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This is Major Tom To Ground Control, I'm Stepping Through The Doors

Prologue: Never Assume

What Happens When You Assume

Once Upon a Time Major Tom Told Some Massively Major Lies: He Was A Doctor, a Lawyer, an Indian Chief & The Fisher King!

Our collective history is filled with quite a collection of characters to say the least about the cartoon menagerie generally presented to us as real people. It's not that every historical figure is a cartoon joke, it is that a whole lot of them come across as nothing but. This also isn't an everything vs nothing contrivance. Biographies get massaged as often and in the same manner as one is supposed to polish one's resume. Marketing efforts usually require a certain level of deception of one kind or another.

Government and the militaries of the world rely on unverifiable claims to keep the mass public in an easily managed docile state. The history of the British Naval power and the rise of international banking are essentially one and the same in many ways and this is a huge clue as to how the world really works.

Tales of far off lands used to be communicated by unreliable and unverifiable word of mouth alone. This same telephone game system of mass communication is electronically alive and well online and in nearly "everyone hands all the time" in our 21st century digitally enhanced, socially network connected, times. The new media contains all forms of older media. Most think modern news a reliable source of information, this is demonstrably not the case, but most are resistant to reason as they have long been conditioned to being emotionally chained to various sources of media for their thoughts. Most do not hear how they sound when they parrot and echo the thoughts the media had programmed into them with precise and repetitive conditioning.

We can learn a lot by questioning all underlying assumptions. This article questions just a few.

Uncle Sam/Simon Says: Be Afraid of The Cowherd Behind The Curtain!

Major Tom is a great example of a writer and scholar type of person who must have embellished his resume to mythic and cartoonish proportion. Such mythic tales seem to get taken for granted. Unverifiable claims become history taught to all as solid truth most do not think to question. Underlying assumptions act like religious catechism that must go unquestioned. What evidence do we have for claims of Major Tom's mythical guerrilla warfare exploits? His story reads like bad 1920's pulp fiction. We have yellow journal tabloid tales sold as what was then current events and what would then "evolve" magically into "history". As it turns out such history is nothing but very real culturally manipulative mythology.

"Major Tom Harnett Harrisson, DSO, OBE (26 September 1911 – 16 January 1976) was a British polymath. In the course of his life he was an ornithologist, explorer, journalist, broadcaster, soldier, guerrilla, ethnologist, museum curator, archaeologist, documentarian, film-maker, conservationist and writer."

"Although often described as an anthropologist, and sometimes referred to as the "Barefoot Anthropologist", his degree studies at University of Cambridge, before he left to live in Oxford, were in natural sciences."

"He was a founder of the social observation organisation Mass-Observation. He conducted ornithological and anthropological research in Sarawak (1932) and the New Hebrides (1933–35), spent much of his life in Borneo (mainly Sarawak) and finished up in the US, the UK and France, before dying in a road accident in Thailand."  "

Major Tom Seems Like A Major Life Actor

As you can read for yourselves this man had quire a career playing all sorts of different roles in life. According to his own biography he was not educated in the subject of anthropology. How can we verify the governmental claims about this man's biography? Does this bit of biographical data really sound like someone's real life to you? Or does it read more like pulp fiction? He went from being a radio critic to some kind of crazy Marlon Brando Apocalypse Now kind of guy. Does that really make sense? Or does it make more sense that this writer made it all up, more so than not? Life actor and author of what would be passed off as history would seem to be a better job description for Major Tom. In other words Major Tom was a propagandist.

"The Airmen and the Headhunters"

Should we really trust circular reasoned fallacy as a source of history?

Is an autobiography (or even a biography) really a trusted source of information?

"During the Second World War Harrisson continued directing Mass-Observation and was radio critic for The Observer from May 1942 until June 1944. For much of this time he was in the army and gave up reviewing on leaving the UK. After service in the ranks he was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Reconnaissance Corps on 21 November 1943." 

