A Proper Gander At Propaganda

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"Then a mighty strange thing happened.  Guess you could call it fate. You see, a gust of wind blew the picture frame down and it landed on the muckety-muck's head And the mice they all went crazy. For the first time they saw the lie.

It was all a hoax on just simple folks. And the muckety-muck must die. And die he did. The members of his staff they just fled. They were scared. Hah. Just not prepared." - Song: The Proper Gander. Songwriter: Bobby Darin

"Propaganda in the United States is spread by both government and media entities. Propaganda is information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to influence opinions. It's used in advertising, radio, newspaper, posters, books, television, and other media."  -  Propaganda in the United States - Wikipedia

"A man without a government is like a fish without a bicycle.” Alvaro Koplovich
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Human Resources Social Engineering In The 20th Century

Governmental Control of Education Means The End of The Locally Controlled Schoolhouse

The human mind is the real artificial intelligence. We have all been programmed and conditioned by the social environments we were born into. Governments like religions have relied on existential threats to impose unnatural order on the human race. The human resource is a manufactured and managed product.

Human Resources Social Engineering In The 20th Century

(Full Length Speech) Aldous Huxley - The Ultimate Revolution, 1962