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Back To Eden and Away From The Alien Nation

Got To Get Back To The Garden

The Alien Nation is the world of the political identity agenda. Ideology, cultural, subcultural, social, political and diversities of all sorts are promoted to all, but especially the young. The current gender identity diversity babel is nothing new. Gender used to be a word that meant an obviously natural based classification that has now become a socially manipulative and celebrity promoted wedge issue. Everyone is an alien in the Alienated Nation.

The Transgender Agenda Is An Intolerant Agenda

Identity is a social artifice. It is a hoax. A person is a legal construct. The celebrity cult of persona worship is Hollywood promoted product designed to manipulate human minds into believing and accepting very unnatural ideas as natural and normal. This has nothing to do with accepting or even just tolerating other people's personal behavior choices and everything to do with the social control of the vast human resource. The current agenda relies on cultural subdivision and abrupt reclassifications that are unnaturally founded and illogically premised. 

I Like Vanilla Ice Cream. Does That Mean I Should Self Identify As An Ice Cream Cone or A Sundae?

If Billy Bob Jr. decides to show up at school in the fall dressed as a girl and self identifying as Wilma, only "Wilma's" feelings matter. "Wilma" wants to get dressed in the girl's locker room and the girls and their parents now have to accept it or "Wilma" will complain of being bullied. Wilma was known as Billy Bob Jr. by his family, classmates and friends for twelve years, but now at thirteen, he "self identifies" as a she. And she has the right to be who she "really is", right? She should be free from bullying, as should everyone else, that is logical common sense. But who is really bullying whom?

Soap operatic, yellow journal, tabloid, fictionalized and scripted news stories do influence real laws and real human perception and resulting behavior. The young mind is a very impressionable one that government and Hollywood promoted celebrity product has long been contrived to appeal to. The current transgender "revolution" is a media contrivance from the top down. This is having a real effect on our world as real people are buying into this nonsense. This has nothing to do with how one dresses or acts and everything to do with creating a needless slew of "identities". The media noise machine does not care about true tolerance or true bullying.

Celebrity Hyped Abrupt Social Redefinitions Are The Tools Of Governmental Authority And Do Not Represent True Freedom Or Change

Government and the media noise machine are the real bullies that seek to force their sets of ideals down the rest of our throats. They present cartoon characters like Bruce Jenner as real people. Bruce Jenner is obviously a man who is making unverifiable and illogical claims the News media is uninterested in actually questioning. He cannot explain why he thinks he is a woman. This kind of nonsense does no good for any real person who might feel like Bruce is supposed to. This also does nothing to help anyone understand what real people actually go through. The news and related media exist to filter and distort reality. These news and related Hollywood media and product are the real WMD and the target is the human mind and subsequent generations of human behavior. Sensational and dramatic headlines are more important than real tolerance. The dollar sign is a powerful religious symbol and ultimate socially manipulative carrot and stick. Commercial interest keeps us all tied to inhuman systems of thought.

Governments Leverage Social & Cultural Divisions For Their Advantage

Our world is an overly and needlessly commercialized one. New fashion choices promoted by the power of Hollywood product is nothing new. The incredible power of celebrity and the moving picture was recognized by international banking interests and their governmental minions well over a century ago. Some of the media noise is the result of celebrity driven marketing efforts for obvious financial gain and some of it is obviously sociality manipulative in intent. Basal desire has long been weaponized and used by government and religion institution alike to control the mass public imagination and behavior.

Human See Human Do

Human beings are a Natural echo chambers. We copy Natural process and we copy the behavior of each other and this trait has long been used against us.

Sigmund Freud's over emphasis on sex is a great example of how sex is used as a tool for social management purposes. Governmental power relies on the manipulation of fear and desire. Basal emotions are stressed over higher ideals. Personal behavior choices get spun into political opportunities for the need to call for even more governmental authority and control over our individual lives.

Governmental Rights Restrict Real Freedom

Jailing people over adult behavioral choices is a sin and real crime against humanity and this is the crime governments have long been guilty of. None of this latest round of social justice nonsense has anything to do with Freedom which is your Natural state, and everything to do with increasing the belief in the need for governmental authorities and the restrictions on personal speech and behavior. Government relies on us thought policing ourselves and each other. Government relies on us being obedient citizen/sheep. 

Gendering (to Bring Forth) New Generations: Defining Left as Right & Redefining Right As Wrong.

"Latin genus (genitive generis) "race, stock, family; kind, rank, order; species," also "(male or female) sex," from PIE root *gene- (see genus)."

Gender - Online Etymology Dictionary

Government and Celebrity Media Promoted Gender Fluidity is (Unnatural) Madness By Definition

International banking elite managers control governmental and Hollywood public relations puppet personas that define the bounds of the imagination for the mass of humanity. Most people are more than happy to have their thinking done for them and celebrity constructs exist for just that shepherding purpose. Most do not notice they simply echo thoughts the media programmed into them.

I like vanilla ice cream but if I decide to have a chocolate ice cream cone, does that mean I am "ice-cream fluid"?

Personal taste is not identity. Your identity is your entire existence and is more like a verb rather than a noun. You are not your name, social security number, birth certificate, college identity badge, or career choice. You are a being, a Natural process and phenomena. In many ways your true identity is as much a mystery as the source of all existence is.

Theodore Roszak : Towards an Eco-Psychology (excerpt) -- Thinking Allowed DVD w/ Jeffrey Mishlove

"Modern psychoanalysis and existential therapy view human beings as essentially creatures of alienation in a hostile universe. Roszak suggests that a psychology that fails to examine ecological relationships is incomplete. He points to the anthropic principle in cosmology as providing a central place for human beings in the universe. The Gaia hypothesis in systems theory evokes lyrical poetry in suggesting that the planet itself may be viewed as a conscious, self-regulating being. 

Roszak proposes that in our psychological depths we are deeply connected with nature. He suggests that a greater balance in our relationship with nature will naturally accompany healthier relationships between the genders and greater individual psychological health.

The late Theodore Roszak, Ph.D., was professor of history at California State University, Hayward. He was author of numerous books including Where The Wasteland Ends, The Making of A Counterculture, Person Planet, The Cult of Information and The Voice of The Earth.

Theodore Roszak passed away on July 5, 2011."