growing a medicinal herb or other such personal behavior choices. What adults do with their own bodies and with other adults is on them. No laws have ever really stopped anyone from engaging in activities that involve willing adult participants. As anyone with half a working brain knows, black market items have long been relatively easily obtained. All the laws do is ensure that the criminal organizations benefit and that the costs remain high.

There is A Difference Between Sins and Laws

What you do is between you and your creator, What that means is also up to you. That is the whole point of it all. The purpose of human life is not to be a mindless parroting zombie but to become a fully realized and actualized self reliant human being.

Logic and rational common sense are in short supply. The basic concept of the Golden Rule is something that seems to be lost on most.

Explaining why a behavior is not a good choice is a much more logical and effective way to go. There is no need to further punish anyone over something they do to themselves or other willing adults. This is illogical and leads us down the road of the very real and very intrusive "Nanny State". 

Government is Satan:  We Need To Dismantle this Satanic Beast

Keep this in mind, governments declared war on us a long time ago. We have been subjected to a very real  centuries long mind war. This is not a joke nor hyperbole, sad to report. Do the research for yourself if you have any doubts. Government is the real criminal organization. The whole con job rests on the assumption that we need government in the first place. Do we really need to be shepherded like animals? That is all government does. Whatever "good" we think government has done, the reality is that the whole thing is designed to imprison and trap us in a wage slave system of commerce. We are conditioned to worship the almighty dollar sign.

National and Species Pride: The Tools Of Saturn

Space programs with huge phallic missiles (which are University references to the Sun God Osiris or Apollo) and imagined royal satellites are the stuff of the State Imposed Imagination Global Nation. You are a member of a very real and very Global Cult. You have been Brainwashed by the Coca Cola Cool Aid that is 20th Century based Cartoon Culture, we really need more of us to wake up to this demonstrable fact.

National and basic human pride in mythic achievement has long bound and blinded human imagination to cartoon playgrounds. Do not let your own ego and programmed identities interfere with your own awakening consciousness.

In many ways, you are the Artificial Intelligence and your behavior has been programmed by both the weaponized culture, Natural occurrences and other social forces.  

The Government relies on you clinging to your own “Ego” and perceptions of yourself. Schooling is an indoctrination system. The use of the “Grades” is meant to design your mind. You are to think and believe these “Grades” are as important as claimed. This is basic Pavlov's dog Dog stuff. Dog's (or gods) Guide behavior of the Sheep.

This is why you might be offended when someone claims satellites and UFOs and other myths are fake and the stuff of the imagination. 


Classical conditioning - Wikipedia


We feed government our hard earned tax dollars and in exchange a bunch of mostly very stupid white men, who tend to play dress up in halloween costumes, get to boss us all around.


How is that for Government labelled "Progress"? Don't get me wrong, it does not matter what color you are or your gender, or any other socially reinforced identity, we are all capable of being mindless managers serving an inhuman system.

Miniature effect - Wikipedia

The classic '50s George Reeves' Superman Intro 

"Radio amateurs conducted the first successful transatlantic tests  in December 1921, operating in the 200 meter mediumwaveband (1500 kHz)—the shortest wavelength then available to amateurs. In 1922 hundreds of North American amateurs were heard in Europe at 200 meters and at least 30 North American amateurs heard amateur signals from Europe. The first two-way communications between North American and Hawaiian amateurs began in 1922 at 200 meters. Although operation on wavelengths shorter than 200 meters was technically illegal (but tolerated as the authorities mistakenly believed at first that such frequencies were useless for commercial or military use), amateurs began to experiment with those wavelengths using newly available vacuum tubes shortly after World War I."     

"In radio communication, skywave or skip refers to the propagation of radio waves reflected or refracted back toward Earth from the ionosphere, an electrically charged layer of the upper atmosphere. Since it is not limited by the curvature of the Earth, skywave propagation can be used to communicate beyond the horizon, at intercontinental distances. It is mostly used in the shortwave frequency bands."

Skywave - Wikipedia



In radio communication, skywave or skip refers to the propagation of radio waves reflected or refracted back toward Earth from the ionosphere, an electrically charged layer of the upper atmosphere. Since it is not limited by the curvature of the Earth, skywave propagation can be used to communicate beyond the horizon, at intercontinental distances. It is mostly used in the shortwave frequency bands.
— https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skywave
The following is the only off air pre World War II BBC recording to currently exist. This was caused by bizarre weather conditions, which somehow made a BBC broadcast visible in New York.




"The ionosphere is a region of the upper atmosphere, from about 80 km to 1000 km in altitude, where neutral air is ionized by solar photons and cosmic rays. When high frequency signals enter the ionosphere obliquely, they are back-scattered from the ionized layer as scatter waves.[1] If the midlayer ionization is strong enough compared to the signal frequency, a scatter wave can exit the bottom of the layer earthwards as if reflected from a mirror. Earth's surface (ground or water) then diffusely reflects the incoming wave back towards the ionosphere. Consequently, like a rock "skipping" across water, the signal may effectively "bounce" or "skip" between the earth and ionosphere two or more times (multihop propagation). Since at shallow incidence losses remain quite small, signals of only a few watts can sometimes be received many thousands of miles away as a result. This is what enables shortwave broadcasts to travel all over the world.

If the ionization is not great enough, the scatter wave is initially deflected downwards, and subsequently upwards (above the layer peak) such that it exits the top of the layer slightly displaced. Sky wave propagation occurs in the waveguide formed by the ground and ionosphere, each serving as reflectors. With a single "hop," path distances up to 3500 km may be reached. Transatlantic connections are mostly obtained with two or three hops."

Skywave - Wikipedia




"The horn antenna at Bell Telephone Laboratories in Holmdel, New Jersey, was constructed in 1959 to support Project Echo—the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's passive communications satellites, which used large Earth orbiting aluminized plastic balloons as reflectors to bounce radio signals from one point on the Earth to another." 


Holmdel Horn Antenna - Wikipedia

Radio astronomy - Wikipedia




"Radio amateurs conducted the first successful transatlantic tests  in December 1921, operating in the 200 meter mediumwaveband (1500 kHz)—the shortest wavelength then available to amateurs. In 1922 hundreds of North American amateurs were heard in Europe at 200 meters and at least 30 North American amateurs heard amateur signals from Europe. The first two-way communications between North American and Hawaiian amateurs began in 1922 at 200 meters. Although operation on wavelengths shorter than 200 meters was technically illegal (but tolerated as the authorities mistakenly believed at first that such frequencies were useless for commercial or military use), amateurs began to experiment with those wavelengths using newly available vacuum tubes shortly after World War I."     

Skywave - Wikipedia

The Big Bounce : Project Echo - 1960 Communication Satellites Educational Documentary - WDTVLIVE42 Newsreel clip covering the launch of the Pegaus satellite by a NASA Saturn 1 rocket booster. The goal of this satellitle was to detect fast moving meteroids . NASA, the American Telephone and Telegraph Co.


The launch at the start of this video is nothing but model work. Please notice that the smoke moves too fast, these rockets are supposed to be HUGE! and yet the motion of the smoke and the perspective tell us we are looking at Hollywood special effect work. The low quality black and white film was broadcast over very noisy black and white airwaves and this hid the sin. TV used to be very low resolution and very blurry back in the 20th century before the advent of cable and digital signal.

The authoritative and trained vocal stylings of the narrator act as imaginative guide, to define the bounds of reason for us. In this manner we parrot and echo the thoughts we think are our own. This is how television, and film newsreel, program minds. YouTube is an example of the new theater of this kind of mind control.






ECHO 1 is Just a Disney Cartoon Thought Balloon




ECHO 1 is about marketing. People know balloons rise. They hear the word "balloon" and associate that real demonstrable concept with Newtonian nonsense they will never understand. Journalist priests echo and parrot and the mass public believes them. The journalist interviews the government experts and we buy it all. The journalist does not ask any critical questions in any meaningful way and we end up believing this is how we must act too. The News dumbs us all down in this manner. Our psychological nature is used against us. The Echo satellite was said to be made out of mylar. 



