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Bill Nye The Fake Science Guy Uses Earth Day To Promote His New Netflix Series: “Bill Nye Saves the World”

This man is a political opportunist and performer and nothing more.

On Earth Day Bill Nye Did Cry Out An Amplified Lie: Together "We" Can "Save The World!'

This just so happens to be the name of his new Netflix TV show.

Earth Day March: Bill Nye CALLS OUT lawmakers in W DC

Bill Nye A Pop Performer Kind of Guy Who Claims "Science is Political."

"Bill Nye has never been afraid to speak his mind. His new Netflix series, “Bill Nye Saves the World,” sees the popular scientist and performer tackle a wide range of hot-button issues, from climate change to alternative medicines.

“Science is political,” Nye told Variety. “It has always been political. Just don’t go thinking that politics is the same as partisan. What we have are laws and regulations informed and shaped by laws and facts we discover in nature. But what’s happened the last few years is people have gotten it in their heads that if you just believe something hard enough it’s as good as scientific facts or theories. In science, of course, a theory is something that allows you to make predictions.” "

Bill Nye on New Netflix Show's Subject Matter: 'Science Is Political ...

Netflix: Bill Nigh Saves The World

Bill Nye Saves The World | Trailer [HD] | Netflix

He's A Really Cool Live Action Cartoon Professor of Fictionalized "Science"

Absurd over the top performers in lab coats are sold as genius level thinkers to a mass public long conditioned to accept flights of folly  as demonstrable natural principle. Celebrities like Mr. Nye may have degrees in their chosen fields, or not. In either case they read from the same kind of teleprompter and spew forth the same kind of fictions sold as fact. Too many people look up to these kinds of phonies. Nye is no different than a high level politician. He is no different from Donald Trump. Both are celebrity spokesmen with IMDB pages to their names. Both have done TV series and TV commercials and other forms of marketing and advertising. Both are obvious paid shills.

Bill Nye is a joke. He is a performer with a fan base and an act.

Education should be fun and it is alright to be silly, but this man is a cartoon clown. His "scientific" area of "expertise" ranges from seemingly demonstrable laundry detergent to wild flights of space fantasy. This man performs his "science" only by way of highly edited and contrived media product.

Real engineers of real demonstrable natural principle tend to be busy actually inventing and working on improving real world devices. They do not play "Doctor Who" dress up and do commercials and sign contracts with Netflix. But in our augmented reality world they do.

Persil® ProClean® Big Game Commercial - Science of Clean: 10 Dimensions