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History, Hollywood, War & You

Origins & Evolutions of On Screen Scripted Revolutions: What "Role" Do You Want To Play?

The Military & Hollywood have long worked together to craft new social roles for us to identify with.

1941 Official Trailer #1 - (1979) HD

Wars Are Designed To Change Culture And Civilization

The powerful propaganda value that Hollywood has to the United States Military is obvious, What most do not know is that wars are mostly scripted exercises. War and talk of war is what keep us the human resource of the global plantation turning the wheel of industry for all time. Events like 9/11 and Pearl Harbor are military drill/hoaxes. Hollywood and the Military are one at the highest levels and work for the same international banking elite that all governments and important institutions work for. 

The Super Powers Of The World Do Not Exist

Magic missiles and magical B17 bombers are the stuff of newsreel fictions of Christmas Past. This is all brought to you by the same banking elite managerial caste that have been running the global banking con job for centuries. Governments and Nation-State borders and all sorts of other county like artificial constructs are meant to keep us all divided and conquered and shepherded into more easily managed centers of (human resource) populations. The city state "evolves" into the city and subsequent suburbs. Fake Nation States allows for existential threats that are sold to the public to justify even more expansion of government.

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Hollywood During World War II

Hollywood & The Cult of Celebrity Worship

The power of the moving image with sound to profoundly influence human imagination and behavior is a well known and well studied phenomena. Out physiology has long been used against us. Our basal natures, best represented by fear of death and various lower desires, have long been weaponized for use against us. Hollywood is the primary governmental tool for culture creation.

It's Not "Monkey See Monkey Do"-  It is Human See & Humans Do

Modern media only amplifies the power carefully crafted public personas have over the imaginations of the public. The artist and entertainer is witting and unwitting governmental agent of social change, more often than not. People have been consciously and unconsciously picking up social behavioral cues from multimedia celebrities for over a century. Hollywood is meant to be a weapon of mass mental destruction.

Hollywood and World War 2


"The government used famous artists to make posters, and used movie stars to host bond rallies. Al JolsonElsie JanisMary PickfordDouglas Fairbanks and Charlie Chaplin were among the celebrities that made public appearances promoting the patriotic element of purchasing Liberty Bonds.[23] Chaplin also made a short film, The Bond, at his own expense for the drive.[24] Even the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts sold bonds under the slogan "Every Scout to Save a Soldier"."

War bond - Wikipedia


The Good Old Days Fondle The Mind

Jailing people over personal (adult) behavior choices is the real crime and one government is still guilty of, with the "War on Drugs" being an obvious empale. This is a separate issue from the one of obvious governmental cultural manufacture and manipulation.

We simply need less of all the Hollywood noise, and needless governmental intervention.

Hollywood and the governments of the world are interested in crafting new and diverse identity roles for humanity to choose from. Identity role playing or the adoption of personas is true public theater nearly everyone engages in. The cult of self identity is  one promoted by advertisers of all types.


"A secret history of sexuality on the front"

"Archived files shed light on relationships in the army, writes Andrew Stephens."

Back in those days when ‘’gay’’ meant happily carefree, the idea of a distinct homosexual identity was in its infancy. Homosexuality was illegal in Australia and, in the defence forces, homosexual acts were punishable by life imprisonment. The heterosexual-homosexual divide we take for granted today was a relatively new concept - the very term ‘’homosexual’’ only emerged towards the end of the 19th century.

Official silence, a veil of secrecy and even outright disbelief about wartime sex among servicemen has reigned supreme ever since, compounded by mythologies about Aussie diggers and the ‘’mateship’’ legend. Now, historians are telling a different, more realistic story thanks to the release of an army file on the discharge of male homosexuals in WWII.
— http://www.smh.com.au/national/a-secret-history-of-sexuality-on-the-front-20121220-2bp9m.html

"One of the horny soldiers, writes Roderic Anderson in his memoir Free Radical, said how much he wanted sex. But when someone put on a ''sissy voice'' and said ''I didn't know you cared!'', the sexual potential of the situation became explicit - so nothing more was said.

A few days after this incident, however, those same eight soldiers were drunk on ''jungle juice''. Anderson writes that the lights were blown out, they ''groped each other, paired off and disappeared into the night''. Afterwards, an unspoken conspiracy of silence buried the matter; no one discussed whether they were ''making do'' or whether it was a more permanent orientation."



It's All About Diverse Identity Politics

This is about a clear agenda that promotes various kinds of (needless) identity politics. Your choices do not define any so-called "identity". This is nonsense promoted by institutionalized reasoning and governmental authority.