 A Mylar Thought Experiment Balloon Revealed For what It is: A Joke

The Echo Satellite has a Mylar balloon skin thinner than a human hair.

see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Micrometre

"The 30.5-metre (100 ft) diameter balloon was made of 0.5-mil-thick (12.7 µm) metalized 0.2-micrometre-thick (0.00787-mil) biaxially oriented PET film("Mylar") material, and it was used to redirect transcontinental and intercontinental telephoneradio, and television signals.[2] The satellite also aided the calculation of atmospheric density and solar pressure due to its large area-to-mass ratio.[2] As its shiny surface was also reflective in the range of visible light, Echo 1A was easily visible to the unaided eye over most of the Earth. The spacecraft was nicknamed a 'satelloon' by those involved in the project, as a portmanteau of satellite-balloon.

It also had 107.9 MHz beacon transmitters for telemetry purposes, powered by five nickel-cadmium batteries that were charged by 70 solar cells mounted on the balloon. During the latter portion of its life, the spacecraft was used to evaluate the technical feasibility of satellite triangulation. It had a total mass of 180 kilograms (397 lb)."

Metallised film - Wikipedia

Project Echo - Wikipedia

balloon popping in vacuum chamber


Consider the proportions and scale of the Newtonian based model and you will realize the absurdity of 'plastic' (fake) - aluminum (hat) foil balloons, they are as allegorical as "Led Zeppelins".


To Scale: The Solar System


To Scale: The Solar System   On a dry lakebed in Nevada, a group of friends build the first scale model of the solar system with complete planetary orbits...


NASA's Outer Space is supposed to be a vacuum (except when it's not), the relative size of this immense Universal vacuum compared to NASA's minuscule speck of less than microscopic dust shows this idea for the fallacy it is.


Elton John, Cher, Bette Midler and Flip Wilson perform Mockingbird, Ain't No Mountain High Enouph, Never Can Say Goodbye and Proud Mary on The Cher Show. 1975.

Popping NASA's Thought Balloon

A satellite transmission requires a broadcast tower and a receiver. A geostationary satellite might as well (actually) be a spot in the ionosphere that would allow for the propagation of a reflected signal. This we have evidence for.

"Radio amateurs conducted the first successful transatlantic tests  in December 1921,"

"...operating in the 200 meter mediumwaveband (1500 kHz)—the shortest wavelength then available to amateurs. In 1922 hundreds of North American amateurs were heard in Europe at 200 meters and at least 30 North American amateurs heard amateur signals from Europe. The first two-way communications between North American and Hawaiian amateurs began in 1922 at 200 meters. Although operation on wavelengths shorter than 200 meters was technically illegal (but tolerated as the authorities mistakenly believed at first that such frequencies were useless for commercial or military use), amateurs began to experiment with those wavelengths using newly available vacuum tubes shortly after World War I.

Skywave - Wikipedia


"Consequently, like a rock "skipping" across water, the signal may effectively "bounce" or "skip" between the earth and ionosphere two or more times (multihop propagation)."

"Since at shallow incidence losses remain quite small, signals of only a few watts can sometimes be received many thousands of miles away as a result. This is what enables shortwave broadcasts to travel all over the world."

What seems more reliable? Demonstrable skywave propagation which took decades  to develop into working so-called “satellite” broadcasting system or NASA and Governmental claims supported not by demonstrable experiment, but by highly edited Disneyland backed live action cartoons and illogical mathematical model? Amateur short wave radio enthusiasts actually bounced signals around the globe, demonstrating a Natural principle. What is the more logical explanation for today’s digital “satellite” system? 

The Big Bounce : Project Echo - 1960 Communication Satellites Educational Documentary - WDTVLIVE42   NASA, the American Telephone and Telegraph Co. (AT&T) and Bell Laboratories tell the story of the Echo communications satellite project. Background information courtesy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Echo: Project Echo was the first passive communications satellite experiment. Each of the two American spacecraft, launched in 1960 and 1964, was a metalized balloon satellite acting as a passive reflector of microwave signals.



Authoritative Hollywood voice over actor, Larry "Thor" narrates with hypnotic ease a tall tale about a Thor launch vehicle.

Larry Thor - Wikipedia

"The first attempt to orbit an Echo satellite (also the maiden voyage of the Thor-Delta launch vehicle) miscarried when Echo 1 lifted from Cape Canaveral's LC-17A on the morning of May 13, 1960. The Thor performed properly, but during the coasting phase, the attitude control jets on the unproven Delta stage failed to ignite, sending the payload into the Atlantic Ocean instead of orbit."

Project Echo - Wikipedia




Perspective matters and here the perspective shows us that this is a model.

Thor Agena rocket launch (no audio, silent) - used as an orbital launch vehicle for satellites. Thor Agena rockets used Thor as a first stage and Agena as a second stages

The smoke moves too fast, consider the scale of this scene. Consider how large the camera would have to be. Where would the camera be? This is Hollywood special effects wizardry. This is higher quality 1960’s era Hollywood special effects and nothing more. Some art is better than other art, as we all know.

"It's Only a Model"

"A miniature effect is a special effect created for motion pictures and television programs using scale models. Scale models are often combined with high speed photography or matte shots to make gravitational and other effects appear convincing to the viewer. The use of miniatures has largely been superseded by computer-generated imagery in the contemporary cinema.

Where a miniature appears in the foreground of a shot, this is often very close to the camera lens — for example when matte painted backgrounds are used. Since the exposure is set to the object being filmed so the actors appear well lit, the miniature must be over-lit in order to balance the exposure and eliminate any depth of field differences that would otherwise be visible. This foreground miniature usage is referred to as forced perspective. Another form of miniature effect uses stop motion animation.

Use of scale models in the creation of visual effects by the entertainment industry dates back to the earliest days of cinema. Models and miniatures are copies of people, animals, buildings, settings and objects. Miniatures or models are used to represent things that do not really exist, or that are too expensive or difficult to film in reality, such as explosions, floods or fires."

Miniature effect - Wikipedia

Military deception - Wikipedia



Communication Satellites are not only supposed to be an incredible distance away. We are supposed to ignore the fact that there is supposed to be a Van allen radiation belt  and cosmic background radio noise that would in fact interfere with the broadcast of any signal to and from any imagined satellite. But thankfully NASA can ask Disney to wave a Mickey Mouse magic wand and all is good. There would have to be all sorts of sources of interference that would make communication much more difficult.

Bell Labs had been using radio antenna to measure Natural radio noise since the 1920's.

"In 1925, AT&T Bell Laboratories started investigating the sources of noise in its transatlantic radio telephone service."

"Karl Jansky, a 22-year-old researcher, undertook the task. By 1930, a radio antenna for a wavelength of 14.6 meters was constructed in Holmdel, NJ, to measure the noise in all directions. Jansky recognized three sources of radio noise. The first (and strongest) source was local thunderstorms. The second source was weaker noise from more distant thunderstorms. The third source was a still weaker hiss that turned out to be galactic noise from the center of the Milky Way. Jansky's research made him the father of radio astronomy."

Atmospheric noise - Wikipedia

Wouldn't a Bunch of Charged Particles Interfere With The Relatively Weak "Satellite" Signal?

NASA claims otherwise so it must be true. Radiation would interfere with radio, or so one would logically think. The communications satellites would seem to be located within the region of the Van Allen radiation belts. "Geostationary orbit, geostationary Earth orbit or geosynchronous equatorial orbit (GEO) is a circular orbit 35,786 kilometres (22,236 mi) above the Earth's equator and following the direction of the Earth's rotation.” and the Van Allen addition belts are some 1,000 km to 60,000 km above the Earth's surface, according to wikipedia. Does this really make sense?


