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Kids On The Edge (S01E01) - The Gender Clinic

Presenting The Tavistock Clinic For Children Born Into The Wrong Body

Welcome To The Star Trek Body Swap Sandwich Show

Star Trek Body Swap - Turnabout Intruder - 1969

Trust "Us" The Tavistock & Portman TrustOn The Edge of Reason

How Can One Be Born Into The Wrong Body?

Are we to believe that mainstream medical science has some scientific evidence for a body-less soul?

Are we to believe mainstream medical science has faith in some kind of transcendent spirit that is separate from the body?

Prepubescent children shouldn't have to worry about the nonsensical and artificial  "gender" identity that the media promotes. In fact none of us should worry about this obvious canard. Gender identity beyond obvious naturally demonstrable biology is nonsense and the creation of human minds intent on implementing some kind of mass social management plan. Governments,  the media and commercial enterprises encourage us to identify with all sorts of commercial products we should not. This new gender identity campaign is nothing but an offering of identity as commercial product, backed with permanent medical alterations and an endless stream of empty fashion choices.

This is what passes for freedom for most of us.

Kids On The Edge (S01E01) - The Gender Clinic  source: Shane Spencer
"The documentary look at the work of the Tavistock & Portman Trust in north London, the country’s only NHS clinic for children who feel they’ve been born into the wrong body. It treats children as young as three. he documentary plunged us into the cases of two: eight-year-old Ash and Matt, 11."

Welcome To The Age of Digitally Reinforced Unreason

This agenda is not about freedom, personal choice, or tolerance. It is a social divide and conquer, babel strategy.

It Must Be Real I Saw It On A Screen, Human See Human Do: The Art of Mass Psychological Manipulation

Highly edited and unverifiable media product is offered as sympathetic evidence that requires call for social change. Never mind that governments have long used propaganda like this to implement real world laws and to influence real human behavior.

Media Promoted Gender Identity is a Lie

Bad information usually ends up as foundational elements of the various systems of educated thought. Here people we do not know, and stories we that are told in highly edited form on screens are taken as solid evidence to support a predetermined meme. Subsequent very real public policy and laws end up being crafted based on unquestioned assumptions. The media and the medical industry that stands to profit have obvious motive to present distorted and fictionalized narratives as real. We can't verify these accounts, but we are supposed to pretend we can.

The media is proficient in the art of turning minor molehills into mighty Olympian mountains.

Children Should Not Be Sexualized

Children are too young to be considering any hormonal or surgical treatments for so-called gender identities that they need not concern themselves with. Parents really shouldn't be encouraged by the Big Pharma backed medical industry to engage in behavior that would lead to irreversible effects for their children who are not mature enough to consider these ideas in the first place. Gender used to refer not to some artificial construct, but to demonstrable natural principle. This modern multimedia noise machine barrage of governmental propaganda is a true Tower of Babel strategy seemingly designed to create generations of human beings so out of touch with the natural world and so addicted to external authority to guide reason and judgement that they willingly offer their children to the allegorical alter of Saturn the god of governmental authority and commerce.

Money Makes This Mad Mad World Go Round The Maypole Merry Go Round Table

There is no magical command-z (or control-z) to undo the permanent effects of needless surgery and the permanent effects of needless hormonal therapy.

But as long as Big Pharma profits. who really cares, right? Never forget the medical industry as a whole profits too and that is what is important. The fashion and cosmetic industry wins too. Jobs and future economic growth might depend on a public that is into cross dressing and needless cosmetic surgery. All we need do is sacrifice common sense and reason.

The media has spent decades sexualizing and marketing adult themes to younger and younger minds. Children should not worry about sex, but the media wants them to. Oh yes it does. The role models it offers as symbols of female empowerment are nothing of the kind. Adult stripper acts are for adult fans of burlesque and belong in night clubs, and properly labeled. Instead the hyper sexualized celebrity is promoted as idol and icon to be emulated and worshipped. Little girls are told to look up to stripper queens and now little boys can emulate that behavior too. We can't leave anyone out, can we? We have to have diversity even if we have it forced down out throats. Such diversity isn't from the people, it is being imposed artificially from the top down.  This isn't about our children playing cross dress up. This isn't even about fashion choices alone. Those are all part of this agenda. I'm sure there are plenty in the fashion industry who salivate over the idea of selling cosmetics and new fashions to men as well as women. But this is not the only thing at work here. How people dress is up to them, but at the same time, drastically dressing in a way we are not conditioned to accept is bound to cause some kind of disruptive effect. Understanding and true tolerance are a two way street that the media noise machine denies. In fact the news media and the governments of the world rely on keeping us divided and conquered into more easily managed communities and nothing aids them more then when we self identify as the choices we make. This is obviously deceptive but most do not see that this is so. I am not my preferences anymore so than I am the name on my birth certificate. I do not consider myself to be a phenomena so easily defined. My likes and dislikes do not define me, and the choices I have made are just that. 

Gender Diversity is A Demonstrable Lie

This is about making permanent changes to a child's body. This is about getting adults to also permanently alter their physiologies. This seems to be about getting people to self neuter and to neuter their own offspring.

