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Artificial Satellites Do Not Exist Part One: The Telstar Hoax



Satellites are unnecessary. The electrically charged layers of the Earth's atmosphere can be used to transmit signals. Shortwave radio enthusiast were bouncing radio waves around the globe some one hundred years ago.  In fact an early BBC television broadcast was bounced across the Atlantic and was received in New York in 1938. Satellites are propaganda artifacts that promote humanity's imagined conquest of "space" and at the same time, the fear of nuclear annihilation delivered by way of the same technology.

Skywave - Wikipedia

How can a fake rocket launch a satellite into an imagined orbit?

Please watch the video below. The rocket launch is miniature model work. The smoke moves too fast. Scale and proportion matter. The hoses (attached to the rocket) fall too fast as well. This highly edited bit of propaganda is an old cold war era relic. 

AT&T Archives: Telstar!

Satellites are Science Fiction


"The satellite was built by a team at Bell Telephone Laboratories that included John Robinson Pierce, who created the project..."



Mr. Pierce was also a science fiction writer.


"John Robinson Pierce (March 27, 1910 – April 2, 2002), was an American engineer and author. He worked extensively in the fields of radio communicationmicrowave technology, computer musicpsychoacoustics, and science fiction."



Government Monopoly: Bell Labs

"The historic laboratory originated in the late 19th century as the Volta Laboratory and Bureau created by Alexander Graham Bell. Bell Labs was also at one time a division of the American Telephone & Telegraph Company (AT&T Corporation), half-owned through its Western Electric manufacturing subsidiary.

Researchers working at Bell Labs are credited with the development of radio astronomy, the transistor, the laser, the charge-coupled device (CCD), information theory, the operating systems Unix, Plan 9, Inferno, and the programming languages C, C++, and S. Eight Nobel Prizes have been awarded for work completed at Bell Laboratories."



Of course science fiction author, Arthur C. Clarke proposed the communication satellite idea in 1945.


"The 1945 Proposal by Arthur C. Clarke for. Geostationary Satellite Communications. Sir Arthur C. Clarke's most famous prediction on the future is his proposal of geostationary satellite communications published in the Wireless World magazine in 1945. ..."

The 1945 Proposal by Arthur C. Clarke for Geostationary Satellite ...

"Sir Arthur Charles Clarke, CBE, FRAS (16 December 1917 – 19 March 2008) was a British science fiction writer, science writer and futurist,  inventor, undersea explorer, and television series host."



Newton's Orbital Mechanics Are Flawed and Wrong

Newton's Fudged Mathematical Equation:

v = a fixed velocity. G = the gravitational constant

Yet gravity is obviously an accelerated velocity. Newton's mistake is comparing apples to oranges. Velocity needs to be compared to velocity. A fixed value can never be balanced with an ever increasing one.  Newton compares a fixed velocity to a rate of change. This is illogical. The value for velocity is supposed to be fixed. The value for gravity would be ever increasing. Math is a language and languages can be used to lie or otherwise distort reality. The use if the so-called "Gravitational Constant" is a sleight of hand deceptive tactic. G represents the real world effect of an accelerated 32 feet per second, not some fixed abstract value.

If we assume a Mass of 1 and a radius of 1, then v is equal to the square root of G. Why is this squared? What is that supposed to model. Math just means counting. Math is used to model fantasy or reality. What was Newton modeling? Here his math is gibberish. 

If we make G= 4 then we know v has to equal 2. This is the very definition of the circular reasoning fallacy. The G value is meant to represent an accelerated phenomena. It is obvious that the fixed value for the imagined "Gravitational Constant" is not the appropriate value to use. This bit of sleight of hand reveals Newton's work for the religious propaganda it actually is.

"This sentence is a lie." might be grammatically correct but it lacks context so it is nonsense. Mathematical formula is used in exactly the same manner. Newton's formula are proof of nothing.

Demonstrable ballistic physics proves Newton wrong. The apple will ways fall toward the center of the Earth when dropped and the Moon never will. The Moon is not like an apple, there is no evidence it is a rock floating in the heavens, A cannon ball fired from a cannon possess a fixed velocity (ignoring atmospheric drag). Gravity's pull increases. A fixed value cannot be balanced with an increasing one. What goes up will come back down again. Nobody could ever conduct any experiment to prove Newton correct. We have to trust NASA cartoon imagery and obvious governmental propaganda.

