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Alex Jones & The Pizzagate Psyop

Ping Pong Pizzagare Was Fake But:

I think Pizzagate was just a Psychological Operation. I also think Alex Jones is part of the show. I think it is possible what we are seeing is going to lead to some kind of censorship of so-called alternate news and "truther" websites, or at least some kind of chatter along those lines. At the very least the persona of Alex Jones is designed (in part) to try to discredit the post 9/11 "awakening" and disillusionment many of us have with all the needless layers of government and the obviously state run News and related Hollywood culturally manipulative media. 

(See: Fake News Grows Up To Become Fake History: How Mythology is Made & Let's Play Paparazzi Pong! — A Proper Gander At Propaganda for more about why I think PIzzagate was a psyop and nothing more.)

Ted Gunderson: Promoting Child Trafficking For Years

Ted Gunderson comes across like a damage controlling social shepherd. He is as deceptive as Oliver Stone and all the rest of the conspiracy crowd. These people keep the conspiracy community alive and well and on the merry go round of media published nonsense. There's a lot of money to be made selling books and doing lectures. The conspiracy market place is one of seemingly endless profit and noise.

Get Your Aluminum Thinking Caps On Folks!

Alex Jones spends a lot of time selling what people seem to love so much, tabloid fear based propaganda product. Jones likes to sell his audience many things, but chief among the products he offers is very obvious terror propaganda designed to promote the power of military might and the fear of the insane politicians who would use such fantastic and frankly cartoonish weaponry against even civilian populations. We are not supposed to take proper ganders at any problems with such claims nor are we supposed to think critically about any obviously unverifiable allegations. We are supposed to passively be programmed to think thoughts we take for our own. Tabloid headlines are good at distracting and lulling the human mind into more easily manipulated emotional and suggestible states. Using children as the starring victims of tabloid based news stories is a great recipe for some really good soap operatic trauma based conditioning propaganda.

Ted Gunderson: Child Trafficking, Gov. Corruption & It's Ties to 9/11 - Alex Jones Tv 1/4

Ted Gunderson: Just Part of The Show Folks!

The News media was always controlled at the highest levels. All that other operations could do was to further refine what was already in place.

"Operation Mockingbird marked the official start of the US government's infiltration of the news and entertainment media. Of course, all this really means is that a lot of editors, writers, reporters, and film makers were recruited as intelligence assets, made to sign secrecy oaths, and thereafter were under the control of their new masters. "

"It evolved with the CIA’s MKULTRA Program to restrain populations opposed to matters of political importance. Thus, nearly everyone became a member of what is called 'Controlled Opposition'. The COINTELPRO engineers this state using mass media hypnosis–broadcasting distracting, conflicting, and confusing propaganda.

There has been a covert intelligence operating–a CULTural black-op–that has undermined leaders, and directed “fan mentality,”  on all levels. . . .

Fear-induction by agents of deception, including “news anchors,” generate mass confusion, over-stimulation, and general apathy that plagues us socially, politically and economically.

The devil-doers manipulate by means of  fraud, misrepresentations, and omissions, and We The People become afraid to voice our opinions and react remedially, reasonably, and responsibly.

This is why the root cause of what ails us is the COINTELPRO–a psychological operation by organized criminals producing “controlled opposition” throughout society, disabling society. This treason is administered through grass-roots organizations and institutions by the agents of deception; including a few of these exposed below.

(Alex Jones, David Icke, Ted Gunderson, etc.)"

"Ted Gunderson told Alex Jones, “I was very active in the COINTELPRO program. Particularly the [media] back East during the 1960s,  and through the Vietnam War. You know we used it against them [the media and activists] and it was very effective. And it’s very effective today. And they’re using it today.  But what they’re doing today, makes the old COINTELPRO program by the FBI back in the 60s. look like a Sunday school class. These guys today are unbelievable. I mean their brazen, they’re violating the law. They’re coming out and trying to set people up. . . . What they’re doing is, they’ve infiltrated every group in America. They’ve got their own people in there; their own informants; their own provocateurs in there. And they’re going to stir-em-up. . . . Their provocateurs are going to come up with the idea of doing some violent acts."

"[T]he controlled opposition psyops works to discredit each other, everything, and everyone. Predicate felons discredit racists; and “doctors” with no real credentials are promoted by discredited medical colleagues. Everyone demonizes everyone else in the COINTELPRO, in following Michael Aquino’s “Helter Skelter” satanic protocol."

"To begin, the gang operates to co-create one-another’s credibility and celebrity. Then they feud, creating fake, and then deceived opposition as unwitting persons choose sides in frivolous controversies generating rhetorical debates. Then these agents discredit everything and everyone involved in the debate by publishing or broadcasting fraudulent claims, lacking material evidence, such as the alien invasion of humanity involving the Illuminati’s takeover by extraterrestrials." 

"This is how they generate the end result of mass confusion, degeneration of the CULTure, and general apathy undermining activism–that is the socio-political objective of Controlled Opposition. This is how the grand distraction and gross deception operates for public persuasion and population manipulation. Any activist attempting to make progress in their chosen cause confronts this conspiracy reality draining their passion."

