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Welcome To The Transitional Adult Cartoon Playground: Bruce Jenner is a Liar

This Man Is A Liar

Can Bruce explain why he wants to be a woman? When is he going to get pregnant and have his first period? He made his bones as a man, complete with the wage disparity that is supposed to benefit the male gender.  He made his money as a man and at 65 years old, (retirement age) decided to magically become a Jessica Lange clone.

Bruce Jenner is a dude in makeup and a dress, with high heels. He looks like he is trying to dress up like his step daughter Kim. He sounds as shallow as a stereotypical teenage girl. Gender is a real demonstrable and natural phenomena. We exist to make more of us. Bruce Jenner supposedly spent his adult life fathering a slew of children. He didn't seem to have a problem doing that.

Bruce thinks that being a woman means a bunch of shallow and somewhat arbitrary fashion choices. The "Founding Fathers" of our national farce wore powdered wigs, makeup and stockings. Fashion is fickle and arbitrary.

Real Transgender and Real Gay People Should Be Insulted By the Media's Shallow and Stereotypical Portrayals of Their Real Lives

When asked what the hardest part of being a women is, Bruce answers: "Figuring out what to wear."

In fact we should all be insulted by the way the media portrays humanity in general.

Bruce doesn't even bother doing a feminine sounding voice. How is he a she trapped in a man's body exactly?

Bruce Jenner moves and acts like a man. There is nothing about his body language that indicates any feminine soul or spirit trapped within the male form. He acts like a dude. Whatever one thinks about cross dressing and homosexuality, this is nonsense designed to add a whole bunch of noise to public discourse as much as it serves and obvious cultural paradigm shift agenda. Governments like to shift things about from time to time in an attempt to keep the younger generations socially divided from the prior ones. It's an old trick.

The Transgender Agenda Is a Form of Divisive Tower of Babel Style Divide and Conquer Politics

Real gender is naturally demonstrable and has obvious purpose in terms of procreation.

Caitlyn Jenner reflects on transitioning to a woman: Part 1  source: ABC News

Gender Fluidity is a Form of Identity Politics & Nothing More

Freedom means you are free to dress and act and role-play as you like. It does not really mean you get to redefine the Natural and demonstrable world. This man is a phony and Dianne Sawyer is incapable of asking him any real questions. She is a propagandist and the mainstream media is obviously the medium for social control and cultural manipulation. All the assumptions go unquestioned. The News media is known for blowing everything out of proportion for financial gain. The News and the rest of the mainstream media exists to sell products of one kind or another, including divisive life style choices that are meaningless.

He will never be a she no matter how much he wishes it were so.

Bruce Gender seems to think being a woman is a very shallow exercise. This man will never go through any of the real physical changes that girls go through when they mature. This man represents everything that is wrong with the way most people think. Bruce Jenner is an obvious joke. This man is a liar and an actor playing a role. He does a huge disservice to all of us. This is simply part of a very obvious divide and conquer, political identity strategy that is based on purely nonsensical reasoning. Our's is a Disney World indeed. Up is down and down up, because the News says so.

The News Media Sells Exaggerations & Lies To Get Real Young People to Change Their Minds

The youth are the target. This is about getting men to buy into woman's fashions as much as it is about cultural manipulation and nonsensical and useless and divisive identity politics. This is not really about tolerance and real understanding. This is a simple divide and conquer strategy. Do not self identify as anything. You are not the choices you make anymore so than you are the name printed on your birth certificate. You are not a baseball player if you simply like watching the sport on TV, you are not a vanilla ice-cream cone because you favor one flavor over another. "Gay", "straight" or "otherwise" we are all human beings and that is what really matters, not the rest of the commercial based nonsense.

"Everyone" is Coming Out All The Time Thanks To Bruce!

Yellow journalism is alive and well and Diane Sawyer comes across like an empty headed shill.

The media loves to inflate numbers. The media also tends to make liberal use of actors and scripted dialogue sold as real.