Trajectory of a projectile - Wikipedia

Newton Imagines Fantastic Speeds He Mathematically Needs To Make His Daydream "Come True"

17,000 mph is an unimaginable velocity that NASA and other space agencies claim to have achieved. In fact the space agencies of the world claim even greater velocities can be achieved. We cannot verify any of this ourselves of course. Nobody can do any kind of real experiment here on Earth that can support any of Newton's fantasy. We have to trust the "rocket scientists" after all. Never mind the fact that the claims are the stuff of fantasy. Demonstrable physical principle shows us that  Newton's "theories" do not deserve that label. His ideas are nothing but the result of day dream belief.

Gravity - National Geographic Documentary

Newton's Orbital Mechanical Fraud

No matter how much force one applied to the cannon ball, the velocity will aways be fixed. Gravity's pull will always increase and the cannon ball will be drawn towards the center of the Earth. It seems highly unlikely any of this could ever really be engineered. There are numerous and obvious problems with all of this. Compare how long it takes to develop other (real) technologies. 

We have to accept NASA at its word. We cannot verify their claims and the underlying science is nothing but nonsense. The rational explanation is that the space programs are a long standing global psychological operation designed to keep us all thinking we need governmental "protections" we do not need. We all must really believe we need to keep paying taxes for it all.

The world is not run how most think. International elite trained minds manage the globe for old world money interests. Governments work for them not us. We exist to serve government.


Artificial Orbits Are Impossible

"The distance that a free-falling object has fallen from a position of rest is also dependent upon the time of fall. This distance can be computed by use of a formula; the distance fallen after a time of t seconds is given by the formula."

How Fast? and How Far? - The Physics Classroom

17,000 mph is around 25,000 feet per second. That velocity would be fixed. Gravity would pull the magical fast object towards Earth's center at an increasing rate of 32 feet per second. After one second the cannonball would be pulled some 16 feet towards Earth's center. After two seconds of time the cannonball would be pulled 64 feet closer towards the center of the Earth. After 60 seconds the distance fallen would be 57,600 feet. After one hour the cannonball would have dropped some 207,360,000 feet or some 39,000 miles.

Newton's orbit could never be sustained even if humans could achieve such fantastic speeds in the first place.

The cannon and mountain in the above video are absurdly large. The cannon also is imagined to fire its projectile horizontally, unlike the phallic vertical rocket launches of NASA and the rest, All of the supposed outer space footage is fake and the result of film studio special effects. Huge rockets are Cold War/Atom Bomb era artifacts.

Einstein's work is the result of trying to patch all that was wrong with the Heliocentric model. Einstein's work is even more absurd than Newton's. (see article index for more)

How Fast? and How Far? - The Physics Classroom

"Thus, the projectile travels with a constant horizontal velocity and a downward vertical acceleration."

"As discussed earlier in this lesson, a projectile is an object upon which the only force acting is gravity. Many projectiles not only undergo a vertical motion, but also undergo a horizontal motion. That is, as they move upward or downward they are also moving horizontally. There are the two components of the projectile's motion - horizontal and vertical motion. And since perpendicular components of motion are independent of each other, these two components of motion can (and must) be discussed separately. The goal of this part of the lesson is to discuss the horizontal and vertical components of a projectile's motion; specific attention will be given to the presence/absence of forces, accelerations, and velocity."

"Let's return to our thought experiment from earlier in this lesson. Consider a cannonball projected horizontally by a cannon from the top of a very high cliff. In the absence of gravity, the cannonball would continue its horizontal motion at a constant velocity. This is consistent with the law of inertia. And furthermore, if merely dropped from rest in the presence of gravity, the cannonball would accelerate downward, gaining speed at a rate of 9.8 m/s every second. This is consistent with our conception of free-falling objects accelerating at a rate known as the acceleration of gravity."

"If our thought experiment continues and we project the cannonball horizontally in the presence of gravity, then the cannonball would maintain the same horizontal motion as before - a constant horizontal velocity. Furthermore, the force of gravity will act upon the cannonball to cause the same vertical motion as before - a downward acceleration. The cannonball falls the same amount of distance as it did when it was merely dropped from rest (refer to diagram below). However, the presence of gravity does not affect the horizontal motion of the projectile. The force of gravity acts downward and is unable to alter the horizontal motion. There must be a horizontal force to cause a horizontal acceleration. (And we know that there is only a vertical force acting upon projectiles.) The vertical force acts perpendicular to the horizontal motion and will not affect it since perpendicular components of motion are independent of each other. Thus, the projectile travels with a constant horizontal velocity and a downward vertical acceleration."

The cannonball would male a golden ratio-like spiral.


