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Hollywood: The Governmental Medium For Endless Propaganda

History is A Maze of False Choices


The Real WMD of The 20th Century: Hollywood Idols and The News Journalists

The Trusted News Journalist is The Snake Oil Mind Control, Public Relations,  Propagandist

Between political party affiliation, favorite News teams, and of course Hollywood fare and fan club idolatry, the average person's consciousness is assaulted by more propaganda now than ever before. Today's socially media saturated world is the result of the investment made in Hollywood and communications technology during the 20th century. Hollywood and Government are run by the same banking elite who have always run everything. The modern News journalist persona was created during the last century. Before television and even film theaters, people would have to gather around in crowds to witness someone telling them the "News". Otherwise they had to read about it  and that is a different experience. When one actually witnesses a person's performance, with body language, facial expressions and vocal manipulations, the effect is more powerful than just reading the words of a speech.

Hollywood, the News, the Universities and Government act in concert to recruit the youth to one Pied Piper kind of cause or another. It's not just the young of course, but they are the main target of the current waves of most of the propaganda. 

There always seems to be someone trying to get groups of people to go off and travel to fix some problem somewhere. We're not really supposed to focus on claims we can verify for ourselves We are not really encouraged to think locally. We are encouraged to follow blindly the best sloganeered rhetoric and best designed logo. There is always a celebrity shepherd of one kind or another, with long crooks, ready to herd the sheep into easily managed and labeled communities. Today of course, such shepherding occurs interactively online as well as off.

False dilemma - Wikipedia

Crowd psychology - Wikipedia

Chains of Paper and Chains of Gold Are Very Very Old.

We're give a very limited and controlled set of choices. All of it is predicated on creating more government and none of it is about making things fair. Governments exist to create the legal framework of our enslavement. Nothing more and nothing less. Money exists as a social control mechanism. It's not that money itself is bad, it is the social control chains that go along with the currency system that is the problem.

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Nationally Promoted Identity Politics & The Cult of Celebrity

This is about using basal desires, basal emotions like fear and desire for safety and procreative impulses as psychological weapons to alter and manipulate human behavior and to create new culture. We can see from where and when Beyonce, Lady Gaga and other performers derive their act. Talk about weaponized culture! Little by little adult night club, burlesque entrainment goes mainstream thanks to our hard earned tax dollars, the U.S. Military and Hollywood. The test audiences were young men, who were little more than boys and who were far away from all they had ever known.

Late 20th Century MTV Rappers would seem to get the "Pimp" bit from none other than Bob Hope himself.

American Idolatry.

In this episode from the 1960's US TV series, "Hollywood & the Stars", we see how the film industry responded to WW1 & WW2

War Bonds = Bondage

"bondage (n.) 

c. 1300, "condition of a serf or slave," from Anglo-Latin bondagium, from Middle English bond "a serf, tenant farmer," from Old English bonda "householder," from Old Norse boandi "free-born farmer," noun use of present participle of boa "dwell, prepare, inhabit," from PIE *bhow-, from root *bheue- "to be, exist, dwell" (see be). Meaning in English changed by influence of bond. The sexual sado-masochism sense is recorded by 1966."

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Hollywood Goes To War: Fleeing Phantom Japanese Menaces

There are examples of actual Hollywood idols shepherding people like sheep. We can watch footage of matinee idols getting people to practice fleeing the coast.  This is early "Duck and Cover" fear conditioning that lives on today win the form of the school "Lockdown Drill". The threats all fake and product of The Military Industrial Entertainment Complex™.

Operant conditioning - Wikipedia

DC = Damage Control John Huston's Fake Documentaries Of World War II - KnowledgeNuts


Washington D.C. Stands For Disney Cartoons

Media Personas are Marketed Social Shepehrds


Wars are about shepherding us the mass human resource into new societal roles and into new behaviors. A hoaxed event and fake existential threat is sold over and over again. This is the very basic modus operandi. Many celebrities play their parts in what is literal scripted theater. The political theater of the day is a clear example of this. The modern Hollywood and Washington D.C. soap opera comedy, is the monster from the documentary "Hollywood Goes To War" all grown up.  


