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PLEASE NOTE: This is not a conspiracy theory blog.

This website exists to serve as public resource for reverse imagineering world-wide culture, one that takes a critical look at the numerous artifacts and other types of relics that represent our shared collective international heritage. This blog is dedicated to examining social engineering and the use of tax funded governmental propaganda, and the mainstream media, as international human resource management tools.

About The AA Morris Proper Gander At Propaganda Podcast: Coming to you from one of the suburban metropolitan melting pots of international culture, outside of one of the multimedia capitals of the world, New York City, the Proper Gander at Propaganda podcast is meant to be a filter free look at our shared international cultural heritage, our shared social media infused and obsessed present, and what our children and their children could be looking forward to. This link will bring you to the podcast page of this website, with embedded squarespace audio: link: http://www.aamorris.net/podcast/

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Students get processed: a Marshall McLuhan Deconditioning Lecture (1969)


1969 was an interesting year. I happened to have been born right after the twin fabled events of the Moon walk and the Woodstock, so the year holds a special place for me.


News, Governmental & Mainstream Media Promoted Cultural Sub-diversities Are The Tools Used To Keep The Artificial World An Ever Changing & Constantly Evolving One


"If the world is changing very rapidly you can't have a point of view. A point of view depends on fixity. It's only an illusion in an electric world. When things are moving very fast you can't have a stationary position or a target." Marshall McLuhan

 Satellites are mythical artifacts of culture that represent the Atomic Age Cold War Era origins of the modern television based, post World War Two, communications system. This system is the real Atomic Weapon of the 20th Century. The "Satellite" environment McLuhan refers to is now the digital social media saturated, smart phone enhanced, somewhat globally connected, world of today.


We Are The Artificial Intelligence Products of The Cultural Manufacturing Process

Students get processed by Marshall McLuhan - Deconditioning Lecture [1969]


"I am interested in the process of manufacturing of you. You have been manufactured by our society. You are a product."  Marshall McLuhan


"The tycoon is a role player."  Marshall McLuhan