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This website exists to serve as public resource for reverse imagineering world-wide culture, one that takes a critical look at the numerous artifacts and other types of relics that represent our shared collective international heritage. This blog is dedicated to examining social engineering and the use of tax funded governmental propaganda, and the mainstream media, as international human resource management tools.

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Sell & Spin A History of Advertising

Sell & Spin A History of Advertising: We Have Been Programmed To Consume

Manufactured product, government, religions, celebrity, wars, war heroes, political persona, history, idols, icons, so-called current events, the news journalist, personal  behavior and ideas and all the rest of the myriad of cultural artifacts are marketed and advertised in nearly exactly the same shallow and emotional manner.

Everything and everyone is product. Ideas are the most valuable of products.

In today's hyper social digitalized world, we are (nearly) always an audience of marketing product of one kind or another. This is how cultures have always been manufactured, but today's modern media environment means more of it all nearly all of the time. The dollar sign is the true holy symbol for our collective and very religious world of commercial enterprise. Mass media has been programming human minds since the inception of civilization.

Carnival Barkers Run The Commercial Show We Call Home

Advertising is Propaganda. Today such propaganda is alive and thriving online.

Sell & Spin A History of Advertising

"1999, Sell & Spin A History of Advertising.
Documentary about how products, ideas and people have been sold over the years. The program traces the development of advertising techniques and examines some of the most successful and disastrous campaigns ever developed."

source: LD Linguistiks

Generic Products Become "Brands": The Origins of Modern Identity Politics

Cattle get "branded" and so did barrels of products. People and ideas get "branded" too. We are encouraged to pick and stick to one official brand over another but what we are not supposed to do is ignore all the brands altogether. Political parties and politicians are brands that we are supposed to identify with in much the same way we are supposed to identify with the kind of cookie we like to eat.

Branding is an obvious form of community building. We see such online branding today with the likes of YouTube and Facebook as obvious examples.

The Transgender Echo Identity Agenda As Modern Gender "Branding"

The current gender fluidity redefinition agenda is an obvious unnatural and illogically premised canard that preys on sympathy for victims of bullying and relies on the power of the media itself. Our actions and personal preferences do not logically define so-called socially reinforced "identity". Gender is based upon obvious Natural diversity and procreation roles. What one does beyond that is something that is their own (adult) business. The media and governmental obsession with gender definition is an obvious divide and conquer strategy of intolerance. The real emotional bullies are the governments, news and related Hollywood media of course, but we are not supposed to mention any of that. Government, religious institutions, the news and related media rely on us thinking we need them to define how we should behave. We do not. We do not need governmental or religious institutional permission to enter into "marriages" or any other adult agreements. There's a difference between morality and legality and we really need to empathize that.

Free Will is An Individual Responsibility

Advertising relies on us bypassing our own critical judgment in favor of programmed emotionally conditioned responses. The illogical emotional appeal is more appealing to most because of the intense amount of multimedia conditioning we have all been subjected to. Our own very human natures have long been weaponized against us. We are visual creatures and bright objects and garish art have long drawn eyes to distraction. Our basal natures are used to lure us into advertising traps. We end up buying into products and ideas that we really do not need. Today's ubiquitous hand held digital media means we are always supposed to be an audience for one kind of advertisement or another.

We Live in The Natural World & In The Artificial Corporate World

You Walk In Two Realities