"One of the key episodes outlined in the fuller file is about a series of incidents in New Guinea in late 1943 involving a group of self-identifying homosexual - or ''kamp'' - men. The records include the life stories of 18 of these soldiers, who were interviewed by a major after they were reported for illicit sex by a United States defence investigator.

The soldiers' names and identifying material have been withheld, but the file details how army authorities, for the first time, began to tackle the idea that there was a difference between homosexual behaviour and homosexual identity.

Dr Willett, a senior lecturer at the University of Melbourne's Australian Centre, suspects that the men agreed to tell their stories in detail in exchange for a medical discharge rather than a dishonourable one.

The historians, whose research was partly funded by the Australian Army History Unit, say they had long suspected homosexuality in the armed services was far more common than traditionally acknowledged. They initially pieced together fractured accounts from novels, diaries, memoirs, oral histories and official records. The accounts include ''situational sex'' between men - ''making do'' because there were no women around, so that ''butch'' men might have sex with ''queens'' with no loss to their masculine status. This is possibly the case with some of the 1945 ''jungle juice'' soldiers in Borneo. Other incidents the researchers came across involved a more clearly articulated homosexual identity.

The stories in the National Archives file, however, are different to those other sources: they not only give extraordinary insight into the lives of homosexual men on the frontline, but also detail their first sexual experiences, relationships and friendships, sex lives, army experiences and their relationships with each other and the American soldiers stationed nearby.

The file, and other New Guinea research material, reveals such things as wild sex parties in the jungle, regular sexual horseplay, and liaisons with American soldiers in old shower blocks.

''Sex was certainly central to their wartime experience and the Americans were particularly prized,'' says Dr Smaal of those 18 soldiers. An historian from Griffith University, his PhD on sexuality in WWII sparked his research with Dr Willett."



Wars Change Minds

Wars bring new cultural paradigms. Wars get young men and women to go off and together far from home. The United States Military itself was one of the biggest proponents of "swinging" style cultural paradigms. 


"Swinging has its roots from U.S. Air Force fighter pilots during World War II. These men were wealthy enough to move their wives close to base, and the fact that their fatality rate was the highest of any branch of service led to an unusual social milieu in which non-monogamy between these pilots' wives and other pilots became acceptable. These arrangements persisted near Air Force bases throughout World War II and into the Korean War. 

By the time the Korean War ended, these groups had spread from the bases to the nearby suburbs. The media picked up on them in 1957 and promptly dubbed the phenomenon ``wife-swapping.''

Supposedly there were also "key clubs" where husbands reportedly tossed their house keys into a pile in the center of the room where they were drawn at random by the wives. The owner of a selected key was the sexual partner for the evening."

How "Swinging" Began - Liberated Christians

"A secret history of sexuality on the front: Archived files shed light on relationships in the army, writes Andrew Stephens."

Wars Are Used To Attempt To Change Behavior

"IT WAS a hot night in Borneo and eight Australian soldiers were sitting around discussing film stars they fancied. The war had just ended - Hiroshima and Nagasaki were ashes - but most soldiers in Asia remained on active duty in the all-male environments they'd become accustomed to. They were starved of relationships with women, so the fantasy of screen idols was an intense one.
One boy said June Allyson was his favourite, another liked Susan Hayward, and a third dreamt of Betty Grable. When someone spoke about Marlene Dietrich, things got steamy. One of the horny soldiers, writes Roderic Anderson in his memoir Free Radical, said how much he wanted sex. But when someone put on a ''sissy voice'' and said ''I didn't know you cared!'', the sexual potential of the situation became explicit - so nothing more was said."
"A few days after this incident, however, those same eight soldiers were drunk on ''jungle juice''. Anderson writes that the lights were blown out, they ''groped each other, paired off and disappeared into the night''. Afterwards, an unspoken conspiracy of silence buried the matter; no one discussed whether they were ''making do'' or whether it was a more permanent orientation."

A secret history of sexuality on the front - The Sydney Morning Herald

Wars Act To Indoctrinate The Human Mind Into New Persona "identities" or Roles

"It seems that the original modern American swingers were crew-cut World War II air force pilots and their wives. Like elite warriors everywhere, these “top guns” often developed strong bonds with one another, perhaps because they suffered the highest casualty rate of any branch of the military. According to journalist Terry Gould, “key parties,” like those later dramatized in the 1997 film The Ice Storm, originated on these military bases in the 1940s, where elite pilots and their wives intermingled sexually with one another before the men flew off toward Japanese antiaircraft fire."

