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The Big Bang Never Happened

The Big Bang: A Creation Myth That Never Happened And Never Could Ever Happen

The Big Bang is just another creation myth with no basis in reality. As far as all anyone could ever prove is that we do exist within the context of a static universe. Mathematical equations are proof of nothing. Mathematics is a language and language can be used to model unverifiable ideas or otherwise represents lies as truth. There is simply no evidence to support any of the mainstream cosmology and there never was any. NASA/Disney cartoon nonsense is proof of nothing. The space programs of the world are just the result of Hollywood style effects studios. The world governments do not serve any of us, they all serve the same international banking interests that have always managed the global enterprise we call home. The world is run from the top down. University educations have long been controlled. Royal Societies exist to restrict and control the flow of scientific and technological information, not reveal it.

"This sentence is a lie."

Mathematical equation is like a verbal sentence, a sentence may be grammatically correct but it can also be meaningless gibberish. 

The Big Bang Never Happened Part 1   source: 77GSlinger

Modern cosmology is poor metaphysics built on prior unfounded assumptions.

Models and assumptions that reinforce the metaphysical idea that the Earth is one of the planets and is in motion are the only ideas the mainstream scientific community is willing to accept and it has been this way for centuries. This is how we go from the Newtonian Sun centered Universe of Fixed Stars to a multiverse of quantum foam and empty spaced out nonsense. Modern cosmology is a patchwork of conflicting ideas. Kepler, Newton, Einstein and the rest, are all examples of propagandists for the sun centered religion we know as modern astronomy.

Mainstream celestial distances are just made up. The light year is a religious artifact and part of a belief system. It is an idea with no actual verifiable support in reality. The value for the speed of light is also just another idea. In fact these artifacts are just as fantastic as angels and spirits of myth and religion. Outer space is not a place as far as anyone has ever really been able to demonstrate. NASA and the other space agencies of the world have to fake all of it, there are too many physical limitations that NASA and the rest have to gloss over and ignore. I know, I am no "rocket scientist". "Everyone" says "we" can go into space so it must be true, after all you can watch all the highly edited Hollywood footage. The model work and other evidence of fakery proves "we" went nowhere, but hey, the rocket scientists say otherwise and so does "everyone" else, so it must be true. This is the mainstream science filter all ideas and data must be massaged and run through. This is why only "theories", however nonsensical, that support the mainstream model get all the attention, while ideas that are demonstrable and logical do not.

The truth is all the real demonstrable evidence has always shown the Earth to be the unmoving globe at the center of all existence. The celestial phenomena would seem best modeled as ionized gas and as electromagnetic field interactions. The phenomena would seem to be electrochemical in nature. The actual universe is far different from the mythological one that society promotes religiously.

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Astronomy was always mysticism and not science. Despite impressive looking math, it still is mystical nonsense.

"In English, it (the word astronomy) is earlier than astrology and originally included the senses now distributed over both words; the gradual differentiation happened 16c.-17c."

Astronomy - Online Etymology Dictionary


"1718, "committee of cardinals in charge of Catholic missionary work," short for Congregatio de Propaganda Fide "congregation for propagating the faith," a committee of cardinals established 1622 by Gregory XV to supervise foreign missions. The word is properly the ablative fem. gerundive of Latin propagare (see propagation). Hence, "any movement to propagate some practice or ideology" (1790). Modern political sense dates from World War I, not originally pejorative. Meaning "material or information propagated to advance a cause, etc." is from 1929."