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No Satellites Necessary


Bouncing Skywaves


BBC to NYC from London: Skywave bounce.

In radio communication, "skywave" or "skip" refers to the propagation of radio waves reflected or refracted back toward Earth from the ionosphere, an electrically charged layer of the upper atmosphere. Since it is not limited by the curvature of the Earth, skywave propagation can be used to communicate beyond the horizon, at intercontinental distances.
The Big Bounce - NASA's Echo 1 satellite and how it works. The balloon satellite functioned as a reflector, not a transmitter 1960s. Bell Labs & AT&T at work. courtesy of NASA images

"The 30.5-metre (100 ft) diameter balloon was made of 0.5-mil-thick (12.7 µm) metalized 0.2-micrometre-thick (0.00787-mil) biaxially oriented PET film ("Mylar") material, and it was used to redirect transcontinental and intercontinental telephone, radio, and television signals."      

 Project Echo - Wikipedia


Aug 18, 2010 - Made of Mylar, the satellite measured 100 feet (30 meters) in diameter. ... Launched by NASA, Echo 1 was a giant metallic balloon100 feet (30 ... " www.space.com › Tech

1st Communication Satellite: A Giant Space Balloon 50 Years Ago

Mylar Balloon Pop!

ECHO 1A Mylar: 0.2-micrometre-thick (0.00787-mil) vs 2.0mil to 7.5mi in thickness

"Flimsy" Reasoning

""Mylar" balloons are actually made from metallized polyester, which is a very lightweight structure in which the aluminum is deposited by evaporation onto the surface of a polyester (Mylar) film in a thickness measured in microns (to give you an idea how thick a micron is, 1 micron is equal to 1/1000th of a millimeter; a human hair is approximately 75 microns).."

"75% of our work orders are for custom sizes, printing, or materials. IMPAK has over 60 films available for custom package production ranging from 2.0mil to 7.5mi in thickness and many colors including silver, white, black, red, gold, green, purple, and even transparent."

Mylar Bags - SorbentSystems.com



Temperatures in outer space are imagined to fluctuate from unimaginably cold to unimaginably hot. 

"Helium balloons are claimed to reach a height of anywhere up to ten kilometers.  At such heights, atmospheric pressure is dramatically reduced, so a helium balloon expands as it rises. With temperatures so low, the balloon material is also expected to freeze. Eventually as the material is stretched too thin, the balloon is likely to pop suddenly. An estimated 90-95% of released balloons rise to an altitude of 5 miles where the temperature and pressure is such that they burst into small fragments."



"The rubber balloon was invented by Michael Faraday in 1824, during experiments with various gases."

Balloon - Wikipedia