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The Real Reason for the Decline and Fall of the West - Jay Dyer

A Forever Fall From Grace

I think Jay Dyer is a very thoughtful person. Whether I agree with his ideas (and assumptions) or not, I find what he has to say to be very interesting. I think he's one of the so-called "good guys", if I were to use a cartoonish analogy. He's a smart man.

The Real Reason for the Decline and Fall of the West - Jay Dyer

How To Have A Historical Good Time: Ignoring "World History" Might Be Healthy For The Human Mind

World histories are part of the global cultural mythology that has a tremendous hold over human imagination world wide. So-called modern "Western Culture" is a highly commercialized affair. In fact the modern world civilization of global consumerism is the direct descendant of traditional western (european) monetary based feudalistic culture. The world we live in is still run like a global enterprise like it has always been. The Holy Roman Empire never really fell, it simply rebrands and relabels itself. The Holy Roman Empire has reimagined itself into many forms and the current United Nations driven world is simply the latest incarnation of a thousand year old beast. Institutionalized religion was always controlled by the same elite minds that controlled the social institutions. Institutionalized religion is just another mental control prison. Government is religion with guns. Religion is government with the threat of eternal damnation instead of fees, fines and jail time. Both institutions pass a hat around for our hard earned wages. In general, religions do not force us to tithe like governments do, otherwise both have the same restrictive control over human imagination.

"Spengler distinguishes between ahistorical peoples and peoples caught up in world history. While he recognizes that all people are a part of history, he argues that only certain Cultures imbue a wider sense of historical involvement. Thus some people see themselves as part of a grand historical design or tradition, while others view themselves in a self-contained manner. For the latter, there is no world-historical consciousness.

For Spengler, a world-historical view points to the meaning of history itself, by breaking the historian or observer out of his crude culturally parochial classifications of history. By learning about different courses taken by other civilizations, one can better understand his own culture and identity. Those who still maintain a historical view of the world are the very same who continue to "make" history. Spengler asserts that life and humankind as a whole have an ultimate aim. However, he maintains a distinction between world-historical peoples, and ahistorical peoples—the former will have a historical destiny as part of a High Culture, while the latter will have a merely zoological fate. World-historical man's destiny is self-fulfillment as a part of his Culture. Further, Spengler asserts that not only is pre-cultural man without history, he loses his historical weight as his Culture becomes exhausted and becomes a more and more defined Civilization.

For example, Spengler classifies Classical and Indian civilizations as ahistorical, whereas the Egyptian and Western civilizations developed conceptions of historical time. He sees all Cultures as necessarily placed on equal footing in the study of world-historical development. From this idea flows a kind of historical relativism or dispensationalism. Historical data, in Spengler's mind, are an expression of their historical time, contingent upon and relative to that context. Thus, the insights of one era are not unshakable or valid in another time or Culture—"there are no eternal truths." Each individual has a duty to look beyond their own Culture to see what individuals of other Cultures have with equal certainty created for themselves. What is significant is not whether the past thinkers' insights are relevant today, but whether they were exceptionally relevant to the great facts of their own time."

The Decline of the West - Wikipedia