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A Tower of Gender Bending Babel











The Empire of Babel

See the masons at work?                                                                                              See the ships parked in Babel's Bay?


I posted this as a comment to the article linked below:


One of the many problems with the obvious long standing cultural manipulation matrix is that too many of us really believe that most if not all cultural norms naturally occur due to our own personal inclinations mixed with unintentional environmental factors. Most of us do not consider how manufactured it all really is.

Most of culture is obviously very contrived and the choices we are offered are predetermined and decided for us. We aren't supposed to think or color outside the official prescribed lines. We are supposed to submit to all sorts of logical fallacies and appeals to emotion. We are not to question any of it in any critical kind of way. We are supposed to simply pick a side and parrot back a set of talking points we have picked up from the scripted, media echo chambered, agit-propaganda noise machine.

The Biblical story of the Tower of Babel is a great allegory, not of God's wrath but of how we have long been put through a cultural ringer with the intent of creating all sorts of cultural and sub-cultural divisions. Multiple languages is but one way to make communication more difficult. The adopting of new (and seemingly illogical) cultural norms is another way to keep us all in a constant state of uncomfortable anxiety, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. The creation of the teenager subculture and the manipulation of it is one example. We see it happening to this day and with even younger children being targeted by the media noise WMD.

There are many ways to create all sorts of cultural and sub and micro-cosmically cartoonish divisions that the possibilities seem endless.

The gender bender canard relies on media mythology over real people we can interact with and really get to understand. The people presented to us tend to come across as little more than highly filtered cartoons. The whole thing reads, sounds and looks like a tabloid joke, which is what it is.

The more divided and confused we are about very simple demonstrable things, the easier we all are to manage as human resource. Gender means birth, family, generation, as in the Natural process.  This media promoted blitz of illogic is meant to define down as up, on saturdays,  if you want. Logic is fluid after all.

It is funny how it is acceptable for Bruce Jenner to claim the obviously absurd but we can't point out the Emperor wears no clothes. If the public can accept up defined as down, they will  accept anything the News media and the celebrity public relations machine tells them.

I mean really,  it does depend on what your definition of "is" is, after all.

I think what we are seeing is an expression of how powerful the Governmental control over human imagination actually is. The multimedia machine is the real weapon and it is disturbing to watch it at work.

The Tower of Babel (Bruegel) - Wikipedia

Culture has always been manufactured and imposed from the top down:

Just watch a bit of this video. I think it says it al. This is the world we live in, as it always was and still is today.

Documentary on the House of Hapsburg and their Empire.

The Habsburg Empire: Under The Double Headed Eagle

PS: This is why modern Cosmology is purposefully kept a confused mess, this is why NASA is nonsense, this is why the Trivium and Quadrivium are taught out of order and all the rest of the illogic we come across. It is all to reinforce the culture of Babel.