"He had been recruited (some sources say by a confusion of names, despite his apparent suitability) for a plan to use the native peoples of Borneo against the Japanese. He was attached to Z Special Unit (also known as Z Force), part of the Services Reconnaissance Department (SRD: a branch of the combined Allied Intelligence Bureau in the South West Pacific theatre). On 25 March 1945, he was parachuted with seven Z Force operatives from a Consolidated Liberator onto a high plateau occupied by the Kelabit people."

"An autobiographical account of this operation (SEMUT I, one of four SEMUT operations in the area) is given in World Within (Cresset Press, 1959); there are also reports – not always flattering – from some of his comrades. His efforts to rescue stranded American airmen shot down over Borneo are a central part of "The Airmen and the Headhunters," an episode of the PBS television series Secrets of the DeadThe recommendation for his Distinguished Service Order which was gazetted on 6 March 1947 (and dated 2 November 1946) describes how from his insertion until 15 August 1945 the forces under his command protected the flank of Allied advances, and caused severe disruption to Japanese operations."

Major Tom Conducts The New Christmas Mass

"He was a founder of the social observation organisation Mass-Observation. He conducted ornithological and anthropological research in Sarawak (1932) and the New Hebrides (1933–35), spent much of his life in Borneo (mainly Sarawak) and finished up in the US, the UK and France, before dying in a road accident in Thailand." "

Biography source: Tom Harrisson - Wikipedia

"The Most Offending Soul Alive"

Major Tom was a propaganda junkie.

Emotionally Inspirational Newsreel Fictions Sold As Fact: Johnny Depp Should Really Play This Guy!

"The second event was the crash landing of an American bomber crew in 1944 in the Dayak territories. A handful of nineteen year old Americans, some terribly wounded in the crash, they assumed the worst when taken by the Dayak. Instead, the Dayak subscribed to the ancient enemy-of-my-enemy rule, and proceeded to hide and protect the Americans from the hunting Japanese. Fighting with blowpipes, spears and swords, the Dayak held off the Japanese for months.

When the British learned that there was an American air crew deep in the jungle being hunted by the Japanese, they did the only logical thing: they drafted an ethnographer who had spent years in the Borneo interior, promoted him to Major and dropped him into the jungle with a squad of commandos. Major Tom Harrisson made contact with the Dayak, exchanged his commando gear for native garb and used his cultural expertise to recruit an army not only by appealing to the native interests in driving out the Japanese, but by re-legalizing headhunting by fiat, just so long as the heads in question were Japanese.

It's a fantastic set up for a film, and as one pages through the tales that come out of the jungle through the lens of years, scenes write themselves one after another. One American is blinded, essentially helpless without the aid of the Dayak. The Dayak developed the tactic of using nude women to draw the Japanese soldiers into traps. The Americans are invited to a post-headhunting feast. Harrisson lights upon the idea of building an entire runway out of bamboo so that a rescue plane can land in order to airlift out the wounded.

The centerpiece of the film has to be whoever plays Tom Harrisson, a sort of cross between a swashbuckler and Lawrence of Arabia. Johnny Depp is the actor that leaps immediately to mind, playing the character as a toned down Jack Sparrow. The key is in the story's potential for mixing tragedy with the humor of the situation in retrospect, with the larger than life insanity of Tom Harrisson. You just can't go wrong with the story of a man whose biography is titled The Most Offending Soul Alive.

Just to make it easy for Hollywood, there is already a nonfiction book on this story by Judith Heimann, and a short documentary put together by PBS ."

The Headhunter Strategem | "He cried out twice, a cry that was no ...

Tom Harrisson: The Barefoot Broadcaster

He was a documentary film maker. What a jack of all trades and what a truly fantastic story! It's funny that documentaries have a long history of being less than honest accounts of events. Such fakery is as old as film itself, and in fact hoaxes are as old as verbal language itself. The easiest way to lie is word of mouth. The more sophisticated way involves highly edited and contrived moving pictures and even sound.