"A radiation belt is a zone of energetic charged particles, most of which originate from the solar wind that is captured by and held around a planet by that planet's magnetic field. The Earth has two such belts and sometimes others may be temporarily created. The discovery of the belts is credited to James Van Allen, and as a result the Earth's belts are known as the Van Allen belts. Earth's two main belts extend from an altitude of about 1,000 to 60,000 kilometers above the surface in which region radiation levels vary. Most of the particles that form the belts are thought to come from solar wind and other particles by cosmic rays.[1] By trapping the solar wind, the magnetic field deflects those energetic particles and protects the Earth's atmosphere from destruction."

Van Allen radiation belt - Wikipedia

"Cosmic noise characteristics are similar to those of thermal noise. Cosmic noise is experienced at frequencies above about 15 MHz when highly directional antennas are pointed toward the sun or to certain other regions of the sky such as the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Celestial objects like Quasars, super dense objects that lie far from Earth, emit electromagnetic waves in its full spectrum including radio waves. We can also hear the fall of a meteorite in a radio receiver; the falling object burns from friction with the Earth's atmosphere, ionizing surrounding gases and producing radio waves. Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR) from outer space, discovered by Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson, who later won the Nobel Prize for this discovery, is also a form of cosmic noise. CMBR is thought to be a relic of the Big Bang, and pervades the space almost homogeneously over the entire celestial sphere. The bandwidth of the CMBR is wide, though the peak is in the microwave range."

Cosmic noise - Wikipedia

Lightning - Wikipedia

Upper-atmospheric lightning - Wikipedia

Sprite (lightning) - Wikipedia

Noise (radio) - Wikipedia

"Since the earliest days of radio communications, the negative effects of interference from both intentional and unintentional transmissions have been felt and the need to manage the radio frequency spectrum became apparent."

Electromagnetic interference - Wikipedia

Geosynchronous satellite - Wikipedia

Geostationary orbit, geostationary Earth orbit or geosynchronous equatorial orbit (GEO) is a circular orbit 35,786 kilometres (22,236 mi) above the Earth's equator and following the direction of the Earth's rotation.

Geostationary orbit - Wikipedia

Earth diameter is supposed to be 7,917.5 miles. A communications satellite is an incredible distance away. Radiation is lossy and the inverse square law is demonstrable Natural principle. Consider all the background radio noise and random electrical occurrences. Logic should tell us that communication satellites are nothing but fantasy.

Earth radius - Wikipedia

Inverse-square law - Wikipedia


All of these obvious sources of Natural radio wave noise means that the signal would not be consistent nor clear. Digital audio and video compression technology is what allows us to have our dish based television and internet.  This provides a (mostly) clear and constant signal and the multiple channels of digital data. Keep in mind the limitations of dish based television and internet. When it rains you lose signal. Consider how the Military Defense System is supposed to use satellites. When we make use of the consumer version of this technology, we experience Natural limitations we are supposed to believe the Military does not. We have to trust the source of the claim to verify the claim and this is the very reason why we should understand what logical fallacy is.

The little dishes that so many of us have, are smaller versions of the radio telescopes that astronomers use to scan the skies for noisy radio sources for fairy tale lies. Dish antenna act like lens of optical telescopes act. 

Why does the satellite TV loses signal when it rains? : askscience

Military satellite - Wikipedia


Nature is the source of background radio wave noise. The University trained NASA minds would have us believe that the only logical sources of cosmic radio waves wold have to come from incredibly fantastic distances away. We must ignore the inverse square law and the demonstrable weakening of radio signals over great distances and simply assume that the stars are so powerful and magically energized that we can see their light no matter how far away they are and that "we" can even pick up the faintest of radio signal blips from stars and things we cannot even see. with the most magical of all telescopes the Hubble! The stars might as well be an “infinite” distance away. We must embrace the circular reasoning of a religious faith.

The only explanation for that we are supposed to believe and accept as the rationale one, is one that requires we accept the illogical as logical. The mainstream concept that the stars are suns and that the Milky Way is a galaxy of solar systems has never been proven and can’t be. It is a Metaphysical idea with no basis in demonstrable Natural principle. In fact the orbital mechanics that underlie this example of metaphysical reasoning are flawed and illogical. (see article index for more or Google two body problem, there are many examples of the flaws to be found if one looks).

Modern cosmology is a cult based on fantasy and little else. We are not to consider alternative explanations for the phenomena of the Heavens as “they” have it all figured out so “we” don’t have to worry “our” little heads about it.

Faking "OUTER SPACE" a three-body problem

Maybe one day NASA will fake a hyperspace black hole mission and show the world fake video of that too. NASA = Space Simulation.


Washington D-isney C-olumbia Broadcasting Systems

Wants You To Submit




The magic of the darkroom process is all we are seeing. This is expensive Hollywood special effects and nothing more. These videos are the religious artifacts of the cult of Scientism. Huge rockets that do what the government of the world claim are not real. They cannot send a missile anywhere near as high up nor as far as they claim.

We really have very little to fear from government. There are no media marketed "Super Powers". The United States, China, Russia and the rest are nothing but cartoon jokes. We should not be afraid of the Hollywood Platonic Shadows that we have been conditioned to fear. Nation State borders are as fake as the banker picked puppet mascot managers of the world are. These mascots are presented as Prime Ministers, Dictators & Presidents, but they are all allegorical "Antichrists" sent to shepherd us astray.

Governments are a lot weaker than they need or want us all to know.

Satellite "Explorer 6" Launch 1959-08-07 Cape Canaveral Thor-Able NASA

Military deception - Wikipedia


"Amateur radio operators are credited with the discovery of skywave propagation on the shortwave bands. Early long-distance services used surface wavepropagation at very low frequencies, which are attenuated along the path. Longer distances and higher frequencies using this method meant more signal attenuation. This, and the difficulties of generating and detecting higher frequencies, made discovery of shortwave propagation difficult for commercial services."

"By 1924 many additional specially licensed amateurs were routinely making transoceanic contacts at distances of 6000 miles (~9600 km) and more. On 21 September several amateurs in California completed two way contacts with an amateur in New Zealand. On 19 October amateurs in New Zealand and England completed a 90-minute two-way contact nearly halfway around the world. On October 10, the Third National Radio Conference made three shortwave bands available to U.S. amateurs[7] at 80 meters (3.75 MHz), 40 meters (7 MHz) and 20 meters (14 MHz). These were allocated worldwide, while the 10-meter band(28 MHz) was created by the Washington International Radiotelegraph Conference[8] on 25 November 1927. The 15-meter band (21 MHz) was opened to amateurs in the United States on 1 May 1952."

Discovery of skywave propagation

Without technology like MPEG compression there would be no digital video “revolution”. Without MPEG we have no digital “satellite” communication.


Satellite television - Wikipedia

Video compression

There is nothing to support Newton's illogical mathematical ramblings but circular reasoned multimedia Governmental propaganda.

radio telescope



We could trust the claims of comics or we can use common sense and our own individual critical thinking. What is more reasonable, the government and Disney's magic kingdom cartoon claims or the long history of the development of the transcontinental (ionosphere bounced) radio broadcast? 

DIsneyland-1-20- Man is Space-Part 1 of 4  Walt Disney began hosting his own television show for ABC in 1954 in an unusual contract: Disney provided ABC with a weekly hour-long television program in exchange for funding for the construction of Disneyland. As a result, the television show was also originally named Disneyland.





"The first attempt to orbit an Echo satellite (also the maiden voyage of the Thor-Delta launch vehicle) miscarried when Echo 1 lifted from Cape Canaveral's LC-17A on the morning of May 13, 1960. The Thor performed properly, but during the coasting phase, the attitude control jets on the unproven Delta stage failed to ignite, sending the payload into the Atlantic Ocean instead of orbit. Echo 1A (commonly referred to as just Echo 1) was put successfully into a 944-to-1,048-mile (1,519 to 1,687 km) orbit by another Thor-Delta,[4][5] and a microwave transmission from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, was received at Bell Laboratories in Holmdel, New Jersey, on August 12,[2] 1960."