A Telling Scene from the Film Wizards:

"Blackwolf then discovers an old projector and reels of Nazi propaganda footage. He enhances the projector with magical power and uses it in battle to both inspire his own soldiers and horrify enemy troops. The mutants destroy the elf army."

Elf is in (the word) yourself. The Elf represents the Natural self and The Mutant represents the artificially (and artfully) corrupted servant of the system.

Wizards (film) - Wikipedia




This is why we are kept separated into different classes and religions. This is why we are sorted like any other industrialized, mass produced product. If a good number of us got together we could free everyone with a couple of plastic spoons. The Military leaders do not know how to conduct real war. These elite trained minds only know how to play simulated war games. Real war does not look like anything Hollywood or the Governments have shown us. They do not even know what it looks like or is. It is something their childish minds cannot comprehend. The powers that be that run the show are intellectually weak and true childish cowards. They fear real adult human beings and have no idea how to deal with those of us not mentally bound by their systems. 


"We the People" is just a Marketing Slogan

This is also about telling us what we think and how we all feel in order to get us to believe these are our thoughts and feelings. "We" the marketing slogan, all mourned when the Nation mourns, and "We" all wore the same kind of shoes or got the same kind of famous person's haircut. Or "We" all enlisted to go off to try to pretend to kill a bunch of people we never met.

USO Tours become the Pop Music & Stand Up Comedy (Entertainment) Industry of Today and of the late 20th century.

This is the foundation not only for the modern concert tour, but for the musical variety television shows, like Bobby Darin's, Sonny and Cher and all the rest (Saturday Night Live is a long running great example). Bob Hope is the early model for the ubiquitous television talk show host of one kind or another. Think game shows, daytime and nighttime talk shows and all the rest.

This documentary comes across like a cartoon fiction, which is what it is. War is not what people think, It is a lot more fake than the Governments of the world need or want any of us to consider. Their military might is the work of Hollywood more so than not.

The world is a lot safer and war more simulated than the Military command wants anyone to know.War is about mobilizing the public, it is about creating new industry, social behavior change and reinforcing the need for governmental authority in the first place. It is about things like building Coca Cola bottling plants, roads and airports.

United Service Organizations - Wikipedia

War Bondage: Our Economic Slavery

War bondage and eternal taxes to pay for the military might to protect us from war is the fate of humankind, is it not? Will anything change? It does not seem like it. We are census counted and social security controlled. We are human resources tied to a centuries old economic wheel of time we must continue to make turn with the blood of our kind. Celebrity apprentices appear on the scene and on screens to twitter and tweet in order to attempt to collect us like sheep. News casters control the list of talked about memes, and the politicians play act in a continuous soap opera drama. They never can quite figure out that "peace" thing, so we stay in an imagined state of perpetual war. We have to not only believe we need the protection of Government we also need believe we need to keep working to turn the wheels of industry for all time.

War bond - Wikipedia

Cinema as an imperialist weapon: Hollywood and World War I - WsWs


A Merry Go Round of Nonsense and Prejudice

The Government and multimedia WMD noise machine tries to lead us all on a never ending merry go round ride of eternal trauma based conditioning. We also get treated to the abrupt social about faces and left turns, and all sorts of other contradictory nonsense sold as reason. Hate this group one day and then love them the next, but a week later we have to hate them again. We are told how we all think, and how we all cared and about this or that historical event. We are told what to feel and encouraged not to think critically as individuals. Appeals to the opinion of the majority are heavily promoted. The televised  historian enjoys saying "everyone mourned over JFK." or "everyone flew to the Moon with Armstrong". "The Nation gasped!" Stuff like that. These are actual mind control techniques. The news caster is supposed to be impartial, and that is an old snake oils salesman trick. They are not impartial. The media and Hollywood are state run and have always been. The journalist, and Hollywood celebrity exist to shape the bounds of human imagination. They exist to get us to adopt new ideas and behavior. They are Pied Piper social shepherds.