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"The Biggest Mystery in Science is Still A Mystery." Lawrence Krauss

An Illogical Use of Mathematics:

Quantum mechanics is mostly if not completely nonsense. So are gravitational constants, and the rest of the mythic menagerie of modern angels and spirits relabeled as quarks and subatomic particles. These are ideas like time and space. They are not natural principles any more than an angel is. Magical unreason is sold as scientific fact.

Mathematical models have long replaced demonstrable principle as the foundation for so-called "science". These models are absurd as they are illogically premised in the first place. Subsequent theories assume prior nonsense "settled science" and a towering pile of babel is built in the process. Mr. Krauss does not come across as a smart man. He is entertaining, which is an appropriate skill for a propaganda talk show clown. His act is not much different from that of a late night propagandist comedian.

Lawrence Has A Secret Life

He's really a poor metaphysical philosopher. Maybe this is why he works so hard selling satire as science.

Lawrence Krauss - The Secret Life of Physicists   source: NECSSConference

"Is Lawrence Krauss a Physicist, or Just a Bad Philosopher?"

"Physicist Lawrence Krauss, who disparages philosophy, acted like a bad philosopher in a recent debate".

By John Horgan on November 20, 2015

"Krauss told me after his conversation with Wright that no real physicist has voiced objections to his book. That brings me to South African physicist George Ellis. When I interviewed Ellis last year, I asked him if Krauss’s book answers the question posed by its subtitle. Ellis responded:

Certainly not. He is presenting untested speculative theories of how things came into existence out of a pre-existing complex of entities, including variational principles, quantum field theory, specific symmetry groups, a bubbling vacuum, all the components of the standard model of particle physics, and so on. He does not explain in what way these entities could have pre-existed the coming into being of the universe, why they should have existed at all, or why they should have had the form they did. And he gives no experimental or observational process whereby we could test these vivid speculations of the supposed universe-generation mechanism. How indeed can you test what existed before the universe existed? You can’t.

Thus what he is presenting is not tested science. It’s a philosophical speculation, which he apparently believes is so compelling he does not have to give any specification of evidence that would confirm it is true. Well, you can’t get any evidence about what existed before space and time came into being. Above all he believes that these mathematically based speculations solve thousand year old philosophical conundrums, without seriously engaging those philosophical issues. The belief that all of reality can be fully comprehended in terms of physics and the equations of physics is a fantasy. As pointed out so well by Eddington in his Gifford lectures, they are partial and incomplete representations of physical, biological, psychological, and social reality.

And above all Krauss does not address why the laws of physics exist, why they have the form they have, or in what kind of manifestation they existed before the universe existed (which he must believe if he believes they brought the universe into existence). Who or what dreamt up symmetry principles, Lagrangians, specific symmetry groups, gauge theories, and so on? He does not begin to answer these questions. It’s very ironic when he says philosophy is bunk and then himself engages in this kind of attempt at philosophy."

article source: Is Lawrence Krauss a Physicist, or Just a Bad Philosopher? - Scientific ...

A Thought Policing Priest: "Most High"

Lawrence Krauss is proud to preen his ignorance to his fleeced flock of intellectually damaged minds. These people are part of a very real cult and do not know this. They identify with "science" and love and worship the subject so much that instead of actually reading any of the original material for themselves they simply echo back university text book material and let mental shepherds like Mr. Krauss do their thinking and define the boundaries of the imagination for them. This is what priests have always done. This man is a high priest of the neo-faith of scientism.

"I can do the math in five minutes but won't do it now." Lawrence Krauss

2 x 2 = 45 Makes More Sense Than What Lawrence Sells

Illogically premised mathematical formula is proof of nothing. Faith in logically fallacious reasoning is by definition, insanity.

Lawrence Krauss' formula is circularly reasoned silliness and nothing more. This is what a modern religious high priest looks like. People like him create a mass public that will buy into all sorts of fantasy as long as it is sold by an officially degreed authority.

What exactly is the point of multiplying these values together and how does this model reality? What demonstrable principle is Krauss trying to model with mathematical equation? None. He is trying to use illogically premised math to support his unfounded and intellectually dishonest metaphysical ideas.

This man's equation is childish. The terms of his "dimensional analysis" are inappropriately applied. He is wasting his time if he is trying to do real science which he is not. He sells empty and illogical assumptions as solid facts of profound "science". This is what a religion looks like. This man's ideas are not even science fiction, they are the stuff of pure dreamlike and impossible mystical fantasy.

Mr. Krauss is like Wily Wonka, he takes a bunch of unrelated cosmological concepts and mixes them up into a magical brain candy.

The "constants" are just ideas. These ideas are the modern artifacts of a religion.

Scientists parrot these catechisms like the good religious zealots they are. Despite hype to the otherwise, these "constants" are not empirical, observable phenomena at all. These conclusions are assumptions and are not observable phenomena. The Hubble constant, for example, is predicated on the notion that the Universe is expanding. This underlying assumption is the very real filter by which demonstrable and natural phenomena like the Fixed Stars are runt through in order to create a virtual reality MATRIX of mathematical nonsense.

Gravitational constant - Wikipedia

The Hubble Constant


Speed of light - Wikipedia

Planck constant - Wikipedia

Lawrence Krauss Is Insane Or Acts Like It

Lawrence Krauss simply takes a bunch of imagined scientific "constants" and builds a further house of bull snot on top of this foundation of insane ramblings. If Krauss really believes the snake oil he sells he is a true religious zealot and someone who is suffering from a very real form of insanity. Consider all the contradictions and illogical nonsense he sells as solid fact. Empty space is an idea. Krauss is not discussing any real demonstrable and natural phenomena; he is talking about the religious assumption that is the imagined origin of the Universe called the "Bg Bang".

Believe it or not the "speed of light" as measured is also just an idea. James Bradley and company were quite willing to believe the most profoundly unscientific and baseless ideas. But hey they backed it up with illogically applied math and erroneous conclusions that passed the peer reviewed process, so there you go, science figured it out. Of course we must ignore the obvious history of how real science and technology have always been controlled by the more elite levels of the social structure and how easy it is to show how political "science" actually is. In fact imagined and real scientific discoveries have long been used to effect real social change. Science is used as just another tool for social control. The modern mathematically based, illogically premised cosmology is a great example of how a religion is considered by its ignorant adherents to be factually based reality.

"Science" is the modern God worshipped by too many who kneel and genuflect before the altar of empty external authority.