"This is one of the main reasons for COINTELPRO’s nepotism–why these agents, including so-called “doctors,” “natural medicine” leaders, and “consumer advocates,” regularly interview each other, build each other’s blogs and credibility to feign their legitimacy, then self-destruct, taking people’s confidence and progressive movements with them."


More obvious is Alex Jone's role as gatekeeper and social shepherd. 

Alex has done some decent work building up a certain level of intellectual legitimacy. Yet Alex Jones only goes so far and avoids the obvious. In fact he even claims obviously problematic events are real and not staged and scripted propaganda as they seem to be.

Alex Jones apologizes for Pizzagate (long)


Alex Jones is part of the scripted show folks.

Those of us who still have faith in the veracity of the mainstream news media believe Alex Jones is some kind of weird pot head WWE cartoon character. Jones spends an awful lot of time fear mongering and he also has a tendency to needlessly take his performance to extremes any rationale person who wanted to really wake people up, would avoid. Jones comes across as the same old over hyped mainstream media radio persona, which is what he is, of course. Alex Jones is an obviously talented and smart man who is performing a somewhat comedic role. There is nothing wrong with using humor to make a point but Jones isn't just doing that. His act is a bit more nuanced and layered than that.

Most People Accustomed To The Mainstream Multimedia News Would Think Alex Jones Was An Insane Cartoon Character

When one looks at his over the top and seemingly aggressive performance and ignores any and all comedic and intellectual context, one can see how the mainstream media influenced mind will view the News stories about Mr. Jones. He easily comes across as "insane" to most, especially when such clips are played completely out of context. This is how this particular magic trick, stage craft illusion, works. Some or even all of what he is saying can be completely correct but his performance will not enable his ideas to engage the minds of those inclined to believe otherwise, in fact his act will cause many to simply tune out whatever he is actually trying to communicate. Those who already listen to Mr. Jones or otherwise understand where he is coming from can appreciate the anger and the humor. In this way the public is divided into separated politically identified communities.

I personally have less of a problem with any of the individual media figures or politicians or even all the powers that be. It is we who are at fault if we continue to allow ourselves to be so obviously handled and managed as adult human beings. We are all born into an inhuman system none of us created. Some of us benefit more than others and take advantage of power, privelage and rank. Some of us live on the streets. All are victims of a system that engages our more basal desires and enslaves us to them. The system itself is the problem and enemy of humanity not the people who work in it. We all work for the system in one way or another. Someone who has to wear a crown, play fairytale princess their entire lives and pretend to rule the world, is just as much a slave of this Satanic system as the person working three jobs.

We have to stop judging each other. We have to stop dividing and conquering ourselves and each other. We have to stop pointing the blaming finger at someone else instead of looking into the mirror. Alex Jones has done some very good work despite being an obvious deceptive 21st century media propagandist. Jones doesn't force us to sit on juries and find each other guilty of crimes that are nothing more than personal behavior choices. Even the governments have to rely on us cooperating more so than not. If you want to change the world, you have to start with yourself and work out from there. The mainstream media and government foster the idea that we can change the world from top down. This is a lie. We have to work locally to effect real change. We can verify local events more easily and we have more control over local government.

It's funny more people aren't walking up to the long con. Between Jones and Trump one would think more people would be becoming aware of the obvious scripted jokes that modern current events really are.


Alex Jones purposefully gets himself worked up on-air to over the top "unhinged" levels in the same manner a television wrestler would.

Ex-wife of Alex Jones called him unstable amid custody battle

CNN Gives Jones Airtime & Jones Reinforces Fake News As Real

New stories like the Sandy Hook School shooting have so many problems with them that they cannot really be anything but fake and poorly scripted events, complete with bad acting and obvious photoshop mistakes. Below is a CNN broadcast "debate". This cacophony of noise is what passes for some kind of informative television. Here's the reality about gun control: if anyone was serious about stopping people from getting their hands on guns, they would call for the ending of the manufacture of such weaponry in the first place. Whatever one does or does not think about any of the subjects the news is continuously obsessed with, it all tends to lead to more governmental authority and needless law, fees, fines and prison time.

The recent cannabis legalization is a great example of how the road to hell can be paved with best intent. Government will always attempt to exert some kind of needless control over our lives. Even with legal "weed", we must always face some kind of fee, fine, tax and jail time. Maybe government should not exist at all. Maybe we should be "debating" the need for all the layers of external authority we have generationally and collectively allowed to come to control our individual lives. We need small locally controlled bureaucracies that actually serve humanity, What we have now is government that we are compelled to serve.

Television like all mass media exists for the benefit of government. It exists to convince us we need more laws to protect us. The communications grid exists to be a medium for all the culturally manipulative governmental propaganda anyone could ever want.

Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan On Gun Control - CNN (1/7/2013)

If CNN had a problem with Alex Jones they would not have had him on the air at all.


Then there was this bit of theater:

These men act like children on TV for all the world to see.

Alex Jones And Roger Stone Interrupt The Young Turks Republican National Convention Coverage

This was all scripted. These people are all part of the same team none of us belong to.