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The Solution to the So-Called Copernican "Revolution".

Part One: Mars

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Photographs and illustrations are forms of communication in the same way math and verbal language are. Here we have an example of the incorrect use of photo-illustration as communication. Context matters. "This sentence is a lie." might be grammatically correct but it has no logical context so it is gibberish. If we put it in some kind of meta context it might make a lot more sense, but science is not Metaphysics and this article is focused on the observable "science" of astronomy and the specific siting of the planet Mars.

A Visual Communications Sleight of Hand

Below is a very misleading illustration. This does not represent what we would observe if we observed the motion of the planet. This is what we would see if we observe the planet once a night at the same time each night and that is not the same thing.

Mars as seen from Earth, image courtesy of NASA.



We never observe the Sun make this figure 8 shape (see photo-illustration below) do we?

Does anyone claim the Sun has a retrograde motion?

This is what we observe if we look up at the sky at the same time (on our clock) every day. This image does not represent the Sun's path or motion, it only shows us the Noon position. In the same way the above photo-illustration shows us the exact same thing for the light in the sky we call the planet Mars. The photo-illustration above does not show us the path of Mars at all. This is very deceptive.

The Sun does "stand still" at the solstices and this is similar to the apparent retrograde motion of the planets. We could model and describe the apparent motions of these lights as speeding up and slowing down.

Apparent retrograde motion - Wikipedia

"Apparent" Retrograde Motion is a Lie.

We could claim the Sun exhibits the same "retrograde" motion.

The Real Electric Universe

If we could magically observe the light in the sky we call "Mars" day and night we would see that it rises and sets like the Sun, the Moon and the rest of the celestial zoo. We would not see the so-called "retrograde motion". This is a huge deception and example of circular reasoning meant to tie your mind into a knot. Mars is not some kind of magic apple or stone. The best we can demonstrate is that Mars is an alternating current, spark gap like phenomena and we can state this with confidence since we know that things like alternating current and spark gaps produces radio waves and light. There's a reason why there is a story about Nikola Tesla receiving radio waves from Mars (when experimenting in Colorado Springs)  and this is how we ended up with Bell Labs, tax payer funded, Radio Astronomy.

All Celestial Phenomena Rises and Sets in the Same Basic Manner

We can only observe this all from the Earth despite hype to the contrary.

Video lecture on how the Sun's path is different throughout the year. This video refers to the lecture tutorial "Path of the Sun" from "Lecture Tutorials for Introductory Astronomy" by Prather, et al.

With our magical glasses we would observe Mars rising in the east and arcing over our heads, up to a noon height and then setting in the west. These heavenly motions also show us that our world is best described as a globe. The next day we'd notice that Mars lagged a bit and did not quite end up where we had thought it would. The motion of Mars would be seen to be just like the yearly course of the Sun. The Sun rises and sets in different places in the sky as the year progresses, going from rising and setting in the north of the sky to the south and back again. The NASA photo above is extremely misleading as we never witness that. That is a series of photographs taken over the course of many nights of observation, assuming no photo fakery. What we are seeing is similar to the Sun's Analemma 

"In astronomy, an analemma (/ˌænəˈlɛmə/; from Greek ἀνάλημμα analēmma "support")[a] is a diagram showing the deviation of the Sun from its mean motion in the sky, as viewed from a fixed location on the Earth. Due to the Earth's axial tilt and orbital eccentricity, the Sun will not be in the same position in the sky at the same time every day. The north–south component of the analemma is the Sun's declination, and the east–west component is the equation of time. This diagram has the form of a slender figure-eight, and can often be found on globes of the Earth.

Diagrams of analemmas frequently carry marks that show the position of the Sun at various closely spaced dates throughout the year. Analemmas with date marks can be used for various practical purposes. Without date marks, they are of little use, except as decoration.

Analemmas (as they are known today) have been used in conjunction with sundials since the 18th century to convert between apparent and mean solar time. Prior to this, the term referred to any tool or method used in the construction of sundials.[1]

It is possible to photograph the analemma by keeping a camera at a fixed location and orientation and taking multiple exposures throughout the year, always at the same clock-time (and accounting for daylight saving time, when and where applicable).

Although the term "analemma" usually refers to the Earth's solar analemma, it can be applied to other celestial bodies as well."

Analemma - Wikipedia

If we consider the phenomena we see above our heads to be electrical in Nature like they seem to be, we might have the makings of a logical Cosmology as opposed to the nonsensical one. There is a reason I keep pointing to Ptolemy instead of Tycho Brahe. Brahe has some really great and insightful criticism of the Heliocentric model, but I find his Geocentric musings a bit too fantastic for my taste.

MARS 2.jpg

Above is what is supposed to be Kepler's observations of the path of Mars as seen from Earth. Please keep in mind when we look up at the sky from Earth, we see a light in the sky. These illustrations and the usual solar system models are artifacts and simply do to represent reality in any shape or form.

Above is what an artifact of a religion looks like. None of that is even to scale. Below is what the Heliocentric Model really looks like. It is silly. Consider how small we would be and how small our rockets would be and how huge and immense the vacuum of space would be. The whole thing is a fantasy. There is no real evidence to support any of it. All we have is Hollywood/Governmental propaganda.

Scale matters. The relative distance and sizes mean we could never have enough fuel in a rocket to do what NASA and other fake agencies claim. Consider the proportions and scale of the Earth and Moon distance. There is no way a rocket could ever make it. Vacuum of space or not, lack of any atmospheric drag or not, the fact is the Earth's gravitational pull is supposed to reach out (past) the Moon, the Apollo rockets would have had to fight that pull the until they reached the half way point between Earth and the Moon. They would need a magical and seemingly endless supply of fuel to do so. Never mind all the rest of the physical impossibilities of NASA & Disney's fantastic claims and other logical contradictions that this model begins to reveal when we actually think about and consider the ramifications of it all. If the Earth is the size of a marble, consider how small the rocket would be.

