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U.S. Missiles Target Your Mind: Televised Visual Lies

Hollywood & Government Are One At The Highest Levels

Highly edited footage is crafted to make us all believe in the magical military might of the "super powered" governments of the world. Other nation-states are often used as the shadow puppet bogeyman to justify military spending and the belief in the need for governmental protection in the first place. We are not supposed to know that international bankers manage the global enterprise and that Governments, The News and Hollywood work for them. At the highest levels all the important institutions are controlled by the same elite caste. These people tend to be related to diplomats or otherwise connected to the power structure of the world. They tend to attend high level Universities and they tend to all join the same fraternities. Some have the same internationally flavored Rhodes Scholar, Oxford visiting backgrounds. Some get medals from the Queen of England. You get the idea.

Crowd Control By 21st Century Remote Control: The Modern News Journalist is the Master of Too Many Minds

The modern cult of personality priest is the almighty leader and definer of common sense and societal wisdom is the "News Anchor", the trusted journalist guide who will attempt to get us to cheer for "our" side. "We" is a great propaganda and marketing slogan. "We" are supposed to be happy "we" are killing and bombing "the enemy". We are supposed to root for the killing of other human beings until we are told to stop.

The news journalist is the real terrorist and this terrorist works for and with the governments of the world in an attempt to keep us all in a constant state of fear. We are supposed to all be kept in a superstitious state. Our imaginations and ideas programmed for us. The News media and Hollywood communications products are the medium for Governmental social behavior control.

Highly Edited Footage Like This Is Proof of Nothing

(video below)

Does this look anything like a how real rockets take off? The (toy model) rockets we can witness for ourselves do not look like this. Fireworks look like this.  Why does it look like a big bright light? This is supposed to be a missile. It is supped to be shaped like a rocket, not a glowing white sphere. This looks like a really good Hollywood special effects shot. We are supposed to believe that the missile is so powerful that we can ignore the fact that it looks like it is already beginning to arc back down towards the Earth.

Wars are more fake and simulated than most of us realize. Military weapons are also more the work of Hollywood than most realize. Magical guided missiles are more than likely about as real as the rest of the cartoon farce presented to us history and current events.

The News media and Hollywood crafted celebrity persona are clearly the real Weapon of Mass Destruction and the target of it all really is the public mind. We are supposed to have a religious faith in both the News and Governmental power.

Modern Fear Based/Trauma Conditioning Propaganda

Why would the military care about making sure they have footage of their combat operations? This footage is useless for analytics. The only purpose is clearly a propaganda one. Hollywood and the military have spent years selling fake images to the public as real. NASA and the other space programs are the result of film studio enterprises. The world does not really work like the News and history books claim it does.

A shot in the dark. Are missiles just lens flares?

Of course we are supposed to think that the exhaust is so bright that it causes lens artifacts. Rockets we can launch do not produce lens flares, but do produce smoke. We are supposed to believe that the missile exhaust is powerfully bright it obscures the missile. I guess this is meant to illustrate the magical military might of the United States while literally providing a distracting star to follow.


New video of U.S. launching missile attack on Syria  "New video shows U.S. warships launching the cruise missile strike on Syria. In a statement, the Pentagon said the U.S. took "extraordinary measures" to avoid civilian casualties. The target was Syria's Shayrat Airfield, believed to have been used by the regime to launch a chemical weapons attack earlier this week."

A Model Military Ship: Do Not Believe What You See On Screens

The ship looks like a model. Consider the scale and proportions of what we are being shown. A person on that ship would be tiny in comparison to the bright lens flare missile and the seemingly huge (but fast moving) smoke cloud.

This is a photographic cartoon. 

Donald Duck & Cover Trump Launches A Cartoon War: News at 9:11!!

This footage looks like Hollywood special effects work of some kind, The smoke moves too fast, indicating this is probably miniature work. There are many ways to fake this footage, It is highly edited and unverifiable. We have to trust the media and the government which is unwise. Consider how many miles away the ship would be from the target and consider the scale and proportions of the real world. We are minuscule and so are our weapons. The Militaries of the world rely on us taking them at their word. Deception is the military tool of choice and the communications medium is clearly the real weapon system.

Governments have historically relied on unverifiable claims to keep us the public toiling away at the wheel of industrial time.

Estes Saturn V Launch On Aerotech G-80 Motor With Keychain Camera - San Marcos - Launch #2

Government is a Criminal Protections Racket

The governments of the world do not work for us. We exist to serve government, Governments need to maintain the illusion of all sorts of existential threats, a violent world and their own "super powers". We have to believe we need to keep paying taxes for it. We need to really have faith that we need to keep toiling away to support it all. The News media and Hollywood celebrity exist to act as social shepherds to lead us along predefined cultural paths. "Wars" are commissioned with the intent of changing culture and usually with the purpose of engineering new forms of civilization. The multimedia news and entertainment noise machine is a propaganda beast that has a very real hold on the imaginations of too many of us. The real power of government lies in its ability to craft fiction into historical fact and to plant these facts into the minds of generations of human beings, programming minds with beliefs in things unreal and unverifiable. Government is a form of religion and the News Journalist and celebrity idol are priests.

Does this look like a spherical light to you?

Cruise missiles are unverifiable and seem fake. What the military claims it can accomplish seems very incredible and highly fallacious.

This what a long standing military program of televised operant conditioning looks like.

U.S. launches cruise missile strike against Syria

A Holy Roman Candle Empire Strikes Back!

Roman Candle Fireworks