ECHO 1's Dimensions:

"Dimensions30.48 m (100.0 ft) diameter sphere when inflated"


"As its shiny surface was also reflective in the range of visible light, Echo 1A was easily visible to the unaided eye over most of the Earth. The spacecraft was nicknamed a 'satelloon' by those involved in the project, as a portmanteau of satellite-balloon."

If there is a moving light in the sky that corresponds to NASA’s claims, then the more reasonable explanation lies in the work of Bell Labs and Nikola Tesla. In other words what one would be seeing is an artificial manipulation of a Natural process, the same process that creates the celestial phenomena in the first place would seem to be best described as an electrical one. What one could possibly be seeing, if these things aren’t Natural phenomena, could be the result of a global ring of radio transmitters that recreate the Natural phenomena of the celestial bodies.

Project Echo - Wikipedia

International Space Station - Wikipedia


The Echo Mylar Balloon would be too small to be seen with the eye or with a telescope. "Easily visible" is a huge lie.

The atmosphere contains dust particles and water vapor and a 100 foot sphere simply cannot be seen some 1,000 miles away. It is that simple. If there is a moving light in the sky that corresponds to NASA’s claims, then the more reasonable explanation lies in the work of Bell Labs and Nikola Tesla. In other words what one would be seeing is an artificial manipulation of a Natural process, the same process that creates the celestial phenomena in the first place would seem to be best described as an electrical one. What one could possibly be seeing, if these things aren’t Natural phenomena, could be the result of a global ring of radio transmitters that recreate the Natural phenomena of the celestial bodies. The lights in the sky cannot logically be objects like rocks or apples or even nuclear furnaces.


What a Real Saturn Launch Looks Like:

Real Rockets Can Only Be So Big & Go So Far: What Goes Up Must Come Down 

Saturn V Model Rocket Launch (Other Footage)  "This is a launch with my dads very old Saturn V model rocket that he had 40 years ago! From the point of view of my dad with his phone."

This appeal to what "everyone" would have seen is an obvious logical fallacy.

People wonder how NASA could fake sending huge rockets into space. It's funny that people ask this after watching highly edited video with voice over narrative. What makes this one more comical is the only evidence that "the rockets are too big to go unnoticed" is a bunch of obviously edited and contrived film that is nothing more than a bunch of Hollywood models and special effects work, complete with edited reaction shots of the crowds and control rooms. All of it would lack any coherence were it not for the authoritative Narrator, who defines the bounds of reason for us. We assume what they claim is correct as we have been long conditioned to do. 


UHS RC Space Shuttle Model


The only so-called "proof" put forth to back up the claim that rockets are too large to go unnoticed is highly edited mainstream media product that is a retrospective look back at a bunch of old clips taken from prior propaganda efforts.

The idea and claim that rockets could not go unnoticed is nonsense as it ignores the very demonstrable reality that we are minuscule in size when compared to the curvature of the Earth. It also leaves out the fact that there is the very real phenomena of aerial perspective in favor of cartoon logic and echoing back what a parrot told them.

Aerial perspective and Earth curvature mean that the "large" rockets would not bee seen from a distance away. The largest of imagined rockets is nothing in size compared to the Earth. Rockets going into "outer space" is a Disney cartoon hoax. Most people who echo back what the parrots on TV tell them have never bothered to look into any of this for themselves to see if the claims really make sense. They make the huge mistake (as they have been long conditioned to do) of accepting what the talking head on the screen tells them.  They do not do the hard work like some of us have.

This is how one's thoughts get programmed. Too many of us echo back thoughts that we have been literally programmed to, and we think these ideas and thoughts are our own. Too many of us repeat things we have no clue about. We do not hear how absurd we truly sound when we do this. Too many of us simply do not learn how these things are supposed to work for ourselves.



Aerial perspective - Wikipedia


History Channel, Military Channel, Discovery Channel, and all the rest are just Governmental Propaganda Designed to Make Us Think Our Taxes Are Being Spent On Protecting Us From Cartoons With Impossible Cartoon Technology

Drill commands - Wikipedia


NASA's Lies Revealed:


Scale , Logic and Proportion Do Matter


The Echo Mylar Balloon would be too small to be seen with the eye or with a telescope. "Easily visible" is a huge lie.

The atmosphere contains dust particles and water vapor and a 100 foot sphere simply cannot be seen some 1,000 miles away. It is that simple.

Further the same reason why seeing it would be impossible also means that using is as some kind of radio reflector is also impossible. All the atmospheric radio noise would also drown out the tiny little speck of reflective material it would represent.

Radiation is lossy. There's a reason why the internet is faster over fibre optic or cable than over wireless. The inverse square law is demonstrable principle and so is radio background and optical atmospheric noise. We would not expect to see the ECHO or any other artificial satellites from here on Earth. This idea is not logical and not supported in demonstrable principle.


Inverse-square law - Wikipedia


Geostationary Orbits are absurd: This requires sending a satellite a distance nearly three times the diameter of the Earth!


"Earth's equatorial diameter is 7,926 miles" 

How Big is Earth? - Space.com


"A geostationary orbit, geostationary Earth orbit or geosynchronous equatorial orbit (GEO) is a circular orbit 22,236 miles above the Earth's equator and following the direction of the Earth's rotation."

Geostationary orbit - Wikipedia




When you read anything about anyone claiming to discover anything up “there”, like planets around other stars and galaxies, and whatever else the astronomers seek to describe and define for our collective imaginative minds, please keep in mind that the Devil is in the Detail and here that Detail is the instrument used to make the observations in the first place. The instrument is a very sensitive radio antenna pointed up at the sky. We know that light is an alternating current kind of phenomena and we know that we can describe the Sun and stars and the Moon and the rest in terms of electromagnetic phenomena if we want to be more honest in our approach. But of course there is no “WE” in the Royal Society, nor in the USA, both corporate bodies that do not have our intellectual best interests at heart. "We the People" is just marketing slogan.

Radio noise is filtered though computer enhanced mathematically modeled “infinitesimally” digitized, "peer review" and the mass produced artifact of the Neo Cult of Sun Worship is crafted.


This construct then becomes iconic and an idol that molds minds to define an Ai. or artifactual defined consciousness.

These carefully crafted artifacts are you and I. Or rather the identities (or one of them) that we are supposed to identify with.


We are mass produced Ai products or at least we are supposed to be. We are not supposed to transcend our cultural divides.

Debut of the First Picturephone (1970) - AT&T

See more from the AT&T Archives at http://techchannel.att.com/archives Before 1970, the Picturephone was a long-awaited piece of technology that was heavily promoted by the Bell System as the appliance of the future. It was the culmination of decades of work - Bell Labs' first functional picturephone had actually been built over 4 decades earlier.


Videophone - Wikipedia

 The Cold Wars: A History of Superconductivity

The same Government that brought us the 20th Century Technology Multimedia Blitz is bringing us the 21st Century Social Media Head that will Propel "We the Marketing Sloganeered Disney Imagineered People™" Back to The Future to Sir Isaac Newton's vision of 2060.

Astronomy explained upon Sir Isaac Newton's Principles: and made ...

Religious views of Isaac Newton - Wikipedia


Aloha from Hawaii Via Satellite - Wikipedia



"The first two-way communications between North American and Hawaiian amateurs began in 1922 at 200 meters."

Skywave - Wikipedia

Elvis Presley Sings Burning Love from Aloha From Hawaii 



Radiation is lossy. Waveguides (wire) works better.