Walks Like A Man. Talks Like A Man. Is A Man.

Please keep in mind fake events and fake stories end up changing real minds and effecting real laws and behavior.

"She's Still a Man, Baby!"

When asked what the hardest part of being a women is, Bruce answers: "Figuring out what to wear."

What could be more insulting to women than that?

Bruce Jenner is a Man Who Thinks He Looks Good Dressed Like A Woman:

I don't know maybe he does. I liked how he looked before, but none of this is my business.

Fashion choices are personal. If Bruce really likes wearing high heels, stockings, uncomfortable bras, panties, all the needless makeup and hairspray and fake eyelashes and all the rest, God bless him. Seems like a lot of work for someone who should be spending time at the country club, enjoying their retirement. This man is a wage slave like the rest of us, or he simply has nothing better to do with his  time. Either that or he is really into playing mind games with the public. Maybe Bruce likes being culturally manipulative. Maybe it makes him feel special. Maybe he simply likes to prank the public. Whatever the deal is or is not, this man's story makes no sense.

This Is What It's Like To Live In The Tower of Babel

Bruce explains that he can't just change overnight. He spent 65 years as Bruce so cut him some slack. Does that reality make sense if he secretly self identified as a woman for all of his life? Bruce didn't even bother to come up with a new persona. This is just Bruce in drag. He doesn't even bother to do a feminine sounding voice nor does he care to even try to emulate the body language of a woman. There are plenty of real drag queen performers who put on a far more convincing show. If there is any truth to this man's story it is not that he self identifies as a woman at all, but that he thinks he looks good dressed up in fashion choices that were originally designed with women in mind. That is all the evidence we have been shown proves.

Caitlyn Jenner on deciding not to live a lie, what she learned: Part 2

This man is a liar.

$$$ For Fashion's Sake

By the way, all the women's fashions these very masculine looking men like to squeeze their frames into were designed for the petite shape of the female model and not for the lumbering masculine form. This does seem like a great way to try to get men to buy into all the ridiculous and ever chaining fashion choices. There must be high end fashion designers toiling away right now on new designs that can better accentuate the male form. This cultural diversity is obvious contrived governmental product. The  college campus is a petri dish.

What a complete joke. Disney/ABC and Bruce make quite a pairing, no?

Why would anyone trust Bruce's claims? He cannot explain why he thinks he is a woman. The man is intellectually dishonest and this is obvious. He was also a paid corporate speaker. What do you think he spoke about? Wheaties or undies? Corporate executives paid this guy to tell them things they could read in a greeting card store. The corporate heads don't need a phony media athlete to tell them what to do, do they? This is absurd. Bruce Jenner has always been a media contrivance. The Olympics themselves are part competition and mostly show. Bruce would have had some kind of connection to the military/government by way of his Olympian membership. We also know Hollywood is the propaganda arm of the U.S. government and Bruce Jenner is an actor with an IMDb  page.

By the way some of the transgender people that claim to be members of the opposite sex look like they are lying and are simply what we see. In other words some of the boys who claim to have magically become girls, seemingly over night, were never boys in the first place. Chastity Bono supposedly spent years taking hormones to be able to grow the facial hair she has now. She seems to have actually went through some kind of real process, but we don't really know that do we? I guess her show didn't do as well in the ratings as the Bruce Jenner cartoon farce does. Chaz is also employed in the field of acting just like Bruce is. Chaz has an IMDb page too, but we aren't supposed to notice. God knows what is really going on. Trusting the news media is a huge mistake. For all we know, Chastity Bono is married to a man and has given birth to half a dozen children. It's not wise to believe media claims. I don't personally know Chaz Bono nor do I care enough to research this any further, I am simply pointing out that these Hollywood performers are practiced in the art of cultural crafting and deception.The News does not exist to inform as much as influence.

The Transgender Agenda is A Political Divide & Conquer Strategy That Makes Liberal Use of Identity Politics

The Transgender Hoax: The Impact of “Science” on Society    source: Hoax Busters Call