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The Habsburg Empire: Under the Double Headed Eagle


 The Holy Roman Empire Never Really Fell: It is A Rebranded Roaming Banking & Commercial Enterprise™

This is where we really live. This is the real world and this is the way it has been for some time. Nation States are fake. The World is run  as one big mega corporation and has been for centuries. Cultures are created and manufactured and have been for a long time. The royals have always hired artists to craft the bounds of imagination for the mass human resource. Wars, history, so-called current events, science, religions, governmental forms, musical performances, theater, architecture, oil paintings and all the rest of culture are artificial constructs, no matter how beautiful and no matter how true or not. History is a bit more "massaged' than most think. History gets poetically spun to present the best face possible to the public. These works were commissioned, like Hollywood and News product of today, to define the bounds of reason for us all.

Artists made up the religious rites the faithful follow. Artists design the robes the clergy and judges wear. Artists designed the court room, the court house and the roads leading to it all. Artists crafted powdered wigs, and colonial fashions and all the rest.

Con Artists concocted the "We the People" marketing slogan. Just as today Madison avenue artists concoct new Coca Cola global conquest slogans. The motions the judge goes through and the dances the attorneys do are forms concocted by some kind of socially commissioned playwright. 

Nation states are a needed illusion used to keep the world divided into more easily managed communities. The lines on the maps of the world are a lie. We have to believe we need to stay tied to the wheel of industry and history. Existential threat is used to keep us toiling away as it has been done for centuries.

Art and breads and circuses help to keep us distracted and keeps generations from learning the truth of the world. The News and related media are commissioned to screen and distort reality and to act as the medium of government.

Rights of merchant class citizens were created to get them to pay taxes to the Royalty as means of social control mechanism. Government seats were provided to socially condition them to accept funding all sorts of nonsense, just like today. Republics and Democracy were created to keep the merchant class from overturning the Holy Roaming Apple Cart. Government (as we understand it now) was designed to create more layers of protection for the real masters of the world. This grows into the monster of today.

The four horsemen of the apocalypse are a hoax.

Nation states and political divides of all kinds, especially religious and ideological, are promoted in order to keep the idea of potential future threat alive and well for "all time". Language is artificial and is also used to keep us divided. Despite what the good book says, it  was not God who created all the myriad of languages, nor all the babbling gibberish that currently passes for language. God didn't create religion either. New religions only create more divisions to be leveraged. Any real revolution has always been managed, despite claims to the contrary. The Royal Houses always win, and this is true to this day. Governments, banks and all the rest work for this old long standing crime syndicate. This is the real Mafia. Whatever disagreements that extended family has or not, they are united in one common long standing Enterprise that began before they were born. This is what modern global civilization is. Today we have the existential threats of China, Russia and ISIS terrorists and maybe just maybe an alien invasion... all of this is a puppet show meant to keep us afraid and cowering so we do not notice the obvious long standing con job and criminal racket.

Nation States Are A Lie. There is One World and We All Are A Part of It.

Border security is designed to keep us trapped. We need permission to travel and we need permission to live where we want. We cannot simply pick up and move to another part of the world without jumping through all sorts of unnecessary and artificially imposed, systematic loops that only become more maze like and Orwellian as history "progresses".

Notice the architecture of the Holy  Roman Empire is the same architecture we see around the world in all the County, State and Federal Capitals. Please notice how modern architecture is just an updated version of the old Holy Roman, Greco-Roman/Egyptian style many of us refer to as "Masonic". The Twin Pillars and Twin Towers are obvious examples of this.


Documentary on the House of Hapsburg and their Empire.

An Early Royal Social Shepherd: The Holy Roaming Idol Tour Begins

It's interesting to note how the Holy Roman Emperor is used as an appealing and friendly figure who can speak in all languages and who can emotionally appeal to all people. The Holy Roman Emperor really did have to roam. He was a gypsy kind of celtic faerie king.

The narrator could be describing modern America.

Order of the Golden Fleece

Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor - Wikipedia

Tuatha Dé Danann - Wikipedia

"The Diet of Roncaglia, held in 1158 near Piacenza, was an Imperial Diet, a general assembly of the nobles and ecclesiasts of the Holy Roman Empire and representatives of each of the fourteen Lombard League cities.
It followed a series of raids carried out by the forces of Frederick Barbarossa in Italy, which forced the submission of the leading city of Milan. The Emperor wished to establish his rights as feudal sovereign in the face of the growing independence of trading cities, which had won charters of municipal privilege during the earlier periods of strife between Papacy and Empire.
The determination of the respective rights of the parties was left to four jurists from Bologna, the home of the great law school founded in 1088. The lawyers' decision favored the emperor, judging that his rule was by divine right, thus restoring the Imperial rights established since the period of nascent trade under rule of Emperor Otto. The lawyers proceed to define taxes, tolls, and exactions of various kinds to be imposed on trade.
The Lombard cities would not accept the verdict, and it had to be enforced by war. Imperial forces dominated prior to the true unification of the Lombard League, and the city of Milan was razed to the ground in 1162. But the cities came to understand the value of a proper alliance post Destructionem Mediolani ("after the destruction of Milan"). The decisive battle in the continuing struggle was the Battle of Legnano in 1176, where Frederick was defeated, and later forced to renege his rights of sovereignty."


"roam (v.) 

c. 1300, romen, possibly from Old English *ramian "act of wandering about," which is probably related to aræman "arise, lift up." There are no certain cognate forms in other Germanic languages, but Barnhart points to Old Norse reimuðr "act of wandering about," reimast "to haunt." "Except in late puns, there is no evidence of connexion with the Romance words denoting pilgrims or pilgrimages to Rome ...." [OED], such as Spanish romero "a pilot-fish; a pilgrim;" Old French romier "travelling as a pilgrim; a pilgrim," from Medieval Latin romerius "a pilgrim" (originally to Rome). Related: Roamed; roamer; roaming."


"The Golden Bull of 1356 was a decree issued by the Imperial Diet at Nurembergand Metz (Diet of Metz (1356/57)) headed by the Emperor Charles IV which fixed, for a period of more than four hundred years, important aspects of the constitutional structure of the Holy Roman Empire. It was named the Golden Bullfor the golden seal it carried.

In June 2013 the Golden Bull was included in the UNESCO's Memory of the World Register."


Two Headed Eagle of Empire: