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AT&T Archives: Seeing the Digital Future (1961) Rocket Deliveries

The News media will run the occasional story that declares amazon.com is toying with the idea of using drones to ship packages to their customers. The plastic drones we can actually verify exist would not make for a good delivery service and neither would a rocket. We are supposed to believe many absurd things and a rocket delivery service would have to be one of the silliest ideas I have ever come across. Magical rockets can achieve any feat dreamt of, apparently. The huge rockets of the defense industry are nothing but Hollywood crafted hoaxes. The Superpowers of the world simply do not possess the power and technology they claim they do. Computer run missile guidance systems and the rest are the stuff of science fiction fantasy and little else. Computers are not magical wands capable of miracles. Computers are all too imperfect human tools that tend to crash, freeze up or otherwise go awry during critical procedures.

The governments of the world rely on the public's ignorance of the true weapon of mass destruction: the communications grid and weaponized Hollywood artifact. The governments of the world rely upon unverifiable claims to retain power and control over our individual lives.

AT&T Archives: Seeing the Digital Future (1961)

AT&T/Bell Labs: The Government Controlled Monopoly That Crafted The Modern Electronic World

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