Not All Military Adultery Results in Scandal | Psychology Today


We Live In One Big Social Role Playing & Rat Race/Maze Experiment

Countless forms of cultural and subcultural creation and manipulation are the modus operandi of the social order "priests". We are supposed to self identity as one sort of officially classified option or another. Even logical and naturally based classifications like gender, get turned on their proverbial heads. This has nothing to do with personal adult behavior and everything to do with government's eternal need to be needed. Hollywood presents the public with a very distorted view of reality that is only topped by the even more distorted view the News media presents.

The entire multimedia noise machine, multi headed beast is the obvious and very real governmental, military grade, weapon of mass (mind) destruction.


Let's Get Tribal!

Gould, author of The Lifestyle, a cultural history of the swinging movement in the United States, interviewed two researchers who’d written about this Air Force ritual. Joan and Dwight Dixon explained to Gould that these warriors and their wives “shared each other as a kind of tribal bonding ritual, with a tacit understanding that the two thirds of husbands who survived would look after the widows.” The practice continued after the war ended and by the late 1940s, “military installations from Maine to Texas and California to Washington had thriving swing clubs,” writes Gould. By the end of the Korean War, in 1953, the clubs “had spread from the air bases to the surrounding suburbs among straight, white-collar professionals.”
— https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/sex-dawn/201211/not-all-military-adultery-results-in-scandal

Those Were "Happy Days"

"In 1953 The Wild One was released. It starred Marlon Brando, looking for all the world like a Tom of Finland drawing come to life, as the leader of a rough-and-tumble motorcycle gang. In 1955 James Dean became the icon of troubled youth in Rebel Without a Cause. And at the same time Tom of Finland was working on his iconic drawings of leathermen that he would submit to Physique Pictorial in 1956.

The mood in America was taking a rebellious turn. The leather and motorcycle zeitgeist was in full bloom. Gay men had become a part of the post-World War II biker culture in the '40s. Leather bars were springing up in major cities and simultaneously, it seems, pioneering gay motorcycle clubs were formed: the Satyrs, established in Los Angeles in 1954; Oedipus, also established in Los Angeles in 1958; the New York Motorbike Club and early San Francisco clubs, including the Warlocks and the California Motor Club, started as well. Leather clubs for gay men opened in Amsterdam and Berlin in the 1950s.

This was a counterculture within a counterculture. The men who were drawn to the scene weren't so much into camp, show tunes, and cashmere sweaters. The soul of the scene was a masculine independence."

PHOTOS: The Pioneers of the Leather and Biker Scene in L.A. ...

Homosexuality & World War Two

"The second half of Jackson's book is largely a social history of homosexuality in the armed forces during the Second World War. Chapters 4 and 5 look at the experiences of queer servicemen in Canada and overseas, and chapter 6 looks at the impact of homosexuality on esprit de corps, cohesion, and morale. These chapters rely heavily on oral histories and war diaries in addition to the sources used for the earlier chapters, and paint vivid pictures of the wartime experience for queer servicemen. Indeed, these sections bring to mind Desmond Morton's excellent work on the experience of Canadian soldiers in the First World War.[2] Using the personal recollections of dozens of veterans, some of whom are openly gay, while others are married with grandchildren, Jackson probes the various dimensions of the homosexual encounters which took place during the war, the stories of coming to awareness of a different sexual orientation, the differing reactions to these encounters, and the unvarnished tales of quick sexual romps in London hotel rooms for mutual pleasure. Of particular interest in these sections is his description of the open sexuality of wartime England, which will certainly be of interest for British historians. Jackson debunks the stereotype that homosexuality in the military was merely the product of an all-male environment, or that these encounters always involved a combination of a masculine top and feminine "queen." While this was the stereotypical image of wartime homosexuality, it was far from being its only manifestation or even the predominant one.
Turning to the impact of homosexuality on unit cohesion, morale and esprit de corps, Jackson not surprisingly found that in established units a court martial of an accused serviceman was usually more damaging to morale than the homosexual serviceman himself. Often these men were well integrated and well liked, and their fellow servicemen reluctant to testify against them. The issue of sexuality was more problematic in training camps, when bonds had not yet been formed. However, sexuality was not any greater a barrier than an individual's race, ethnicity, behavior, or a lack of physical prowess, all of which posed challenges to forging unit cohesion during this phase."

Homosexuality in the Military during World War II - H-Net Reviews