"The Film Society of Lincoln Center’s extraordinary series “Art of the Real,” which runs from today through April 26th (and which I write about in the magazine this week), is nourished by deep roots extending to the very source of the history of cinema. Already in 1895, the primordial documentary, the Lumière brothers’ film of employees leaving the company’s factory, was staged by the filmmakers. And the film that turned their invention, the “cinématographe,” into a terrifying spectacle, “Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat,” contains the definitive and enduring gesture of acknowledged mutual implication, the glance at the lens of the camera. From the start, the documentary cinema was infused with French aestheticism and French psychology. The documentary was defined not as a naïve and spontaneous capture of preëxisting reality but, rather, as a creation, a work of art."

Documentaries Have Always Been Fake - The New Yorker

Video: "Tom Harrisson: The Barefoot Anthropologist - Part 1 of 6"

Major Tom's Fantastic Journey Part 1:

We have a broadcaster, writer, documentary maker who then magically morphs into a parachuting guerrilla anthropologist, who had no training in anthropology. He comes across more like a tall tale teller and snake oil sales man than "adventurer". We could call him an adventurer in nonsense and the fictions of his own twisted imagination. His "unique" brand of anthropology seems more like a mental virus we could do without. There is so much bad information in our educational system that we must always question underlying assumptions. This is one of the purposes for crafting propaganda in the first place. Fake news becomes history that is taken to be factual. These underlying assumptions are then never questioned by future so-called "experts", who end up doing little more than parroting back ideas not their own. We are supposed to take this man at his word. Is that really wise? We are supposed to believe a bunch of circularly reasoned accounts. Is that real evidence of anything at all?

Does This Story Sound Real To You?

History is a very liberal mix of fact and fiction.

Tom Harrisson: The Barefoot Anthropologist - Part 1 of 6

Cultural manipulation relies on us the mass world wide audience not exercising critical judgment.

Do not believe the accounts of history without a whole lot of critical thought.

Cannibal Memes & Soap Opera Drama

Tom Harrisson: The Barefoot Anthropologist - Part 2 of 6

Newsreel Fictions Have Long Been Sold As Fact

"The documentary feature has a considerably long history of a, most likely, mis-distinction in terms of what it actually is. To many, a documentary picture is something to be believed as veritable truth; or, if not wholly truthful then certainly not a depiction of blatant falsities. It’s the capturing of life, edited to entertain or to inform (if done well then it should be both). The capturing of life portion of the formula may be the most important element in terms of relaying to the audience that they are seeing some semblance of truth. It may have been cut to highlight the area the filmmaker felt most pertinent to theirs, or cut to remove the section most damaging, but the moment captured and shown was spontaneous and real."

"When things can get interesting is when the spontaneity, or believability in the events onscreen come into question. It’s almost as if a perceived trust has been attacked. Even if that trust was jeopardized for the betterment of the experience; like telling your significant other their hair is breathtaking so you can both enjoy the party and you just hope that good/honest friend of yours doesn’t show up to tell her the truth and burst the bubble of fun.

What’s even more interesting is how the film credited as the first documentary feature was created on just such a lie. With that, we present this week’s Criterion Files entry Nanook of the North."

Criterion Files #33: Lies Tell the Truth in 'Nanook of the North'

Newsreel "foreign" culture has always been based on lies. Major Tom's lies were nothing new. Modern News evolved from yellow journal newspapers, sensationalized radio shows, newsreels and documentaries.

Documentary Now! - 5 Ways Kunuk Uncovered is Like Nanook of the North

Our Tax Dollars At Work: Documentaries in the 21st Century

Astronaut Getting Odd On In Fake Hollywood Special Effect Screen Space

NASA = CGI Cartoon Nonsense

Hollywood keeps churning out film after anti-gravity film. Hollywood has been able to make things appear to float for years. The technology dates back to stage magic levitation tricks. If a stage magician could pull it off live on a stage in front of an audience you can bet it can be done on screen and with more detail. Computers simply make what could always have been done with film easier. Motion controlled cameras make for more sophisticated camera moves. Photographic or hand drawn, the basic idea remains the same, what NASA produces are nothing but cartoons.

Expensive $$$ Major Tom Foolery At Our Collective Expense