The high flying passenger jets fly at a height of some eight miles or so. The imagined artificial orbits would mean that the satellites were many times further away. Geostationary orbits are supposed to be some three Earth diameters away! This is an incredible distance many of us simply take for granted. The communication satellites are supposed to be so far away and there is so much intervening atmosphere, dust, water vapor and electromagnetic noise, one would think the communication satellite would be useless. It would be too far away to amplify any signal. Or so logic would suggest. Circular reasoned fallacy and unverifiable governmental claims, illogical mathematics and peer reviewed nonsense, maintain the religious fictions sold as science.

Geostationary orbit - Wikipedia

Inverse-square law - Wikipedia

Common sense and logic should tell us something is wrong with most of the images we are shown. We are not supposed to consider the very real distances rockets would have to travel. We are not supposed to consider how minuscule we and all we engineer is when compared to the size of the Earth. We are so small that the Earth's curvature seems to us to be nearly non existent, that we might be tempted to think the Earth flat.

Rockets would never really be able to maneuver with the precision needed to get into orbit in the first place. Rockets would never really have enough fuel to get anywhere close to where they would need to be. Huge rockets are a fallacy. The air does not scale up with the rocket. There's a reason why a bullet travels much faster than a passenger jet. A huge rocket is gong to meet with a lot of very real air resistance. Just compare what went into engineering something like the Concorde Jet to the rocket programs. 

There's a good reason why we never really see the actual proportions of things. Solar system models and rockets launches are all shown out of context so we end up with the wrong impressions.

Magical Precision vs An Electrical Environment

The electrical nature of the upper atmosphere would seem to indicate no satellites would ever be needed to amplify VHF signals. If nature can do it, human beings can try to do it too. What is more reasonable: did human beings figure out how to electrically stimulate  layers of the atmosphere in order to use the electrically charged regions for communications or did people figure out how to magically and precisely place objects into imagined orbits? 

Arthur C. Clarke based his satellite proposal on Newton's flawed thought experimental fantasies. Illogical mathematical equation aside, gravity is an accelerated phenomena and the fixed velocity of the imagined satellite is not. One cannot balance the other. Mathematical sleight of hand illogic is not some kind of magic spell that can defy reality. Newton and Kepler's orbital musings are nothing but nonsense backed with illogically applied math. Math is a language and can be used to express ideas that are wrong.

Atmospheric electricity - Wikipedia

Polar Mesospheric Summer Echoes

"Polar mesospheric summer echoes (PMSE) is the phenomenon of anomalous radar echoes found between 80-90 km in altitude from May through early August in the Arctic, and from November through to February in the Antarctic. These strong radar echoes are associated with the extremely cold temperatures that occur above continental Antarctica during the summer. Rocket and radar measurements indicate that a partial reflection from a multitude of ion layers and constructive interference causes at least some of the PMSE."
"Generally PMSE exhibits dramatic variations in height and intensity as well as large variations in Doppler shift. PMSE exhibit strong signal power enhancements of scattering cross section at VHF radar frequencies in the range 50 MHz to 250 MHz, at times even to over 1 GHz, that occur in summer at high latitudes. The peak PMSE height is slightly below the summer mesopause temperature minimum at 88 km, and above the noctilucent cloud (NLC) and/or polar mesospheric cloud (PMC) layer at 83–84 km. The usual instrument for observing PMSE is the a VHF Mesosphere-Stratosphere-Troposphere (MST) radar, although LIDARs and sounding rockets have also been used."
"PMSE is believed to be caused by structural irregularities in the ionospheric electron density at lower altitudes. The exact cause of PMSE is not yet known, although theorists have proposed steep electron density gradients, heavy positive ions, dressed aerosols, gravity waves and turbulence as possible explanations."

Polar mesosphere summer echoes

Satellites Are Unnecessary:

Ionosphere - Wikipedia


In 1938 a television signal broadcast from England was received in New York.

"The following is the only off air pre World War II BBC recording to currently exist. This was caused by bizarre weather conditions, which somehow made a BBC broadcast visible in New York."

Satellites Are a Long Standing Hoax and Artifact of the 20th Century Cold War Era

What makes more sense? Did people figure out how to successfully replicate the conditions that allowed for VHF radio wave propagation by way of the electrically active upper layers of Earth's atmosphere or did the powers that be figure out how to do the impossible? We are supposed to believe that Sir Isaac Newton's fallacious orbital mechanics make sense and that illogically premised mathematical formula can magically act like an actual physical experiment.