Build a Solar System Model | Exploratorium

To Scale: The Solar System

Disney Animated Educational Video Man in Space 1955

There are many reasons why the work of people like Copernicus is wrong. The work of these men is like one big brainteasing puzzle.

Lights are better described as getting brighter not further away. The mainstream cosmology is nothing but fantasy that has become the 20th and now the 21st Century Religion of Scientism. The above illustration is as misleading as all the rest and was created to promote only one idea about the heavens. It was not created to tell us the truth. The idea it was created to promote was one based on science fantasy and not reality at all.

"Somnium (Latin for "The Dream") is a novel written in 1608, in Latin, by Johannes Kepler. The narrative would not be published until 1634 by Kepler's son, Ludwig Kepler. In the narrative, an Icelandic boy and his witch mother learn of an island named Levania (our Moon) from a daemon (demon). Somnium presents a detailed imaginative description of how the Earth might look when viewed from the Moon, and is considered the first serious scientific treatise on lunar astronomy. Carl Sagan and Isaac Asimov have referred to it as the first work of science fiction."

Somnium (novel) - Wikipedia

(see article index or the website menu for more)

The Sun's Path along the Ecliptic through the Zodiac


Who, what, where, why, when and how.

The Sun can be described as a anode or a rotating "field" of positively charged electromagnetic energy. The Sun can be thought to be a rotating region of charged hydrogen. This should remind you of the pre-Copernican and pre-Tycho Brahe educated (and religious) view of the Universe and the Earth's place at the center of it all. The various layers of the Heavens are classified in much the same manner science does so today. Funny that. Look up "ferrocell" and you will get an idea of what the "field" around the Earth might actually be.

The Moon, stars and other celestial phenomena can be thought of in the same manner, as sets of rotating magnetic fields that are centered on the Earth. As these focal points of the lesser fields approach the more powerful field that is the Sun, they get canceled out, in a manner of speaking. There is no evidence nor any logic to support the idea that the objects in the sky are anything but an electrochemical type of phenomena, to use modern language.

Epicycles are simply a modeling tool. Here is another bait and switch mental fallacy, as we are taught to think that the epicycle is a real thing and not a tool used to model an observation.

What I am getting at is that the old vacuum tube technology and the old picture tube cathode ray technology provide us with a far better model for our observed world. The world of the Copernican "Revolution" is an imaginary one that the mainstream University educated mind was forced to abandon back sometime during the middle of the 20th century as it became even more apparent that Newton, Copernicus, Kepler, Einstein, and all the rest were very wrong.


Celestial spheres - Wikipedia

Deferent and epicycle - Wikipedia

Geocentric model - Wikipedia

These models do mimc what we can observe but they are both from a point of view that is imagined. This magical bird's eye view or let's call it the "Eye in the Sky" is the equivalent of "This sentence is a lie," Let's provide the context by thinking about what we can observe and where we do the observing.  

Copernican Revolution - Wikipedia

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Solar, Lunar, Planetary and the Fixed Stars have different rates of motion and these differences allow us to observe phenomena like the Sun progressing through the constellations of the Zodiac, eclipses and the rest.

image source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sidereal_time#Sidereal_time_and_solar_time

How To Tell Time

"Solar time is measured by the apparent diurnal motion of the Sun, and local noon in apparent solar time is the moment when the Sun is exactly due south or north (depending on the observer's latitude and the season). A mean solar day (what we normally measure as a "day") is the average time between local solar noons ("average" since this varies slightly over the year).

Earth makes one rotation around its axis in a sidereal day; during that time it moves a short distance (about 1°) along its orbit around the Sun. So after a sidereal day has passed, Earth still needs to rotate slightly more before the Sun reaches local noon according to solar time. A mean solar day is, therefore, nearly 4 minutes longer than a sidereal day.

The stars are so far away that Earth's movement along its orbit makes nearly no difference to their apparent direction (see, however, parallax), and so they return to their highest point in a sidereal day.

Another way to see this difference is to notice that, relative to the stars, the Sun appears to move around Earth once per year. Therefore, there is one fewer solar day per year than there are sidereal days. This makes a sidereal day approximately 365.24/366.24 times the length of the 24-hour solar day, giving approximately 23 h 56 min 4.1 s (86,164.1 s)."

Solar time - Wikipedia

Sidereal time - Wikipedia

Newton Wrong

Newton's orbital mechanics are flawed. Gravity is an increasing value and the fixed ballistic velocity is not. The two can never balance for more than a brief instant of time. The mathematical formula might look correct but it is illogical. v = the square root of a fraction that includes the incorrect use of the value for the so-called "Gravitational Constant" and this is the mistake. Gravity is demonstrably not a fixed and abstract Universal constant, but it is a demonstrable rate of acceleration at some 10 meters a second. After one second of time the apple is falling at 10 meters a second (9.8 actually) after another second the speed of the apple is now 20 meters a second, and so on. Newton and Kepler's orbital mechanics are nonsense. (See article index or website for more.)

Could Mars Be Some Kind of Bouncing Natural Skywave?

Skywave - Wikipedia

Celestial Phenomena Might Be Better Modeled as a Complex Interaction of Rotating Magnetic Fields

The Sun is a lot like a positive anode and it does "rotate" around the Earth.

"The ionosphere is a shell of electrons and electrically charged atoms and molecules that surrounds the Earth, stretching from a height of about 50 km (31 mi) to more than 1,000 km (620 mi). It owes its existence primarily to ultraviolet radiation from the Sun."


Video 3 Uncovering The Missing Secrets of Magnetism