HAW-1 (1957)- Wikipedia

History of the Atlantic Cable & Submarine Telegraphy - 1957 HAW-1 ...

The Great Pacific Cable - The Hawaiian Historical Society





"In “Temple at the Center of Time: Newton’s Bible Codex Deciphered and the Year 2012,” by David Flynn, a book that has skyrocketed up the best-seller charts following its release this month, the author makes a correction to Isaac Newton’s research, pointing to the year 2013 as “the time of the end.”

In 2003, the Daily Telegraph in London published a front-page story declaring that, according to Isaac Newton, the world would end in 2060. This was the first time that this calculation of Newton became widely known. However, various biographers and researcher of Newton’s theology had encountered it since 1991 when most of his manuscripts were released on microfilm at the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem.

According to Flynn, in the 1660s when Newton believed that the end of days was imminent, there seemed no reason to work out the approximate year in which it would occur. With the Great Plague, the fire of London and the apocalyptic fervor of the times, it seemed obvious to Newton that the end time had already arrived. But over the ensuing decades of his life, Newton became increasingly aware that his convictions had been premature. Near the year 1705, when Newton was in his sixties, his concern for preventing the repetition of the same error compelled him to invest his considerable knowledge to setting the matter of the time of the end to rest. The paper in which Newton recorded this calculation was the subject of the article in the London Daily Telegraph in 2003. Very few readers understood Newton’s reasoning for the date, not being scholars of end time prophecy themselves. Newton wrote concerning it."


Newton's end times calculation corrected! - WND.com


NASA's Saint Newton Exposed as Sci Fi Charlatan


"Isaac Newton (4 January 1643 – 31 March 1727) was, as considered by others within his own lifetime, an insightful and erudite theologian. He wrote many works that would now be classified as occult studies and religious tracts dealing with the literal interpretation of the Bible. "

"Newton's conception of the physical world provided a stable model of the natural world that would reinforce stability and harmony in the civic world. Newton saw a monotheistic God as the masterful creator whose existence could not be denied in the face of the grandeur of all creation. Although born into an Anglican family, by his thirties Newton held a Christian faith that, had it been made public, would not have been considered orthodox by mainstream Christianity; in recent times he has been described as a heretic."

"Newton spent a great deal of time trying to discover hidden messages within the Bible. After 1690, Newton wrote a number of religious tracts dealing with the literal interpretation of the Bible. In a manuscript Newton wrote in 1704 he describes his attempts to extract scientific information from the Bible. He estimated that the world would end no earlier than 2060. In predicting this he said "This I mention not to assert when the time of the end shall be, but to put a stop to the rash conjectures of fanciful men who are frequently predicting the time of the end, and by doing so bring the sacred prophesies into discredit as often as their predictions fail." ..."

Religious views of Isaac Newton - Wikipedia


The End of the World vs Start of the Millennial Kingdom


Millennials - Wikipedia - Unite!


"In his posthumously-published Observations upon the Prophecies of Daniel, and the Apocalypse of St. John, Newton expressed his belief that Bible prophecy would not be understood "until the time of the end", and that even then "none of the wicked shall understand". Referring to that as a future time ("the last age, the age of opening these things, be now approaching"), Newton also anticipated "the general preaching of the Gospel be approaching" and "the Gospel must first be preached in all nations before the great tribulation, and end of the world". 

"Over the years, a large amount of media attention and public interest has circulated regarding largely unknown and unpublished documents, evidently written by Isaac Newton, that indicate he believed the world could end in 2060. While Newton also had many other possible dates (e.g. 2034),  he did not believe that the End of the World would take place in 2060."

"To understand the reasoning behind the 2060 prediction an understanding of Newton's theological beliefs should be taken into account, particularly his nontrinitarian beliefs and those negative views he held about the Papacy. Both of these lay essential to his calculations, which are themselves based upon specific chronological dates which he believed had already transpired and had been prophesied in Revelation and Daniel."

"Like most Protestant theologians of his time, Newton believed that the Papal Office, (and not any one particular Pope) was the fulfillment of the Biblical predictions about AntiChrist, whose rule was predicted to last for 1,260 years. They applied the Day-year principle (in which a day represents a year in prophecy) to certain key verses in the books of Daniel  and Revelation (also known as the Apocalypse), and looked for significant dates in the Papacy's rise to power to begin this timeline. Newton's calculation ending in 2060 is based on the 1,260-year timeline commencing in 800 AD when Charlemagne became the first Holy Roman Emperor and reconfirmed the earlier (756 AD) Donation of Pepin to the Papacy."

Religious views of Isaac Newton - Wikipedia


2016 vs 2060

Newton's Numbskull Number Wars

“The author adopts the hypothesis of Fleming, Sir Isaac Newton, and Lowman, that the 1260 years commenced in A.d. 756; and consequently that the millennium will not begin till the year 2016."



A Holy Roman End To The Endless Empire of War?


"Antichrist will retain some part of his dominion over the nations till about the year 2016." "And when the 1260 years are expired, Rome itself, with all its magnificence, will be absorbed in a lake of fire, sink into the sea, and rise no more at all for ever." 





"However, between the time he wrote his 2060 prediction (about 1704) until his death in 1727 Newton conversed, both first hand and by correspondence, with other famous theologians of his time. Those contemporaries who knew him during the remaining 23 years of his life appear to be in agreement that Newton, and the "best interpreters" including Jonathan EdwardsRobert FlemingMoses LowmanPhillip Doddridge, and Bishop Thomas Newton, were eventually "pretty well agreed" that the 1,260-year timeline should be calculated from the year 756 AD.[48]

F.A. Cox also confirmed that this was the view of Newton and others, including himself:

“The author adopts the hypothesis of Fleming, Sir Isaac Newton, and Lowman, that the 1260 years commenced in A.d. 756; and consequently that the millennium will not begin till the year 2016."

Thomas Williams stated that this timeline had become the predominant view among the leading Protestant theologians of his time:

“Mr. Lowman, though an earlier commentator, is (we believe) far more generally followed ; and he commences the 1260 days from about 756, when, by aid of Pepin, King of France, the Pope obtained considerable temporalities. This carries on the reign of Popery to 2016, or sixteen years into the commencement of the Millennium, as it is generally reckoned.”[50]

In April of 756 AD, Pepin, King of France, accompanied by Pope Stephen II entered northern Italy, forcing the Lombard King Aistulf to lift his siege of Rome, and return to Pavia. Following Aistulf's capitulation, Pepin gave the newly conquered territories to the Papacy by means of the Donation of Pepin, thereby elevating the Pope from being a subject of the Byzantine Empire to head of state, with temporal powerover the newly constituted Papal States.

The end of the timeline is based on Daniel 8:25 which reads "...but he shall be broken without hand" and is understood to mean that the end of the Papacy with not be caused by any human action.[51] Volcanic activity is described as the means by which Rome will be overthrown.[52]

"Antichrist will retain some part of his dominion over the nations till about the year 2016." "And when the 1260 years are expired, Rome itself, with all its magnificence, will be absorbed in a lake of fire, sink into the sea, and rise no more at all for ever*."

In 1870 the newly formed Kingdom of Italy annexed the remaining Papal States, depriving the Popes of any temporal rule for the next 59 years. Unaware that Papal rule would be restored, (albeit on a greatly diminished scale) in 1929 as head of the Vatican City state, the historicist view that the Papacy is the Antichrist, and the associated timelines delineating his rule rapidly declined in popularity as one of the defining characteristics of the Antichrist (i.e. that he would also be a political temporal power at the time of the return of Jesus) were no longer met.

"Eventually, the prediction was largely forgotten and no major Protestant denomination currently subscribes to this timeline."