If natural conditions can allow for a television signs to be bounced across the Atlantic Ocean, is it unreasonable to consider that this is something human beings can replicate by way of electrical engineering? This seems to be the far more plausible explanation for so-called satellite communications, Skywave or upper atmosphere propagation would seem to be a "National Security State Secret". Satellites are nothing but constructs of the mind, crafted to inspire awe and fear. The satellites represent the imagined "Super Powers" of the world. We are supposed to bow down to the power of Governmental authority and the images of Nuclear Missiles guided by magical computer networks of satellites fits the bill.

All religions make use of some kind of carrot and stick. The fear of Hell and the desire for Heaven, the fear of the satellite and rocket driven nuke warhead is balanced by the fantastic religious vision of future space exploration that the masses will never be able to participate in.

Magical Precision vs An Electrical Environment

The electrical nature of the upper atmosphere would seem to indicate no satellites would ever be needed to amplify VHF signals. If nature can do it, human beings can try to do it too. What is more reasonable: did human beings figure out how to electrically stimulate  layers of the atmosphere in order to use this electrically charged region for communications or did people figure out how to magically and precisely place objects into imagined orbits?

Atmospheric electricity - Wikipedia

1938 - BBC Broadcast Seen In New York

The following is the only off air pre World War II BBC recording to currently exist. This was caused by bizarre weather conditions, which somehow made a BBC broadcast visible in New York.

BBC Television received in New York - November 1938 : Alexandra ...

"November - Due to freak atmospheric conditions, a BBC TV broadcast is received in New York City. A film camera is used to record the silent images which ..."

1938 in television - Wikipedia

Atmospheric electricity - Wikipedia



The Earth is like one big quartz crystal. The Earth sings in radio waves. Electrical arcs and lightning strikes, stars and planets are all natural sources of radio waves. Alternating current produces radio waves. Electricity is Natural.

Crystals Go to War 1943 Reeves Sound Laboratories; Piezoelectric Quartz Crystals for Radio

Manufacturing and technological advances are responsible for the electronic communication age of today, not rockets.

History of the transistor - Wikipedia

Fig. 5 & Fig. 6--A Section of the Earth and Its Atmospheric Envelope Drawn to Scale. It is Obvious That the Hertzian Rays Cannot Traverse So Thin a Crack Between Two Conducting Surfaces For Any Considerable Distance, Without Being Absorbed, Says Dr. Tesla, In Discussing the Ether Space Wave Theory.

Wireless Signals

"We are living on a planet of well-nigh inconceivable dimensions, surrounded by a layer of insulating air above which is a rarefied and conducting atmosphere (Fig. 5). This is providential, for if all the air were conducting the transmission of electrical energy thru the natural media would be impossible. My early experiments have shown that currents of high frequency and great tension readily pass thru an atmosphere but moderately rarefied, so that the insulating stratum is reduced to a small thickness as will be evident by inspection of Fig. 6, in which a part of the earth and its gaseous envelope is shown to scale. If the radius of the sphere is 12 1/2", then the non-conducting layer is only 1/64" thick and it will be obvious that the Hertzian rays cannot traverse so thin a crack between two conducting surfaces for any considerable distance, without being absorbed. The theory has been seriously advanced that these radiations pass around the globe by successive reflections, but to show the absurdity of this suggestion reference is made to Fig. 7 in which this process is diagrammatically indicated. Assuming that there is no refraction, the rays, as shown on the right, would travel along the sides of a polygon drawn around the solid, and inscribed into the conducting gaseous boundary in which case the length of the side would be about 400 miles. As one-half the circumference of the earth is approximately 12,000 miles long there will be, roughly, thirty deviations. The efficiency of such a reflector cannot be more than 25 per cent, so that if none of the energy of the transmitter were lost in other ways, the part recovered would be measured by the fraction (1/4)^30. Let the transmitter radiate Hertz waves at the rate of 1,000 kilowatts. Then about one hundred and fifteen billionth part of one watt is all that would be collected in a perfect receiver. In truth, the reflections would be much more numerous as shown on the left of the figure, and owing to this and other reasons, on which it is unnecessary to dwell, the amount recovered would be a vanishing quantity."

To Scale: The Solar System

Space Is Not A Place

Some fifty years after the first human flight we could stand on a line for a passenger flight to Rome. If Outer Space were a real place, we could wait on a line to go through a body scan machine, to get on board a flight to a low earth orbit hotel.

Only the elite few get to visit that film set.


This is fake. The background shakes and bounces around but the person in the foreground does not. Why would the camera bounce in the first place? How does that make any sense at all? Are we supposed to think the fireball caused some kind of massive Earthquake? Why is there a sound? How close was the meteor supposed to be?
This is staged and obviously fake. This is an example of a special effects shot, complete with sound design and what appears to be bad acting, (no offense).

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