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The Theatre of The Absurd Presents: Undercover - 1940s American Secret Agent Training / Educational Documentary - Reaching Those Hard To Reach Hot Spots.

The Theatre of The Absurd Presents:

Undercover - 1940's American Secret Agent Training / Educational Documentary - WDTVLIVE42

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U.S. Navy Seal Silliness of Today.

Super spy top secret guy tip #5: Always use secure Wi Fi!

"The Violent Nomad"

100 Deadly Skills - An Evening with Navy SEAL Clint Emerson

A slick cartoon sailor/snake oil salesman. 

The constant use of the term "Bad Guy" should be a clue that you are being talked down to. This kind of propaganda seems to serve the purpose of maintaining a continuous state of childlike reasoning and behavior among the adult population. Superstitious children are easier to control as every good Satan Clause knows. If you keep watching this fascinating video you will see Clint get the audience to participate in some light S&M style "bondage play". Oh what fun! There's nothing dirty to see, but he does get a bunch of people to let him bind their wrists with the ever versatile duct tape, that super special product every good super spy kind of MacGyver guy needs in his spy supply. By the way, this guy really has nothing to teach anyone about self defense. Anything valid he discusses and demonstrates is just common sense. In fact he seems to be heavily fear mongering as he tends to promote news stories that are obviously nothing but scripted fear based/social conditioning theater.

"'100 Deadly Skills' Is a Fun Read, but Please Don't Take Its Advice"

"A retired Navy SEAL teaches us how to turn common household objects into brutal weapons in a pinch, which is almost as funny as it is terrifying  The best heroes in our pop culture tend to save the day not by brute strength alone, but by employing their quick wits between blows. Think James Bond, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or MacGyver. These are cultured warriors, always ready for a fight but never eager for one. "

"In 100 Deadly Skills: The SEAL Operative’s Guide to Eluding Pursuers, Evading Capture, and Surviving Any Dangerous Situation retired Navy SEAL Clint Emerson molds the cultured warrior trope into something more belligerent: a ruthlessly pragmatic role model he calls “the Violent Nomad,” who avoids gun fights and car chases to preserve his strength, rather than his honor.

Deadly Skills bears many similarities, both in theme and aesthetic, to 1999’s The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook, by Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht—all the way down to both books’ field guide-style rounded corners and simple but evocative illustrations, reminiscent of an old Boy Scout Handbook. That could bode well for Deadly Skills, since its spiritual predecessor blossomed in the early 2000s into a minor multimedia phenomenon that was spun off into card games, calendars, a TV show, and a wide range of tongue-in-cheek “survival handbooks” for distinctly non-fatal contexts such as college, parenting, and golf.

Where The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook and Deadly Skills part ways, however, is in the threats they prepare their readers against. The worst cases conjured in Piven’s and Borgenicht’s earlier book tend to pit man against nature: quicksand, earthquakes, poisonous snakes, and the like. In Deadly Skills, the danger mostly comes from other people: mass shooters, kidnappers, terrorists, and foreign governments. The result is a book that is less of a survival manual and comes off as more of neo-conservative propaganda tool.

As it turns out, fending off the bad guys requires a lot of MacGyver-esque creativity—and yes, some of the “deadly” skills in this book are defensive, not offensive, rendering the title a little misleading. “In order to remain deadly,” Emerson explains in a chapter on how to brace oneself for a car crash (Skill #093: Survive Vehicular Impact), “a Violent Nomad must remain safe.” Some of the skills on offer truly could be fatal, as when the reader learns how to turn a fishing weight and a bandana into a weapon “powerful enough to crack a coconut and do equivalent damage to a human skull.” What connects these violent how-to’s with the book’s more general-interest tips is an underlying hope that the reader will learn to think like a Violent Nomad without becoming one. An author’s note states that the book’s primary goal is to entertain, not create vigilantes. “Be deadly in spirit, but not in action,” Emerson impels. And then he continues talking about cutting off thumbs, crushing skulls, and impaling people with screws."

"At first I found it helpful when Deadly Skills mentioned useful products by name–Rain-X to keep windows from fogging, a steel Zebra pen’s utility as “an incredible makeshift stabbing tool”–which would make it very easy to write a shopping list before tackling my hit list. But I appreciated this name-dropping a little less when I found out that Emerson was also shilling products of his own–namely the Zero Trace line of signal-dampening electronics cases, and an app called Photo Trap that helps the user detect telltale signs of rummaging through a desk or cabinet. Both of these products are sold by personal security firm Escape the Wolf, of which Emerson is a founder and managing partner. I suppose unforced disclosure is a weakness in the intelligence community, but even the briefest admission of Emerson’s ties to the wares he’s hawking would have sufficed."

Article Source: '100 Deadly Skills' Is a Fun Read, but Please Don't Take Its Advice ...


Our Tax Dollars At Work Against The Adult Human Mind: 

Childish and Cartoonish Reasoning Is Openly Promoted And Actively Encouraged

As everyone knows, we are supposed to stay in a state of childlike dependance with external authority to guide us. After all the world is a scary  place, right? We are not supposed to realize how ridiculous the claimed threats actually are and we are not supposed to notice how childish the U.S. Military trained spy mind tends to act. 

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