"Despite the dramatic nature of a prediction of the end of the world, Newton may not have been referring to the 2060 date as a destructive act resulting in the annihilation of the earth and its inhabitants, but rather one in which he believed the world was to be replaced with a new one based upon a transition to an era of divinely inspired peace. In Christian theology, this concept is often referred to as The Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the establishment of Paradise by The Kingdom of God on Earth.[43]"

Religious views of Isaac Newton - Wikipedia



How Newton "dated" the Argonauts

Newton Crosses His Solar Streams in Day Dream and Travels Back In Time an .. oh no that's not what the headline means...


The Royal Society is a Very Real "Secret" Royal Enterprise Designed To Hide Truth From Your Eyes


Today it is online alive and well.


 Please Allow Me To Introduce Mr. Newton, a Man of Wealth & Taste...


"Visitors to Westminster Abbey who pause in front of the tomb of Sir Isaac Newton may find parts of its iconography hard to decipher. Their predecessors were similarly puzzled. The Gentleman’s Magazine on April 22, 1731, sought to inform its readers about what they might expect to see. It described the relief on the sarcophagus which shows putti engaged in experiments with a prism, a reflecting telescope, a balance and a furnace. These activities call to mind Newton’s work on the theory of light and colours, the invention that first brought him to the attention of the Royal Society, the gravitational theory of the Principia (published by that Society in 1687), and the public service which Newton performed as Warden and later Master of the Mint from 1696. The figure of Newton himself is recumbent on top of the sarcophagus, resting its right arm on four books. Two of these, the Principia and the Opticks (1704), came out in several editions during their author’s lifetime. Another, The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended, published posthumously in 1728, blew up a storm of criticism on both sides of the Channel when it circulated in abbreviated form shortly before his death. Facing Newton come two winged cherubs, holding a scroll, which carries a depiction of the solar system and the terms of a converging series (Newton’s method for calculating the roots of functions). Rising behind Newton is a pyramid, at the top of which rests the weeping figure of Urania, muse of astronomy. Beneath her is a celestial globe, “on which”, as the Magazine explains, “several of the Constellations are drawn, in order to shew the path of the Comet in 1681, whose period he has with the greatest sagacity determin’d: And also the Position of the solstitial Colure mention’d by Hipparchus by which (in his Chronology) he has fixed the time of the Argonautic expedition”. "

How Newton dated the Argonauts – TheTLS


The World of Sir Isaac: Through The Looking Glass


Jefferson Airplane -White Rabbit- Official Music Video



Here's a clue: The Earth goes on a merry go round around the sun.

Ring Around The Rose Mary Keeps The Sheep Asleep But on Their Toes


"The extreme antiquity of the Egyptian dynasties presented a problem, which Newton solved by adopting the identification made by Sir John Marsham in the early 1670s between the historical king Sesostris and the biblical pharaoh Sesac. For proof of the radical shortening of secular history that this move implied, and to make it conform with the chronology of the ancient Greeks that he proposed, Newton eventually looked to astronomy. He hoped to use the periodicity provided by the precession of the equinoxes to date historical observations of the heavens, reported in the fourth century BC by Eudoxus, in order to control the earliest dates in Greek history. These he associated with the expedition of the Argonauts (which he believed to be historical fact), the Trojan War, and the writings of Hesiod. In reworking data that he took from the Hellenistic Commentary of Hipparchus, Newton sought to identify historical “colures”. A colure is the meridian that passes through the poles of the celestial sphere and cuts the sun’s apparent path through the heavens at the points that it has reached at the solstices (or, alternatively, at the equinoxes). The region of the heavens identified by such a colure shifted over time due to the precession of the equinoxes and thus its description could in theory generate precise dates. "

"The calculation of colures was the method that Newton used to present one of the most astonishing claims of his Chronology, which was to date the expedition of the Argonauts to 937 BC and to conclude that this was just before the birth of Priam, future king of Troy. Newton’s need for precision about the location of particular stars in order to determine colures was one cause of his harrying the Astronomer Royal, John Flamsteed, for the completion of his celestial atlas. Newton’s preliminary findings intrigued Caroline, Princess of Wales, and interested numerous visitors to London in the decade or so before he died. Through one of those visitors, Leibniz’s friend the Abbé Conti, Newton’s ideas were broadcast more widely, especially in the Parisian Académie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres. There they were first published, and first attacked in public, generating notoriety and suspicion that directly affected their subsequent reception in England and elsewhere. Newton died before he could fully rebut the criticisms that his work received and before he could see it properly into print. The celebration of the Chronology on his tomb was therefore something of a gesture of defiance during a controversy about both secular and biblical history that was, in 1731, still in full swing.

How Newton dated the Argonauts – TheTLS

Isaac Newton - Jason and the Argonauts - Argonauts-book.com


Allegory - Wikipedia


Being Misled By One Head of The Many Headed Beast


The antichrist can mean the Pope, in the right context. Or this symbol, this allegorical "word" can represent any office holder of any kind of Saturn Worshipping Governmental Authority.  The Antichrist is anyone who attempts to make you follow them. The Antichrist is anyone who misleads you into believing you can trust and need external authority. 20th century radio and television talk show ways and means have gone online, and many simply use this new media to perform the same kind of old school propaganda  noise machine style radio shows and TV talk shows of the past.

If we get lost in limited meanings we miss the forest for the trees. The Vatican is one head of a multi headed beast that spawns new heads every century or so. NASA, Big Pharma, all sorts of other corporate entities are all heads of the beast. In order to slay the beast one has to go "underground" to find and slay its body, the heads simply keep growing back as history has shown over and over. Some  online media personalities are the more recent heads of the same Governmental Multimedia beast of the "Old Media". New Media shepherds seek to herd the cattle into the UFO "look up at the sky - while we pick your pockets -" future.


Things to Come - Wikipedia

The Man Who Saw Tomorrow - Wikipedia


The Antichrist can be an online Snake Oil Sales Persona or Even an Online True Believer:

In either case they can only take logic and reason so far before parroting back the echoes some zombie parroted to them. These people will attempt to add noise to what is obvious. These minds will tend to avoid demonstrable principle in favor of catechisms based on abstract mathematical "peer" reviewed model. These New Media pundits tend to avoid actually going back and looking at the historical record, looking at the context of the subject in question and making critical judgements based on reason. These people do not believe one should go back and read things for themselves. Instead we should hang on every word of the authoritative guest they are interviewing and then buy the book or otherwise tune into the products being hawked.


Blood Sweat & Tears 2/10/1969 Spinning Wheel




Artificial intelligence is not some robot, it is an allegory that refers to your identity as socially conditioned and reinforced.

The 2001 Monolith is just the social media computer.


The Computer has a  screen and can make sounds and can be used as a means to educate and reprogram your own mind. You can be programmed by others, or you can program you, the choice is up to you. But be warned, self education requires a lot of real work.


In1974 Arthur C. Clarke told the ABC that every household in 2001 will have a computer and be connected all over the world. Courtesy of Australian Broadcasting Corporation.




Original Orson Welles television commercial for the Milton Bradley classic board game, Dark Tower.

Mike Tea Vee 1971


Welcome Back To The Future


"Their gain was ignoble and at our cost."

 Text: Armes Prydein | Exploring Celtic Civilizations

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) - Theatrical Trailer

The Devil's Deception and Hard Selling Shills


"A shill, also called a plant or a stooge, is a person who publicly helps a person or organization without disclosing that they have a close relationship with the person or organization.

Shill typically refers to someone who purposely gives onlookers the impression that they are an enthusiastic independent customer of a seller (or marketer of ideas) for whom they are secretly working. The person or group who hires the shill is using crowd psychology to encourage other onlookers or audience members to purchase the goods or services (or accept the ideas being marketed). Shills are often employed by professional marketing campaigns. "Plant" and "stooge" more commonly refer to any person who is secretly in league with another person or organization while pretending to be neutral or actually a part of the organization he is planted in, such as a magician's audience, a political party, or an intelligence organization (see double agent)."



Ai Please Allow Me To Introduce You To Your Programmers:

The Journalist Mind Priest Comes In Many Forms, Some More Mainstream Than Others, But All Heads of The Same Beast


News and Pop Culture are the New Religion. We are all members of this global Hollywood UFO cult.

We have all been indoctrinated in the mainstream media and we have all drank from the well of its Coca Cola Cool-Aid. We all know that we sit on a spinning top of a planet that spins around a Sun and that one day Aliens will come. After all it's mathematically probable, which makes sense if one ASSUMES the Universe is as the mainstream ASSUMES. But then again we have been conditioned to parrot and monkey what the Newsman Journalist does, and since they do not ask critical questions of their guests, we do do the same and uncritically accept what we are told without a blink of an eye. This is why it is important to really learn how to think for yourself.


Do You Self Identify as an Animal?

Or Part of One?

Do you need a shepherd?


Felix Unger Assume




The Proper Gander Song by Bobby Darin - The "muckety muck:" is the News "Casting" Media Persona - who seeks to gab an audience "Hook Line & Sinker".

gab - Online Etymology Dictionary




These 'programs' define the bounds of reason for some many of us. The News and related personas are created to develop literal cult followings and as we know the mainstream and alternative media all promote various kinds of fan club based community building efforts. The so-called alt media is just another head of the same multimedia noise machine governmental beast we have grown accustomed to dealing with.

Don Hewitt, a colleague of the late Walter Cronkite, said it was "a double blessing" to be his colleague and his friend. John Roberts, also a former colleague of Cronkite who now works at CNN, reacts to Cronkite's passing as well, and also comments on some of the highlights of his career, including his announcement of JFK's death, as well as his "speechless" take during the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Military deception - Wikipedia

Before the Social Media Propaganda Podcaster, Radio Personas "Looked" & Sounded Like This:


Long John Nebel WOR NYC Show March 10, 1958 “Armstrong Circle Theatre” Controversy


Long John Nebel discussed UFOs on the air on WOR 710 AM in NYC many years before Art Bell and George Noory's Coast to Coast. In this three hour plus show, Long John Nebel interviews Irve Tunick writer on "Armstrong Circle Theatre", about Kenneth Arnold not appearing.

Long John Nebel

From Nebel's Wikipedia entry:

"Nebel was perhaps best described as a curious skeptic with respect to the reality of paranormal topics; he frequently characterized himself as a "non-believer". Regarding the claims of the many contactees he interviewed, Nebel stated: "I don't buy any of it." He also noted that he was intrigued by some UFO reports, but did not have any firm conclusions or explanations.[3]

Some critics attacked Nebel for allowing crackpots free rein on the program, but he responded by saying his was not a traditional news or investigative journalism show, and that it was up to listeners to determine the validity of any guest's claims.

Nebel often asked pointed questions of his guests when he saw logical fallacies or inconsistencies in their stories. He did not suffer fools gladly, unless the fool was exceptionally entertaining. Still, he was rather sympathetic in at least offering guests a forum to state their claims.

Long John Nebel - Wikipedia

Art Bell - Wikipedia


The Art Bell (Labs) Long John Nebel Act is Online & Interactive




All the computer generated outer space photography is now explained,  as is the rest of the radio noise sold as “astronomical discovery”.

We have Bell Labs to thank for spearheading the development of it all.

Bell Labs was and is, instrumental in crafting the minds of so many of us.

These are the people who construct the social artifacts and constructs in the first place.



"The historic laboratory originated in the late 19th century as the Volta Laboratory and Bureau created by Alexander Graham Bell. Bell Labs was also at one time a division of the American Telephone & Telegraph Company (AT&T Corporation), half-owned through its Western Electric manufacturing subsidiary.

Researchers working at Bell Labs are credited with the development of radio astronomy, the transistor, the laser, the charge-coupled device (CCD), information theory, the operating systems Unix, Plan 9, Inferno, and the programming languages C, C++, and S. Eight Nobel Prizes have been awarded for work completed at Bell Laboratories."




Telstar - Wikipedia


Satellite dish - Wikipedia

The word planet also means:

"to make devious, repel, dissuade from the right path, bewilder"

planet - Online Etymology Dictionary

Skywave - Wikipedia

Doctor Who Spearhead From Space Intro w/o Episode Number on SPACE

BBC Television received in New York - November 1938 : Alexandra ...

This old trick has been echoed and parroted many times over and we can listen to so many numerous and similar podcasts today. Larry King of CNN spent decades doing the same schtick, selling armies of ghost Elvēs and JFK conspiracy nonsense and UFO's for years.


"Their gain was ignoble and at our cost."

 Text: Armes Prydein | Exploring Celtic Civilizations

Robert Plant: Calling To You

Never forget this is about terror conditioning children from a young age. This is about using any and all media to do this. Bell Labs crafted the electronic medium that allows Government to continue to exist.

Survive Nuclear Explosion: Duck and Cover (1951 civil defence film)

Duck and Cover is a civil defense social guidance film that is often popularly mischaracterize as propaganda. Film production started in 1951 and it gained its first public screening in January 1952 during the era after the Soviet Union began nuclear testing in 1949 and the Korean War (1950-53) was in full swing.


Military deception - Wikipedia






The News Media Noise Machine exists to drown out critical thinking amid a sea of Elvis and UFO sightings and Transgender mind bending, identity redefining, soap opera intrigue to keep us all distracted from the real and obvious LIE of Government.

If we could rid ourselves of Government & Its Media Noise Machine Echo Parrot Beast, the so-called playing field would be a whole lot different. The media noise machine makes molehills into Everest and Olympus, so we look up to the sky instead of under our noses.




Drill commands - Wikipedia

"Drill commands are best given in an excellent command voice. A command voice is characterized by DLIPSDistinctness, Loudness, Inflection, Projection, and Snap."





Authoritative Vocal Stylings, are Drill Commands, We Tend To Not Notice and Take For Granted as We Have Been Long Conditioned To Accept These Voices as "God".


Dune 1984 - Awareness control instincts

Military Thinking Applied To Mass Culture By Way of TV & Now Online Social Media


Abrupt social change is amplified and heavily promoted by the multimedia beast. The same cultural divide and conquer agenda of separating youth from family and parental influence is one example. The transgender bathroom agenda is another obvious abrupt social about face. The News Media, Government, and Hollywood act in unison as proverbial bus driver and they collectively slam on the proverbial brakes and we are all supposed to hang on for dear life… we“need to cut the fruit and the root.”  The root of all of this noise and unreasonable social definitions and divisive reasoning is the multimedia noise machine and Government.








Hollywood & The Military & Government Are One


This is alls show. Get it? See the trick? This is what 20th & now 21st Century Propaganda looks like, There are layers of lies that protect the truth. All of these men on this show are "in on it".


This is where our Tax Money goes.


Larry King CNN UFO Disclosure

Larry King - Wikipedia


The Governor of Arizona is one "Them"' An Elite Level Trained Manager

Military deception - Wikipedia 

Governors, like journalists, do not work for "We the people". These men and women tend to attend Ivy League Universities and otherwise interact with upper levels of society most of us do not. These people are embers of inter nation groups like the Council on Foreign Relations and more. "We the People" is merely marketing myth. It is a slogan with no legal weight.

These people are the only ones allowed to go on air repeatedly. They all read from the same scripts and all play for the same team, despite pretending otherwise. The purpose of presenting things like UFO, Big Foot and Elvis sightings is to keep these ideas alive in the minds of the mass public. The various commercial and publishing enterprises profit and the mass public's mind turns to mush. The conspiracy market place is designed to be a maze of noise that leads nowhere. This same behavior is mimicked online, intentionally and not. Talk of Elvis being alive means people go out and buy Elvis products. 

Council on Foreign Relations - Wikipedia


See how this works yet?

These guys area all part of the same Governmental Control Club™.

The rest of us are not part of this club.