Make no mistake, if all goes according to plan, the future "Brave New World" will be one where few people are capable of critical thought or natural procreation. It's not like this treatment is for cases where the person lacks a clear natural gender. This is about offering only hormonal and surgical solutions to problems that might be best addressed with the tool of psychology. People start questioning vaccinations and someone dreams up news way to pump Big Pharma product into the children of the world.

A Eugenics Plan By Another Name Still Smells Like Skunk Works

Hormonal therapy is safe because the medical industry says so. Needless surgery is a good idea because medical peers agree it is. Never mind the field of psychology. There nothing to that science at all. Better to blindly follow along an obvious illogical line of reasoning instead. Down is up because Doctor Seuss wrote a book claiming it is. Think of it, after years of needless hormonal treatment as a child, the adult can then have the operations they need. Medical insurance will cover it, and the premiums can rise even further. Money makes this world work so hard, does it not? Money is the means by which we enslave ourselves and each other to very destructive patterns of behavior.

Here's a Little Ditty About Jack Becoming Diane: Gender Fluidity Stupidity Rhymes With Lucidity

We Are Supposed To Forget We Are All Human Beings And Pretend We Are "Straight", LGBTQ, X,Y, and/or (maybe sometimes) Z.

You are not the choices you make. Who you are attracted to does not define a so-called identity. This is silly comic book nonsense. We are encouraged by industry and government to sort ourselves into more easily managed and marketed divided, communities. The LGBTQ media agenda is not about tolerance but is about further finding ways to create new divisions and definitions of people.

Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust: Crafting Human Identities Since World War One

"It owes its name to the fact that its original location was in Tavistock Square in central London. When it moved later to larger premises, it took its name with it. Although Hugh Crichton-Miller was a psychiatrist who developed psychological treatments for shell-shocked soldiers during and after the First World War, clinical services were always destined for both children and adults. In fact, the clinic's first patient was a child. From its foundation it was also clear that to offer free treatment to all who need it meant that the Tavistock Clinic needed to generate income by providing training to clinical professionals who could eventually help people across the UK and beyond. The clinical staff were also researchers. These principles remain influential to this day."

"The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust is a specialist mental health trust based in north London. The Trust specialises in talking therapies. The education and training department caters for 2,000 students a year from the United Kingdom and abroad. The Trust is based at the Tavistock Centre in Swiss Cottage. The founding organization was the Tavistock institute of medical psychology founded in 1920 by Dr. Hugh Crichton-Miller. It has long been regarded as a professional centre of excellence of international renown, in its application of psychoanalytic ideas to the study and treatment of mental health and interpersonal dynamics. 

The institution is notable for the great number of publications that have issued from it and its continuing engagement in a broad dialogue on the major social issues of the day.  Its approaches have in the past been seen to be influential in the British Army, the English Prison service, aspects of the judicial system, the Probation Service, in Education, Social Services, the National Health Service (England), in Management consulting across industry and in the arts. Its signal attribute has been the Multidisciplinary approach to its work. The main challenge to its influence appears to be driven by accountancy-led policy.

Threats to the Clinic's organisational and financial survival have surfaced from time to time. At one such juncture, in 1994, it joined forces with the neighbouring Portman Clinic in Fitzjohn's Avenue. The Portman specialises in areas of Forensic psychiatry, including the treatment of addictive, sociopathic and criminal behaviours and tendencies."


Tavistock Relationships

Tavistock Institute


Money is the ultimate tool for social control and money means this is more than likely going to be a big deal moving forward.

The transgender agenda is Chaos from Order. It Is The Tower of Babel on overdrive.

This agenda is a propaganda campaign conducted on many fronts. The battlefield is the human mind. This is how human minds get programmed to believe absurdities as reality. This is how human beings end up as parroting zombies, forever following the dollar sign carrot and forever chased by the international banking backed, dollar sign stick. The medical industry as well as the public is being heavily marketed to and courted. This is an example of weaponized cultural manipulation.

Medical Conferences Are Now Dedicated To This So-Called "Issue" Never Mind That This Is Advertising:

"As we come up on the 2017 Transgender Awareness Conference, scheduled to take place on Monday, April 10 at the Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine (formerly the Commonwealth Medical College) in Scranton, I feel compelled to be there. In its fifth year, we see that the conference has undergone something of a name change, now called the Transgender Awareness Conference rather than the Trans Health Conference. Looking at the schedule of events, I can understand why, as the focus is on introducing medical students and staff at the college to the transgender community, equipping them with information on who we are and how to treat us. It’s about raising awareness.


I find that I do agree with one sentiment, however; giving the stage to speakers who have worked or cared for transgender people puts them in a unique position. Who better than Dr. James Anasti, who specializes in obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive endocrinology, whose career spans decades of administering hormone therapy to transgender patients, to talk about hormone replacement therapy in transgender individuals? (Full disclosure: he is my current endocrinologist). This is one of the few panels aimed at a transgender audience, but including information that will be useful to cisgender people working in the medical field."


Medical Professionals Are The Targets For Big Pharma & Other Institutionalized Marketing Strategies

Many professionals enjoy breaking up the monotony of the work year by attending industry conferences and conventions where they get barraged with more marketing material than anyone could ever want. The transgender identity canard is just another version of very basic identity politics that is being heavily marketed to all segments of the population, the medical "community" chief among the targets as the public tends to trust this group more than they probably should.