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Worlds MOST "FEARED" (CARTOONISH) DARPA Technology for US Military (Message to world) 2016

Our Tax Dollars At Work: The Military Might of The U.S. Government is A Cartoon Joke

Never fear cartoon nonsense.

Claims of designing jets that can exceed the speed of sound many times over is the stuff of childish pulp fiction nonsense. Only the  self proclaimed military superpowers of the world have ever made such cartoonish and unverifiable claims. For generations we have feared the military might of the imagination. Governments possess a lot less power than they want any of us to realize. Governments can be taken down with words not war. Government is a mind virus. The true power of government is the mental control it has over the imaginations of too many of us. This power is demonstrably real.

Magical Cartoon Weaponry To Protect a Cartoon Country

There are many obvious logical fallacies to be found in the video below: Big bad adult men and women play dress up and make-believe and we foot the bill for their cartoon dreams. This long standing hoax and con job is a historical joke.

Worlds MOST FEARED DARPA Technology for US Military (Message to world) 2016


The military might of the so-called "super powers" of the world is little more than imaginative fiction brought to life on screen and in miniature. Why would a top secret facility give National Geographic access to its top secret labs? Propaganda purposes of course.

The technology shown in the video above is nothing but childish nonsense. DARPA makes claims and DARPA claims they can prove those claims. They have highly edited video as "proof" after all. We are supposed to ignore the fact that Hollywood has been making explosive special effects for years. Highly edited footage is evidence of nothing. This is a childish bad joke. The adults in tis video sound like dumb little children. It's so funny how honestly stupid these people sound.

The world is run by overgrown chidden who parrot the most absurd things.

As long as the "weaponry" is in a completely controlled environment everything will work fine!


By the way, the government controlled monopoly Bell Labs basically created the modern computer and internet.

Bell Labs - Wikipedia

Bell Labs almost invented the internet in 1964 - Business Insider

Skunk Works is a Lie.

The classified truth is the military might of the world is nothing more than cartoon special effect nonsense. Skunks stink or smell funny like the bull snot  the defense industry sells as reality. The military might of the United States is nothing but childish fantasy.

Ultimate Unverifiable Claims

Some fifty years ago a Hollywood special effect jet was imagined to travel faster and higher than any special effect model had ever gone. The folks at NASA had a party and congratulated themselves. Soon they would show the world live action cartoon images of men playing golf on the Lunar surface so everyone could join in the fun.

Magical NASA planes do not need large wing spans.

Hollywood special effects can make things with small wings look like they can fly.

X-15 The Ultimate Flying Machine

The Military Industrial Entertainment Complex™

Science Fiction is not real but the military apparently thinks it is. What a waste of our hard earned (taxed) wages. We pay for overgrown children to play James Bond make believe. The United States government is a joke. It really is a very weak and pitiful joke. The governments of the world really should be very concerned and afraid of all of us who are aware of the very precarious positions the governments actually are in. Governmental authority relies on many illusions. The man behind the curtain is a weak little coward.

We need a lot less government.