"John Fife Symington III (born August 12, 1945) is an American businessman and former politician. He served as the 19th Governor of Arizona from 1991 until a conviction on charges of extortion and bank fraud -- which were later overturned -- forced his resignation in 1997."

"Symington comes from a wealthy Maryland family. He is the son of Martha Howard (née Frick), and a great-grandson of steel magnate Henry Clay Frick, and his father, J. Fife Symington Jr. (1910–2007), was United States ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago 1969–71. His cousin, Stuart Symington, was a U.S. Senator from Missouri and father of James Wadsworth Symington, a U.S. Representative from that state. He is married to the former Ann Olin Pritzlaff, an ordained deacon in the Episcopal Church and an heiress of the Olin family. They have five children and four grandchildren.

He attended the prestigious Gilman School in Baltimore, then attended Harvard University, graduating in 1968 with a degree in Dutch art history and was a member of the Porcellian Club. He served in the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War, stationed at Luke Air Force Base in Maricopa County, Arizona. He remained in Arizona and became involved in real estate development, founding his own company, the Symington Company, in 1976."

"In 2007, Fife said that he had witnessed one of the "crafts of unknown origin" during the 1997 Phoenix Lights event, but noted that he didn't go public with the information."


Fife Symington - Wikipedia


Politicians Seem Like Game Show Hosts


Music video by Sting performing If I Ever Lose My Faith In You. (C) 1993 A&M Records


"That is the Structures of Things Today.”

Nation states are corporations too. This scene is very blunt with the obvious Limited Hangout of claiming fallaciously that Nation States are any different from Coca Cola, Bell Labs, IBM, AT&T and the rest. All serve the same long standing old Europe money interests. The Treaty of Paris from 1783 and the rest of the paperwork leads back in time to the Royals who started the Corporate  ventures and enterprises in the first place, oh so long ago. This scene is completely correct about the role of the journalist as religious priest as shaper of human imagination and definer of the bounds of reason. 

I wonder if Nature does indeed intend us to be cattle to some external master. It doesn't seem to me that the Creator would want us to be in this state, but it also doesn't seem like anything will ever really change.

The prophetic "World is a Business' Scene from the film Network (1976)

Do not trust the Brigands who work in the Dark Broadcast Tower!

British Security Co-ordination - Wikipedia


The neo-propagandist tends to copy the old 20th century talk show format which is crafted for propaganda noise and little else.


Robert Plant - Network News

 Can you see what God’s Finest Treasure is in the album art above?


“Guns death and noise Sand oil and blood Frontiers drawn on paper No consideration made for

The poor creature who is living By the grace of God just giving He's live on network news Live on network news

Flags, princes, kings Patriotic fools As freedom lies in twisted heaps Whose final breath his soul to keep

Whose greatest foe, the endless sleep Whose dying wish to reach next week A bloody star on the network news A bloody star on the network news

Tanks, boats and planes Fire, pain and lies Environmental terrorists Tease propaganda's paper fist

Whose trade is all the truth that fits Who often lies but never sits But on the fence it's the network news Yes on the fence it's network news

The lion and the serpent parade out in the sun All order flex and gesture

All hail, the techno infidel has come With satellite bravado and infra-red texture

Beyond these days in time to come Whose fate is it to measure?

Hallelujah, hallelujah, “   

ROBERT PLANT LYRICS - Network News - A-Z Lyrics

Anoint - Online Etymology Dictionary


Terrorism - Online Etymology Dictionary

environment (n.)


Walter Cronkite's final broadcast on CBS Evening News

On April 16, 1962, Cronkite succeeded Douglas Edwards as anchorman of the CBS Evening News (initially Walter Cronkite with the News), a job in which he became an American icon. The program expanded from 15 to 30 minutes on September 2, 1963, making Cronkite the anchor of American network television's first nightly half-hour news program.

Too many of these online personas are no different from the Governmentally approved media shepherds of traditional media forms. Do not trust the Brigands who work in the Dark Broadcast Tower!


Bobby Darin Sings "Save The Country" Live

Sign-on and sign-off - Wikipedia

Nothing like programmings sleeping (or half asleep) minds that left the TV on…this was shown every day for years and decades…


TV SIGN OFF  Back in the day, few stations broadcasted 24 hours. This is how they would sign off.




Orson Welles hosts this 1981 Nostradamus documentary, complete with re-enactments of historic events and dramatizations of things that may or may not happen in the future. 

Do not trust the Brigands who work in the Dark Broadcast Tower!

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"Yardbird is post-Second World War African American slang for a prisoner, from the notion of prison yards."

"During the Second World War, in the armed forces it meant a basic trainee, as they spent most of their time in the yards."

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Yardbirds ft Jimmy Page Shapes Of Things




A Music Video of Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News

“Whatever some hypocritical ministers of government may say about it, power is the greatest of all pleasures."

"It seems to me that only love can beat it, and love is a happy illness that can't be picked up as easily as a Ministry.    [Stendhal "de l'Amour,"1822]”    quote  source: power (n.)


 "The DeLorean DMC-12 was chosen because its design made the gag about the family of farmers mistaking it for a flying saucer believable."



"H.G. Wells' Things to Come" 

Mork's [Robin Williams] Last Report to Orson, How ironic


Hollywood & Government Promote Star Worship: Stars Are All Over The Logos of Hollywood & Government

With social media everybody can be a “star” like the media machine programmed us to be.


Independence Day Theatrical Trailer 1. 


More than likely the explanations for UFOs have to do with things like Natural phenomena, radio controlled crafts, Governmental operations of one kind or another, things like that. Whatever the deal is or isn't with supposed "anti-gravity" technology, we can only speculate. We have nothing to examine, but some references and myths.  Until someone can put forth a coherent definition of what the phenomena we term gravity actually is, we really are in no position to logically even begin to speculate about any imagined zero gravity tech. 


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Mirage Men is a great example of how layers of lies protect the truth and how Limited Hangouts of Information work. The UFO social experiment is about so much more than just covering for some magical technology the Government probably does not possess. This is about Fear conditioning. This is about the public needing to believe in the need for and power of Governmental Authority in the first place. This is about the little disney-mouse wizard of Oz man-behind the curtain hiding behind layers of deception, smoke, and mirror and myth. Please keep in mind, the Government, like Hollywood and any R&D business venture, has layers of need to know security clearances, non-disclosure agreements and other sorts of spell binding contracts, National Security Acts and the rest, backed with financial reward and jail time, (maybe even Death) to offer to maintain the kind of order that benefits Government.

"Mirage Men is a 2013 documentary film directed by John Lundberg, written by Mark Pilkington and co-directed by Roland Denning and Kypros Kyprianou. The film had its world premiere at the 2013 Sheffield Doc/Fest  in the UK on 13 June 2013, its North American premiere at the 2013 Fantastic Fest  in Austin, Texas on 22 September 2013, its Australian premiere at the Canberra International Film Festival[4] on 31 October 2013 and its Nordic premiere at the Stockholm Film Festival in Sweden on 10 November 2013."

"Mirage Men is about how the US government used mythology to cover up their advanced technology. It prominently features Richard Doty, a retired Special Agent who worked for AFOSI, the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigation. Mark Pilkington's book about the project, also called Mirage Men, was published in 2010 by Constable & Robinson. "

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Take a proper gander at some of the propaganda from the last century. This is the mythology of Culture. These images were crafted to create certain impressions that we are not supposed to question. The power of the print media and frozen “moment” in time is nothing compared to the multimedia audio visual blitz of today.

The 21st Century multimedia Hell was brought to us by Bell Labs. 




Roy Clark - Malaguena (The Odd Couple)

Of course not everyone online is a propagandist. There are some very fine and active minds at work out there. Here is some food for your mind, if you have the time:


 John Adams Afternoon Commute

You can use this Bell Labs tool to learn to think for yourself.